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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 9, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you're sounding great this morning. >> thank you. >> more in the after the show show? >> we'll have a little after the show show song. >> we've got food and after party. >> round of applause, dustin lynch, everybody! bill: a fox news alert as we enter a critical 24 fight against isis. the president is set to address the nation on his strategy as more and more americans see isis as a threat. but what will he do? i'm bill hemmer. martha: a lot on our plate. we have brand-new polling that reveals a dramatic rise to stop our action in the middle east. the poll shows 71% says they back air strikes in iraq.
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that's almost 21% higher in just two weeks. bill: 17 points in about three weeks. >> it's a huge move and it makes the president's job tomorrow when he makes his case to the american people for taking action in iraq easier. it shows what the president wants to do, bomb isil, arm the kurds and deliver humanitarian aid. the public is already there. they support those moves. bill: 2/3 support strikes in syria. you wonder how' of that number could support the white house. >> that's a line the white house has not been able to cross yet.
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the american public on this issue is ahead of the white house. it gives congress more room to operate knowing the public supports those moves. bill: the president is fighting public perception of his action on foreign an fairs. only 38% approve. can he change that? >> if he takes decisive steps, he will be doing what the public wants him to do. if that does succeed i would think that would help the president's rating on foreign affairs. bill: if it does come to a vote in congress it makes their vote easier too. this changed for a reason and it had to be those videos. >> it absolutely did. they have gone up 17 points in just a few weeks because
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americans have seen those two videos of terrorists decapitating two american journalists. there are other isil videos, so-called training and recruitment videos. the level of violence and savagery is horrendous. americans have gotten a look at the true face of isis and they want to drop bombs on it. bill: martha has more. martha: when asked for details yesterday all jos josh ernest wd reveal is what the president would not say. >> the president is not contemplating the deployment of combat boots on the ground to
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iraq or syria to deal with this situation. martha: it copy convenient actually expand our airstrikes into syria as well. bill: intelligence officials have major problems tracking terror suspects. "wall street journal" reports they are having problems because of the different approach in intelligence sharing. u.k. prime minister david cameron's move to draw these those in for questioning rather than scare them away. martha: a lot of new questions about the investigation into ray rice, the baltimore running-back suspended indefinitely by the nfl and released from his contract with the ravens.
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the video shows a brutal attack on his then fiance. he appears to punch her in the face, she becomes unconscious. he drags her out of the elevator. the tmz founder harvey levin says the nfl may have willingly ignored this video in their investigation. >> i have gotten conflicting investigations on this. we have some people saying we saw this. but i believe they turned a mind eye to it. it's a shameful story that the nfl knew this video existed. martha: jonathan hunt joins us. we are hear being another new video that may exist from inside that elevator. >> reporter: the associated press reporting that they have been shown by law enforcement
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another longer version of that inside the elevator video. they say the version they have, you can hear ray rice and janay palmer obscenities at each other. both lashing out. janay palmer reportedly spits in his face. he punches his fiance and she is knocked out cold. last night the baltimore ravens coach talked about a change of heart after all of the team saw that inside the video. >> it's something we saw for the first time today and it changed things of course. it made things a little bit different. >> a lot of people having a very different opinion.
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a lot of people questioning why it took so long for those differing opinions to come around. martha: perhaps they could have asked to get a look at everything that happened. >> reporter: the nfl is taking the most heat. they originally suspended rice for just two games. then finally suspended him indefinitely after that video was put online by tmz. nfl officials said yesterday, quote, we requested from law enforcement any and all information including video from inside the elevator. no one in our office has seen it until today. a lot of long-time sports writers are openly questioning the nfl's version of events.
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sally jenkins says this is a league that works with homeland security, confers with the drug enforcement agency. collaborate with law enforcement and has its own highly equipped private security arm. you are telling me they couldn't get hold of a grainy tape from an atlantic city elevator and tmz could? the nfl either turned a blind eye and didn't want to make it public or simply didn't ask. the suggestion overall is that the nfl didn't worry too' about a woman getting hit. it started worrying when its own reputation was getting hit. bill: sales are falling off the table. merchandise from the running-back has vanished from nike's website and its online
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store. major retailers are pulling jerseys from store shelves and fans are getting free drinks and food for dumping rice. the restaurants and jewelry are you stores offering similar deals. rutgers university in new jersey pulling him from the video shown before the school's games. talk to us about this on twitter. how has the league handled this? will rice ever play on the league again? a lot of people will make comparisons to michael vick. back in the league and a quarterback for the new york jets. martha: he spent a year in jail for dog fighting. that's a comparison to think about, too. bill: the big difference is there is no video of michael
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vick with those dogs and there is a video of this man with his wife. martha: we are learning more about a massive data breach that happened at home depot. depot. security experts say the number of stolen credit card numbers could top $60 million. stuart varney is here with more. specifically with what happened at home depot and what happened here? >> home depot was hit by same attack as has been launched against target. home depot would have detected this had they conducted daily checks of their security log as they are required to do by the payment card regulations. evidently they did not conduct daily checks because we only found out about it recently and it happened in april of this
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year. the whole payment card industry is going to change because of these hacks on target and home depot. there will be strict compliance with the daily checking of security logs. some of these companies will put chips in their card and you can expect more holds on card for suspicious usage. martha: you talk about chips on the cards. i can imagine a time when we don't have credit card anymore. you have to tap tone your smartphone or something like that. can. >> reporter: because so many i.d.s and password have brand-new hacked into and removed. the industry is looking into biometrics.
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you have an eyeball scan or finger print scan. that's where the industry is smog. but that will take time and you have to make sure those bio metrics are flat out secure. we don't know that at this point. martha: some company will make a lot of money. bill: maybe that should be us. a pot of gold in that thing. >> a terrifying attack on an air marshal. martha: the president will lay out his strategy to defeat isis.
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martha: the fbi and the c -- c are investigating after an air marshal was attacked with a syringe. the air meshaal was immediately
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flown back to texas. there has been no indication of danger to any other passenger but a very strange incident indeed. >> it will be more of obama's rhetoric. he wants to show he has a plan. bill: charms krauthammer with low expectations for the president's strategy on isis. john bolton is a former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. what are your expectations? >> i think his expectations for the president are a little high. i don't believe the president's heart is in this. as he said throughout his presidency it's e assertion of u.s. power that he thinks inspires terrorists and jihadies to take up the struggle against
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the united states. he says the jihadis are on the wrong side of history and he would rather leave them alone. but i don't think he has any choice according to where american public opinion is. bill: he said it last week when he left the wales nato summit. it appears there is a strategy that's coming together. >> the idea it will take three years to do this is flatly wrong. the moment to strike isis is right now before they have consolidated control or territory. winston churchill says we should have strangled bolshevism in its cradle. isn't it convenient the third year when the really hard decisions will have to be made
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the occurs after he leaves the white house. bill: from three years from now? he said we'll continue our airstrikes of which there has been 150. we have elections next week in iraq. then you go for the airstrikes in at least iraq. >> the airstrikes have been very limited. and it gives the impression we have done a lot more than we have. and every day that goes by. every moment the president hesitates gives the president a chance to consolidate and makes it much harder to destroy them. bill: if you get more videos of americans being beheaded, it will happen quickly. >> it's like the famous quotation of the french officer who sees his soldiers running
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into battle. he says there go my people, i must follow them. bill: the "wall street journal" reports u.s. drug officials are struggling to follow the movements extremists once they enter the european countries. that's a critical point. 13 years removed from september 11. >> it goes to the question of what americans are most concerned about two days before september 11. how many people fighting with isis have valid u.s. passports that make them one plane away from getting into the united states. if there are hundreds, even thousands we can't track, they will be able to leave the isis territory and go after targets in europe and united states. that is very worrying.
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bill: london thinks about that every day. chuck hagel said we do not know the number. martha: the remnants of hurricane norbert bringing widespread flooding with deadly consequences. bill: there is a new bombshell in the rayrise video putting the nfl on defense as critics ask the question, what did it know and when. >> when i think about ray rice and what he has suffered from today he deserves the punishment that was handed down. that video was very alarming. when your favorite food starts a fight fight back fast with tums. relief that neutralizes acid on contact... ...and goes to work in seconds.
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bill: a fourth american who contracted the ebola virus has
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landed in the u.s. a plane landing in atlanta. the world health organization says it's one of its doctors who contracted the disease in sierra leone. it's the hospital that successfully treated kent brantly and nancy writebol. another patients is being treated in the state of nebraska. martha: record rainfall caused scenes like this in the southwest. it closed two interstates during the morning commute. what a scene this is. drivers are stranded. they are calling for help. forecasters say more rain is on the way.
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what's happening and what's to come. >> more rain fell yesterday in the phoenix area than they have had in one day any time since they started keeping records. all thanks to hurricane norbert as it came up through the southwest. more than 3 inches of rainfall beating a single day record that stood since 1895. it turned freeways into lakes. more than 200 homes were flood. two people died. another one was washed away as it tried to cross a wash. it wasn't just the 3 inches but how fast it came down. people tried to make the best of it kayaking and swimming through the floodwaters but some drivers said it was no laughing matre. >> i had to wait for the
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pressure to equalize. >> reporter: anybody who has been down in southern arizona knows it's monsoon season down there. yesterday phoenix got more rain than they have had the entire summer. the pictures from the inland empire, the deserts as well as southern nevada pretty impressive. you have got the humidity and the rain coming through for hurricane norbert that brought down a lot of water. near by homes flood as well and east of looks and riverside county also dealing with flash flooding as well. three power lines, cars under water in some cases as the water came down very quickly. horrible drought situation in the west.
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the water doesn't help us a lot in the sense it came down too fast. it came down very, very quickly yesterday causing lot of problems for a lot of people across the southwest. bill: an american marine back inside a mexico courtroom. what his lawyers are asking the judge for to get him free and to get him back home. martha: president obama taking a hit in some brand-new polls. more americans are questioning whether he's a strong leader as we get closer to learning more about his plan to destroy isis. >> all of this information was available to the white house on a daily basis. they knew what we knew and probably even more.
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bill: malaysian airlines ply 317
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likely struck by high-energy objects from the outside. it also did not say who might be responsible. 298 people on board with dead after hat bowing jet plunged from the sky as it flew over pro-russian separatist territory. the report is expected to be released in a year. martha: people losing confidence in president obama according to polls done by the post and abc news. 43% view him as a strong leader. it's the lowest he has had on that score since he became president. we'll look at a number of these polls. joining me is bob beckel. gentlemen, welcome. let's start by getting into a
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number of these. the next one is has president obama's presidency been a failure. 52% say this is a failed presidency. >> theth year of a presidency is -- the 6th year after presidency is difficult. i think bill clinton is the on one who actually had better numbers than that. obama never campaigned as a foreign policy leader. he campaigned as a domestic president. that's coming back to haunt him. the last thing i would say is he is cautious to extend military strength in the united states. i think you put that all together and i'm not surprised. martha: the next one is the
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straight-up approval number. 51% overall -- 42 per se they approve. the final one, has president obama does more to unite or divide the country. 55 percent say he has done more to divide the country. >> if you look at the personal ratings they are still pretty good. bob is right. he never had much interest in foreign affairs. but what happened in the second term, he thought he could -- abroad since the red line if i as cove it'i -- the red line fi. you see public opinion running in a much more hawkish opinion than he is.
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martha: i think those videos had a huge impact on the american people. it's interesting back. you say he didn't run as a foreign policy president. neither did george bush 43. but when 9/11 happened he was forced to change gears dramatically. it was interest knowledge watching president bush and clinton. they were asked what they admired about each other. clinton says about bush 43, i watched his clarity and decisiveness with great admiration. that'sing we hear cite sized in this president. >> obama's approach to the presidency has been different than bush's. the don't do stupid stuff
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foreign policy, and not make too much noise -- he was laughing off isis. he said they took fallujah, that was a sunni town. martha: you have got to deal with the hand you are dealt. i just heard you say you think he will be a lot more hawk i shall than people expect tomorrow. >> bush was thrown into something that was dramatic and tragic. he ended his presidency as at one of the lowest levels in american history. he was in the seen as a decisive leader at all. he was seen as a bad and failed president. martha: he was seen as decisive but people decided he didn't like the direction he had gone in. >> i disagree with that. it's difficult to have numbers as low as this and not have
6:37 am
decisive being pack forked into it. that's part of being president. but i think obama's numbers are a fairly good reflection of where he is and i think the cost will in the elections in 2014. >> reporter: on bush, people quit on the iraq war and he spent his last measure of capital on the surge that defeated al qaeda and given president obama a relatively pacified iraq. now we have to bomb iraq and send ground forces again there eventually. >> we sent a guy in there who didn't know what he was doing and he broke up the iraqi army. >> when we left it immediately fell apart. martha: we can rehash iraq and that's something we'll be doing for some time. but, rich, you say the irony of foreign policy is the president
6:38 am
gave people what they wanted and they don't necessarily appear to be liking it. >> reporter: they reacted against the iraq war. we don't want to be intervening, invading countries. but then people saw the results. and they don't want to be humiliated abroad. they don't want to seem week, they don't want to feel threats and that's why you are seeing this radical turn in public opinion. that's why in foreign policy you have to do the right thing. >> the was seeing two people beheaded. martha: do you think that turned the president? >> i think it changed it some. i don't think you are going to return barack obama into petraeus. but i think it did have an impact on him. up until that happened, the american people were still not interested in intervening. but now they have taken a hawk i shall turn.
6:39 am
those visuals can have a very big impact on people and it doesn't take much. they look at it and think -- martha: should the president follow the sentiment of the people or should the people be led by the president. >> that's the ultimate question of the presidency. certainly you would hope they would be led by the president. i'm not sure barack obama wanted to be seen as a foreign policy or defense -- martha: he didn't have a choice in the matter. >> we still don't know how serious he is. if you are going to dress it up with rhetoric tomorrow night -- martha: actions always speak louder than words. bob and rich, thank you very much. bill: opening bell ringing 9 minutes ago. investors reacting to fed moves that might or might not raise interest rates in the coming months. watch tech.
6:40 am
apple has big news at 1:00 eastern time. 10:00 a.m. in california. we are getting the first reaction from the wife of ray rice after the brutal elevator video. what janay rice is saying and questions about whether the nfl turned a blind eye to this video. >> i don't think they looked the other way. but it's shocking to think the ravens hadn't seen this video. knowing it was out there. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check?
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martha: we are getting the first response from janay rice. this is said to be from her instagram account. >> to take something away from the main love that he has worked his blank off for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. this our life, she says, what don't you all get. if your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all our happiness away, you have succeeded on so many levels writes janay rice according to the baltimore sun. bill: tmz and harvey levin has been right so many times in the past. he believes the nfl knew about it and did not pursue sit. can we confirm that?
6:45 am
>> no because the nfl came out with a statement. they said they tried with law enforcement to get ahold of this tape and they were unable. that law enforcement didn't cooperate. harp have i said they turned a blind eye and because they didn't contact the hotel, they were not able to get this tape or didn't try to get the tape from the hotel. harp have i may be right. tmz has been right. if tmz hadn't come forward. ray rice would be back on the field. on the other hand, why wouldn't they? they have a strong security apparatus. they deal with everybody from homeland security and local law force. why they wouldn't is a huge question. >> here is the former coach of ray rice.
6:46 am
>> i don't know why that would be a hard thing to understand. it wasn't made available. it wasn't there for us. it wasn't something we ever saw or had access to. bill: john harbaugh, his brother coaches in san francisco. it could be the head coach had no idea there was another video that existed inside that elevator. but it seems to me you are making the case the nfl should have gone and found out whether there was another camera inside there. do i have that right? >> they knew what had gone on. every hotel you enter has a camera in the elevator. why is john harbaugh put into the circumstance where he has to explain this for the organization. where was the general manager, the president, the owner. where was the nfl. this is a massive failure of
6:47 am
judgment by so many people on so many levels. what did this prosecutor see that's would allow him to say ray rice only needs to go through a diversionary program where he can have probation instead of third degree assault and domestic battery. where is the d.v. and all the people who led this to this point. >> reporter: the commissioner came out and he said he misread the matter. august 28 he changed the entire policy for the league. first offense domestic violence 6 games suspension. second offense it's and lifetime ban. he's reacting to this and we'll see what he has to say very soon. will ray rice play again? >> i think it will be hard to overcome this video. but we know the second chances a lot of people have gotten. you can look at michael vick and how he recon figured his life.
6:48 am
but josh brent, the dui with the dallas cowboys. he's being reinstated. he killed his teammate a year ago in a horrific accident and was convicted and spent time in prison. there are a lot of cases where you can point. it's a six-game suspension. i'm sure at some point the player's association and ray rice will have a hearing to be reinstated. you have so many people out here who are totally outraged and i don't know how he will overkoiment with the fans or teammates. bill: you heard the statement martha read from his wife, then fiancee at the time. it probably helped him if she continues along the lines. this is our matter and something we are dealing with. >> you have to feel for her.
6:49 am
you have to feel for the circumstance that she's in. we'll have to live with this the rest of her life and she'll have to live with the public humiliation of everybody having seen her getting stricken by her husband. now everywhere she goes that will be on everybody's mind. so i'm not sure it was wise to put out a statement this morning. i'm sure she is frustrated, angry and upset as she independent dplaitd instagram. it's horrible situation for her. she elected to stay with this man. you wonder whatever counseling has gone on with them that they will continue to get it and reconfigure their life and move forward. it is tragic for her. i understand how she would feel the way she does. martha: the u.s. marine jammed in mexico has a date in court today. so this story is back on the
6:50 am
front burner. new surveillance video could play a key role and why his lawyer is saying he should be released on humanitarian grounds. bill: they say they shed a new light on the giants that once roamed the in mccallum's backyard perhaps. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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bill: scientists make big discovery in africa. it they say they lived 100 million years ago. this one weighed as much as several elephants.
6:54 am
martha: and u.s. marine is jailed in mexico and back in court today. after crossing into mexico with three legally owned guns in his truck, this happened back in march. he has been there a long time. william lajeunesse is live from mexico. what do we expect today? >> reporter: tahmooressi's legal team is going to attack the government on two fronts. the judge will see the surveillance tape, the night andrew entered the tijuana port of entry. the defense believes that tape will show andrew is telling the truth. he received a green light to freely enter mexico without inspection and he stopped a customs agent and said he wanted to turn around. that's when he was sent to
6:55 am
secondary customs and asked to turn around. he was not given the bill of rights all required by mexican law. therefore, the case is tainted and should be dismissed. >> this footage i believe will corroborate his version and the most important aspect that it will cooperate this detention of 7 1/2 hours. >> reporter: this is tahmooressi's fourth appearance in court. it's a stepping stone. no one expected him to be released. martha: he was in california for treatment for his ptsd. how does that play in here if at all. >> reporter: today we expect his legal team to lay the ground work for a possible release on humanitarian grounds. he was in california to get treatment for ptsd. he's suffering emotionally and
6:56 am
medically by not receiving that treatment. his condition is deteriorating and at some point in the future we expect the u.s. to push for his release asking mexico for a grand humanitarian gesture and release him because he's not receiving the care because they are unequipped to provide it. we'll have the psychiatric report next week. but the psychiatrist introduced today. martha: incredible how long this marine has been there. bill: a new report showing unemployed americans more likely to go shopping than look for a job. martha: i'm not sure how that works. congressional leaders to head to the white house to hear the president's plan to battle the terror group isis. we are live at the white house. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
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>> president obama meeting top congressional leaders today to explain his plan for isis. this is a day before he will put in that american people. on his list for today, john boehner, nancy pelosi, harry reid and mitch mcconnell. they will all gathered to hear the president's plan and what he has in store for isis. branbrand knew our starts of "america's newsroom." bill: good morning, martha. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn. first to you, latest between the white house and congress, is looking for approval and does he need that approval? >> they don't believe he needs that approval, for now existing law allows the president as commander-in-chief to conduct these airstrikes in iraq and across the border into syria.
7:01 am
it is all about a picture, the white house can put out that the president is consulting with congressional leaders, but it is very clear josh earnest and the president on sunday would not directly say they want a vote on capitol hill to authorize the use of force because they think they have the power but remember what happened a year ago when the president was contemplating airstrikes in syria, a pullback said i would rather go to capitol hill, have them vote on this and the president is anything a year later is weaker. if you look at the polls, his leadership is seen as weak right now, that much harder for him to get the votes through the house and senate so they would rather make their case to the public tomorrow. bill: you were with him in cardiff on friday when he laid out this approach. what do we know and what can we
7:02 am
report tomorrow? >> very simply all three are saying is continually airstrikes about 150 u.s. airstrikes in iraq, secondly a standup to the iraqi government, john kerry praised the parliament for performing a new unity government. a lot of questions if it is going to fully come together, the u.s. is propping that up. and finally weighing the option and expanding the air campaign into syria. the president taking out ground troops off the table. will there be more airstrikes now in syria as well as iraq in weeks and months ahead. talking with the president making his case tomorrow night about how the iraqi government will stand up, number 2011 bringing you u.s. troops home from iraq, a free, stable jump, it is clear that is not where we left behind.
7:03 am
everywhere the president puts out there tomorrow night will be measured very closely. bill: thank you. martha: some lawmakers are still wondering what the president really has in mind, what his goal is ultimately for this group. here is host chair committee mike rogers on that. >> it is not clear yet quite where they're going which is a little shocking, little disappointing and concert in for me. i hope that turns around pretty quickly. a lot of things to do if the president decides to move forward on a plan. normally you have that done prior to your announcement. martha: so is the president ready for these meetings? a fox news contributor. that is the first question, does the president know what he wants yet? >> the white house still doesn't
7:04 am
have some idea. this reflects the deep ambivalence of doing anything. one of the reasons we have seen a president so reluctant to act ias he has unsettled what the right course of action is and we are told heading even asked for the plans for his options from military planners. it seems they are scrambling to put this together in advance of this speech without knowing what the president is going to say. martha: doesn't look to you like the president is trying to buy some time to continue hitting them in iraq when they have intelligence onto targets to go go after that to drag this process out to the end of his own presidency before you get to syria? >> are the conversations taking place about how to handle this situation primarily conversations focusing on a p.r. problem for the president
7:05 am
because the president said some of the things that henry made reference to a moment ago trying to clean up a p.r. problem or do they understand there is a serious policy problem that is isis, which the administration had downplayed pretty consistently presents a real threat not just a local threat, but a potential threat to the u.s. homeland. is it a p.r. problem or do they see this as a substantive policy problem. it will tell us how they're going to move forward. martha: he and other military advisors believe a concerted very concentrated shock and all campaign could potentially finish this group off, but a longer more drawn out offensive might not be the ticket to success here. >> i'm not sure a concerted effort would finish the group
7:06 am
off. if we don't hit them in syria, a real point of contention, if we don't hit them in syria, inconceivable would do anything to degrade their capabilities. martha: look at afghanistan, going over the border to hit some policy issues, state department issues that may have invented us from finishing that group off, it seems similar concerns have arisen here. >> in the president was campaigning for his first term in office said he is willing to go over disputed borders in order to achieve objectives, getting usama bin laden further interest. that is clearly the case here and you can't do it to take out the elements in syria today. martha: thank you very much.
7:07 am
bill: i believe the president does have a strategy, thursday morning. in the meantime seven minutes past the hour, there is a significant hearing of veteran affairs department, we expect to learn new information for investigation into the hospital in phoenix. watching this in d.c. the hearing comes as the ig is under fire for allowing the d.a. to change your report after was depleted. where is that now? >> it will be asked in the "washington examiner." they have already responded to that. he hand-delivered a letter to the committee in which he has said i can assure you minimal changes made solely for the
7:08 am
purpose of clarity and in no way offered substance of the report. but questioned the integrity coming from the chairman of house veterans subcommittee says american people deserve to know the truth but all of this. allowing truth to power and record reflects that is exactly what we have done. bill: how will he do that? >> after month-long tour, the senator held a press conference yesterday in which he promised to open up the culture of the va, the goals put veterans and their needs first.
7:09 am
>> every customer interaction we have, every single thing we do through the eyes of the veterans we want to look at everything we do through the lens of the veterans. that makes every decision, every right decision absolutely clear. >> asked about disciplinary procedures, he said 30 some actions have been taken in phoenix through senior executive employees resign. two dozen are no longer working for the va. about 100 cases under investigation. he gave all reporters his cell phone number in the interest of transparency. i had never seen that done before. bill: let's hope he can make a difference.
7:10 am
martha: disturbing find a power plant, almost zero security at a facility 50 miles from the nation's capital. what is going on there. bill: and what investigators say happened at magic mountain, check that out. martha: president obama may be planning to go at it alone, but some lawmakers say he has to go to congress first. one democrat calling for an unholy alliance between democrats and republicans. >> he is talking about prolonged military conflict that the last months or years in which case he has a constitutional obligation to go to congress and seek authorization.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
bill: magic mountain classes roller coaster going up in smoke. you can see the gaping hole left behind after part of the track collapsed. the ride said to be replaced by newer version if you wish to go has been worked on since it caught fire, no one was injured. martha: a nuclear nightmare, investigation finding a nuclear power plant in maryland is virtually unguarded as it turns
7:15 am
out. a shot9?m video of the whole t. there is video of that. [silence] martha: editor of "the daily caller," that is comforting. >> it seems surprising h to gota tip from someone in this business and knows a lot about it wound up going there last
7:16 am
month and told us this is the softest target i have ever seen. well with the contamination range and you can get close enough to the actor to cause damage. we're totally confident these flaws will be fixed, otherwise hyou wouldn't be publicizing them, and we gave the commission a heads up, but while our reporters were there, taking notes and everything, this truck, a big civilian truck rolls through the front gate and anybody watching that has to recall but dozens if not scores of horrible acts of terrorism in the past 20 years. it can pull up pretty close to the reactor, what is that? >> god for bid something happened that was compromised,
7:17 am
just 50 miles away from the nation's capital, what was the reaction of the facility to this story? >> here you had to go of our reporters with a video camera and twice they came back to the office said this has to be some sort of a fluke. they did, same response. they drove all around. called over to the nuclear commission, so this facility is totally unguarded. you are in charge of protecting this stuff, and you are not. they said nothing is easier, just go away. they said it is padlocked. that is fine. said why do you have a guardhouse and they couldn't answer that question. maybe they will. >> are they watching from some other location? this falls under the regulatory
7:18 am
commission which is directly under the administration, correct? >> they said there are securities you can't see. here you have an unmarked car. they are reporters so they look kind of sketchy and a video camera and driving all around and nobody says anything. you could get close enough to do damage. i hate to even say this out loud, but it is true. damaging an area 16 blocks wide, it wasn't just the building, that was one ryder cup. these bombs are incredibly destructive. you could damage or destroy that reactor and the whole area, it is bizarre. martha: you pointed out the 9/11 commission was concerned about our nation's nuclear facility on
7:19 am
a list of potential soft targets we have to make sure are protected, you have to be very worried about all of the soft targets. interesting story, we hope somebody gets on this. bill: so you are out of work or need a job, what do you do? lou dobbs on the results of a government study on how americans spend their time when they are unemployed. >> why the price of your favorite pizza could jump over the moon. better find out what is going on with the price of cheese.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
bill: nice on a new picture of the economy showing those unemployed are more likely to go shopping then looking for a job. the bureau of labor statistics saying a 10% americans unemployed actually spend their day looking for work. some 40% of the shopping on the phone, online or in person. 22% are shopping for items other than food or gas. they make of the 12% real unemployment rate that accounts we unemployed and those who have stopped looking for work. lou dobbs here to look at the numbers with you. i am an optimist now. i think they would rather have a
7:24 am
job then not have a job. >> and most are hesitant to spend that much time shopping. when you are unemployed, that is interesting thing to me among the many in this reform, you talk with the people shopping, they are not buying. quickly call back the equivalence of buying, it is not. they are looking, they are shopping, spending their time, but they can't be buying because the other data is people are spending less money with uninsured of income having a lot less money not by much. lot of colliding data suggesting we have some real problems in the economy, whether it is gdp growth, revised to 4.2% growth.
7:25 am
after losing 1% in the first quarter. this is an economy that is not that dramatic. the reason it is decreasing is because people -- >> they don't trust the future in this country because extraordinarily weak political leadership, economic leadership. bill: food stamps at an all-time high. >> and that has backed off a bit. 50 million americans on food stamps, over 92 million americans out of the workforce, participation rate, this is a president who has the gall to go
7:26 am
before a press conference and say let's start with the good news, we're building jobs. bill: labor force participation rate 62.8%. that number has been that way for years, by the way. real unemployment rate. all of this ties in for a very significant rate. the american consumer is responsible, two-thirds of our economy. >> i don't believe anyone can in all honesty and p earhart start buying irrespective of the concerns or anxieties, she began with corporate america is doing, the big businesses. they are not investing.
7:27 am
to ask the consumer to take on more debt, what is reasonable is those multinationals, the largest 1000 corporations to start investing in this country creating jobs. not doing it because they are scared to death of the economy and political leadership until we see an outcome in november that insures them we will have a new direction, don't think we can see a change. bill: strong message. we will see you on fox business. martha: fox news alert, speaker john boehner telling reporters what he wants to hear from reporters tomorrow. coming up. should they get permission to take military action against isis?
7:28 am
>> maybe he doesn't intend to go to congress but the value of doing it aside for honoring the constitution is it forces a president to articulate a clear military objective tied to national security. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add.
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plus get a multi-device charger free. call 800-416-4631 or go to ♪ martha: fox news alert for you, americans investe infected withe ebola eye receptor touching down an hour ago. what we know about this patient? >> good morning, martha. at the moment, not a lot. keeping information very close at this moment, the patient who arrives about seven minutes ago in the u.s. doctor working for who in freetown, sierra leone. the doctor appears to be a male, tall individual. the good news is he walked out of the ambulance under his own
7:32 am
power not on a gurney. they are keeping the identity confidential at the moment. a person told me they don't want to bring interes international n for medical worker who had volunteered to go on the front lines. this is the second who medical worker to come sick with ebola. the other one came down with the virus after doing fieldwork. he was working at a clinic treating people with ebola. they suggested might have been in breach in personal protective equipment, a needle stick or that transferred from patient to dr. b and this is beginning to take its toll among health care workers. 152 of them have come down with ebola and 79 have died. the situation in west africa already bad is spinning way out of control. they described it as increasing
7:33 am
exponentially. while that may be a little bit of an overstatement, it is getting worse because every time they open up a fake they are finding invisible cohort of patients overwhelmed almost immediately. so many more patients in the communities then they know about. this thing could be very difficult to get under control. martha: thank you very much. >> i have been calling for a strategy to deal with growing terrorist threat since january. when isis came across the border in western iraq, we have a very serious problem and what we need is a strategy, and until there is a strategy, there's no reason to talk about any of the specifics because i don't know how they fit into the broader strategy. so i am hopeful today -- i am looking for a strategy from the president that takes on this terrorist threat.
7:34 am
bill: john boehner keeping his powder dry when asked about it. so for the president acting alone without specific authorization from congress and congressional leaders eight weeks away from the election with strange political bedfellows seeing eye to eye on this. unholy allianc between liberal together are coming together on this. the ranking member of the for the affairs committee, good morning, welcome back to "america's newsroom." where are democrats on this when it comes to military action? >> i think democrats understand isis is a threat, democrats are waiting to hear what the president is saying when he addresses the nation tomorrow. a meeting between the president and for leaders, and i think we
7:35 am
will know more. the general feeling is the president ought to come to congress for some sort of authorization. the authorization we had previously in iraq under president bush has long expired and people by and large believe the president has to get the authorization. bill: are you saying come to congress before you continue airstrikes against isis in iraq today? >> not necessarily. it does take time to act on his own. he has been invoking that a number of different things. for me it is not that important the timing of it because i don't want the timing of it to hold us back from what i is a strong threat from isis.
7:36 am
bill: you have been leading the charge in many ways on behalf of democrats in the house, now senator ted cruz who believe the same things essentially you do and you call this an unholy alliance. going after terrorists who are beheading americans on video. >> people have been saying to me i think each member of congress has to make up his or her mind as to where we go forward. when the russians were thrown out of afghanistan many years ago we looked the other way and created a void, the taliban moved in and hosted al qaeda and what we got was september 11, 2001. i believe the analogy is the same if we allow them to gather in syria and iraq, create sort of this no man's land together and get stronger, we will have more attacks on the homeland and
7:37 am
europe, so this is something to me in the national interest of the united states, throw away democrats and republicans and others we fear, this is an american issue and sure as we are talking today we do nothing ices will strike and attack us on the homeland. bill: does the president believe that? >> i believe he does. helping to put together an alliance. bill: in the presidential daily brief for almost a year it was reported it was growing, and what did we do? as far as we can tell, nothing. why is that, what explains that? >> what is important is not what happened or didn't happen, it is what he is doing now and i'm
7:38 am
happy he is putting together the coalition. i have been talking for almost two years about arming the syrian army. i think that was a mistake but i think now nato is being tested, first of all by putin and ukraine, we have to be together on that as well, but also in terms of isis. the finest hour was in 1999 with ethnic cleansing. i think nato has a role to play. bill: we will see where nato is on this. maybe fractured opinion. thank you for your time today. i apologize for don't have more time. thank you sir.
7:39 am
martha: we heard a lot about 1100 people or so who are out there with u.s. or european passports may have intention to come back here and hit us at home. what is being done to track down these individuals, what is the task force. they have different approaches, but an urgent matter of the counterterrorism trying to turn around. and reagan national airport, i asked what his agency, tsa is doing in response to this latest threat. readinwaiting to fight with isi. >> over the last two months taking steps for a number overseas to require additional screenings of passengers so certain airports in north africa in particular we have additional
7:40 am
requirements, electronics, shoes taken off because those are potential things we've seen in the past. martha: that entire story tomorrow. look at tsa 12 years after 9/11 but with this isis threat lead us to questions about what is being done, how are we changing the terror watchlist, no-fly list, more on that coming up. bill: fascinating stuff. we are dozen years down the road. former presidents back on stage. what advice does president bush have for president clinton being a first time grandfather? martha: this story at the top of mind the new ray rice video raising troubling questions about this whole situation. how it is handled by the nfl and
7:41 am
more. >> backed into a corner because a video was up on the website, but believe me none of this would have happened if ray rice was in the nfl and there would be no issue had we not put this video up. check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. martha: new acquisitions this morning the nfl may have turned a blind eye to the elevator tape that shows the whole story of the vicious attack from ray rice on his then-fiancé. heading down a two-game suspension based on previous circle a video that showed the aftermath of this one when rice was dragging her out of the elevator. the ravens coach spoke to reporters yesterday about the decision to terminate his contract. >> it is something we saw for the first time today, and it changed things, of course, it made things a little bit different.
7:45 am
martha: here's what the coach said about this back in july at the two-game suspension was announced. >> we said the circumstances will determine the consequences, there are consequences when you make a mistake like that, he is a heck of a guy, he has done everything right since. he made a mistake and will have to pay the consequence, that is good for kids understanding it works that way, that is how it should be. martha: the words ring very hollow in light of what we have seen now. even given the original video it is hard to justify earlier statement. >> what did they think, she fainted in the elevator and he was dragging her out?
7:46 am
the baltimore ravens would still be paying ray rice $10 million per year. the point in the face to all of us and for league officials and the commissioner who let ray rice off with a slap on the wrist to confront the lax response to domestic violence. martha: when you consider michael vick spent a little over a year for dogfighting and his behavior gets you a two games suspension, lots of people believe and tmz believes they have more information to come out on this, what do you believe will happen down the road? >> if the nfl as opposed to have investigated this cannot get a casino elevator videotape, if somebody did see this videotape and still a two-game slap on the wrist was sufficient, the nfl
7:47 am
has been humiliated. it is his response ability to explain to the country how he runs a league that seems to take such a soft approach to this serious problem. he is knocking out his then-fiancé. martha: his wife released her own statement on instagram today, they say it is a credible statement it is on her instagram and for public consumption. to make us relive a moment in our life is a horrible thing is a something away from the man i love he has worked his blank off for all of his life to gain ratings is horrific. she is saying this is our
7:48 am
private situation and the media is exploiting it for ratings. >> i can understand she feels her life has been turned upside down but the media is not the problem here. this is not anonymous sources, we have seen it 50 times now of ray rice punching his girlfriend in the face. this is about what we tolerate in our professional sports leagues. try to put the marriage back together, this is not something, this deserves to be a huge story. martha: there is an opportunity for this couple, trying to work through this, she has an opportunity here to speak out about what happens, an opportunity down the road to turn this into something that may help other women going forward who are in her situation and they will have to think long
7:49 am
and hard, no doubt. in terms of the nfl, the idea has been put out there may be condoleezza rice is a person for the job. she somewhat jokingly has said she didn't want to run for office, but she is a huge football fan. >> if it is vacant, things should be an interesting choice because she has credibility of a high going official and as a woman you can be assured she would not take this lightly. but a male commissioner to can take a stance that says zero tolerance. martha: howard, thank you very much, great to have you. bill: here comes another iphone, america. unveiling the iphone 6 a few hours from now. and what else might apple have in store for you? that is next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
bill: now people are going to avoid us. martha: we are everywhere. we will be watching. anywhere, yoga class, we are there. bill: movie theater. we are there also. check it out.
7:54 am
now, the moment they have been waiting for is almost here, apple unveils the highly anticipated new iphone 6. buried somewhere in that sleeping bag. lance, how are you doing? what is the expectation other than the obvious which is a larger screen, what do you got? >> two phones. possibly a sapphire screen supposed to be superstrong, faster chip. they always do something with the camera, and maybe something called ipay. pay-as-you-go. bill: that is a lot. the sapphire glass i think from the consumer standpoint will be very welcomed news.
7:55 am
you are suggesting this glass cs won't break or fatter? >> well, supposed to be superstrong. gorilla glass is the leading edge for strong glass, that is the leading protector and yet they continue to shatter. people are very excited but they will still put cases on these phones no matter what. bill: two more questions, will there be an apple watch now? >> may be. i really think there will be a perfect companion for an iphone. this is a state-of-the-art in wearable technology, until probably 10 or 10:30 when apple releases what they've got and we expect it to do a lot. health measurements and heartbeat, all that. and maybe finally wearable technology comes of age. bill: but we haven't been confirmed. it is possible.
7:56 am
in 20 seconds or less. how much is samsung and perhaps google to a lesser degree challenging apple now? quickly. >> more than ever. samsung releases so many products. the galaxy, apple realizes that and they have been forced to deliver on the phablet question. bill: stay tuned. enjoy, okay? 1:00 eastern, 10:00 in california. martha: amazing. so, this story is coming up here as well on "america's newsroom," iraq taking a major step forward as the white house gets ready to combat the latest terrorist out there. hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry.
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martha: next slice of pizza is apparently about to get a lot more pricey. due to rising cost and limited supply of milk. who knew.
8:00 am
prices for milk are up nearly 6% last year that. goes into cheese and milk. if you have teenage boys that chug milk. very expensive. watch out. bill: lime issue. now the milk issue. good luck, america. we're here for you wherever you go. you can't avoid us. martha: "happening now" starts right now. bye everybody, for now. jon: critical meetings at the white house as the president gets ready to lay out his plan to deal with isis. hello i'm jon scott. welcome to you and welcome to "happening now." >> i'm shannon bream in for jenna lee. john kerry traveling to several arab countries to combat isis terrorists taken over large parts of iraq and syria ahead of the president's address to the nation tomorrow laying out his strategy to defeat the islam


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