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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 29, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'm john scott in for shep arizona smith. "your world" is next. have a great holiday weekend. what we're facing in iraq with isil is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before. this is some some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. >> the brits get it but do we? the isis scare now escalate. the uk raising the terror threat level from substantial to severe, saying an attack is highly likely. to former cia intelligence officer michael sawyer who says we should be taking the same action, too. why? >> well, if anything, we have a more serious threat here domestically than the british do. we have 12 million people in this country. we don't know what they are,
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what they do, where they come from. we're confidently sure that every month the number of arabs or pakistanis come across the border illegal in the south, and to face facts as an adult, neil, the one thing we could have done to secure the united states the day after 9/11 was to close the southern boarder and bring people in, in an orderly manner, after proper review. we have done -- not done that yet. so we are standing next to a bonfire with a garden hose but the federal bureau of investigation and local and state police people don't have a clue who is in this country. >> anyway might already be here, then. >> i think so. you would have to be silly not to take advantage of that opportunity. and you can say many things about the islamist but silly they are not. they cut off mr. doyle's head to lure us back into iraq. they are not dumb. we're dumb.
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>> the difference with this group, isis or isil, they have a lot of money. unlike a lot of other terrorist groups in the past, seem to have a network and they seem to have a well-financed network,. >> money is important. what we're seeing in iraq and syria and elsewhere is the maturation of a process that started with the soviet invasion of afghanistan in 1979. some of these people have been involved in this investigation or one of these organizations for 30 years and more. and there are networks of acquiring money, moving recruits, using propaganda, are true and tested. much more durable than we could imagine. and we're still stuck in this mindset of calls these people a terrorist group. they may indeed do terrorist things that terrify but they're inching more and more toward a conventional type force that we're going to have to deal with, not with air power, but at
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some point with an enormous military effort on the ground. >> but the reason why i refer to that money issue, michael, i talked to a number of military types who say that they can afford to pay big money, essentially, for mercenaries and that changes the complexion and the recruiting draw that they have across the globe. >> there's probably something to that. but, my gosh, how many incentury genesis have -- insurgencies have they had? the cause they are fighting for certainly inspires people who join them out of america, out of europe. >> what do you make of that american part of this? >> i think we were a little arrogant for a long time, regarding our young muslim males immune to the propaganda. there's no one going to somalia
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to fight or iraq to fight because they don't like gender equality or because they don't like liberty or elections. they're going there to help their brethren, as they see them to either overthrow and-a tyrannical government. every person the british catch says i went to iraq to kill americans because -- and brits because america and britain invaded a muslim country, namely iraq. >> don't you think they would be doing this with or without that participation or no? >> of the united states, sir? >> yes. >> they would be fighting in their own countries, but they would certainly be fighting each other more than they would be fighting us. isil could not ask for anything more than a british -- more positive for them than a british and western and united states intervention in their country. it will drive up donations, drive up recruitment, it will drive up support in social media
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and on the internet. it is the key to their success, not just an auxiliary, sir. >> michael, thank you, i think. in washington. >> the president is saying he doesn't have a strategy to deal with isis and that has been setting off a firestorm and prompting his question by ed henry. >> wonder what you think about the optics of the president from the podium yesterday saying he still does not have a strategy to teal with eye -- deal with isis and then goes out and raise campaign money. >> the president did convene a meeting with the national security council immediately after leaving the podium today to talk through his top national security advisers, including top officials from the pentagon, about our more broad comprehensive strategy against isil. that included a discussion about the military options available to the president for dealing with isil in syria. that's the responsibility of the
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pentagon. there are dedicated professionals there, who are responsible, and take seriously their responsibility. >> you can go out and raise campaign money? last week when you made the statement, after james foley's beheading, was on the golf course in minutes. is he detached? it doesn't matter anymore? why is he still raising campaign money playing golf when hedges he doesn't have a strategy to deal with this. >> the job of any u.s. president is to handle a lot of different responsibilities at the same time. that is why president has a national security team and who he has a lot of confidence. >> does that seem -- screen have little bubbles? now they have to go to ed and go, what, ed? here we be. edward, great series of questions. i'm wondering whether anything came of it or whether i got a hint of earnest throwing the pentagon under the bus on this
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one. but that be -- obviously a lot of fire now aimed at the white house and the president's demeanor and activity. >> i pressed others pressed, trying to get answer, because you're right, it needs clarification about what the president really meant. i think what the white house is trying to do today is say, look, he does have a military strategy when it comes to iraq, and in fact there were more airstrikes today, neil, where that's the total now of 110 u.s. airstrikes in iraq since the beginning of the iraq. the pentagon revealing that's costing u.s. taxpayers $7.5 million a day, cost may may be will took bear because of the threat from isis. where the president ran into trouble yesterday is maybe he was a built more honest, more direct and blunt about the fact he does not have a strategy to deal directly with syria militarily. he did kind of throw the pentagon under the bush. josh ernest doubled down on that when i pressed him today. which is interesting pause pentagon officials when they
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were asked, said, the military is always ready. if the commander in chief wants a plan, they're putting plans together all the time. so seems to be a little tension between the president and some folks in the cabinet like the defense sect chuck hagel. a week ago was saying this is a bigger threat than al qaeda pre-9/11. what they were trying to do was put the brakes on this march toward military action in syria, and the president may have succeeded in that. but in terms of suggest nothing strategy, it's raising more questions about what is coming in the days ahead. what is he going to do about that. >> real quickly. the president and prime minister of print have the same intelligence information and act on that. the brits obviously moved to heighten their terrorist threat. we did not should we read into significance into that? >> it's interesting. we asked josh earnest about that. he says the department of homeland security is looking at the same intelligence and canadaed for -- decided for now
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we're not raising the threat level in the united states. it is -- we heard about the thousands of foreign fighters, britain, u.s., 50 countries. there may be a bigger near britain about more british passports over there and some of those foreign fighters coming back to britain than the u.s., but we'll obviously see this i something to be bear very close watch on here. >> thank you, ed henry. about l we -- scott brown is calling on congress to pass legislation that would strip home-grown terrorist0s their american citizenship. he joins me now. we put out a call to his opponent, democrat jeanne shaheen to appear on this practice senator to you, what you make of this growing force of americans who end up fighting over there for isis. first, what what's going on there? >> they left their citizenship
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at the door. and they should not be able to hide behind that citizenship and get the rights and privileges guaranteed by our constitution. if we have evidence that they have in fact over there fighting and they want to come back here and not to buy a house or the white picket fence, we should allow them to stay where they and are -- a bill i filed twice, we had a bipartisan effort on two separate occasions and went nowhere because of politics. i'm hoping, just like after 9/11, congress will finally find something they can actually work together and immediately, if not come bang right now, when they come back, bake it this first priority. the president doesn't have a plan. he has an incoherent foreign policy. how about a plan to keep those people there and not allow them to come back home. that's good start to a plan. >> what if we are worrying about something they're not interesting in coming home.
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>> that's fine, they can stay there and we should have the able ability to go after them with all our might and force, and they can't say, i'm an american citizen, i want to -- they leave that right at the door, and they have lost that right, and should be something that we can find common sense ground, common ground, and make common sense solutions. when the president said he had no plan, was floored. how about calling together the world leaders, getting your joint chiefs and national security team and come up with a coherent, decisive plant, they want to plant a flag in the white house, want to march down pennsylvania avenue, come through our pourous borders and create havoc. >> of what it david cameron is overreacting, he is heightening the threat level in britain and the president might be just
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trying to calm folks down over here. what is the right tactic? >> neil, with all due respect, in new hampshire we had one of our own beheaded by these terrorists, murdered, and so it's personal, it's real, it's visceral. they're not -- they're robbing banks, getting resourced, chuck hagel said it's a very serious and real threat and we need to approach it as such. >> i just want to be clear. you're saying because of this tragic behead michigan and -- beheading, that is grounds enough to heighten the terror alert. >> we should always be vigilant. that's up to the commander-in-chief to make the determination but when we hear the rhetoric out of them, i'd rather be safe than sore. i want to make sure as i'm traveling around the country, our citizens are safe, and i there's an opportunity to inscrees the terror alert and they'll check a little more diligently, i'm okay. the number one constitutional
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right we have is to stay alive, and i'm going to make every effort, through filing -- i can't file now but if i get back, file that bill and work lard to be the check and balance to the president and his incoherent foreign policy. >> senator, mitt romney and latest polls, particularly in iowa, running away with it. he says he is not interested in running but did hold out the possibility, the door could be opened. what do you think of him going for the trifecta? >> he was right on russia. he was right on obamacare. he is right on the economy. we would not, i believe, be in this situation if he was our president. >> you think he should run again? >> i would encourage him to do. so he is a good, honest, hard-working man and our country needs a unifier, not a divider. >> any other candidates are secondary to him in your eyes. >> it's so early and i'm focused on trying to go back to the u.s. senate and make harry reid the minority leader and if anyone
1:14 pm
wants to help go to scott and take the bills and put them on the president's desk and by the check and balance. those presidential things will work out as we move along. >> the very much. >> so to that point, is mitt about too hit the campaign trail? one who says it all depends on oning the, just one thing. and we might know very soon. 8:00 p.m., fbn. you don't get it? demand it. did you see these guys outside the white house yesterday? some are even worse than illegals. ♪
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this could be getting a little scary here. the ebola virus, still an issue, as rapidly mutating as it spreads throughout west africa and is not airborne yet but one
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doctor says if this keeps mutating, it might be a matter of time. what is going on with this? we talked about the fact it is mutating quickly. what does that mean? >> the virus is following the normal pattern that most viruses do. they're designed by nature to mutate. the important thing is that he researchers and the folks following this can stay on top of the mutations, and stay one step ahead or at least on par with the virus while it mutates, in organize out which types of vaccines or medications they can develop. >> vaccines lose their efficacy if it changes. >> they do but sometimes they can alter the vaccine or the way it attack the virus. it's exciting science and the good thing is in today's world this is happening real-time. even a few years ago this could take a few years to figure out genetic codes. >> we know the vaccine account
1:19 pm
foolproof. a couple of people have died even after taking it. could be all sorts of reasons and anomalies for that. but it does give you pause, does it not? >> of course it gives us pause. when we look at regular viruses, the common cold or influence, they commutate and a great cause for concern. something like this which is more deadly, we need to keep an eye on it -- >> right now, virulent and deadly mostly on the african continent. has not spread here. what could change that? >> the way the virus spread, develops an airborne transmission type of parade -- >> what would make it do that. >> the way it mutateds. i'm knock a microbiologist but i know from the study of viruses s and the like that if the virus would mutate and become easier
1:20 pm
to transmit airborne that might allow it to spread past the -- >> much more rapidly and. >> possibly. >> we're not there yet. >> no. >> the world, much of the western world, has a sort of calm reaction to this thing, saying, it's a mess in africa. it's not a mess here. what do you tell people who just sort of say, no big deal? >> well, no, i don't tell them that. what tell them is common sense as to reign. any type of outbreak or epidemic like this, you just turn your back on for even a few moments, can then multiply and spread faster. >> a number of the african airports, countries letting down their guard, they re-opening, and being careful who they let on the planes, going from being totally shut down to being open. >> we can't stop folks from traveling and going to visit and carry on their daily business, or at least in a civilized world
1:21 pm
we can't do that. vigilance is importanting, look for people whoa are ill or looking for signs of infection and screening them much more carefully than maybe we have in the past would be our best defense against spreading this beyond the borders. >> doctor, reassuring words, as you were last time. >> we have to remain calm. >> i know, i know! >> when we come back, shouting for amnesty for millions, not just illegals. try unions. (radio noise) (phone ringing) what's up jake? that depends man, what are you doing? just cruising around in my new ride. oh, the one i'm not suppose to touch, right? you got it. guess what i'm touching it right now, craig. what you talkin about jake? with my voice. that doesn't make any sense. you let me in man, by answering and i like it in here. you're not touching it! touch is physical, your voice isn't physical. my sound waves are pouring out of your speakers, penetrating every cubic inch... stop disrespecting her!
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when brands compete, you save! but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ [chanting] >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> here's the weird thing about this whole thing. really bugged me. wasn't just illegals this
1:25 pm
amnesty really outside the white house. outside the white house! unions were there, too. tracy burns says big labor should be worried about finding legal americans jobs but phillip disagrees. so, your concern is what with this? >> you give these guys amnesty they'll flood the market and take up the jobs the unions are vying for now. the membership is down. they're already disheartened with the president. i'm -- they're going to clean up anything the union has left. >> what are we to make of unions are so closely and intimately involved with illegals in trying to make this happen. >> good to be with you. tracy made a good point. they should be worried about american jobs. it's time the unions focus on american jobs. but that doesn't work.
1:26 pm
these folks are here and if they're unrepresented and if they're exploitable, vulnerable to exploitation by corporations because they're scared of their legal status they'll take jobs for less money and drive down wages wages of american workers. >> why not pun u-the american companies that allow that to happen? >> you're right. one has to represent this workers so they're not a exploitable. on the other hand they need to try to get lawmakers of both parties to finally actually solve a problem. because as long as it's just a system of immigration that is broken you'll have this kind of chaos. >> the problem is, illegals are marching outside the white house for rights. they're not entitled to. >> and they have already pushed prices down, already working under the table for cash in all sorts of businesses. so, we just have come down because of them to begin with. i don't know why we would support this for our whole economic system here, baby health care and social --
1:27 pm
between health care and social issues and wage issues. i think the unions would be completely against this. >> but the unions get the benefit of paying customers. >> presuming they can recruit them, yes, they can increase their membership, so maybe there is a perk for them but i can't acknowledge illegals women rush our bored -- will rush our borders and join the unions. >> maybe you can help me with this, phil. new customers at lower pay but it's volume for the unions. >> as tracy said they already are driving wages down. so the status quo is not working for anybody. >> where are they driving the wages down? >> in construction, in yardworky, they are paid the be cash, taking jobs from american workers and driving wages down. unions need too represent the workers that are here. it's not unions' fault who are here. it's republicans' fault whoa want cheap rape labor and
1:28 pm
democrats' fault who want votes in the future. wall street likes cheap labor. democrats want the votes. unions need to represent the workers that are here and pressure both parties to act like grownups and fix this problem. >> but the problem is the border. >> the problem is the border need too secure it first and then deal with the people here. >> they talk past each other. >> they do. and to your point, there's been many a democrat that has not paid a nanny tax. nobody is dealing with this probably right knew and this is a bipartisan issue across the board. secure the border, deal with the people that are here. otherwise they're going to cripple this done industry. >> phil, when i see illegals march on the white house and nobody from i.c.e. shows up to round them up so we have given up oar our jails are full or we're not interested in returning illegals back to wherever. so, it seems like a collective
1:29 pm
shrug on all washington officials. >> absolutely. this started -- well, didn't start but exacerbated under ronald reagan who gave them amnesty and continued under every president over every party. nobody is willing to fix the problem, but you can't blame unions for wanting to stop workers workers who have been let in to be exploited. >> you don't think unions are not exploiting them, one exploitation for another? >> it's not a question of -- they're just saying -- you have to do something -- if you're going to -- tacitly we have let the workers in here. if the workers are here they need to be protected. i don't know. illegal is illegal. >> but then you get jerry brown making sanctuary cities and these guys are getting a path.
1:30 pm
so everyone's talking over each other and no one is fixing the problem. >> take a seat because after another plane is diverted of reclining seats, i say this. this is bull- tigers, both of you. seat.
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>> holy-another fight over a seat, forcing another flight to land this week. why i'm not taking this one
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we certainly know isis can produce some scary video. but what about scary attacks, as in cyberattacks. fox business prewitter matt dean on how the government is or maybe is not preparing for these types of attacks. in the knows of what he speaks. a great special, cyberwar games, set to air on monday, 1:00 p.m. we've have a variety -- think about what we're doing behind the scenes to stop this stuff. every time we talk about it, there are more indications that we're not always succeeding. what's going on? >> well, it's a volume thing. cyberattacks and attackers are throwing such a sheer massive volume of attacks at it, it's almost impossible to keep up with the amount of attacks. >> they just have to succeed once. >> this is true. our defenses can be as good as they possibly can be but an
1:35 pm
attacker only needs to get through one to cause havoc. >> people talk about isis and also pretty adept to do a another of this cyberstuff. >> it's true, and some reports suggest that their exact cybercapability is unknown, but with that cash you speak of there is a black market, just as there's a black market for illegal weapons and other elicit things, there's a black market for a signer capability as well so they have the capability -- >> they seek another usually young male do this, have the expertise or whatever, and pay them to crack codes and get into people's systems. >> more of a recruitment thing. they have a large presence on social media, so they try to recruit threw youtube videos and
1:36 pm
twitter. if they find tech-capable people and they can go on to this black market and buy malicious code or access to -- carry another denial of service attacks, and they can carry these out. >> we discussed this on fox business, which if you don't get you should demand. >> absolutely. >> that with the big banking blast, the hack into j.p. morgan chase, and they were able too delete and change accounts. just mess around. nobody knows who did it. that's scary stuff. >> absolutely. and on the financial part, one of my good sources always reminds me, whenever i speak to them about this sort of thing, people tend to think that if the banks are being targeted it's just -- they're going too try too steal my money or get access to my credentials, everything is relying on the digital age, and
1:37 pm
everything has a digital footprint, and if you can go in and manipulate data, if you can take portfolios ask change information it's way more than just stealing money and credentials we're worried about here. they have the capability of bringing down an entire sector and it's scary. >> the appreciation and fear for isis and these other groups they have this sophistication and could put ill off. >> again, i don't know exactly what they possess. they -- yes -- >> certainly brag about it. doesn't mean they can. >> yeah, yeah. from the cyberperspective, yes, they can absolutely go on the black market and have the capability of going out there and buying these things. we don't know what fair capable of now from a cyberperfect but it's a possibility. >> thank you very much. have to watch us. we are trying to stop this and we have competition to deal with that and the government teen courage some of our finest top
1:38 pm
schools to deal with this. it is interesting to see how we are fighting behind the scenes. you might not know it but it is quite revealing, quite telling. do. a. it happened again. yet again. another flight forced to turn around after a fight over a reclining seat turns ugly. should everyone just stop acting like a child? >> i'm hungry and possibly teething. maybe i'm wet. who knows, i'm a baby. waa, waa, waa. so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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1:42 pm
but grown adults forcing pilots to turn the plane reasons? happened again the second time this week. two passengers fighting over a reclining seat. frequent flier is here to happen -- well, stop the madness. what is going on here? in both cases, same deal, person in front puts their seat back, person in the back, the latest -- a frenchman, says enough is enough, i'm going ballistic. what happened? >> what is happening is that the -- in economy seats we have gone from just under three feet of space in between seats to just over two feet so it's not surprising we are seeing more and more fights about that very small amount of space. >> why can't we all just hug. here's me. when i go to theaters, i have a very big head, so i feel funny -- knowing the person behind me won't see the movie, even an at an i-max theater.
1:43 pm
so i go do the back rod. so i try to be considerable. why can't all people be like me. >> our society has become extremely inconsiderable and plane travel is another one of them. >> guide us through this. we have to do what? >> i'd say not just -- maybe mott don't recline but consider not reclining. understand that when you're reclining, any increase in your satisfaction happens at the expense of the person seat directly behind you, and that could be a very pregnant lady, dad holding an infant on his lab, someone just trying to get some, who done before they get home or a really tall person. people over six feet, their knees are right at that place where the seats recline. >> tell me about it. >> understand there's a conflict there. >> but can you recline a little bit? >> if there's a kid behind you, you can recline away. understand the situation. >> you said something else here that -- a lot of this gets to
1:44 pm
personal high general -- hygiene. >> we can smell you, hear you, see you, so think about that when you're applying perfume, whenever you're thinking game of throwns would be a good thing to watch. you're not invisible and you're not a bubble. we're in here together. >> when you say stay in your space, what does that mean? you ensaid the space is getting smaller and smaller. >> it's -than -things that separates us from the animal kingdom don't get up in each other's space. so the same way you wouldn't pick the nit on the person next to you, neither should you drape over the armrest or system your hairy arm pit in the face of grandma when you're trying to shove your luggage into the overhead bin. >> was that you? what if you're just a bigger person than let's say you tend to just sort of flow into that other person. don't fly?
1:45 pm
>> no. i mean, i think that we all need to work together and if you are sufficiently large that you need to go ahead and get extra space -- >> by the way, caloriicly challenged. my kids are monsters when they fly, but manners. >> kids is a big issue. people freak out about children being on planes and part of that is that parents have done a really bad job of disciplining children. it's like you don't come out of the womb knowing you're not supposed to kick the seat in front of of you. that's what parents are for. >> i tell me wife that all the time. >> not supposed to throw a temper tantrum, and then the absolutely rudest behavior i've seen has been from people who just have this irrational hatred of children so we need to work together. help out parents who are traveling. play peek-a-boo with a kid.
1:46 pm
>> molly, very common sense stuff. i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> i don't want you sitting near my kids. i know how that's going to go. was this particularly sexy or just sexist? the decision to shake her, well, money, maker, has a lot of folks shaking their head. >> what truly matters is in the --
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fox 411. >> i know
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>> south of france and there's the biggest couple in hollywood, that's a big talker, too. >> congratulations to them. it's wonderful. but what is interesting is the fact that brad pitt came out and said we're not going to get married until everyone can get married. the fact he wanted to see same-sex marriage legalized. >> i think a lot of the lgbt community is, did our straight backers backtrack? >> i think there's more important things going on in the world than whether or not these two are married. on that level, it's ridiculous.
1:53 pm
they get the kind of coverage they do. >> we're doing this -- >> with that said, it only focuseddor attention on was the serious stuff, everyone would be miss --e. people don't like sports. sports is a release, entertainment and news -- >> you find it's weird 11 years after -- >> they do a lot of good in the world, they're together 11 years in hollywood, is like 60. in dog years. >> very good point. very, very good point. there's some uproar you might have heard about tet -- at the emmys. >> television has and will always be about great story lost no matter the platform, television will be about great
1:54 pm
story telling. >> what truly matters is we never forget is our success is based on always on what to watch. >> why? >> they said what's happening was sexist the irony of the joke and she was in on the joke that's how i took it. she's in on the joke just as all of the jokes on "modern family." >> they were making fun of her? >> we were laughing with her. it was her face. her comedic timing. the joke fell flat. >> they were doing it in the boring part of the awards. >> that's exciting. if you're going to call that sexist, any women's magazine with modelling sexist. who cares. >> that's the reason why this was sexist. stop it.
1:55 pm
look. this is sexist, the reason why it was the most boring part of the entire award show. that's the worst part. the leader of the academy wants to talk for 30 seconds. what they did is to make people pay attention to the guy as they put the most beautiful woman in the audience on a pedestal and rotate her. just because it's sexist doesn't mean it can't be taken as a joke. >> do you think it was a good sense of humor about it. >> i understand the humor behind it but i can see women being offended by it because you're taking the most boring part of the show and making people pay attention it by having a sexy woman parade on stage. >> she's part of calling that out. they were calling that out. the irony of the joke but lost. yes, of course, it offended people.
1:56 pm
>> shocked you have morals. >> it will lead us to talk about the situation that it's great how women are used, especially beautiful latino women. hollywood is addressing there's great quality roles for latino women outside of being a sex object. she could be a great voice for that. >> i find very demeaning and sexist is how you use and abuse me 48 hours ago on this show. we have some b-roll of that. here we go. >> this was an arby sandwich. >> still trying to get all that sodium out of my body. >> your wife is a vegetarian. she has since left you. you were having a good time. >> were you offended by that? >> i was not personally.
1:57 pm
>> noah's arc burger. >> i found something that it wouldn't eat. >> now at last. >> guys, our labor of love making a special labor day weekend. bye-bye. ... ... ... you're driving along,
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