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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 31, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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the buzz and we respond to your comments. you know what i'm going to say now, we're back here on suchnda welcome to america's news headquarters, everyone. >> hello, everyone, i'm eric shaun. >> this embassy take over occurring just over a month after the -- between 2 arrival militias in it also could echo the islamist takeover, that as you know, killed ambassador stevens and
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three great americans. for more on this developing story, let's go to connor powell who's live in jerusalem. >> this appears to be a u.s. residential diplomatic compound, that was evacuated in late july, when the violence in tripoli was starting to heat up. today a commander for the dawn of libya militia told the associated press that the islamic group took control of the vicinity, that group even posting a video online of its fighters playing in a swimming pool in that come pound. the u.s. ambassador who is not in country right now, said the video appears to show the u.s. fighters roaming around the u.s. embassy an necks area. it also appears the compound appears to be being safeguarded. that's according to a u.s. press reporter who was in that
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building. the building has some broken windows but it's still intact. all of the valuable and sensitive information would have been removed when u.s. officials fled in july. there are some computers there, but all that information would have been wiped clean. now there are still some troubling questions, of course, when the building was aban donged by u.s. officials in july, the state department said that it was being protected by a local guard force. so where are those guards? the other trouble question is the state department and the pentagon didn't they that local islamic militias control these facilities for two or three weeks. why don't they know, why does the associated press appear to be the only one who knows what's going on there right now? the other issue is just a few days ago, both egypt and the united arab emirates launched an attack in libya against islamic groups, the whole situation in libya is sort of deteriorating as we go forward and there's a lot of questions about how much the united states know what is's
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happening and apparently when egypt and the uae launched air strikes in -- there seems to be a very serious intelligence gap not only about what's happening at u.s. embassy facilities in tripoli, but across the entire country. >> connor powell, live from jerusalem, thank you so much. >> and eric, meanwhile iraqi forces claiming what they're calling an important victory against isis, driving the terrorists from a town in the country's northeast where they had trapped some 15,000 civilians for weeks, with virtually no electricity or running water. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live in washington. jennifer what more can you tell us and what does this mean? >> u.s. military officials would not confirm iraqi claims that they have retaken from isis. pentagon authorities say they expect more air strikes throughout the day. u.s. warplanes conducted three
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air strikes about two hours north of baghdad to allow iraq's army to begin retaking the town besieged by isis. american c-17 and c-130 transport planes, dropped -- who had been trapped and besieged by isis for two months. british, french and australian aircraft helped with the humanitarian air lift, as forces evacuated the nearly 15,000 residents there. the powerful senate and house intelligence committees took issue with the idea that the president's national security team has not presented the president with options for a strategy to defeat isis. the crisis did not start with the beheading of an
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american. it's very late in the game. and so it presents few options. we had really good options. >> i have learned one thing about this president and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance, too cautious. i do know that the military, i know that the state department, i know that others have been putting plans together. and so hopefully, those plans will coalesce into a strategy. >> u.s. surveillance drones began flying four the first time this week, gathering intelligence and mapping possible isis targets in sere yacha, until -- the president has made no decision to target isis bases and supply lines inside syria. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much jennifer. >> now for more on the islamic terrorist threat from isis. >> when winston churchill faced the nazis h he said we shall not
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flag or fail, we shall go on to the end, we shall fight -- last week president obama said that, we don't have a strategy yet, i think what i have seen in some of the news reports suggest that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we are at than we currently are. so, what does that say to the isis leaders? john bolton is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox's contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. she believes the president in some cases has been too cautious, would it be different if you were not? >> well, i think she's obviously being polite. i'll be a little bit less polite. i think he is so rigid, i'd logically, that he can't tell when the facts change, or he won't admit when the fact changes when it con from
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dictionaries his preconception. that lack of mental agility on the part of the president is harming us case after case after case after case, in dealing with the russians and ukraine, in dealing with the further breaking news in libya, that portions of our embassy compounds have been taken over by radical islamists and we didn't even know about it until a week or more after the fact. this is part of a pattern, i think people are beginning to see this. >> you talk about this embassy takeover, if they haven't ransacked it, unlike that horrible night in benghazi, what does it mean when you've got the situation in benghazi and you've got the capital, tripoli taken over by islamic radicals? >> we don't know who was guarding that embassy compound. but the basic fact is it's always the host government's responsibility to secure diplomatic facilities.
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and whatever mechanism the embassy and the government of libya agreed on, as obviously collapsed. this is further evidence, even in its owning capital. evening in fulfilling one of the most basic duties of any government which is protecting foreign diplomats in their facility, the government of libya has failed. i think this has to say we are in close to complete an ark si in libya. talk about isis, when the president says he doesn't have a strategy, when do you think there will be a strategy, ambassador and what should it be when he gets it? >> i don't think he believes it's that serious of a problem, as he said last week, there's no immediate indication of a direct threat to the american homeland right now. pentagon spokesmen said the same thing, i don't think he wants to confront the reality that the islamic state is redrawing the boundaries of the middle east and that every day that goes by, while we wander around without a timetable, means that the
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islamic state is able to consolidate it's control over terrorism. >> quoted winston churchill, he also famously said with respect to the russian revolution of 1917 and the west's failure to deal with the communist takeover there, churchill stayed we should have strangled it in it's cradle and that's what we should do to isis before they can console date their control. >> this is an astonishing quote this morning from daniel pfeiffer, senior white aid and "washington post" ambassador, he says there's no timetable for solving the problem that's going to meet the cable news cycle speed, ambassador, isn't the timetable preventing a terrorism attack like the london bus bombings of 2005? >> it's not about governance, it's not about national security, it's about how to cover the president's posterior and this is the kind of message
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that says, not only to the islamic state, but to their state sponsors to adversaries of the united states around the world. we have got the children's hour going on at the white house. >> and finally, john kerry, secretary of state being dispatched to the middle east. do you think we can pull together allies, a coalition that can defeat isis? >> it's something that can be done long ago, better late than never is the best we can say about it. his focus the last 2 1/2 years and one of the reasons we don't have a diplomatic structure or strategy in place right now. >> ambassador john bolton with some chilling words and predictions. thank you for joining us as you always do on sundays. >> the israeli military saying it shot down a syrian drone after it accidentally flew into their air space. the unmanned drone flying into
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israeli territory over the golan heights just days after jihadists in syria took over a border post there and captured dozens of u.n. peacekeepers, 40 of those hostages escaping last night after a 40-hour siege with the militants, and they're still holding more than 40 others. >> the russian invasion of you can crane continues. russian president vladimir putin calls for a political solution to the fighting in even ukraine, including state hood for the separatist reasons, that could create another country. russia and ukraine exchanged soldiers that its side claims to have captured within their own borders. >> hey, there, yes indeed, the return of 10 army paratroopers that the ukrainians have deta detained just their site of the border. this is really pailing in comparison, by those words
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coming out of president vladimir putin in an interview that he held today, yes indeed, calling on ukraine to begin calling on the statehood of the war torn southeast region. the president has been calling on the west for more military -- and actually, that is a call that's being heard all the way over here in the u.s. senate. >> i think the european union, nato, as well as the united states has to consider this is dramatically different and we have to give the cranians the fighting chance to defend themselves. >> pugh on the's spokesman has back pedalled on this saying the president wasn't really calling for any -- the president's words very specifically were unconditional security of legal interests and political organization of society and enhanced in the donesque region. while the u.s. has tried to
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punish putin with sanctions, here in the states, people think the kind of help ukraine needs militarily may not be that involving the united states. listen. >> the you can cranians were -- we ought to provide that, europe ought to provide that. if we don't do small and effective now. you're going to get very big and very ugly later. >> very ugly later. >> it's very hard to see the way putin's behavior. on the kremlin's website today, for example, he described that area that totally war torn at the moment, is actually being part of new russia. and is even praised the reebls for their successes in forcing back ukrainian troops. >> that certainly is the case, the ukraine yang -- thanks so
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much. >> okay, well, coming up, tony stewart, returning to the racetrack today, more than three weeks after that horrifying accident that killed a fellow driver. what the nascar champ is saying about his decision to drive again. and pretty shocking this morning, an apartment building reduced to rubble. what we're now learning about this deadly explosion. (vo) friday night has always
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tony stewart heading back to the racetrack today after the accident two weeks ago that killed brian ward. >>stone stewart returns tonight to the atlanta motor speedway.
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saying they'll need at least two more weeks to determine whether stewart should be charged with a crime for striking and killing driver kevinward jr. three weeks ago. -- angry ward got out of his car gesturing, one car managed to swerve past ward. stuart reading from a -- he expressed his sympathies toward his parents and three sisters but he and his racing team agree it's the right time to race again. >> i miss my team, my teammates, and i miss being back in the race car and i think getting back in the car this week with my racing family will help me get through this difficult time. i think it's just part of the
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healing process being with this family that he's been with since 1999. >> fellow driver jeff gordon said i'm very supportive of having him back, i do think that the best thing is for him to be back in that race car. if stewart winning tonight or next week, it would put him in the playoffs in the chase for the sprint cup. but obviously questions about whether or not he's even going to be in the right frame of mind, the investigation is continuing. >> you may be surprised at who is back in isis, including who is funding them, some of our allies. is this right? since the terrorists want to kill us? phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria
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an apartment building has collapsed to the ground in a paris suburb. so far at least two people have been killed, 11 injured. seven adults and children may still be trapped under that rubble. initial reports are this was caused by a potential gas leak. >> the rise of the terror group isis and syria have a number of questions. let's bring in tom rogan now who's a columnist with a national review, the daily telegraph. tom, i want to queue up a few things first. outline the strengths that make isis more formidable. and tell us if they were strengths are different or the same in iraq as compared to syria and then how does qatar factor in? >> i think the strength of isis
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are that they have been able to attract a large and growing number of young men from across the world, across the atlantic world. and we see that in, of course in terms of western possible holders. plus the fact that their ideology, scaring people into submission has allowed them to move very quickly, seize territory, seize equipment and use that to military effect. in terms of their support, they're supported by private donors in the sunni arab community. >> the government is the so-called ally of the u.s.? >> right, but it's also, the ideology is hard line -- so it's also a dynamic that is somewhat incompatible with western democracy, and kuwait also issues there an american ally.
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in terms of the difference between isis and syria, i think isis is trying to assert themselves as the sole resistance, and carve out that area of northern syria with oil and existing supplies in the region. and in iraq, they're making it so there's no room for consensus and extremism is the only option. >> in what way is isis vulnerable? >> you see the maps that are pup out, the thin red line, that shows vulnerability in the sense that their supply lines, their lines of communication, are vulnerable to being is choked. of course that will require greater american military power, it would also require a much stronger willingness of the united states to engage in the tribal belts along an bar and eastern syria. but if you were willing to do that, then you could limit their ability to move people,
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supplies, equipment, communication, and through that, you limit their ability to continue their advance. and you slowly continue to degrade them. the american, we don't have a strategy yet, so that's not happening. >> so quickly tell me how much team work and a global coalition is needed to stop them? >> the problem with the administration is that so far they're demanding the countries of the middle east, the sunni arab monarchies get involved before the u.s. gets involve. but as we saw last week, with the uae and egypt taking unilateral -- and we see with their particular political strategies, whether it's -- uae and their own concern -- america has to be at the forefront of this otherwise the paranoia of
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regional dynamics will overflow. >> that does it for us for now. i'm eric shaun. thanks for watching. sunday house call is coming up next. plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea. excedrin migraine works. you know your dunlike natural teeth. try new fixodent plus true feel. the smooth formula helps keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants. for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it.
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hello, time now for sunday house call. >> joining us this sunday as he does every sunday, dr. mark s h seagal. >> and the chairman and professor and chief of robotics surgery. >> gentlemen, great to see you. just a few more days before classes start trough the country. parents are making -- everything for your kids to do well in the classroom. it's also a good time


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