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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 12, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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other parents and go to the next school board meeting. >> thanks to everyone who responded. >> we appreciate it and hope you have a great weekend. >> #keeptalking right after the show. "fox & friends" up next. good morning. today is friday, the 12th of september, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. and a fox news alert. a day after being found not guilty of promeditated murder, another verdict in for olympic blade runner oscar pistorious. was he let off the hook again? we are live at the courthouse in south africa with the breaking details. >> i'm clayton in for steve this morning. fresh off the president's war speech, secretary of state john kerry says who said anything about war? >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation. >> do words matter? we will discuss. brian? >> do you have the need for
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speed? >> i feel the need for speed. >> those were the days. maverick might be making a comeback. life's god. -- life's good. mornings are better with friends. >> i'm l.l. cool j. you're watching "fox & friends." >> it is kind of one of those where you go let me do that again. >> a little awkward and then you feel let down about it. >> we can't redo the high five team. tom cruise is getting desperate. he's got to remake sylvester stallone style a good movie. >> i was thinking of other films he might have to remake. "jerry mcgwire 2." >> we're going to start
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with the fox news alert. oscar pistorious convicted of culpable homicide, also known as manslaughter, in a south african court. >> reporter: we were just in the courtroom when we heard the news from the judge that in fact oscar pistorious, as you noted, the blade runner, double amputee star of olympics and par olympics has been found guilty of what they call here culpable homicide, what they call in the united states manslaughter but found not guilty of the much more serious crime premeditated murder, this in the killing on valentine's day morning of last year of his girlfriend reba steenkamp. >> on count one, 51-1 of the criminal law amendment f, 105 of 1997, the accused
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is found not guilty. instead he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> i was in the courtroom about ten feet away from pistorius when he heard those words. he was pretty stoic but fairly competent about that. when there was a break about five, ten minutes later, his family came up to him, hugged him, they formed a circle for prayer. the reba steenkamp family also there as well. they were, as you can imagine, unhappy with the not guilty verdict on the more serious charge of premeditated murder. as we speak, oscar pistorious remains in this courthouse. they're discussing whether to extend his bail. he's been out on bail for the last year and a half. it is expected that is going to be granted. in anywhere from two to four weeks there will be another hearing. that is the important one. the sentencing hearing. he could get up to 15 years
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in jail for this charge. or he could walk and just be allowed to be out on parole under custodial care as they say. there is a lot of talk here, guys, that perhaps the prosecutor will appeal this decision. a lot of people think the judge -- there is no jury in the legal system here in south africa -- the judge made a wrong decision at least not convicting him of premeditated murder of reba steenkamp but after firing four shots into a toilet cubicle door in his barth room where reba steenkamp that he at least should have gotten the second-degree murder charge, that he must have thought he was going to kill somebody when he did that. this afternoon he should be breathing a little easier. >> he is guilty of culpable homicide and we'll know shortly what kind of sentence he has. >> let's go over to heather nauert now. >> good morning, guys. i've got a fox news alert
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to bring you right now. breaking news overnight. a notorious school shooter escapes from prison. you may remember this guy. he smiled when he was convicted of murdering three of his classmates in ohio. the good news, though, he's back behind bars this morning. this are questions about how he managed to escape from prison. this guy, 19-year-old t.j. lane, during his trial for shooting up his school near cleveland, he wore a t-shirt with the word "killer" on it. you may recall that story from last year. he and two other inmates escaped from prison in ohio by scaling a 100-foot fence. >> obviously i'm not happy that it happened. no warden in my position would like something like this to happen. but the facts are i'm happy to announce that we have mr. lane back in our custody. >> the two inmates who escaped with lane are also back in custody. that prison is not maximum security. he called it, quote,
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just a kill. a jihadist in america admitting that he murdered an american teenager in new jersey as vengeance for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. you may not have heard of this story but this is now getting a whole lot of attention. ali mohammed brown accused of gunning down a 19-year-old in june of this year while he was stopped at an intersection in his car. brown, a devout muslim, telling police this, quote, all of these lives are taken every single day by america, by this government. so a life for a life. brown was also charged with the murder of three other men in seattle. expect to hear more about that story. this is what happens when you hop the white house fence on 9/11. >> stop right now! >> causing quite a scene right there. secret service agents guns drown taking down a man
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wearing a pokemon hat. later on he was arrested and taken off the lawn. no word on why he did it but we will bring it to you when we get it. >> do you have the need for speed? >> i feel the need for speed. >> tom cruise is banking on that one. you may soon see him back on the big screen. writers in negotiations to pen a sequel to "top gun." tom cruise expected to be in it. the sequel will focus on how pilots are still relevant in the age of drones. those are your headlines. you know how actors come back in the second version and they're a lot of older, he might be a flight instructor this time. >> rocky came back and fought at 60. >> okay. >> gordon gek cocame back after he was locked up for many years. >> i don't know if you're past your prime when it
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comes to investing. the president made a big speech on thursday. he said i'm going to have to get this coalition together. good news, general allen seems to be in charge of that coalition. the problem is no one is signing up to be in that coalition from britain, to jordan, to turkey. everybody is like can you get somebody else. maybe the problem is we don't know what to call our operation. >> significant airstrike or significant campaign against terrorism? secretary of state john kerry says don't call it war. we are not at war. here's what he says. >> is the united states at war with isis? it sounds from the president's speech that we are. >> i think that is the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation, and it's going to go on for some period of time. if somebody wants to think about it as being at war with isil, they can do so but the fact is it is a
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major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts. >> yes. a major counterterrorism operation is what they're deciding to call this instead of war. it doesn't seem like an accident on cbs. he said it on cnn. it is the same type of terminology that we're really hearing from the state department, refusing to call it a war. the same with rear admiral john kirby from the pentagon. it seems like this is a message from the top. >> what's going on here, though? let's roll down some of these names from what they have called in the past, the obama administration. not calling it a war but a war on isis, counterterrorism operation. they're calling it overseas contingency operation. back in war. it was kinetic military operation. fort hood was workplace violence. what's going on here? i'm reminded of what clinton once drew with kosovo. not calling it war and then
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congress rebuking him. remember the house voted against him using intervention. he goes we're still going to do it any way. does the president not want to have to go through congress and get slapped down publicly? >> congress is poised to give him the okay if he asks for it. number two is the good news is they declared war on us, so they started it. so we don't have to declare war on them and look like the bad guys if that is the concern. charles krauthammer says it may sound small but words matter. >> when an organization slits the throat of two americans on international television, deliberately, provocatively as a way to humiliate the united states, they have declared war on us. clearly what the president was doing yesterday was to declare war on them. they want to play with words, okay. the problem is if you want
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to commit the nation to a serious military exertion, it's going to be a serious one, a costly one and it will be a long one. you can't play around with language and pretend it is something else. >> if you just call it something else, does the administration think that will morph it into something else? what will go down in history with that? i can't imagine it won't be a war. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell in more hot water. >> he is. the commissioner evidently sat down on monday with cbs. you saw the interview. he said it was ambiguous what ray rice did in that elevator. we didn't know until we saw the tape. now it turns out the tape was delivered to the offices in april. i'm not saying roger goodell saw the tape. now something else came up. four other people said ray rice was candid in june with his wife and said i hit her, i punched her, i
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knocked her down. now it looks like the commissioner's story of not knowing ahead of time has some problems. >> what stands out, i think maybe this is the biggest issue, he had access to that municipal court document, roger goodell did, back in february. in that document from the local police department, forgetting what happened on the video, it was he committed assault by attempting to cause bodily injury specifically by striking her at the revel casino. that is the document roger goodell had in his hand. other reports say he had covered for his then-fiancee. >> they didn't want to further embarrass her by bringing this up more. he gave a $500,000 fine and two-game suspension. then he said i blew it. you should be banned for life. meanwhile the ravens played thursday night football. they hosted the steelers
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and a lot of people showed up with ray rice jerseys. >> in support. fans throwing up their support behind him, which is shocking. also, cbs decided to drop some of the pregame music. they were going to have rihanna as part of the pregame music promotion and don cheadle but they dropped it. >> her link to domestic abuse. one of the quotes i think tells the story. sandra maddox, a fan wearing the jersey says i have a problem with this. they knew what the facts were when they made the initial punishment. i'm disappointed with the nfl. >> a long-term ticket holder says so many people are quick to judge rice. >> saying one action doesn't define you but boy is it a big act. 13 minutes after the hour. >> they don't look like terrorists in training but police say these girls answered the call to jihad. we want to know why are
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teenagers like this willing to kill in the name of jihad. >> they wanted to honor two friends who died. they did it by putting crosses on their helmetscr but some complained and now thosebe crosses are coming thosebe crosses are coming off. fiber one streusel. available at walmart.
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. teenage terror is on the rise but this time it's young girls joang the fight alongside islamic
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extremists. many believe they're being inspired by two young girls who serve as a recruitment tool on social media. this problem not limited to european countries. just last week a 19-year-old from colorado pleaded guilty to charges claiming she tried to join isis. what do kids see in these violent jihadists? mike baker, former california covert operator. good morning. thanks for being with us. this sounds unbelievable when we see these videos that we saw where they look like, they're slaughtering innocent people. anybody who doesn't agree with them religiously. what on earth would make a teenager want to join this group? >> what on earth makes teenagers do half the things they do? i would be here all day long trying to explain that. i've got a daughter who
3:19 am
made it through the teenage years and luckily never found attraction in terrorism. this is a bizarre story. what it does is it highlights in a very unusual and very strange way the overall recruitment effort of the islamic state and really of al qaeda that's been going on for years and years using chat rooms, using blogs. what are they doing? they're reaching out. they're trying to influence westerners in any way possible. you're talking about disaffected, easily influenced, impressionable individuals. is the u.s., is the intel community, are would he worried about teenagers necessarily of this sort? not so much, as much as you're talking about the theoretical picture of what the islamic state is trying to accomplish. >> it's planting the seed. >> it's planting the seed but what we're most worried about, it has been a successful effort whether you're talking about
3:20 am
germany or africa, to reap out among the large muslim communities that exist. >> there is a new c.i.a. report out saying the numbers have reached 30,000, that isis is 30,000 strong now and that some 2,000 of those are westerners. that's quite mind-boggling as well. what do we do to combat this? they seem to be social media master minds. what can our social community do to stop it? >> they have been successful. you're talking about upwards of 1,000 citizens, 300 or 400 germans, mieb 500 british, several dozen here in the u.s. it is a very complex problem. we can be proactive in our effort to identify, track, monitor those individuals here in the states and our allies who have either become involved or have traveled. that's great but it doesn't solve the bigger picture. to do that, we need a
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comprehensive effort, which has never happened by the muslim community to counter this message, to do their own outreach program. >> mike baker, thank you so much. we'll have to leave it there. there. back in two minutes.reathing de] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything.
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here are the stores you care about. for the first time in 20 years the catholic league will not march in new york city's st. patrick's day parade. the parade is allowing a gay group to march for the first time. >> does this cross look offensive to you? football players at arkansas state university put them on their helmets to honor two friends who lost their lives but an atheist complained and now the crosses have to be
3:25 am
removed. clayton, to you. >> shocking e-mail, a professor from brandeis university revealed deep antisemitic. the e-mail suggests israel committed, quote, war crimes and ethnic cleansing and referred to fox news as a poisonous network. are these messages an isolated incident at the iewft or an indication of a -- at the university or an indication of a larger problem at our universities. nice to see you this morning, joshua. how did you get access to these e-mails? what was your initial response? >> there were a number of academics troubled by this. they passed it ton a number of students who forwarded it to me. it is incredibly important these e-mails got out. it is incredibly important people see what's going on in the minds of some of the academics teaching our children in the classroom.
3:26 am
>> let's give specific examples. these are a few of the posts. quote, an atmosphere of his steer i -- histeria being provoked in israel. another one, plant a tree, bury a palestinian. in that way we combine great trees with our holocaustic ethnic cleansing. what do you make of those? >> this stuff is outrageous, deeply offensive. i've been to israel well over a dozen times. i have family living in israel. i have family members who served in the israel defense force. any suggestion that israel is responsible for provoking this last conflict is outrageous and it's just factually inaccurate. it was provoked because a group of terrorists, namely hamas, abducted and killed in cold blood three innocent israeli civilians.
3:27 am
this type of sentiment is outrageous and it ought to be denounced. but it is not exclusive to brandeis. >> it is a larger issue? >> absolutely. it is emblematic of a larger culture. >> they say it is an isolated incident, brandeis university. some remarks by an extremely small cohort of brandeis faculty members. they are saying it's isolated. >> my time at brandeis i didn't have the privilege of being a student of any of these wonderful academics. but i will tell you this is a troubling direction. the idea that we have folks with these types of deranged minds teaching students in our classrooms ought to be troubling to us all. >> something troubling is one of the quotes. fox is often poisoning the atmosphere in public
3:28 am
places, one of the new campaigns to weaken the power of fox. others involving writing on-line to companies who advertise on fox, asking for people to write this person, mary baine there, i forget her last name. what do you make of that? >> i believe the last name is campbell. she referred to the women's rights activists as someone who claims to have had a difficult childhood. meanwhile, this is a woman who sacrifices her life on a daily basis to go ahead and expose the plight of muslim women in societies. again, reprehensible and ought to be condemned. >> well said. thank you for joining us this morning. coming up on the show, it's been two years since four americans were murdered in benghazi on 9/11. but if you didn't watch fox, you wouldn't even know about the anniversary. what the mainstream media chose to cover on the anniversary instead. a democratic congressman telling people you can get out the vote by
3:29 am
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or get liberty mutual insurance. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance. congress sent a letter to nfl commissioner roger goodell wednesday demanding the highest level of transparency concerning the league's handling of the ray rice domestic violence incident. that's right, congress sent him a letter. they would have sent a video but they wanted goodell to see it. >> joy -- joe theismann joins us in 35 minutes to weigh in. >> yesterday the anniversary of 9/11, also
3:33 am
the anniversary unfolded in benghazi when four americans were killed there, the consolate there in benghazi. though you wouldn't have known about it had you not watched fox news yesterday. >> we did 22 minutes and 12 seconds on it from 6 to 12:00 noon. let's see what everybody else did. i'm just curious. wait a second. nothing on abc, nothing on cbs, nothing on nbc. >> but they had important stuff to get to. that's why they only did zero minute. >> it is september 11. you'd think they would be doing the reading of the names the entire time the way we did that, 2,083 minute americans who died. what about the four americans who died on 9/11/12. what did the other stations do instead? good morning america, stay fit and fabulous. also the bear on the flagpole taking a golf course by storm, taking almost two minutes. what about the families of these four americans? >> which i understand it's not a political statement.
3:34 am
it is not what happened in benghazi, who's responsible? if you don't want to do that, that's fine. but if you at least say that this happened two years ago in benghazi and we still only have one man in custody after we promised swift justice. >> we only have one man in custody. ahmed abu katallah. because we're trying him in a court of law as opposed to a court criminal, on the war field, it looks like we're going to have serious issues trying to try him because some of the secretive information, some of the top secret information that could be used in a court of law to put this guy away forever, it might never see the light of day, might never make it into the courtroom because we don't have access to it right now. >> it might expose some sources and also might expose some types of methodologies used to get the information. >> what a shocker. there is a thing called
3:35 am
rendition, some thing called enhanced interrogation we used in the previous administration and everyone thought it was abhorrent, better stop but we got actual intelligence. now we're catching people and we can't use any of the evidence because we're technically in a war with these people and if we expose the methods and practices to convict abu katallah, what about the next guy and the guy after that who will say i've got to remember not to do that. >> could this guy go free? they might not have enough evidence, might not have enough witnesses on the ground there. that is why the obama administration is arguing we need more time to go to libya and gather up evidence against this guy. >> one congressman signals this is trouble that the case might be leaked. >> there is more than one guy responsible. meanwhile heather nauert has the other news. >> sort of a related story. this is about the american
3:36 am
journalist, james foley, beheaded by islamic militants. the brother of that reporter is speaking out exclusively on fox. he says he was threatened not just by the terrorists, but also our own government. listen to this. >> we're appalled by the situation. it went past not doing everything they could. theygot in our way. that is what bothers me to the core, you know. we were -- i was specifically threatened by the department of state about raising funds towards, you know, ransom demand for my brother. >> michael added having some european nations pay ransom while the united states does not sends an inconsistent message. the american aid worker infected with ebola is getting unusual help now. the blood of another ebola survivor.
3:37 am
dr. rick sacra at a hospital in nebraska is getting better thanks in part to blood he got from dr. kent brantly. >> this therapy, convalescent transfusion plasma was taken from a donor who recovered. >> this is so interesting. dr. brantly flew to nebraska to give dr. sacra his blood. the it would say they are close friends and worked at the same hospital overseas when they got sick. they just can't get along. that is the idea behind a new reality show that puts a republican and a democratic senator to the test. new mexico democrat martin heinrich and justin blake, the goal is to get past their differences by surviving. it is called "rival survival" and it airs on october 29.
3:38 am
what a concept this. there are a whole lot of ways to get out the vote. congressman james clyburn has a pretty unusual way. speaking to a caller on c-span the south carolina democrat mentioned all the ways one can get out the word on election day. listen to this. >> you can text, what do you call it, sexting, let's do voter organizing over the internet. >> it turns out he just confused texting with sexting. anyone with an older parent can relate to that. >> how many times has an older parent sexted you? is that what you're talking about? >> no. but they always confuse those terms. >> mr. techno wizard
3:39 am
probably can't relate to that. you never sext instead of text? >> no, not to my mom. >> maria molina. >> good morning. good to see you this morning. we want to talk about the weather conditions, specifically what happened in the plains over the last few days because we had a strong storm system roll through. this storm produced some pretty significant snow in some of these areas picking up over a half a foot of snow. we are approaching fall and many people bypassing that upcoming season and feeling like winter. this is south dakota and some of the towns have picked up more snow than in the past 20 years. mount rushmore picked up seven inches of snow. that is again in mount rushmore. we have cold temperatures behind the storm system, many areas waking up to temperatures in the 30's. in the city of denver you're at 33. rapid city just 32.
3:40 am
over in minneapolis also on the chill i don't see side at 45 degrees -- on the chilly side at 45 degrees. 50 in parts of the texas panhandle and the northern rockies. we have areas of heavy rain across the center of the country. let's head back inside. >> thank you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. thursday night football pittsburgh steelers visiting baltimore to take on the ravens of course without ray rice. in honor of the 9/11 attacks the flag sitting at half mass at fort mchenry. third quarter, ravens leading 10-6. the one-yard touchdown. the second touchdown pass with flacco. ravens played very well. university of maryland football team making a statement when they hit the field this weekend. the players will sport brand-new uniforms featuring a design honoring the 200th anniversary of
3:41 am
the "star-spangled banner." the word triumph will be displayed on the back of the jerseys instead of their names. the ncaa usually bans slogans on uniforms but the school was given a onetime exemption for tomorrow's game. a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. >> thank you. coming up, he's one of the men who planned the bombing in the world trade center. >> a virus sickening kids across the country leaving them gasping for air. dr. marc siegel is here to answer all your questions. e-mail us at ♪rting) great. this is the last thing i need. seriously? let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive!
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good morning. quick headlines now. is facebook's new messager app tracking your every move? new documents show why yahoo turned over customer data to the n.s.a. the agency threatened yahoo with a $250,000 a day fine. a respiratory virus hospitalized hundreds of children in at least 12 states across the country. entero virus starts like a common cold but within an hour leaves kids gasping for air. dr. segal, are you disturbed by this? >> no. it is spreading beyond just the midwest. this is the time of yore would he tend to -- this is
3:46 am
the time of year we tend to see these viruses. >> we have questions from viewers that wrote in on facebook. their concerns here, april writes this: what can parent to help boost their immune systems and their children's immune systems? >> that is a great question but i'm not a fan of supplements or these pills you can take. i think you've got to sleep at night, get your kids to exercise, decrease stress and eat right. fruit, berries are great to take. a well-balanced diet and plenty of sleep. our kids do not sleep enough. >> plenty of water. misty on facebook wants to know this. dr. segal, is it suggested that if we suspect our children are getting a cold we should immediately take them to the e.r.? >> that is the second virus which is fear and panic. if your kid is getting a cold it's probably a cold. what i want you parents to watch out for is if you're in one of these states, if
3:47 am
your kid is having troubling breathing or have underlying asthma, you might want to be quicker to bring them to the emergency room or to the doctor. most of the time this entero virus 6 is mild. it is only when they have a tendency to have breathing problems. do not clog the e.r.'s with the common cold. then we can't take care of people with heart attacks. >> facebook, does this virus mainly affect children or can seniors be affected? >> great question. mostly children. seniors are prone to any respiratory viruses going around. mainly children but elderly can be affected as well. >> dr. marc siegel with updates on this they think. >> no panic? >> no panic. this is going to decrease. keep an eye on it. it is spreading but it is going to decrease. eat your berries. >> kids don't be afraid to sleep in today.
3:48 am
>> dr. marc siegel says you can sleep in today. >> coming up, he's one of the men who helped man the 1993 bombing at the world trade center. you'd call him a terrorist but one of our next guests call him dad. his incredible story and how he broke free is next. >> what do you think should happen to roger goodell? nfl legend joe theismann is here with what he thinks. ♪ [ male announcer ] behind every centrum multivitamin are over one million hours of research. inside are specific vitamins and minerals to help support your heart, brain and eyes. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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the men and women who died on september 11 not the only one, recognized yesterday in ceremonies near ground zero and they read the names of the six people died in the 1993 world trade center bombing. one of the men who helped plan that attack, you might call him a terrorist, but our next guest calls him dad. he has been trying to understand why his father chose terrorism and al-qaeda over his family. he explores it in his book, the terrorist son, a story of choice. can you believe that it's -- after the 9-11, here we are at 9-12, that your dad was at the foundation of this evil form of islam? >> it's been something that i've been dealing with for a long time. certainly i can believe it. >> so last time you were like living with your dad, you were seven. your dad was jailed in 1990
3:53 am
after the killing of kahani. >> right. he was initially arrested for the murder of that. >> he denied did he it? >> yeah. he denied his innocence for years, which is why we stayed in contact with him for so long of the it wasn't until his implication in the '93 bombing of the world trade center that it became apparent that he had really become radicalized. >> so somehow, then we started hearing about bin laden and al-qaeda and their goals of declaring war on the u.s. looking back now, what do you think put your dad over the edge? what was the attraction to this form of islam? >> i think he probably had a sense of powerlessness and he began interacting with these men that would ultimately be responsible for the world trade center bombing in 1993. that's not to excuse anything. i think he was aware of the choices he was making and that the potential impact it would have on his family and on the innocent people that were
3:54 am
attacked. >> so you understand, as you come out and you start saying that's not what i'm about, you decide to convert to another religion? >> i didn't convert to another religion. i just left the religion of islam. >> you left islam. >> yeah. >> your dad reached out and you saw him one more time? >> we visited him for years in prison when he maintained his innocence. once of the reasons i wrote this book is because i wanted to show people what it was like growing up in this ideology. and although i was exposed to it, i was able to shed that philosophy. if i could do it, then what does that say about the vast majority of muslims in the world who are never exposed to this level of extremism. >> because that's what's happening right now. we're seeing 200 westerners running to isis and saying, that's for me. and i can't understand it, but you can. >> i'm not a terrorism analyst. i understand that in order to radicalize someone, you have to isolate them and you have to create a bubble and convince
3:55 am
them that anything outside of that bubble is potentially dangerous. so that's why i think it's important -- radical views and ideologies exist on the fringes of society. that's why i think it's so important that we try and be as open a society as possible so we're welcoming people that could potentially be persuaded by extremists. >> exactly. you shouldn't be bigoted against somebody because you don't approve of their religion. >> special orientation. >> last time you saw your dad in 1998, what was that like? >> you know, for a long time -- i've had surreal experiences visiting him. we used to spend weekends inside the penalty inside a small house pretending we were a small family for a period of time. it got to the point where we would have these conversations and he would ask me the same questions over and over, about how i was doing in my daily
3:56 am
life. after he went to prison, things were really, really terrible for our family. i thought to myself, if he really cared about how your family was doing, then he wouldn't have chosen these terrible acts over being able to stay with them. >> congratulations on overcoming so much. you have so many excuses to go the wrong way. you obviously have gone the right way and you deserve better. thank you for telling your story and helping people understand what it's like in the terrorist mind and how you can step away. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, how is this for a school lesson plan? kids, please compare and contrast george w. bush to hitler. it really happened. then what does victory look like? don't ask the white house press secretary? >> what does victory look like here? you've talked about destroying isil. what does it mean? >> i didn't bring my webster's dictionary with me up here. >> all that and so much more top of the hour. this is "fox & friends".
3:57 am
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hi. good morning. today is friday, the 12th of september, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. fox news alert, a day after being found not guilty of premeditated murder, another verdict just in for oscar pistorius. was he let off the hook again? we are live at the courthouse in south africa with the break o'clock detail. >> fresh off the president's war speech, secretary of state john kerry says who said anything about war? >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we were doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation. >> you wonder why we're having trouble getting allies when you can't name what we're doing? that's proving to be a problem.
4:01 am
>> it's not war. it's a bar brawl. compare two men who abuse their power. hitler and george w. bush. guess what? the teacher still has a job with that assignment. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> this is chef and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you, robin. >> somewhere in las vegas, he's either still up or just getting up. >> you think he eats caviar for breakfast? >> yes. he's able to. welcome. we've got a big final two hours of the week coming your way. joe theisman in 12 minutes. first this. >> fox news alert, that blade runner, oscar pistorius, just convicted of this: culpable homicide. it's also known as manslaughter. that's in a south african court. they name things differently down there. let's get to greg palkot outside the courthouse where we've gotten an update this morning. what do you know?
4:02 am
>> reporter: we were in the courtroom all this morning, ten feet away from oscar pistorius. good news and bad news. good news that he was cleared of a more serious charge of premeditated murder, but bad news that he was convicted, found guilty of manslaughter, called here culpable homicide for the killing last year on valentine's day morning of his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. here is how it sounded when the judge hand down the verdict. take a listen. >> on count one, section 511 of the criminal law amendment s, 105 of 1997, the accused is found not guilty and is discharged. instead he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> reporter: when he got word of
4:03 am
that, he took it stoically. when there was a break five minutes laterrers his family walked up to him, hugged him. they formed a circle and prayed. the family of reeva steenkamp, however, sobbed, cried, put their heads down. they obviously wanted a little bit more justice. breaking news that we've just gotten, the last 30 seconds, is the proceedings still going on in the courtroom, the judge has decided that bail will be extended for oscar pistorius, that he will remain free to be staying at his uncle's home while the proceedings continue because it is not over. i am told two to four weeks time, there will be a sentencing hearing and that will be very critical because this manslaughter charge carries with it a maximum sentence of 15 years. he was also found guilty today of another minor weapons charge that carries with it five years.
4:04 am
they'll be deciding whether he'll be going to jail because he could free on parole or custodial care and then the decision will come whether the decision will be appealed by the prosecution. there is a good chance, i am told, that will happen. i had a chance to speak for just a couple of words with oscar pistorius today. i asked him how are you doing? he said, very well, sir. at least partly he hadn to be confident at that time. back to you guys. >> wow. >> free and they're going to appeal. >> amazing. not quite free. he could end up with 15 in prison. we'll see. greg palkot. four minutes after the hour. heather nauert, you have other break news. >> quite a bit of news. this out of ohio. a notorious school shooter escapes from prison. you may remember this young man seen here. he smiled when he was convicted of murdering three of his classmates in an ohio school. there is good news, though.
4:05 am
he is now back behind bars this morning. but there are some serious questions about how he managed to escape from prison. this is 19-year-old t.j. lane. during his trial for shooting up his school near cleveland, he wore a t-shirt -- you can see it slightly. it says killer on it. he and two other inmates escaped by prison in ohio by scaling a 100-foot fence. listen to this. >> obviously i'm not happy that it's handy. no warden in my position would like something like this to happen, but the facts are i'm happy to announce that we have mr. lane back in our custody. >> the two other inmates who escaped with lane are also in custody. that prison is not maximum security prison. he called it just a kill. a jihaddist in america admitting that he murdered an american teen-ager as pay back for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. he is accused -- there he is -- he is accused of gunning down
4:06 am
19-year-old brandon tevlin in new jersey in an intersection while brendan was driving a car. he told police, quote, all of these lives are taken every single day by america by this government, so a life for a life. we'll hear more about that story. this is what happens when you hop the white house fence on 9-11. take a look. >> get down! >> drop it right now! >> causing a major commotion yesterday. secret service agents taking down a man who was actually wearing a pokemon hat. this morning no word on who he is or why he did it. meet brittany, the last surviving rescue dog who helped search for survivors after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. brittany and her owner returned to the site for the first time this week ahead of the 13th anniversary of that tragedy. brittany is now 15 years old and she works with children in
4:07 am
elementary schools. she's a finalist for the american humane association's annual hero dog award. you can cast your vote at those are your headlines. remember those dog, they work so hard to try to recover people and also their remains. they were often injured. their paws really hurt as they were doing that. >> yep. thanks a lot. it was all refreshed in our mind yesterday. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. we're talking about going to a third iraq war. however, we're not calling it war. maybe part of the reason why we're having trouble getting coalition partners, because this morning we get up with the foreign minister saying, we're not in. germany saying don't counts on us. turkey saying, who said i'm going to be involved? i'm not going to do it. maybe saudi arabia. possibly the problem, guys, is that we have not labeled with this operation -- what this operation is. >> john kerry did. listen to this. >> the united states at war with isis? it sure sounds from the
4:08 am
president's speech we are. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in very significant counterterrorism operation and it's going to go on for some period of time. if somebody wants to think about it as being a war with isil, they can do so. but the fact is, it's a major counters terrorism operation that will have many different moving parts. >> he said this on cnn. he said it on cbs. we've heard the same things from jen psaki. we heard the same thing here when it was asked here, war, one of those words. and she said, are we at war with isis? and he said, they've certainly declared war on us. does that make a difference? >> take a look at what they've been saying over the past few years. what is this right now? they're calling it as john kerry said, counterterrorism operation. what is the war on terror? also they called it an overseas contingency. >> they don't want to say war on isis or terror.
4:09 am
when it comes what we were doing leading from behind in libya, it wasn't called a libyan intervention. kinetic military operation makes me scramble for my dictionary. no fort hood, clearly a terrorist attack. no. we label it as workplace violence. >> yeah. it wasn't too long ago where the president of the united states says, by the way, i'm going to repeal that whole mandate we got to have war in iraq. we're not using it in anymore. we lost fallujah, mosul and other places. the president was saying, let's lift that whole mandate. >> so the authorization to use force after september 11 and many democrats have argued the president doesn't need to go to congress because it falls under that umbrella right now. the war with isis would fall under that umbrella. if you want to repeal it, you have to ask congress? what are they going to ask for this time? we want to go to war? we want to get military
4:10 am
intervention? >> press secretary was asked about this yesterday and he struggled to answer it and he struggled with the question, what is basically the end game? what is your victory? is it containment? decreasing the threat? is it obliterating isis? listen to how he responds. >> what does victory look like here? you've talked about destroying isil. i think i know what that means. what does it mean? >> i didn't bring my webster's dictionary with me up here. >> do they train the press secretaries or just throw them out here? do these smug remarks to consequential questions are unbelievable. you should not lead and go in front of the press unless you can ask the president or whoever need be and say listen, they're going to ask what victory looks like and what i'm calling this operation, i got to answer quickly and crisply. especially on 9-11. and he has no answer. i didn't bring my dictionary out with me? >> especially two weeks ago when the president said we didn't have a strategy for what we were going to do. then we saw this big televised speech. you assume over those past two weeks the president realized
4:11 am
what a mistake he made. met with his national security team, said we need to come up with a strategy. a prime time television address and you send your press secretary out there to make jokes about having a dictionary. >> something else that could outrage you and i imagine will, if you're an american. a middle school teacher thought he had a great assignment. mckinley middle school over in washington, d.c hey, everybody, compare and contrast george w. bush and hitler as part of a war and peace assignment. >> right. we want to talk about because hitler abused his power and, well, we dug through history and thought, george w. bush also abuse his power. so take this assignment home and think about it and compare and contrast one of the most evil human beings that the world has ever seen in adolph hitler and former u.s. president george w. bush. >> basically put the differences on the side and similarities in the middle. here is what it said. now that we have read about two men of power who abused their
4:12 am
power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them in their actions. the assignment reads. we will use this in class tomorrow for an activity. work sheet included a diagram which you can check out below. >> you can see the two surgeries overlapping of the it's outrageous. can you imagine how you would react as a parent? >> the teacher said i'm sorry. they're not fired. >> not fired. we got to be clear. >> you just got to wonder, the speech writer for president bush in the same story was asked about it and said look, if this teacher has that judgment to give that homework, why could he possibly think they are capable and responsible enough to teach students? as outrageous as that assignment is, everyone makes mistakes, but when you look at hitler and bush and think it's okay to compare the 43rd president of the united states with a man that wiped out 6 million jews and caused a world war fascist?
4:13 am
>> comment on our facebook page. coming up on the program, a royal scare for harry. the prince involved in a high speed crash. what caused the head on collision. and what do you think should happen to nfl commissioner roger goodell? the owners are firmly behind him. we'll find out what joe theisman thinks next. ♪ ♪ fiber one streusel. available at walmart. every style's a showstopper! with fabrics that flatter and prints to go wild for. legs look longer, you look leaner. any way you wear them. chico's leggings. we're famous for our legs. at chico's and
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call comfort keepers now to learn more. brand-new reports suggests nfl commissioner roger goodell knew about the ray rice video months ago and covered it up to show respect for rice's wife. to clarify, evidently in the meeting that he had with ray rice, ray rice evidently, according to five different sources was candid and said, hey, i hit her and it was wrong and i apologize. joining us now is outstanding quarterback turnedout standing broadcaster, joe theisman. it seems like a lot of focus is now on the commissioner, the way he handled it. do you believe this focus is undue? >> no, i don't. i think that because the commissioner is the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to making decisions regarding disciplines in the national football league, he's the one that has to stand up and be
4:18 am
responsible. but there are -- listening to the five people talk about this is what went on in the meeting, there are only three people i understand maybe, or maybe an attorney or representative that know what went on in the meeting. until we actually completely understand who said what, who is doing what, i think it's very hard for us to make any kind of a judgment or decision on roger's position or anybody's position. >> it was said ray rice was honest and said i screwed up. i hit her. we knew at least that was out there. i think overall when you look at this incident, it seems like all the focus is on the commissioner because it doesn't really bode up to the way he's handled other incidents in the past. if anything, he's been known as the enforcer because he comes down, according to some, too hard, right? >> he has. this is the thing that i'm somewhat confused about. if he knew this entire incident, if he knew the entire incident,
4:19 am
what happened in the elevator, what happened when we saw the first tapes we saw and only gave him a two-game suspension, that would be ineptitude at the highest level. i've known roger a long, long time. he wouldn't do that. because of his history, because of the way he came down on the bullying, the way he's come down on jim ersa and the way he's come down on the bounties. when you look at the history of the fines and the punishments that have been dealt out, this doesn't fit into anything that roger has done. >> listen, joe, you know the way the nfl run social security a fine corporation. people think it's fun and games. it's not. it's a business that makes billions annually. if a tape came in to that organization from a law enforcement official and a woman picked up the phone and said yeah, i got it, i saw it's terrible. if feasible in your mind, that the commissioner of football never got that tape? >> i believe it is feasible because again, i think about the punishment that was dealt out of two games. he couldn't have possibly seen it. not with the reaction that we
4:20 am
see after this has come public. and we're going to find out who that anonymous law enforcement individual is going to be. robert mueller will do the investigation. and a lot of names are going to start to be associated with what actually happened. then we'll have some facts to be able to make a decision on. people are calling for roger's head. i think it's all premature. >> i want to say from my experience, i think he's one of the best commissioners in sports that i've seen and the players are resentful because he's too tough because he cares too much about the game. it's unbelievable he's being accused of the other side. we'll see how this develops. joe thighsman, thank you for joining us. i wish we could talk about football, but we're talking about the ugly part of sports. >> some day we'll do that. >> thanks. straight ahead, did this robbery go too far? soccer players show up for a game with one opponent's mug shot on their shirts. hear from that player's dad. and do you believe in guardian angels? our next guest says she can speak to them. the star of "angels among us"
4:21 am
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good morning. breaking news to tell you about. we just learned two f 18 hornets crashed into the pacific oceans. taking off from the uss carl vincent. one pilot was found quickly and brought back to the aircraft carrier. a search is underway for the second pilot. no word on what caused the crash. we will keep you posted on this break stove as we get more information. let's change gears. do you believe in angels? what about speaking to those
4:25 am
angels? a new show on tlc follows a woman who claims she delivers messages from the guardian angels themselves. >> fire. lots of it. outside, north side. south side, north side. he's telling me the north side. south side. what is this about? 9-11! 9-11. >> yep. >> you were involved in 9-11? >> uh-huh. >> you were saved. >> uh-huh. >> it's like she saved you. she's your guardian angel. >> joining us right now is the star of that new show, rosy shapiro. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> so set that scene right there. you were called in or you found him? >> he actually found me and he came to my house in upstate new york and that was amazing reading. only because it touched my heart and everyone else's heart that was in the room. the guardian angel actually
4:26 am
brought me to that moment and it was overwhelming. >> we heard about guardian angels. it sounds like it's fictional, this idea of them. but now it seems like there is mounting research about this idea that maybe perhaps a previous family member, alive before you were alive is guiding your new children that you brought into your life. what exactly is a guardian angel? >> it's a messenger, they're messengers and they're assigned to us at birth and then as we grow up, they follow us through our whole life, journey. and then someone that passes away, a mother, father, sister, brother, they can actually become our guardian angels. sometimes complete strangers are there to help us. there has been people at place where is they shouldn't be and all of a sudden they're saved because they hear someone say, move, move. it's their guardian angel telling them to move. or if there is a car crash and there is no one there to help them to take them out of the car, complete stranger comes and just takes them out of the car. these are guardian angels. they're here to help us, to protect us, guide us.
4:27 am
>> how do you see this? when did this come to you in your life? was it something you knew as a little girl? >> i was three years old. i was in my crib and just talking and speaking and laughing and my mom is the same way and her mom was the same way. so she taught me what they were but be very careful, because in the '60s it wasn't that popular. my mom used to say, we go shopping, don't talk too much. people are going to think you're nuts. >> it's a 12-part series that started on sunday. very often authors or song writers or even christians will have some sort of a block in their faith or the way that they're writing. do you ever walk into a room on the show or in your own life where you can't figure out what's going on? >> well, you mean like the skeptics? >> no. >> writer's block. >> just go in there and somehow you thought you were going to be able to speak to the guardian angel -- >> i see what you're saying. what it is is the guardian angel comes through if there is a
4:28 am
message. it's not like where right now i say right there is your guardian angel. we all have them, but if they don't have a message, if doesn't come through. >> do you feel anything right now? >> i mean other than pressure on television? >> i feel bad for the guardian angels because they have to live our lives, too, after they lived their lives. >> brian is so clumsy. your guardian angel must be telling him to constantly watch out. >> i think might angel wants a transfer. >> the show just premiered september 7. it's on tlc called "angels among us." the 12-part series that follows rosy. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> good to see you. 28 minutes after the hour. >> prince harry involved in a high speed crash. he's okay, but barely. we'll have the late breaking details on that crash next. box office headed under the sea. is dolphin tale 2 worth your
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning. a panda. the panda has done more shot of the morning than any other animal. he tries to get a leg up on his keeper. this panda cub cling to go a worker's leg. he apparently did not want to stay in his cage. >> like a little toddler hanging on to daddy's leg. please don't go to work. >> both of my kids hang on to my
4:33 am
feet and i walk like i have boots on. it's going to work great in the winter. >> they are teen-agers now, clay. i think it's time to make a decision. let's get it over to heather nauert who has the headline. >> speaking of winter, i've got a story about some weather and really nasty weather through parts of our country. wicked weather ripping through memphis, tennessee, and this video is incredible. a storm dumping several inches of rain within five hours. it caused a shopping mall roof to cave in, pouring in gallons of water inside. luckily no one was hurt. that mall was temporarily closed while crews checked out the rest of the roof. prince harry caught up in a high-speed crash when one of his police escorts lost control of his motorbike and collided head on with a taxi in london. this is eerie to see given what happened to his mother. the royal driver immediately thought it was a terrorist attack and he sped through the wreckage before harry told him to stop and help the other
4:34 am
driver. the taxi driver and the officer who was thrown 40 yards down the road, are expected to be okay. but frightening. back here at home, a school rivalry go a little too far? fans showing up at a high school soccer game wearing this t-shirt right here with this kid's face on it. police had arrested the young man in the photo, arrested him for pot possession last year. after the arrest he transferred from that school to a rival school. his dad says this is a new kind of bullying. >> this has been going on, i didn't know it was going to go to this level. i was shocked first and then i thought, how did they get this picture? >> school administrators say they did everything they can to prevent fans from wearing that shirt, but the teen's parents say that they want someone held responsible for it. talk about a craving for corn, this 69-year-old man is arrested for breaking into a
4:35 am
massachusetts house and what did he do while in the house? he cooked corn on the cob. the hungry home intruder was drunk, clearly drunk, say cops. he banged around pots and pans trying to make a meal. the owner of the home heard the noise and then called the cops. and those are your headlines. how about that, if you're breaking into a house, you might steal a pop tart and cookies. not boil water for corn. >> takes too long. >> everyone has their own way. >> watched pot never boils. >> he was a healthy criminal. let's check in with maria molina who is outside with the forecast. it feels like fall. >> it's a little crisp out here in new york city. currently 52 degrees. feels beautiful. we have sunshine out there today. you'll need the light sweater as we head out early in the morning. i want to take you farther west because some of these areas are going to need their parkas as they head out. rapid city, we've seen those temperatures get a little cool within just the past hour. dip down below freezing and currently 30 degrees out there.
4:36 am
31 in missoula. temperatures for so many americans will be well below average, from parts of the texas panhandle to parts of the great lakes and northern plains. widespread highs in the 50s. heavy rain now through portions of iowa. also eastern portion of nebraska and also down into parts of western texas. we do have the risk for flash flooding and by the way, in the atlantic, we have our next named storm, edward. tropical storm and forecast to stay over open waters in the atlantic. let's head back inside. >> thank you so much. 36 minutes after the hour. this weekend in a twist of fate, james gandolfini returns to the criminal underworld in his final big screen performance. >> i'm not guy that wasted his entire life waiting for it to start. >> i did that? >> uh-huh. at least i had something once. i was respected. i was feared. when i walked into a place, people sat up.
4:37 am
they sat up straight. they noticed. that meant something! >> he looks so good in that. joining us is kevin mccarthy. good morning, kevin. >> i'm glad you mentioned bain prosecute from batman because he's amazing. it's worth mentioning how incredible of a past that character created for all the television shows we're seeing today. that whole antihero character. we wouldn't have walter white and dexter and "mad men" without what he did. he's turning to this type of character. you're dealing with an underground bars. this is cousin marv's, which is ran by gandolfini in the film. it gets robbed and essentially it's a domino effect of how that robbery affects everybody in the film. tom hardy plays the bartender. this is a slow burning crime drama. incredible performances. gandolfini is brilliant. hardy is brilliant. one of the great things about
4:38 am
this film is it's written by a guy who wrote mystic river and great books and "shutter island." you'll get that vibe to it as well. my only problem with the film is it didn't pack a punch at the ends. i really wanted a big ending. it didn't blow me away. you are satisfied when you leave, but overall, i gave it 3 1/2 out of five. >> so go see it. now, "dolphin tale 2". after 1, 2 is a natural. what do you think? >> the first one i thought was really, really cheesy. this story line was fantastic. the story line was great. you're dealing with this dolphin named winter who lost its tail and the idea of building a prosthetic tail to put on, it's family movie. this time you're dealing with a sequel and they bring in a new dolphin named hope who is supposed to be a female companion to winter and be in the same tank together and live together because you need -- they need to be together in the movie. for me, this is a family movie
4:39 am
about friendship, it's about change. a lot of great messages, a lot of great family mentions as well. harry connick, junior was great. my problem is i feel like it was a paycheck for morgan freeman. i loved him in the first one. in this one, i feel everything he did was cheesy and reaction shots. i didn't care for him in this movie. the cinemato go graphy was great. i think it's a wonderful family film, but has cheesy hollywood moments. >> down there in clearwater, florida, where this all unfolded. they have a whole museum to the dolphin. >> right. it's a true story. winter and hope were actually in the aquarium as we speak. it's a wonderful, wonderful story. stay 'til the end credits so you can see the actual video of what they really did. >> these are not acting dolphins. >> these are the real dolphin. >> no good deed. >> this is a movie that i should be reviewing now. but unfortunately, i'm not going to be talk being it today because they canceled the
4:40 am
screenings on the day of the screening. >> what? >> i know. the reason they gave -- this is unbelievable -- they didn't want to reveal a big plot twist because it would affect the way the viewers experience the movie. that is just a load of garbage, in my opinion. there has been so many movies throughout our career that have had big plot twists, like "usual suspects" and others that were screen to do critics and they're not screening this. to me, it's little fishy. >> what's the conspiracy theory behind it? >> it's probably not a good movie. >> generally when they don't do that, the movie is bad. generally. i can't assume. >> i wish they would ban me from that screening of the boxing movie. i really wish that ban came down early. >> i'm with you. that movie was absolutely terrible. i'm so with you on that. >> coming up, john kerry says we're not at war with isis. really? colonel ollie north begs to differ and he is here next.
4:41 am
and they just wanted to honor two friends who passed away by putting crosses on their helmets. someone complained and now the crosses are coming off. first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1967, this comedian is famous son of an economist and a software engineer. be the first with the correct answer and i'll give you my book. >> these have gotten harder. >> not for anna. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ "here i am. rock you like a hurricane." ♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle.
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welcome back. the stories making headlines now, first time in 20 years, the catholic league will not march in new york city's st. patrick's day parade. the reason? event organizers reneged on a deal to allow anti-abortion marchers in the parade.
4:45 am
and does this cross look offensive to you? a football players in arkansas state university put them on their helmets to honor two friends who lost their lives. an atheist complained and now the crosses have to be removed. brian and anna? >> fresh off the president's war speech on thursday night, secretary of state john kerry says who said anything about war? >> the united states at war with isis? it sure sounds from the president's speech that we are. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation and it's going to go on for some period of time. if somebody wants to think about it as being war with isil, they can do so. but the fact is, it's a major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts. >> and the place is the size of maryland and has 30,000 fighters, but we're not at war. if we're not fighting a war
4:46 am
what, are we doing? lieutenant colonel oliver north is a military analyst and historian. does it bother you we're not calling it a war? >> news flash for john kerry, isis is at war with us. of course, the rest of the west and christianity in general, and of course, anybody who opposes them. so him not saying so is one of the reasons why the support that ought to be there isn't there. i got an idea for him, because this is going to be a, quote, new counterterrorism operation, it needs a name. i have one for it, pick one of these two: operation enduring confusion, or operation many moving parts. it's kind of where we're headed right now. >> be careful or it will get named on its own. president obama is still saying that isil is not islamic and that isis is not a state. take a listen to this. >> isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocents. a vast majority of isil's victim
4:47 am
s has been muslims and isil is certainly not a state. >> you would think at that their argument may be that if you say you're at war with them, that's how legit mazing them. do you buy that argument at all? >> not at all. the fact is this is a war. it's long been a war. i think it was wrong way back when president bush said islam is a religion of peace. it's continued to this administration overtly. and all they've done is brag about the fact that bin laden is dead. bin laden is dead. but radical islam is alive and growing and isis is just the biggest, most vicious well-funded part of it. >> you've seen a lot of coalitions come together or not come together. i think president bush had 32 and 26,000 troops and some money. bush 41 had the whole war paid for by others. now britain has the audacity not to even provide jets, germany is out. turkey says tonight even ask me. -- don't even ask me.
4:48 am
how is this acceptable and where do we go from here? >> it's a hard question to answer and i'm not sure they know in this administration. look, the way they're talking is obama has more faith in air power than billy mitchell. and we're not going to get a lot of help from our, quote, allies in this broad coalition. i'm grateful that albania has signed on with us. but when you've already eliminated great britain, our closest ally, the nato force called turkey, you've got a very serious challenge because air power alone can decapitate leaders. it can disrupt plans and debraid short-term capabilities. but it won't destroy isis or quite frankly, any other enemy. that's going to take somebody's troops on the ground and i seriously doubt, brian, that you're going to be able to vet, arm, train and field the so-called moderate operation, the original syrian free army that could have and should have been helped three years ago and do that in a matter of weeks or months. it will take years.
4:49 am
>> american boots on the ground has been been you would some sort of red line. thank you so much. >> always good to be with you. thanks. >> thanks, determine. up next, housing prices are up nearly 8%. not everywhere. you can get this house for under $300,000. we have more just like that. but first on this date in 1983, arnold schwarzenegger became a u.s. citizen. >> in that outfit. >> in 1984, michael jordan signs with the chicago bulls. and in 1970, "war" was the number one song in america. >> what's it good for? >> nothing, brian. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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4:53 am
trivia time. the answer to today's trivia question, born on this day in 1967, this comedian is the famous son out of an economist and software engineer: our winner will get a copy of brian's book "george washington's secret six." bad news for potential home buyers, according to a new report, the average asking price on homes is up by 7.8%. michael corbett found cities where there are some exceptions to that rule. he's a real estate expert. he's author of the book "find it, fix it, flip it." welcome back. so homes for less than $300,000? >> yeah, that's true. there are certain cities right now where we actually have seen instead of the price increases, price drop. not necessarily always for bad reasons. for example, our first city that we've got is fayetteville, north
4:54 am
carolina. has seen a 4% decrease in prices because home builders are actually building there again. which isn't a bad thing. it's driving prices down a little bit. so that's our first house. down 4%, according to trulia's trends report. so let's look at this first one which is a beautiful home. four bedrooms, four baths, around 2800 square feet. it's got coffered ceilings with a beautiful fireplace, great colonial feel to it. a gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops, slate floors. it also has stainless steel appliances, a breakfast bar. it's got a wonderful breakfast room off the kitchen. a formal dining room, or as you'll see, maybe it could be used as a piano room as well. it's got also a big outdoor back covered patio and this whole thing is going to cost you, with 20% down, taxes and insurance,
4:55 am
around $1,400 a month. >> not bad. this increase in inventory now because home -- is that what's happening in tallahassee, florida? >> that's where prices have been relatively stable. so it hasn't seen a big increase, hasn't seen a big decrease. so there is nothing tragic going on here. it's down about 3.6%, according to trulia trends. so this house in tallahassee is a three bedroom, two-bath house. this is really a nice starter home for our millenials as we call it. those people jumping from renting into buying. this is a great opportunity. this one will actually cost around $1,200 a month, including taxes and insurance and your mortgage. this has big open space, wonderful den. great starter home. at a really terrific price. >> let's jump over to governor huckabee's home city, little rock, arkansas. what is happening in little rock? >> little rock is actually
4:56 am
another city state relatively stable. a great house. at a wonderful price of 299. it's four bedrooms, three baths. 2800 square feet. it's a beautiful home. very stately, colonial. formal dining room, fireplace. a separate den, granite kitchen, wonderful, beautiful cabinetry. and it's also got a great breakfast room and in the back, lots of room, entertaining, big landscape. this is a beautiful home at a great price under 300,000. >> wow, nice homes. michael, great to see you as always. good news in the housing market. thanks. coming up here on the show, brand-new shocking report about the v.a. scandal. details about more lies and more cover-ups. what's going on? then secretary kerry says we're not at war. geraldo rivera says we all need to get overt silly name games and he is here. i'm here.
4:57 am
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good morning. today is friday, the 12th of september, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. break right now, two f a-18 navy hour yets crashed into the pacific ocean. one pilot rescued and the search is on for the other. the latest on this developing story straight ahead. the president just laid out his four-point strategy for something. just don't call it a war. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation. >> geraldo rivera is here. >> he's mock your cold open. >> will you just replace him, please. get out. >> geraldo will be up in moments.
5:01 am
brian? >> me? i'm on? then, you know the difference between texting and sexting? geraldo, stay out of this. apparently someone forgot to tell congressman james cliburn. we're going to roll that videotape. mornings are better with friends, i hope. >> this is buddy, and you're watching "fox & friends," the news boys. >> geraldo said he would put it on his place. >> it's iphone order day. i've gotten so many questions from people. >> 'cause you're the man. >> i'm going back and forth. i was reading some tweets at that moment. >> available on the 19th of september, but you can preorder. >> you can preorder right now. so many people asking what size. go to ask me on twitter. >> how about going to our facebook page and when you're back there, answer questions after? >> yeah. after the show, we'll put up a thread there and i'll answer any of your questions.
5:02 am
>> i've been volleying questions at you as well. we have some breaking news. heather nauert is poised to give it to us. >> good morning. breaking news coming out of the pacific ocean right now. the latest coming in, we just have learned that two f-18 hornets crashed into the pacific ocean. the planes taking off from the uss carl vinson. one pilot was found quickly and he was brought back to the aircraft carrier to get medical care. the search for the second pilot is still going on at this hour. no word yet on what caused the crash, but we will keep you posted on this breaking story as we get more information. the local stations reporting that the two jets actually collided. we are working on trying to confirm that. we will bring you the latest as we get it. let's go overseas where overnight a notorious school shooter escapes from prison. rather this happening in ohio. you may remember this guy. he was on trial, 19 year old t.j. lane. he shot up his school near
5:03 am
cleveland. he had the shirt -- the word killer written on his shirt. he was convicted of murdering three of his classmates. good news, he is back behind bars this morning. there are some serious questions about how this guy got out. he, along with two other inmates, escaped prison in ohio by scaling a 100-foot fence. listen to this. >> obviously i'm not happy that it's happened. no warden in my position would like something like this to happen. the facts are i'm happy to announce that we have mr. lane back in our custody. >> the two inmates who escaped with him are also back in custody. that prison is not a maximum security prison. also developing this morning, oscar pistorius free on bail after just being convicted of what's called culpable homicide. also known as manslaughter. this in the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the judge ruling he did not intend to kill her, but that he was negligent in her death. his next court date is october 13 and that's when he finds out if he will go to
5:04 am
prison. sentence could range from a fine to 15 years behind bars. the president and first lady michelle obama making a surprise appearance at a school in washington, d.c one student not too impressed with it when they walked through the door. >> when i first heard that somebody was coming, i really wanted to be beyonce. >> i understand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> i guess we'll take you after all. those are your headlines. >> that is fantastic. >> who did you get today? beyonce? >> no, the president. >> most people want to meet geraldo rivera. >> i would prefer beyonce. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> you, too. >> what's up? >> we're in this name game and whether or not we have actually declared war on isis, where we stand. do we need the president to ask congress for permission? if you listen to secretary of state john kerry yesterday, he says, no, no, we don't want to
5:05 am
jump to conclusion. we're not at war. listen to what he said and we want you to respond. >> we're engaged in a major counterterrorism operation. it's going to be a long-term counterterrorism operation. i think war is the wrong terminology and analogy. i don't think people need to get into war fever in this. >> why not? >> a war by any other name would be as brutal, as long as they are raining death and destruction on isis from above, i don't care what they call it, as long as there is a major military operation to punish them on the scale of shock and awe. i want it pulverized. i want the base outside of mosul and northern iraq pulverized. shock and awe. i want the drones unleashed on their leadership. i want the f-18s and the f-16s to rain death from above. i want isis crushed. if you want to call it a play game or a -- >> you talk about bases. a lot of bases. is this just the president protecting his own base, his own
5:06 am
liberal base and not calling cat war? after all, he's the antiwar president. >> it sounds so, i think to think their motives are so petty. but it could very well be that they feel that they can hide behind a semantic veil of the to me, and to the g.i.s out there now, it is only semantics. they know what they are facing and they know what they must mete out to the enemies of our country. >> you would think that the administration, when asking the entire nation really to commit to this, something so serious and so costly that they would call it what it is. but you say that semantics veil. it's something we have seen from this administration. how about this word play here? war on isis. we heard from john kerry. counterterrorism operation. war on terror. overseas contingency operation. war in libya, kinetic military operation. and fort hood, the shooting there. workplace violence. >> these kinds of rhetorical
5:07 am
word play are disheartening, but i don't think they're terribly substantive. we know what it is. we know what it is we must do. i, as you know, i said on this couch, would prefer to constitutional congressional declaration of war against this quasi defacto state. the president saw to down play their status as a state. he said no, they're not a state, they're not even islamic. they're a terrorist organization. the fact of the matter is, the president, i believe, is incorrect. they control geographic area the size of connecticut. they have a massive, massive presence there. i think that we have to treat them as if it were a state and that this were a war. >> let's talk about the operation. we're sending drones and scouting runs. we have at least nine coalition partners, or do we? turkey says i'm not sure i'm in. saudi arabia says i'll train 450. germany and turkey say don't count on me. what does this mission look
5:08 am
like? >> we don't need anybody, is the short answer to that, with the exception of the brits, the others that i've seen, the coalition forces, with all due respect, a lot of them are terrifically motivated, but they get in the way. >> give me the checkbook. >> why, when we know where the enemy is? let us do it. you really want them in the air where you have to coordinate with -- >> of course. >> i don't think you need that. what i would like to do, and people say we need turkey because we need those air bases. why don't we right now commit to reoccupying camp victory in baghdad. let the united states retake over that base right by the airport in baghdad. so you take over that base. you don't need anybody else. now you're not relying solely on your aircraft carriers in the gulf. now you have the main air base back. you are secure that, even with the measly number of troops we have committed there, you can secure that base. you put the most trustworthy iraqi armed force around the
5:09 am
perimeter. the base becomes the united states property f. there we can hammer them. we can hammer them. you can have a flight every five minutes. here comes another one, another one. you can have the drones and everything else. retake the area outside of tikrit, that big air base that was very secure. we can, by securing those air bases, rain death and destruction on this enemy, punish them for their act of war against us by beheading our citizens. >> it's outrageous that all these countries that are affected by isis, whose citizens are fighting for isis, won't put jets in the air out of embarrassment. >> why are you shocked? these are noodle backboned people. >> not the brit. >> let's say the c.i.a. is right. let's say this 30,000 -- >> that's what they're saying today. >> that's like a division and a half. 30,000, they have to have fixed
5:10 am
bases. the air power of the united states, the air force, the army and the navy, the marines, we have enough air power. we can pulverize and punish -- we will degrade and we will destroy. >> let's move on to the nfl this morning. >> okay. another war of another sort. >> yeah. >> football is war by another means. >> roger goodell, nfl commissioner, is in hot water this morning for what did he know, when did he know it? did he see that tape? new reports out this morning say that he didn't act out. he did see this tape and he didn't act out out of respect for janay, the then fiance, now wife of ray rice. >> by the way, he never saw the tape. the tape looks as though, according to one report, was in his building and one person, according to one voice mail, might have seen it. but according to their one on one meeting -- >> what's the differences? >> i'm outlining it for people just wake up. ray rice was honest with the commissioner and said, i hit
5:11 am
her. >> that according to four sources. >> if you see the tape of a man dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator in a way that is the most demeaning you have ever seen, do you really need the preceding tape to know what happened? >> exactly. >> if she's knocked out and he's dragging her across the floor like she's a sack of potato, you have an idea. >> if she's unconscious and you love her, do you try to get help or pull her out by her hair? >> putting the focus on goodell, and you know how these guys operate with the owners. this is all about politics and money. when they bring ray rice in with janay, the wife, there is the ravens owners there represented. there are the union reps there. it is a business meeting. it is a negotiation. it's not seeking justice for the barted woman. it's seek justice for the nfl. goodell has been exposed as
5:12 am
being just a mouth piece for the owners. >> his track record is -- >> he's the enforcer, he can come down even too hard even, they say. >> but when you take a matter this serious, this is what i think. if you take a felony assault on a woman where she was clearly battered in a manner that if it were anyone other than ray rice, the husband right now would be sitting in prison. i think you have gone beyond protecting the league. you have subverted the criminal justice system. shame on him. he may have been impeccable up until now. but at his moment of crisis, and that's where courage is determined in that one moment of crisis, he chickened out. he went to protect the backs of the nfl owners and as a result, he has done a grave injustice and set back the whole cause against domestic violence in a meaningful way. i think when mueller gets in there and he finds out who knew
5:13 am
what, it's going to be extremely humiliating for goodell. and his regard may have been impeccable, i think his future is in doubt. >> the smoking gun we've seen is the video. that's ray rice and not roger goodell. >> right. >> and goodell is not rice and goodell never hit his wife. so i understand that. but he is the mouthpiece for the nfl. he is the face of the nfl. at a moment of crisis, he chickened out. >> thanks. >> have a great weekend. coming up straight ahead. >> talk about a rough first day on the job, jay carney getting shut down by john kerry on live television. new fallout from the heated interview. >> and a brand-new shocking report about the v.a. scandal. details with more lies and cover-up. what's going on here? peter johnson, jr. up next with the answer. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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welcome back. the watchdog responsible for investigating the v.a. scandal says 42 locations were involved in plots to delay patient care. they found 28 instances of clinically significant delays in care and at 13 administrators lied to investigators who were trygon cover the ex tempt of the problem. fox news brought the v.a. scandal to light months ago and
5:18 am
has followed all of its developments from veterans dying to veterans being left without benefits. peter johnson, jr. has been at the forefront of this effort to get to the bottom of it and joins us now. >> i looked carefully this, 133-page report. in my view, the report is a white wash and a scam. bluntly spoken. i think congress is looking very, very hard at this. they find delays. they find deaths, but they don't put the two together. and this is the controversial line from the i.g.'s report that has everybody speaking in this country. while the case reviews in this report document poor quality of care, we are unable to conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the deaths of these veteran. >> are they mincing words here? >> they're more than mincing words. they're going out on a limb to save reputation, to save indictments, and save dollars for the federal government because they're saying if we make a determination that a delay in providing care caused
5:19 am
death or personal injury, then they're setting the federal government up for lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit all over the country. they have found some important things. they found a national conspiracy in terms of v.a. administrators. they found significant delays in phoenix, although they trashed one of the whistle blowers in the process. let's look at what was said before congress on this issue of the standard of care. >> i want to give the v.a. a pass on this and i believe that that's what this line does, it exonerates the v.a. of any responsibility and past manipulation of these wait times. >> i just have to disagree. i described 45 cases, 28 of which were negatively impacted because of delays. the only argument is i can't say that those that died died because of a delay. >> well, medical examiners and forensic experts across the country, including this forensic
5:20 am
expert, are saying that that's absolutely not the standard. they're saying that the v.a. inspector general had to conclusively find that these deaths were caused as a result of the delay. we know people don't die because of government bureaucracy. they die of heart disease, cancer. the government bureaucracy is not providing the care that they're supposed to, then they died as a contributing factor with regard to that government bureaucracy delay. the report, in my view, is not honest. congress is coming back on it. representative jeff miller is holding hearings. let's get out the truth for our veterans 'cause i don't believe this is an honest report. >> peter johnson, jr., great job following this from beginning to now and hopefully beyond this. thanks. >> great seeing you. coming up, the brother of beheaded american james foley says he was threatened not just by the terrorists, but by our own government. he'll explain in his own words. and whether or you're more o get struck by lightning than finding a love match.
5:21 am
but our next guest beat the odds via facebook. their amazing story that will inspire you this morning. stick around. ♪ ♪ woooo. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. it has carbohydrates for energy and protein for those serious muscles. [guy] aarrrrr! [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [guy] so happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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5:24 am
quick headlines now. american aid worker infected with ebola is getting unusual help. the blood of another ebola survivor. yep. dr. rick sakra is getting better thanks in farther to the blood gotten from a doctor named dr. brantley. he has antibodies in his blood that will help the other doctor fight the virus. that virus that hospitalized hundreds of children is growing. it's now in at least 12 states across the country. alabama could be number 13.
5:25 am
they're just sending a sample to the cdc for confirmation. thank you so much. 24 minutes after the hour. you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to find a match. our next guest beat the odds. cancer survivor finds her bone marrow boner with a little help from facebook and just last weekend, that anonymous donor came face-to-face with the woman whose life he saved. joining us, anna kaiser and her donor, matthew. i guess you're probably friends forever now. >> yes. absolutely. >> tell me about when you were diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. >> i was diagnosed with leukemia and i had to have chemotherapy immediately. i did three rounds of chemotherapy and then i was finally in remission. but at that point in order to continue living, i had to have a bone marrow transplant.
5:26 am
so i contacted my friends and family and asked if they had anybody they could refer me to. and dr. patrick's name came up and his group, the bone marrow transplant group at loyola university medical center in maywood, illinois. so i went to visit him and that's where he says to me, well, you have to have the bone marrow transplant. if you don't, you have about a 10 to 15% chance of survival. >> wow. it can be a pretty lengthy process to be able to actually find a match and go through with the procedure. you found out you needed that in june and it wasn't until september that it happened. >> correct. >> matthew, i want to hear your side of the story. you're in your dorm room in kentucky and what happened? >> well, i saw the ad on the side of facebook and clicked it just to read a little bit more about this and when i did, i read up and went for the swab
5:27 am
kit. did a swab test. >> not painful. >> not at all. sent it off and forgot about it for a little over a year. i got a phone call, an e-mail and everything and they told me that i was a potential match. i went off for further testing and from then on, next thing i knew i was donating. >> to actually go through with it, what was that like for both of you? >> well, i had the easy part that time. i got injected through an i.v. it was like getting a blood transfusion. that's all it was. it was exactly the same, no pain, no anything. >> for me, i was in washington, d.c. and they went through the pelvic harvest version. about 25% of donors go through. just involves a needle going into the back of the hip and extracting the marrow. they took out about 25 ounces, a
5:28 am
little over. within 24 hours, was in the patient. >> to go through with this and become a hero to someone is amazing. such a neat bond that the two of you have. anna and matthew, thank you so much for your time and hopefully this story inspires more people. >> absolutely. that is really -- that's kind of the shiny thing here for us. >> i know i wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for matt. >> what a neat thing. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. 28 minutes after the hour this friday morning. coming up, do you know the difference between texting and sexting? apparently someone forgot to tell congressman james cliburn. we'll roll the tape for you. then talk about a rough first day on the job, jay carney getting shut down by senator john mccain on live television. the new fallout from this heated debate coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] behind every centrum multivitamin are over one million hours of research.
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5:32 am
♪ ♪ your glamour shot of the morning. a new high school student petitioning his school to allow this as his senior class picture. he took the photo with his cat and you know his cat is mr. biglesworth. and added laser beams to the background. just like dr. evil. rodriguez said i'm not trying to make any statement other than my photo is ridiculous. and this is how i am. ridiculous. >> love it. >> that looked like john roberts' high school yearbook picture. he's fill not guilty for chris wallace this week. >> there is no way that he had a mr. biglesworth in his life. >> you don't know. >> hey, john roberts.
5:33 am
>> good morning to you all. what phase of my life are you referring to? >> that's true. we're going to do a whole expose at some point. you're fill not guilty for chris wallace. you have a lot on your plate this weekend. we talked yesterday on the radio a little bit. the secretary of state has got the job of getting our coalition together. how is that going? >> not very well. he's getting some moral support, but not getting a whole lot else. i think the major commitment that he's got is from saudi arabia to open up some bases to host syrian rebels to train them up to go after isis. but other than that, you've been pointing out turkey is not in, germany, u.k. doesn't quite know what it's going to do. so it looks again like the united states is going to be mostly going it alone and when you look at the iraqi security forces, the president wants to send in national guard units. are they going to be the same units that cut and ran earlier this year? when it comes to syria, how do you know who to trust? who do you give weapons to and
5:34 am
be confident that sometime in the future they're not going to turn the weapons back on you? the very fact that he's playing these semantic games, there is 31,000 fighters out there. i don't know any terrorist organizations that have 31,000 fighters. if you don't treat this as a war, a lot of military analysts will tell you, you're probably not destined for success. >> what do you make of general allen being tapped to lead this coalition when he opposed the troop withdrawal and has said as recently as last year that we would northbound a very different place had we left a residual force there? >> this whole idea of a residual force is partly will he root of what's going on. if there were american forces on the ground in iraq, it's not likely that isis would have been able to make the gains that it did. that whole status of forces agreement, i think you'll play something of the fight between john mccain and jay carney the other night on television. it's a very complicated matter.
5:35 am
it's not as cut and dry to some people. but the bigger problem is allowing isis to get a foothold in syria from which they spread across the border into iraq. if we had been helping out the rebels years ago, if not months ago, could this have turned out quite differently? >> the administration has argued the iraqis just don't want us there, status armed forces agreement. we couldn't get that. they don't want us there. we got out 'cause they asked us to. that was the argument that jay carney was senator john mccain on cnn on wednesday night. it was explosive. watch this. we'll play it for you. >> facts are stubborn things, mr. carney. that is his entire national security team, including the secretary of state said we want to arm and train and equip these people and he made the unilateral decision to turn them down. the fact that they didn't leave a residual force in iraq overruling all of his military advisors is 9 reason why we're facing isis today.
5:36 am
>> again senator, we're gog have to agree to disagree and i think that the question of the residual force, there was another player in that, which was the iraqi government. it was the full filtment of the previous administration's withdrawal plan. c, and also fulfillment of the president's promise to withdraw from iraq. >> mr. carney, you are again saying facts that are patently false. because lindsey graham and i and joe lieberman were in baghdad, they wanted a residual force. you in your role as spokesperson bragged about the fact that the last american combat troop had left iraq. if we had left a residual force, the situation would not be what it is today. >> he just wiped the floor with him and he was no longer in the protective zone of the press conference, john. and i think that he just got his point across and a lot of people are thinking, maybe we wouldn't be going back if we stayed there with a force that kept a looking glass on what was happening. >> as i said, i think if we had
5:37 am
left a residual force there, isis would not have made the gains in iraq that it did. when you look at that argument, the facts do come down on both sides of the equation. but both of them have elements of truth to them. the preponderance of evidence comes down on john mccain's side because this president, while he did try to obtain a status of forces agreement with iraq, didn't really try as hard as a lot of people thought that he would and most of his military advisors did believe that there should be a residual force there. it started off in the 20,000 range, then cut down to 10,000 range. eventually about the 3,000 range and iraqi officials said you know what? it's not worth the trouble. let's forget about this. they also didn't want to give that immunity agreement, which i think every military advisor to the president agreed was absolutely crucial to get. but could the president have tried harder? was he more focused on getting the forces out than making sure iraq remains stable? i think you could make that argument. >> you got a big show this weekend. general michael hayden on isis,
5:38 am
plus senator lindsey graham, whom john mccain was just talking about. and senator jack reed of rhode island. a busy weekend ahead. always great to see you. >> and good to see you. general hayden, by the way, who said the president's plan had all the attraction of casual sex, that offered gratification but not a lot of commitment. powerful language from the general. >> put that in the prompter. >> yeah. >> thanks, john. that's very interesting. plus jack reed, a veteran as well as lindsey graham, a veteran. heather inaugurate, what else do you have? >> good morning. i've got a story about a young man who was brutally murdered in new jersey. it hasn't gotten a lot of attention thus far, but it's starting to right now. the person who killed him called it a just kill. a jihaddist admitting he murdered an american teen-ager as pay back for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. he is accused of gunning down 19-year-old brendan tevlin in new jersey. brown, a devout muslim, telling police, quote, all of these
5:39 am
lives are taken every single day by america by this government, so a life for a life. the young man who was murdered was a member of the national honor society, eucharistic minister and finished college. the brother of reporter james foley says that he was threatened not just by the terrorists, but by our own government? listen to this. >> we're appalled by the situation. it we want past not doing everything they could, they got in our way. and that's what really bothers me to the core, you know. i was specifically threatened by the department of state about raising funds towards ransom demands for my brother. >> he added having european nations pay ransoms while the united states does not sends an
5:40 am
inconsistent message to the terrorists. back here at home, there are a whole lot of ways to get out the vote and congressman james cliburn has a pretty unusual way to suggest doing it. he was speak to go a caller on c-span in a south carolina democrat, mentioned all the ways that one can get out the word to vote on election day. listen to this. >> we can text, what we call it? sexting, let's do some voting organizing over the internet. >> aw. it turns out he just confused texting with sexting. those are your headlines. that's something that kilmeade does all the time. >> yeah. >> i do? >> that's true. >> your ratings are through the roof. >> thank you very much. everyone has their own methods. coming up, new del tails in -- details in the nsa
5:41 am
scandals. how they threatened a big web site to turn over confidential information. you heard mitt romney say this on fox news sunday. >> look, there is no question in my mind that i think i'd have been a better president than barak obama has been. >> what do voters think? the surprising results are next. >> democrats don't agree work with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. can this decadent, fruit-top pastry with indulgent streusel crumbles be from... fiber one? fiber one streusel. available at walmart.
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welcome back. quick headlines now. is facebook's new messenger app tracking your every move? security experts say the iphone version logs every tap and screen swipe and has more spyware than surveillance equipment does. new documents show why yahoo turned over customer data to the nsa. the agency threatened yahoo with a $250,000 a day fine. that will do it. brian? >> thanks. 15 minutes before we're done.
5:45 am
mitt romney and roger goodell making headlines. what do voters think about their comments? lee carter joins us right now to break it down for us through the magic of the dials. hey, lee? >> hi. >> let's go to the first sound bite. watch the dials and get your analysis. here is mitt romney talking on fox news sunday. >> look, there is no question in my mind that i think i'd have been a better president than barak obama has been. no question in my mind about that. and there are other good people who i'm sure will be able to lead the country in the future. i wish it were me. let me tell you, it was a great experience running for president. i loved that. but my time has come and gone. >> what do you read in there? >> look, obviously the democrats don't agree with him at all. the republicans, 100% agree with him. at the end of the day, what we saw, by the end of this is both agree that his time has come and gone. >> so not to run again? >> not to run again. >> it started going up when he said my time has come. >> exactly. >> let's talk about the other
5:46 am
big story this week. original goodell and how he handled or didn't handle the ray rice situation. here he is talking about what it was like and coming up with his decision. let's look. >> because when we make a decision, we want to have all the information that's available. obviously that -- when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> but what was ambiguous about her laying unconscious on the floor being dragged out by her feet? >> there was nothing ambiguous about that. that was a result. >> so he gets an f for that. >> he gets an absolute f. this was for risk. he came across as a liar. no one believed anything that he was saying. it wasn't credible. he didn't seem authentic. even though he said he was taking accountability for what he did, people didn't buy it. >> all right. let's move on to the other controversial part about the commissioner this week, he talked about what was on the tape and did he actually get the tape of what was inside, what
5:47 am
happened inside the elevator. >> we certainly didn't know what was on the tape, but we have been very open and honest and i have also, from two weeks ago when i acknowledged that we didn't get this right. that's my responsibility and i'm accountable for that. >> when he takes responsibility, it goes up. but overall the grade is? >> overall i give him a d because the problem is people aren't buying what he's putting down there. if he had just said, i'm going to take responsibility and accountability and we're going to move on and this is what we're going to do going forward, people might have responded because it went right up. but when he says we didn't know. we didn't have that information, people don't believe him. more and more is coming out and they'll have good reason not to believe him. >> we had read the republicans and democrats were really on the same page on that. >> absolutely. >> so those are the big stories. we got your dials. we know roughly how people feel. thanks so much. great job. >> thank you. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, they're serving our country and make sweet country music at the same time.
5:48 am
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good morning, everybody. they are serving their country and playing country music at the same time. marine officer matt smith and john serving at the marine barracks in washington, d.c. >> two years later -- >> we love our country. >> with lady antebellum? how does that happen? now they're still active and getting ready for their biggest show yet. ours. joining us is matt and john. welcome to both you guys. thanks so much for your service. >> thank you for having us on. we're so excited to be here. >> you're in a break here. seven years, you've been in six years.
5:52 am
multiple deployments. how did this all come together? >> it was all by chance. showed up at the barracks as a second duty station. matt and i found out we were from adjacent states and discovered we both played instruments. we started playing music in his backyard at a barbecue. his wife was making good food. transition from that to applying for this acm application through dod and got to go out and play with lady antebellum. >> you have a unique sound. we love it. first the name of the song is "the mom looks good on you". >> i have a good story behind this. i'm always look for stuff to pick to write a song. that line catches. so marcie had just given birth to our daughter and we were sitting around the dinner table and the conversation, hey, you still look at me the same and all that? and i told her, marcie, mom looks good on you. in my head, i'm thinking, this might make a good song. i wrote this song in 15 minutes.
5:53 am
>> wow. you got about three to play it. >> thank you. one, two, three. ♪ ♪ >> yes, sir hear is my stuff ♪ ♪ the milk on the floor is just in a sipe cup ♪ ♪ those yoga pants might have a few stains ♪ ♪ but they show your curves off in all the right way ♪ ♪ the mom looks good on you ♪ i don't know how you do what you do ♪ ♪ you're getting hotter ♪ i love your singing through the baby monitor ♪ ♪ that mama is crazy ♪ ♪ looking hot in that rocking chair rocking a baby ♪ ♪ yeah steady ♪ you know it ♪ true yeah ♪ the mom looking good on you
5:54 am
♪ that sure ain't a cadillac but you don't have time to care about that ♪ ♪ there is a million things left to do ♪ ♪ but you're sipping and smiling ♪ ♪ baby you're in a groove ♪ the moms looking good on you ♪ i don't know how you do what you do ♪ ♪ you're hot ♪ you're getting hotter ♪ i love your singing through the baby monitor ♪ ♪ that mommy driving me crazy ♪ looking hot in that rocking chair rock the baby ♪ ♪ steady, you know it ♪ true, yeah ♪ the mom's looking good on you ♪ you ♪ ♪ look now someone's got a skinned up knee ♪
5:55 am
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5:56 am
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we're going to leave you with one for the road. meet brittany, the last surviving rescue dog who helped search for survivors after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. brittany and her owner returned to the site for the very first time this week at the 13th anniversary of the tragedy. she's now 15 years old and works with children in elementary school and a finalist for the american humane association's annual hero dog awards. you can cast your vote at >> top gun. maverick might be headed back to the big screen. negotiations underway for a top gun cell starring tom cruise. >> a players will be sporting those uniforms featuring a design honoring the 200
6:00 am
anniversary of the star spangled banner. thank you, francis scott key. the word triumph will be displayed on the back instead of the name. meet the two marines and learn more about them who sang for you moments ago in the after the show show. isis exploding in strength and size, according to the cia. they say the terror group has grown in size three times in just the past month. eric: look at the numbers released by the cia. the terror group has tripled in size, boasting 2,000 foreign fighters with western passports. this comes as the president implement his


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