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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 4, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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daughter abigail's first day of school. rusty our director, we love you, and abigail. congratulations her. we'll look forward to watching her grow up. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is thursday, september 4th 20, 14. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping riot at a juvenile detention center. teens armed with rocks and pipes attacking guards while trying to escape. we have the breaking details ahead. >> that's not good. >> meanwhile, a tale of two leaders, president obama and british prime minister david cameron meeting today as one draws a hardline and the world still wondering where the other guy stands on this isil threat. what happens today? stay tuned. and the video is crazy, you have a stadium ceiling come crashing down.
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what? you see that. you go running. we'll be sharing the rest of that video and what happened because morning are better with friends. >> it's time for "fox & friends." must have known something was happening if they had a camera trained on it. >> you know what, someone had an inkling. >> that is crazy. >> thank you for joining us this morning at "fox & friends." we're going to go right now to heather chillders who has breaking news overnight. good morning, friend. >> good morning. nice to see you and be here. >> the video is outrageous, violent groups breaking out at the same detention center in nashville where more than 30 inmates escaped. about 20 other teenagers tried to escape this time but they were armed with rock, sticks and metal poles, started attacking the guards, s.w.a.t. teams were called in to round them up. 14 are back in custody. six of the teenagers who escaped on monday still on the run.
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the hunt is on for a killer at this hour after a body is found near the arizona home where an 8-year-old girl vanished without a trace. the fbi saying it's too soon to know if the body is that of isabella grogan canella. she was last seen around midnight on monday. her parents say she was snatched right out of her bed in the middle of the night. investigators found no signs of a break-in, but they have not ruled out a kidnapping. there is an outcry from the catholic community this morning after organizers of the st. patrick's day parade here in new york city allow a gay group to march for the first time since it began in 1766. the parade will be led by timothy cardinal -- cardinal timothy dolan sparking even more controversy. he gave the decision his blessing and some catholics are calling for him to step down, calling the move contrary to their core. to north carolina now, democrat kay hagan facing a tough re-election battle in the senate slams president obama in
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a fiery debate. it happened last night. hagan criticized the president's policies on syria, immigration and his handling of secret waiting lists, remember those, at the va. >> their lives should not be at risk when they come home. i have demanded better from the president and i have demanded the fact that we need to support our va. >> her challenger house speaker tom tillis claims hagan is just a rubber stamp for the president. the race one of the most competitive senate elections this year. that is a look at your headlines. back to you. >> all right. heather, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. time to have a nato summit because it's about time the world got together over issues. every other nation they used to have when they used to call themselves the soviet union and how to come together on a comprehensive effort and coalition to stop isis. one thing is clear, we may have the power, but it seems like david cameron has the very clear and candid voice, but together,
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they combined on an op-ed published today. >> the nato summit bringing them at least together an opinion as indicated by their writing which said this, quote, if terrorists think we will weaken in the face of their threats they cannot be more wrong. countries like britain and america will not be cowed by barbaric killers. >> that's terrific. that's the kind of rhetoric we've been waiting to hear from our president. remember, it was just last week the president said we don't have a strategy. then yesterday he said during that press availability with the president of estonia, we would destroy isis, but then he said you know what, maybe we'll just manage them. this is very, very confusing, not only for people watching, but also for the white house staff because they had to explain what the president meant last week, what he meant yesterday, and what he means now. jason, chaffetz the republican from out west is confused like the rest of us. >> the president seems to be a
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definite maybe. that is not what we need in the commander in chief of the united states of america. i think history will show the president failed to deal with this about a year too late. we should have been dealing with a year ago. here we are today. we need a goal, we need an objective and then we need a strategy. it just does not feel that the president of the united states has his heart into it because the moment he gets off the teleprompter we get this different answer saying it's manageab manageable. manageable? that's when you're closing a lane on the freeway and you have to go down the freeway with three lanes instead of four. this is isis, they want death and destruction to the united states of america. >> that's right. >> the problem is, you might say jason chaffetz is a republican and goes against the president a lot. you saw the secretary of defense going against the president, saying it's clear, it's destroy. make it destroy. vice president biden again, almost, you know, go very over the top emotional saying we have to destroy these guys. >> and follow them to the gates
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of hell. >> jan psaki had a hard time because of the three positions the president took in the estonia press conference. seems the president, what david chaffetz said when he's off his prompter, he tends just to wing it. >> i think what the american people are searching for, we heard it from jason chaffetz, they're searching for conviction in the statement, not just empty words. i love to hear strong statements from the president at a time like this, as many other citizens, but i think you want to believe there's some conviction behind there. certainly coming from those that are on his side politically. i mean democrats are coming out right now with stronger statements than he has in the past. >> sure. >> we've got a ton of them coming out. united arab emirates using stronger words and verbiage as it relates to isis. they said islamic extremism is a middle east problem but quickly becoming the world's problem too. now it's time to act. the uae is ready to join the international community in an urgent, coordinated and
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sustained effort to confront the threat that will, if left, unchecked, have global ramifications for decades to come. >> it's about time. that's the first middle east country to come out against isis. charles krauthammer sees it this way. >> the uae is not afraid to say islam mick extremism. the president is. he calls it extremism. in fact, earlier in the show you showed the -- our counter terrorism, our top guy, called olson, and he said that isis now is looking to outpace al qaeda as the leader of the global extremist movement. he cannot bring himself to say islamic. for god's sake, isis calls itself the islamic state and yes, we are so politically correct we don't want to use the words islamic, less it be a slur on great religion. >> to your point about how people throughout washington seem to be turning on the president, not only on the republican side, but on the
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democrat side as well, just take a look. senator al franken from the great state of minnesota, he's about as far left as you can get, he said i was troubled by the president's recent suggestion that the administration has not developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of isil's activities in syria. and he's not alone. >> right. out of massachusetts, elizabeth warren was asked by katie couric about it and she said this. >> isis is growing in strength and it has money, it has organization, it has the capacity to inflict real damage. so when we think about a response, we have to think about how to destroy that. we need to be working now full speed ahead with other countries to destroy isis. that should be our number one priority. >> senator warren sounds like someone who was sleeping in the
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other room and told to whisper. i understand her point. she's way to the left. ja nin shah neen who wants to win an election with the former senator brown says, quote, do not believe isil is manageable. agree that terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell the quote from joe biden. >> chasing is one thing. he said we're going to follow you. i don't think they should be taking the lead at all. that is one point i took issue with. the mention by the president this is not going to be a one week or one month or six month proposition. the president has been quick to set deadlines in terms of solving problems when it comes to the middle east and timelines with our military, but not able to do that, not able to know if there is a definite strategy moving forward with time as well. >> the white house strategy is while the president is over in wales where he is right now and we're going to bring you some pictures of him with david cameron shortly, what he's going to do is try to build a coalition. so far senator -- former senator, current secretary of
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state john kerry has reached out to australia, the uae, jordan, qatar, saudi arabia, israel, and italy, and these are countries that they're saying, okay, you all have an interest in killing off isil or isis as we do. what can you contribute? humanitarian aid? weapons? here. sign up. >> yeah. meanwhile this has been going on, they've been together for a year. the urgency has been there for a year. they took mosul three months ago and now waiting for a big conference to get a coalition. by the way, call egypt and planes have planes too. as great as uae is to come forward if you gave your people a little bit of rights i would feel better. they should right a check. the uae did combine with egypt to bomb libya two weeks ago because they feared islamic extremists getting hold in that country. >> the nation is praying something moves forward. the second american journalist
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beheaded, isis starting to take over power transformers and one of the fighters who was killed just recently that we know, he was working for an airline out of minnesota. so time is ticking and lives are on the line m president. >> and the next up is a british journalist who everyone is focused on now. >> yeah. unfortunately they think he may already be dead. it's 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up we just told you about president obama's flip flop on his stance regarding isis or isil as he calls it. which leader sends a stronger message? our president or the prime minister of great britain? we'll grade them coming up next. >> why not, it's back to school. >> sure. >> the healthy school lunches, speaking of, forced by the feds too hard to swallow. big changes coming this school year for some kids. you're not going to want to miss them. >> that looks good.
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thanks for being back with us here. we're going to go through some sound bites here and how it's really responded to and how people are really emotionally ticking after this one direction or the other. we're going to start with yesterday, president obama in estonia sending mixed messages on isis. the manageable problem. >> the bottom line is this. our objective is clear and that is to degrade and destroy isil so that it's no longer a threat not just to iraq, but also the region and to the united states. we know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities, to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> okay. so we're in a world where messaging is everything.
3:17 am
we're in a world where isis is using strong messaging to the world and the united states and great britain. what grade would you give president obama for his messaging? >> what he's doing is acting like this is a textbook problem. people are angry. people want us to respond strongly. and what is he doing right here? he's acting like a college professor calling this a manageable problem. we are -- we have people that are being killed that are american citizens here and we want a strong response. he's not giving it, he's not delivering it and what we see is people aren't responding to him. i would just give him a "c." this is really average. >> based on his energy, is it based on his sort of delayed hand signals? is it based on his actual words and choice? >> i think it's his actual words. he used terms like sphere of influence, he talked about effectiveness, financing, military capabilities. this is a manageable problem. this isn't textbook. he's not a college professor. he's the leader of america and that's what we want him to see. we want strong language, more something like what biden said
3:18 am
yesterday, we see this anger, i'm going to protect our people. >> this is another sound from president obama when he discussed not having a strategy as it relates to isis. august 28th, this is the date. >> i am confident that as commander in chief, i have the authorities to engage in the acts that we are conducting currently as our strat fwi develops, we will continue to consult with congress and i think it will be important for congress to weigh in or our consultations with congress continue to develop so that the american people are part of the debate. but i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> what do those dials indicate to you and what's your overall grade? >> i mean, this is devastating for him. this is one of the worst moments i've seen president obama ever have. republicans and democrats alike, the folks we're talking to said this didn't instill confidence. this isn't a commander in chief.
3:19 am
to say we have no strategy, what a disappointment. saying we're doing the air strikes. i don't know what i'm going to do. i have to consult with congress. i'm going to give him a d-minus and say that's generous given the response and backlash this has had on us. >> one day later, david cameron, the british prime minister said this. >> we cannot apiece this ideology, we have to confront it at home and abroad. to do this, we need a tough, intelligent, patient, and comprehensive approach that defeats the terror threat at its source. we are in the middle of a generational struggle against a poisonous and extremist i doing that i believe we will be fighting for years and probably decade. >> i'm seeing climbing numbers there. what's your grade and assessment? >> cameron did a great job. he painted context. he told us why this is different than anything before and he talked about it in a credible way. we're going to be fighting this for years. we're not going to tolerate it on our soil. i give him an "a."
3:20 am
he did a fantastic job. this what is leadership looks like. >> overall the grade is? >> an "a." >> okay. well you know a lot of people would say the president's statements so far would get an incomplete. we thank you for all of your insight, lee carter. we'll see you soon. call the pc police. a major newspaper refusing to call the washington redskins by name. what the heck are they going to call them? we'll tell you. and brand new car about to hit the market. can you tell if you are driving distracted. guess who wants the information? insurance companies, of course. but is it legal? ♪ life in the fast lane makes you lose your mind ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ everything all the time ♪ life in the fast lane [ hoof beats ]
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wow. the ceiling comes crashing down during a bad mitten tournament in vietnam. huge chunks of debris fell from the is stadium on to the match floor. players and fans narrowly escaped. no one was hurt. and the new yo"new york dai news" sacking the washington redskins name, now only refer to the team as washington and the squad who wears red the who giants like to beat. the paper refusing to publish the team's logo opting for this image of the team's colors instead. this is getting ridiculous. 71% of the country say leave it alone. let's shift gears. drivers beware, your next car might have cameras installed that look at you in the passenger -- the passenger or
3:25 am
driving tracking your every move. general motors is set to become the first car maker to install eye and head tracking technology that can tell when drivers are distracted. some say it will increase safety, but others are worried. it could be a major invasion of privacy. justin brookman the director of the project on consumer privacy for center of democracy and technology and joins us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> i like the idea of if there was going to be a camera on you to figure out if you're starting to doze off and, you know, there could be a beep beep beep or something like that, but you see all sorts of mischief that could happen with a camera aimed at the driver and passengers, don't you? >> yeah. i live on a busy street and i take my kids to school every morning. i see people kind of driving and not paying attention so i kind of like the idea of them being nudged every once in a while to pay attention and stay on the road but yeah, i worry about people constant video footage of
3:26 am
everyone in their cars all the time. who else is going to want access to that information. is my insurance company want to know how often i look at my phone. am i going to get a ticket every time i look at google maps to see where i'm going. is it going to be out in the cloud where its might get hacked or accessed. >> exactly. the intent the way gm is selling it going to figure out if you're driving distracted, looking down at your blackberry or iphone or something like that. that is not helpful when you're driving. i mean you shouldn't be doing that anyway. but just the fact that they would know that, you do wonder whether or not next thing you know you're going to get a bill from allstate, hey, we understand you've been driving, watching your iphone. >> yeah. the vendor that gm chose to put these cameras in cars said, first we'll get the cameras in there for safety and then figure out other uses for it. my question is what are the uses you're thinking about. maybe there's beneficial things
3:27 am
that could happen but this is my car, i paid 20, $30,000 for it. i don't want a camera focused on me at all times and people can access it for reasons i don't necessarily agree with. are they going to look at me when i'm eating an egg mcmuffin on the way to work and send me coupons. this is my car. i don't want that. >> they might see you're eating a big mac at lunch time and send you something to go work out instead. >> exactly. and you know, maybe i want that. maybe people want that experience. i'm not sure i do. i think the driver needs to be the one in control here. >> sure. the other worry is, if there's a camera in your car, let's say it's right up there by your mirror and taking a picture of you the whole time, and as you say, it goes into the black box or something like that, who's to say -- with this nsa thing, big brother is watching, we don't know exactly where those images are going to go. who knows, it might wind up in some sort of repository and next thing you know you're involved in a divorce proceeding, your
3:28 am
wife's lawyers calling for the video to see if anybody else was in the car. it opens a can of worms. >> yeah. the police might say you're in public the entire time, we can see it. maybe you don't need to get a court order before they get that information. for better or worse, electronic storage is cheaper and cheaper. right now maybe they can store us for the last three seconds before a crash. over time maybe they can store it for days at a time and you as the driver don't have control of that. it's an unfortunate direction to go down. >> we like the idea to track distracted drivers but at the same time when big brother is watching you wonder what big brother is going to do with that. all right. justin brookman from the center of technology, thank you very much. >> thank you. what do you think about that? is it a good idea? do you worry what they're going to do with that. e-mail us. coming up, one town council tried to rename a building for president obama, but the
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president obama will attend a nato summit in wales this week with 67 other world leaders. he's trying to project strength so the white house says he'll be wearing his toughest shade of tan suit. somewhere between a hazelnut and
3:33 am
a sesame. very intimidating, almost like a two setting on a toaster. >> we're not going to taupe it anymore. >> funny guy. talking the world stage wardrobe right there. we turn now heather joins us, she has some headlines to bring us as well. >> hello. we do have this chilling audio to bring to you this morning. we are getting a first listen to a widow's desperate call to police as a thief breaks into her home. >> okay. stay on the line with me. i've already got officers started. do not hang up. >> i have a gun in my hand. >> the 47-year-old woman gets into a struggle with the suspect. her late husband had reportedly shown her how to shoot and then the gun goes off. >> i'm sorry. >> you shot him? >> yeah. >> well the wounded woman or the wounded man, michael lewis, that's who she wounded, he is
3:34 am
alive to face a judge next week in an arizona courtroom. there he is. a daring and dramatic rescue for the son of billionaire richard branson. sam branson made it to the top of madder horn mountain in the swiss alps, 14,000 feet high. on his way down he became dizzy and confused. a chopper was flown in to rescue him. his father was at the bottom of the mountain and watched the whole thing unfold. the two cried when they were reunited. if you like the name of your community center you can keep the name of your community center. that's what some folks in new jersey who stood up to their town council's decision decided after they wanted to rename a center after president obama. >> we reskinned tdned -- resinn name change of the jfk community center. >> the all democratic town council reversing their decision after hundreds showed up to the
3:35 am
meeting many saying the change would be disrespectful to president kennedy. two more schools finding the first lady's hunch program hard to swallow. two districts in new york are ditching the menu michele obama revamped in 2010. the reason, it has increased the cost of the lunches and the number of students buying has dropped, so why are less kids chowing down? they say that the portion sizes are too small and it doesn't taste good. and those are your headlines. time to toss it out to maria standing by on the plaza with your weather forecast. >> good morning, heather. hello, everybody. we want to take you straight to the northern plains and parts of the upper midwest because that area is looking at the potential today for some severe storms and it includes states like wisconsin, also the u.p. of michigan and even down into iowa. we have the severe storms rolling through right now, is minnesota, we do currently have a tornado warning and this is located just to the -- just near the city of fargo. a little bit to the east of them. and also across portions of northern minnesota.
3:36 am
again we are looking at that severe weather potential today in place out there. we have severe thunderstorm watches and also a tornado warning across parts of minnesota. now that storm system will keep moving eastward and you can see those warnings still in effect out there. temperature wise, though, ahead of that storm system it's going to be a hot day. you're looking at temperatures well into the 90s in places like dallas and also in kansas city, behind that system, though, a lot cooler, only in the 70s. and that cool air continues to move eastward friday and saturday. let's head over to brian and elisabeth. ♪ catch a little groove before the show ♪ >> hank williams jr. when he was talking to us, said are you ready for some football. >> right. >> kickoff is tonight. yep. thursday night. we're here to bring the spirit of football to your morning. game time football, beer and wings could only mean one thing. >> that sounds good to me. why patrick, the director of
3:37 am
beverage innovation with buffalo wild wings is joining us now on the plaza. let me tell you this is a happy 48th and 6th right now. buffalo wild wings doing something special to kick off football season. what is that? >> we've kicked off a brand new promotion to start the football season. we've got great drinks, we've got great food, we've got a great fantasy game that we've launched. there's lots of things going on right now. fun stuff to talk about. >> an app where people can win -- >> absolutely. there's a -- we launched game break, it's a fantasy sports platform. games you play on your iphone, android, you can play in restaurants on your tablet. >> right. >> and there's also a live version too. while at the game you can play. chances to win prizes. >> it's a fun place. >> while we're playing, we want to have a few drinks. >> definitely. >> buffalo wild wings. the traditional bloody mary. >> yeah. this is our kind of spin on what a traditional bloody mary is. we use absolute the fantastic vodka to spice up a bloody mary
3:38 am
a little bit. the way we tweak it to make it signature to us, our desert heat seasoning on the rim to control the heat if you want to. that's kind of the traditional. >> it's hot. i like it. >> but here's what's kind of interesting with drinks, is that this is kind of very salty, savory. >> spicy. >> spicy so you want to kind of have the opposite side too. the sweet, the citrus, refreshing. >> are you moving to the beer mosa. >> i'm leading into the beer. >> it's got -- we've got orange juice which is kind of a spinoff to a traditional mimosa, champagne and orange juice, that's your basic. we've upped the game, added kwan tro, versatile liqueur, 80 proof, great in any cocktail, since it's made out of orange peel -- >> and then the beer. >> blue moon. we use blue moon. blue moon made out of orange peels and coriander. it's a sweeter orange. when you add these three
3:39 am
together, you have orange orange orange, garnish with orange. >> the brad burger you're famous for. traditional dips over here. the wings. i am somebody who does not like -- i like the boneless wings. over here for people that don't care, wing central, to have it off the bone. >> are you a boneless or bone-in guy. traditional or bone. >> plenty of both. over a billion were sold last year during football season by buffalo wild wings. >> 9 million during the super bowl. a billion annually. >> excellent. patrick, thanks for joining us on the plaza. buffalo wild wings kicking off football season. tackle time. >> innovation never stops with the beer mosa. what have you invented lately? that question will be answered in the break. >> i have a feeling the crew could make those disappear after noon if you would bring them in for later. thank you brian and elisabeth. it's being called a symbol of bravery and it was used the night we took down bin laden.
3:40 am
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>> thank you, tobey. headlines now on this thursday morning. new york city is getting a trophy from the war on terror. the shirt worn by the navy s.e.a.l. from s.e.a.l. team six who delivered justice for america by shooting bin laden will be put on public display at the 9/11 museum starting this sunday on 9/11. this morning we're getting a first look at the new biography on president george herbert walker bush written by his son george walker bush. the cover released. the title is "41, a portrait of my father." the book comes out in november. all right. brian, over to you. >> all right. you want to light up but do not have the money? good news, at least if you're in berkeley california. a new law requiring medical marijuana dispensaries to give away at least 2% of their weed to low-income patients. peter is a recovering drug addict and head of the international faith based
3:45 am
coalition, bishop ron allen, and mesa tavert. so reverend, what do you think of this? >> i think it's ludicrous, over the top madness. why would berkeley city council want to keep their poverty stricken under served high in poverty and lethargic. it's absolutely mind boggling and absolutely ridiculous for berkeley city council to make such a suggestion and then to put this in motion. makes no sense at all. >> mason, are you for dumping pot on the impoverished? >> well, i think that we need to look at this for what it is, which is medical marijuana's legal in california. 85% of americans according to fox news last polled support medical marijuana and it's up to this community to decide if they would like to have a program that allows low-income individuals to have access to it. and that's really their decision. so it's a matter of the
3:46 am
democratic process. people following the state's laws and this law appears to accommodate both of those. >> let's take a look at stat as it comes to berkeley. their poverty rate is 18%. the u.s. poverty rate is 15%. it's slightly up. does it necessarily -- do you look at medical marijuana different than you would oxycontin or any other type of medicine or looking at the connotation of recreational drugs and misconstruing it? >> well, research tells us that pair wanna has to -- marijuana has the same effects on the pleasure central system in the brain as heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and so it's no different at all. and with mason talking that it's up to the citizen, mason, that's why we elect individuals to help make good decisions for our cities and you have to admit that berkeley city council must have been high to make this
3:47 am
decision to cause generational poverty. the center for children of poverty makes a strong statement that when a child is in poverty and lives in poverty, they have a greater chance of becoming -- living in poverty as an adult. so berkeley has not helped their city at all. in fact, it pushed it deeper into a depression,let that are gic --let that are gic, a criminal mind. this is bad. >> mason, how do you feel about that? >> well, bishop, you know with all due respect, your suggestion that marijuana has the same effect as heroin and crack cocaine, really just suggests that you don't know what you're talking about quite frankly. the fact is, marijuana is proven to be less toxic and less addictive not only than those drugs but then alcohol. if you don't like marijuana and you don't like people who use
3:48 am
marijuana that's your prerogative. the fact is medical associations across the country and more than 80% of americans think marijuana can help. >> here's the problem, in practicality people are abusing medical marijuana prescription. they're using it for recreational purposes and doctors are just complicit and this plays into the cycle and that's what the bishop is seeing because he's been there himself. >> well -- >> well -- >> the fact is that -- >> in fact -- >> the fact is that narcotic pain killers are one of the number one causes of accidental deaths in the united states and marijuana is not responsible for any overdose deaths. >> mason -- >> states with medical marijuana laws are seeing fewer deaths than states without them. >> let him finish. >> mason, cigarettes does not cause an overdose but we have many people dieing from cigarettes. >> that doesn't change anything. >> marijuana -- >> cigarettes are more harmful than marijuana.
3:49 am
>> mason, you to let me say something here. marijuana is -- carcinogenic is worse. i know you guys want to smoke and get high, but what berkeley has done to their citizens in berkeley, california, is terrible and every last one of them should be recalled for harming the future of berkeley's youth. >> i can see the passion on both sides. s. mason, good solid argument there. do you agree that the rich who get marijuana should be giving 2% of what they pay out to help the poor get their medical marijuana? i want you to go on facebook right now and debate that and bring it on-line. thanks, guys. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, are you smarter than a common core kid? >> 26 plus 17 by breaking apart numbers to make a 10. use a number that adds with the 6 and 26 to make it 10 since 6 plus 4 equals 10 use 4.
3:50 am
>> what? >> the mandated curriculum leaving adults clueless. stossel breaks down his lesson plan for so you want the burger and fries,
3:51 am
a a
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
i think i've learned one thing about this president and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. >> the white house tries to build a strategy to fight isis in syria. even democrats are calling on the president to launch more air strikes. >> seven democrats have spoken out in public, including minnesota's very lefty senator, al franken. >> in a tough fight to keep his senate seem but analysts say the president could have a tough time when it comes to the legality of air strikes, especially if he takes action without congressional approval. >> here to explain the president's options is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. always good to see you. >> good morning. >> where is the president within bounds when it comes to these air strikes as it relates to his address of congress? >> under the war powers resolution in 1973 statute enacted by the congress, over the veto of president nixon, the
3:55 am
president of the united states has the authority to deploy military force without congressional approval anywhere in the world outside the united states for 90 days. all he has to do is tell congress they're going and why they're going. >> at the 90th day? >> he can then say to congress, i need a second 90 day-period because if i don't, the people i sent for the first 90-day period are going to get harmed or the accomplishments they achieved will be undone. at the end of the second 90-day period, he has to either bring them home or get permission from the congress. >> okay. so that's the way it's set up and we've done it for a very long time. it seems like, judge, the president is speaking so cautiously as we just heard from the senator right there. what if congress says okay. we're going to go ahead. we're going to enact the war powers act? and the president doesn't enact it? >> that has never, ever happened in american history that the congress has declared war, authorized war, or authorized limited hostilities and the president has refused to execute
3:56 am
them. elisabeth's question was does he have the legal authority to do it alone? answer, yes. your question is, would he have the willpower to do it even if congress declared war? that's a psychological question about the president because he is so reluctant to exercise military force, just as senator feinstein said. >> it will be odd because i don't think anyone will push the president to go to congress first, but he says he wants congress behind him, but he hasn't done anything -- >> he knows the law. he has a skewed view of the law. he used the war powers act to bomb libya. was a disaster. ended up in killing the head of the government and our own ambassador got killed. >> leading from behind. >> judge, you did a very good job work awful our questions in. i appreciate it. >> and we didn't even rehearse them ahead of time.
3:57 am
>> incredible. >> great having you here. debbie wasserman schultz raising the bar for the level of discourse in politics. not really. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand. >> includes cutting --
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, september 4, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it is hard to believe. overnight there was another escape at the same detention center where 30 teen-agers escaped earlier this week. this time things got really violent. brand-new video of president obama with british prime minister david cameron. so can we expect our president to draw a harder line in the sand against the war on terror, like his counterpart seems to do verbally? stay tuned. dws, debbie wasserman schultz taking the war on women to a whole new level. >> scott walker has given women
4:01 am
the bask his hand. >> was she just calling scott walker the governor a wife beater? well, scott walker responds. he's not happy. but we are that you're watching because thursday mornings are always better with friends like you. >> this is michael wasserman, you're watching "fox & friends." the fastest show on four cameras. >> very clever. >> michael waltrip was here yesterday, which seems like yesterday. >> he was. >> with our faces on that car pretty soon, right? >> yeah. we're going to have our face on the race car that's going to be going on the track this weekend. >> fantastic. it's not all about us. it's about you. you're tuned in to get the news and that's why we turn to heather childers who is in for heather nauert. >> nice to be here. the video that elisabeth mentioned is outrageous. violent riots breaking out at the same detention center in nashville where more than 30 minute mates escaped. -- inmates stride to escape.
4:02 am
they were armed with rocks, stick and poles and started attacking guards. swat teams were called in to round them all up. ten of the ring leaders were taken to another detention center. all of the others are now back in their dorms. six of the teen-agers who escaped on monday are still on the run. the hunt is on for a killer at this hour after a body is found near the arizona home where an eight-year-old girl vanished without a trace. the f.b.i. saying it's too soon to know if the body is in fact that of the girl. she was last seen monday. her parents say that she was snatched out of her bed in the middle of the night. investigators found no signs of a break-in. but they have not yet ruled out a kidnapping. another democrat distancing herself from president obama. this time it's north carolina democrat kay hagin. in a firey debate that happened last night, she criticized the president's policies on syria, immigration, and his handling of secret waiting lists at the v.a.
4:03 am
>> their lives should not be at risk when they come home. i have demanded better from the president and i have demanded the fact that we need to support our v.a. >> her challenger, house speak claims hagin is just a rubber stamp for the president. the race is one of the most competitive senate elections this year and the senate up for grabs. a pair of kayakers tossed into the waters off the coast of massachusetts by a great white shark and they live to tell about it. >> all of a sudden i got knocked into the water and plopped down right next to a great white shark with my kayak in his mouth. >> we sat in the water for 30 minutes. it was the scariest 30 minutes of my life. >> she plopped right down next to him. luckily the shark took off after sinking its teeth into one of the kayaks. look at this kayak. those are teeth marks, confirming indeed it was a great white. those are a look at your
4:04 am
headlines. can you imagine if it happened to you? >> we're going to need a bigger kayak. >> exactly. >> you're supposed to punch him in the nose, aren't you? >> that's what i hear. >> if it got ahold of you. >> so if he's biting your kayak, don't punch him? >> i think that would be just hacking him off. there is a shark and you just punched him in the water -- >> or just verbally abuse the shark. they hate that. >> they're sensitive. >> right. four minutes after the top of the hour. we got a fox news alert. at this hour, president obama is in the country of wales visiting with british prime minister david cameron and other nato leaders. topping the agenda, coming up with a military coalition and a strategy to defeat isis. this just one day after the president sent mixed signals about dealing with the terror group. he said they were going to destroy them, but then said they would manage them. leeland vittert is in washington
4:05 am
taking a look at the administration in damage control mode. >> reporter: we'll have to see what the president for that matter says today. many here have praised. k. prime minister david cameron for coming out swinging against isis. today he and president obama released a jointly penned op ed piece headline, we will not be cowed by barbaric killers. while it's long on rhetoric, it was short on specifics about what the long-standing transatlantic alliance will do to stop isis and president obama is still taking heat over these comments from yesterday. >> our objective is clear, that is to degrade and destroy isil so we can continue to is that rink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem.
4:06 am
>> reporter: manageable? that's when you're closing a lane on the freeway and you got to go down the freeway with three lanes instead of four. then you manage it. but this is isis. they want death and destruction to the united states of america! >> reporter: the nato summit isn't just about isis. russia will be high on the agenda, especially considering putin's latest moves against ukraine and there are a lot of eastern european countries who are members of nato wondering two things, will russia target them next? and if they do, will the united states and the u.k. fill their promise to protect us, not just with words, but with military might as well? back to you in new york. >> thanks. >> so we think there is about 100 americans. some say less than that. some say a little bit more than that fighting for isis. it brings us to the question, why would anybody join? what's the attraction to leave this country to go to syria, iraq, or lebanon or anywhere else? >> just when you think you might have figured out who could want to join something like this, who
4:07 am
they might be, this surprises you. you're going to meet this man. he actually, catholic from north carolina. he wanted to join the most radical blood thirsty terrorist group of our time. why? we'll let him tell you. >> a push came from being mistreated by people around me who didn't share the views i had. i purchased a ticket with the intent of entering to syria, joining up with medical and food aid convoys or directly with the islamic state. someone has to defend islam and somebody has to defend innocent muslims. >> what a story that guy has to tell. morgan. he's 44 years old. he was a catholic for a while. he's from north carolina and he dreamed of becoming a special ops guy. he wound up being in the national guard. he got a job as a sheriff's department deputy down in north carolina. they eliminated his job.
4:08 am
he started spiraling out of control. he wound up getting married, got divorced, then he joined islam, converted to islam. then in 2012, he had a dramatic transformation. he decided to essentially become more extreme. and then through january and july of this year, he went to lebanon and he was trying his hardest to get into syria. he wanted to go and join up with isis. he knew what they were all about and he tried to join. this guy from north carolina. he looks like everybody's neighbor. is he supporting terror? here is what don morgan has to say about that. >> based on the definition, yes. i think there is a strong possibility that they'll charge me with supporting terrorist organizations and participating in terrorist activities. >> well, he's a good prognose indicator if nothing else. he ran out of money and was arrested and charged with trying to sell a rifle on line.
4:09 am
and he's going to be facing even more charges. >> because he had a felony earlier. >> right. also. they look at the whole picture. and analysts say personal disappointment and desires and exposure to increasingly radical social media contributed to morgan's actions. so if you can't become a special forces guy, if you didn't get that feeling of camaraderie as a cop or sheriff, he's still reaching for something, personal disappointment with the divorce, so why not shave my head, grow my beard and fight against humanity? >> isis is taking advantage of individuals like this one where they get into your heart at that point where you feel as though you want to belong to something. why not the most evil, destructive group out there right now with isis? >> that guy tried to get into syria and could not. however, remember last week we told you about the two guys who were killed over there fighting alongside of isis? one of them was douglas macarthur mccain. we told you about him.
4:10 am
the other was a minnesota man by the name of abdiri man mohammed. and he was killed in the same battle as doug mccain. as it turns out, we're learning more about him and it's troubling. this guy, between 2001 and 2011 was actually a fueler and a cleaner at the minneapolis-st. paul international airport. he worked for a number of different airlines, including delta where they put out this statement regarding this. airport workers with access to nonpublic secure areas of airports are subject to multiple government-based screenings, including vetting by the department of homeland security. it's just troubling to think that this guy who wants to kill americans was cleaning our airplanes. >> here is the thing. they looked at his background and came up with nothing. that's little bit of an issue. he passed. so he had access. which all he had was jet fuel near a plane. how could that be bad? >> for a decade. >> right. for ten years.
4:11 am
so people have access. you wonder why people who are involved in homeland security or counter terror have trouble sleeping at night. one of these guys slips through the netting and then decides, hey, 9-11 is here. i have an idea. let's take some action, something that would get me on the good side of allah in their own twisted mind. >> you wonder if the airlines are going back and doing a final comb through of those who might be parting in their work force. >> i'd do it again in minneapolis, that's for sure. >> meanwhile, debbie wasserman schultz who heads up the dnc was at a round table at the milwaukee athletic club yesterday when she bone headedly said this. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand and there is no -- i know ha is stark. i know that is direct, but that is reality. republicans tea party extremists like scott walker is grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back and it's unacceptable and it's not going to happen on our
4:12 am
watch. >> what was she thinking? >> scott walker said, look, not only was it unacceptable. he tweeted this, dems reached a new low with debbie wasserman schultz comments. help us fight back today. >> so raise money off of it. that tends to be the thing to do. she's a bone to pick with scott walker because of his position recently on making a little bit more tight for women to get an abortion. >> she's making it sound like he's a wife beater. that is so over the line. debbie wasserman schultz, who heads up the dnc, the dnc spokesperson said domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and the congresswoman was by no means belittling the very real pain survivors experience. really? then why did she say it? >> she was upset because he refuses to increase minimum wage and criticized the governor's bill to prevents people from suing their employer if they got
4:13 am
fired for employment discrimination. so that's the back of his hand. but she was reading it. this is very much like harry reid. you have these leaders who come out and say the most irresponsible thing like mitt romney doesn't pay taxes and the koch brothers are destroying the country and they just walk away. she's not going to get any ramifications from that. >> that was not a metaphor. that was saying, i know he does this. that's an accusation and i actually think there could be some culpability there in terms of what she has accused him of doing. >> what about the democrat we were talking about yesterday from alabama who said republicans are worse than isis? >> right. >> 13 minutes after the top of the hour. >> does the united states need o butt out of the world's problems? a whole bunch of you used to think so. but with the terror threat coming from isis, it seems we have changed our mind as a nation. we will debate it. and how do i get a gig like this? nbc now flying -- paying to fly matthew lauer to work every
4:14 am
morning. ♪ ♪
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4:17 am
if the united states too involved in the world's problems, do we need to back off? now a majority of americans, 51% to be exact, used to think so. that was back in 2013. but now with the terror threat rising and our president's
4:18 am
admitting he's got no plan, more and more americans changed their minds. get this, 31% say the u.s. should flex more muscle compared to just 17% last year. are they right? here to debate the new trend, pete hegseth, ceo of concerned veterans for america, and richard fowler, radio talk show host. why are we trending this direction? >> i think there is a lot of reasons. i think part of it is the horror and shock people are seeing across their television. but i got to tell you, i think the truth here is that you hear a lot of people talk about american exceptionalism, but it's not dropping bombs on people. the american people is what makes us so exceptional as a nation. that's the most important thing. >> a lot of times as a nation, we drop bombs on people after they try to cut our heads off. pete is a guy who fights these wars. how do you feel about this trend? >> it is a wake-up from the iraq hangover, a realization that leading from behind has not worked, that american exceptionalism is about who we are as a nation. american leadership on the world
4:19 am
stage is our only option. if we do not lead, no one else in the world is capable of doing that and we create a vacuum right now that enemies and enemies of freedom exploit, which is exactly what you're seeing with isis, and iraq and syria. you saw it in syria. leading from behind hasn't worked. >> or having a plan to follow through. richard, you say the millenials are trending on the other side of this new trend because they actually fight the wars. >> exactly right. the millenials do fight these wars. we were born with iraq. some of us died in iraq, we went to school with iraq. now we're talking about iraq again and i think if you talk to a lot of young people, they're saying no more. we have to rebuild at home and i think to answer your point, there is no question that we need to dismantle and destroy isis. the question is how we do it. what's the methodology? there can't be a blank check. we have to work with an international partner and make sure we get something done. >> we could give them a power point presentation.
4:20 am
what do you think as somebody who fights the wars? >> what we don't get to see is no mas. i don't get to see no mas to isis, to al-qaeda, to enemies who seek our destruction. you flippantly say destroy them. guess what? you can't destroy them with the international community and dialogue. you destroy them with guns and bombs and weapons. >> that's not true. >> think about who wants to cut your head off. >> wait a minute. >> there is no other military in the world who can do that. >> look at this in a vacuum. think how -- >> you're looking at this from your ivory towers of fantasy land. >> unfortunately, we're 20 seconds losing the feed. richard and pete, we're going to be debating this again. we'll bring you back, same people, different outfits in maybe a week. coming up next, we'll debate it. john stossel changes gears. we talk about education, common core and put it to the test. >> 26 plus 17, by breaking apart
4:21 am
numbers to make it 10. use a number that adds with the 6 and 26 to make 210, is instance 6 plus 4 equals 10, use 4. >> what? bulldog: quarterback takes the snap...
4:22 am
4:23 am
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time for news by the numbers. first, $13 million. that's how much brad pitt, robert deniro and leonardo dicaprio each made in two days. so how did they do it? china has deep possibilities. they filmed an ad for martin scorcese for a new chinese casino. that's nothing compared to this. forbes announced the highest paid celebrity of the year and it's sofia vergara. she made $37 million. congratulations. and finally, matt lauer is
4:25 am
$20 million deal over at the today show on nbc apparently includes free chopper rides for him and his entire family between 30 rock and the hamptons. good for you, matt. that's the news. what would you grade america's schools? who gives them an a? none of you. >> well, when we asked average american parents like you to come here and talk about schools every mom and dad agreed on one thing. they are losing faith. washington keeps promising better teachers and higher standards, but all we're getting seemingly is more and more spending and no progress. john stossel joins us now. he says same song and dance every year. nothing is happening. this has been going on for decades. >> well, except they tripled spending since president carter created the education department and no improvement. and i'm surprised at your group because most american parents said my kid's school is pretty good. but that's 'cause they d choice. they don't know what they might have had. >> sure. we've got the central system, common core has gone in and said
4:26 am
this is how it must be done in the race to the top. this is the cure. but this doesn't really sound like a cure. take a look. >> what is 32 minus 12? 20, right? you just subtract. but not under the new common core method. >> why are they going through this? >> this man who trained in nuclear engineering couldn't understand it. >> i don't understand. >> he wasn't alone. >> this is how you arrive at the answer, my friend. >> that's insane. that's so many steps. >> why are you adding things when you're trying to subtract? >> we gave people questions for third graders. they got even more confused. >> add 26 plus 17 by break apart numbers to make a 10. use a number that adds with the 6 in 26 to make it 10, since 6 plus 4 equals 10, use 4. >> what? >> we talk on this program and this channel about common core because of that right there. >> right.
4:27 am
>> and some theorists say this is the better way to learn math. but before this, we had no child left behind from president bush. before that it was goals 200 from president clinton. every president does it. >> race to the top now. >> it's going to fix everything. but what works everywhere is competition and top down government monopolies don't. but we're sticking with this one. we have little openings now of charter schools. but they're small. >> here is the thing, a lot of people are funded by their property tax. if the property tax are low in run down communities, then the teachers are going to be paid less and maybe the resources won't be there. i think the overall approach is those kids in poor communities should have the same standards and pressures and hopes as the other kids, right? >> that's a reasonable argument. but don't say in poor communities we're not spending money because we're spending about 300,000 per classroom. where does the money go? nobody knows. >> in new jersey, i think they spend north of $30,000 per kid
4:28 am
and very few kids actually graduate from high school. there are some good things that are happening in education. you're going to talk about it in your special tonight, including the fact that a lot of kids are learning math on apps. >> and it could end up saving money perhaps in terms of supplies. literal supplies. >> true. instant feedback from the internet, the teacher can focus on kids who need help. we found schools where kids say, i like school. i like learning. that's exciting to hear. >> what are they doing in those schools that's different? >> every single good school we checked out, some have wear an ear piece. they have a master teacher in the back of the room. coaches the teacher during her class from time to time. some wear uniforms. some meet longhorn. you can't know. let the kid go anywhere. the schools will compete. the best will rise to the top. >> that's the most important message, schools competing to provide the best. >> the winners get rich. the losers go out of business.
4:29 am
and they get better. >> that's the argument for vouchers, so that parents can have a choice, but there are those -- >> or tax credits. >> those who don't want it to happen. >> like the president. >> when will we see your special? >> tonight, 9:00 o'clock. >> business network. >> oftentimes repeated during the weekend. >> on the weekend. 10:00 o'clock on fox news. >> perfect timing. thanks for being here. coming up, the catholic community up in arms over gay groups being allowed in this year's st. patrick's day parade. is cardinal dolan supporting it? that developing story next. plus, ladies, forget the pain of wearing high heels every day. the workouts you can do so you don't have to ditch your favorite pair. >> that's good news, steve. thanks. >> what? ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
welcome back to "fox & friends" on this thursday. there is outrage this morning from some catholic leaders because a gay group will march in the st. patrick's day parade for the very first time in 249 years right here in new york city down 5th avenue. >> that's right. ainsley earhart is following this story. she joins us now live right near st. patrick's cathedral. what's the very latest? >> the highly popular timothy cardinal dolan giving his blessing to allow this group to participate. but his approval is striking a nerve with catholics who say it's directly contrary to their core. and now there are calls for cardinal dolan to step down because of this move. he made this statement after the announcement. neither my predecessors as
4:34 am
archbishop of new york nor i have ever determined who would or not march in this parade burks always appreciated the cooperation of parade organizers in keeping the parade close to its catholic heritage. many catholics disagree, saying it is not in keeping with their faith. mayor de blasio said giving this group the right to march is the right thing for new york. >> i've called for it for a long time, as an inclusive parade. this is a city of inclusiveness, the values of this administration is the values of the people of the city. we need a truly inclusive parade. >> reporter: you might remember this past march, mayor de blasio refused to march in the parade because of the ban. and guiness beer with drew its sponsorship. the president of the catholic league says he's disappointed with the rule change, but he will let it go because he's been assured of pro-life group will be allowed to march as well. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. big news from here in the neighborhood of saint pat's.
4:35 am
>> st. patrick's day just around the corner. >> get your green ready. >> yeah. >> you know who is wearing green right now? >> i do. i think it's heather. >> that woman. >> sort of green, i guess. >> shade of green. >> it's green. >> green enough. >> he shot and he permanently injured a rookie cop. do you remember this? he's not sorry. he's showing no remorse. he hurled the f bomb at the judge in a brooklyn new york courtroom before he got 25 years behind bars. the 29-year-old shot officer james lee in each leg after the officer grabbed robinson off a bus for not paying the fare. the officer now walks with a cane. surveillance, could this be the break that the marine held in a mexican prison has been waiting for? for the first time in court next week, a judge will see surveillance video of sergeant tahmoreesi's arrest at the border. there is more than 90 minutes of footage. from 18 different cameras. but the marine's lawyer admits
4:36 am
it might not show too much. he has been held since march when he mistakenly crossed into mexico with three legally purchased guns in his truck. firefighters rescue a baby from a hot car. bistanders in san jose, california looked on as firefighters got to work. they popped the lock, pulling the crying baby from the car. you can see they stripped the two-year-old down, rushed him to a waiting ambulance. the mother apparently told detectives that she and a second child just ran into the store for a minute. she could face child neglect charges. so have you ever wondered what happened to that missing sock? one family -- we all know this well. one family knows exactly what happened to 43 of their missing socks. the dog ate them. yep. the family's three-year-old great dane was acting strangely. so they took him to the vet. that's when the vet spotted this.
4:37 am
all those missing socks on an x-ray. the vet went in and removed every last one of them. the dog made it out okay. that could be dangerous. there must be some tasty socks. back to you. >> well, there is nothing like a pair of heels to make you feel put together as carey bradshaw would say. >> these are authentic, patent leather and if they don't fit, i'm going to wear them anyway. >> i love that. wearing high heels day in and day out can do a number on our feet, ankles and calfs. but you don't have to give them up yet. here to teach us the best exercises to combat the pain from wearing heels is fitness director of women's health magazine. welcome. >> thanks. >> the good news is we can keep wearing the heels. but we need to keep in mind the damage that they're doing. >> that's right. a lot of women admit they wear heels that are painful all the
4:38 am
time and they have discomfort in and out of wearing them. rather than saying get rid of your heels or wear one to two-inch heels which isn't that realistic, we love our heels, we're saying there is easy exercises you can do. >> right here we just saw a graphic which is important. when you're wearing the heels, it is shortening your calf muscles. >> right. that's what these are going to address. the things that happen to your heels when you're wearing them. your heels are lifted. your calf gets shortened. that place extra stress on your ankles and niece. a lot of people when they're not wearing heels realize my knees are achy. my ankles are and don't understand why. >> you mention that with our heels we can also try to choose maybe some where a platform? n they make it easier 'cause they're not putting your feet at that exaggerated angle as much. so they're kind of reducing the stress a little bit. more importantly, our doing these simple exercises day in and day out just throughout your regular routine. a really easy one to start the day with, which might be tough in the heel is ankle circles.
4:39 am
so you're just going to hold your knee and literally just do slow circles five times one way, five times another way. >> this is really good for loosening up those stiff ankles. they get in this fixed position every time you're wearing heels and this helps relax them. duke these in the morning, at night. >> this feels great. >> exactly. the calf is a big issue. so we're going to get into kind of a modified lunge position. when not wearing heels, the heel will be lifted off the ground. you're going to pulse down and get this good calf stretch. that's one of the biggest issues that you want to address are your calfs because again, they're so tightened and you really need to loosen them up. >> you feel that when you come out of the heels. >> how many? >> ten on each side and kind of hold them for a couple seconds. >> in the morning or after? >> i would do them throughout the day, too, if you can. kick off your heels and do them a couple of times. one of the best things you can invest in for high heel wearers is a foam roller. this is an easy calf stretch.
4:40 am
i can do it. you can watch. you put both feet on top of each other and just roll over the foam roller and it's really going to help work out a lot of that tightness and the kinks in your calfs. >> that's a good before and after. all these pro and post. >> exactly. just whenever you feel that tension, when you're kind of kick off your heels. these are good, simple things to do. the last one, a lot of people don't realize is that if you have stronger glutes and hamstrings, you'll be able to walk more stably in your high heels to begin with. so this is a great exercise to do. >> we're going to test both our skill in heels. >> this is a single leg dead lift. lower down. you'll feel the stretch. >> shaky. >> yeah. that's impressive. it helps your balance. obviously you need great balance when wearing great high heels. but also it's really working that backside of your body, so it's getting glutes, hamstrings, nice and strong, putting less
4:41 am
stress on your calfs and ankles. >> i definitely feel it. >> yeah. you'll be stronger and feel more stable when walking around. >> we want to thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> keeping our heels and keeping us healthy. thank you. coming up, france is something steve is going to tell you about. >> that's right. coming up, france is looking a lot tougher than the united states this morning. the french -- the bold move they just made to keep putin in check. you're going to want to hear that. and you're going to want to wait a while for your whopper today. thousands of workers are serving a massive protest instead of food. we're live with details as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪ >> i read los angeles is considering a new plan to boost the city's minimum wage to 13.25 an hour. it's getting huge support across
4:42 am
the entire country of mexico. they love it. ♪ ♪
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
we got headlines. france is looking a lot tougher than the united states this morning. france just put the brakes on a billion dollars deal to deliver a warship to russia. the reason? security concerns over moscow's role in ukraine. and al-qaeda's leader launching a new branch dedicated to waging war in india. according to the video announcement, al-qaeda is vowing to bring islamic law to india. that's the news. brian, over to you? >> why is he still alive? meanwhile, across the country,
4:46 am
this morning fast food workers are serving up massive protests. they're demanding higher wages. one of those protests happening now in manhattan's mcdonald's. jonathan hunt is there and he's not eating. he is working. hey, jonathan. >> reporter: good morning, brian. organizers of these fast food workers protests in support of a 15-dollar an hour wage plan these kind of actions in 150 cities or so across america today. this one in the heart of new york, times square, attracted several hundred. the difference this time in what is a two-year campaign is that organizers say they are planning acts of civil disobedience. we saw that just a few moments ago right here as some of these protesters blocked 42nd street, one of the main thorough fares through times square. cervelas were made. i would put it at about a dozen. we're also hearing about arrests made at a similar protest in detroit. workers say their current average salary of $9 an hour
4:47 am
simply is not enough to live on. listen here. >> america does need a raise starting with the workers who are struggling to make ends meet, working every day, 40 hours a week just to be poor. >> reporter: the national restaurant association says, quote, this is nothing more than labor groups self-interested attempts to boost their dwindling membership by targeting restaurant employees. we hope labor organizers will not escalate with aggressive tactics or intimidation and will act with respect toward our customers and employees. the fast food chains say that $15 an hour for fast food workers is simply not sustainable, would cut into their profit margins way too much. they also say in a statement to us from mcdonald's that if there is going to be any increase in the minimum wage, it has to take into account increases in costs at the
4:48 am
restaurant are currently going through due to things like the affordable care act. a day of protests across the united states. organizers say these kind of protests in up to 150 cities today. brian? >> how many people do you think are behind you? >> i'd say today, we've got about a couple of hundred have been here. they started off at a different point in times square. they marched around to be right in front of this large times square mcdonald's. then they staged a small sit-in protest in the middle of 4 2nd street. we saw a dozen arrests at this point and we are getting reports of arrests in some other cities across the united states this morning. >> all right. jonathan hunt, local, but talking about a national story. thanks so much. of course you get a raise and a lot of the money goes to union dues. up next, brooklyn decker is here. the surprise for her husband, andy roddick and details on her
4:49 am
new venture on the internet. but first on this day in history, 1882, new york city was lit for the first time by thomas edison's light bulb. then in 1972, unrelated mark spits became the first competitor to win seven medals in the olympics. in 1992, "end of the road" by boys 2 men was the number one song in america. they have gotten older. ♪ ♪ bulldog: quarterback takes the snap...
4:50 am
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oh, he fakes a handoff and he's making a run... for mattress discounters fall kickoff sale! right now, save up to $300 on sealy posturepedic and serta mattress sets. even get 24 months interest-free financing on every tempur-pedic. you're going to love their football field-size selection. this calls for a little touchdown dance. don't miss the fall kickoff sale at mattress discounters. ♪ mattress discounters
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joining us right now here in the studio, act tropical depression and model, brooklyn decker. nice to see you again. >> nice to see you as well. >> so this is a big deal right
4:53 am
now. we've been talking and everybody is talking because over 100 celebrities apparently had their situations hacked and their situations revealed. >> we're not suggesting that you have any of those photos. >> kate upton, jennifer lawrence among some of the celebrities hacked. >> i started working in this crazy business about ten years ago and the times have changed drastically since then. i think now even when you're on set working, you have to be careful because there is a camera floating around. i think it's something everyone should be aware of and i think people should take precautions. but at the end of the day, these women have chosen to make this decision to take pictures for a significant other and i think it's within their right to do so. and there should be something out there so that's not made for the public eye to see. and i don't know what that is. clearly we can be hacked now. >> meanwhile, so many things changed. once upon a time it was networks, then cable, now streaming with netflix and
4:54 am
you've got that show "gracie and frankie" on netflix. >> yes. i'm very excited. we just started shooting a few weeks ago. so it's very new. >> who is in it? >> just a few names you might have heard of. lily tom lynn, martin sheen, sam waterston. >> anybody big? >> yeah, i know. going to work every day is such a pleasure. it's slightly intimidating. it's very intimidating. but it's a really, really wonderful experience and i'm really lucky to be part of it. >> something that would be intimidating, considering that the u.s. open has been here in new york city, would be playing tennis with andy roddick, who happens to be your husband. tell us about his 32nd birthday and how odd special instagram. >> speaking of posting things, yes. i posted a picture of him that i actually found at his family house. it was a picture of him from i think like fourth grade that i thought was adorable. he turned 32. so i wanted to remind him of how cute he was back in the day.
4:55 am
>> adorable. what did he say? did he like it? >> he loved it. he was like oh, look at all that hair. he loved it. >> what did you get him for a gift? >> nothing. is that bad? i didn't get him anything. >> 32. >> what do you get for the person who has everything? i don't know. we took a boat out and went on a bunch of hikes and did a bunch of fun things like that. >> that's great. for the people watching right now, if they want to do something romantic for somebody who in their life is a fan of football or maybe not, tell us about valentine's day. >> so there is a new holiday, i'm here by declaring it september 6 kicks off the nfl season and visa has actually given a great gift to awful us and if we sign up at visa checkin and, you can send 18 roses for free to a significant ear, to a friend, to a boss, basically to anyone that you want to thank for their support while you pursue football season. >> this is brilliant because
4:56 am
it's almost an i'm sorry ahead of time, because you know they're committed to the season, their head will be with their team. >> absolutely. >> this is setting the table for a nice entrance into the football season. >> i love you, but i won't be there for date night on sunday. here are 18 flowers for you. >> and happy to receive them. brilliant idea. >> pay it forward. if you would like more information, visit visa to place your order by friday. >> yes. >> i have a lot a feeling a lot of orders will be placed. >> thanks for coming by. >> happy birthday to andy. >> meanwhile, debbie wasserman schultz takes the war on women to a whole new level. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand. >> so why did she call scott walker a wife beater? his response and yours next hour. joe biden eyeing a bigger seat. maybe one at the white house?
4:57 am
the v.p. drops a big clue. but could he win? we look at the facts.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, september 4, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. overnight another escape at the same detention center where 30 teen-agers broke out earlier this week. but this time things got really violent. the breaking details ahead. the world is look at these two men to do something about isis. one has a plan. the other announced last week we don't have a strategy and then said some stuff that was confusing yesterday. will our president draw a harder line in the sand against the terrorists today? we're standing by. debbie wasserman schultz taking the war on women to a whole new level. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand. >> did she jest call the governor a wife beater? scott walker responds. "fox & friends" final hour
5:01 am
starts now. >> hi, this is brooklyn decker and you're watching "fox & friends." what i am told is the most fashionable show on television. >> okay. so i told her that. >> she believed you. >> she repeated it. >> yes. >> thank you, brooklyn. we have a fox news alert now. president obama is in wales with british prime minister david cameron and other nato leaders. on the i didn't agenda -- agenda, coming up with a strategy to defeat isis. wendell goler, what do you expect today? >> reporter: after george w. bush tried to refocus nato on terrorist threats, russia's incursion into ukraine is sending the alliance back to its roots. but the isis threat can't be ignored. cameron's proposed new laws that would let britain lift the passports of citizens suspected of traveling abroad to fight with terrorist groups, the president and prime minister visit add school before the summit sessions began this morning. in an op ed in the times of london, they wrote, quote,
5:02 am
countries like britain and america will not be cowed by barbaric killers. president obama and vice president biden both addressed the isis threat yesterday, but with a difference in tone that got a lot of attention, mr. obama talked about degrading the group until its a manageable problem. biden vowed to follow them to the gates of hell. ukraine actually tops the agenda. the u.s. and europe expected to tighten sanctions on russia and create a rotating rapid reaction force of nato troops in member states on the rush border. guys, back to you. >> wendell goler on the north lawn, thank you very much. it is curious that you got the vice president saying we're going to track them down to the gates of hell because president obama won't even allow us to go ahead and drop bombs across that imaginary border with syria. but then again, the president has been a mixed message one right after another. last thursday he said we had no strategy. yesterday in estonia he said the objective was to destroy and degrade isis.
5:03 am
but then he said, well, actually maybe we're just going to get to a point where we could manage it. there are so many crazy statements that don't really form a cohesive strategy, congressman jason chaffetz is scratching his head. >> very confusing. the president seems to be a definite maybe. that is not what we need in the commander in chief of the united states of america. i think history will show that the president failed to deal with this about a year too late. we should have been dealing with this a year ago. nevertheless, here we are today. we need a goal. we need an objective and then we need a strategy. and it just does not feel that the president of the united states has his heart into it because the moment he gets off the teleprompter, we get this different answer saying it's manageable. manageable? that's when you're closing a lane on the freeway and you got to go down the freeway with three lanes instead of four. then you manage it. but this is isis. they want death and destruction to the united states of america! >> yep. >> some on the left, some democratic senators are also being critical of him.
5:04 am
senator warner came out and called for a new isis strategy. senator al franken desperate to separate himself from the president is in a battle for the seat says i was troubled by the president's suggestion that the administration has not developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of isis' activity in syria. >> that's right. elizabeth warren out of massachusetts with katie couric said this. >> isis is growing in strength and it has money and it has organization. it has the capacity to inflict real damage. so when we think about a response, we have to think about how to destroy that. we need to be working now full speed ahead with other countries to destroy isis. that should be our number one priority. >> that apparently is the president's priority while he's over there at the nato summit is to get more people, more countries on board.
5:05 am
meanwhile, here is one other senator, democrat from new hampshire, saying, quote, do not believe isil is manageable. agree these terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell. so she follows joe biden saying we should chase them to the gates of hell. meanwhile, a lot of people are still scratching their head, what do you mean, mr. president, contain it or manage it? remember a week or two ago he said it was a cancer? cancer can't be contained. a cancer can spread and become malignant and it has to be removed. it does appear that the president of the united states' strategy to some is simply to do his best to stop the political damage that isis is doing to his -- >> the democratic senators could have put their votes on the line. so instead of just talking rhetoric and putting out a statement, they soon will have a chance to vote on it. looks like the president will go back and try to get permission in order to use his war powers. >> he has 90 days, as judge
5:06 am
andrew napolitano, wisely laid out for us. 90 days and then another 90 days if he wants to continue on. at that point they will have to give authorization. is it the cart leading the cart? the president should be the one set o'clock the tone. many are saying that. if not in his conviction of tone, perhaps in his words. there are some that he just won't even say. he won't say radical islamist. i mean, the united arab emirates has taken a stronger stance on the problem. they have made remarks that are more direct than our own president, which is quite interesting. >> it would be so much easier to get a coalition together if the president would make it a priority, work the phones, do his face time or whatever the kids do. here is what the uae said. it's a middle east problem but quickly becoming the world's problem. now is the time to act. the uae is ready to join. they go on to say the international community is working to confront a threat. so are they going to use their planes or write their checks?
5:07 am
we'll see. >> meanwhile, charles krauthammer has this to say about the confusing messages that we're sending out at this point. >> the uae is not afraid to say islamic extremism. the president is. he calls it extremism. in fact, earlier in the show you showed the counterterrorism, our top guy called olson, and he said that the isis now is looking to outpace al-qaeda as the leader of the global extremist movement. he can not bring himself to say islamic. for god's sake, isis calls itself the islamic state and yes, we are so politically correct, we don't want to use the word islamic lest it be a slur on a great religion. >> but it's right there. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is trying to go ahead and poll the audience, see how many of the world's communities can help us out. he reached out to australia, the
5:08 am
united arab emritz, italy, qatar, israel and figuring out which countries could possibly country manpower, humanitarian aid, whatever they got, we need the help. >> do we need their permission to defend ourselves in the face of an isis threat? two americans beheaded and hopefully more not to come from their actions. but permission is one thing. assistance is another. >> sure. heather childers joins us in a greenish turquoise dress we've determined. >> it's more of a carolina blue color. i was told to tell you that, steve. >> okay, i'm not from carolina. so i trust you. >> i am. >> then you'd know. >> we have serious news to bring you. this video it is outrageous. overnight there was another escape at the same detention center in nashville where 30 inmates escaped earlier this week. but this time things got really violent. about 28 teen-agers were armed
5:09 am
with rocks, sticks, with metal poles. they started attacking the guards. swat teams were called in to round them all up. ten of the ring leaders were taken to another detention center. all of the others, they're now back in their dorms. six of the teen-agers who escaped on monday, they are still on the run. a daring and dramatic rescue for the son of billionaire richard branson. sam branson made it to the top of the motterhorn mountain in the swiss alps, 14,000 feet high. but on his way down, he became dizzy and confused. a chopper was flown in to rescue him. his father was at the bottom of the mountain and watched the whole thing unfold. the two cried when they were reunited. the justice department about to announce an unprecedented investigation into the ferguson, missouri police department. it's not just for the shooting of michael brown. but administration officials say it is for a broader pattern of civil rights violations over the years. the doj will review previous
5:10 am
incidents and complaints involving police, as well as its training to examine how the department operates. and back here in new york city, getting a one of a kind artifact from the war on terror. we are talking about the shirt that was worn by the navy seal who shot osama bin laden. it is about to go on display at the 9-11 memorial museum. you will be able to check it out starting this sunday. those are your headlines. it's a moving place. so many memories there. >> what an artifact to have there. >> yes. >> thank you very much. coming up, this video is insane. a stadium ceiling coming crashing down. what the referee did just 20 seconds before that made the difference between life and death. and will joe biden give hillary clinton a run for her money in 2016? sure looks like it. but does biden have a shot?
5:11 am
how history could determine his future straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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5:15 am
when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside! hell is where they will reside! >> that's what a lot of people want to hear the president say. but instead, we hear it from the vice president. joe biden made a visit yesterday to portsmouth naval shipyard, fueling speculation about running for president in 2016. could he actually win? well, absolutely. we want to look at the history of things. here to weigh in is presidential historian jane hampton cook. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so what about the vice president there at the shipyard yesterday got your antenna up? >> the fact that he's going to new hampshire. he's been to iowa.
5:16 am
those are places that you go if you're maybe hinting and signaling that you might just throw your hat in the race for president because of the primary and caucus states that they are. >> sure. plus, you told one of our producers any time there is a sitting vice president who is considering it, he's automatically a serious candidate, right? >> right. joe biden is a heartbeat away from being president right now. you have to take the current vice president seriously when it comes to the next election. historically, we've seen both parties put forward their vice president for the next election cycle. >> okay. i want to play another sound bite for you and for everybody watching right now. here now joe biden on labor day in milwaukee, i believe. >> once you give americans a chance, they have never, never, never, never, ever let their country down! never! so folks, it's time to take back
5:17 am
america as we said! >> okay. so jane, there he is making another strong statement about taking back america, which is kind of funny 'cause his administration has been in charge for six years. so it's not exactly taking things back. but is he trying to distance himself from his boss there? >> well, it certainly sounds like it. joe biden is a good retail politician. he's a populist. he's good at shaking hands. he's good at reving up the crowd. that certainly sounds to me like he's maybe starting to distance himself a little bit and distinguish himself. >> all right. let's look at the history. vice presidents who ran for president and won, you're talking john adams, thomas jefferson, martin van buren and george herbert walker bush. meanwhile, you have those who lost. john breckenridge. remember him? no. henry wallace. you got richard nixon lost the first time around. hubert humphrey, walter mondale and of course al gore. so what do you make of that?
5:18 am
>> well, just because you're vice president doesn't guarantee you're going to win. al gore came really the closest of any recent vice president. so it just isn't a guarantee. it's an interesting dichotomy that we had. he's a heartbeat away from the presidency, but it is hard, it's almost easier to run as an outsider. especially after you've had a president with two terms. >> sure. look at al gore. there he was. his family had lived in washington forever, since he was a little boy. let's talk about the pros and cons. what are the pros about joe biden and the race for president? >> well, joe biden has decades of experience. he was one of the youngest senators ever elected in 1973 he was elected to the senate from delaware. so he has decades of experience. he chaired the senate foreign relations committee. so he has the experience factor which is one reason why president obama chose him in the first place. the cons is that joe biden tends
5:19 am
to miscommunicate a little bit. he tends to -- >> you're being polite. >> i am being polite. >> joe says some crazy stuff. >> he did say some things that are regrettable. yes. that's his problem is that he's gaffe prone. this is so different. usually the vice president is the front runner. but you have hillary clinton. it reminds me a lot of 1968 where robert kennedy was really the one to look at. he had been in the cabinet and then -- but he was the outsider within his own party. so that was an interesting dynamic. i think that's what we're seeing play out here with hillary clinton. but if she falters, joe biden is right there ready to walk in. >> he's standing by ready to lead and say something crazy. all right. we called her in for history and she knows it, jane hampton cook, presidential historian, thank you very much. >> thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the story shocked a loft you. a man gets workers comp after
5:20 am
getting hurt in a kick ball game. bob massi says he deserves the money and so would you. bob is coming up. and her healthy lunches are proving too tough to swallow. we have the story you won't see on the other network shows this morning.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
♪ ♪ >> kids are finding the first lady's healthy lunch program hard to swallow.
5:24 am
two more school districts in new york announcing they're trashing the menu that michelle obama revamped in 2010. the reason? it increased the cost of the lunches and the number of students buying has drastically dropped because it's not good. and if you like the name of your community center, you can keep the name of your community center. some folks in new jersey stood up to their town council's decision to rename the jfk center after president obama. the old democratic council reversing their decision after hundreds showed up to the meeting to protest. and this morning we're getting a first look at the new biography of president george w. bush written by his son, george w. bush. the cover released, the title "41, a portrait of my father." it comes out in november. >> you can get an early copy and reserve one on line. thanks. well, just last week, the south carolina supreme court granted workers compensation benefits to a man who was injured in a company kick ball
5:25 am
game. that's right. it's no longer for on the job injuries anymore. what are your rights? joining us is bob massi. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> what do you think about this kick ball situation? >> listen, here is what employers have to know, if you are putting on an event and you're asking your employees to show up and in fact organize them, what this particular case said, the court said listen, you asked this person that was injured at the kick ball game to organize it. therefore, it was in the course and scope of employment and therefore, they had the right for a workers' compensation claim. if you have an events putting on, if it's in furtherance of their business, sometimes even if you ask them to volunteer and you don't pay them, depending upon the facts and all these cases turns on the facts.
5:26 am
for example, this employer testified at an administrative hearing that he expected that person to show up. he expected that person to organize it and that's why it was held as a work-related case. employers, here is the message. if you try control what happens and somebody is injured, even though they're not on the job at that time but in furtherance of your business, they could have the -- the employee could have a valid workers' compensation claim. >> so let me ask you about the rights of the employer business owner. if you're a small business owner or any business owner, should you have an employee sign a waiver? can you contest these claims? what are their rights? >> okay. really very important issue here. any employer can challenge the injury. what i mean by that, there have actually been cases -- i talked to a buddy of mine the other day knowing we were going to do this summing. this is all he's done tore 20 years. he's had cases where he represented the employer where an employee was injured somewhere else off the job, just
5:27 am
let's say playing their own baseball game, concealed it. came in to work, sort of fraudulently had an injury and put a claim in. yes. employers could always challenge the nature of the injury, that it happened on the job. and let's say they have an employee sign a waiver for this kick ball game. is it evidence that could support the employer's claim? yes. but again, every state, elisabeth, there are laws that control this. the courts may hold that's a course of document, that it's not enforceable. but employers have to be aware, depending upon the involvement and control, if somebody is injured off the job site in some type of event in furtherance of their business, the claim could be valid. >> gosh, i hope this doesn't mean a lack of company softball games. i was looking forward to brian striking me out. lot of liability, it seems. >> you know what? here is the other thing, if it's
5:28 am
legitimate claim, shear what you can recover. employee benefits. workers' compensation will pay for medical benefits, a portion of your wages. this is all dictated by law in the state where you live. >> by state? >> and they have what's called a ppd rating, permanent partial disability. let's take this guy that injured his knee. let's say it happened on the job. they could rate them at the end of the case and say, okay. your knee injury is 7% total body disability and there is a value that that's given. you could get that money and bottom line is you could get a certain amount of money. but you can never sue your employer in most cases for pain and suffering. that's a whole nother issue at another time. >> bob massi, your advice here never hurts. always helps. thanks for being with us. >> take care. debbie wasserman schultz takes on the war on women to a whole new level. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand. >> did she just call the
5:29 am
wisconsin governor a wife beater? the governor just responded and so did you. we're going to read your comments as you sound off coming up. then cardinal dolan under fire for support ago gay group in the st. patrick's day parade. should he have handled that differently? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning. the so-called nato class photo taken just moments ago in wales. president obama huddling with world leaders, including british
5:33 am
prime minister david cameron. on the agenda for this critical meeting coming up with a military strategy to defeat isis. as you can see, as you look at that image, if the president wanted to stand out, do you know what he should have done? he should have worn that tan suit from last week. >> that's right. >> once upon a time, right hand reagan said that one of the reasons why when they would do those class photos he would wear a brown suit was just so that he would look different than everybody else. and stand out and he was right. >> works for him. >> hollywood thing, he's right. i'll tell you who is standing but the, debbie wasserman schultz. she actually -- she was giving a speech in milwaukee, i believe, and she basically painted governor scott walker as a wife abuser. take a listen to this. >> scott walker has given women the bask his hand. there is no -- i know that's stark. i know that is direct. but that is reality.
5:34 am
republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing, is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back and it's unacceptable. and it's not going to happen on our watch. >> scott walker heard that, tweeted this out, the dems reached a new low with the dws tweet comments, help us fight back today. so he's looking to raise money off the ridiculous comments. >> raise eyebrows all over the nation. just a harsh accusation. just -- this is actually something she said. this is something that is seemingly accusatory. >> didn't she say it's a reality? it's not a reality. it's just hypergolic speech. she's the face of the democratic party. scott walker's opponent out there in the great state of wisconsin, mary burke, said the comments went too far. that's not the type of language that mary burke would use or has used to point out the clear differences in this particular
5:35 am
content. we asked you what you thought and you lit up the twitter and e-mail machine. h nash says, how by lowering taxes or forcing them to join unions sounds like he treated all people in his state well. >> another said democrat leaders reflect the double standard afforded to all democrats for inflammatory statements. interesting take there. keep them coming 'cause is it irresponsible to go through an accusation like that for politics? not even attacking policy, but the person and physical assault. >> and the curious thing is, as you click around today, how many other channels are talking about this? if a republican had sent something like this, it would have led every newscast. no doubt. anyway, double standard? you be the judge. heather childers has the latest headline. >> we have an audio. we're getting a first listen to a widow's desperate call to
5:36 am
police as a thief breaks into her home. listen. >> okay. stay on the line with me. do not hang up. okay? >> he's breaking out my window. >> the 47-year-old woman gets into a struggle with the suspect. luckily her late husband showed her how to shoot. >> you shot him? >> yeah. >> the woman wound michael lewis, but he will face a judge next week. timothy cardinal dolan taking heat for giving his blessing. here is the background. for the first time in 249 years, a gay group will march in the st. patrick's day parade in new york city. cardinal dolan, who is the grand marshal, had this to say. quote, i've always appreciated the cooperation of parade organizers in keeping the parade close to its catholic heritage. some catholics not happy with this statement and says his
5:37 am
decision goes against their faith. and what about this? a stadium ceiling comes crashing down during a tournament. huge chunks of debris fell from the stadium in vietnam onto the floor where a badminton match was taking place. players and fans narrowly escaped. the ref heard a huge crack moments before the disaster and cleared the floor thankfully. no one was hurt. and where in the world is matt lauer? try looking up. nbc reportedly picking up the tab for his ride to work, a helicopter. it is part of his $20 million deal. sources say that his bosses want to do everything to keep him happy after the brutal departure of ann curry. the today show host uses it to get to his 20-acre farm in the hampton and a mansion worth, yes, $15 million.
5:38 am
those are a look at your headlines. steve and brian? >> we need a chopper. >> tonight believe it or not, football season officially arrived. all you know about it for many of you is the tailgating big part of the experience. why tailgate like everybody else? why not like a star athlete? they need to eat a lot, but healthy. >> here to show us how is the chef to star athletes like lebron james, glenn lyman. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. this is my favorite time of year. it's a kickoff of football season, tailgate, game on. the players don't get to tailgate, so they got to go eat something afterwards. >> until they retire. >> when you think about tailgating, i don't know about you guys, but i mainly think about okay, there is going to be a lot of beer drinking before g. and they throw in some food. your whole impression is to go ahead and make the food more. >> if they drink the beer, the food tastes great. we got burgers we're going to
5:39 am
do. baha turkey sliders. let me give you a tip. you want to go to your tailgate completely prepared. you don't want to dice things up there. i go to b.j.'s wholesale club, i get my turkeys, propane, anything you want. take it to tailgate and be ready. >> what we're going to do here, we've got turkey sliders. they're formed into patties. these are big for sliders. but my players are big. i got a little mexican seasoning, a little kosher salt. that's all we're going to do. we'll put this on the grill. get that going about three to four minutes per side. >> which of your star athletes likes those? >> the big guy, john beesen, new york giants, he loves them. this was brought to me by steve smith, played for the ravens. he'd say, glenn, look what i made a beautiful roast chicken. look what i made, beautiful
5:40 am
grilled salmon. i'm like, dude, you're going to put me out of a job. >> walk mowly? >> hall -- guacamole. >> a little cilantro. >> this is the way my wife makes it. >> we're going to smash that right up. really good. the lime keeps it from turning color. >> you expect to do this in the parking lot? you do it the day before? >> do it at home packaged up. you take had avocado and take the pit and leave it in there and it won't turn color. it's beautiful. >> that's good. >> we got a little bit -- you like it? >> we got to wrap it up. >> let me show but my chicken wings. honey glazed creole. we're going to mix those right up. >> very good. >> we know how to bring them. >> i make all my own seasonings. go to bj's wholesale and get everything you need. if you go on their web site
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right now and you can get a six-day membership for free. pick out your seasonings. >> and get great lebron stories. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> round of applause! >> i'll take some of that guacamole in here. >> it's delicious. up next, he's from a small town, catholic, went to military school. and then he tried to join isis. details on the latest american to turn to terror ahead. and you're going to wait a little while for your whopper today. thousands of workers are serving up massive protests instead of injure food. the details on that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> here is what this day is like. new video from new york city and manhattan, fast food workers here and all across the country today are serving up gigantic protests instead of your food. they're demanding higher wages. they want $15 an hour for a minimum wage, nearly double what they're making now. the hash tag fastfoodstrike now trending on twitter. a disaster at a mcdonald's drive-in in oklahoma. the giant golden arches came crashing down on cars, trapping two drivers. some of them suffered some cuts and some bruises as well in oklahoma. he looks like a normal neighbor. but he plotted to become an isis terrorist.
5:46 am
he's not afraid to tell you why. >> a push came from being mistreated by people around me who didn't share the views i had. i purchased the ticket with the intent of entering to syria, either joining up with medical and food aid convoys or directly with islamic. someone has to defend islam and someone has to defend innocent muslims. >> dan morgan is an ex cop from north carolina, went to a military school. he'll be in court today. the f.b.i. arrested him on his way back from the middle east. he's only facing weapons charges now. but the feds are look at his radical social media rants and his plan to join isis in syria. >> we're learning about another american who did join isis and died with isis. he was from minnesota and died fighting in syria. what's equally disturbing, he worked in an airport, the minneapolis airport with access to airplanes and fuel tanks and all sorts of things.
5:47 am
joining us from minneapolis with brand-new detail, kmsp's tom lieden. what can you tell us about this guy? >> normally we're worried about the terrorist who gets the job at the airport. in this case, we may have had the airport worker who later became a terrorist. the airport confirming that who they knew by the name of ahmed, apparently his real name, worked at the airport for about a decade. shortly after 9-11 and began november 2001 all the way up to may of 2011. had two different jobs there for two different companies. had a job fueling planes for most of that decade. but then in the last year of his employment switched to another company, delta global s we cleaned planes. he had security clearance known as a badge that they wear on their lapel. it stands for secure identification display area. this allowed them to go up to a checkpoint at the airport and get really a very cursory inspection of their vehicle. they would look under the
5:48 am
vehicle with a mirror. but very little else. they didn't have to go through a metal detector. there was no bag check. that allowed them access right on to the tarmac and onto planes themselves. as part of his job cleaning airplanes, he was also responsible for securing those airplanes as well. now, the real question with him is when did he become radicalized? he left in 2011. look at his social media accounts, it looks like he may have been radicalized in the last two years, especially in terms of this notion of a grand muslim state, a caliphate, an isis, if you will. prior to that he had a real interest in somali issues. back in somalia fighting for al-shabab and somalis living in ethiopia. his radicalization in terms of isis looks like it happened fairly recently in the last two years after he left the airport. >> all right. interesting stuff. tom joining us from minneapolis talking about the isis fighter from america who died with isis. >> hopefully people are running more thorough background checks
5:49 am
everywhere today, especially with 9-11 just around the corner. coming up straight ahead. >> the same goal. to defeat isis, but david cameron of the u.k. has a much different strategy than president obama of the usa. we're going to break it down coming up next. first we're going to check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. as david cameron and president obama say that the u.s. and britain will not be, quote, cowed by barbaric killers, nato meets to face battles on two fronts. from isis and russia. some calling this the most significant moment in nato's history. ralph peters, paul breamer, bret baier all with us this morning in washington, d.c. and is joe biden becoming the strongest voice in the white house? a great debate coming up at the top of the hour when bill and i see you then.
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fox news alert. president obama, david cameron meeting today at the nato summit in wales trying to come up with a comprehensive plan to combat isis and get others involved. while cameron has taken a strong stance verbally, many would argue our president has not. a former aide to margaret thatcher, foreign policy expert, heritage foundation, so what is going on here, nile? do you think the president is taking a step back? >> i think that president obama has displayed tremendous weakness with regard to the isis threat in contrast to the british prime minister has shown significant leadership. he's identified the nature of the enemy that we are facing, a tremendous evil. what david cameron calls the greatest terror threat ever actually to the west. and a threat which has to be emphatically defeated and crushed. he's also identified the enemy
5:54 am
itself islamist terrorists, islamist extremism which must be defeated. >> he's taken concrete steps, and everyone was struck by the stark differences between the two back to back days late last week with of the ugly beheading of two americans. he cons if indicated passports of suspects, or proposed it. deradicalization program. grab them and put them in the programs and also talking about there is no fly list. so having said that, is president obama with 100 air strikes, maybe cameron hasn't offered to do anything militarily. that's the truth. >> that's a very good point. and i think there is mounting pressure now on david cameron to commit to british military action. he has british special forces ready and prepared to go into iraq or even syria in order to free a british hostage and aid worker being held by isis. the british are preparing
5:55 am
special forces. but they have to join the military action against isis and also they have to push president obama for defeating isis. i think president obama is willing to put forth that strategy. i think the allies will join the united states. >> here is the thing, we know in life, relationships are everything. president obama reportedly does not dig a well before he's thirsty. he doesn't have the relationship with our allies. so when things go bad, he doesn't have anything to draw on. is that correct? >> i think that's a correct assessment. this is a president who has paid very little attention to u.s. allies on the world stage. he's treated britain very badly. in fact, a lot of british politicians view him as anti-british which doesn't help when you're trying build a coalition. president obama is no ronald
5:56 am
reagan. ronald reagan called for peace through strength. >> huge difference. thanks so much. >> thank you. one for the road is next.
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welcome back. before we go, here is one for the road. put this in the mug shot hall of fame. a woman busted for stealing eye shadow. cops in arkansas say the 31-year-old was caught stuffing 144 bucks worth of that stuff in her purse. clearly she likes it. the picture now going viral. >> and in the few seconds left, country music star luke bryant took a fall off the stage when he tried to catch a beer from one of his band members. >> that's good reason not to drink beer and perform. >> is he okay?
6:00 am
>> this is not the first time. i hope he's okay. >> his fans are there to catch him. >> you know the good news? it was a light beer. >> don't start. bill: they are talking tough against isis at the nato summit. good morning, we come to you live from two cities. from new york i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum live in washington. president and prim


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