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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 16, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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terrorists. >> the house debates arming syrian rebels today. >> this measure debated on the house floor would give the white house the okay to arm syrian rebels as long as the white house reports back to capitol hill about how it is going. the money would come from funds set aside already for other operations or from other countries willing to pony up some dough and some on the hill are already saying the help for the rebels needs to be quick and needs to be substantial. >> they have suffered hundreds of casualties at the hands of both. i know that they are not giving up their fight. i know that we can make them strong and resilient. but arming and equipping 5,000 a year in the face of a 30,000 man army>> the president is going to sit down with retired marine
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general john allen in charge of the efforts to build a coalition that takes out isis. something the white house is hoping will have bipartisan support. >> we have seen public statements from democrats and republicans in senior positions in the house and senate i wanted indicating they support giving the administration necessary authority to ramp up assistance to the syrian opposition by training. >> the white house has a warning for syrian president alas sad if she fires on planes in the area that fight isis his own forces will be targeted. >> peter doocy live for us in washington. a potential game changer in the benghazi investigation one day of the first hearing of the benghazi selection committee a bombshell report involving hillary clinton. doug mcelway explains. >> in a stunning allocation investigative reporter cheryl
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adkins watch documents in advance of independent investigation. >> this involves former clinton diplomat assistant secretary high official in the diplomatic world ray maxwell who came forward in an interview with me and said there's a suspicious operation from the basement of the state department trying to turn over documents to the count ability review board. >> rice told maxwell we are going to go through these stats and pull out anything that might put anything in the eastern affairs office or floor in a bad light. >> isn't that unethical she responded? ray those are our orders. mac well did not give names but she did in chasins. >> none other in the room were chief of staff harold mills and
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deputy chief of staff. >> any results from the cop trar reyou mentioned are completely without merit completely ill foirnled. reports show a complete lack of understanding of how it functions. >> they believe the arb was not independent he points to a hearing in which he coordinated with steve of staff mills for programs with charlene lamb from testifying before congress because she was a weak witness. >> your job is not to find out what kind of representative the state department sends in front of a congressional committee. why did you care? >> the only reason i called was to give her a heads up that i thought the department could be better represented. >> ray p monday maxwell has a 121 year record at the state department but says he lost faith in secretary clinton after he was put on paid leave for a year after the benghazi attack.
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>> today president obama will outline a major new offensive against ebola during a visit to the cdc in atlanta. he will be sending 3,000 u.s. military personnel to supply medical and logical support. they have requested congress to divert $500 million in funds to help fight the deadly disease. >> i am lost, come find me. the chilling last words for a missing student hannah graham. that text message sent 1:20 saturday morning before the 18-year-old vanished. these surveillance videos were taken hours before she went missing. you can see her walking down the plaza where she lives in charlottesville. that was around 9:30. police believe she headed to a party with friends and say she was drunk when she dispiered. they plan to focus their search on a railroad that is close to the campus. >> the manhunt for the gunman
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who ambushed two state police troopers. the weapon used in the attack was a common hunting rifle. the shooter may have a grudge against law enforcement or the government and could be an avid hunter or have firearms training. they deliver this had message to the shooter. >> you a coward. you committed this spineless act and attacked defensive troopers, shot them, they had no opportunity to defend themselves. >> corporal byron dixon was killed and alix douglas was wounded during a shift change. dixon was a marine corps veteran a funeral will be held on thursday. minnesota vikings running back adrien peterson facing brand new accusations of child abuse this morning. the claims emerging just after the nfl star was cleared to play
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in this sunday's game. we have the latestal dwags. >> good morning to you. the new accusation against adrian peterson comes from another woman who is the mother of another 4-year-old son of peterson. the mother claims the child's head was bruised after peterson disciplined him. peterson's attorney says the allegations aren't true. as for being arrested for striking and bruising his own son he said this. >> no one can feel the hurt i feel for my son after the harm i caused him. i love my son very much and i will continue to become a better father and person. despite the abuse charges against him they reinstated peterson. >> they looked at the information we have now and what we know about adrien not only as a person but what he has done for this community we believe he deserves to play while the legal process plays out. >> the adrian i know is a guy
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that does stuff for charity giving to children, bringing kids up here from texas it gives them a dream, something to shoot for. >> the radisson hotel chain is not in favor of the move. it is suspending the sponsorship for the team stating it is committed to the protection of children. >> in the wake of the scandal they are taking action against three domestic violence exports. they are female. they are going to help shape policies on domestic violence and sexual assault as well as social responsible. heather? >> thank you, kelly. let's keep talking about adrian peterson. how far is too far when it comes to corporal punishment. log on to the show for a live debate #keep talking. >> people in the southwest bracing for tropical
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odile. >> it has 125 mile per hour woun winds and gigantic waves. 30,000 stranded tourists forced into temporary shelters luxury results and neighborhoods looks like a hurricane zone. >> it took out a portion of a resort wall. >> heather and ainsley, hello everyone. odile is a tropical storm and a strong one maximum sustained winds 65 miles per hour. stronger than that. the system is across central portions of the paw hobaha. you are looking at 6-12 inches of rainfall and along the higher elevations up to 18 inches of rain from the national hurricane center national weather service issued statements like life threatening flash flooding possible mud slides also possible. over the next few days the storm will continue to move northward.
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we could be looking at direct impacts from the storm to parts of arizona. flash flooding is going to be a huge concern. last week we set an all time record for the city of phoenix in terms of rainfall picked up. we could see more heavy rain as we head into wednesday and thursday. that rain has already started well ahead of the storm system across portions of new mexico and also into arizona. besides the southwestern united states across the northeast we have a frontal boundary moving eastward from areas of heavy rain across up state new york and pennsylvania. that rain will keep moving ose wa eastward. temperature wise chilly out there only in the 40's in rapid city and minneapolis and in chicago. high temperatures staying well below average out here only into the 60's. heather and ainsley let's head over to you. >> okay we will check back with you. >> facing death over her
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christian faith meriam ibrahim relied on the very faith while in prison. the sudanese christian was jailed and sentenced to hang for not reannouncing her faith in christianity. her trust in god kept her going. >> the situation was difficult but i was sure god would stand by my side. i relied only on my faith and i knew god would stand by me. faith means life, if you don't have faith, you are not alive. >> ibrahim says she plans to help other women and children in the sudan. two soldiers receiving the nation's highest military honor nearly half a century after they fought in vietnam. army command sergeant major benny adkins was deployed three times with the special forces. in 1966 he ran wounded in enemy fire to drag injured soldiers to safety. army specialist donald float was
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killed in action shielding his fellow soldiers from an exploding grenade. his brother accepting the honor on his behalf. >> apple found out quickly many of you don't like the band u2 when the group's album popped up now they are giving you a way to delete it. >> i popped up there didn't know i was on camera. >> how to get rid of that album? >> hi, heather and ainsley. turns out we don't like youtube's new stuff. if you have seen their new album "songs of innocence" and you don't want it even though you didn't pay for it apple gave it away for free apple has a new way and easy way to delete it. log on to -- remove. it takes one click and those who choose to remove the album have until october 13th to download it again without having to pay for it.
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it came it out for free after they announced the new iphone 6. here's a tip for marriott hotels leave a tip. the hotel will be placing gratuity envelopes in the room. research shows around 30 percent of hotel guests currently leave nothing for housekeepers. >> it is build your own burger experiment is being tested in four restaurants right now. they choose more than 20 burger toppings. mickey d's has the worst sales slump in a decade. they are flocking to the competitors, chipotle, et cetera. it is a bad idea for mcdonalds because the build your own burger concept rolling that out nationwide might slow down mcdonald's chicken. we have the fed's two-day meeting that kicks off today. a little bit of wait and see ahead of any decision on interest rates. back to you ladies. >> it is 12 minutes after the
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top of the hour. the parents of murdered american journalist james foley reveal what they think about the president going golfing after addressing the nation about their executed son. >> high school kids given breath tests before the friday night football game. good idea or going too far? we report rngs y, you decide. >> unbelievable moment before a tually walks away. the ocean the shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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>> we feel americans should be important, american citizens trying to do their work abroad, and we think our country can do better. >> foley's dad talked about the moment the president called him and offered his condolences and what he told the president in return. >> i told the president (indiscernible). >> coming on the heels of a third beheading. a british aid worker isis now threatening to murder a fourth hostage. >> another heartbreaking case of middle school bullying has led a 14-year-old florida boy to commit suicide. his mother said she saw the
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warnings and told the schools. phil keating has more. >> according to the heartbroken mother of lamar hawkins in the end ultimately the bullies won and their son is now dead of suicide. health complications at a very early age stunted the growth of little lamar hawkins. he was so small that he was insuccess sently bullied by years by mean spirited classmates in new york and then in florida. his body was found in a bathroom stall at green lake middle school north of orlando. he had himself in the head. the devastated hawkins family is speaking for the first time. >> they pushed him down stairs, knocked him out of his chair in the cafeteria, mocked him due to his size and repeatedly attacked him in an intent to emotionally harm him. >> also on hand rebecca sedwick
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who jumped from a silo one year ago in another bullying case. suicide is the third leading cause of death among 10-14-year-olds. >> the question it becomes, how many children have to die before these bullies are held accountable for their actions. >> the sheriff's office investigation is ongoing. the how kin's -- hawkins parents say she went to the school pleading for something to be done. they say in the end nothing was or at least not enough and now their son is dead. as for the school district they have an aggressive anti bullying policy, but beyond that they are for now withholding comments. >> it's a real problem. phil keating reporting for us. edward snow ten could be heading to switzerland. there's a catch. the nsa leaker could be granted safe passage if he helps a
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criminal inquiry of u.s. spying on the swiss. no official has been made, it is purely hypothetical. >> an atlantic woman suffering from leukemia says the government is keeping her from a life saving donor. she is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant and her sister is a match. the united states denied her a visa because she doesn't have any ties to mexico compelling her to go back after surgery. the family is hiring an attorney. >> a man suddenly finds himself alone adrift at sea. how he managed to stay afloat for more than 30 hours. feeling sluggish because you tossed and turned all night? perfect bedtime snack that will help you sleep soundly tonight.
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>> a combination of high winds fuel ago trio of destructive wildfires in northern california. 1,500 residents are now evacuated. 100 structures destroyed by the fire. twol major highways closed about 350 acres had been scorched. the fires are only 50 percent contained. now to extreme weather and an amazing story of survival for you. >> a fisherman bobbing for more than 30 hours in the open sea
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with only a life vest. >> watch as the u.s. coast guard diver is released into mexico to go and save that fisherman. >> 37-year-old joey traveno was fishing when theiring both sank and he drifted miles from them. he was spotted boo i an oil tanker crew who called the coast guard. >> it is time to brew on this. a high school in pennsylvania charging controversial price of admission. young football fans a brea breathalyzer test. >> students who showed up without adult supervision to friday night's game were forced to take a breath test. administrators say they are working to combat under aged drinking and are within their rights. parents are split on the idea. >> yi think if it's good for th goose it is good for the gander. if drinking is driving is not good for kids ifs also not good
2:26 am
for any other grown-ups. >> the school is doing everything they can to keep the kids safe and while they are on school property. >> breath treests before friday into the football? is that fine or ore the line? >> send an e-mail to fox first at >> my thought is if you are not doing anything wrong why do you wear? >> it is illegal to drink under age. >> the president and haze war plans former nufrment ambassador john bolton on the differences between bush and obama and where we are headed now. >> from selfish seat recliners to smelly travelers, the results are in. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ]
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>> it is tuesday september 16th, 2014. a fox news alert. army syrian rebels take center stage on the hill today as the u.s. sends a warning to syrian president bish char bashar assa. have you seen this. flood stains and bullet holes? the company now doing damage control. >> are you having a banana for breakfast? you might want to think twice. why it could put you to sleep whe before you even leave the house. >> but they are so good. >> they are better on top. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with this fox news alert. army syrian rebels in the fight against isis take center stage
2:31 am
today as the house begins debate. >> this as military is launching a debate. good morning, doug. >> good morning. this is congress considering one aspect of the president's plan to take on isis. eventually this will bring an up or down vote to train or equip syrian opposition force. >> they begin to help this program as soon as possible particularly now that we have a willing commitment from regional government. >> syrian opposition forces does carry risks. some are extremists. john allen has been tasked with managing the coalition to take on isis. it is unclear what the coalition partners are willing to contribu contribute. the president himself ruled out sending in u.s. combat forces.
2:32 am
that decision will lead to opposition this week in congress. >> you should never ever tell the enemy what you are not going to do. you shouldn't even tell them what you are going to do. we should put isis in a position we are fearful we are going to use every possible weapon and troop at our disposal. >> we have seen a new round of u.s. air strikes against isis targets. this is pretty close to baghdad south wegs of the city. moving that air campaign into syria which the president is expected to do does carry additional risks. assyrian president bish charrba al-assad already warned not to interfere there. >> former u.n. ambassador john bolton with a warning about isis and a look at the contrast between president obama and george w. bush.
2:33 am
>> they are able to control the host which is the size of great britain. it was month ago it was mosul. we act it will take three years that's the president's plan to roll it back. people would have been outraged and that's what we need to he will be sending soming 3,000 military personnel to provide medical and logistical support. they will convert 500 million funds to help fight the deadly disease. >> i am lost come find me. the chilling last words from missing university student hannah graham. she sent it 1:20 saturday morning before the 18-year-old stran nished. this surveillance video of
2:34 am
graham was released hours before she went missing. you can see her walking down the hallway at the camden plaza apartment complex where she lives in charlottesville. that was friday night. she then headed to a party with friends and she was drunk when she disappeared. they are searching a railroad that is close to campus. >> adrian peter southern already charged with a felony for hitting his 4-year-old son now facing new child abuse allegations. this as the minnesota vikings welcome him back to the playing field. kelly wright is here now. >> another woman the mother of peterson's other 4-year-old son claims the star running back disciplined their child, too. she claims it happened at peterson's home in texas. a text message allegedly showing exchange between the mother and peterson about the incident. here's what it reads what happened to his head she asked? peterson replying hit his head on the car seat. how does that happen?
2:35 am
he got a whooping in the car. he said yes. i felt so bad but he did it his self. >> peterson's attorney says this allegation is false. peterson did nothing wrong with his son. as far as striking and bruising his other child he states this i am not a perfect parent but i am without a doubt not a child abuser. i am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury. amid all of the scandal and abuse charges he is back with his team after being reinstated. i think the message with the vikings are doing is saying this is an issue for the commissioner. that's criticism with the athletes ore the years is seeing hey let's wait until the legal adjudicati adjudication. the commissioner who has a credibility issue himself is going to be very swift. i think it's going to be some
2:36 am
what punitive to aidian peterson whether we like it or not. >> at the radisson hotel pulled support of the team. the nfl appointed four women who will help shape policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and social responsibility. ainsley. >> thank you, kelly. looets keep talking about adrian peterson. how far is too far with corporal punishment. head to our facebook page at #keep talking. >> battered to death on the beach three tourists found dead and naked at one of thailand's most popular diving destinations. the weapon used to kill them was a garden hoe. right now there are no suspects but authorities are checking camera footage to see if they can find the attacker. oscar pistorius free to compete for south africa again. the country's olympic committee has no regulations forbidding
2:37 am
someone with a criminal record participating as long as competing doesn't go against the judge's ruling he can run. a judge will sentence him next month. he was convicted of culpable homicide last month in the killing of his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> millions of people in the southwest now bracing for tropical storm odile. the massive storm hit cabo san lucas as a category 3 hurricane with 125 mile per hour winds and gigantic waves. 30,000 stranded tourists forced into temporary shelters after the hurricane flipped cars took out this chunk of a resort wall. >> maria molina is tracking that for us. >> we are tracking tropical storm odile with 60 mile an hour tropical storm. it has weakened some since land fall late last night the mignig
2:38 am
before. now it is moving north, northwest at 10 miles an hour. they have high elevations that has to move over. that's why we are seeing the weakening trend with this storm. taking the center towards arizona. this is big concern in terms of flash flooding. we already have flash flood watches in effect in phoenix. all time record effect in the city of phoenix and rainfall. possibly more than 4 inches of rain southeast of phoenix. across the northeast we have movement eastward and areas of rain with the storm. i don't think it will be enough to cause significant travel delays across parts of the east.
2:39 am
the travel could be an issue. temperature wise feeling like fall out there across parts of the northeast and further west into the plains with highs widespread into the 60's from cleveland to minneapolis. heather and ainsley back to you. >> the fbi using next generation facial recognition software that can pick you out of a crowd using surveillance video. it will eventually replace the finger print id system. the software is available at 18,000 bureaus across the country. by next year it will trace 50 million people. the system has a low success rate. >> there are 46.5 million recipients. that is enough to fill new york yankee stadium 925 times. from may to june of this year the number of household using
2:40 am
food stamps jumped by 124,000. the recession and increased food prices being blamed for that increase. >> the philadelphia eagles soaring on monday night. philly taking on the colts in indianapolis with just under 3 and a half minutes left eagles nick foal stepped up to tie it up at 27 points each. dod once more as they win 30-27. it is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. have you seen this? a kent state wet shirt with bloodstains and bullet holes. the apology from a major rekaler. >> the unbelievable moment a plane crashes into the ocean. how the pilot manages to walk away.
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>> parents in texas fighting to keep religious plaques on their elementary school. they were installed nearly 20-years ago. but now the refreedom for religion foundation is demanding they be taken down claiming they are unconstitutional. parents are making their voices heard at council meetings. >> withdraw the line and i think our communities say this is where we draw the line. >> we appreciate that. >> the school district originally covered up one of the flacks with duct tape and then removed it and is now seeking legal advice. >> distasteful, offensive and disgusting. that's how many are describing had sweatshirt. urban outfitters is under fire for selling the vintage shirt with flood stains on it. four students were killed on the
2:45 am
university campus during a vietnam protest. urban outfitters said it apologized saying if never intended to elude to that shooting. they are calling it the last view lane. one michigan funeral home are offering a drive through viewing. paradise funeral chapel in saginaw, michigan, now has a window where cars can pull up to pay their final respects to their loved one. a funeral director says he came up with the idea after a woman was unable to attend her husband's funeral because she could not get into the chapel. ainsley? >> we have seen a rash of flight diversions over leg room. that's not the only complaint for travelers now. adam shapiro is here to break it down for us. hey, adam i can't wait to hear this. >> keep in mind i am going to add what you hate the most after this. what do you hate most while on an airplane? rude passengers or people who reklein their seats?
2:46 am
airline conducted a survey of more than 1500 passengers. here are the results. >> frequent flyers all like people who talk too much. that passenger came in as the 5th most hated. those who take up too much space you know they put more than one bag over head and push your arm off off the arm west which is too small. that passenger comes in at number 4 most hated. the third most hated passenger or passengers who let their kids run riot and they kick your seat. the 5th most hated, the smelly passenger or the passenger whose personal hygiene is similar to some of the people who side the six train in new york city after a night of debauchery. the number one most hated passenger the passenger who rekleins their -- rekleins their seat. which are on that list, who do
2:47 am
you hate most? >> i don't mind the recliners. >> i don't mind the recliners especially when i pay for the extra space. >> she said she sat next to a guy with his shoes off. >> people do it all of the time. what are you doing? >> although in general i enjoy flying. thank you adam. time for your 5@5:00. the foods that make you tired first bananas. they relax europe muscles so they are great before bed but they could drain your energy if you eat them during the day. white bread the carbs breakdown quickly. they don't give you a steady stream of energy like full grains to. cherries may be the best bedtime snack they are high in mel ph e phone -- melatonin. red meat could leave you feeling drowsy. coffee to give you a big boost
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and then crash. it is best to drink it in small doses. >> it is 47 after the top of the hour. we promised you have never heard anything like this before. this student suspended for selling something from his locker. no, not drugs. >> and he is one of the richest athletes on the planet. so why does floyd mayweather leave a waitress high and dry? steve doocy has what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends." a former state department official says benghazi documents were scrubbed behind closed doors to help hillary clinton. la laura ingram is here to react plus cheryl atkins who did the investigative reporting will be here live. adrien peterson has new abuse claims involving another one of his children. we have the fallout. cheryl casone is here with the
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>> the singer's court deposition for saying it was a rip off from marvin gaye's got to give it up. shows he not only wrote the song but he wasn't sober during its creation. saying quote i was high on vicodin and alcohol when i showed up at the studio then admitting the reality is ferrell wrote almost every single part of the song. the drugs and alcohol are what led to thicke's wife leaving him. >> he became the greatest party crasher of his generation. >> the star caught on camera at a birthday party in south carolina. partygoers say that he was a friend of the caterer's. murray's birthday is coming up on friday so they het him
2:54 am
blowout the candles on the cake. >> i sat next to him on a plane once he was very gracious and funny. >> i have heard nothing but nice things about him. >> it is 7 minutes to the top of the hour. don't change the channel. you want to stick around for this. where you can stop for precoffee p on the way to work today. >> high school kids giving breath tests before friday into the football games? idea good idea? your e-mails next. :
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three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. president obama outlining a major new offensive against ebola as the c.d.c. in atlanta which includes sending 3,000 u.s. military personnel to west africa. adrian peterson accused of abusing his other four-year-old son, the child being left with a scar above his right eye. let's keep talking about this. how far is too far when it comes to corporal punishment? head to our facebook page to join the conversation. starting today you can grab a free small cup from mcdonald's during breakfast hours. runs through september 29. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. a missouri police handing out football tickets. he wanted to give back to the community. he gave out 100 st. louis rams tickets to residents in low-income housing. the bad. suspended for selling soda. a high schooler in kansas
2:59 am
accused of selling it to his students. >> floyd mayweather stifg a waitress following a $32 million winning foot. he treated 22 people to booze and wings, the waitress being left with nothing but chicken bones. >> now it's time for your brew on this responses. earlier we told you about a high school in pennsylvania giving breathalyzer tests to football fans. we asked if this is fine or over the line. larry asked i wonder why it's a problem if you've got nothing to hide. barbara says we're teaching them it's okay to give up their rights. and susan tweets obviously underage drinking is a problem that can have dire circumstances. so, yes, test. we appreciate you joining us today. don't forget, head to our
3:00 am
facebook page #keeptalking. see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. ainsley is down there. bye. good morning. it is tuesday, september 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. overnight the u.s. carried out another round of airstrikes against isis just outside of baghdad, this on the heels of a serious warning to syrian president bashar al-assad. do not shoot down our planes or we will attack. we are live from washington. >> it's a shocking allegation. the department of state accused it is secretly destroying benghazi documents to protect hillary clinton, who was then secretary of state. the latest coverup the administration does not want you to hear about; we're going to tell you about. >> a tasteless take to a whole new level.


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