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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 22, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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did. oh, my god. my home theater is unusable. >> i don't have time do my "one more thing." but go check out my interview i did with juan williams. it's great. he tweeted about jackson and had harsh words. never miss the five. we'll see you back on monday. have a good weekend. from the jayvee team to a clear and present danger, did president obama misjudge the threat from a sur subsequent isis terrorist group. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. apparently the isis terrorists are ready for prime time after all. the administration is in full spin control mode tonight trying to overcome the impression that president obama badly underestimated the threat of what is emerging as the world's most dangerous terrorist group.
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we have fox team tonight on martha's vineyard but we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin and the increasing concerns about the isis threats that apparently has taken the administration by surprise. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, brett. day after secretary chuck hagel warned that isis is beyond anything we've ever seen and, quote, get ready, the pentagon has gone into damage control since the president called isis jayvee terrorists in jarn. >> this is august. you're talking about comments made in january. we've been watching this for months. they have grown in capability. >> the president has drawn a line limiting u.s. air strikes to isis targets on the iraq side of the border. in january this is how he described isis in an interview with the new yorker. quote, the analogy we use around here sometimes, and think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on lakers uniforms. that doesn't make them kobe
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bryant. but most at the pentagon have been warning about them for some time. that's why it's indicated more needs to be done to deal with isis. >> this has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision which will ee scentually have to be defeated. to your question can they be defeated without addressing that part of the organization which resides in syria, the answer is no. >> an assessment bolstered by the president's own defense secretary. >> isil is as sophisticate and well funded as any group we've ever seen. they're beyond a terrorist group. this is beyond anything we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. >> today isis issued a not so veiled threat, this time via twitter. quote, we will deliver the next message with a new merch victim as a courier mail. the foley family meanwhile decided to release the last e-mail sent to them by their son's isis captors. quote, you and your citizens will pay the price of your bombings, the first of which
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being the blood of the american citizen james foley. he will be executed as a direct result of your transgressions towards us. >> i actually was excited to see an e-mail despite the conclusion that they would execute jim. i underestimated that point. i did not realize how brutal they were. >> if there was any doubt about how brutal this group is, the suspected isis suicide bomber and gunman attacked a sunni mosque north of baghdad killing 64 iraqis in around area where they had resisted pledging allegiance to the terrorist group. >> jennifer at the pentagon. thank you. the pr and mrs. obama went hiking today, a brief respite from golf for the commander in chief. but many critics are still hammering him for hitting the links repeatedly in a time of growing terrorist threats. >> reporter: conceding the isis
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execution of james foley was the group's first terrorist attack on the u.s., president obama's deputy national security adviser described the strategy for dealing with the group as a team effort. >> the long-term strategy is going to have to involve people on the ground taking the fight to isil. that is involving iraqi and kurdish forces and syrian forces who they're supporting on the ground. >> reporter: he said they would not be restricted by borders but would announce no support. the former u.s. ambassador to that country robert ford left his post earlier this year because he felt the u.s. wasn't adequately supporting them. >> helping those moderates, rallying them to be able to both contain the islamic state and then to press asat for a negotiation that will rally all syrians against the islamic state. that is the way forward. >> reporter: the president this week called on governments across the mid east to stop the
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isis cancer so it doesn't spread. they'll have to be debt with in iraq and syria. it's an effort to push the president and congress. >> he's trying to set the conditions to tell the american people, get ready. this is all starting over again. >> reporter: meanwhile mr. obama's golfing has drawn a lot of criticism but aides insist he it hasn't kept him from doing his job. >> i don't think anyone can deny the president has been deeply engaged issues both domestic and abroad. >> reporter: a critic says he doesn't begrudge the golf. he said even eisenhower golfed during world war ii, but he said president obama doesn't have ike's focus on national security. >> he doesn't understand it even after 5 1/2 years of on-the-job training. he still doesn't get it. >> the president could speed
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weapons deliveries to iraqi and kurdish fighters and officials say even air strikes on syria is an option being considered but not ground troops in either country. bret? >> thank you. a big argument about whether the president broke the law when he swapped the five terrorists for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. he says he did twice but the administration insists it acted lawfully in consider of bergdahl's health and safety. the national guard has started to pack up and leave ferguson, missouri. tonight marks the end of the second week since an unarmed african-american man wass with killed in a confrontation with a police officer outside st. louis. 12 days of protests both peaceful and violent are now morphing into what could be a long slog of legal and civilian issues. mike tobin has the latest from
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ferguson. >> reporter: the cover of "time" magazine shows a demonstrator in ferguson dropped to his knees. they do not force demonstrators to their knee. they bind them and arrest them. and they use nonlethal weapons. demonstrators frequently elect to drop to their knees for dramatic effect. all of this in an atmosphere in which reverend al sharpton has come center stage. sharpton's speeches in missouri have provoked rather than pacified the crowd. >> if you want justice, throw your arms up. if you want answers, throw your arms up because that's the sign michael was using. >> supporters quickly find themselves subject to an angry mob and are driven out of the public. a facebook page has over 50,000 supporters. >> i wanted him to know that
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they were behind him. >> hi' she's afraid to show her face publicly. >> very, very hateful messages. i would be afraid if people were oklahoma with messaging these apps as an anonymous administrator, what they would do if they knew who i was. >> in the middle, looters. something as simple as a bottle thrown could trigger more violence and vandalism. >> the store owners are scared. employees are scared to come out because of the way things unraveled. >> reporter: there were no clashes with police last night and only a smattering of arre arrests. at the moment there isn't a police presence down at the demonstrations and only a handful of demonstrators. the weekend is off to a peaceful start. bret? >> so it continues. mike, thank you. about the only thing guaranteed in the ferguson investigations, they will not be over quickly. tonight correspondent leland vi
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>> reporter: in the made for tv visit seems to put the genie back in the bottle. although after promises in ferguson he was quick to temper expectations back in washington. >> i think patience is in abundance in ferguson. it doesn't mean that this thing should drag on. >> reporter: even with dozens of fbi agents pounding the summer pavement, history shows they might need years of patience. the much touted civil rights investigation into the shooting of trayvon martin 21s 2 years ago is still ongoing and experts say a civil rights charge against ferguson police officer wilson is far from a slam-dunk case. >> in a case luke the brown case, the government would have to prove the officer intended to use more force than was
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necessary. so even if the officer panicked, even if the officer made a mistake, all manner of things where it might not be viewed as a good shoot by a policing expert, that wouldn't even come close to meeting the standard for a standard criminal rights violation. >> reporter: in new orleans five accused in shooting a suspect in the post-katrina chaos became the subject of another civil rights d.o.j. investigation. they were convicted only to have the federal judge order a new trial after finding grotesque misconduct by the attorneys on the case. >> unfortunately the office within the civil rights division that would investigate this kind of incident has a very bad record and a real hostility to law enforcement. >> reporter: at least two of the attorneys named by the judge are still with the civil rights division, and the judge spared no one in his 129-page opinion, even calling out the attorney general for announcing the indictments, quote, with much
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fanfare. bret? >> le land, thank you. tune in to fox news this weekend to see dr. ben carson and reverend jesse jackson debate the relationship between the black community and the police. check your local listings. up next, hamas takes brutal revenge for the death of three of its leaders. first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. q13 fox in seattle with more rain. in north central washington, flash flooding and mudslides cut off several highways last night. wdrb in louisville with a horrible story covering an accident that put two firefighters in the hospital. they were dousing water on the band as part of the icy bucket challenge. one was shocked in his bucket. the other is in fair condition. this is a live look.
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take a look at this amazing site. a pot of manatees, a little too close for beachgoers. yesterday they came within a few feet of shore, but experts say this is normal behavior for the manatees this time of year. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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brutal retribution tonight in gaza for yesterday's israeli take that killed three senior hamas commanders. gaza gunmen executed more than a dozen spukted spies. senior correspondent rick leventhal on a revenge that was swift. >> reporter: this is the scene of a public execution in gaza today. several palestinians suspected of collaborating with intelligence were lined up with hoods on their heads and shot to
3:16 pm
death. one member told the group they sold their souls to the enemy for a cheap price. two of them were women. this man said they deserved their fate. >> translator: because they are traitor, they had to kill the people. the jews do not know that there is resistance here. the collaborators tell them, we should clean oura arar arar aray our area before we clean it from jews. >> reporter: they leveled a house in rafah killing three senior israelis. they're known to have a network of local informants helping to pinpoint targets. in israel the wave of rockets continue sending residents running for shelter. more than 150 launched since hamas broke the cease-fire tuesday. one rocket hit a synagogue in the southern city wounding six people and a mortar hit a residential area killing a 4-year-old boy. the fourth casualty along with
3:17 pm
64 soldiers. palestinians report close to 470 children are among the nearly 2,100 dead in gaza with tens of thousands nearly homeless. and neither side shows any signs of slowing down. hamas fired at least close to a hundred rockets. 20 in one area. israel has launched more than 30 air strikes here. with fighter jets and drones continuing prowl the skies above us. bret? >> rick leventhal, thank you. what do you think, do you think the israeli/hamas conflict will end any time soon? let me know at t an american surveillance plane. the pentagon says the chinese fighter came within 30 feet of the navy p.a. poseidon plane.
3:18 pm
it says the action posed a safety risk to the american crew. ukraine's government is calling it an invasion. russia says it's a humanitarian mission. dozens of trucks supposedly carrying aid to desperate residents of the turbulent east have crossed the border. senior affairs correspondent amy kellogg on what happens now. >> reporter: without waiting for the green light from kiever more than a dozen trucks went to the border. in the end the red cross stayed behind and the russian trucks blew across the border. >> this is a direction invasion with the cynical use of the red cross. these are military vehicles. these are servicemen with fake documents. >> reporter: the ukrainians had completed inspections of some of the trucks but the russians said they couldn't wait any longer. they said ukraine had told them they could go.
3:19 pm
>> at times it seems that there is no clear chain of command in kiev because some assurances are given from -- on a very high level and then others do not give the orders which are required, as i mentioned, to let the trucks in. >> reporter: the obama administration issued a warning. >> russia should take the opportunity to remove this convoy with fr. within ukraine. if they don't, they will face additional costs and consequences. >> nato today said it has firm evidence of russian military intervention in eastern ukraine, something russia still denies and the pentagon made concerns describing the buildup on the border. >> armor, artillery, infantry, air defense. they're very ready, they're very capable. they're very mobile. and they continue to do nothing but just increase the tension on the other side with ukraine. >> ukraine has said it won't fire on the convoy, but
3:20 pm
ominously it has also said it will do what it must to protect itself territory yeah integrity and that convoy is right in the middle of the region that ukrainian forces are in the midst of trying to rest back from separatist control. >> amy kellogg in london. thank you. still ahead, you might be surprised and perhaps alarmed to learn what the brightest high school students are being taught right now about history. first, throughout history we have wondered about life in space. now we may have a surprising answer. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses.
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the obama administration has come up with a lobby. under the new policy announced today, religious business owners
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and christian universities and charities would inform the federal government of their objections in writing. the federal government would then arrange for coverage and reimburse the provider. the defense of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell has finished its direct examination of the republican in his corruption trial. the legal team for his wife who is a co-defendant will be up next. mcdonnell testified today he took a second loan from a wealthy businessman because it was offered. mcdonnell and his wife are accused of taking gives from jonnie williams in exchange for promoting his products. williams said he asked for a $20,000 loan after borrowing $50,000. the u.s. and russia have had issues and naturally the relationship has become increasingly rocky. missile defense, edward snowden, ukraine. now there's another disagreement over plankton in space.
3:25 pm
phil keating has a story out of this world. >> reporter: shortly before cau cosmonaut released this, it was then according to the russians they discovering life, specifically phytoplankton thriving in the oxygen-lacking area of space where few thought it was possible. they stunned the world scientists with this statement to russian media. quote, results of the experiment are absolutely unique. we have found traces of seaplaneton and micro scopic particles on the imloon nadir surface. this should be studied further. and that it is. plainton lives abundantly in our oceans and can even survive wind currents in the lower atmosphere. while nasa remains skeptical not deferring or dough nighing it. quote, our mike row biologists are still actively reaching out to their russian counterparts and those in the research
3:26 pm
community to see if any of it can be verified. later this year nasa plans to blast up a small colony of elaborates to live inside the space station along with the six resident humans. it's to study the long-term effects of micro gravity on living organisms. while mice are longer and require less food, in space studies rats are naturally preferred, that's because the neural cognitive functions of rats is similar to that of humans. bret? >> all right, phil, thank you. the stocks were missed. the nasdaq gained 6. for the week the dow was up 2 percentage points. the s&p 500 gained 1.7. the nasdaq was up 1 2/3. how obamacare may be hurting america's pastime and senator harry read iid is apologizing. we'll tell you next in the ""grapevine."" t the only one.
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from the political "grapevine." placing foot in mouth, practice many politicians know well. the latest offender, senate majority leader harry reid. here's what he said to the las vegas asian chamt ber ber of co. the asian chamber of commerce. >> the asian population is so productive. i don't think you're smarter
3:31 pm
than us but many of you think you are. i'm trying to keep my wong straight. >> reaction has been swift by america rising. from the republican party communications director, yeah, that's offensive. from policy analyst phil kerpen, the guy who rounded up the u.s. senators who demand redskins name change can't keep his wongs straight. reid made a similar gaffe against cheryl who told a group of hispanic students telling them they looked asian. he said, quote, my comments were in extremely poor taste and i apologize. sometimes say i the wrong thing. meanwhile reid's stand against the washington redskins has found a local ally. the editorial section of the "washington post" will not be using the team's name, calling it a slur. the sports and news sections
3:32 pm
will continue to use redskins. so is obamacare affecting major league baseball? some officials within the chicago cubs think so. tuesday the cubs' ground crew struggled to cover the infield with a tarp, leading to a waterlogged field and the game being suspend. sources tell the "chicago sun-times" seasonal workers including the grounds crew had their hours cut to fall below the full-time worker definition under obamacare. the team denies the allegations saying staffing played no role in the tarp problem. finally using generic photos is always dangerous. new jersey congressman scott garrett is red-faced over a facebook ad about veterans benefits that featured soviet medals complete with a hammer and sickle. the republican's office has apologized saying the ad was produced with an outside vendor and is no longer running. they called the mistake
3:33 pm
careless. now the politics of education in the 21st century of america. an old saying history is written by the victors. tonight chief white house correspondent james rhodes reporting apparently that's no longer true when it comes for the curriculum of many of the nation's top high school students. >> reporter: everybody high school achiever has heard of advanced placement or ap, the only courses most can take to obtain college credits. few of them know of their owner, a nonprofit called the college board which has expanded its framework for the ap history course from five to 98 pages. in the new framework george washington gets two mentions, half a sentence about his farewell address and another along with the sole reference about to elites to use the revolution to retain their wealth around power. they're knowned if their rigid racial hierarchy and strong
3:34 pm
belief in british hierarchy. rosa parks, dwietd eisenhower, and martin luther king. >> everything in american history according to the framework is identity groups always in conflict and certain groups being oppressed by other groups so it really is a radical departure from what ap history has traditionally been. >> reporter: they countered by releasing a sample ap exam. it decried man's history of tierney over women and three questions about this 2004 book which detailed how immigration laws in the '20s worked to exclude asians. supporters say this allows students to move beyond george washington and mlk who they heard all about in elementary and middle school. >> so students have the opportunity to really get inside the story and understand the complexity. it's a very, very exciting way to approach history and when it works, it engages students more
3:35 pm
and it prepares them better for citizenship. >> though he took office after the framework was developed the president is also an architect of the controversial common core standards. a new poll finds most americans are now aware of those federal standards and oppose them. bret? >> james, thank you. a federal judge is giving his consent for a newly drawn map. the current version of the map will remain in law for now even though it was thrown out by a court earlier this year. did isis catch the president by surprise? going from the jayvee team to something much, much more dangerous. we'll ask the panel about what's next when we come back. 's the bn map. next when we come back.
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we're actively considering what's going to be necessary to
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deal with that threat and we're not going to be restricted by borders. we've shown time and again if there's a sko ee's a counterter threat, we'll take action. >> isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. >> well, that is the latest talk about isis or as the administration and the government calls it, isil. and this is the terrorist army in iraq and syria. a lot of people are looking back to something the president said in an article back in january about the terrorist threat outside of al qaeda. he said this to "the new yorker." the analogy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate is if a jayvee team puts on lakers uniforms, that doesn't make them kobe bryant.
3:40 pm
i think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes,se. what about all this and what they're saying now. let's bring in our columnists. okay, george. thoughts. >> well, if what general dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is saying, either is u.s. policy or foreshadows u.s. policy, then i think it's fair to say we have begun the third iraq war for three reasons. the general says that isis can neither be contained nor deterred. second, it cannot be dealt with without dealing with those parts of it that operate in and out of syria. and third, air power can only play a small part in this. now, the logic of that when you
3:41 pm
consider the fact that they have captured among other heavy equipment 20 t-55 soviet tanks, this is not your average terrorist group. that indicates that the united states has diagnosed this as a threat that is grave to this country and cannot reasonably be handled by our partners on the ground, the iraqi army such as it is, and the kurds, eve though they are valiant and competent. >> here's what general scales, fox news contributor said about what dechlcy said about all of this. >> what the military's trying to do is get ahead of it. i think dempsey understands very clearly this is a multi-year campaign that's going to have to eventually involve congress, the administration, and the american people. he's trying to set the conditions to tell the american people, get ready. this is all starting over again. >> and, chuck, you heard from ben rhodes that the administration said they're not going to limit what they will
3:42 pm
do. >> well, you know, it's so striking to hear this from general dempsey who for the last two, three years has been one of the big doves or -- i don't know if dove's the right word, one of the main people counseling obama to stay out of syria, that this was too tough a problem, tough for the military, no vital interest, et cetera, et cetera, and now he and hagel, the joint show of pentagon determination, i guess, or coming out saying practically the opposite. what strikes me about bob's very appropriate remark there is that it's dempsey preparing congress and the american people. that's not dempsey's job. that is the president's job. and so far i don't think we've heard -- it's different coming from ben rhodes and general dempsey. you haven't heard the president say things that are commensurate with what george quite correctly points out, this is a big job. it's going to take a while.
3:43 pm
he hasn't gone there yet. >> charles. >> look. i don't think the issue is the president was unaware of taken by surprise. i think this was willful blindness to the nature of the threat. for the 5 1/2 years he's been in office, he's tried to minimize the whole idea of the war on terror. he abolished the term. he gave a speech six months ago saying the war on terror must end, it's creating damage. he has said the tide of war is receding, but he did that by defining the threat and the enemy as al qaeda central, as if the enemy is a club that lives in pakistan or parts of afghanistan and that's it. so whenever you had an explosion of islamic radicalism in mali or libya or elsewhere, it was considered something else, as he
3:44 pm
said, a jayvee team. this is a willful attempt to while away the war. now with isis, the pretence to pretend or otherwise can no longer exist. he knows the threat there and what's happening is he isn't on board. this is his advisers in the military trying to prepare him for a decision he has not yet made but is going to have to make. >> here's how the pentagon describes the disparity between their assessment of this terrorist army now and what the president said back in january. >> this is august. you're talking about comments that were made in january. isil -- and wive been watching this for months. they have grown in capability. i said it at the podium as have others. that i have gro they have grown in capability with speed. >> george, there's a lot of blame to go around here about who didn't talk about this. i mean you didn't hear isis up on capitol hill that much from democrats or republicans during
3:45 pm
that time. some, but not many. >> this may be another large intelligence failure. it's probably too soon to same. we spend an awful lot of money on intelligence gathering. some with technical satellites and very little with people actually wandering around in the desert partly because there are lobbyists in town that sell equipment that can do this from a distance. but for whatever reason, we did not see this coming. i mean they went from the jayvees to theght months. i mirren that's really a development program in basketball. so it seems to me fair to say there's been an intelligent failure. it's also fair to say they're now telling us the truth in a way that roosevelt in 1939, '40, '41 with a deeply divided and largely isolated country desperately surreptitiously began moving the country to accept the fact that a war was coming. >> chuck. >> well, again, i mean it isn't
3:46 pm
-- as you were pointing out, it isn't the pentagon's job to prepare the president, you know. that is sort of what's constitutionally kind of messed up about this process that's taken place. if it's as big a deal as we all seem to think it is, you've got to get congress into the picture, you might need new authorization for additional force, you're going to need the president to make addresses to the public. there's a lot of political heavy lifting left to do. >> this is not in the dna, you're saying, in the administration or the president. >> exactly. as we see from the testimony of the former secretary of state clinton said she said every single adviser, petraeus, the defense secretary, the chairman of the joint chiefs all advised for some significant help to the rebels in syria. he stood alone in opposing it. he was the one who decided we were not going to have a residual force in iraq. he's the one who decided on date
3:47 pm
certain for exit of afghanistan. he's the one who stood up against all of his advisers. the problem is isis and the video has forced his hand. next up, the friday lightning round. hey pal? you ready? ♪ can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... life can be hard, buddy. ok... oh i'm so glad i got the car washed. (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes. gotta feed the meter. what's a meter? where am i supposed to go? ugh, people! ugh! i'm five! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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3:51 pm
responsible members of the international community for these crimes. we're back. this as seven palestinians suspected of collaborating with israeli intelligence were executed in gaza today. shot in the head. we're back with the panel. charles, you know, there was a lot of outrage with a lot of the offensive action that israel took after being fired rockets. the mortars that hit the schools, as those investigations continued. the world outrage has not pumped up for this execution, at least not yet. >> the world is never outraged when justs are killed. that's a fact. the u.n. doesn't care. the u.n. is only interested in condemning israel. it's a fact of life. the israelis know it it. and they, despite that conduct the most scrupulous and demonstrating warfare on the face of the earth, which cost them a lot of soldiers on the ground. you could easily bomb them into rebel. israel doesn't -- unless it
3:52 pm
has to, but it will send in the soldiers, risk their lives as it did in order to try to pinpoint their attacks. we don't expect hamas to do it. it doesn't, and the israelis never expect any sympathy from the world. >> chuck? >> i was struck by these executions of the alleged collaborators. i think just for taking hamas' word for it that the people under the hoods are anything but innocent people, it's striking that israel killed their military chiefs yesterday and hamas response is to go out and find some palestinians to kill as retaliation. i think they are actually frightened. i think they are a little desperate. i think they are losing. >> they are frightened and desperate in part because no one is paying attention. attention has shifted to isil. including the attention of the international community. allocution we should ban because it includes zealand, and the congo. perfectly meaningless
3:53 pm
concept and get all the responsible members of the international community around this table. >> chuck, not to put you on the spot but we will. "the washington post" editorial board deciding not to use the word redskins for the local nfl team here here in washington, calling it a slur. >> that's consistent and confirming with actually what's been the long standing position of the editorial board objecting to that name. and i think in a way we are finally walking the walk after talking the talk for many years. it won't effect the news pages. we draw a distinction between the role of opinion to move things along and the role of the news side to report what actually is. >> one of the few growth industries in our country today is the manufacturer of synthetic indignation i can't ha about the redskins name neighs is an example. one of the native indians lives on reservation out west in which the high
3:54 pm
school football team attended by navajos is attended by redskins. >> editorial board quotes you charles krauthammer. >> this is not the civil rights case of our time. it's not the desegregation. i credit entirely the sincerity of those who like the name, have a sentimental attachment, and have no animus whatsoever but personally i would not use a word that is in and of itself offensive in the same way that the word negro changed over 80 years. it used to be a preferred name. now it's not used. the way retarded was supposed to be a nice word for people who are developmentally disabled. you don't use it today. i wouldn't use it. but it's not something that i would condemn others who stuck with it. >> lightning winners and losers? george? >> loser of the week los angeles ethics commission loopy idea pay, bribe or entice people to vote only
3:55 pm
23% voted in the mayoral election. get disinterested uninformed people to come to the polls. the winner of the week is mo'ne davis 5 pounds. 170 pounds fast ball. first woman to pass to throw a shutout in the little league world series and be on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> my winner is scott brown, who has been having trouble in new hampshire but has good poll results this week. is he only down two points and that's going to help his fundraising. my loser is harry reid as you saw earlier, just couldn't help himself in referring to asian americans and losing track of all his wong. even for him i think that was a special moment. >> going to wrap up the week with charles winners and losers after this short break. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return
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all right, we're back. our lightning round was a bit more like rolling thunder. we're going to finish up with charles krauthammer. his winners and losers. charles? >> winner he of the week demagogues after the funeral of michael brown on monday, the cameras will be gone. it will be in the hands of the justice system. the wheels of justice will grind slowly and the demagogues will be left with nothing to do and no state. the winner of the week is the anonymous unknown wise guy in the foreign ministry in cairo issued a statement urging u.s. authorities to exercise restraint in dealing with the demonstrators in the ferguson as reuters put it, echoing language washington used to caution egypt as it cracked down on islamist demonstrators. this is a guy who understands humor and you tonight see that a lot in foreign affairs. >> and there you go. winners and losers with the panel. panel, thank you as always. and thank you for inviting us into your home tonight
4:00 pm
to. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget, chris wallace with what promises to be a big show this weekend. take a look at that. greta goes "on the record" right now. golf. yep. that's a golf ball. and tonight even the "new york times" is talking about golf because it seems even that liberal newspaper that twice endorsed president obama in 2008, and 2012, just can't take it anymore. the criticism right on page 1. above the fold. yes, the president teeing off. not so much on isis but on the golf course. and the most vicious, well-funded well formed group sets its sights on america. president obama hit the link for another round of golf. the contrasting images spark criticism of president obama from the left and the right. washington examiner betsy woodruff. washington examiner susan


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