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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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fox news alert. wanted to mention "the real story" with gretchen carlson will be up in just a moment. for now we continue to follow breaking news on the "happening now" set. an aircraft that took off from rochester, new york, earlier today was bound for naples, florida, but somewhere along the line and ran into problems and is unresponsive not talking to anyone on the ground. the plane has continued on that straight green line you see there off of the east coast of florida out over cuba. a couple f-15s began chasing it at the request of the north american air defense command but they have not been able to make contact apparently the windows are fogged or frosted over. let's talk about the possibilities here with a former
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marine corps pilot, retired airline captain and aviation consultant. jp, it does not sound good. let's just say that right off the bat. >> obviously, john, you pegged it with windows iced up and you have pressurization failure and you have unresponsive person and if there were other people in the cockpit, obviously they would be responding. so probably the worst case scenario, lack of oxygen and they have succumbed. >> we understand it was flying at 25,000 feet. if you lose pressure at an altitude like that, you have seconds or minutes where if you get to a lower altitude quickly enough, you can maintain control. >> of course. 25,000 feet is not like 31,000 feet, but you would have not much more than maybe 2 1/2 minutes of cognitive response. you may be alive but unable to function or you are drifting off. you would not exactly wh know e
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was going on. >> the fact that the windows are fogged over, it suggests a pressure release and not just a pilot heart attack or something like that. >> my first thought was the pilot incapacition. >> we know the pilot filed a flight plane headed to naples, florida. do we know anything about the number of persons onboard? >> this kind of plane has six people onboard. obviously a pilot in the left seat in the front. a space in the other seat on the right and whether or not there was a pilot there or not, this type of plane, expensive and
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highly sophisticated single engine turboprop can be flown by one pilot. we don't know if there was another pilot onboard. if you look at the flight map right now, it's actually now out of cuban land and they are back over the gulf of mexico just south of there into the caribbean sea. next island it gets to is jamaica. we've pulled up more information from the radar tracking information that comes from this website flight aware. the last track put it still at 25,000 feet and its ground speed was 314 miles per hour as it headed south there. so far and still unresponsive and the issue here is going to be, of course, whether those pilots possibly had time to try to put on the oxygen masks that were in that plane if there was a decompression inside the plane or if they never had time and whether oxygen masks work and they followed those procedures and those kind of things as they
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head south there. >> i know that trace gallagher has new information from our west coast news hub for us. trace? >> a little bit. we've confirmed that the plane is registered to a buckingham properties in rochester, new york. it's interesting. we're not going to give you the name of the ceo of that company but the ceo of that company is actually a pilot and he is the president of the type of plane that we're talking about here owners and pilot association. we're not intimating he was flying the plane but he has ability to fly the plane. if so this real estate development company in rochester has properties in naples, florida. that's where the plane was headed to before it went off course and flying over cuba. to give people an understanding of where we are flying 314 miles per hour at 25,000 feet. cruise speed on this thing about 361 miles per hour. the range is 1,800 miles and from rochester to cuba or right
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over the island of cuba is just about 1,700 miles. depending on winds, we're looking at another maybe 100 miles at 314 miles an hour, due the math, 15 minutes, 20 minutes or so that this plane has left at 25,000 feet. so we're gathering more information about where it's going and more about the people or person who may have been onboard this flight as we get more, we'll bring it to you. >> fred, former federal prosecutor but also a very experienced pilot with some 5,000 hours of experience flying pressurized airplanes. i have looked at it. it's not in my price range. expensive aircraft if you are not using it for business, it's hard to justify but a capable aircraft. very expensive. it doesn't make much in certain circumstances to have a pressure failure. >> it is a very expensive airplane. it's built in france.
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it has a single engine turboprop and it is very capable. basic fundamental rule in aviation is never exceed the capabilities of the pilot or the aircraft. we have good weather. we obviously had pressurization problem in this case again. we don't know the health of the pilot and time of useful consciousness when you lose pressurization is affected by smoker, what kind of shape you're in. we don't know about that kind of stuff. this is a very, very expensive airplane. it's out of my price range. expensive to operate. also highly capable. i find it difficult to believe that there would have been two pilots on this airplane if there was rapid depressurization with two pilots, one would have been able to get this airplane coming down right away. >> what about the masks? not everybody necessarily carries them even though they are supposed to. they are required by law. >> correct. the airlines carry quick donning masks that blow the air into
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your lungs because as you go higher, we're not at 31,000. above 31,000 it gets dangerous quick. at 25,000 feet, you can get by with less sophisticated masks. we don't know what he had or how much oxygen was in his bottle and if the valve was open. a lot of variables that you need to examine the aircraft to be able to answer. >> again, this brings to mind memories of what happened to payne stewart, the pro golfer who was in some kind of a lear jet when his plane lost pressure. they sent chase planes up to check it out. windows were frosted over in that particular case as they are apparently today. nobody inside was responsive. there had been -- the plane went down in the dakotas and was absolutely obliterated so much that they couldn't figure out exactly what happened. but the plane had been in for service as i recall. there's speculation the faa, ntsb speculation was there was some kind of a pressure failure and that everybody onboard lost
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consciousness and eventually died. here at 25,000 feet in this kind of an aircraft, fred, what would typically be the pilot's response if there is a pressurization failure? >> it's interesting. the military puts their pilots through pressurization chambers and they have time of useful consciousness. at that altitude for a healthy person usually time of useful consciousness is less than two minutes. not a lot of time. as your earlier guest indicated, you're not thinking clearly. you have lost oxygen. i have heard audiotapes of a airliners that lost oxygenization and they get goofy. you have to see what's going on. address the problem and then try to fix it and we train for this. in my airplane, i train for this. i can come down 10,000 feet a minute if i have rapid
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depressurization but that's recognizing the problem immediately and get down as quickly as possible. >> typically we think of these things as happening quite quickly but i suppose if could have amounted to something like a slow leak, a slow pressurization leak where suddenly he's flying at 25,000 feet and the air pressure that's available to him inside the cabin is something like that as well. trace gallagher is following this story from our west coast news hub. trace, the plan for those f-18s was to break off and go around cuban airspace because obviously the cubans are quite sensitive about u.s. military aircraft flying over their airspace and go around that airspace and link up with this plane. we understand the plane is now in between cuba and jamaica. any word on what the f-15s are doing or seeing? >> no. they have not notified us as to whether the f-15s picked up with
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that plane. it's just clearing cuban airspace. it will probably be a short while before they made their way over jamaica and picked the plane back up again. keep in mind, we were being told for a while that cuban authorities were actually in the air chasing the plane as well. possibly making sure that it didn't crash in the middle of cuba and making decisions on what they were going to do if the plane started going down over land. it might hurt people on the ground. you have no idea what the cuban authorities were thinking. the plan was for f-15s to pick back up with the plane and then follow it until it runs out of gas which by our estimation could be very soon. it's still flying as far as we know. the timing here is everything because this thing is running very close to the end of its fuel supply and that's on the estimation that it had a full tank of fuel. this is a plane that's registered to a real estate developer in rochester new york
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called buckingham properties. they sent us a message saying in comment today but they closed the doors for the day and president or ceo of that company is also a pilot. he's the president now of tbm, which is the plane we're talking about here. the tbm owners and pilots association so again he has the ability to fly the plane. we know he's married. we do not know if he had family onboard or any people onboard. we do know it was able to carry six people. normally only flown by one person. we're waiting for the faa to fill in the blanks right now as we chase this ghost plane across the caribbean. >> all right. thank you. >> jp, i know you have some thoughts. >> here is the exact problem that's wrong with civil aviation under general aviation. you have an individual with the
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capability to buy this very expensive aircraft and yet in all probability that person would not spend $100, $200 to get training that would teach him to recognize the effects and insidious effects of hiypoxia. you don't get the full training that you should have before flying a high performance aircraft. that's the shame of general aviation. >> we don't know necessarily what has taken place in that cockpit. we are engaging in speculation here. the prospects do not look good for certainly the pilot and anybody else who might be onboard that plane. it's now overshot cuba. now headed toward jamaica. as trace said, it's rapidly nearing the end of its fuel supplies.
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"the real story" will be on mome momentarily. unresponsive pilot chased by two american f-15s. more in a moment.
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fox news alert. i'm john scott in "happening now" studios. "the real story" with gretchen carlson will be along momentarily. we're following this news along the east coast of the united states. a plane that took off from rochester, new york, sometime ago. single engine. very capable turboprop powered airplane. unknown how many people onboard at this point. here's a look at the kind of plane we're talking about. very fast and very capable and very expensive. this one apparently is in trouble. no word from the pilot for quite some time. a couple f-15s chased it toward cuban airspace and had to break
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off because they didn't want to violate cuban airspace. that plane now crossed over cuba and is on the way to jamaica. >> we've been going through the flight path of this plane. it took off a little bit after 8:30 eastern there in rochester, new york. we don't know how many people were onboard. it headed south there en route to naples, florida. you see there that dogleg where it turned which would have been turning to the left. turning east as it headed down toward naples. that happened right at about 10:00 eastern. 2 1/2 hours into the flight. at that moment the plane also descended from 28,000 feet to 25,000 feet. this is coming from the radar data that we get from that's the moment the plane turned and descended down to 25,000 feet. why that happened whether they were told to do so by air travel
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control or whether pilots initiated that on their own, we don't know. we know since 10:00 eastern, a couple of hours now, 4 hours and 15 minutes since that turn it's been flying at roughly the same heading. 167 degrees and right at 25,000 feet. just now though if you look at the track there over jamaica as it is now exited cuban airspace headed over the island of jamaica, it appeared to make a couple of turns there on that track possibly going down, possibly going up a little bit as it is near entering jamaica. we know the f-15s trailing it as it went down the eastern seaboard all of the way past the florida coast over the bahamas you see there, the f-15s allegedly saw that the windows were frosted over which would indicate possibly some kind of pressurization problem inside that aircraft. you can see it's a sophisticated and expensive aircraft but certainly not one that is immune
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to any kind of pressurization problems. we also know that the f-15s broke off that chase before it reached cuban airspace. the last we heard from folks at the pentagon is those f-15s returned to base in the united states to refuel whether or not they are going to try to pick this plane up south of jamaica yet or not is yet to be seen. >> thank you. a very strange story. second time in the last couple of weeks it's happened. unresponsive aircraft along the eastern seaboard. the plane we learned earlier is registered to a development company based in rochester that does some work in naples, florida. that was ultimately supposed to be the landing point of this particular aircraft. i might mention that that shot we had of the blue and white aircraft that was up earlier, not this particular one, is actually the plane. the tail number is the plane
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that is still in the air. they've been trying to contact the pilot but without success. once again, there's the plane we're talking about. fred is an accomplished civilian aviator and has 5,000 or more hours in pressurized aircraft. you've been in plane like this. >> they are cramped and tight inside. the engine on this airplane is a highly capable, highly reliable engine. bulletproof. they say it takes an act of god to start one and an act of god to stop one. you know, these airplanes have a good safety record. tbm has a good safety record. the airplane has a good safety record. it isn't known for having pressurization problems. we don't know what went wrong at in the point. >> flukes can happen. trace gallagher is also with us. he's been developing some of the breaking details on this particular flight.
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trace? >> a couple fascinating things. let's begin with norad. the two f-15s that trailed this plane before it got into cuban airspace and broke off because they didn't want to violate any international rules now norad is telling us that those two f-15s went back to base to refuel and they'll make a decision on whether they will go out to track the plane. when they told us they would trace it on the other side of the cuban airspace, that's not going to happen. at least not for right now. for them to get back to base and chase this plane again with the fuel capacity doesn't seem likely and now we hear reports, john, that the plane may be slowing down. clearly it is at the end of its fuel run here and we are now still working on information from the pilot who just bought a brand new tbn-900. they both have the same range
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a fox news alert. we're continuing to follow the case of this very aircraft, the tail number n-900kn. an aircraft that took off from rochester, new york, earlier this morning headed for naples, florida, but it became unresponsive for reasons as yet unknown. a couple of f-15s chased it down off of the coast of florida. they reported finding that the windows were frosted over and no
11:26 am
sign of the pilot or anyone else who might be inside the question. the question is how many people onboard and where will this thing eventually come down? at last report based on this tracking from the flight aware website, at last report it was headed for the coast of jamaica. the f-15s had to break off the chase and they are headed back to the united states to refuel. that's the latest we know. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. trace, you have pointed out this thing even if the pilot filled up his tanks when he left rochester, this thing is rapidly running out of fuel. >> 1,800 miles is the range on this thing. just to get to cuban airspace is about 1,700 miles and you clear over the island and now we hear it's just east of kingston, jamaica. so you're at the 1,800 mile range. they do these things when they figure out math, they do these things with four passengers, long range cruising speed. we know it was traveling at about 314 miles per hour at
11:27 am
25,000 feet. it could probably stretch that a little bit, john, to maybe 1,850 but very near the end. the interesting thing i just told you is that we know now that the person who owns this plane is a developer. he's also a pilot and he's the president of the tbn owners and pilots association and he's just purchased a brand new tbm purchased in march. we're not saying this is a 900 because norad says they're tracking a 750. if he was flying his 900, the range on that is 2,000 miles. about 1,990 miles. in that case, we would have an entirely different scenario. he's flying, we believe, the 750. that would change things significantly and we do know that he at least owns the 900 as well. he has 5,000 hours of flying time so he's a very experienced
11:28 am
pilot and again we have no idea what went wrong but he's not being tracked by anybody we believe. he's flying aimlessly over the ocean. >> trace, thanks. >> fred is also with us. frequent guest on fox and experienced pilot. >> it's the older version. it's not the new one. it's interesting. the guy is a high time pilot. a friend of mine always said you're only as good as your last hour. a guy with 5,000 hours flying a highly capable piece of equipment over weather that appears to be benign and something goes wrong. that's the thing about general aviation. you have to pay attention. there's a light that tells me when pressurization is going off. there's never -- unfortunately you never can let your guard down when you do this. >> leland vittert is also with us. you have information about radar coverage of this particular aircraft. >> exactly. according to flight aware as we
11:29 am
can best tell, they've lost radar contact from this plane. this plane flew past miami on the eastern seaboard of the united states down over jamaica and over cuba. the last radar contact flight aware is showing is north of jamaica. it says the webpage is not available. they're trying to refresh the webpage. about 25,000 feet for the past 4 1/2 hours once it made that dogleg turn to the east. it descended to 25,000 and was at 28,000 at 10:00 a.m. eastern. flew like that for what is now 4 1/2 hours south all of the way down the florida seaboard out over cuba and jamaica and now flight aware is at least reporting that they do not have any kind of radar contact after it got out over cuba and then jamaica. as we look across here, the last confirmed radar contact was from miami center, that would have been radar operating out of miami or key west at 2:11
11:30 am
eastern the plane at 25,000 feet traveling at about 176 miles an hour. it slowed from the 300 miles an hour. why this happens you don't know. as trace has been talking about, you are now just getting at the very end of the range of this kind of airplane even if it had taken off with absolutely full fuel about 8:30 this morning. that's just about six hours ago. it can take a couple hundred gallons of fuel. about 300 gallons depending on the exact model of the airplane. at this speed at the range this is just about the time we would see this plane running out of gas and there's still not any kind of new radar contact coming out of miami. could be because simply miami radar doesn't extend all of the way down there into the caribbean. they don't have that yet. as we saw from the last radar contacts, the plane was beginning to slow down and was turning erratically the last couple times. whether that's an indication of things happening onboard or the autopilot taking over as it's losing fuel, we don't know.
11:31 am
>> "the real story" with gretchen carlson also waiting in the wings but for now we'll stay on this story. back with more coverage in just a moment. óqoqúúñ@
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a little bit more information in this fox news alert. the faa is telling us that the particular aircraft that we have been watching took off from rochester, new york, about 8:45
11:35 am
this morning. about 10:00 a.m. just an hour and 15 minutes into the flight the pilot stopped responding to radio calls. so the aircraft then flew over the eastern seaboard and off of the coast of florida with absolutely no one inside talking to anyone on the ground. a couple f-15s were scrambled by norad. they chased it toward cuban airspace and had to break off. cubans reportedly followed the plane as well and now we can see on this track from flight aware website overwhelmed with traffic in the last hour or so, the plane headed offshore of cuba and is at last report headed toward jamaica. again, no response from anybody inside. we are continuing our coverage. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. this thing is going to be coming down soon as you said.
11:36 am
the fuel supply even if the pilot left rochester with a fuel tank, fuel supplies are very low right now. >> that's right. 1,800 miles from our calculations is what it had. we were told earlier that it went down and lost altitude and then it scrambled it get back up to altitude and started slowing down. again, we know we lost flight aware. we need to wait until the miami air traffic controllers and faa get in contact with us. we've just been notified by the faa that they routinely communicate with cuba when there are planes flying over international airspace. the state department also notified saying they have been in contact with the bahamas and cuba so there is contact going on. we know faa is talking with cuban air traffic officials right now. it's very strong chance that the faa has indication of exactly what happened to this plane right now but so far they haven't released that at all and we should also say the coast
11:37 am
guard has now released that they believe there were three people onboard this single engine turbo airplane. three people onboard unresponsive. we know it belonged to a development company in new york. >> trace, we just are getting this breaking news from the ap, the ap is reporting that jamaican officials say that plane that you see on the screen right now, that plane has crashed on the island of jamaica. we don't have anymore information about it or about the number of souls onboard. we believe based on reporting from the coast guard there were three people onboard. that has not yet been confirmed. jp is an aviation consultant and former marine corps pilot. it's the kind of ending we feared but nobody was hoping for. it appears the pilot
11:38 am
incapacitated or something like that happened here. >> extraordinary that a small island like jamaica it would choose to run out of gas and crash there. as far as i'm concerned, far better than requiring cuban air force or united states air force to cut it in half while it's over the seas or threatening somewhere else. that would have been the alternati alternative. they would have had no course but to shoot it down. better that it crashed and hopefully it injured no one on the ground in jamaica. that's the real tragedy of this happening and people onboard the aircraft are dead and that also it did not cause collateral damage. that would be compounded tragedy. >> again, memories of the payne stewart crash. that lear jet that ultimately took the professional golfer to his death went down in a wheat field in the dakotas as i recall, fred, and dug a hole deep in the earth.
11:39 am
we don't know exactly what happened to this plane when it landed and hit jamaica but we're told by authorities on the island that it crashed. >> leers are very sleek airplane. when that leer lost power with the payne accident, that plane hit the ground at a high rate of speed. this airplane would have had a propeller to slow it down a bit until the engine lost engine pressure. we don't know what happened. it is very, very sad. this is unfortunately the second time it happened in the last ten days. a single engine airplane at 21,000 feet. pilot lost consciousness and went right over washington, d.c. and out into the ocean. this is unfortunately the second time in almost two weeks. >> again, for those who might be listening, the plane lost cabin
11:40 am
pressure. jetliners tell you about masks that will drop from the ceiling. in commercial acrplanes, it's different than what would be carried on this planes like this. leland vittert is covering this. the sad news is that this flight has come to an end with a crash in jamaica. it does not sound like that would have been survivable even if anyone was alive onboard this craft. >> exactly. the time that they spent at 25,000 feet conceivably without any type of oxygen because they were not responsive would have rendered them unconscious as that plane descended. if we still have the track of this plane, it left about 8:30 from rochester, new york. it was flying to naples, florida. at 10:00 it was flying at 28,000 feet. just then at 10:00 is when it descended 3,000 feet and made that turn to the left heading out east that would eventually
11:41 am
take it there over the eastern seaboard down to cuba and we know now down to jamaica. it was 10:00 they lost any type of contact with those in that plane and then f-15s found it with frosted windows. a ghost plane if you will. >> it's interesting. when the airplane left rochester it had a westerly track. it would have been a 280. he turned east. you have to be under faa rules as odd number so 250. that's why the change. >> all right. again, a very sad end to this hour's breaking news. that particular aircraft you see on our screen reportedly has crashed on the island of jamaica reportedly with three persons onboard. more information ahead on "the real story" with gretchen carlson. in the meantime, i'm john scott in new york. thanks for joining us.
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a fox news alert. i'm gretchen carlson.
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welcome to an abbreviated form of "the real story" today as we follow breaking details about that unresponsive plane originally on its way from rochester, new york, to naples, florida. according to the associated press, the faa says that plane has crashed in jamaica. it was registered to buckingham properties also in rochester, new york. that plane two u.s. fighter jets were following and monitoring the aircraft but broke off its trail as the plane passed into cuban airspace. let's go to trace gallagher following this since it started. trace? >> it happened at 8:45 this morning taking off from rochester. it flew for the better part of six hours. it crashed north of port antonio, jamaica and did not hit anything or injure anyone on the ground. faa has not confirmed that yet. we're getting our information from the jamaican authorities. the plane at some point at
11:46 am
25,000 feet from flying from rochester to naples lost contact. it was trailed by two f-15 fighter jets. those fighter jets spotted it at 25,000 feet. they noticed windows had iced over, frosted over, which is a clear sign that something catastrophic happened. the plane lost pressure and it was flying aimlessly for the better part of four hours after that. they chased it down into cuban airspace and as soon as it crossed cuban airspace, the f-15s broke off. the plan was for them to pick it up on the other side of cuban airspace but they had to go back to refuel and they couldn't finish chasing that plane. the faa says they were in contact with cuban air traffic control officials. they also contacted the bahamas authorities on this plane. the plane we know was owned by the ceo of this real estate development company in rochester. he's also a pilot and he is the president of the tbm air pilots
11:47 am
association. he had 5,000 hours of flying time. a very experienced pilot and the coast guard reports there were three people onboard. we have not gotten any confirmation. we e-mailed the development company and sent us back a message saying simply no comment but they closed their offices for the day. we won't release the pilot's name because we don't yet have confirmation. we do know that he was very experienced. this plane flew for quite some time and just like what happened in the payne stewart crash in 1999 in south dakota, the plane eventually ran out of fuel right at its limit because from rochester to jamaica is roughly 1,770 miles. the maximum range on this plane was 1,800 miles in perfect conditions. it made it almost to the maximum before the reports were that it actually dropped altitude and climbed up and then eventually crashed onto the island. we are still waiting for confirmation from faa and ntsb
11:48 am
as we get it we'll get back to you. >> a couple questions, trace. buckingham properties owns this family. the ceo of that company is a pilot. have we confirmed that he for sure was actually the pilot today in that plane? >> we have not. we have not, which is why we won't go with his name. we know he was able to fly that plane. normally on these types of aircraft, only one person flies the plane. you have have a pilot and co-pilot but usually only one person flies it. they usually fly at a ground speed around 360 miles per hour. at last check the plane was flying at 314 miles per hour. we know the ceo of this company is married. we know he has a family. we don't know any information at all about who was onboard and whether or not the actual ceo was even onboard. we know that he has the ability to fly the plane and normally flies the plane. not only does he own this plane that just crashed in jamaica, he
11:49 am
just brought the upper end version of that plane. unclear if it's been delivered. he owned two planes. avid pilot. a huge fan of this type of aircraft that's built in france but as to whether he was the person flying this plane is still very unclear at this time. >> so as to location where the plane crashed in jamaica, any word or information on how that transpired if other people are injured on the ground, where exactly it crashed. >> we don't know of any injuries on the ground. we haven't been told of that jamaican defense authority said it crashed on the island of jamaica. there are some very crowded spots and some vast open land. faa has now confirmed the plane has in fact crashed in jamaica. again, about 14 miles northwest of port antonio, jamaica. we haven't heard any word on any
11:50 am
casualties on the ground because of this. the faa has now confirmed the plane did go down after nearly six hours of flying aimlessly. gretchen? >> all right. trace gallagher, thank you for your insights. we'll continue to follow this breaking news on "the real story" here on fox news. in the meantime, benghazi another big story today. five men who were very near our consulate in benghazi on the fateful night four americans were killed coming out with explosive allegations about orders they were given or not given that night and why they say it cost those americans their lives. right back. bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. my treadmill started to dress i mibetter than i did.uts, the problem was the pain. hard to believe, but dr. scholl's active series insoles reduce shock by 40% and give you immediate pain relief
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with the top speed of comcast business internet... well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. news alert now as we continue coverage on the missing plane. the unresponsive plane we have been telling you about did crash 14 miles northeast of port antonio, jamaica.
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apparentsly the reports from the faa right now it did not crash into the land in jamaica, it did crash 14 miles off the coast, into the caribbean sea. so, right now we know that this unresponsive plane has crashed. reportedly three people onboard, although we do not know the identities of the people just yet. but apparently it has crashed 14 miles off the coast of port antonio, into the caribbean sea, trace gallagher has more information. >> the jamaican defense officials reported the plane crashed on the island. now the faa clarified saying the plane crashed north of port antonio into the sea. anybody who knows jamaica, knows it's a celebrity hangout, call it the garden of the caribbean, mick jagger has a home there it's a huge tourist destination but the plane crashed into the water, and the coast guard says they have sent a c-130. it's unclear what the coast coat
11:55 am
guard's mission is at this point in time but likely they will try to find the plane. there is no sign, no one thinking there could be any survivors on the plane but the coast guard will head that way to see exactly what they can find, and our belief is that jamaican authorities as well will go out and try to find the wreckage of the plane to find the exact spot where it went in. almost six hours after it took off made it nearly the 1800-mile maximum fuel capacity this has. that puts it right on the barrier, 1800 mimes, jamaicaing 1750 to 1700 and 70 miles, so this flew on auto pilot for a long time. three people onboard. the coast guard confirmed that. we know the owner of the plane is a pilot, flies these planes, very experienced. we do not know if he was the pilot in command on this aircraft, but normally he is. we're not jumping to conclusions. we e-mailed the company.
11:56 am
they said no comment. they closed their doors for the day. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> more information, trace, just stand by right now, coming into the fox news room from the major basil jarrett, the jamaican civil coordinator. they're heading to the site to get more details. as we have been following this plane -- we're about to going back to trace -- we are now confirming that this plane did crash, though, in the sea, not on land, as you were following our story for the last hour or so you saw it was for a long time over land but has now crashed into the sea. more on this plane crash when we return. trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get inspired with aarp travel. plan and book your trip online and get hot travel tips from the pros. find more real possibilities at
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>> thank you for being part of the "the real story" today with the breaks news on the unresponsive airplane that crashed in the caribbean sea 14 miles off the coast of jamaica. for more continuing coverage, keep it right here on fox. shepard smith now reporting live
12:00 pm
from the fox news deck. have a great weekend. >> drama in the skies, fighter jetsbc9u with the intercepted ar the plane is not responsive. no call to controllers. it flew from new york past cuba, and as you heard if you have been on our coverage, word the plane crashed off jamaica. we're waiting for pictures. will we get them? we don't know. president obama says world leaders are in agreement they must destroy the islamic state. so what are the next steps for taking on the terrorists? ukraine's president says a cease fire is in effect to end months of fighting there, but is vladimir putin really going to play along? let get to it. good friday afternoon you. first from fox news deck, a corporate plane that lost contact with air traffic controllers has now crashed off the jamaican coast according to the feds. we have a picture of the plane, turbo prop the coast guard officials say had three people


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