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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 1, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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tomorrow. "special report" is up next. president obama tries a labor day pivot to the economy. but most of america and much of the world is consumed with the threat from isis terrorists. this is "special report." good evening. good evening, i'm ed henry in for brett baer. four days after admitting he had no strategy for dealing with isis, president obama talked dollars and cents in milwaukee while lawmakers at home and leaders around the globe continue their push for some kind of common-sense action against the militants. even a top democrat is tweak the president, characterizing isis as a major varsity team.
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doug mcelway with how one leader is leading against isis. we begin with white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: republicans are focusing more on it so it's not really surprising what mr. obama wants to talk about now is the economy. in a campaign style address to a friendly crowd in milwaukee, president obama cheered unions, pushed for a hike in the minimum wage, and took credit for improvements in the u.s. economy. >> america is stronger because of the decisions we made to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation, asking the simple question, is this good for ordinary americans? is this good for working people? >> reporter: big labor-friendly detroit, vice president biden told workers they deserve a fair share of improvements in corporate profits. >> used to be a basic bargain in america, folks.
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that basic bargain was when everybody who contributed to the profitability of a company, they got to share in the deal. >> reporter: with control of the senate on the line, democrats are being encouraged by the white house to focus on the economy as they head into the fall elections. but increasingly, washington lawmakers are focused on foreign policy challenges. in ukraine where russian-backed forces continue to push, in libya where militia groups have seized an abandoned u.s. installation and the country still lacks central control and especially in syria and iraq where isis is on the move. the president says the u.s. and its allies haven't yet come up with a strategy to stop them. republican mike rogers says that's mr. obama's fault. >> the president just did not want to get engaged in any way. that is a decision. that is a policy. that is a strategy. and it's not working. >> reporter: the president has authorized air strikes in iraq to protect people and critical infrastructure, and he continues to notify congress under the war
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powers act. but his own advisers say isis will have to be destroyed in al assad's syria, though that could strengthen assad. and even some democrats seem to want mr. obama to be more assertive. >> i've learned one thing about this president, and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. >> reporter: his aides suggest the alternative is a large-scale campaign like the bush administration waged in iraq. white house adviser dan pfeiffer told "the washington post," quote, we tried the opposite and it worked out very poorly. and some lawmakers agree. >> we have to have the right targets and the right support in order to be effective in stopping isis instead of uniting sunnis around them. >> reporter: still, mr. obama's critics say isis can't be tackled without returning substantial u.s. forces to iraq or putting u.s. boots on the ground in syria, but they say it will be a lot more difficult than it would have been a year or two ago. ed? >> wendell, thank you. british prime minister david cameron will host this week's
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nato summit in wales. today as president obama tried to avoid the topic altogether, cameron took perhaps the most aggressive move so far of any world leader to deal with the isis threat. correspondent doug mcelway has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: with several hundred british nationals of muslim descent now fighting for isis, prime minister david cameron today introduced several bills to protect his country from the spreading threat. one would stop suspected radicalized citizens from ever leaving his country. >> mr. speaker, passports are not an auto mablgt. we have the issue to revoke, refuse passports under the royal prerogative if there is reason to believe that people are planning to take part in terrorist-related activity. >> reporter: another bill would allow british police to temporarily seize passports of suspicious returning travelers in anticipation of court challenges, he introduced a bill that allows parliament, not the courts, to determine whether it's right to have that power. cameron's aggressive defense stands in stark contrast to the t 100 u.s. citizens are also believed to be
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fighting for isis. border defense is one arrow in the quiver, but not enough quitics say given the religious fervor. >> there is not one example in these insurrections in 2,000 years being put down without massive bloodshed, without killing the financiers. no examples of negotiations, concessions or just waiting them out. you've got to kill them. >> reporter: but it is not religious fervor that is drawing radicalized european and american-muslim youth to isis, says daniel hannan. >> they are young men who are narcissi narcissistic, violent, often with a history of petty crime, often unsuccessful with girls, but the one thing they are not is pious. >> reporter: thus far president obama has resisted pressure from critics to strike at isis strongholds in syria, but pressure is growing. king abdullah of saudi arabia warning ahead of the summit in wales, quote, i am certain that after a month they'll reach europe and after another month, america. daniel hannan doubts that europe
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will offer much help if asked. >> i don't think there is any support for another armed invasion. >> but it is just that. overwhelming force by air and land that could put isis out of the fight. the kind of force the west appears reluctant to provide. ed? >> chilling warning there from king abdullah. thank you very much. now to another hotspot that may have cooled down just a bit today. pro-russian rebels are backing off their demand for full independence. now they say they're willing to deal. james rosen has all the details. >> reporter: touting a new gas pipeline project in eastern siberia, vladimir putin welcomed the latest round of peace talks that brought together representatives from the central ukrainian government and the armed separatists backed by russian troops who have been seizing towns and infrastructure in southeastern ukraine. right now a very important process is taking place. a process of direct talks. we have worked on this for a very long time.
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>> reporter: earlier putin had said the talks should focus on, quote, statehood, but the rebels themselves stopped short of that demand, and russia's top diplomat set more modest aims for the negotiations. >> translator: there will be no military enter skprengs i very much hope that the negotiations scheduled for today will be primarily dedicated to an imminent and unconditional cease-fire. >> reporter: with tear of state kerry wrapping up a vacation and soon to join president obama at the nato summit, kerry aides say there is no plan to send arms to the government in kiev. >> our focus remains on nonlethal assistance. >> reporter: but pressure to scrap that policy is now bipartisan. >> for god's sake, can't we help these people defend themselves? this is not an encouraging. this is an invasion. >> we should be providing the ukrainians with the type of defensive weapons that will impose a cost upon putin for further aggression. >> reporter: ukraine charges russia has deployed 1600 troops across the border and that
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pro-russian forces fired on a ukrainian coast guard vessels, the first amphibious event of the crisis. >> i don't think there's an exclusively military option that would be meaningful, but more significantly, i think we need to be having a serious discussion about enhancing the military assistance we provide to ukraine. >> reporter: a former commandant of the army war college said president putin's objective is the same as russia's leaders have has been bored for centuries, namely to control peripheral territory and so is the tactic being employed. >> they could have used it against napoleon 200 years ago. what it means is being able to conquer territory and to be aggressive without approaching a threshold which will force you into a major war against a major power. today marks the 75th anniversary of the start of world war ii in poland. and today that country's new prime minister citing the quote, unquote war in ukraine, said history has come full circle and pleaded that september 1939 should not be allowed to repeat itself.
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ed? >> james rosen live in washington, thank you, james. up next, something you might have to buy to protect your family from obamacare. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in st. louis with new body cameras for police in suburban ferguson. that is the site of last month's killing of an unarmed african-american by a white police officer. the police chief says they gave the company 50 cameras and they went online saturday. knox fox 25 in boston. the storm brought down trees and damaged cars. about 400 customers without power but nobody was hurt. this is a live look at atlanta from fox 5. the big story there tonight, a neighbor rescues children from a burning home. eddie hamilton says he heard screaming, saw the mother outside the house. he says he pulled two kids out. was helped with a third by firefighters. all are thankfully said to be doing just fine. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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you've heard the pluses and minuses of the president's health care law. now some of the down sides are leading to something of a growth industry in health insurance. it is something you might have to consider for your family. chief national correspondent jim angle tonight on supplemental coverage. >> reporter: high deductibles, narrow networks and substantial co-pays in obamacare are starting to sink in with consumers, prompting some to start looking to buy additional coverage to help out. >> being called upon to lay out a few thousand dollars at the time of a hospital -- hospitalization can be an unpleasant prospect. and to avoid that, some people may be tempted or find it in their interest to buy supplemental coverage. >> so people are finding that the deductibles are so high, they need some extra help. so employers are offering and very often individuals are buying these supplemental plans so they've got the comprehensive
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coverage they were used to before obamacare. >> reporter: supplemental plans are just that, by no means comprehensive, only a little help for those with gaps to fill. >> these are supplemental insurance policies that are the obama administration has eased restrictions on just recently this year. and they're policies that are very bare bones. and they're meant to supplement what people can buy on the exchanges. >> reporter: many insurance companies are marketing the plans. one officer at aflac points to the gaps in obamacare and says, quote, there is enormous opportunity for brokers and insurance agents who sell supplemental policies to do even more of that to help cover out-of-pocket expenses in the health care law. >> this is a sleepy part of the industry. a very small part of the industry that wasn't growing very much. it's about $300 million in total business now, but it's expected to grow to $3 billion in five years. obamacare has really made this business take off. >> reporter: a 1,000% increase
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in only five years. many consumers may have been swayed by president obama's repeated pitches they could get health care for about the same cost as their monthly cell phone bills. >> people pay more attention to premiums than to other features of the insurance plans they select. and they sometimes end up with policies that are not optimal. >> reporter: because those who bought plans with low premiums have higher deductibles and other costs that could drive them to supplemental plans. >> to buy a second insurance policy, to help cover some of the holes. >> reporter: supplemental policies could also attract employers trying to avoid the 40% cadillac tax under obamacare because they can shave benefits in their main plan, then buy a supplemental plan which is not subject to the cadillac tax. yet another quirk in the health care law. ed? >> jim angle tonight in washington, thank you, jim. the atlantic city economy meanwhile is taking a huge hit this labor day. by the end of the season, nearly
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8,000 casino workers will have lost their jobs. the showboat shut down yesterday. revel is closing today. trump plaza will follow suit in two weeks. that will leave atlantic city with just eight casinos. meanwhile, hillary clinton is getting most of the spotlight when it comes to speculation about the 2016 presidential race. there's another possibility. one that would be a probability in almost any other election cycle. >> good to see you, man. >> reporter: vintage joe biden, the aw, shucks vice president who's largely been flying under the radar. his almost all mainstream media attention has gone to that other possible democratic contender, former secretary of state hillary clinton. yet today in detroit biden hadai coming out of sorts with a screaming call to arms for the left. >> so folks, it's time to take back america as we said. it's time to change the tax code. it's time to make sure you get equal share.
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>> reporter: some of his fellow democrats may dismiss the vice president's chances. but republicans say not so fast. citing hillary fatigue. >> people don't like coronations. and many times when you have a front-runner this early, people get tired of that candidate. so joe biden could, you know, surprise a lot of people. >> reporter: at the age of 71, five years older than clinton, this is clearly biden's last stand. after two failed runs in 1988 and 2008. and while he's not taken any dramatic steps toward organizing a third bid, he has been collecting chips by headlining fund-raisers for key senators like mark udall and mary landrieu as democrats struggle to keep control of the chamber in the midterms. >> he is electric. people really respond to him. you know, i this i that generally and publicly kind of make some jokes about some bidenisms and he's always off the cuff. off the cuff works. >> reporter: his best asset may be that authenticity, on display recently when he met with the nation's oldest female veteran,
3:18 pm
108-year-old lucy coffey. >> every time i had a good-looking date, there would be some better looking guy come along. >> reporter: and played along as president obama upstaged him. >> it's so nice to meet you. >> i'm the guy that loves you. >> reporter: of course, off the cuff can lead to gaffes. biden is sometimes a punch line. but with the world ever more dangerous, on paper he has a stronger resume as vice president and former chairman of the senate foreign relations committee than other democratic contenders like maryland governor martin o'malley and senator elizabeth warren, a point he hammered during an appearance on "the view" in february. >> my experience is uniquely positions me to be -- to follow through on the agenda barack and i have of bringing up world peace in a way that is real and substantive. >> reporter: fast forward and peace is not at hand. while clinton has been separating herself from the president.
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>> we're not better off. it's not more secure. so unless things really turn around, he's going to have that ball and chain of the obama record. >> ball and chain. friends of the vice president say if secretary clinton runs, it's unlikely he will, yet he's getting ready just in case. this wednesday he's giving a speech on the economy. he could have picked any state, but he picked new hampshire. wonder why. still ahead, one of the nation's heroes with a tremendous comeback and a chance to bring home the gold. first, the gang's all there. isis, al qaeda, rebels and pro-assad forces fight it out in syria. tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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a very unusual move tonight from north korea. the communist regime provided media access to three detained americans. it happened in pyongyang.
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they talked with the three men. all said they believed the only solution to their situation is for u.s. representative to come to north korea to make a direct appeal. this afternoon the state department said it is aware of the interviews and continues to work actively to secure the prisoners' release. meanwhile, isis terrorists are getting the headlines. al qaeda is still in business. militants from that group are fighting near syria's border with israel. correspondent john huddy has the latest on the syrian civil war still raging three years and counting. >> reporter: the war raged on today. the syrian military released this video of the heavy fighting in east damascus. one explosion after another. the rebels also released video showing them firing back with rpgs and machine guns while ducking for cover. the fighting has intensified not only in east damascus but south
3:24 pm
in the golan heights. it's the region where the al qaeda-linked al nusra fronts have been battling government forces since last week right along the israeli border. the u.n. was also dragged into the fight. over the weekend the militants trapped several dozen filipino u.n. peacekeepers. they escaped with help from other u.n. troops. but the al nusra rebels continue to hold 45 fiji and u.n. peacekeepers. and because of the fighting along the boarder in the golan heights, the israeli military remains on high alert, concerned about taking fire as well. israeli military officials say if that happens, israel will fire back. ed? >> john huddy in jerusalem, thank you. would you spend thousands of dollars to avoid paying a $37.50 fine? taxpayers in one american city are, like it or not. and defending alaska against the russians. we'll look at the secret plans next in "the grapevine."
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an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more. that's why verizon is giving you even more. now, for a limited time, get more data! 1 gb of bonus data every month with every new smartphone or upgrade. our best ever pricing with the more everything plan and 50% off all new smartphones. like the htc one m8 for windows or android. built to inspire envy. come get your more with verizon. know some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. president obama may not have a strategy to deal with isis terrorists in syria, but the u.s. did have a plan for a russian invasion of alaska in the 1950s. the newly declassified plans were obtained by the government on a site dedicated to collecting documents through the freedom of information act. the project code named washtub recruited and trained fishermen, bush pilots and other private citizens to act as a kind of
3:29 pm
covert intelligence network. if the soviets took over the then-u.s. territory of alaska. the sleeper agents were trained to create a cover story, decode messages. obviously the russians never invaded so the citizen agents were never quite activated. meanwhile in modern-day alaska, one city's solution may be worse than the problem. the city of fairbanks has racked up $7,000 in legal funds defending its mayor in a legal battle over a $37.50 fine. that's right. the fairbanks daily news reports the fine stems from an e-mail from then city council member john eberhart asking his staff to do election research which the local board saw as a violation. the mayor's lawyer defends the fight saying the board overstepped its power. finally, if the weather prevents you from cooking out on this labor day or you just burned the dinner, pizza is always a solid option. toppings can be a tough choice to make, but the journal of food science has published the results of the quantityification
3:30 pm
of pizza baking properties of different cheeses and their correlation with cheese functionality. i'm no the making that up. turns out the old tried and true months rell za is the way to go. based on the amount of browning, pl blistering and oil content. chedd cheddar, provolone and colby were a close second. a story of loss and recovery on this labor day involves a wounded warrior finding new motivation through an old avocation. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports now this competitor has a chance to go for the gold. >> reporter: marine major eric burkette never misses. in two weeks, this wounded warrior who is still being treated at walter reed will be competing in london's first
3:31 pm
invictus games. he's planning to bring home the gold. >> it's an indoor shoot. i'll be bringing both my compound bow and my recurve, whatever format they give me, i'll shoot it. >> reporter: on april 11th, 2012, the osprey tilt rotor aircraft that major burkette was piloting as part of an operation in morocco crashed, killing all but two people on board. for 14 months, doctors attempted to save his leg. he still may face yet another amputation. >> i hate shooting from a wheelchair. a lot of guys don't mind it. i hate it. i'd rather stand. >> reporter: the invictus games are the brainchild of prince harry who himself is a combat certified apache helicopter pilot. the games will take place in london at the olympic stadium from september 10th to 14th and will include wounded warriors from around the world including injured afghan and iraqi troops. harry came up with the idea during a trip to the united states after attending the warrior games sponsored by the u.s. military in colorado.
3:32 pm
he enlisted a number of famous friends for their support. >> it matters not how straight the gate. >> i am the master of my fate. >> i am the captain of my soul. >> i am invictus. >> reporter: for major burkette who had long used archery for hunting and his wife, melissa, and their four children getting back to his sport has been a key part of his recovery. >> it just helps him clear his mind. anything is good to get out of the hospital to be out here. >> i mean, i was an archer before "hunger games." >> reporter: while still in inpatient at walter reed, he was asked if he would like to get back to shooting arrows. >> i said anybody, any time, and i'll beat them. i don't know. i was probably on a lot of drugs then. >> reporter: he returned to the range when he was wheelchair bound. the farthest he has shot and won is 90 meters or nearly 300 feet.
3:33 pm
>> i won the gold at endeavor games last year. a silver this year. it sounds like i'm bragging. >> reporter: his four children have all learned to hold a bow. they have been living for the past two years since his injury at walter reed military hospital. his 11-year-old son, keenan, was a state archery champion when he was 9. >> he is retired. he was north carolina, in 2009, north carolina state champion. 6 to 8-year-old division. >> reporter: seeing their dad prepare for london's invictus games has made the others want to learn, too. for major burkette, it's given him a renewed sense of purpose. >> my legs get sore walking back and forth. as marines, as servicemen, we get used to pushing through. >> reporter: that strength, his family says, is what enables him to keep going. now they say he plans to win. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. will, williams and krauthammer, an all-star panel
3:34 pm
tonight just ahead live. first, we've lost one of the members of the fox family, my colleague mike majchrowitz died at the much-too-early age at 51. he's known with great pipes and the unspellable last name, we just called him mac. today by sheer coincidence, the president was in wisconsin, the home state of mack who treasured the green bay packers. what we remember most about mack is not the attention he paid to his work but his family as his former buddy rich johnson recalled for us. >> he was always about his wife and three kids. mike majchrowitz was and always will be the greatest family man i will have the privilege to know. >> i couldn't agree more. and at the end of a day's work, mike's bosses in radio would say break it down. you've been good nighted. so all of us here at fox news in washington say good night, mike. >> at the white house, mike majchrowitz, fox news radio.
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3:38 pm
to confront the threat of islamic extremism, we need a tough, intelligent, patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at its source. we must use all the resources at our disposal, our aid, our diplomacy and our military. >> but i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. there's no point in me asking for action on the part of congress before i know exactly what it is that is going to be required for us to get the job done. >> a contrast in leadership style. let's bring in our panel, george will, ron williams, "the hill," charles krauthammer. i want to talk about david cameron acting today when he raised the terror threat level, but something important happened over the weekend. king abdullah of saudi arabia had this to say. quote, these terrorists do not know the name of humanity. you have witnessed them severing heads and giving them to
3:39 pm
children to walk with in the street. if neglected, i am certain that after a month, they will reach europe, he said of isis, and after another month, america. george, a terror attack he's predicting in america within two months. >> king abdullah, the head of the house of saud, the head of a c country with 3,000 cousins, a good many of whom finance islamic extremists said my neighborhood has gone to hell in a hand cart, and nato, the north atlantic treaty organization, ought to do something about it. i asked the research staff at fox news channel to tabulate the combined militaries of iran, iraq, jordan, syria, saudi arabia, 250 highly qualified aircraft, awacs command people combined in their militaries. and they're saying gee, we don't know what to do about 10 fighters and isis. the fact is, the obama administration, by its caution
3:40 pm
and its slow pace, at least forcing them to decide whether or not they're going to be free riders on the american military forever. in this case, i think not. >> one, is that a failure of leadership in the middle east, or is it a failure of leadership at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where they're talking about putting together a coalition that as george points out hasn't come together yet? >> you know, this is an epic failure on the part of leadership in the middle east. i can't say amen enough to george will on this point. i just think that the king of saudi arabia and many in the muslim community have been asking the united states to go into the fight while they say or we'll hold your coat or we'll put some money in the pot. ridiculous. the idea at the white house at the moment is that there's a need for the muslim world to come together and confront isis. the failure and leadership at the white house that you're talking about, ed, is one that has said we as the american people who are directly threatened, and that's what the king is saying. that we here on the homefront
3:41 pm
could be threatened by isis, that that strategy has not taken shape, and i heard this on the sunday shows from mike roberts here on fox news sunday and others that there's a need to convince not only the american people but isis that the united states is serious. >> mike rogers, in fact, let's play that bite from "fox news sunday." mike rogers yesterday right here on "fox news sunday." >> the problem is the clock didn't start with thof the amer. that was just a symptom of what was a long and growing problem for the united states. so it's not wrong. it's just very, very late in the game. and it presents fewer options. >> and that's the chairman of the house intelligence committee. i respect what george said. i respect what juan said, charles, about look, these middle eastern leaders need to step up as well. but what about the substance of what king abdullah was saying? he's predicting. tell me whether you think he's right or not, a terror attack in europe within a month and in america within two months. it's pretty scary. >> look, he has no way of knowing although i will admit
3:42 pm
that he and his ilk spreading radicalism throughout the world where their madrassas are deeply responsible for what's happening and they're shocked to discover islamic radicalism in the neighborhood is wearing a bit thin. however, of course we need the muslim world to unite against these guys. we would also like to have a cure for ebola tomorrow. it is not going to happen. it hasn't happened in the history of islam. it's not going to happen tomorrow. we're not doing anything against isis. we will not do anything against isis as a favor to saudi arabia. -- of his career in which he opposed the gulf war in 1991 which liberated kuwait after a speech brilliantly denouncing the laziness and ingratitude of the kuwaiti royal family. he was right about all of it. but the reason for the gulf war was not to liberate and to save the royal family, it was for
3:43 pm
american and western interests. the fight against isis is for our interests. it's not for saudi arabia. and the idea of inviting iran into iraq and into syria to fight against isis isn't exactly a happy prospect either. iran simply leads another branch of islamic radicalism that's soon going to be nuclear, and you don't want them in charge of mesopotamia. the unfortunate fact is we're going to have to act on our own with whatever allies we can assemble for our own interests. >> your mention of the gulf war reminds me, george, over the weekend, there was an op-ed piece in "the new york times" by john kerry saying look, we need a coalition just like the first president bush put together in '90, '91 for the first gulf war. it was immediately pointed out then senator kerry voted against that coalition to go in. what's going on there? >> it also took george herbert walker bush many months to put that together.
3:44 pm
and there are others who say we don't have the months to do it because as mike rogers said, this clock started on this a long time ago. however, you can't just fly f-16s and f-18s over mosul and fallujah and liberate cities. they have to be liberated on the ground, and we're not going to do it. maybe we should, but we're not. i don't think we should. in any case, we're not. therefore, we're either going to get arab armies involved, or those cities are going to remain in isis hands. >> george is pointing out an important reality about the pressure on president obama to act, and yet it seems his options are very difficult. i want to play a bite from senator dianne feinstein, chairs the intelligence committee, and get juan to react. listen. >> i think i've learned one thing about this president, and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. i do know that the military, i know that the state department, i know that others have been putting plans together.
3:45 pm
and so hopefully those plans will coalesce into a strategy that can encourage that coalition. >> so juan, the excuse we heard from the president last thursday and at the white house friday was we're still waiting on the pentagon. they kind of threw them under the bus. here's senator feinstein saying there's plans out there. what is going on at the white house in and the inability to put that plan finally together? when you've got this pressure from a democrat in feinstein. >> there's pressure from lots of democrats on this, let me just say, because i think especially now, labor day kicks off the fall campaign, ed he, and i think there are lots of people potentially see this as playing to the kind of american instinct which is to always say that the republicans are stronger on foreign affairs and deserve that trust. that had eroded over the years. maybe it could rebound to republican benefit going into the fall. so there's some anxiety here among democrats. but let me just say that when you hear senator feinstein speak about these plans, the plans exist. the question is the decision-making. saying that's going to be our
3:46 pm
plan among the many plans out there. and with regard to that, you think about what david cameron said. david cameron has asked for passports to be revoked, for passports to be removed in order to stop these foreign fighters who are leaving britain to go into the zone or coming back to threaten britain. you think about he also said we need to be patient. we need a comprehensive plan that includes diplomacy, economic sanctions and the like. that basically is what president obama is doing. but the level at which cameron presents these issues is so markedly different than what obama's doing. say, for example, german chancellor angela merkel today, or i should say sunday, sending arms to the kurds. that advances things even at a risk to herself and, again, starkly contrast to what the president's doing. >> i've got 30 seconds for you, charles. >> in dealing with isis, diplomacy and economic sanctions have no place whatsoever. it's going to be all military.
3:47 pm
and the fact is that the example here isn't cameron. it's george h.w. bush, as ed says. what did he do? he said of the invasion of kuwait, this will not stand, and a coalition formed behind him. obama says, i have no plans, and he expects the muslim world will rally behind him. the fact is there are people on the ground, the kurds, many of the sunnis from the anbar are awakening, and many shiite iraqis as well as the free syria army who want to fight isis, but they need american air power and american weapons. >> let me just say, you need american people to support that. and i'm not sure they're right there. >> and that might be presidential leadership to bring the people along. that will have to be the last word. next up, the almost forgotten candidate for 2016. stay with us.
3:48 pm
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i think in some quarters joe biden might be a punch line. in other quarters people view him as an uncle type that you like but you are not sure you want him in charge of the country. a sitting vice president with his eye on the top prize can never be discounted. george will is tongue kel joe, a national punch line or a serious presidential con tender. >> serious to the extent people might say we detest inevitably and detest the hillary clinton campaign. her husband ran promising a bridge to the 21st century, she is promising a bridge to the 1990s, i don't think people vote that wait a minute listen to him, he gives that speech in detroit i think it was take back america, from whom? from the rascals who has been running it for six years of who she is -- who he is a part. when the stock market
3:52 pm
crashed president roosevelt went on television there was no president roosevelt. there was no television. people saying that's just joe being authentic. the question is authentic what. he knows nothing whatsoever of american history what kind of history would he make. >> this was in february, the vice president talking about his credentials. >> my knowledge of foreign policy, my engagement with world leaders, my experience uniquely fin barack obama and i have bringing up world peace in a way that is real and substantive. >> a few months later world peace not breaking out there, juan. >> i wouldn't put that all at joe biden's door though. >> it's hard for him to separate from the president. >> it's very hard for him to separate from the president. that's an issue from for him. we talk about hillary fatigue. it's not showing up in the polls. second thing to say is biden really is quite the charger. i don't know if you have
3:53 pm
been in a room and seen him give a speech. he gets people going. they like uncle joe a will the. at will of potential there. the final quick point, today, you know, when he was talking about how the economy is going good. wall street is going good. unemployment down, corporate profits up. durable goods purchased at a higher rate, he is making a strong case for the democrats and for joe biden. >> charles, i have five seconds for you. that's an inside joke. i'm joking. what do you think about uncle joe? >> you can talk about how great economy is and how great the world is. his own secretary of state is telling us that the world is exploding all over. he talked about world peace i thought he was a miss america contestant answering father's wish question. look, one of your commentators said in some quarters biden is a punch line. in all quarters he is a punch line. he is the congenial uncle into. serious presidential candidate. to be serious about his achievements, he was the guy in charge in iraq after the 2010 election of getting a moderate government which
3:54 pm
had won the most votes. the allawi party. his one job he failed utterly. evidence doesn't have a good record. >> charles can jump on this as well. joe biden takes a lot of heat for iraq. he was the one talking about partitioning iraq in three pieces from left to right everyone laughed at him. that's starting to happen on its own. >> the law of averages caught up with him. >> you think that's all it is, charles? >> and it's also because of the failure of this administration of not getting an agreement. at the time he proposed splitting the government in three, we had won the war with the surge. we hended -- had ended the civil war. it was the wrong advice at the wrong time and he has a history of doing it. >> george, one more before we get to juan. >> joe biden is to some extent the am mible uncle in
3:55 pm
the uncle in the attic. do we want to give the amiable uncle nuclear weapons. >> i have known him as vice president, that is a serious person's it's easy to make jokes because he does have these comments that come up. did i not see him as some light weight or someone who is inexperienced or unable to hold his own at a table. >> he has more credentials than martin o'malley or elizabeth warren. >> that's for certain. i would just say, you know, charles, it comes across as bitterness on your part. you refuse to acknowledge, gee, joe biden actually had a visionary perspective here when it came to the partition. >> it wasn't a vision. it was a giving up at the time it -- >> -- oh no. you blamed obama. >> he has the most experience but he has been wrong. >> it's labor day let you will all try to get along. that's a way toned it on a positive note. what storm caused a different kind of headache for the nation's meteorologist and even some
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, meteorologists predicted last week that hurricane cristobal would pose a huge threat to most of the east coast for the holliday weekend. pronouncing turned out to be its own disasser. >> hurricane crease cristobal. >> hurricane cristobal.>> crist. >> that is cristobal. >> cristobal. >> cristobal. >> crystal ball. >> chris to ball. >> yeah, i couldn't say chris tobel. >> next time we will look at them.
4:00 pm
that's "special report." i'm ed henry. stay with fox news for all the latest news. good evening, i'd henfully washington. british david cammeron to call for new terror laws. david wants to revoke pass torts. president obama was in milwaukee today where he did not mention either isis or the terror threat. instead he talked to a friendly crowd about the economy and promised to press congress for a raise about the minimum wage. the administration is doing all he can to it win the earliest possible release of three americans being held in north korea. the three were allowed to speak to foreign media today under the watchful eye, of course of north korea officials. >> pro-russian rebels in ukraine are backing off for full independence. now they are willing to deal. vice president said talks


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