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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 5, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ukraine, and u.s. leadership has been critical throughout that process. with respect to the rapid response forces and laid his action plan will put forward, a sizable portion of that will be devoted to implementing various aspects of this readiness action plan. we've already increased rotations of personnel in the baltic states, for example. we have the air policing, the activities taking place in the baltic and the black sea, this allows us to supplement it, it allows us to coordinate it and integrated further with additional contributions from other partners and what it
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signifies is nato's recognition that in light of recent russian actions as well as rhetoric, we want to make it crystal clear we mean what we say we talk about our article five commitments and an increased presence serves as most effective deterrent to any additional russian aggression we might see. angela keen. >> thank you, mr. president. what are your specific expectations for what regional acts like saudi arabia, yemen and jordan can imagine that they provide play coalition against islamic state, is there a role as well? secretary kerry expects the allied countries to coalesce, around a specific plan by the end of september. do you agree with a time when he set out, and what concrete commitment, if any, are you
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leaving this summit with the other nations that were here? >> let me start with a general point. there was unanimity over the last couple of days but isil poses a significant threat to nato members. and there was a recognition that we have to take action. i did not get any resistance or push back to the basic notion that we have a critical role to play in rolling back the savage organization that is causing so much chaos in the region and that is harming so many people and poses a long-term threat to the safety and security of nato members. so there is great conviction that we have to act as part of the international community to
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degrade and ultimately destroy president obama. beyond that, what we have already seen is significant support from a variety of member states, specific action that we have been taking in iraq. keep in mind we taken already 100 strikes in iraq that have had a significant impact on degrading their capabilities and making sure that we are protecting u.s. citizens, critical infrastructure, providing the space for the iraqi government to form. our hope is iraqi government is actually formed and finalized next week. that allows us to work with them on a broader strategy, and some of the assistance has been in the form of airlift, monetary assistance, much of it has been providing additional arms to the
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iraqi security forces, there has been logistical support, intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance support and so a variety of folks with different capabilities have already made a contribution. i am confident we can build on that strong foundation and the clear commitment and have the kind of coalition that will be required for a sustained effort we need to push isil back. now, john kerry is going to be traveling the region to have further consultations with the regional actors and the regional players and i think it is critical we have arab states and specifically sunni majority states that are rejecting the kind of extremist that we're
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seeing out of isis to say that is not what it is about and are ready to join us actively in the fight. my expectation is that we will see friends and allies and partners of hours in the region prepared to take action as well as part of a coalition. one of our tasks will be to build capability, what you learned in iraq is yes, isil has significant capabilities and combine terrorist tactics with traditional military tactics to think o and effect. part of the problem also is we haven't seen effective fighting for us on the part of the iraqi security forces as we need. and we are going have to focus
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on the capable units that are already there, bolster them, ulster the work they have done. we can support them from the air, but ultimately we're going to need a strong ground game and we're going to need the sunni tribes in many of these areas to recognize their future is not with the kind of fanaticism they represent sleigh start taking the fight to isil as well and that will require the sort of regional partnerships that we're talking about. in terms of timetables, we're working deliberately, if you look at what we have done the last several months, we have taken it into stages. the first stage is to make sure we were encouraging iraqi government formation, second stage was making sure that building on intelligent successes that we have done that we were in a position to conduct limited airstrikes to protect
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our personnel, critical infrastructure and engage in military and activities. the third phase will allow us to take the fight to isil, brought in the effort and our goal is to act with urgency, but also to make sure we are doing it right, that we have the right targets, that their support on the ground if we take an airstrike that we have a strong political coalition, diplomatic efforts that is matching it, a strong strategic medications effort so that we are discouraging people from thinking somehow isil represents a state much less a callous state, so all those things will have to be combined and as i said it is not going to happen overnight, but we're steadily moving in the right direction and we're going to achieve our goal, we're going to
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ultimately defeat isil the same way we have gone after al qaeda, the same way we have gone after al qaeda affiliates in al qaeda where we released the fact we've killed the leader in somalia and have the system we were to degrade their operations. we have been very systematic and methodical going after these organizations that may threaten u.s. personnel and the homeland. and that the liberation allows us to do it right. but have no doubt we will continue and i will continue to do what is necessary to protect the american people and isil poses a real threat and i'm encouraged our friends and allies recognize the same threat.
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julie davis. >> thank you, mr. president. want to follow-up on what what you are saying and ask if you think the objective here is to destroy and degrade them, are those the same thing in your mind? is the goal to ultimately secretary kerry says there is no containing them, so is the goal to an aisle he at annihilate th? and do you thing since airstrikes are not going to do it here, if ultimately action is needed in syria, realistically expect the free syrian army to do what is needed on the ground to destroy, not just push back isil? >> you can't contain an organization that is running through that much territory causing that much havoc, displacing that many people, killing that many innocents and
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enslaving that many women. the goal has to be to dismantle them, and if you look at what happened with al qaeda where the primary base was, you initially push them back, he systematically degrade their capabilities, you narrow their scope of action, you slowly shrink the space, the territory they may control. you take out their leadership and over time they are not able to conduct same kind of terrorist attacks as they once could. as i said i think in my last press conference given the nature of these organizations, are there remnants of an
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organization still running around in hiding and still potentially plotting? absolutely. and we will continue to hunt them down the same way we are doing with remnants of al qaeda or elements of somalia or terrorists who operate anywhere around the world, but what we can accomplish is to dismantle this network, this force that has claimed to control this much territory so they cannot do us harm. and that is going to be our objective. as i said before, i am pleased to see there is unanimity among our friends and allies that it is a worthy goal and they are prepared to work with us in a couple she and our goal.
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with respect to the situation on the ground in syria, we will not be placing u.s. ground troops to try to control the areas that are part of the conflict inside of syria. i don't think that is necessary for us to accomplish our goal. we're going to have to find effective partners on the ground to push back, and the moderate coalition there is one that we can work with, we had experience working with many of them, they have been to some degree out gunned and outmanned, that is why it is important for us to work with friends and allies to support them more effectively, but keep in mind when you have u.s. forces, other advanced nations going after isil putting them on the defensive and
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putting them on the run, it is pretty remarkable what ground forces can do even if initially they were on the defensive against isil. so that is a developing strategy that we are going to be consulting with our friends, our allies, our regional partners, but the bottom line is we will do what is necessary in order to make sure isil does not threaten the united states or our friends and partners. one last question. "wall street journal." >> thank you, mr. president get some democrats facing tough races in november have asked you to delay action immigration. has the concerns of others and fletcher thinking of you see any downside to this point to delaying it until after the election? >president obama: this week i
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have been pretty busy focused on ukraine and focused on isil and focused on making sure nato is boosting its commitments and following through on what is necessary for the 21st century challenges, j johnson eric holder have begun to provide me some of their proposals and recommendations. i will be reviewing them and my expectation is fairly soon i will be considering what the next steps are. what i am unequivocal about his we need immigration reform, that my overriding preference is to seecommerce act, we had bipartisan actions in the senate, house republicans have sat on it for over a year, that has damaged the economy, it has held america back, it is a
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mistake in the absence of congressional action, i intend to take action to make sure we are putting more resources on the border, that we are upgrading how we process these cases, and we find a way to encourage illegal immigration and give people some path league start paying taxes and pay a fine, learn english and be able to not look over their shoulder, but the legal since they have been living here for quite some time. i suspect on my flight back this will be part of my reading, taking a look at some of the specifics we have looked at and i will be making announcements soon but i want to be very clear, my intention is in the absence of action by congress,
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i'm going to do what i can do within the legal constraints of my office because it is the right thing to do for the country. all right? thank you very much, people of wales. i had a great time. >> will watch the present-day reacrejects at the nato summit n wales holding this news conference he took just a few questions at about an eight minutes dialogue, statement if you will follow in two days at the nato summit in wales doing with russia and the isis crisis. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. here with us, kimberly guilfoyle, jedediah bila. today's hashtag one lucky guy, host of "huckabee," mike huckabee himself. and he is outnumbered. >> i am. >> cap waits to get your thoughts, the threat is growing, you cannot contain them, you
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initial thoughts. dismantle >> he cannot decide if he was for getting rid of isis or just containing them. the president has to look into the camera and say there will be no accommodation, no kind of we're going to just roll them back a little bit, we have to eradicate them. when the doctor tells you you have a malignancy, you can get rid of the tumor by surgery and/or chemotherapy and radiation or you say i want to keep part of the tumor, just take part of it out. this is not a benign issue, it is a willingness to be at >> first of all wants to mention we did start to see a glimpse of a four-point plan or strategy a little bit. it took a question about it because it was that initial statement.
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can we play that, sen set readyo go? let's see. >> you can't contain an organization that is running roughshod through that much territory causing that much havoc, displacing that many people, killing that many innocents and slaving that many women. the goal has to be to dismantle them. >> dismantle them, still to the president saw some equivocation. it started to get his strategy and began the pullback. that is not decisive, firm rhetoric that is going to encourage our allies to join in link arms, that shows a president uncertain in his inner core about exactly how he wants to deal with this issue because quite honestly he prefers not to. >> we have to nations talked about at the summit. many states, britain, france,
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germany, austria, turkey, poland, denmark. significantly does not include an arab nation on the list. your thought. >> she did mention there were opportunities for them to join into nato or had said there was a simple way for them to join and take out part of it. i want to ask you, governor, because you are here, and i being mean i think about this as mom jeans form policy? it just doesn't make any sense. last night we saw on o'reilly maybe it is not that he is dithering and week, maybe this is the strategy to just give isis enough time. >> i don't d think this presidet likes the role of the commander-in-chief when you control the largest most awesom military in the world sometimes you have to use it and when you do you have to use it
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decisively, it is not pleasant. either they die or we die. let's make tha the decision quiy and decide they die, we live, we win, they lose. >> his aspiring to pressure from john kerry and joe biden. john kerry's, now saying cannot contain this, joe biden acting more president of an he has say we will follow them to the gates of hell as president forced to answer. moments before that he said we will push them back. pushing them back is containment. we need a straight story. >> you saw the door open for them to join, critical for them to join the fight specifically saudis, egypt, the emirates, we will see what happens, we will continue the conversation. and then former g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney weighing in on the threat today. what he said that has some
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people wondering whether he is setting the table for another run in 2016. stay close. ugh. heartburn.
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." yancey chairwoman backtracking a
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bit now after she used the massive violence comes to criticize governor scott walker. here's what she said that started the uproar. >> scott walker has given the backhand, and another is stark, that is direct, but that is reality. what republican people and extremists are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back and it is unacceptable. this not going to happen on our watch. >> saying those comments were completely inappropriate. now saying in a statement i shouldn't have used the words i used, but that shouldn't distract from the point i was making that scott walker's policies have been bad for wisconsin women. i am a wisconsin woman and i will you this, they both
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supported or opposed legislation that would have banned gender abortion. governor walker supported that, so who is having a war on women? the question i have though is have we reached the point or has the democratic party reached the point of diminishing returns on this sort of cynical war on women thing? here we have the head of the dnc backtracking, this has been there play card for so long, it not working anymore? >> i think they watched you yesterday, they need to pipe up and apologize. >> would have been better because sometimes sorry isn't good enough. is a party talking points that went out on behalf of the talking points for desperation, they use women to try to make their point, which is unforgivable. they should know better i don't know why similar t that is in charge of the party.
9:27 am
>> she is the gift that keeps on giving. we need her in that role. >> should she have gone on camera, is that what she should have done? >> this is a big disgrace. the reduce women to some of their reproductive parts, so she talks about reproductive issues. what about jobs, what about right to work, are these not women's issues? you're talking about scott walker and why he is such a problem for women. i want you to articulate why because democrats away with this all the time and to make it about abortion, the single issue is women don't care about other issues, that is a bunch of nonsense. should she apologized? yeah, and my surprise? absolutely not. >> your husband is in politics and you are right there with him, is it fair to criticize or to question whether it is has been republican who said this
9:28 am
this would have set the world on fire. you're not even really seeing this covered. >> there is a four-point spread in this race, it would have been the end of the walker campaign has been reversed. in this case semi apology seems to be sufficient for the democrats get >> it took a day to come up with it. not like it came out of her mouth and said i shouldn't have said that. only after the uproar did she find an apology and put it out of a statement because i am guessing the campaign in wisconsin called and said you have got to clean this up. there is stuff on the floor. >> if we said that on the couch it would be a story for days, fox news analyst says and yet she gets away with it. this a key person in the party. think before you speak. how about everybody who faces domestic abuse. how do you think they are
9:29 am
feeling? >> the war on women has been used to use women, not to help women. >> it would have been good to see her apologize. own up right with that clarification. >> that is part of the indications. former g.o.p. presents a nominee mitt romney, a member him, looking more like a candidate again writing an op-ed about the obama foreign-policy. is he setting a table for a run in 2016? when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." former republican presidential nominee mitt romney sounding more like a candidate again after writing a stinging op-ed in "the washington post" saying cuts the motor he can decimate our defense and security at a time of international crisis.
9:34 am
he said russia invades, china bullies, islamic state a terrorist threat threat beyond g we have seen a car and the defense secretary threatens and washington/as the military. several arguments advanced justify the destination of our defense, all of them are wrong. suppose the presidential election was held today in america had to choose between hillary clinton and mitt romney. 55% would vote for hillary clinton. 42% would vote for mitt romney. these are strong comments in terms of our defense. does this mean he should run for president? oftentimes republicans they commit a great comment, we have to run him, should they be jumping on this? >> mitt romney playing the senior statesman of the party. still has a role to play and he is doing it with you, conference. i think he will run again?
9:35 am
absolutely not. i would be shocked, i would be actually shocked if he were to go out and say he will run again because i think there are so many people that will be looking at it and i think it would be probably not in his be interest and would take him away from being the senior statesman. >> do we need new blood? i hear a lot saying enough is enough. i hear people say another bush. they want somebody freshfaced, with a be receptive to a romney run at a time the president is really having trouble in that area? >> they are both very competent men who can probably a lot of problems. there is the main problem conservatives have. you may not like a bomb in with policies have left us here today with but the guy is inspirational and could inspire
9:36 am
people to at least consider left-leaning policies. we need somebody inspirational, we need another ronald reagan to unite the country around conservative policies that lift people out of poverty that provide national security. i think paul ryan is great, i heard marco rubio speak not very long ago and it was like it is ronald reagan and he is latino. i was so excited because i felt like he was talking about big ideas and inspiring and he was actually laying out our philosophy in a way that was very accessible and attractive. >> lot of people. this is an insurmountable obstacle, a lot of them say if she runs she is going to win. have anything that is not true. who would you put in there?
9:37 am
>> if they don't make themselves their own worst enemy. if you cannot win now, when can you? decisive of what we have to do for national security and the economy, jobs, immigration, all of the above. somebody has to step in, a lot of people i like on the republican side including the governor on this coach. somebody in the party as well. one at a time. >> a couple of things change the conversation. if republicans take the senate and they maintain a power of the house, it looks of that will happen as well, does it make it more difficult to get a republican then on to present a ticket that can go against anybody because a lot of people think they want some fair and
9:38 am
balanced, but we have had it. >> the voters make the decision of who when a presidency don't think in those brought of terms because hard-core republicans vote republican and hardware democrats vote democrat. people vote for somebody they feel like cap next to them, speaks to them, listen to america, lifts america up. people don't look left, right, liberal, conservative, they ask is he up, is it down, will he take us a new place in a good way or a bad way? go back to 2008, that election was not so much about the specifics of policy, it was barack obama looks like the future, john mccain looks like the past. as simple as that. what you said was true, he lifted people up, he inspired people. now we are a little depressed but at the time we thought he has a vision. >> a lot state a home last time,
9:39 am
i want somebody who inspires that base. >> are they happy they did that? >> there is a report saying hillary clinton will decide after generally first if she will run for republicans better get yourself together. safety person donstate spokespef they might have some other stuff to do instead of getting into it with members of the media. bombshell claim of the terror attack from security staff on the ground. find out who they say delayed their response to the attack. s .
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then she is about work. at the host criticized her boss after days of mixed messages from the administration on isis. take a listen. >> with all due respect, that woman looks way out of her depth over there the way she delivers, doesn't look like she has enough for that job. >> taken to twitter saying the state department spokeswoman next line with class and intelligence. too bad we can't say the same about the "o'reilly factor." and more to say when asked about her message at a news conferen conference. >> i think when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses quite frankly sexist, personally offensive language that i asked we don't think they'd ever use about a man against a person who shares the podium with me, i think i have an obligation and it is aboard and to and say that is not okay.
9:45 am
>> bills response classic o'reilly. >> i would never say that about a man, would i? not me reedit taking on the ladies. >> first of all if a man wore those glasses and said some of the things that have then flipped, the spokesperson has been clipped saying, he absolutely within the same thing about them, absolutely. >> whether it is a woman or a man doing the job you should be able to make commentary about whether or not some is at fault. >> we have all the missteps and misspeaks, that is not a gender thing. i don't want to be more cruel than bill o'reilly and i'm glad he called it for what it is. >> i had already seen the clip before bill, done it. the first half thought was who are these valley girls? i still think it is not even
9:46 am
what they are saying, it is the way they say it, they sound not very professional. i don't think they sound professional. >> follow them on twitter and you will have plenty of fresh new material. >> if you don't want to take any heat, just wear a skirt to the press conference therefore they will not criticize you. that is an absurd kind of criticism if you can't handle the substance of the job, don't take the job, you're going to have to deal with it. plenty of reasons to be upset, during the conflict going on with gaza and the israelis she had this moral equivocation of both sides need to settle down. one side is a group of terrorists firing at innocent civilians, the other side is a state that is protecting its people, that isn't too sides. i have said this, this is a president he could watch a western from the fifties and at the end of it he wouldn't another good guys from the bad
9:47 am
guys. >> we need to cards, good guys, bad guys. >> when you think you see obama come out pulling out fox news, repealed the calling calling out the media. shouldn't they be busy dealing with isis? if they did not have time to tackle immigration, maybe guys can get to look in at that and so talk bill o'reilly. good for bill. >> and said it was sexist? >> that is the strategy, always resort this war on women sexist language, and i guess it is working for them although maybe now it is starting to turn. >> we are not victims, we are smart. we can think for ourselves, it is amazing what women can do these days. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. it is so patronizing. >> just remember the old
9:48 am
southern saying, when you throw a rock over the fence it is the dog who hollers, that means the target has hit the floodwaters. >> as if we can't handle it. bill o'reilly is an equal opportunity critic. if he sees some has meant to be criticized, he goes after it, that is his job. don't go easy on me because i am a female, that is insulting to me. >> the spokesperson who has been on record not be able to remember anything hillary clinton did when asked at his state department, if she is really concerned about women and their role in the great things we are doing, why wouldn't she be able to do what her boss had done. >> i am with you. saying they stand with ukraine in the face of russian aggression and also pulling back troops. we have a live report. in the home-cooked family
9:49 am
dinners been more harm than good? maybe wants to break out the tv dinners.
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we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that.
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>> i may be outnumbered, but now it is my turn with this story. group of researchers sing-along romanticized home-cooked dinner many families strive for maximum doing more harm than good, especially to women. after interviewing and observing dozens of families, researchers found time pressures trade-off to save money and the burden of pleasing others make it difficult to enact the idealized version of home meals advocated by foodies and public health officials. this has jon: of the most amazing stories i've ever seen. balancing your life with a has been politics and seven kids, is it a harm or a good? >> it is about balance. i love to cook but if it is a really hurry to create today at my house my kids would prefer i pop a piece in the oven and not be crabby and we sit around the table and eat, but i also think
9:54 am
it is important we as parents take responsibility and we can't just depend on take-out and junkfood, we don't want michelle obama and big government take responsibility for the obesity problem so we have to take response ability for it at home and that is where the kids learn how to eat healthy. i don't want to say chalk the home-cooked meals but as a balance and we have busy lives. >> don't you think the dinner hour is not only about what you eat but about the atmosphere being together as a family, the conversation that happened at the table, the bonding that goes on? >> yes. it is about the conversation and having a time and connecting, asking how was your day and what is going on. would rather spend more time doing that then being in the kitchen disconnected. >> 's were not going to kimberly's house for dinner.
9:55 am
>> i am an italian girl, i like my home cooking and pasta. i have been telling you ladies this is why i am marrying house has been so w he can do all the cooking. maybe have the kids pidgeon. make it a family thing so the pressure doesn't fall on one person, mom or dad. everybody can be a part of that experience. less you have me in the house and everything will taste terrible. >> i do think it is about eye contact. we are losing the ability to just look at each other. i love social media, but even if it is a frozen burrito. it is about the community. i love to cook, i particularly love to bake. you guys can come over any time.
9:56 am
>> when the smoke alarm goes off, dinner is ready. [laughter] >> have we gone from the war on women to the war on food now? it is about togetherness. >> and you can order healthy items. >> that is true. governor huckabee, you just got back 5:00 a.m. from israel. what is up on your show this weekend? >> some of the security measures they used will be part of it and a tour of the 9/11 museum and with us. >> good to have you. we will see you back here on monday for the tv version of "outnumbered" at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance.
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a fox news alert. we are learning that right now american fighter jet are tracking an unresponsive aircraft that is traveling over the atlantic. >> they don't have the warrant and right to do that. >> college educated american. is he the behind the beheading. the hunt is on to stop the man who may be driving on line recruitment for isis. >> and we are ready to go. bob looked through me and said you need to wait. >> stand down, we


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