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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> we shall see. thanks for inviting us into your home. that is it for this report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. don't forget, tomorrow, 10:00 p.m. eastern time, the full hour about benghazi. "13 hours." meantime, greta goes on the record right now. in is a fox news alert -- this is a fox news alert. she made us laugh. the woman who made the world laugh and who loved every second while doing it, joan rivers has died at age 81. tonight, fans, friends, and colleagues remembering the comedy legend. >> some people tend to take themselves too seriously. it's a silly, fluffy business, and we should never forget that. >> the sharp-tongued but good-hearted comedienne died at a new york city hospital one week after being into cardiac arrest during a routine medical procedure. joan rivers' daughter, melissa, says her mother was surrounded by family and close friends, and over the next hour, you will
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hear from some of those friends and colleagues who knew joan rivers best. we'll also give you another look at joan's best work, the funniest moments. first, tmz's mike walters joins us. good evening, mike. >> good evening. >> the reaction in hollywood i imagine is enormous. >> well, absolutely. it's funny because a lot of people have joan rivers stories. i have my own. joan always called in to tmz, every time his a story on jonesboro riveron auto -- on joan rivers, she wanted to talk to me specifically. she always wanted to get on the phone and yell at me. that happened a lot. everyone reacting in hollywood, all of it is great photos with joan because she always took photos. great jokes, and great, great stories about hanging out with her. that is the way i am seeing it here in social media and with people from hollywood. >> what happened? i mean, we hear there's a routine medical procedure, and the next thing we know she's rushed to the hospital. a week later we're doing this
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show. >> i can tell you, here's what i know. i know that joan of about to go on tour -- was about to go on tour, so she was in for a routine procedure on her vocal cords. basically, they were going to go clear up i believe polyps and straighten out the voice so that she could go on tour and be clear. remember, she was 81 years old and had had stuff like this done before. we're not ready to give out the doctor's name yet, but i can tell you that the doctor works with all kinds of celebrities and stars. broadway singers, people -- you know, that have these issue. so very routine, very simple serge. what we're told went wrong here is that in the middle of the surgery she just stopped breathing. now, this is the question that we're going to answer over the next few days -- that is whether or not the anesthesia was right, whether or not they had the proper, you know, things in the office to make sure that this didn't happen and, if it did, make sure they could properly
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assess the situation and handle it. so what instruments were there, whether they were used properly. we'll figure that out. i am told that the family wants answers. they want to know how in the world this could happen. joan rivers was one of the most healthy 81-year-olds you've ever come across. so for it to end this way is so tragic, and they want answers. >> mike, thank you. of course, tmz will have all the latest as this event unfolds. thank you, mike. >> thank you. from standup comedy clubs to late night tv to the red carpet, joan rivers' career spans at least five decades. the 2010 documentary aptly titled "joan rivers: piece of work," gives an up-close look at joan's life both professional and personal. here are clips from the documentary. we've also added some of our favorite and most memorable joan rivers moments. >> welcome -- ♪ [ applause ] >> this is my career. how depressing is this?
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[ laughter ] >> 40 years in the [ bleep ] business, and this is where you end up. >> you live where -- your mother is -- >> a mother. >> just a mother. how do they look upon this, what it is you do? >> these are all my jokes. these are jokes over the last 30 years. these are just -- every time i write a joke, i try to remember to get it on a card. i bought gifts for the staff. yoon -- didn't buy you a gift, mark. i was looking. i wanted to get something hip. so -- because he is hip, and i wanted something with fur. i went in this store, i said -- [ laughter ] >> what have you got with fur on it, they said, look at your upper lip. why should a woman cook some so her husband can say, "my wife makes a delicious cake" to some hooker. you wonder why i'm still working at this age.
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if we didn't laugh, where the hell would we all be? think about that. [ applause ] >> where the hell would we all be? happy enough -- there is one outlet, he's on dialysis. there's one outlet in all of afghanistan, find a plug and follow the cord. [ laughter ] >> everywhere you look, there are jokes. jokes to be filed, jokes to be written. jokes that i thought of something. my life is just jokes. i hate everybody. i hate old people! i hate ugly children! i hate sad people! i hated china! i hated whiners. i hate dead people. i tell you, if i invested wisely, i wouldn't be doing
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this. while i was growing up, my mother used to say -- [ laughter ] >> looks don't count! now, get out of my sight, you big lump! >> don't you think men like intelligence more when it comes down to it? >> ah, please. we're going back to that? are you kidding? >> sure. the brain, caring -- >> no man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card. i was there whether she gave bierth -- ick. to see the birth -- ugh, ick. my day having a child was better. they knocked you out with the first pain. they woke you up when the hairdresser slowed. you knew nothing. it was so much better. "miss rivers, you had a girl." "good. good, good." [ laughter ] >> "is she normal?"
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"yeah." "good." [ applause ] >> "is she white?" "yeah." "good." [ laughter ] >> the marriage continues. >> can i ask you something, please? >> anything. >> be honest -- are you a republican? >> yes. >> why? >> because i work very hard for my money, and i don't care if you've got 19 children, use condoms. i'll pay for your first four children, that's it. >> you don't like obama? >> let me clarify -- we're fiscally conservative, socially liberal, which is called either a california republican or a country club republican. >> wait a minute. california republican? >> that's me. [ applause ] >> hello, hello, hello. we are here to celebrate the career of a groundbreaking comedienne and legendary [ bleep ]. >> how much worse would your real face look than that clown
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mask you've had welded on your face? >> look at her, she's a cougar. >> i say you're lucky to have a joke made about you because -- >> exactly. >> if america doesn't know who you are, they're not going to get the joke. i only put down people that are very, very famous. christie brinkley's a living testament -- >> a what? [ laughter ] >> you never can look at may and do these, can you? >> she's a -- >> tell me about her a little bit. [ laughter ] >> she's a living testament -- >> living testament to -- >> that -- >> that what? christie brinkley's a living testament that -- [ laughter ] >> peroxide causes brain damage. bill cosby, who was a good friend of mine, was on the "tonight show." the comic on with bill bombed. bill, god bless him, went to the director and said, "listen, why don't you use joan rivers? she can't be any worse than he
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was tonight." they put me on the next night. it was one of those nights -- do you know like when everything goes right? the stars are in alignment and the audience -- we just connected. and carson, at the end of the act, after nine years of work ing bungalow colonies and strip giants and greenwich village where you pass the hat and the hat wouldn't come back, carson said on the air, "you're going to be a star." >> you finished the routine, you were devastating. the audience was falling apart. you sad down, and i said, "you're going to be a big star." that's something you don't say because -- >> i looked behind me. i couldn't believe you were talking to me. >> yeah. >> i'll show you fear. that's fear. if my book ever looked like this, it would mean that nobody wants me and everything i tried to do in life didn't work. nobody cared. i've been totally forgotten.
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i love rihanna, i think she can do no wrong. but why the green lips? it looks like she [ bleep ] the grinch. talk about christmas [ bleep ] early. i love the golden globes! it is the most fun awards show the entire season. it's like a big party. everyone's laughing, talking and drinking. the only place you will see more drunk celebrities is at the betty ford clinic. i think we are so politically correct these days that it's ruining everything. i mean, i can't say "indian" anymore. i don't know if i'm talking dot or feather. i don't know what you're supposed to say. i am 75 years old, and i tell you, i haven't peaked. that is why i am going to go out that door and the door after this and the door after that and the door after that and the door after that, and i invite all of you come with me! [ applause ] >> thank you. >> it was one week ago today
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news broke joan rivers rushed from a new york city doctor's office to a nearby hospital after going into cardiac arrest. today, the news that everyone feared -- wnyw news reporting from mt. sinai hospital with the latest. sharon, what's going on at the hospital? >> reporter: greta, fans are really still stunned by this news, as you mentioned. just a week ago, she was having a routine procedure in yorkville, not far from where i am on the upper east side. she was rushed to mt. sinai hospital, nuts a medically indusd -- hospital, put in a medically induced comb amp she was on life support and died at 1:17 eastern time, surrounded by her daughter, melissa rivers, and her grandson, cooper, and friends and family. now, we've been talking with fans who heard the news this afternoon and literally rushed over here to mt. sinai to express condolence and memories. one of the things that struck me is that as you know one of joan
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rivers' many jobs was as host of the "fashion police" on the e network. there were so many young people here as long as their mother, their grandmothers here weighing in on joan rivers and how much joy she brought to their lives. and their fond memories of her and how many times she made them laugh. and maybe just think about the fact that a whole new generation of young people learn good joan rivers, had no idea what a long career she had before they were even born. don't you think, greta? >> if t's absolutely extraordinary. five decades. sharon, thank you. our next guest was a friend of joan rivers. standup comedian jess ross even roasted joan. and jeff joins us. good evening, jeff. and i read that you said she was a hero of yours. why do you describe her that way? >> because joan rivers -- you know, she shined a light on the darkest corners of the world. i think that's what comedians are supposed to do. i loved her for doing that. she defined the line.
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people say she crossed the line. joan defined it. she was a great comedian and loved comedy. >> what was it that she lasted -- five decades, such a competitive and tough business. it's amazing. it's one thing to be sort of a flash in the pan, but five decades? >> that's what fascinated me most. she found a way to stay relevant even in to her 80s. comedians normly seem antiquated or old-fashioned. she always had fresh stuff. that's what's so tragic about the way she went, greta. that she was doing something very noble. she was taking care of her instrument. she was fixing her voice so that her fan would continue to hear her. it's devastating. she shfs our comedy mother. >> jeff, she was so brassy and said the most incredible things.
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she made jokes that we laughed at and probably thought we shouldn't laugh at. you know, we didn't want to admit we laughed at. but you know, when you knew her on a social, personal level, was she sweet, or was she brassy like that? was she like as a friend? >> if you got her off stage, she was very endearing and very curious. you know, she wanted to know who you were dating, if you were happy. i remember at the party for her documentary, "a piece of work," which i'm honored to be a part of in a small way, i was in there, she had a party. and there were celebrities and socialites in new york, and all she wanted to do was grab amy schumer and i and take us in the corner and talk to us. she liked to be around other comedians. i think that that was her religion. that was in her blood just to be around other funny people who thought and talked in punchlines
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the way she did. >> how did she take being roasted and being roasted by you? [ laughter ] >> you know, it was one of the greatest hugs of my life. when she hugged me at the end of that roast, she made me so happy. i could tell she took it as a big honor. she dished it out, but she could take it. joan rivers roasted. >> i love that she kept all her -- all her jokes. did you see the filing system she had? >> that was something i think she learned from milton berle who had that famous filing cabinet. joan was a real organized and professional -- we roasted howard stern at his 60th birthday bash together. joan and i actually did the first dueling roast. and i remember how prepared she was and how -- she really showed me that day how much work it is to be great. to kill.
4:16 pm
i remember she had all this material, more material than she needed. we had similar joke. she dropped hers so i could do mine. she was very generous. she didn't try to mentor me in that moment. she let me be her partner that day. to me that was a career highlight. i'm going to police this lady a lot. -- miss this lady a lot. >> did she write her own jokes? i don't have the sense that she had a staff write them. didn't have joke writers like some comedians might have. did she write her own? >> i believe that she wrote most of her own material as comedians at her level do. every ti or a news story, people expect to hear joan rivers' take on it. so yeah, she was -- loved comedians, being around, and occasionally she would hire them. >> it's amazing. we all knew she was sick a week ago and seriously sick. i think we were all still nonetheless surprised that joan rivers died.
4:17 pm
>> this is a tough one for the comedy world. it's up to us now to remember her and keep laughing through the pain. >> i don't think she'd want tears. i think she'd want us laughing for some reason. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for talking about her today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. our next guest has known joan rivers for years. she says joan is the reason she does standup comedy. comedienne rhonda shearer joining us. nice to have you with us. we'll try to keep this laffey because for some reason i think joan rivers doesn't want people crying. it doesn't look like her personality. much too caustic. am i right? >> hi, greta. you're 100% right. i thought she would go on stage because that's how she wanted to i do, on stage. as jeff said she care good people. when i was starting comedy, she cared, she said, "go for it." every other male, men in the business, i'm not putting down male comics, but they weren't as
4:18 pm
encouraging. she said, "go for it." i met her at a cosmetic surgeon's office in 1984. i went to get my nose done because i was told it was big to be on camera, that i wouldn't be lit well. she was there with her beloved dog, spike, on her lap. she'd, "you're a beautiful girl, why are you sneer" i said, "my nose." she turned my head and looked at my profile and said, "you could do better." i was self-deprecating because one -- if you put yourself down, you can make fun of others. if you take the joke first. she wasn't just a comic. she was a woman doing comedy in the '50s, '60s when no one was doing it. she led the way for female comics. there was filler diller before her -- phyllis diller before her who came out and dressed funny to be funny. joan rivers came out and said, i
4:19 pm
can be pretty and brilliant. the comedic genius and timing. believe she, she would look in the audience and know what everyone was thinking and knew the eyes of her audience. there's no one like her. we're all weeping. a living legend -- >> she would be. i tell you what -- one of her quotes in her book was, "i don't want some rabbi rambling on," at her funeral. "i want meryl streep crying in five different accents." >> she would want humor, she would. comics do hate things -- like she said, i hate this, i don't like this. she's right. all of us have. that but she only spoke what we all think or would be too afraid to speak. she lit the way -- for me in another career now, i ran into her at the shopping channel, a shopping channel in canada. she said, "how you doing, kid?" i said, "great." it was all about competition for herself. win, winning. that's what stage meant to her. it was getting the laugh.
4:20 pm
getting the sales. and -- >> and that we all do, we laugh and cry tonight. thank you. >> thank you very much for celebrating her life. thank you. >> thank you. our coverage of the life and death of joan rivers continues. one of her most recent interviews was here on fox news. and a military veteran, marine, and calk show host, montel williams joining the battle to free sergeant andrew tomeriesy from a mexican -- tahmooressi from a mexican prison. going straight to mexico's president and getting a response. montel williams is here to tell you about it coming up. and our special coverage, remembering joan rivers, will continue. stay with us. >> a girl, you're 30 years old, not married, you're an old maid. a man, he's 90 years old, not married, he's a catch. it's a whole different thing. isn't that so? yes. yes! latte or au lait?
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an urgent warning about isis saying a contain. strategy is not going to cut it. senator joins use -- good evening, sir -- ma'am. i'm sorry. >> good evening, good to be with you. >> containment, making reference to the fact that the president said early on in containment, what is it that the president should be doing? >> here's the problem. we have gotten inconsistent and mixed messages. yesterday the vice president's in new hampshire. he says, we're going to follow isis to the gates of hell. the same day the president is saying we're going to shrink isis to a manageable problem. the message is going to
4:25 pm
terrorists, we need aistrate sdwree defeat i-cicero. and we need to hear that from the president, we need to have that type of leadership, to hear him say when you combined the prior statement that we don't have a strategy along with the inconsistent statement, it makes the terrorists think we don't have the resolve, we don't know what to do, and it's time for him to step up. obviously we're going to have to bring the strategy beyond containment. it's going to be expanded air strikes. we're going to have to continue to really give the courage, the support they need on the ground that they've asked for. in addition to that, continue to lead a coalition. we've got to lead a coalition. but people are looking for leadership from the united states of america, and we have these inconsistent messages coming from this administration. >> did -- can we beat isis without, one, going into syria, two, without boots on the ground? tough words from prime minister cameron. the prime minister of australia said extreme force is justified, but no boots on the ground from
4:26 pm
australia. they'll send support. everyone's willing to do it from 35,000 feet. is that realistic to do that that way? >> well, greta, i think that that should be the foremost tactic that is not being employed right now. we've seen the effectiveness of some of the air strikes. they need to be expanded. we do have to address their safe haven in syria. so you can't ignore the syria issue if you're going to get at isis. so i think looking at air strikes in syria, but we need a plan from the president as to what's going to be effective. in terms of ground troops, i mean, we know that the kurds are partners that we can work with, particularly we've seen some of that with the work we did on the mosul dam. but this has to be expanded. we do have to get other nations involved in this and ask them to step up with what they're saying to match what needs to be done to defeat isis. no one's going to do any of this without american leadership. and with the inconsistency coming out of this administration, we're not going
4:27 pm
to be able to bring people together, and we need the president to step up now. >> senator, thank you. >> thanks, greta. ahead, world-famous talk show host and military veteran, montel williams be taking the fate to free sergeant tahmooressi straight to mexico's president. and much more on the death of joan rivers as we look back at her extraordinary career. one of her last interviews was here on fox news. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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i love to shop so -- when christmas is over, i am going now because i'm a shopaholic. you got it figure out what you are. i'm going to the betty ford center for shopaholic. oh -- oh, very rough regime there. what they do, they take you in a room, and they sit you down, and they show you picture of queen elizabeth all dressed up. ah! [ laughter ] >> you'll never shop again. >> joan rivers never stopped working, and she never stopped making people laugh. the 81-year-old doing standup comedy in television up until the very end. rivers died today in a new york city hospital. her daughter, melissa, releasing a statement saying in part, "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now. i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." one of joan rivers' most recent interviews office fox. "in the fox light" and president of fox news marketing spoke to
4:32 pm
joan in july. >> why is comedy important? >> somebody said -- it wasn't me -- i think it was winston churchill. every time you make someone laugh, you give them a little vacation. >> true. >> it just changes your life. makes a terrible moment happy. you've been in both sides of the business. you go into business meetings, and everyone's so rrr -- i'll do a joke, everyone will relax, then we'll say, "okay, guys, what do we want to do here?" it just changes everything. >> after all this time, what keeps you going? do you ever get tired? do you ever want to kick up your feet and say, enough? >> i love the business. >> yeah. >> i love the business. i mean, i always wanted to be in it. all i ever wanted to be. and i can't get enough. i can do writing, i can perform, they have shows, i'm producing. it's -- it's fabulous. >> yeah. yeah. >> live concerts. you absolutely connect with 5,000 people. >> after all this time is, that still your favorite part of it? >> i love live performing
4:33 pm
because you can say anything, and they -- they -- it become -- economic on a stage now, i really mean it. it's so not what i -- i always say, i'm so glad to see you because i am so glad to see them. >> yeah. yeah. >> so glad to see you. so let's talk, you know. then we go interest -- >> do you still get stage fright i? heard, read something that you still -- >> nervous. people will go, oh, please. i'll come before the show -- no, do not come before the show, i'm a nervous wreck. come after the show. will they like me, will they get the jokes? oh, yeah, i'm crazed. crazed. i stand in the wings listening. yeah, terrible. >> does it getter harder to do? >> easier -- >> it does? >> i think -- it's -- i'm having such a good time. and i'm doing thing now that i wouldn't have done maybe ten years ago in the act. much more edgy. much more edgy. >> yeah.
4:34 pm
yeah. >> and michael joins us. nice to see you. and i'm jealous. i didn't get to do an interview like that. what was she like? >> well, first of all, when we started the fox list two years ago, people i needed, wanted to sit down with was joan rivers. took two years, courting, prodding, but we finally did it this summer. you know, if she was here right now, you could hear the joke. good job, kid, you got in under the wire with that voice. you know, she was just fantastic. smart, so quick. so sharp. her -- her intellect and the energy, she was quite something to be around. it was probably -- >> you know, we -- it's because she was for five decades, she was, you know, everyone was watching her. you know, i never was in a room with her, you know, when she wasn't. i just watched her on tv. or on -- that's all. in person, was she like what you see on tv? >> very funny all the time. and very personable as your guest before said. jeff ross. she was very curious. we told a little -- it was before the 4th of july weekend.
4:35 pm
she wanted to know how i was going to be spending the holiday with my mom. she was offering up all sorts of shows on broadway that we could see. she was a dream. you know, we initially asked for ten minutes, and then her publicist, judy katz, a first class act, and my heart goes tout her tonight because she was very close with joan for most of her cheer, said, no, kid, you're going to have 30 minutes. 30 minutes went almost to an hour. it was that back and forth. she was great to talk to. and you know, you think about her legacy tonight. what is it going to be. and as you mentioned, it's hard in this business to be relevant for 50 seconds, lets alone for over 50 years. you know, she was the queen and the master of reinvention, whether it was late night talk show host, daytime talk show host, emmy winner, tony nominee. 12 best-selling books. you know, anyone who wants to get into this business, i recommend going out and watching that documentary, piece of work. it is a case study on how one can succeed in this business. >> i'm going to watch it. thank you.
4:36 pm
>> thank you. >> and joan rivers was known for saying what she thinks, no matter how controversial. who could forget this back in july, rivers telling the world what she really think about the israel/hamas crisis. we know joan would want you to take another look at this. >> celebrity reactions to what's going on with the palestinians and israelis now. >> let me just tell you -- if new jersey were firing rockets into new york, we would wipe them out. i am so bored -- we heard they were digging tunnels from new jersey to new york, we would get rid of jersey. so i don't want to hear anymore, oh, we'll do a partial truce -- with palestinians, you can not throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves. >> what about the civilian casualty -- >> don't put your [ bleep ] things in private homes. i'm sorry, don't -- don't you dare put weapons stashes in -- in private homes and then we say get out -- of course we're going
4:37 pm
to do it. >> the response normally is where are the civilians supposed to go. >> i don't care! they started it! it is -- they're all insane! they started it! what are you all saying? they started it! the israelis did not throw their -- for months this has been going on. what are you supposed to do -- >> how do you -- >> i have been over there. that's how i know. and i wish the world would know. abc should be ashamed of themselves, cnn should be ashamed of themselves, and everybody stop it already. >> what about -- selena gomez tweeted a pro -- >> oh, selena gomez. oh. yeah, that college grad. [ laughter ] >> all right, joan. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> oh, selena said that. tell her -- let's see if she can spell palestinian. >> i'll ask her right now. >> thanks. >> as we said, joan rivers spoke
4:38 pm
her mind about everything. even her own funeral. in one of her books she wrote, "i want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, camera, action." joan also joked that she wants meryl streep crying in five different accents. and we have more on joan rivers ahead. next, karl rove, he says president obama is disconnected. we'll find out what he means by that. karl rove is here next. and from the entertainment world to the fashion world, tributes pouring in for joan rivers. our look at the comedy pioneer. n your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wallet? from now on, no one's taking your seat away. when i had my first migraine,
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4:43 pm
of good reasons to feel good about the direction in the economy. and yet, that's not where the american people are. 22% say they are satisfied with the direction of the country in a new "wall street journal"/nbc poll. 71% say they're not. 35% think the economy's in a good place. 64% don't think it's in a good place. and then the president followed up this thursday performance with a couple of speeches over the weekend friday and saturday to democratic fundraisers. the first was in purchase, new york. and the other one in rhode island. and there without a script, a speech in front of them and no teleprompter. he made extraordinary statements. for example, if you watch the nightly news you feel like the world is falling apart. so get that -- it's the media's fault. it's not that the news is bad. it's that the news is not -- is not accurate. the world is not falling apart. in fact, he went on to say in that speech that the world has always been a messy place and the world is less dangerous than it was 15 or 20 years ago.
4:44 pm
so the nation was in a more dangerous place in the late 1990's before 9/11. i mean, this is just disconnected from where the american people are and what their reality is of what we face. >> why do you think -- do you think he genuinely believes that the world is -- is safer? do you think he genuinely believes this stuff, or is he trying to do crowd control, make some american people think we shouldn't be alarmist? i mean, why does he say that? i've seen two americans beheaded in the last eight days. >> well, i don't really understand it. i haved toa mitt, i'm a little per politics good it. i think some of it, frankly, is that every president tries to put a positive spin on events. but i think the other part of it is is that in these unscripted moment, when he doesn't have a teleprompter, when he doesn't have a speech in front of him, we see the real barack obama. we see what the president really believes. we saw it in the news conference at the night meeting, in his
4:45 pm
prepared remarks. he said the goal of the united states is to -- is to destroy i-cicero. then in the -- isis. then in the unscripted comments, q&a, back and forth, he says, well, it's to degrade it and ultimately have it be a manageable problem. i mean, i think the real obama emerges. the real president obama emerges when he's off script and when he's talking candidly. and i think this is how he views the world. i mean, you mentioned the beheadings, he referred to that in one of the speeches. he said, you know, he blames social media, said he gives it a vividness, brings it with vividness into our lives. look, it wasn't twitter. you can't blame social media for making the american people believe something is wrong with what's going on in iraq. you can't instagram for the russian invasion of ukraine unsettling the american. i mean, sure there are means of communications we didn't have 15 or 20 years ago, but it doesn't take watching the beheing to feel that something is
4:46 pm
fundamentally wrong even if you just learn or read about. you've got to feel something is fundamentally wrong when people are doing that kind of thing and getting away with it. >> karl, thank you. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. and tv's montel williams fighting to free sergeant andrew tahmooressi from a mexican prison and going straight to mexico's president to do it. montel is here to tell us what he did and the response he got.
4:47 pm
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you may know him as a world-famous talk show host, but did you know montel williams is a naval academy graduate and active duty in navy and marines for 20 years? it's no surprise he's joining the fight to free a u.s. marine from a mexican prison. montel williams contacting mexico's president. he joins us. >> thank you very much. i think what everybody needs to understand, that video that you
4:51 pm
did is really one of the most poignant reasons why every american should stop, look at fox and see the video. you should play it over and over again to show people how easily any one of us could make a simple mistake and wind up in the same place that sergeant tahmooressi is in. most of us don't suffer from ptsd. we've got a soldier who accepts one of our fallen being held inappropriately in a foreign prison because we're not looking at the detail around it. your video showed so much that anybody else looking at it could clearly say, i get, it let's get there young man out. >> what provoked -- you wrote a letter directly to the president and you actually got a response back from the mexican government. >> i certainly did. and you know, why? jill tahmooressi, andrew's mom, has reached out to me for the last 2.5 months, three months. we've been corresponding through my office, going back and forth. she sends a prayer out every
4:52 pm
single night on behalf of my daughter who right now is suffering from lymphoma. jill's got a son in a prison in mexico and is worried about my daughter? i -- i really am committed now to say whatever i can do to help her. i've got a kiechild who's suffering, she has a child who's suffering. let's stop the suffering. anything i can do, i'm going to do it. this is not unusual for me. everybody watching knows, i have been beating the drum about what we need to do for our wounded veterans. those guys who have done the most for us. sergeant tahmooressi is one of those guys who did two deployments. he's been diagnosed with ptsd. i'm not trying to say this in a negative way, but my man is suffering from a mental illness right now. now, is it appropriate and compassionate to keep this man in jail because he made a mistake? and part of this is all because of politics. we've got too many faints this way, too many jobs this way, too many people distracted by the issue of a sick american soldier
4:53 pm
is being held in prison, and though he may have done something that right now appears to be something that may have broken the law, it was not intentional, n any way, shape, or form. i think that's been proven and has been discussed, the physician provided to the mexican government. it's been provided to our government. we're getting help through the state department, and the ambassador of the united states is involved, but this is a soldier who right now could use the help of secretary kerry. he could use the help of eric holder. reaching out to the attorney general in mexico to say, let's -- look, we're not trying to tell you to change your law, we understand what took place. but your laws itself state unequivocally that there had to be intent. he had to want to do this willfully intend to take weapons into there country. it's clear that this was done by mistake. come on. this young man's been in jail, in a prison since april 1st! i get. there's a lot of stuff going on in the world now.
4:54 pm
we have issues that we're dealing with all over the planet. we have to worry about the next set of soldiers that we send into syria or iraq. i get it. if we have one we could save right now, why not save him? >> montel, love to have you on. love your passion. love that you're doing this. and of course, i do want to thank you for your service, as well. 22 years, you know, and -- >> thank you -- >> as well in uniform. montel, thank you very much for joining us -- >> let me say this -- the uniform may be off, but i'm wearing this uniform every day. >> oh, it's plain. i got that. i know that. montel, thank you, and i hope you come back. >> thank you. coming up, i'm going to talk to off the record as we remember joan rivers, a true pioneer for women. it works how you want to work. with a fidelity investment professional... or managing your investments on your own. helping you find new ways to plan for retirement. and save on taxes
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bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. let's go off the record for a minute. i'm blunt, i don't beat around the bush. talk about being blunt and not
4:59 pm
beating around the bush. nothing i say or do could compare to joan rivers. joan rivers was the champ of telling you exactly what she thought. some say she was too blunt, but whether you found her brash or insanely funny or both, joan rivers dominated the world of standup comedy in the '50s, becoming her first woman to host the late night talk show in '86. in honor of her, i'm going to let her do this "off the record." >> if you're not married, if you're a girl and over 21, you're better off dead. it's that simple, you know? anybody that came to my house was it. oh, joan, there's a most attractive young man here with a mask and a gun. anything -- i'm not even attractive in russia. [ laughter ] >> russian women -- >> yeah. >> erf, erf, erf, erf. i said a couple of thing about the queen. i said, she sits like this. and no one has the guts to say, "your highness" -- i am so sick of it.
5:00 pm
if you want to see foreigners running, running, running, if to arizona. new jersey were firing rockets into new york, we would wipe them out. some people tend to take themselves too seriously. this is a silly, fluffy business, and we should never forget that. "the o'reilly factor"'s on tonight. >> the answer today from both the president and vice president appeared to be clear and unambiguous. while most analysts believe the obama administration is confused over how to deal with the isis threat, nbc news dissents. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> the president was not singing out isil. >> the president's spokesman saying the "jv" comment was not directed at isis. is that true? our true serum segment. i ran out of ammo, knelt down, changed magazines, right as i'm coming up and reengage, another mortar hits. >> ahead, for the first


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