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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 24, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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don't put the butter on it. use olive oil on your popcorn. >> and switch the soda to club soda. always good to see you. >> that does it for us. i'm laura engle. >> here on the fox newschannel every sunday. we're back next week, too. thanks for watching. have a good night. when the fire department arrived, the house was fully involved in flame, and they had a limited amount of water due to the fact that several water mains in the nearby area had broken. >> i'm shannon breen. this is a fox news alert. dealing with the damage and riding out the aftershocks now after a strong earthquake hits california. the biggest quake to rattle the region in 25 years shakes the wine country overnight, sending people running from their homes. the latest geological survey said it was a 6.0, the epicenter about six miles from napa. so far dozens of people are injured, at least three
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critically. several fires, with efforts to fight those blazes. people are beginning to assess the widespread damage to their businesses and homes. tens of thousands are without electricity. roads are buckled making travel difficult in spots and gas lines are broken. we're covering all the details on this developing story. moments ago we heard from the napa fire department with the very latest news. >> probably a hundred-plus gas leaks, power lines down. medical calls are in the neighborhood of about 80-plus at this time. the queen of the valley hospital has been inundated with patients all related to the trauma-related incidences after the earthquake. >> our claudia cown has been right in the middle of it all. she joins us live from napa. claudia? >> reporter: shannon, only the soundest sleeper could have slept through this earthquake this morning. i live about 40 miles away, and as i was riding it out, i was
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amazed at how long it lasted. nearly 15 to 18 seconds of this long, rolling motion, just riding it out wondering when it would end. take a look at how it looked. this surveillance video captured from chamrameras at a nearby ma, showing the jolt that sent everything flying off store shelves, from the $2.50 jar of spaghetti sauce to $250 bottle of wine. because it was so shallow and almost 7 miles deep, the damage was widespread. the folks here in napa certainly got the worst of it. the resources were exhausted almost immediately and officials have declared a local emergency. listen. >> it felt like somebody was just getting ready to pull the house out from underneath us. >> you thought it was going down. >> i thought it was going down, yeah. scary. >> reporter: four homes were destroyed when fire roared
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through a mobile home park. one of half a dozen fires this morning, crews let it burn itself out because they said they didn't have enough water pressure due to a broken water main. they said 30 water main breaks throughout the region because of this pre-dawn quake, as well as over 100 calls of reported gas leaks. lots of damage to buildings, and in this downtown historic district as well, as well as to regional wineries. property owners are boarding up their buildings, but no reports of looting. people are asked to stay away from the seriously damaged streets but all are expected to open for business. the water is safe to drink. tourists who have reservations in this world famous wine country, come on up. two adults and a child were airlifted to a regional hospital, injured by a falling chimney. no significant aftershocks, nothing that would topple buildings or be compromised, but as you can see with the workers
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here at this grocery store in napa, really busy cleaning things up. dozens of injuries as well. at last report 89 people treated at local hospitals, mostly for cuts and bruises. back to you, vshannon. >> that store is a perfect example of what can happen. thank you so much. the largest quake to shake the bay area since 1989 when a 6.9 quake killed 62 people and caused $6 billion in damages. the largest ever recorded earthquake in the u.s. was a magnitude 9.2 that hit prince william sound in alaska in 1964. california is second only to alaska in experiencing the most earthquakes. over a 30-year period there were almost 5,000 kwquakes with a magnitude of 3.5 or higher. the infamous san francisco earthquake was the largest to hit the bay area, a powerful 7.8 magnitude. the aftershocks that followed
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and the quake killed more than 3,000 people. if you have pictures of the damage, tweet us and we'll share some of your pictures later in the show. you can also e-mail us at or share via mr. president, don't be ashamed of re-evaluating your view of the role of the united states in the world because we have shown over the last six years exactly what happens when we don't lead and create a vacuum. >> that was arizona senator jhnk mccain on fox news sunday showing a role for devastating isis. this follows the beheading of journalist james foley from that militant group. they have a suspect in that brutal killing. >> shannon, in that horrific
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video of the murder of james foley, intelligence officials were able to get some clues as to the identity of foley's executioner. they saw his height and build, they saw a glimpse of his eyes and they heard his voice and apparent british accent. a senior official tells fox that led british intelligence to this man, a former hip-hop rapper from london, 23-year-old abdel-majed abdel bary, who left syria to fight with the terrorist group. he is believed to be the masked man in the video who beheaded foley. they dug into his background and published details about his rap career when he was known as lyricist jim. he posted lyrics like, i can't differentiate the angels from the demons, my heart's
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disintegra disintegrating. he had a twitter account and posted himself holding a severed head with a caption, quote, chilling with my homeie, or what's left of him. the leaders would not comment on bary, saying they shouldn't focus solely on foley's killer. >> we're getting closer to identifying the suspect, but i don't think that's happened yet. it doesn't matter who the executioner was. this is the group that killed james foley and this order came from the very top of the group. >> foley's egyptian born father was extradited to the u.s. on terrorism charges. the father was allegedly an associate of osama bin laden and they believe he was connected to the bombings of the u.s. embassy and africa. [ the suspect's ] the pentagon is weighing
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conducting air strikes in syria for the purpose of destroying isis. jim joins us from aspen, colorado. jim, good to see you. >> good to see you, shannon. >> there are people on capitol hill expressing frustration because they feel we've gone beyond the initial mission the president outlined for dealing with skpisz tisis and the human crisis. now they're talking about air strikes in syria. what do you think and do we have any choice? >> isis is forcing our hand. initially we conditioned everything on the political reconciliation of the iraqi government. i always thought that was misguided because the real threat is isis. isis is attacking united states' vital interest in the region and they have designs beyond iraq and syria. it's jordan, kuwait and lebanon next on their list. we have to deal with them. we should deal with them sooner
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rather than later. >> what do you make of suggestions that there are very real possibilities of direct attacks here in the u.s., that those who travel on western passports but are committed to isis and its idealogy may already be here in the u.s.? there have been some threats out there that seem directed at the u.s. main land. what's your take? >> well, we know for a fact from the intelligence agencies and public disclosures that isis does have an intent to conduct what they refer to as out of sector missions in europe and the unite states. so that means they are a threat to the american people and our security here for a fact. we can be rest assured that our intelligence agencies are all in on this threat and tracking it. we have to take it seriously despite the fact that they're very much involved in syria and iraq. this is an organization that has very capable leadership, they are very ambitious, they're certainly determined, and they're barbaric, to be sure. they are totally capable of waging a war in the middle east
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and also conducting out of sector missions in europe and the united states. >> what can we do about their funding, about others who may be supporting isis, other countries, other groups that we may have some sway over in some way? >> yeah. great question, shannon. i believe, and i believe for some time now, the united states should host an international summit focused on isis, develop a comprehensive strategy, design what to do and how to do it, and then as a political component of that, talk to our allies in the region. they have citizens, shannon, who are directly funding isis, and they've been funding radical groups for years. there is a number in other countries that do it. we have a country called cutter which is an ally of the united states. we have a major base there. they fund isis and distribute arms to them. they also fund hamas. we have got to stop this. radical islam is on the rise.
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we need everybody's cooperative effort and we certainly don't need any of our allies assisting the enemy. >> general, i want to ask you on another topic, given your background. i'd like to get your opinion on the swap to assist one of our soldiers who had gone missing, the government accountability office saying it was illegal, that at least two laws were broken, saying they believed it was unlawful and the law that would bar it was unconstitutional. your take? >> well, i think if the administration had a redo on this swap in terms of not notifying congress and laying out the case for what they were doing, i think they would redo it. i think it's a mistake for them to dig their heels in and not admit they did make a mistake and still try to argue that somehow this is still legal because of the special authorities the president has as commander in chief. look, they harmed the ree
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relationship in a very important area here, full disclosure to them about special operations. we have to get back with them in having that disclosure. >> we always appreciate your insight. safe travels to you. >> good talking to you, as always, shannon. it's not clear who is responsible for two mysterious air strikes against islamic militants in libya. egypt's president is denying any apparent involvement in the attack. the militia leader accused emirates of killing 15 soldiers and injuring another 30 in that attack. it's an example of the violent power struggle in that country since the ouster of president gadhafi. the funeral of michael brown is scheduled tomorrow. will the peace hold? a live report from mike tobin in ferguson is next.
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comcast business. built for business. more arrests in ferguson, missouri after a relative calm after protesters rallied overnight. it's been two weeks since police shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. his parents are finally planning to lay their son to rest tomorrow. mike tobin is on the ground with more details. mike? >> reporter: shannon, the arrests really amount to sk skirmishes now, and the groups tend to gather around mcdonald's. there were six arrests last night. four of those were from out of state, and three of those were repeat offenders, so you really get a picture of outsiders who come here looking for trouble and find it late at night. beyond that, there is a lot of
10:18 am
discussion about one of the key witnesses, dorian johnson and his credibility. johnson was with mike brown when mike brown was shot, but it has come to light that johnson has a record. he has a record for stealing a backpack and then lying to police. >> frankly, the court of evidence in every jurisdiction in the country generally prohibits the introduction of prior bad acts for a reason. >> reporter: aside from that, a lot of attention is going toward the funeral of mike brown on monday. al sharpton will give one of the eulogies, and what we've seen thus far from reverend sharpton is that he tends to in flame rather than calm the crowd out here. it should be noted that pre-white house aides will be attending that funeral, and it should be an overflow crowd as the public is allowed to attend. shannon? >> thanks, mike, for keeping us updated. isis attacks and bombings continue to shake parts of iraq
10:19 am
as iranian leaders meet in baghdad to discuss security and the political violence and instability without informing al-malaki. we're joined from dallas and congressman. your governor, rick perry, is quoted as saying isis could be using the southern border to get there. there is no evidence of that. what's your take? >> the fbi director has previously said, i think a few years ago, that there were people from terrorist countries who were assuming hispanic names and learning a few words of spanish and coming in. the fbi director himself testified to that before congress. so we know that this kind of
10:20 am
thing has been going on, so governor perry is not saying anything that's new, it's just -- it takes a little while for the mainstream to catch up. >> congressman, do you agree? >> no, i disagree with my classmate, louie gohmert, in the sense that the pentagon says there is no evidence of that. secondly, the border patrol on the ground says there's no indication. i just had the person in charge of this border area for cvp, and again, he told me there is no indication. and on top of that, the mexican government has said that there is none there. now, is there a possibility? of course, there is always a possibility. we have to make sure we're ready, but at least right now there is no indication, but we have to be ready for anything. >> well, the fact is -- >> shannon, i was quoting the fbi director, and so i'd be surprised my friend henry would say the fbi director did not testify to what he testified to. i'll have to send him that
10:21 am
transcript. >> congressman cuellar, do you want to comment on that? >> sure, i'd be happy to. i think he's referring to something in prior years, but if you look at some of the attacks we've had in the u.s., none of them came through the southern border, and again, there's been no indication. but again, we have to be ready for anything. but again, according to the men and women that are doing their job right now, not years ago but right now, and i just got off the phone with two of them before the show. i wanted to make sure again, and they said again there is no indication, but again, we have to be ready for anything. >> all right. i want to ask you both about -- >> shannon, marine general john kelly, the commander of south com, has testified to the south, has testified to the senate this year that penetration of the southern border by criminal cartels as well as terrorist organizations poses, in his
10:22 am
words, an existential threat to the united states. that's pretty serious. somebody needs to start taking notice in this administration. >> i want to read you both a quote and give you a chance to react. this comes from one of your democratic colleagues, congressman adam schiff out of california. both democrats and republicans are extraordinarily wary of being sucked into a large eradication, knowing that last time it didn't work, representing how the u.s. moves forward with the threat from isis. congressman cuellar, where do you stand on that spectrum? >> first of all, we have to go after isis. there is -- right now there's been limitless strikes in iraq, and certainly we need to keep in mind that the border with iraq and syria, it's nonexistent. if we're going to go after the leadership and we're going to go after them before they come after us and they go after those western targets, we saw what they did to that reporter, we
10:23 am
have to go after them. there is a nonexistent border, and i do support strikes going after them even if it calls going into syria. >> mr. gohmert, do you think we can get rid of isis or stop this brutal march it's on short of boots on the ground? can we rely on allies for that with help in the air? what do you see our militia involvement being? >> if we just do hits in the air, that repeeats the mistakes of the clinton era. there is a good example, and i like to follow examples that work. if you look in the early months of afghanistan's fighting, people forgot that between october of 2001 when we found out where the hit came from until around february of 2002, we had less than 500, around 300 special ops that were boots on the ground, but they were embedded with the locals helping
10:24 am
them. we gave them weapons and we gave them aerial support, and within about four or five months, the taliban was totally routed. shannon, we can do that, and i agree with my friend henry, we can't rely on them to grow in strength. we added 10,000 boots on the ground and became occupiers. occupiers don't do well in that part of the world. but you helped our enemy hit our true enemy, and i loved hearing senator john mccain today telling the president he needs to take another look, because that's what he did. john mccain supported the radical islamist in egypt, went over there and told the egyptian people that they needed to put the radical islamists back in charge. he reassessed, figured out he was wrong, and now he's urging the president to do the right thing. i'm thrilled to see that kind of thing happen. he was for gadhafi before he was
10:25 am
against him, so sometimes it is important to take another look at where we are. we can do it with a few boots on the ground like we did in afghanistan before we became occupiers. >> we are going to run up against a hard break here, gentlemen, so i thank you both, congressman gohmert and cuellar for your time today. we appreciate it. we're going to talk about the largest earthquake in california since 1989. we're going to take a look at how real the isis threat is. >> they're not the j. v. team anymore. they're the most prominent terrorist team in the world, but they're not the only one. spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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an estimated 2.3 million people were affected by this morning's massive quake in northern california. kfbk reporter michael simpson
10:30 am
joins us from palo alto to fill us in. mike, thanks for joining us. did you feel it yourself? what was the experience? >> it's pretty hard to describe once you know what's happening at 3:20 in the morning and it sticks with you for about 20 seconds. this is the most powerful earthquake we've seen in the bay area in 25 years, actually coming up on the anniversary of the infamous loma prieto earthquake in 1989. that was a 7.9 and this was a 6. not too far away. the brunt of the damage is in the napa valley area. i felt it, people in sacramento felt it, even people as far down as santa cruz. power was down for 30,000 people at one point. one mile away, two miles away, even as far as fresno.
10:31 am
millions of people affected by it, millions of people waking up last night and they're talking about it this morning. >> i want to ask you about aftershocks, because i know we have had reports of some of them and they're certainly not at the level of the original 6.0, but is that something that living in that area you know to expect it, you just ride it out and brace for it to be over? >> we're expecting maybe another 30 small aftershocks over the course of the day, maybe as late as monday or tuesday. living in california, moving to this area, you start to differentiate the small quakes from the big ones pretty fast. you get a 2.5 or 3 off the coast, and you feel it, things shake around a little bit and you go, okay, that will be on the news tonight. when this woke me up, my thought was, this is a big one, we haven't had one of these in a while. >> i grew up in florida so i've been through many hurricanes, never an earthquake. but i always think about folks
10:32 am
in california that you have a different level of preparation, but we are seeing a lot of damage to various buildings. is it -- you know, there is a point you can only build to a certain point with the code and there is going to be damage after i reach a certain level with a quake. >> right. well, this thanking was not in the city center of san francisco, it was not san jose, so the high population areas were spared. that's where buildings are reinforced and ready for this. the fault line has been pretty dormant. seismologists are aware of it, but people in the media are asking questions like, okay, we don't know much about this franklin fault. it is in the wine country, and historic downtown napa is just that, it's very historic. so you can shore up these buildings a little bit, but when you're dealing with brick facades in an area that doesn't usually see these quakes, it's heartbreaking to see some of
10:33 am
these buildings destroyed especially because of their historic value. the silver lining i guess we can look at is this didn't strike in the mountains where it could come down on san francisco. >> mike simpson, thank you so much tore your tifor your time . we appreciate it. >> you got it. we're tracking areas where they are feeling numerous aftershocks. we're live in the weather center with the latest on the storm plus hurricane cristobal. hello. >> hello, shannon. mike was wonderful to bring us all that information. 3:20 a.m. southwest of the napa area and magnitude 6.0. so what does that mean? 8.0 or greater is considered a great earthquake, 7.2 to 7.9 is a major and 6 to 6.9, which is what we had southwest of napa, is considered a strong earthquake and can cause damage.
10:34 am
over the next seven days, a 54% chance we'll see a large aftershock that's 5.0 or greater. mike said they received probably 15 aftershocks. the possibility is 30 to 70 aftershocks in the next week or so and a 5.0 has the potential to cause damage. we look at the shocks beforehand, the shocks during and the aftershocks, which are happening right now. there's cristobal, and we're watching it. the good news, shannon, i'm so glad to bring good news. all the reliable forecast models continue to make this north and eastward not affecting any land, just some rip currents and some surf. back to you. >> you know, we bear with you. we know you're the messen bring but we're even happier when you bring us good news.
10:35 am
than thanks. they've developed security in the region as the violence continues to chip away the instability in iraq. it was a hot topic in the news this morning. >> this is an administration which the kindest word i can use is feckless where they have not outlined a role that the united states of america has to play, and that's a leadership role. >> we have continuing coverage of the story. beginning now with john hutty from our mideast bureau. john? >> reporter: shannon, we're getting reports at this point that isis militants have now captured another strategic air field and this one is in northeast syria. it's called the top higher air base. the fight for the top higher air base started and continues today. the militants managed to break through the air field's defenses
10:36 am
and storm the base today, taking over artillery, ammunition, there is also a squadron of jet fighters that are on that base as well. it's located, as i said, in northeastern syria. it was one of the last government-held outposts in that region. that's why this is strategic, that's why this is significant. it's an area that now isis pretty much dominates at this point. today in iraq, meanwhile, there were several more car bombings adding to those that happened yesterday as well. so, really, at this point, shannon, while the united states has conducted about 100 air strikes in iraq against isis locations, really the question now is will the u.s. also conduct air strikes in syria? shannon? >> that certainly is the question. john, thank you very much. following the shocking execution of american journalist james foley and the news of his rescue attempt and those ransom
10:37 am
demands by isis, how should the u.s. deal with these situations going forward? for more insight, let's turn to former cia director james woolsey. thank you for coming in today. we appreciate it. >> good to be here, shannon. >> more and more we're seeing isis, and they're called an army of serial killers. they seem to have bloodshed. what do you make of that? >> they're worse than that. they're theocratic because they think god is on their side, and that's why they feel free to bury you or me alive. they're totalitarian in that they want to control every aspect of people's lives, and not just their behavior but their thinking. they are genocidal because they want to kill you if you don't join their side, their portion of islam. and they're imperialist because
10:38 am
they want to control the country and use that to expand. they're much worse than terrorists and individual killers. >> what options do we have? containment seems pointless if they continue to be able to have resources and grow and recruit. they're very savvy with the media and things young people are interested in. is it about extermination in this group and are we capable of doing that? >> not right away, but we need to get on the path of taking them out completely. i think we need to have some cia and special forces people do what was done early on in afghanistan with just a few hundred people. we need to use air power against them in syria and in any other country in the middle east, but i think they're really very, very dangerous and will be more so. >> were we caught off guard?
10:39 am
our intelligence agencies have so much to deal with with threats exponentially growing around the globe. a few months ago, the administration was referring to this as a jv team, and now we have something that has blown across the middle east at an alarming rate. >> it's not good to belittle enemies who are fanatics, and i think that was a bad choice of words by the president. we have a situation where we're going to have to apply pretty much all elements of national power, i think, excludeing only sending major ground forces into action in order to defeat these people. this is not individual terrorists that have banded together to do something. this is a movement and a very, very dangerous one. >> do you think that the brutal beheading of james foley is a wake-up call for a lot of folks? it seemed to be a very direct threat, a direct answer to the u.s. air strikes, they claimed, but do you think it sort of alarmed people worldwide to what we're truly dealing with here? does it change the focus?
10:40 am
>> often when an individual with a name and face is the victim of something, it does mobilize people, and i hopes that's what happens because i hope foley's life wasn't given in vain. it could help mobilize people. but the main point is not, for example, the search they're undertaking for his executioner. the main point is not to find individuals within the movement that have done something. the main point is to crush and destroy the movement, and we have to do that. >> what would you like to hear from the president when he wraps up his vacation and he's back here in d.c. and dealing with a host of different issues, domestic and foreign? what would you like to hear from him and his team with respect to to how we're going to deal with isis? >> this is not a war we sought or wanted. we have to win it and we are at war. >> all right. we'll see what he has to say. former cia director james woolsey, thank you very much. >> thank you. all eyes on california as the bay area continues to assess
10:41 am
the damage from a massive earthquake. our live coverage of the situation there continues right after this break. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico.
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we're continuing to monitor the situation in california. as of now we're told the earthquake there, a 6.0 this morning, caused six significant fires, including the destruction of four mobile homes. damage is widespread, tens of thousands are still without power. it may be a while. let's head out to claudia cowen in napa for the very latest, and claudia, the pictures you got there on-site worth more than a thousand words. >> reporter: oh, it really is, shannon. having looked throuived through earthquake this morning, i can tell you it is very, very frightening. we're getting more details about the critical injuries reported so far. two women and a child that were injured by a falling chimney and having to be airlifted to a
10:46 am
hospital. 87 others have gone to the hospital seeking treatment for more minor injuries, mostly cuts and bruises, but what a mess. at places like this market in napa, we're about six miles away from the epicenter if american canyon, $75,000 in lost merchandise and damage, and workers have to get it all up fast or else all the sauces and jams and wines, all of it will seep in and then they'll have to replace the whole floor. similar scenes of damage and devastation all over napa valley, bricks and windows shattered in historic buildings in the downtown district. world famous wineries reporting extensive damage as well just at the start of the white wine harvest. there are numerous reports about gas leaks and thousands of people are still without power, and officials say that number could rise. >> we're still getting calls of that nature. pg&e is being very aggressive
10:47 am
working close with us to identify and isolate any known leaks, but as people come home, they get up, they get moving, that's when we're starting to get more calls of this. >> reporter: and some people lost everything. when a fire broke out at the napa valley mobile home park destroying four homes and damaging half a dozen others. this mobile people park home to a lot of seniors and police had to go door to door to make sure everybody sggot out safely. they had to let this one burn itself out because they didn't have enough water due to a broken water pipe. this is the biggest since the loma prieto earthquake in 1989. no reports of any fatalities this morning even as geologists say this event may not be over. this area could expect to see 30 to 70 aftershocks in the days ahead and some could be big.
10:48 am
back to you. >> claudia, thank you. still ahead, remembering james foley. as officials focus on a suspect in his death, friends and family gather to remember his life. >> we feel so sorry for what happened to jim. >> isis is evil, isis is cancer. it needs to be eliminated. looking for a convenient way to fill your viagra prescription online? go to to find out about viagra home delivery. millions of men have some degree of erectile dysfunction. talk to your doctor, if viagra is right for you, you can fill your prescription at your pharmacy, or check out viagra home delivery and get started at ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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that massive earthquake in napa, they are still assessing the damage. adam housley is on the phone. hi, adam. >> some of this is like the 1989 earthquake, but a lot of damage, buildings recently rebuilt and redone. there are a lot of work going on revitalizing parts of the town,
10:53 am
and now some of it is gone. if you were in thestaten island over to where brooklyn is located or the bronx. you felt the shake there, but there was no damage. 15 miles away, a lot of friends calling saying they had a couple things fall over or were awakened by the earthquake. no major damage. it's napa, and obviously potentially billions of dollars in damage. we'll keep you updated throughout the day as we move forward and get more video in. >> all right. sounds good, adam. thank you so much. well, economists expect the federal reserve to raise interest rates eventually, but the fed chairman isn't offering any clues about when that may happen. janet yellen gave a speech friday saying she needs more evidence before deciding when to raise rates. and right now the economy still needs the low rates to help boost employment. moments away from the memorial for james foley. a live report right after this. you're looking there live. stay with us. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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queen of the most blessed sacrament -- >> you're listening in live now at our lady of the holy rosary service there for slain journalist -- u.s. journalist james foley and their family as well. a day of remembrance. folks there gathering. brian is live from new york
10:58 am
following the story. brian? >> hi, shannon. that's right. you are seeing the holy mass of healing hope and for peace, which is under way at foley's hometown of rochester, new hampshire. they're continuing to mourn and honor his life five days after he was executed by isis terrorists. attendees will be praying and are praying for foley's family and for those hostages still in danger. just last night in rochester, about 200 people gathered for a vigil to remember and honor james foley's heroic work reporting from the front lines of syria's brutal civil war. it was advocated by an organization which helped syrian girls. >> you don't get that kinds of reporting by experienced humanitarian reporters, then there's a whole group of people in the world whose stories will never be told. >> foley's colleagues say he
10:59 am
always went as far as heck to report a story. his father said james felt it was his job, passion, and just the right thing to do. this past week, james' brother michael said freed isis hostages describe foley as the leader of the group and that he believes james volunteered to be the first to be executed. foley's parents had this to say at the vigil. >> we are honored to have loved jim. we're honored jim made the sacrifices he made. >> i pray that we will love like jim did. >> a memorial service for foley also took place today in iraq. instead of a funeral, a memorial mass is planned on james foley's birthday, october 18th. he would have been 41. shannon?
11:00 am
>> is bri >> brian, thank you so much. that's it for us here. "fox news sunday" is up next. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching. i'm chris wallace. the execution of that american journalist by isis has the obama administration rethinking its strategy. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision, which will have to be defeated. >> what will it take to defeat isis? we'll discuss options with jack keane. is washington ready to go back to war? we'll ask senator john mccain. plus, does the president's changing tone on isis signal a change on policy?


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