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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 29, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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darin andrews >> that's it for us. catch our labor day special monday 5:00 p.m. it's a scream. have a great holiday weekend. "special report" up next. the uk ups its terror threat level as president obama struggles to recover from admitting to having no strategy to deal with terrorists in syria. this is "special report." good evening i'm bret baier. tonight great britain's threat level stands at severe meaning the possibility of a terrorist attack there is highly likely. the british prime minister made the announcement in a detailed briefing with reporters this morning. meantime president obama and his team are trying to rebound tonight from yesterday's declaration that there. >> strategy to deal with the
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isis terror threat in syria. his chief spokesman immediately tried to clarify that comment and since then the suggestion is that the president's military advisers may be to blame. we have fox team coverage tonight. catherine harris has frightening details of new documents detailing prep regulates for a biological terror attack found on a laptop at isis hideout. dough mckillway and we begin with ed henry on the strategy of dealing with the no strategy admission. good evening, ed. >> reporter: remember it was prime minister cameron who cut short his own vacation after the beheading of jaime foley. today the president left his aides behind to deal with clarifying his comments about this crisis while he hit the road for some fundraisers. a tale of two leaderses one day after president obama admitted he has no strategy to deal with isis in syria, prime minister david cameron revealed the uk
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has raised its terror threat level to severe and vowed to channel radical islam head on. >> this is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. >> reporter: that came as white house aides said department of homeland security has no plans to raise the threat level here and officials tried to dig out of the fall out from the president's news conference. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: leading critics to charge the president vastly under estimating the threat. >> cameron starts up there telling the british people what they are facing, what they have to do and our president is still trying to figure out what we have to do. >> reporter: josh earnest spent 24 hours trying to clean that up. >> the reaction that we had at the white house yesterday was not in response the president's comments it's in response to the way it was reported. >> reporter: the president promised one year ago this month he was putting together a
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strategy. >> that requires us then to make sure that we have a strategy that is strengthening those partners so that they got their own capacity to deal with what are potentially manageable regional threats. >> reporter: isis is a threat beyond the middle east that some of the president's own cabinet warned could it be dangerous. >> one year later how could he not have that strategy? >> the president has been explicit what the strategy is. >> reporter: white house officials explain the president is justifiably cautious about getting involved in syria's three-year-old civil war while being aggressive about a military strategy in iraq where there's 110 u.s. air strikes aimed at isis which the pentagon revealed is costing $7.5 million a day. today the president was fundraising in new york and rhode island. >> why is he still raising campaign money, playing golf when he's acknowledging he doesn't have a strategy to deal
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with this? >> ed, the job of any u.s. president is to be able to hand all lot of different responsibilities at the same time. >> reporter: at one of those fundraisers today the president sfad you watch the nightly news it feels like the world is falling apart. he tried to reassure campaign donors by saying the world has always been messy but we're just noticing now in part because of social media. it was only a short time ago chuck hagel said the world is exploding all over. >> okay. ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. even in the best of times the relationship between the military and the executive branch can be testy. right now a president who just admitted having no strategy for isis in syria seems to be looking for someone to blame. correspondent dough mckillway has that story tonight. >> reporter: eight days ago secretary defense chuck hagel called isis a sophisticated terror threat. asked if isis could be defeated
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without addressing syria general dempsey said no. it implied a u.s. military eager to get the job of isis done. josh earnest today and the president yesterday suggested attack plans were not ready. >> folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. and i think that's not just my assessment but the assessment of our military as well. >> the president hasn't laid out a specific plan for military action in syria. and the reason for that is simply that the pentagon is still developing that plan. he's still reviewing them. >> reporter: the white house message stood in sharp contrast to what the pentagon was saying today. >> i think that anybody who has any knowledge of the united states military knows that we're ready. we're ready all the time. that doesn't necessarily mean that the planning process is complete or that designates to do anything have been made.
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but that we are ready shouldn't be in doubt by nobody. nobody. our friend. our enemies our potential adversaries. >> kirby later tried to reconcile the messages by saying the president was referring to potential military operations inside syria. it all suggests deep resistance to attack in sir area one military analyst says it's coming from one man. >> today the pentagon has, i can promise you, presented options to date. numerous options. but the president is reluctant to commit to anything. you can't have a strategy without a commitment. >> reporter: admiral kirby added in regards to an attack in syria when we as a government are ready to have that discussion we'll have that discussion. >> doug, thank you. whether a real threat or pie in the sky hopes of isis this next story is an illustration of what isis terrorists have in mind for you, your family, and this country. chief intelligence correspondent
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kathryn harris is here with chilling specifics. >> reporter: according to the data files reviewed by reporters for foreign policy magazine the owner of the laptop computer isis recruit from tunisia was teaching himself about biological chemicals. how to develop biological weapons and weaponize bubonic plague. it included a fatwa for a cleric on the justification for using chemical, biological weapons. if muslims can't defeat the unbelievers in a different way it's permissible to use weapons of mass destruction even if it kills all of them. before publishing the piece a senior writer at foreign policy said they talked with intelligence officials and experts. >> people are characterizing it as probably the most detailed look that we've seen so far into
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isis' capabilities and ambitions. >> reporter: bin laden's al qaeda experimented with biological weapons the terror network never mastered the use of wmd. a senior officer said it's not coincidence isis offered to swap james foley for the release of a well-known pakistani scientist held in a texas jail. he's serving an 86 year prison sentence on terrorism charges. he went to m.i.t. and had a 2008 arrest in afghanistan plans were found for a mass casualty attack. >> a fact that they want her back who was up to her eyeballs in al qaeda weapons of mass destruction programs when she was captured. this is a big deal to them. >> no evidence of an existing wmd program or systematic push to create one. an issue the intelligence
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community is watching closely. now to ukraine. pro russian separatists are said tore firmly in control of the strategic ukrainian coastal town. russian troops are on the move inside ukraine. and russian president vladimir putin is warning the u.s. and its allies to stay out of his way. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon tonight. >> reporter: video from front lines of the fighting inside ukraine shows not only russian tanks amidst aid convoys into ukraine from russia but also captured russian troops whom russian defense officials say merely got lost while on holiday. russian president vladimir putin address ad group of russian youth at a kremlin backed summer camp issuing the following warning to the west. >> translator: it's better not to mess with us. >> reporter: he went on the remind the world that russia is one of the quote leading nuclear powers a veiled threat from the
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russian leader to nato who will weigh what further action can be taken against russia for invading ukraine. >> whatever verb you want to put on it, whatever you want to call it, it's just, again, an intensification of the same behavior we've seen russia do now for several months. >> reporter: ukraine is asking nato to join its ranks and become a formal member which would obliged others to defend it from russia's actions a move to be rebuffed at the nato summit that president obama is slated to attend next week in wales despite strong words. >> despite moscow's hollowed denials it's now clear russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and southeastern
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ukraine. >> reporter: moscow sees it dew pointly and has assured russia's state control media reports on the so-called separatists as victims of ukraine's troops. >> translator: you know, even though it is very sad, it reminds me of the events of world war ii when german nazi occupiers laid siege to our cities, for instance leningrad. >> reporter: as his foreign minister laughed off videos that show russian military inside ukraine suggesting they were fake. >> translator: there have been reports that there are photographs from space showing moments of russian troops but as it turned out it was computer games and the images were taken from there and the latest allegations are more or less of the same kind. >> reporter: earlier today poland turned back a plane carrying russia's defense minister tonight another town on the way to the strategic port fell to russian backed fighters putting put unone step closer to
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his goal of creating a land corridor from russia to crimea. >> jennifer, thank you. up next, where are the huge numbers of children brought to the u.s. illegally going to go to school in coming days? first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering. fox 32 in chicago where a rush hour bus crash near o'hare airport left 13 people injured this morning. it left air travellers on foot, rushing to the terminal to catch their flights. fox 5 in atlanta where nascar driver tony stewart will compete this weekend. it will be stewart's first race since he struck and killed a young driver at a dirt track in upstate new york. this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11 our flight there. the big story there tonight an elderly couple died in an apartment fire in encino. five civilians and one firefighter were taken to the hospital with injuries. that's tonight's live look
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a judge in mississippi has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the republican primary victory of incumbent senator thad cochran. the judge ruled state senator chris mcdaniel failed to start the alexandria challenge within 20 days of voting. mcdaniels is expected to appeal to the state supreme court. closing arguments were given today in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. this afternoon lawyers for maureen mcdonnell said her actions with a businessman who showered her with gifts may have been tacky but not illegal. we're awaiting president obama's decision initially promised before the end of summer on immigration policy. again, yesterday the president blamed congress for putting him in a position of having to do something on his own.
3:17 pm
tonight the problem of all those illegal immigrant children and where they will go to school. here's chief congressional correspond mike emmanuel. >> reporter: with schools opening for a new academic year, those in anna arundel, maryland are seeing a surge of new students unaccompanied minors that recently crossed our border. >> they may have only gone to second or third grade. have limited literacy in their first language. that creates a different kind of teaching impact on a school than our traditional immigrant families. >> reporter: the children are sent to sponsors, typically extended family members who take care of them. these sponsors live in many states. for example health and human services says harris county, texas the houston area received 2866 children. nassau county, new york on long island has taken on 1096. essex county, massachusetts has added 204 children. a local mayor there said she's proud to represent a diverse community but now taking a lot
3:18 pm
of heat for expressing her concerns. >> speaking out about this i've been called a racist a hater. that is not the case. i'm simply looking at this from the point of view of the economic impact it has had on my city. >> reporter: louisiana governor bobby jindal said they promised to keep state governments in the loop but gave no warning. >> in my state the obama administration sent over 1,000 children without telling us, without telling social services or schools. >> the number of apprehensions are down from july and lower than august of last year. apprehensions in july were half of what they were in june. >> reporter: congressman less march smith wrote this letter asking mr. obama to discourage any future border surges and to reinforce existing law but he doesn't sound confident. >> i really think that 95% of these illegal minors are in the country to stay.
3:19 pm
the administration is not serious about sending them back the home their families they left behind and they will be enrolled in our schools and that's an additional strain on the resource there's. >> reporter: it was warn today about a fraud loophole immigration officials not severe figure documentation as part of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. their concern is applicants gaming the system. >> thank you. the dow gained 19 today. the s&p 500 was up 7. the nasdaq finished ahead 23. for the week the dow was up about half a percentage points. the s&p 500 gained three quarters. the pilot of that f-15 warplane that crashed wednesday in western virginia is dead. the massachusetts national guard identifies him as lieutenant colonel morris funtenot. he did not eject from the lean. cause of the crash is still
3:20 pm
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a federal judge in texas has thrown out new abortion restrictions effectively banning the procedure at most of the state's facilities. the law would hoof required they meet hospital level standards by september 1st. that would have left seven places for women to get legal places to get abortion down from 19. the state is expected to appeal. back here it turns out the
3:24 pm
claim that you can keep your plan and your doctor no matter what was not the only misleading argument the president made for obamacare. chief national correspondent jim engel has uncovered another with even bigger consequences for americans who already have health care. >> reporter: in yet another controversy for obamacare analysts predict it will mean the end of employer provide insurance with former adviser ezekiel eman ul wriuel they will disappear in ten years. the wall street research firm goes even further predicting 90% of such plans will disappear. >> the companies will really be hard pressed to justify why they would continue to have to spend the kind of money they spend by offering insurance through corporate plans when there's an alternative that is subsidized
3:25 pm
by the government. >> reporter: the reason analysts see this change is penalty for not offering insurance $2,000 per worker is muchlers than providing it. >> for a worker making only $15 an hour, typical employer coverage for a family costs $15,000 or $16,000. >> reporter: creating an incentive for employers to shift low-income workers to the exchanges. but in his first campaign well before the law passed mr. obama sharply criticized a republican proposal arguing such coverage was untouchable. >> this would thread the unraveling of the employer based health care system. that i don't think is the kind of change we need. >> reporter: a reference to a proposal from senator john mccain in 2008 offering every american a $5,000 tax credit instead of tax-free insurance only for those who get coverage at work. senator obama pounced on the idea. >> what he doesn't tell you is that he's going to tax your
3:26 pm
employer based hearth benefits for the first time. >> reporter: analysts predict obamacare will eliminate those plans all together. >> he accused of john mccain of trying to undermine employer provide health insurance and we find obamacare is having the very impact that obama warned against. i want may completely erode health insurance provided by employers. >> reporter: so after important training himself as the defender of employer provide insurance, predictions say president obama's policies will lead to its collapse, throwing some 150 million people into obamacare instead of getting tax-free coverage at work. >> we'll follow it. jim thank you. a washington institution is calling it quits. for the last 15 years terry sutton was the first face or voice that reporters dealing with the state department press office would encounter. known for her dry wit and generous soul she served the last seven years spokes people at the department. she had previously woke at other
3:27 pm
bureaus within the state as well as our embassy in the philippines. she's retiring after a 42 year career in public service. we wish her well. today is the 50th wedding anniversary of former vice president dick cheney and wife lynn. their daughter liz sent along this picture of the couple back in 1964. happy anniversary. no grapevine tonight. we can start the panel early. first remember the president's red line in syria? how what did not happen when it was crossed affects an even greater threat today. @"
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a note tonight about the whole isis versus isil business. isil stands fortis lammic state of iraq and levant. levant is cyprus, egypt, israel, lebanon, turkey and syria. it's used by the united nations and u.s. government. the terror group is now actually calling itself simply the islamic state. many news organizations including this one use isis and translated as the islamic state of iraq and syria. the last word however is a classical arabic term al sham which refers to levant. the president uses isil to avoid any specific reference to syria
3:32 pm
and what has not been there. we've reached the one year anniversary of the president's shift of strategy for injury. james rosen at the state department tonight looks how designates 12 months ago is affecting the worsening situation now. >> the chair marc anthony indicated to me our capacity to execute this mission is not time sensitive. it will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. >> reporter: now one year has passed since president obama abruptly cancelled planned air strikes in syria against the assad regime and same commander-in-chief again is contemplating air strikes in syria this time against isis. at the time the obama administration denied jihadist influence in syria was on the rise. >> what seems initially the opposition was maybe more western leading, more moderate, more democratic. as time has gone by it's degraded. is that basically true? >> no. that's actually basically not true, basically incorrect. the opposition has increasingly
3:33 pm
become more defined. >> reporter: friendly arab governments condemn the administration's conduct as erratic and weak likely to embolden bad actors. many in the united states agreed. strikes against the assad regime was overruled by parliament, cautious of linkage of last year's red line moment to today's struggle against isis. >> i wouldn't overanalyze the connection between that vote and what we face today which is a terrorist state in the heart of iraq. >> reporter: the state department likewise cites the destruction over the last year of syria's declared stock pill of chemical weapons. >> we view the outcome of one that is superior to having targeted a few sites or targeted
3:34 pm
in response to that a couple of places where you would not have eliminated all of the chemical weapons and stockpile that was in syria. >> reporter: after he finishes attending the nato summit with president obama in wales next week secretary of state kerry will travel to the middle east, presumably to he develop the regional slice of the strategy that the president himself has now so famously acknowledged the united states doesn't have. >> james, thank you. you saw in james piece there prime minister david cameron in the uk talking about the terror threat. he also went on the talk about the ideology behind it. >> this threat cannot be solved simply by dealing with the perceived grievances over western foreign policy. the root cause of this threat our security is quite clear. it is a poisonous ideology of its islamicism extremism.
3:35 pm
>> the white house is trying to deal with the fall out from yesterday. take a look at the headlines across the country today. "new york times" obama urges calm in face of crisis in ukraine and syria. "the washington post," obama we don't have a strategy yet on syria. "the washington times" we don't have a strategy yet and politico, obama's strategy misfired. a few moments ago the president at a fundraiser said this. we don't have it on camera but we have the quote. quote, if you watch the nightly news it feels like the world is falling apart. we've seen an organization like isis. i can see what a lot of folks are be troubled. but american military superiority has never been greater. the world's always been messy we're just noticing now in part because of social media. steve hayes, juan williams and charles krauthammer. charles? >> well, the president made a
3:36 pm
huge gaffe. he called a press conference to announce he doesn't have a strategy and now his staff has had to spend a day cleaning it up. but this is not new with the president. remember he agonized for nine months publicly about what to do about afghanistan. then he announces the policy of escalation and in the same sentence he announces a withdrawal date. three years later strategy has not succeeded but many americans are dead. on syria, as we just heard he declared a red line. chemical weapons. he flinched and did nothing. this is a president who cannot decide and on this he obviously cannot decide but what does doe? instinctively he blames somebody else for the so-called misinterpretation of this thing about strategy, and his spokesman today said he hasn't received options from the pentagon. you can see the pentagon spokesman was on the edge of
3:37 pm
what thel your talking about. he swallowed hard and bowed and saluted to the president. but he said we're ready. the president looks for a scapegoat. and ed henry asked the presidential spokesman so why doesn't the president say i want the options on the table in 12 hours? that's a question he can't answer because the problem here is not the pentagon, it's the president who has shown now for five years he cannot decide but would like to blame others when he's indecisive. >> juan, this quote the world has always been messy. we're just noticing now in part because of social media. >> i'm puzzled by that. i don't understand that at all. i noticed the world is pretty messy and it's not a matter of social immediate extra. the message has come through loud and clear. i think that he may be suggesting it's amplified right now in his anger at the media.
3:38 pm
he's taking a beating from the media all over left and right over his misstep yesterday that maybe he feels like this is a social media cocoon and a lot of echoing is going on in the chambers especially from his critics. the reality i don't think this is about media. this is about a real challenge on the ground. the president has secretary kerry over there trying to build a coalition that would go after isis. as you heard in ed henry's report there's 110 air strikes aimed at isis already so it's clear -- >> in iraq. >> it's clear we're attacking isis. the issue has, comes down to syria and whether or not we're willing to get involved in the syrian civil war that has proved tremendously messy. i strongly disagree with charles about that business about last year and the chemical weapons. in fact, i think people would argue that given the success and strain and use of chemical weapons by president assad that
3:39 pm
might be cited as a victory for president obama and a strategy. >> juan, he's used chlorine gas after all this and chlorine is banned. >> charles we were talking about something far worse. all you're trying to do, i think, is to jump on the president. it just doesn't work. world recognizes if, in fact, the chemical weapons were available and had been captured by the rebels we would be in far worse shape with isis. >> we are where we are. steve. >> juan, you may believe the president shouldn't be involved in civil war but martin dempsey said we can't eradicate isis unless we're involved in syria. >> there's no evidence or indication right now that isil is actively plotting to attack the united states homeland.
3:40 pm
that's true right now. >> isil is a sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. they are beyond just a terrorist group. they are tremendously well funded. oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision which will have to be defeated for you up question can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization which resides in syria? the answer is no. >> steve? >> what's striking about those comments from hagel, from dempsey, from david cameron today is the only one in the world who is talk about this with any prominence and down playing the threat is president obama. he went on yesterday and said we don't have a plan, minuimizing
3:41 pm
this, stepping back from any kind of plan. he'll send john kerry to have talks. there's zero urgency on the part of the administration. i think the comments from david cameron did was show world leaders heading in different directions. president obama continues to insist that the tide of war is receding. he boasts how he ended the iraq war. he doesn't talk about the ideology the people we're fighting. david cameron said this is a ideological struggle. this is a generational struggle. the contrast couldn't have been sharper. one a prime minister who is, i think, willing to engage in the kind of fight that virtually everybody recognizes we have to engaging and a president who is unwilling to acknowledge basic realities of that fight. >> we'll continue this discussion. president obama what's next. isis, syria, when we come back. t or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker?
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test test. test test.
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why should isis think you're anything but not ready to deal with them. >> i think that anybody who has any knowledge of the united states military knows that we're ready. we're ready all the time. that doesn't necessarily mean that the planning process is complete or that decisions to do anything have been made. >> is the pentagon on the same page as the white house in terms of the threat posed by isis? >> yes. >> pentagon spokesman today about what is the dink between what the pentagon is saying and behind-the-scenes and the administration. back to our panel. steve i had a conversation with a couple of people who said they have specific plans up the chain. they just haven't moved on any. >> they haven't -- i think they haven't been asked to present the specific military plans to the president, to the white house and i think that's a huge problem. you saw there the pause that told everything. obviously the white house and the pentagon are not on the same
3:46 pm
page. what's interesting to me is that the white house would have us believe that there are no plans. that these plans don't exist despite the fact that we've been at war one iraq for more than a decade, we've been looking at the possibility of u.s. military engagement in syria for three years. the white house would have the country believe that the pentagon and planners have been doing nothing in that time. it's a preposterous claim. an offensive suggestion i would think to the military men and women who are involved in that planning and one would hope the president would request those kind of specific plans which would include not only a military component but also political and economic component as well. >> juan, a year ago president obama said al qaeda, quote al qaeda is decimated but other regional groups pose a problem and that requires us, quote, to make sure we have a strategy, that is strengthening our partners and going after these groups. that was a year ago. >> right. clearly the situation is evolving. obviously isis and that's what you hear from the military
3:47 pm
leadership -- isis or whatever is now far stronger, has far more financial backing than they had a year ago. they are much more of a threat. i think some of them, the military people have described them now as a malignancy in terms of their spread. they control land across syria into iraq. all of this has changed in that period we're talking about. the other part of this is i think the military s-you knois,, poised to do something. what's the best strategy not a matter of will. the reason the decision makers are hesitant is reflected in polling. if you look at polling right now the polling would indicate that, you know, i saw was it a fox poll 54% say the president is not tough enough. >> "usa today" pew research. >> the president is not tough enough. if you start to ask people again should the united states, for example, put more boots on the ground, should we engaging
3:48 pm
another war it's clear republicans and democrats say no, we don't want that. >> yeah. the question is what we need. next up with the panel, president obama, vladimir putin, russia and ukraine. what's happening there. wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet? yep. but it's not just a tablet, it's really a laptop. it's a surface pro 3, with a touchscreen. well it can't be as fast as my mac. sure, it can. and it is. but you probably can't plug anything into it. i have a usb mini display port. plug away. and this is my favorite -- it's the kickstand.
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the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. political concept they follow. they need to understand it's better not to mess with us. i want to remind that you russia is one of the most powerful nuclear powers. it's not words. it's reality. moreover, we are strengthening our nuclear deterrent force. we are strengthening our armed forces. >> russian president just wants to make sure everybody knows russia is a nuclear power in this current
3:52 pm
environment as russia continues to move inside ukraine. nato having images of big movement of russian troops, images that the foreign minister from russia said were part of a video game. we're back with the panel. what about this, charles? >> look a denial that that is laughable. and an aggressive statement we just heard from putin defiantly, telling the world to get lost is an indication of the contempt with which the russian leadership holds this administration. think of what actually happened this week. for the first time, at least in 30 years a sovereign nation invades another in europe and invading a democracy a pro-western democracy and the united states will not even call it what it is, an invasion. and the president says in the press coverage he had the other day this is nothing new. this is simply a more overt continuation of what's
3:53 pm
happening. it is not. it is an overt invasion of a neighboring country. and the president essentially says we're going to do nothing. i have a chat with the allies next week about this. obama says there is no military solution in the ukraine, of course there is. the rebels were losing have lost three quarters of their territory and within range of succeeding here. the reason putin invaded is to save them, which he has done. and now to conquer areas of southeastern ukraine that will give him total control of that area and the crimea. >> i i said the other night that you look back to crimea and all the talk that they could not take this, we can't let this stand, and now they have different passports in crimea. the president at this fundraiser said. this russia is choosing to look backward instead of forward might means right. >> this formulation that the
3:54 pm
president continues to use that russia is acting in ache kin way. pointless. russia is acting the way it is right now today. the question is how the united states is going to deal with it. there is sort of an odd quality to the way that we are having this national discussion about what's happening there. this was an invasion. i mean, they annexed crimea. sergei lavrov saying these satellite images that nato has produced are images out of a video game same guy telling john kerry the russians just wanted to help the crimea economy while russian troops were pouring over the border in the middle of that phone call. why anybody treats putin and lavrov and the russian regime as if they are possibly telling the truth is beyond me, yet, the president continues to talk about them as if they are some kind of a legitimate actor, a real potential diplomatic partner talking about offramps and whatnot. there is a weird odd off
3:55 pm
quality about the whole thing. >> re-set reduction, juan? the president hoping that in nato that some other country is going to step up and -- >> -- well, i think that's pretty dubious. the fact is that what you have here is a situation where, you know, russia continues to behave horribly. i mean, there is no way around that the question is what do you do? next week the president will try to get those allies that you are talking about, specifically the germans and the like to up the sanctions. but the sanctions have not made a difference because you hear this bellicose rhetoric today don't forget we are tough and big boys. why? to some extent he is flailing around right now. is he trying to say to his domestic audience russia remains a world power. how the united states deals with that is a puzzle. >> hell of a flail. >> this will not be the last
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, many kids cannot contain their excitement when they find out they are getting a younger brother or sister. this little boy trey is not one of them. >> i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why you have to -- just get another baby? you have two. so why -- why do you -- this is exasperating. >> you just going to have another brother or a sister that you have to take care of, well, help take care of. >> that doesn't make no sense. what kind of baby is that? >> i don't know. it might be a boy. it might be a girl. >> boys cry even worse. >> well, trey, i don't know what to tell you about the crying. you just got to get used to it, okay? >> okay. and buy me some ear plugs, too. >> buy me some ear plugs.
4:00 pm
this is exsass exasperating. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great holliday weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. britain raising its terror threat level to severe. that's the second highest level, meaning a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. david telling the world the threat to isis is a greater threat to our security than we have seen before. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. today's news from britain come less than 24 hours after president obama told the world we don't have a strategy yet what are we hearing from the white house today. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the latest. ed? >> kimberly, good to see you as the white house


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