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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 30, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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hello, america. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel. this is the five. uk prime minister david cameron upped the terror threat level to severe. i bet he's not clear about the source of the threat we face. >> let's be clear about the source of the threat we face. the terrorist threat was not created by the iraq war ten years ago. it existed even before the horrific attacks on 9/11 themselves some time before the iraq war. the root cause of this threat
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our security is quite clear. it is a poisonous ideology of islamic extremism. >> i was wrong. he's as clear as obama's schedule during golf season. compare and contrast cameron to this. >> before getting to the strategy, is the united states presently at war with isis, yes or no? >> well, no, chris. >> battle. we're not at war with a group that's at war with us. is it because we're at war with other stuff like coal, fracking or obesity. right now the white house is giving you free advice on packing your kid's school lunch. i can make a sandwich but can't make a bomber. you are at war, mr. president with so many other things, climate, carbs, caddies. this indecision makes hamlet look resolute.
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the fallout while isis explodes we ground our planes and delay our nukes. the percentage of the economy devoted to defense is at pre-9/11 levels. we're turning from lion to a lamb. defense suffers. obama's best strategy is to beat holiday traffic for martha's vineyard because as isis strategy wreaks because his priorities wreak, confronting radical islam was never on his to-do list. if only they were republicans. what if we hypnotized the president thinking isis was the tea party he would nuclear the whole lot of them. bob, gratuitous golf jokes in there, i admit it. what did you make of david cameron's strong words in comparison to president obama's. that's the set up here. >> i don't know where to begin. >> strong guy. >> listen, cameron, i like
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cameron because he was the first world leader to come out when the muslims were killing the christians. >> you did say that. >> look as a british guy who killed the journalist, so i think cameron feels much more exposed. obama and i'll say this once and you can argue all you want. if you look at the context what he said on the syria side of things we're working on a strategy, we don't have a strategy. it's the wrong choice of words. but nonetheless the syrian issue hasn't been resolved. it will be. they will bomb next week. when he said that i think i would have been clearer about that than he was. that's the cause of the problem. that and "the five" and you guys jumped on it. >> when president obama saw david cameron speak did he shrink a little bit and go all right that's what i should have done or that's a little bit much. >> he was doing what i was doing
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crying for his mom. when you hear david cameron giving the speech that president obama should have given yesterday that's tough to take. i think listening, watching the speech he sees the juxtaposit n juxtaposition, david cameron gets it. we haven't arrived at that conclusion yet. however, keep in mind that british panic. they must have some serious credible intelligence there's an imminent and severe threat they have to address and if he's right then what's going to happen? obama will blame it on a video? he'll have another benghazi on his hands. >> upper lip is always stiff. josh earnest said we're not at war. i guess, i mean literally he's right. but we are at war aren't we? >> i missed the part where shooting at each other is not a war. i suppose chicago is a peace rally in black on black crime. look, josh earnest is the white house liar in chief. that's pretty much what i call
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him. he goes out. he pushes out whatever he wants to push the facts be damned. cameron didn't blame bush. he clearly said this didn't start in iraq. this is an ideology that's been around for 1,000 years. this is it's third iteration. by the way i won't beat greg gutfeld at a joke but obama talks mean, talks big and carries a putter and i'll leave it at that. >> i know, bob. that's our limit for today. >> one more golf joke. >> no more golf jokes. jena, wouldn't americans prefer a stress free foreign policy over a stress free packed lunch. >> ultimately what will happen this stuff will wind up on our door step. cameron was saying we have to deal with this now. we have to call terrorism what
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is it. otherwise this winds up on our door step. for me it was just -- it illustrated the crisis of leadership we have. we have a president that won't face what's happening and face this can be an enormous consequence for this country, could be very dangerous. unless he starts taking action. >> wait a second. before he starts taking action we've been dropping bombs over there -- >> he's declaring he doesn't have a strategy. >> he said syria. designee didn't have a strategy in syria. what does that say tomb. >> that was a bad choice of works. but they haven't concluded a strategy. >> he disclosed that to all of your enemies you haven't concluded a strategy. there's dangerous people that listen to that talk. leaders of isis that are well funded. >> this ideology goes back 1,000 years and they also dump the saudi kingdom. now the saudis are deciding
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whether they want to fight these guys. i think the saudis will come in on the side of us. >> you talk about action. here's what britain and cameron is doing. they are going to rescind the passports. you have 3,000 terrorists fighting for isis that you need to keep out of europe. here's why it's important. you get to europe you can come to america. >> that's the problem. >> so the 300 or so americans and by the way let's keep killing the american terrorists who go find the somalis that are missing, kill them all. then the ones that come through europe stop them there. if they get that passport -- >> i think -- >> they got them. 3,000 that have them go to great britain and they turn around and fly here. >> all the bad guys are in one place at one time. >> why hesitate. one big fat roach motel. knock it out.
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when you have this kind of opportunity you can't hesitate. they are not hesitating. believe me, bob, when i sit here and i tell you i want our president to win. i want him to make decisive actions against isis and not be political naive when it comes to this situation or wait too long to get polls or to do wind checking to see what's going to happen. >> we are dropping tens of thousands of bombs a day. >> the spokesman for the free syrian army said it best. he said dropping bombs and air strikes against isis is like tickling them. it's not -- >> that's what they said in the balkans. >> it's not enough. >> here's the problem. you're going to have to take out mosul with house to house fighting. send in our special forces to train the pashmir to get them to fight. we need contractors,
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intelligence, we decimated our human intelligence over there. they are finally rebuilding it. you won't do this with air strikes. >> you need to take out the command structure. >> how about the millions of dollars we spent to train the iraqi army. they ran. >> hang on. we didn't build an officer corps. we didn't build what was needed to sustain an army. you got top level generals and foot soldiers. you don't have a structure. the army put down their guns and ran away when we got there. >> when we first invaded. we disbanded the army. >> i don't think david knows what he's talking about. i want to ask jena, because this is part of the monolog idea. we're not rebuilding our military we're unbuilding it.
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is it time to reassess and turn this thing around? >> it's been time for a long time but this president is not going to do that. that's not his priority. he's too worried about what kids are eating and climate change, talk about far left causes to appeal to his base. he's got one foot out the door in terms of this presidency and he's thinking what his legacy will be to the far left. of course we're downgrading the military. the united states should be leading. you have david cameron coming out and making a statement that the american president the leader of the free world should be making. should be firm on terrorism. firm on a strong military. it's humiliating. he doesn't want to get involved. >> you bomb a bunch of world war ii ships. we spent more money on the military than every other country combined. >> which is important. >> we have more to do. >> we cut the budget for the
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destroyers. >> i don't care if you've been on one they are useless. you going to fight isis in water. there's no water. how you going to fight them? >> what is your platform when you don't have a base in iraq. the platform has a carrier, ships. >> that's correct. someone explain this to me. somebody send in the memo. >> you need water to have a ship. >> i would go back. >> one ship that doesn't need wear and it's friendship. >> oh, that's fuzzy and warm. >> i'm fuzzy and warm thanks to the medication. ft. hood shooter wants to join isis. why don't we let him over. >> fly him over and parachute him in. >> and then kill him. he could be the inaugural member
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of the new terror five passport program. >> let him go. i don't know, eric holder will give him a curfew or work furlough. this is the exact problem. this is someone who was here and committed acts of terror against the united states. >> workplace violence. >> that's the problem. somebody throw the semantics flag down. i stepped out of line. let's call it what is it. nobody is here. they are already here. >> the air strikes take him and dump him out of the airplane. >> a lot of those hard cores have gone over there. whether you agree with bombing or not they are all there. they are never going to get a passport to get back any place. >> to that point which is important, i'll bring you in on this one jena, this is the problem with snowden in my view is if you have people with passports going back and forth, we compromised the programs that monitored these people. they know they are being
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monitored. so now the communication structure amongst these radicals has changed and we owe that to snowden and glenn greenwald. >> to an extent. >> to a huge extent. >> still, all these people are in one place and the key here is we're not doing anything about it. you can throw bombs in. if you want to scatter foreign policy with respect to your approaches it does nothing. >> before you have a foreign policy you need military success. >> we won the balkan war doing the same thing. >> you're dealing with terrorists. >> serbs weren't terrorists? that will get me in trouble with the serbs. the president is getting it from both the right and left after admitting he has no tragedy to defeat isis. bob, you'll love the next segment. >> we just indict. >> we're going in a different direction. we'll answer questions you have about us as long as you don't
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bring up that incident at arby's.
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♪ in case you haven't heard yet president obama doesn't know what to do about isis and he let the whole world know that yesterday. >> we will continue to consult with congress and i do think that it will be important for congress to weigh in and our consultations with congress will continue to develop so that the american people are part of the debate. but i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> oops. now a lot of people are letting him know that it wasn't such a good idea. >> this guy is coming off a teleprompter. it's dangerous when he comes off a telefronter and did what he did today and tells our enemies we don't have a strategy. >> that's problem with this issue, the president hasn't been
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able to put forth a coherent strategy. >> this is an extraordinary admission coming from the leader of the world's most powerful nation. you know, as such, megan, it's embarrassing, also. >> and that was a little special something for bob beckel, because did you see that? your buddy. >> i did. i guess we don't have enough writers today. i know it's holiday time. we wrote the same segment twice. if you -- >> we're giving you a mulligan like the president wish he had. >> he was talking about sir why. i'm done. >> why don't we side-by-side cameron and obama and look at how the world would see the both of them. >> i looked into that, 45 second sound on tape. >> side-by-side, what obama said yesterday, what cameron said. >> i want to be side-by-side with that woman he was with down on south africa. >> jena. >> people who were defending
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obama were saying well he doesn't want to lay all his cards out on the table. i'm thinking to myself this is a guy who has been talking about shouting from the roof tops no boots on the ground when it comes to iraq. he lays his cards on the table. he doesn't know. there's massive miscommunication within the administration. he knows one person is saying one thing, another person is saying another. a year ago he was on record saying a strategy needed to be implemented. he wait ad whole year and did nothing. >> we had a pentagon official saying one thing and then hagel saying another thing and in 24 hours -- >> he's ignoring military advice. >> they have less territory today than they had a week ago. >> they have an airport which gives them leverage. >> they don't have a dam. they don't have the sandbox. >> they don't have the dam. they embedded themselves in the populations. let's not kid ourselves. they are the step child of
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hamas. they are using the same tactics. these guys are not going away and the blurred lines on the syrian border -- >> which is why we should be joining with israel and get rid of hamas and isis. >> this has happened before. twice in history. two previous ideological death cuts, nazism and communism. it took a while for people to decide this was evil. the reason why it took so long because of the fear of appearing uncool or mean. this is how i understand isis. that elliot rogers the loser who rampaged in santa barbara and he killed these people because he was a romantic reject. that's isis. isis is a movement of sexual losers. channelling their misery into violence. it is what they are. hence the allure of the virgin
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promise. jihad is cool when they think they will get something. >> there's an e-mail going around making the exact point. all the woman on next tuesday should take off their clothes. if a muslim guy sees a woman naked that's not his wife is supposed to commit suicide. >> if they kill me i'll convert. >> i have advice for women don't die virgin, there will be terrorists waiting four. i'll just throw that out there. >> i think the worry about president obama and i think it's that you publicly telegraphed weakness. years ago when he tried to appease certain members of the world that we were bad and he did that terribly. if he did that in public what did he do privately.
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what messages did he convey privately. remember the message he conveyed to the russians. >> about flexibility. >> who knows what our enemies were thinking based on what he suggested? >> coming up next the exact same segment. no just kidding. next chief white house correspondent ed henry, there he is. he'll join us. he has a lot of tough questions. >> nobody has had a tie like that since 1955. >> ask us the tough questions on facebook and we'll answer them ahead.
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♪ > . that is a good question for
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president obama, because he doesn't have a strategy yet to defeat isis. he certainly told us he doesn't have a strategy when it comes down to -- or he has a strategy when it comes to raising money for his party. he's now in new york. good more traffic. off to rhode island to raise more money and more fundraisers. a lot of americans want answers. and our very own ed henry tried to get us some today. ed, how are you, first of all? let's go to ed. ed, you always like to be on tv. >> reporter: i thought you were going to play a clip. >> why when we can have the real thing. >> go ahead. >> reporter: i pressed josh earnest about it. the president is doing fundraising today, and remember last week he was playing golf right after the statement about james foley being beheaded. he took a lot of grief about
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that not just from republicans but democrats. i pressed josh earnest one day after saying you don't have a strategy to deal with isis why are you raising campaign money. he said the president is jug alligator lot of thing not national security. he's head of the democratic party. he has a big mid-term election. presidents in both parties raise gobs of money. he has a national security team he relies on. the optics might be something that blows up in the president's face. >> beyond the optics is anything coming out of the pentagon after this? typically we get a pentagon briefer. have they responded? >> reporter: one interesting thing that's emerging is one of the things the president said yesterday that didn't get as much attention as the no strategy comment is that he said one of the delays, if you will, one of the reasons why he doesn't have a plan to present to the american people and congress for authorization he said is that the pentagon hasn't finished their work, he's still waiting on them to put these plans together.
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admiral john kirby did have a briefing today and said look the u.s. military is always ready. we're always putting together plans and when the commander-in-chief says go we'll be ready with plan. i don't want to overplay that but there seems there's a little bit of a rift don't forget who runs the pentagon, chuck hagel who a week ago said isis is a bigger threat than al qaeda pre-9/11. so is the president not on the same page with his cabinet. he insisted they are singing from the song sheet. it seems interesting the president blaming the military, the pentagon for not having a plan ready when folks over there said we'll be ready when he says go. >> we were taking that live today and waiting for you to couple because let's get some tough questions and sure enough you did ask them. we're still left wondering what's the president's plan
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because it's even more disconcerting, the disconnect between administration, the cabinet, the dod, pentagon, all of the above, nobody seems to be quite on the same page which isn't something going to instill confidence in the american people when it seems like everything is a mess there. they can't agree on even whether or not isis is a credible threat. david cameron took the position there, he has no plob calliroblg it what is it. >> reporter: david cameron cut short his vacation after the beheading of james foley. he an emergency meeting at 10 downing street. maybe that was for show. people will judge what they will. next week david cameron who as you say came out pretty strong tough today and president obama who had that rough news conference yesterday they are going to be together next week in europe. there's a nato summit in wales
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and the president's european allies, merkel and others trying to sort out not just the future in terms of battling isis but this crisis in ukraine and vladimir putin continuing to thumb his nose at the president and our european allies. >> ed, i got to say, listening to you, it reminds me of what a good journalist you are on one hand. on the other hand, like the weatherman, a chance of rain. >> reporter: you got to come up with a new line. >> i want to congratulate you on something. you're the first person i've seen who says it right. they don't have a strategy yet on syria. i want to congratulate you. now, the other question i got for you. is it really -- do you think that they are off the page as much as it hooks like or in fact obama doesn't want to do this? in other words what i'm saying he doesn't want to be in syria. that's been clear from the beginning. is he fighting his own people? >> reporter: i think, yes, because look one year ago this very weekend the president was
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also on intelligent of u.s. strikes in syria. he pulled back. he said i believe i have the power to go it alone. i was giving the order to general dempsey but decided to go to congress to get a consensus. republicans charged he wanted to hide behind congress and didn't want to go forward because remember that vote in the house of commons had gone down and the president was thinking maybe this is not so popular maybe i shouldn't go forward. they reject that here at the white house. you raise an important point. this is a president who came to power running against war, the thing he's wanted to do is to go back into iraq and that's why there's now been 110 u.s. air strikes. the pentagon tells us today that that's $7.5 million in taxpayer dollars. he's going in there in a limited way in iraq even though he didn't want to and in syria, you're right going back a year ago he was reluctant to get drawn into this civil war. that's the reason for his reluctance. we have to point that out.
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you're right to note. no one has easy answers in syria. if you go in there and battle isis what you might do is just help assad and strengthen that dictator's hand. >> two real quick questions, ed. good to see you as always. >> reporter: good to see you. >> can't wait to get together with you later for drinks my place. could president obama's plan be no plan and that's the plan which causes isis to get cocky and through their cockiness get sloppy. two, when will president obama be impeached? >> reporter: the second one i don't know anything about. in terms of a misdirection i doubt the president was trying to misdirect isis. i think clearly they believe he has a strong plan to deal with isis in iraq. syria based on his own comments yesterday is a big question mark what he wants to do there. what was remarkable about yesterday's use conference was
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that you rarely see a president of either party come out and just basically open up and say i don't really know what i'm going to do. usually they come out i got a plan. that's why he's being criticized. others say he's being direct. he's being blunt. >> ed, what do you think the next step is for this administration? this has been a public relations nightmare. barack obama himself came out a year ago expressed a need for a strategy. a year later there's no strategy. >> reporter: it's going long road back. there was a news conference here at the white house august of 2013, check the transcript today and the president got a question about -- you say al qaeda, al qaeda has been decimated but other terror groups like al qaeda are popping up. the president said look this is a big threat, it's a regional threat for now but we need to put together a strategy, something we'll do.
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that was a year ago. so when the president yesterday was sort of suggesting give us some time this is a more recent threat, a year ago he and others were talking about it and still no strategy. >> ed, there's no strategy on isis. we ought to get into that. >> we got to go here. >> we need to do another segment on it. >> straight ahead, facebook friday. facebook free for all, 90 questions i know on my facebook.
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♪ back by popular demand facebook friday. we ask you to send in your questions. let's get your answers. all right. i have not seen these as of yet but i know we're starting with mr. gregory to my left. greg from nancy b. when you go out for dinner what's your
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favorite meal to have and drink to have with it? >> as everybody knows i'm a vegetarian which means i only eat vegetarians. i love meat. i have a place in australia a sausage joint not a gay bar. some of the best sausages in the world. west side grill. i go to a place for ribeye on 9th avenue. red wine always. >> a second one four from denise p., would you do stand up comedy? >> no because i'm a coward. you are only a comedian if you do stand up. you can't say you're a comedian if you don't do state of the union. i was a writer. i wrote for a living. i never got up on a stage doing jokes. doing speeches does make you a comedian. a comedian means taking that risk. i'm not a comedian. >> toughest job there is.
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>> very good answers. >> i've been asked both questions before. >> he's quick witted. >> david. since you were in ferguson do you think the media coverage made the situation get out of control? >> i think the media played into it a whole lot and that was part of the problem, especially the people that wanted to instigate, throw the racial tension into it. the responsible reporting, i heard a lot of people saying fox was more responsible. >> good plug. >> good answer when you're guesting on "the five." >> true answer. >> there he was. >> second one for you, from deb w. how did you get into a radio? >> i was in a bar, got in an argument, the d.j. was wrong i was right the guy offered me a job. >> have you heard his voice? >> is that from being in the military? >> nope. >> i thought you were shouting a lot. >> because you were a bible
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baptist preacher. >> no. >> i was an altar boy. >> bobby beckel, this is a hard question. if you had to pick a fellow democrat to sit with you on "the five" each day, who would you pick? >> i would pick juan williams. juan says bob how do you do it every day? i say i try to get humor. you're smart i'm not. i got a better sense of humor than you do. together i whoop these guys generally. >> i don't know about that one, bob. >> here we go. number two from angela g. you crack me up. will you be decorating your neumann cave for christmas? >> it's already decorated. i'm going to do my christmas decorations one more year. >> kimberly, i'm currently studying to take my what is the bar like?
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>> the bar is not so great but manageable. there's far worse things in life. >> did you pass at any time first time around. >> i did. but, you know, you got to focus and know you're prepared because by the time you get in there you've done the prep and work and sample tests and you're good to go. >> from suzie y. i notice you are a chair dancer. i bet you're a car dancer too. are you? >> actually i do dance in the car too when i drive and it's pretty funny when you see the expressions on the faces. >> is there a particular music? >> i just love dance music, all the stuff we bump out here on the show. i love it. stand down, bob. >> for me from dallas, l. what's your favorite type of music to listen to. this is where greg interrupts me. tom o'dell is my favorite singer. he's awesome.
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he's cute. >> are you looking for a date. >> no. >> tom, if you're watching. >> you are such a liar. you went to the lillith fair. >> i did and what does it mean? second question from daniel h. what did you do before you were hired at fox. >> i was a teacher and a dean at a high school. >> you were the hot dean. >> all right. >> kids were never late for class. >> no, no. >> ahead on "the five" as many of you think it roads this labor day weekend there are a lot of bad drivers out there to watch out for. out for. any of us
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president obama does not have a strategy on isis. okay. millions of americans are hitting the roads for labor day weekend. if you're driving in massachusetts watch out they say some of the country's worst drivers live there, worcester and boston. where are the best drivers? it's a tie between fort collins
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in colorado and brownsville, texas. let me see. david where do you think the worst drivers are besides your own backyard? >> i went to school in worcester. they are better drives than that but new york city, worst drivers in the world. >> what about you >> los angeles. only because i almost got hit by a guy with a clothed cat. >> do you think that's normal? >> no. >> that's weird. >> you don't drive, right? >> my driver's license expired when i was living in london and i haven't gotten around to it. the worst driver, i asked president obama and he said his 3 wood. he loves to golf. >> one more golf joke. >> i don't think we can bring that up enough. i don't look at areas, i look at people. newly arrived foreigners. i lived in london and would not drive because i knew on the left
1:51 am
side of the road i would kill somebody. when you move to some place new accident prone. young drivers they take more risks so they are deadlier. tend to hit more people. elderly because they refuse to give up their driver's license. the day my mom passed away that day she got a renewal from the dmv at 89 and she would have done it. >> have you got a renewal? >> i have a great driving record. i'm a good driver. my girlfriends call med danica patrick. >> the state of colorado has had this good driving thing because everybody will be stoned and driving 15 miles per hour and a lot of rear end collisions. the worst drivers, in my neighborhood is me. okay.
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2:00 am follow me on twitter. let me know your thoughts. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." welcome to this special edition of "hannity." for the entire hour we're going to be focusing on the rise of radical islam around the world and what it means for the safety and security for our homeland. recently i had the opportunity to speak with former vice president dick cheney about the dangers posed by the islamic extremists and he explained why the administration needs to wake up and take these terrorist threats very seriously. you know, you said a while back that a lot of people kind of hemmed and hawed at what you said, you predicted america will likely get hit in the next ten years in a way that is worse than 9/11. did you watch


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