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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 20, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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are about to start clearing the streets, which often is the beginning of the conflict. we can hope not but we'll know shortly. i'm sheppard smith in new york. see you back here tomorrow. breaking tonight, major developments on the crisis in ferguson, missouri as a new night of protests unfolds and the missouri governor ignites a a firestorm with comments sounding like he has decided the guilt of the officer involved in this case. it is long before any investigation is completed welcome to a special midnight hour of the 4* kelly file. we are keeping a close eye on the streets of ferguson. you can see the police presence for yourself. and we are tracking a stunning report that broke just before we went to air at 9:00 p.m. eastern this evening. a democrat released a taped
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statement that killed mike brown a little more than a week ago. while there are conflicting accounts and multiple investigations still underway and the officer has yet to be heard in this case with his own defense of his conduct, in prepared remarks tonight, the missouri governor seemed to suggest that he knows exactly how this case should go. >> 10 days ago a police officer shot and killed michael brown. it was in broad daylight. we have a responsibility to come together and to do everything we can to achieve justice for this family. a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued. the democratically elected prosecute expert attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly and correctly. once we have achieved peace in ferguson and justice for the
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family of michael brown, we must remain committed to rebuilding the trust that has been lost. rebuild the trust that has been lost. so i ask we work together as we work to achieve justice for michael brown. >> our coverage begins with trace ghallager tonight. >> the president of the missouri fraternal order of police made it clear they're disappointed in governor jay nixon's comments. here is part of the your interview from tonight. play it. >> unfortunately, justice needs to go both ways. darren has been vilified in the press and by politicians with minimal facts being made public we do not comment on the cases until facts are in. we felt it was very necessary that we had to say, hey, we're open for a thorough investigation but we're
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concerned about the due process rights of darren. >> missouri lieutenant governor was quick to weigh in, kinder said he'd been trying to hold his tongue for days but can no longer sit, silent. listen. >> just as you and i and the governor were not there on saturday afternoon, the ninth of august when this awful, awful incident went down, we will not be sitting on that grand jury and it would be wrong for a prosecutor to say what the governor has said here tonight and it's wrong for the governor of missouri to have said it. >> and in missouri, officer darren wilson has the right to go before the grand jury. it's unclear if he'll do that the police report has not been released, officer wilson's side of the story is starting to get out. a source close to the police chief tells fox news before michael brown was shot to death he punched officer wilson in the face. swelling the left side. then, there was a struggle for
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the officer's gun that went off. first, mying yil brown ran, then turned and went toward officer wilson. wilson, who was dazed began firing but we're told brown kept coming, until the final shot in the head witnesses also saw brown coming towards the officer. now, the fraternal order of police say it's up to the county prosecutors to seek justice. >> we have full confidence that bob mccullough did an unbiassed job. we wish everybody would stand down and not make an opinion in the the facts have been brought out. >> facts will come in, but will people stand down becomes the question tonight. >> during the last hour, shepherd smith had a chance to speak with the governor's office in missouri.
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shep, what did they say? >> no they say we stand by the statement and video his press secretary said what he meant was that the investigation needs to go forward and chips should fall where they may. so, by observation, not by critique, he has a video goes out to the potential grand jurors and people said one thing, and then, a press secretary on the phone to me, saying another. you don't get it both ways >> i heard you saying he claimed well, what the governor meant is justice in this case. not necessarily for michael brown. is that about what he said? >> well, that is what he said over the phone. but not what the governor said in a video that went everywhere. >> let me show show the audience. just look at this. keep in mind the governor's office claiming what he meant was justice in the case play it. >> we have a responsibility to come together and do everything we can to achieve justice for
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this family, once we have achieved peace in ferguson, and justice for the family of michael brown so i ask we continue to stand together. as we work to achieve justice for michael brown. >> if it wasn't a slip of the tongue over and over and over? >> it's also not a new script. there is one message for the voters, we know where polls are. there is another message for the reporter on the phone, hoping he doesn't get vilified. in my estimation from what i saw on that videotape, standing alone is now available in the st. louis post dispatch, the governor took sides. >> as you have a state senator demanding that an indictment be returned, otherwise protests we've been seeing goring to look like a picnic. yufr got the governor saying a vigorous prosecution must be pursued. hours before the grand jury convenes. talk about putting your thumb on
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the scale of justice, shepherd. >> it has been incredible to watch. there have been so many different competing narratives for what it is that is happening there. one day, one police officer is in charge. next day, another is. one day, national guard coming out to patrol, another day, patrol. one day, the governor calls for an investigation. if visited the scene, i haven't seen him there. it's just -- >> next day, he says just prosecute the guy. his investigation is obviously complete. >> i had a chance to speak with the mayor of ferguson tonight. and i asked about the remarks that he is ready to see the officer face prosecution here is some of that. >> what do you make of governor nixon coming out and demanding a vigorous prosecution of this officer? and demanding justice, not just in the case, but justice for michael brown's family. do you believe he made up his
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mind in this case? >> it sounds like it. it's unfortunate. governor nixon was our attorney general 16 years. i assume he understands and knows what the process is. so i would hope his mind and other people will keep their mind open and allow facts to come out before they rush to judgment. >> won't that be nice? so tell us about governor nixon. >> what it looks like is cracking under the strain. looks like with the attorney general bound for missouri and bringing a lot of heat with him, on the handling of this and pressure from civil rights groups, and activists nationally, traveling metaphorly and from civil rights african american leaders across
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missouri, lots of pressure on nixon. protests at his office, and around the state, increasingly targeting him. it looks like he decided that the way to deal with that was to come out, give them what they wanted, he echoed the call of the protestors the call is arrest him, and he said vigorously prosecute. >> that is not the way our justice system works. and he knows damn well that is the case he knows it. he was the attorney general. he has a responsibility as chief executive that have state not to stoke the fires chris. is he that worried about his political hide that he's going to endanger this officer's life? they don't need the governor to think he's backing up the people saying if there is not an indictment there is going to be more trouble. >> and you noted the loaded phrase, used the term brown was
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shot in broad daylight. >> right. >> why? what is the difference about daylight versus night? >> no statement thereafter, saying we understand that the officer has not yet had a chance to present his defense, he's been hospitalized thanks to injuries received. nothing. >> nothing. >> hot wards the problem for jay nixon is he recently took a trip to iowa. he's seen as having, having had aspirations maybe trying to be hillary clinton's running mate or future aspirations in 2016. reality is that you're in a republican-leaning state in order to take power, in order to get elected you have to have unified support among black voters in st. louis and kansas city, otherwise there is no way in. he's tremendously obliged to black voters in missouri. and obviously they got response from him.
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he didn't respond for a long time after he did, they didn't like the response of rolling national guard out there. now, he's veered in a way that is likely to upset more voters in the state, prejudging and interfering with a legal process that is already fraught with so much difficulty. >> i will say that is someone practicing law nearly a decade that w that was an irresponsible statement to make on the eve of the grand jury convening and he needs to apologize for getting ahead. we're taking your thoughts on it. go to our facebook page and let us know what you think. well, at this time last night the protests began to turn ugly in ferguson we'll speak next to the local pastor unhappy with reverend jesse jackson, reverend al
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sharpton and the message they're bringing town. plus, did you hear about the police shooting of a black man in st. louis this afternoon? th
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>> breaking tonight several hundred people protesting in streets in ferguson, missouri. mike tobin is live. mike? >> hi,
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about the latest on the situation there. he gave us an update last night a little later in the wee hours of the night than this, but we will go there now live and listen in. >> we are going to start off with a prayer as we have done
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the last few nights. >> we pray. father, we thank you for once again watching over us and watching over a process that we have begun and we continue to do. again we come here having used all of the energy and all of the resources you have given to the residents and their families and our peace keeping force to bring peace, your peace, and we pray you continue to give us the strength to continue to stand and continue to work together for that peace, a peace that will be sustained and a peace that will come. th is our prayer in jesus name. amen.
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>> good evening. good morning, actually. i wanted to begin by thanking the professional and dedicated men and women of law enforcement who have been working to restore order to the streets of ferguson for 10 days now. throughout the night our brave officers from many different departments acted as one united team. they diffused potential confrontations and prevented agitators and criminals and allowing disorder to take over the peace -- peaceful protests. 24 hours ago i told you how the instigators were inserting themselves into law-abiding protesters and i asked that the forces of peace come out in protest before the sun went down so they will not serve as shields for the law breakers in the night. tonight we saw a different dynamic. the protest crowds were a bit smaller and they were out
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earlier. we had to respond to fewer incidents than the night before. there were no molotov cocktails tonight. there were no shootings. a vehicle did approach the command center and threats were made to kill a police officer. we identified the vehicle, located it and made arrests. we seized two loaded hand guns. in another incident a third loaded handgun also was seized. however, near midnight bottled were thrown at police officers and they put on their helmet shields for protection and then break into the crowd and search for the agitators. they hid behind the media for safety. all night and early this morning no smoke bombs, no teargas was used by police. we did deploy limited pepper
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spray. and once again no police officer fired a single bullet. what made the difference you may ask? tonight the elders in this community, volunteers, activists and the clergy came out in large numbers. they walked, they talked with people. they urged order, calm and peace that had a common influence on the younger people. as of 1:00 a.m. there were 47 arrests tonight and early this morning compared to 31 at the same time yesterday. i will add that one of the arrestees was an out of state violator who we have arrested for the third time. i also think that over the past 10 days the men and women of law enforcement and the people of ferguson have gotten to know better and can understand one another. it makes me proud every night as i see more and more police officers and residents
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interacting and smiling. governor nixon says we have seen tremendous acts of grace and kindness as the people of ferguson try to many tan peace. try to maintain peace. let me give you examples of what i witnessed. i met perisay moore who was out with her family. i was welcomed to join her for hot dogs and ice cold water, and one good hot dog it was tonight. despite the turmoil she cooked out there for the past six nights in a row and inviting people to join her free of charge. that is the true spirit of ferguson. i saw that same spirit in ferguson 10 hours earlier when this morning hundreds of volunteers were out sweeping the streets and picking up the glass and other debris and rebuilding this city.
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300 of those volunteers were from the school district. they didn't have school today because of the conflict. those teachers and the school staffers were teaching all of us a lesson about making the communities better and stronger. this morning we invited small businesses that were vandalized and looted. their smashed out windows were boarded up, but they were still open for business and determined to stay in business and to keep ferguson going. that is the true spirit of ferguson. that's why the men and women of law enforcement are here to protect the people and the property and to make sure that this community has a future worthy of the true spirit of ferguson. i will answer a few questions. >> will you go into a little more detail about the threats made against officers and the arrest you made for that? >> we identified a vehicle that had made threats.
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it was to shoot a police officer. we stopped the vehicle and located two of the handguns you can see tonight. >> what time was that a? >> that was around -- it appears to be about 8:30. >> and that happened outside the command post? >> it was in the area here. >> was that car -- >> can you tell us what happened around midnight that triggered the disturbance that caused you to clear the street? >> the agitators, the criminals, embedded themselves and hid behind media. they began throwing bottles. they threw urine on officers and that's what caused the officers to take action and began to make arrests. >> do you know how many bottles were thrown? >> i don't have the exact number. there were glass bottles and plastic bottles with water and ice. >> captain, do you feel you have made a turning point tonight? do you feel like it is the dynamic that plays itself out on different nights? what do you feel? >> i believe there was a
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turning point made and i think that turning point was made by the clergy and the activists and the volunteers and the men and women of law enforcement who partnered together to make a difference. but also those citizens who took heed to what we said. they protested early and they went home early. it allowed us a better visual of those criminals and agitators roaming the streets for their own agenda. >> it felt like there there was an issue ending the demonstration. is it a problem to get people to say, okay -- gite clergy wanted to have a prayer to end tonight. the criminals and the agitator s did not even have the respect of prayer.
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their action started during prayer. >> there was a moment -- -- >> we transported them to jail and it will be up to the jail how long we stay. >> throughout the evening it was peaceful. as people were marching for hours they started to congregate in the parking lots. prior to that the officers did not have on their helmets and they were not opening their batons up. when the decision was made to clear the parking lot, the line of police officers at that point decided to don their helmets. you can feel the tension in the air elevate. that caused people to take a defensive pose.
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>> why was that decision made? >> sir, do you see these guns on the table? if you had a helmet and a stick in your hand, would you walk in a crowd with your helmet up? would you walk in a crowd without having the uh you built to defend yourself? people are throwing urine. >> this is prior to that. there were large crowds starting to congregate in the parking lot. >> our officers have to be -- their safety is number one. their safety is number one. if you saw me tonight -- some of you saw me tonight. when i got home last night at 3:30 in the morning, my wife was up. the lights were on. when i walked through the door, i knew i was in trouble. she didn't say hi. she said why didn't have you your vest on?
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when i left today and i got here the first text i had on my phone was you promise. and a promise means i am going to come home. these men and women are going to come home. >> i know there was a rule against getting -- are there more guidelines? >> i am always reassessing. we are reassessing our plan to do whatever we can to make the night better, to make the night safer, and we are making steps. they are not big giant steps. they are small steps. those small steps are going to turn into giant steps and those giant steps are going to be great strides for this community. >> was one of the individuals you arrested -- >> the third time.
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>> was there a traffic stop on the car making threats against officers? >> it was a traffic stop. >> there was information about the threats. >> we knew about the threats before we stopped the vehicle and we identified the vehicle and located the vehicle. >> i do not know at this time. >> you said 47 arrests? >> yes. >> two of those weapons were. >> there was a variety so there was a variety of reasons they were arrested. it was mainly for failure to dispurse. >> we have time for one more question. >> you all were aligned differently along the street and not a wall and i noticed a
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difference too where they were situated was that a tactile decision to try something different that was less confrontational? >> we are always assessing our operational plan here. our operational approach. we are coming up with the best way to preserve the rights of everyone that is here for peaceful protests so they can have their right to protest and freedom of speech and so we will continue to do that. from your statement i think it worked tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, we have been hearing from captain johnson from the missouri highway patrol addressing the media as he did last night in the small hours there. as you can see it is past 2:00 a.m. and almost 2:30 a.m. local time in ferguson, missouri, the suburb of st. louis which was the scene of civil unrest over the past -- since august 9th. the shooting of michael brown, the 18-year-old young black man by a white police officer.
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as we heard from captain johnson, this evening was quieter on the streets of ferguson that than it was last night. there were 47 arrests, more arrests, but a smaller crowd and he asked for the peaceful protesters to go home in the evening. do not provide cover for those bad actors as he called them over the past several days. the instigators, many of them who have come from outside of ferguson, many are from outside the state. one man who has been arrested the third time over the past several days was from austin, texas. 47 arrests up from the same time last night. but overall the tally for monday overnight was much higher. it is at 57. just to give you an indication a third of those were from out of state. only four of the 57 were arrested on monday and were local. you are seeing a lot of folks from as far away as new york city and some from
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california. he informed some folks were arrested and booked there. definitely a different dynamic tonight. the elders from the community had come out and he called them a calming influence on some of the younger residents. you can see the police scrambling as he described what happened. some folks in the crowd throwing urine and other water bottles and bottles with liquid substances at the police. some were glass bottles and some plastic bottles. the police reacting to that a and saying the bad actors hid behind the media. then the police went in to dispurse some of the folks who did not really have the media permission to be in that particular area as you heard him talking about using the helmets and their shields to protect themselves as they have been attacked. arresting a couple other folks who made threats to kill police officers. they apprehended them at a traffic stop. he also had a third handgun on
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the table that had been confiscated. no molotov cocktails and no smoke being used by police. they used limited pepper spray. no shots fired by the police. they got the three guns. we will continue to follow this developing story out of ferguson. stay with us here on fox news. i'm robert gray in los angeles. tonight there is no curfew in ferguson, missouri. we're not seeing what we saw last night. steve? >> a dramatic difference from what we saw last night. some tear gas. we're trying to pull off a nonviolent close to this day of protest we heard religious leaders
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shouting at protestors it's time to go home, go home, now, hug your children. you're a real man if you do go home looks like many have taken them up we've seen a reduced police presence last night we saw riot police four deep. with both police and community organizers asking people to go home, not to come out after dark that seems to be what's happening tonight. a night relatively free of violence here. back to you. >> steve, thank you. >> almost everyone we've spoken to from ferguson has had an opinion from remarks we played for you earlier from missouri governor jay nixon. >> ten days ago a police officer shot and killed michael brown we have a responsibility to do everything we can to achieve justice for this family the vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.
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>> democratic elected prosecutor and attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly and correctly. once we have achieved peace in ferguson and justice for the family of michael brown, we must remain committed to rebuilding the trust that has been lost. i ask we continue to stand together. as we work to achieve justice for michael brown. >> joining us now, joe hicks, a civil rights activist and vice president of community advocates. and matthew fog, a member of the s.w.a.t. team during the rodney king riots. thank you for being here. >> joe, let me start with you on the governor whether him saying this case needs to be vigorously
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prosecuted before the grand jury has convened is appropriate. >> it's outrageous he is saying eric holder and he have a job to do, to prosecute this guy and put him in prison on a political prosecution no matter what the facts show. that is outrageous. not the way criminal justice system in this country works this is shameful kind of action. i hope that frankly, it kind of shows the extent of which this governor and perhaps even eric holder are prepared to put their thumb on the scale of justice to prosecute this officer and pander crowds on the street. it's shameless. >> when you look at justice, she's got two hands out. scales are even. if someone is pressing to change the weight like the governor appears to be doing now, it puts the grand jury in an awkward position. does it not, matt? >> sorry. >> sorry. >> i think the bottom line is that if there is an investigation there is a prosecution, that is what you want. but you want it to be fair and just. that is the main thing.
12:35 am
>> why did you call for a vigorous investigation? nobody would have been on him over that? >> well, i mean that, i guess there is a play on words. >> no. >> the, as law enforcement officer you want to be sure you know that any time you get into a shooting or something of that nature you know there is going to be prosecution most of the time. i kind of know that. if there are questions of the fact. >> no. no. you know there is going to be a prosecution? no. you know there is going to be an investigation i was never in law enforcement but covered enough of the cases maybe i'm wrong. joe. am i? >> no. you're right as a police officer you take someone from the street arrest forward a crime. you turn that prisoner over to the property authorities. the attorney general, district attorney, to figure out if there is grounds for charges. it's up to a judge and a jury to determine whether there is guilt or not. that is what this system is about. >> the prosecution --
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>> not about people deciding. >> that is the prosecution of the case in a case like this, none of us are saying we don't know exactly what all of the things are except what the witnesses said >> my main concern -- >> that is not what the governor said. >> he said prosecution. >> prosecution can mean -- >> why don't we just skip them the governor says a prosecution needs to go forward. so forget the grand jury. >> we don't know the facts yet it just infuriates me from obama down to attorney general, now, the governor to other people and activists on the street. every opportunity in the country convening in a little town to make a point assert is right. >> i want to give matt the last
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word and want to tell viewer there's is a missouri state senator came out wanting the county prosecutor to remove himself in this case because he's white, his father, a white cop was killed by a black defendant in the 60s he doesn't think he can be fair. writes to him as followed if you should decide not to indict the police officer, the rioting we witnessed this week will seem like a picnic compared to the havoc that will likely occur. appropriate? matt? >> again we've got people making threats and saying things i don't think that is proper. you noi, i just think that a full investigation and, again, if calls for a prosecution that should take place i understand the sentiments but i look at that child laying on the street saying that young man saying that could have been someone in my family, your family, anyone's family. i'm saying is that we want justi
12:38 am
justice served. what we've been finding is that justice is not served a lot of times in the community the community is pretty upset about that. >> here is the problem. we don't know the set of the facts that led to that young man laying in the street with bullets in his body. we don't know. that you've got people disregarding that and saying we just want the kind of justice we demand. not justice. the justice we demand. >> the sheriff should have kept his mouth shut from the beginning. >> good debate. thank you so much. >> another big story tonight. a terror group, isis releases a frightening warning to the united states by brutally killing an american journalist. there is nudging this group will stop at. up next our exclusive interview with former cia director michael hayden from the new threat
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breaking tonight a deeply disturbing message to america from terrorists in iraq. islamic extremists showing the beheading of an american journalist fox news that the storied vido is being analyzed by a special group in the american intel community the family weighed in that it is him, expressing their sadness and pride in their son
12:43 am
we took this image from the video. he is reportedly kidnapped in syria in 2012. the video shows him kneeling and reading a message and then, the video shows the man in black beheading foley. i spoke with general michael hayden. a current principle at cherdoff group. great to have you here >> thank you. >> not only did they reportedly kill james foley but have another journalist who worked for time magazine who they are threatening will meet the same gruesome fate if we don't withdraw our troops from iraq. this man's life, they say depends on president obama's next decision. this is terrorist rhetoric.
12:44 am
yet, they need to be taken seriously given what we saw today. >> this is terrorism the literal definition. killing of incents for political affect. that is exactly what this is. i can imagine what is going on inside government now. they're trying to confirm the video. more or less, trying to look for evidence to make it not true. and they probably won't find that, determine it is true. now, they need to figure out what to say about that. i don't mean to say they're trying to be evasive. it's important what the american government says because a lot of audiences for the next american statement on not just isis but iraqi and kurdish as well. >> the president on the way to strieb it. we're going to prevent genocide and protect americans inside
12:45 am
iraq. but the american support for kurdish move against mosul dam had american air power in close support to an offensive operation we've gotten beyond the president's rhetoric in terms of what it is we're doing on the ground in iraq. in fact, i, my point of view we need to do more. preventing genocide is a virtue. protecting american saz virtue. we have a fundamentalist radical state now in the middle of the middle east, and we can't let that stand. >> what are we going to do about this other american under threat now? >> that is why we've got to be careful with messaging but frankly, i'm more afraid to say we have to look to the broader interest of the united states. we have to look at all sorts of
12:46 am
lives that are at threat in iraq. >> we're coming off off a period trading, you know, top tall hi ban generals for the life of one american soldier. these are american journalists what would be doing there is an interest in saving lives of americans if it might be to the over all potential risk of america. it has to be a calculation. what is the analysis here? >> well analysis is there anything we can do to prevent it? here, i don't know what kind of intelligence we may have. >> do you have an idea where he's being held? >> i doubt it if we did, given the current circumstances you might be more embracing of risk for the rest of the force given the specific circumstance that's we now have. >> who would make that call? >> always up to the president >> it would. >> who would be making a recommendation? >> chairman of the joint chiefs.
12:47 am
>> do you think they're game planning it now? >> you have to have information. absent that, this is theoretical. >> how significant would this be? how significant an event is this? >> our government despite that kind of popular thought that it's a black box, input in, output out, it's comprised of human beings that will look at the video too, they're emotionally affected by this. you and i were chatting that iraqis have been beheaded but this seems more personal. it's not that human lives have different value but this is one of our own. this is someone from our own village, from new hampshire. this affects people in the situation and in oval office the way it affects you and me. so they, this is high emotional impact. i remember what it was like when we saw the daniel pearl had been
12:48 am
killed. >> and nick berg as well. l is a time in this country where this was happening and it changed the, it changed public opinion. to some extent about what we're doing over there because it was so gruesome, and beyond the capability of the average person to grasp. to understand the barbarism. despite what we've heard about this group is doing. what should the mission be in the face of this evil? >> prevent genocide, and protect consulate, of course. it's what we've seen with this video is the character of the islamic state. not if you want that to continue to exist, thrive, and grow, and be able to threaten other americans? other westerners? other moderates throughout the world? that is the fundamental question that we now face as a nation.
12:49 am
you know there are many people in this country who believe this wouldn't have happened he won't have been beheaded, they won't be under threat if we hadn't started bombing iraq again. that is how a lot of people think. they hear you saying we need to be more aggressive in operations and they say, we will be experiencing more of this if we do that. >> yes. this group, this murder to american policy in their rhetoric. now, do you think, does anyone understand the situation in iraq thinks this group is not coming after us? is not coming after the west? is not coming after muslim and arab moderates? they made that very clear. so frankly, megyn, i'm tired of war myself. but this may be a question of pay now or pay later. paying later may be a much higher bill. >> general hayden, thank you.
12:50 am
>> thank you. >> up next, claims this barbarism is the character of the islamic state. what that means for us.
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how do we get our arms around this? >> it is chilling to watch. >> i watched the whole thing. it is an absolute demonstration of the shear evil of this enemy. and it is not just a terrorist group. a lot of people have used the group terrorist group. at this point it is a terrorist army that believes it controls a state an islamic state that borders between iraq and syria and they want to extend beyond that. it has up to 80,000 fighters. >> i realize -- i realize something is happening happening in ferguson, but we are talking about something important. can you at least split screen the video? the protestors and the police are clashing again. they are clashing again, but we are talking about the death of an american -- of an american who was beheaded and pete deserves his say.
12:55 am
they have a threat for america. they say they are coming after us. they say if president obama doesn't get out of iraq they will do the same to the other captive they have. do we believe them? >> we have to believe them. they have a "time" magazine reporter pulled in at the end of the video and said president obama if you continue this policy he is next. the man who did the beheading spoke in perfect english in a british accent. it is not someone from iraq or syria. >> what does that tell you? >> somebody who has come to iraq and get trained and take part a in the jihad and be part of this and spread the radical view . view point. he has a passport and he is seeking a desire to strike america. we have to take it serious. >> and it is not somebody we may not identify without the garb on. >> covered head to toe. >> he is coming over and speaking in a british accent. the threat was pointed out that a lot of these guys have
12:56 am
western passports. >> that's right. that's why it is not contained and we are in a global world. they are instantly able to communicate. we have to take this as a threat that could come to our shores quickly. to london and to the united states. if you give them that power, upwards of 80,000 fighters, that should be chilling to all of us. >> thank you. >> we are watching ferguson. the clashes are beginning as they have repeatedly every night. this is an important story too. i don't mean to diminish what is happening in ferguson, but jim foley deserves a moment on this broadcast and he is going to get it. thank you for watching. i'm may again -- megyn kelly and i will see you tomorrow night at 9:00.
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it is wednesday, august 20th, a fox news alert. it is one of the most brutal and horrifying attacks ever, an american journalist beheaded by isis, and now the terrorists are threatening more bloodshed. the furry in ferguson simmering overnight, but not for long. officer wilson, why some say it's all about the politics. and mother nature unleashing torrential downpours, flooding so bad a van is trapped by a raging river. the amazing rescue you have to


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