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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 22, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. 1 o'clock p.m. on the east coast and 10 o'clock a.m. on the west. we are 30 minutes away from a white house briefing on martha's vineyard. the killing of an american journalist expected to be one of the biggest topics. welcome to the new hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am hither childers in for jenna lee. the news conference comes as the pentagon raises the alarm about the danger isis poses to america. with the daily briefing, admiral john kirby said military cannot
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be the only option in taking on the terrorist. >> you see the answer to all isil problems through military lens. we are conducting operations inside of iraq against the group in support of iraqis and kurdish forces, but we are not going to be the only tool in the tool box that can or should be used. >> national security correspondent jennifer griffith is live in the pentagon with more. >> reporter: hi, heather, it was clear that admiral tried to blunt the tough talk from the pentagon bosses about the need to do more militarily with isis. >> isil is sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. they are beyond just a terrorist group oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. we must prepare for everything.
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>> reporter: just a day before today's briefing, the chairman of the joint chiefs indicate that the military needs to be struck inside syria and only conducting air strikes on the iraq side of the border would not be enough to eliminate the isis' threat. >> this organization has an apocalyptic end of days vision. that will have to be defeated. to your question, can they be defeated without syria, no. >> reporter: meanwhile parents of james foley received a condolence call from the pope. and released the last e-mail by isis that suggested more americans will be beheaded. you will pay the price with james foley. he will be executed as a result
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of your direct transgressions toward us! >> i was excited to see the e-mail despite the conclusion of executing jim. i didn't realize how brutal they were. >> today there was another e-mail suggesting that they would deliver the next message with a new america victim as a courier mail. it is attacking a sunni mosque in an area where sunnis resisted pledging allegeiance to the terrorist group. >> thank you, jennifer. as isis rampages across the middle east. retired general john allen out with strong words referring to isis. make no mistake the abomination of isis is a clear and present
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danger to the u.s. the only question is whether the u.s. and its allies and partners will act decisively now while they can destroy isis and an act that seems increasingly self obvious. michael, it may be self obvious to the retired general but what about the folks at the white house? >> i don't know. i i guess that remains to be sewn. the comments from the secretary of defense don't give me confidence. these guys are doing barbaric evil things for a long time we have known about. but i think the killing of james foley told us two things. one that isis is weak and scared by what the united states has done, bombing them in northern iraq. but they are just as dangerous or more than before. i think the general is absolutely right, now more than
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ever is a perfect time to eliminate them. and despite what the folks in the pentagon are saying, military action seems like the best to eliminate the terrorist that are going cross the region. >> we know how it is with the large number of troops to this effort. we know that the pentagon has yet to give a name to the air strikes that have started to turn the tide against isis. but the indication are not that it is going to be a full- on response to what isis has been doing. >> i think what we've seen isis do in the last several weeks or months is a testament of how wrong the president's foreign policy vision has been. we have been in a foreign policy regime of nonintervention and nonengagement in that region as
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we pulled out of iraq in 2011 and didn't engage against the assad regime when we could have done things to fix things. and haven't helped to pull back iran from achieving the nuclear weapon. it is now chaos. and the president needs to relook at his own foreign policy and retissence. and the facts on the ground have changed and the united states is in a position to change things for the better. not only for the people in the region, but obviously with the skougz of james foley as well. the facts on the ground show that. >> and here is a quote from defense secretary chuck hagel. the president has been clear on mission creep. he will not allow that. and the president is saying, we are not going to commit large
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numbers of troops to this effort. if you are not going to get involved in something that might be seen as mission creep, what is it, michael? >> mission creep? i don't understand the mission. how can it creep and get us off a path? the mission ought to be, getting rid of a terrorist organization that, that the president called the jv to al-qaeda's varsitty team. we know that they are more extreme than al-qaeda which is hard to believe. and i think that goes to show you that the president is not going to change much in terms of strategy even if he is. >> perhaps we'll find manage out in the next half an hour when we get a new's conference from martha's vineyard where the president is on vacation. >> thank you, john.
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>> and incident between a u.s. navy plane and chinese forces. a chinese jet fighter flew close to a submarine. it was routine surveillance of the chinese coast. the chinese plane came within 50 feet and did a barrel roll over the top. and the move described as threatening to the american plane. tensions in ferguson, missouri cooling off following another night of peaceful protest. that's good news as demonstrators marched near the spot where michael brown was shot to death by a police officer. missouri governor jay nixon ordering national guard troops to start withdrawing. hi, adam. >> tensions have cooled off
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significantly and so much so, the big story is the intense heat. we had two calm nights and three calm days. we'll have a live look. there is a different part of ferguson. the area where protest is taking place is a mile or so from here. and much of the city is very normal. there is a black and white woman walking to lunch together and just like any other day. and signs that said i love ferguson. and much different was the video last night. you saw the protest and last night a small group of protestors and a lot of local church groups are conducting prayers and peaceful and police officers pulled back significantly and the way things should be. get the protest and word out there and do it in a way where everybody is safe and secure. and talk to captain ron johnson, he will tell you that the police
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do take a part in helping everyone recover. >> it is a lot of hard work by the citizens of the community and state and the men and women of law enforcement that have been out here and dedicated effort to make this community safe. >> and really seems that the community is dedicated to make changes and make it okay. this street here in the area, you can see that the traffic is normal and people drive by and a couple of drivers tell us it is a good place to be. it is a city that is dealing with a lot. and good news twoshgs nights of quiet and three days of quiet so far. and everyone hopes it continues that way as the change continues here. >> adam housely thank you. well, the administration faces back lash over the release
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of five taliban leaders over the sergeant bergdahl. the white house is having to defend itself on breaking the law. >> pentagon opens the dorfor a wider offensive in iraq and syria in light of secretary hagel's comments, how concerned are you about isis attack on the home land. go to fox"happening now" and get in on the conversation. your mom could do anything.
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a fox news alert. we have a shot of the podium in martha's vineyard, massachusetts where president obama is vacationing. we expect to hear from one of his deputy press secretary eric shutz in a moment. much of the question is thought to be around isis on james foley and the administration's
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reaction and to include the criticisms of the press corps over the fact that the administration talked about the rescue mission that was unsuccessful to try to locate foley and the other captives that are held by isis. it is scheduled to happen in 15 minutes. we expect in the hour, we'll hear from eric. we'll attack you there when it begins. >> the pentagon opening the door to expanded attacks on isis and acknowledging that the militants are unlike any other terror group they have seen. president obama repeatedly said the role in iraq would be limited and temporary. but defense secretary hagel said the u.s. needs to take a serious look at the strategy. >> we are pursuing a long- term strategy against isil because they clearly pose a long- term
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threat. we should expect isil to regroup and stage more offensives. >> iraq war veteran, a former army helicopter pilot and spokeswoman for concerned veterans of america. thank you for your service and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> in your opinion is isis the threat that it had become and right now, because we didn't leave troops in iraq. >> this is a direct result of a too early withdrawal of iraq and now we are dealing with the consequences as we are seeing with isis. president obama said there is no place for a group like isis in the 21st century and i could not agree more. this organization needs to be destroyed and now we need strategy and leadership and action to accomplish the mission in iraq.
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>> so what should that strategy be moving forward? >> the u.s. military is the only fighting force that can effectively destroy isis. and that means a larger more aggressive u.s. troop presence in iraq. you need to make sure if we are going to send our troops in combat and harm's way. we need to make sure they are not sent in with a hand tied behind their back. stop firing the captains and majors who are given pink slips as part of the down size and stop getting ready of combat and proven effective equipment. we need to be rebuild our military instead of downsizing it. >> yes, funding has been slashed. i will throw a number that i know you are aware of. 4491, that's the number of
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troops that was killed fight nothing iraq. you served in operation iraqi freedom and in afghanistan. as you can see these events unfolding, how does it make you and your comrades feel personally that went over there and lost their lives for what? >> so it is disappointing to see what iraq has turned into especially as a veteran who served in iraq myself. as the military and a veteran looking at. it we need to look at it in terms of completing the mission. in terms of isis we need to make sure it is destroyed. a long- term air campaign and ground strategy that is going to defeat isis. we need to send a clear message that there is no border or bound row that they can hide behind
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and safe haven left for them that they can retreat to basically. >> when we hear the president talk about in terms of containment, that is something you don't believe should happen with isis? it is 80,000 strong and as you mention, they don't know borders? >> absolutely. it is not an organization to be contained. it needs to be defeated. it is the type of organization it is with the beheading of james foley and the direct threat they pose to the united states. we need to destroy combf their capabilities and advancements and that means not just pushing them back in iraq. as you mentioned, there is 50,000 fighters in syria and 30,000 in iraq, that is an 80,000 terrorist army. this is not just an al-qaeda that we saw in afghanistan
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hiding in the mountains and submerged with the civilian population. it is an army that are making advancements and well funded and gained and well trained and we need to acknowledge them for the threat they are. >> funded to the the tune of a million a day. amber gardener thank you for joining us and thank you again for your service. >> thank you. new fallout in the release of five gitmodetainees. the new report that claims that the administration broke the law. and easier for hackers to steal your personal information. what you need to know, next. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. i got this. no, i'll get it!
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if we can't offer faster speeds - or save you money - we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. those two american flags swiped on top of the brooklyn bridge is back in u.s. hands. the flags that normally fly over the new york city land mark. in late july someone climbed the bridge and released them with two faded white flags. they examined the security in the bridge and two german artist fessed up. they said they were a tribute to the architect of the brooklyn bridge and they turned the original flags over to the u.s. embassy in germany. smart phone users, be wear. detectors and a flaw in the
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operating system. it makes it easy for hackers to access your device while you are using it and steal your information. elizabeth mcdonald is here with more. >> researchers in the university of california river side and university of michigan, discovered a segcant hole in the googleandroid system that could be used to steal your personal information on the smart phone. the researchers found a 92 percent success rate in hacking in the g- mail accounts. apps as benign as down loading wall paper for your smart phone screen and banking apps and taking picture of personal checks or deposits on line and apps solid by h&r block contain personal information. they found they could track
10:26 am
real- time what consumers were doing on their mobile devices and now the hacks are only successful if they are using the apps at the same time the hackers are in there. and researchers found that this app weakness in the devices solid by apple and microsoft as well. and the other web app,, and the web md app. they could hack into that. 92 percent rate. >> web, md a lot of people like that one. >> i am not saying which one i have, i don't want them to know. >> sure. >> we are just minutes away from a scheduled white house brief and this killing of james foley is expected to be a hot topic. we'll have it for you live as soon as it begins. violence ramping up in israel and hamas in a conflict that kill would more than 2,000
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a fox news alert. we are waiting for the white house briefing to begin in martha's vineyard where the president is on vacation. the murder of james foley
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murdered by the isis terrorist is expected to be the topic. >> and idf said an attack near an kindergarten killed an israeli child on a third day of renewed fighting with israel and hamas. hamas killed 18 people accused of spying for israel. and rick is live in gaza city and he has the latest for us, >> it is a bloody friday on both sides of the border with close to 100 rockets fired. and 30 air strikes here in gaza and two mass executions that happen earlier today. first group of 11 were reportedly killed in the gaza police headquarters in gaza city. and two of the dead were women. and seven people lined up on the streets outside of a downtown
10:32 am
mosque and seven had hoods over their heads and their initials and alleged crime and they were executed according to witnesses and one gunmen said sold their solids to the enemy for a cheap price. >> three senior hamas leaders were killed. israelis are known to have local informers to pinpoint. and using the lure of exit permits or blackmail to win cooperation among the palestinian people. >> sirens skound sounded in israel and sent people running for shelters and one rocket hit a synagogue and wounded three people and a mortar that struck near a consistenter garten. that was the fourth civilian casulty along with 64 soldiers. and the death toll is higher more than 2,000 killed and more
10:33 am
than 500 children. we continue to hear the fighter jets and drones overnight tonight. >> the battle goes on. >> and nonpartisan government accountability office said the pentagon broke the law with the bea u bergdahl prison swap. they failed to give the senate 30 notice change for the swap of bergdahl. they are saying. it is another reminder of the stubborn and dangerous practice of ignoring laws that it finds inconvenient. >> i am joined by former prosecutor doug burns. >> my pleasure. >> the go, goes in and say it is illegal and they broke the law. it is down noun. >> it is a separation of powers
10:34 am
and if there is a law that said you have to give congress 30 days notice, why not just provide the 30 days notice. the other point. you are not allowed to spend funds in this case 998,000. and those who are against the administration, this is a another camp to quote the speaker of the executive branch of ignoring the law. and to your point and you are right. what is the remedy? i spoke to experts kicking it around. there is not a lot of remedies. okay, they failed to provide notice they were going to do the swap. now what? are you going to sue the president of the united states? i am being sarcastic. not really. can you hold them in contempt of congress. i doubt. it and monetarily, it comes out
10:35 am
of the same pocket. you can't have the government pay itself back because of malfesance. >> or something used politically in the midterm. >> that's a great point. so many of the legal issues break out in politics. they may fail to provide notice. and there is an anti- deficiency law that said you can't spend money not appropriated for that purpose. >> right. that has been done by the administration. >> and other thing to be fair, competing argument and the president is making quick decisions and in a sensitive national security it is it a technical violation. and politically, the more you can see executive actions, the more you can see ignoring laws under the excuse of discretion and prosecutorial discretion and people are getting fed up and it
10:36 am
may reflect in the elections what you said. >> you mentioned quick decisions. i hope that trading the five gitmoterrorist was not a quick decision. >> no tis a difficult decision. i mean, a high level. >> time is of the essence. >> those who are going to defend president obama are going to ponent that out. that was the point i was making. >> thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. great insight, john? >> and reverend a l sharpton set to speak in the funeral of michael brown on monday, providing more fuel for critics who say as an msnbc host he is not insert himself in to this tragedy. and here to talk about that host of media buzz, howard kurtz. is anybody in msnbc management telling him it is a bad thing to
10:37 am
do. >> msnbc blessed the role. on one hand al sharpton stirring things up in ferguson and meeting with the michael brown family and being a player in that mella drama and covering them. and politicalo this morning that sharpton is working with the obama white house and a conduit for the administration on the controversy and a direct line to valerie jared and msnbc is allowing the host to work with the administration on the biggest story in america. >> why is there not more criticism of this? why does he get a pass in the media? >> that's a very good question. i have been complaining about this going back to last year. trayvon martin, sharpton did the
10:38 am
same thing. met with the family and the lawyer. and doing his thing on msnbc and going back and forth it seemed like he was covering himself. maybe msnbc doesn't care. but it seems to be that sharpton is getting a pass for precisely the reason no one wants to take him on for fear of stirring things up. >> do they think it brings in ratings to have him on the air after exchanging phone calls from the white house. and they think it brings eyeball tots tv set. >> it increases sharpton's profile. his ratings are up ten percent in the whole ferguson tragedy. i have people roll their eyes and said everybody knows who a l shorpt an is. he is a commented attor and an opinion guy and around a long time.
10:39 am
and i covered him in the fox. and that is straight down guy. and this is a point where it is a charade and you can't be a player in the story you are cover canning. he will lead a rally. and this is allowed to go on. and including journalist are critizing the situation. this is in media role if ferguson. and they are fanning the flames because many of the outside agitators if not from ferguson are attracted to the bright lights of television. >> thank you. >> still ahead. former virginia governor.
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it will work in your correction trial. and this is to 0.
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. a lot of talk about how the u.s. doesn't negotiate with terrorist. didn't we do that to get alan berg back? she's back. the missouri state senator back in the real story and live from ferguson to tell us if attorney general holder's visit accomplished anything. and summertime pick. some of you guessed well. who's the guy whose first job was selling oreo cookies.
10:44 am
>> arizona superintendant of schools is asking the federal government to fund a million to help pay for education for 200 unaccompanied minors. they expressed concern about the undocumented children buzzed in to arizona. they are required to educate all students. the state can't handle the financial burden alone and because the federal government brought them there he feels they should pay. he faces a challenge in the arizona primary for school superintendant. >> very personal details coming out in the corruption trial of senator bob don nel. he moved in the recollectory of
10:45 am
a church in richmond. it is part of his defense strategy blaming his wife for accepting gifts and loans from a local businessman. but will it win over the jury. mercedez is a fox news legal analyst. and thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. mercedez, was it the wife's fault? >> oh, my goodness. foolish when a husband does that. he is trying to shift the blame and the jury can see through those defenses. it is the last ditch effort because there is a lot of evidence against the couple. and if he is found to be a co-conspirit arthat is problematic. >> the wife may have received 150,000, but if there is communication and this sort of conspiracy between the two he
10:46 am
knew and created the furtherance of that crime he can be implicated. it is something jurors don't like to see. does she play golf. what about the golf lessons and all of that? >> shift the blame. this couple makes miriah carry and nick cannon seem great. it is documented clear proof they have had no relationship. he was not aware of her intimate relationship with mr. williams. and the jury will look at her and say you are responsible for this. >> really? >> we are not in their bed room. we can't say they had no relationship between the two of them. and the jurors are suspect when you have a husband and wife. and he said it is the wife's fault. it is her and her attorney. and we had a terrible marriage
10:47 am
and she yelled at me. how dare she yell at me when i am disciplining my staff. she was yelling at him. and that's why they didn't have communication. the jury doesn't buy that defense. >> that is not the whole defense. i may or may not have accepted or the wife may have may not. i give him no kick packs and nothing benefitted mr. williams and my wife is peddling their products. and the prosecutor will not she he was involved in the conspiracy. >> finances are joint. you can't say he didn't benefit from 150,000. if your finances are joint and filing taxes joint and you are married in the eyes of the law and if there is a financial crime at issue and at heart. the jury would say how could you
10:48 am
not have known if you are getting bank statements and all of this information regarding your finances and somehow you didn't know your wife was doing this. >> the shopping spree of a 20,000 shopping spree. how can he know when he has limited or no contact. >> what happens when a wife comes in the door with a bag. what is 20,000 worth of merchandise? >> 20,000 worth of merchandise. somebody should be aware of that, phil. come on. >> and to say in the conclusion of this he is found guilty. what is the potential of repercussion. >> he will get whacked and his political career is over and he will get whacked. >> thank you both for joining us. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> new rules for patients who need pain killers like vica din. and why the feds are cracking
10:49 am
down on the powerful drugs. >> and the ice bucket challenge goes wrong when firefighters try to help out college students. >> we walked up and it looked like an explosion and we saw one guy fall and the other guy started screaming. you do a lot of things great. but parallel parking isn't one of them. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off.
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welcome back. horrible story here. four firefighters in kentucky injured while trying to douse college students with water for that als ice bucket challenge. the fire truck's ladder came too close to a power line and energy from that line struck the firefighters who were in the ladder's bucket. one of the firefighters remains in critical condition while his partner is in stable condition. two other firefighters suffered electrical shocks and they were
10:53 am
released after being treated. none of the students were harmed. folks who use some of the most widely described narcotic painkillers might have a harder time getting those medications. the feds are enacting some new rules this fall to restrict hydrocodone painkillers like vicodin. those drugs can be highly addictive. we have chair of urology at the school of medicine. i suppose you have patients who need this stuff, right? >> so we obviously write for prescriptions after surgery when the patient has pain. when i was in general surgery, we used to write a lot for these medications. we as doctors are the cause of this problem. we write these prescription. high number of pills very addictive and now dea announced that in 45 days, vicodin is going to join oxycontin and be a scheduled 2 medication meaning
10:54 am
there will be a lot of restrictions and pharmacies are going to regulate this. if you need to get more medications, go back to your doctor to get this. this is good news for both doctors and patients because obviously these are very addictive. 7 million americans abuse this kind of controlled substance. we are writing about 259 million of these prescriptions, which is too excessive and too addictive and one of the reasons why dea is jumping on this because we have 16,000 deaths. this is highest number we've ever seen. more so number of deaths from this than cocaine and also from heroin and more regular access. this is time to change it. >> up until now, it's possible for a doctor to write six months worth of prescriptions at once? that's one of the things they're going to restrict? >> a lot of that is true. a lot of doctors are going to write for 30 pills, 45 pills. patients don't know how to really get rid of these medications once they're done
10:55 am
with it and a lot of them get hooked on medications and it stays with them after minor procedures. so we want to make sure that we cutdown on the numbers. >> some of them blend in aspirin or tylenol. >> it has tylenol but codiene. it's no medical use but high addictive behavior and this is great for both doctors and patients. i'm glad in 45 days we'll see more restrictions on these medications. mostly vicodin. >> assuming doctors follow restrictions. >> the government is looking into it and pharmacies are looking into it. they'll refuse filling in the prescriptions, big numbers. big amounts. >> all right. good to see you. >> thank you. we are awaiting that
10:56 am
briefing we've been telling you about from the obama administration from martha's vineyard where president obama is on vacation. eric schultz expected to provide the update any moment. the killing of american journalist at the hands of isis terrorists expected to be one of the biggest topics. we'll bring it to you live when it starts. but snack time has finally met it's match. sargento cheese snacks a natural source of protein and calcium. choose our family's wholesome natural cheese snacks. sargento taste the real difference.
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when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care. >> thank you for joining us today. >> it was nice to be here. >> good to have you here, heather. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> thanks, guys. we start with a fox news alert. we're moments away. you can see them getting ready for the white house press briefing. this is happening from marthmar vineyard. we may here more on the u.s. response to the execution of james foley and growing threat from isis terrorists. it's also friday.
11:00 am
it's time for our summer sidekick. timing is perfect because today is fox news senior white house correspondent ed henry. >> we'll have fun. there's a lot of news going on. we have to get to that. >> that is ben rhodes. >> we were expecting him to get a lot of questions, and i'm sure he will, about isis. to give you nature of the threat, the u.s. is facing, he's talking about ukraine right now. it gives you an idea as president gets pounded for golfing throughout this after execution and all of that. there are still problems in ukraine as well. there's a lot on the plate. >> a convoy of more than 130 russian aid trucks started moving amove ing across the border. >> pentagon issuing a new threat about isis terrorists at home. >> chuck hagel defends a white house and pentagon decision to release information on the secret mission to rescue


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