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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 18, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> alberto wrote on facebook most americans believe in god. i can't believe how a small atheist minority can have more say than the rest of us believers. thanks to everyone who responded. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. it is thursday, september 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand-new surveillance video of a missing college student shows that she was followed. but who is this mystery man and are the cops buying his story? the breaking details and search for hag hag. >> here -- for hannah graham. >> here's why the president is so sure there will be no boots on the ground. because he just changed the name to forward deployment. more semantics from a divided white house straight ahead. >> the nfl scandals keep on growing. you're not going to believe this. this morning two more stars get benched and the nfl admitting more mistakes on their part and then on the
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league's part. no mistake here. mornings are better with friends. >> time for "fox &]3dí friends." >> welcome aboard, folks. thanks very much for joining us on this thursday morning. good morning, aberdeen. actually afternoon this. make sure you vote. the big vote over in scotland. we've got stiewfort -- stewart varney to explain the ramifications. >> what it means for us, the nuclear subs and what it means for scotch. >> in the meantime serious business to tell you about, breaking developments in the search for a missing university of virginia student. new surveillance video shows she was followed. quiem quiem is following this. -- anna kooiman is following this. anna, do we know who the guy in the surveillance video is? >> we don't know what his identity is. but he has come forward and
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spoken to police is what we're hearing and is signaling them to a new mystery man. this is what we learned. police are looking for that mystery man who was actually putting his arm around hannah graham in the moments before she disappeared according to man you see in the video. this video shows him walking through a mall in downtown charlottesville. he can be seen stepping into a door way as he walks by and follows her. he can be seen walking past a jewelry shop. seconds after that the same man can be seen slowly walking behind her. wednesday noit that man spoke to police saying he was walking with her because she seemed distressed. that's when he says another man approached hannah and put his harm around her. the first man told police she seemed to know the mystery man. he is only described as a black male. police are now looking for that second man. earlier today police released it would more surveillance videos of
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graham. one shows her walking past a bar apparently drunk. minutes later she can be seen running past a gas station and then slowing to a walk. police say they do not think graham was being followed at that point. they believe she walked at least a mile and a half from the party where she was on friday night. she was repor4pñ missing on sunday. today investigators are going door to door hoping to find more video that shows where she and the unidentified man went next. graham is the fourth young woman to go missing in the area in the past five years. a vigil will be held at hannah's hometown tonight. >> thank you very much, anna kooiman. troubling news. now that there are so many video cameras out there, it seems like we're getting more and more surveillance stuff where we can see things we didn't see before. >> anna's family and friends holding out hope for more information. if you have information, please call. >> the big story here, we were talking about the
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university of virginia student. now big news overseas which,z#y affects us here is what we're doing against isis. yesterday the president of the united states addressed the troops for a myriad of reasons. he wants to keep momentum and get financing for his battle plan to take on isis. number two, he felt he had to clarify what the secretary of defense said the day before about what he's been emphatic about, that this would be no troops on the ground. did he double down on that? did he make sure everyone was clear on that? in some respects. in some respects he also introduced another term. >> yesterday the president with the men behind him, he said -- and women behind him, you're not fighting a ground war in iraq. so the president yesterday said no, no boots on the ground. none of those boots on the ground. dempsey said he might ask the president for boots on the ground. biden said maybe. now the white house has decided maybe we should just mowf the goal post.
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-- move the goal post. rather than call them boots on the ground or combat troops now we'll refer to them as forward deployment. >> the american public says don't undermine our intelligence. we know what that means. why can't you say they are radical islamists, call war war and when you have boots on the ground, boots on the ground. you have the house voting to actually arm syrian rebels here to do what they need to do. obviously everyone understands you need feet on the ground. let's call it something.=d@v else. forward deployment? former secretary of defense robert gates who, by the way, airman himself. former air force, says they're great. they will do what they can do. but it's not going to be enough. why can't the president say that? >> they're not going to be able to be successful against isis strictly from the air. or strictly depending on
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iraqi forces or the peshmerga or sunni tribes acting on their own. so there will be boots on the ground if there is to be hope of success in the strategy. >> general odierno, the u.s. army chief of staff and helped through the surge with petraeus lead the surge said you've got to have ground forces. it's got to be us. what also bothers me is general austin already asked for special forces to be in and direct airstrikes, some of the 176 on the ground already, and was rejected. already it is affecting our performance on the field. >> the advice of the president should be, given the time of peril we're in right now, just be honest with people. right now when they say no troops on the ground, people aren't believing that because we've already got troops on the ground over there. meanwhile, is our commander in chief out of touch with the military? when you listen to former
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navy seal carl higbee, it is clear the men and women who wear the uniforms in challenge and they are up for it. is the president? don't know. >> for the most part, our troops will go over there. they want to fight this fight. they joined the fight a war, to combat the problem, to combat something that is threatening our homeland. these troops will go over there and fight with all their heart. we are the most lethal fighting force history has known. let us fight this battle. >> let's just think about this. they chop off the heads of two americans and more are lined up ready to go, and our response is we promise not to really get engaged. only hit you from above. it is a mixed mebl. -- message. iran says what kind of message is that too that we're scared to put boots on the ground, so they don't want to get involved. mark levin saw the backdrop of the president addressing
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the troops who signed up to fight and said this with sean yesterday. >> i want you to know that your sons and daughters are heroes. they did exactly the right thing. i want to apologize to you for this phony commander in chief who cut and run. and as a result, helped build up this enemy, this isis, isil, smisil, whatever the hell it is, these cockroaches we're having to deal with or should deal with once and for all. you know what? it just amazes me. do we want to win wars anymore? we know how we win them. we remember how we won doesn't call them wars. we call them kinetic military action. there is an op-ed today that says tell the american people the truth. they say -- quote -- "this would make the islamic state less likely to doubt u.s. resolve while forcing liberals in congress to stand with mr. obama from
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the start and leave no openings for critics on the left or the right to claim they were not told the truth." >> i think the president is going to try to direct it itself. tell special forces you can't get involved or telling everyone he's got to sign off on any hit into syria. that is where two-thirds of isis operates. >> all their findings have pointed to that number as well. >> it is about ten minutes after the top of the hour on this very busy news day. heather childers joins us live. you start with a school closing. >> we have other news to talk about. schools are closed. an entire community on lockdown as we learn more about the crazed gunman who shot it would state troopers leaving one of them dead. police in pennsylvania say 31-year-old eric frein was part of a military reenactors group and he's acting out a fantasy pretending to be a soldier. >> in the event you're listening to this broadcast
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on a portable radio while cowering in a cool, damp hiding place, i want you to know one thing. eric, wore coming for you. >> byron k. dickson was killed in the attack. another trooper was critically hurt. the nfl scandal growing. two more stars benched. carolina panthers suspending greg hardy convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. hardy goes on trial in november but until now has never faced punishment with the nfl. then there is jonathan dwyer under arrest accused of beating his wife two separate times. in a few hours a new york man charged with aiding isis will face a judge in court. a naturalized u.s. citizen from yemen was trying to recruit americans to fight for isis and plotting to kill u.s. soldiers returning from the middle east. he faces up to 65 years in prison. his uncle, by the way,
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behind bars now for funneling millions of dollars to a terror network. a three-year-old boy upstaging his military mom as she returns home from afghanistan. [yells and cheers] >> he ignored protocol. he ran right into his mom's arms while she waits to be dismissed. the minnesota toddler no stranger to deployment. both of his parents are in the national guard. i love those videos every single time woaf one. i get chills when i see that. >> he hadn't seen his mom in nine months. what kid wouldn't do that. >> pretty awesome to see. thank you. coming up, he was booted from "meet the press" not even allowed to say goodbye on air. but this morning david gregory is getting the last word. >> terrific. and our resident brit, stuart varney is here, keeping a close eye on what the scotch are doing today. the voting is underway right now.
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>> we've got a fox news alert for you. a live look in scotland where voters there are heading to the polls today to decide whether to split from the united kingdom. that decision, the fate of a nation and perhaps an
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entire part of the world could hinge on 35,000 voters -- on 350,000 voters who /:anv far undecided. if the scots say see you later to the united kingdom, how would american foreign policy change? here is stuart varney, who would like to see them stay. >> i would. if they vote yes for independence separate from the rest of britain, if they do that, america faces real challenge. america will face a broken britain because this is the break-up of great britain. it would face a disunited, unstable europe. there are all kinds of independence movements which will be very much strengthened if the scots vote for independence. and america faces a diminished nato. britain has nukes. those nukes are launched in scotland. if they vote for independence those nukes have to be moved. where to? we don't know. >> you're referring to submarines 20 miles from
3:17 am
glasgow? >> yes. >> in terms of money, who benefits here? >> in the short run i think a vote for independence by scotland could push money over here because an unstable europe, a europe in recession and a broken britain, the heart money gets nervous and comes to the most stable part of the world and that would be the united states. >> this is the 31st country to break away from england since world war ii so what is the big deal? we've seen the imperialistic power shrink. this leaves them wales and northern ireland. they would also hold on to the pound; right? scotland would have to come up with their own currency is i. >> scotland doesn't know what they're going to do about currency. they are undecided. they would like, i think, to stay with the british pound. but they might not let them. they won't have the bank of england to back up scotland. a good question is who gets the oil. that is not entirely
3:18 am
decided. potentially scotland is taking a huge financial battle. they think they can finance a welfare state on the back of petro dollar earnings. that is a shaky decision in my opinion. >> stuart, while you were speaking i was looking at twitter and a fellow by the name of rupert murdoch has tweeted out this. he writes scotland now voting. nobody can be sure of outcome, but yes, organization, people who say yes, likely to make it very close. either way, u.k. changes forever. >> that's interesting. u.k. changes forever, whichever way the vote goes. >> you know why? a lot of centers are built in for them to stay. if they stay, wales and northern ireland are going to say what about giving me incentives to stay or i'm going to leave. >> we don't have exit polls so we don't know which way the vote is going but it is going to be close and there's a lot hanging on this. >> it is a very liberal
3:19 am
country. >> it is very left. it wants to go further left, wants to spend more government money, wants more welfare. very shaky propositions. >> isn't it like being engaged, calling it off and keeping the ring? >> you have a prediction? >> i think the no vote will win by just a very narrow margin. that's what i hope. >> i predict pain. >> we'll see the outcome this afternoon. what the scottish are doing. check out stuart varney's program 11 a.m. eastern time on fox business. coming up, joe biden does it again. >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named lee kwan yu who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the most wisest man in the orient. >> it does go downhill from
3:20 am
there. >> so many of you tweeted yesterday to write about this story, about the american flag confiscated on september 11. we tracked down one of the moms so disgusted by what has happened in the school she is fighting back. and she is here next. (vo) get ready! ♪ fancy feast broths. they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl. real silky smooth or creamy broths. everything she's been waiting for. carefully crafted with real seafood, real veggies, and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths.
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23 minutes past the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. members of the mainstream media admitting they are lazy and biased. david gregory was booted from "meet the press" but this morning he's getting the last word saying this
3:24 am
about journalism in washington. >> things that fight the nar -- narrative get harder to report out because of laziness in the media. david gregory said he is biased about reporting about the white house on networks. he said i'm going to express my views but it would be disingenuous to pretend i wasn't loyal to the president. >> david was man schultz reports of an internal struggle between her and the white house after a series of public flubs including comparing scott walker to wife beaters. steve got a story you all loved. >> thank you very much, elisabeth. zero tolerance policy forces a south carolina -- forces south carolina students to remove american flags from their trucks on 9/11. this outraged our next guest, a local who posted this message on facebook:
3:25 am
this is a call out to every person who lives in woodruff, south carolina. if you have a child who attends woodruff high school send them to school monday morning with an american flag on their car. also citizens of woodruff, show up carrying your own american flag. and she did show up. and hermw. name is lora. welcome. she posted this. good morning to you. told this story yesterday and we were so incensed because on 9/11 the principal went out on four vehicles in the parking lot of a high school. they confiscated the flags because they got a rule where you're not supposed to bring attention to yourself. why did this upset you? >> it upsets me because our american flag is our symbol. it's different than any other flag that's out there. it's above the flags.
3:26 am
if i were to go across the seas and try to sail the american flag above a european flag, whoever, they wouldn't allow that. so we can't equate that with their flags flying here with us. it was taking those children's rights away, and i felt like they needed a voice. and so i made the post, a local station got it, and now you guys have it. and yesterday our superintendent made a formal public apology to the community and to anybody else in the nation that they had offended. he said we dropped the ball. we made a mistake. we are going to revise the handbook and change the policy. the united states flag does not bring attention -- undue attention to one's vehicle or one's self and they should be allowed to fly it. >> were you able to get some parents whose kids go to that school to stand with you and drive with you with the flag? >> there were approximately
3:27 am
12 people, i'm told, that were there on the sidewalk. and honestly, i only knew one lady that was there. that was my next-door neighbor and she does have a student in the school. the other people, i have no clue who they were or if they have children that attend the school now or in the past.r9 the students were coming to school. we were informed that it was spirit week. it's homecoming week in south carolina and we still do spirit week. and they -- the principal and superintendent told us that america -- that monday had already been deemed america day, which that's okay. that's fine. but i think we had a bigger support, a bigger turnout from the student body because of the actions that were taken on 9/11. >> exactly. and that's the important part. the principal went out into the parking lot and took the flags off of the vehicles on september 11.
3:28 am
if there is a day where people -- here in new york city, it was flags aplenty, flags all over the place. >> flags everywhere. >> absolutely. so it makes sense to show up -- they're patriotic kids at that high school, for them to show up with a big flag in the bed of their truck. for the school to do it -- it's great that they have apologized but it seems like they were completely tone-deaf to what goes on in this country on september 11. >> i don't know the principal. my children have been gone for quite awhile, but i'm told that he is a patriotic man and he was trying to follow policy. >> you will think on that day they would make an exception to the policy. it's great that they apologized. >> and that is what the superintendent said. they dropped the ball, and they're sorry that they did so. it will never happen again were his words. i'm very pleased. >> you and many of the
3:29 am
people watching now. lora slocum, thank you very much. thanks for stangdz up -- standing up for the flag in south carolina. good to know they apologized, realized they made a mistake. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a new jersey boy allegedly murdered by a jihadist here in the united states. this morning that teenager's parents are speaking out for the first time. >> as a father and, you know, what she was going through, i just -- i wasn't there, so. >> man, more from their exclusive interview with fox coming up next. plus they were deported but now we could be paying for hundreds of thousands of illegals to come back. great. you're going to want to hear that story. first happy birthday to frankie avalon. the singer, 74. ♪ ♪
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altima, with 270 horsepower and active understeer control. how did you?...what! i don't even, i'm speechless. innovation that excites. the president and members of congress are having a picnic. if there were ever time for a picnic, it is right now. >> virus attack. >> mysterious illness. >> mystic taco. >> that looked delicious. we're having some birthday cake today. air force. >> you're right about that. coming up. >> one hour from now. >> there's a lot of things going on now. heather childers joins us. >> woaf a fox news -- we
3:34 am
have a fox news exclusive. for the first time we're hearing from the parents of brandon tevlon murdered by a suspected jihadist. a man reportedly told miss he murdered the 19-year-old as pay back for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. >> i grabbed him and said, no, no, not brandon. and he said yes, it's brandon. he was murdered. >> i thought it was a bad dream. what do you mean brandon's you know, what she was going through, i just -- i wasn't there. >> brandon was a member of the national honor society, a unanimous consent -- a minister and just finished his first yore at the university of richmond. >> thousands of deported illegal immigrants could be
3:35 am
getting a free ticket back into america. the aclu came to a settlement over allegations that border patrol agents used intimidation tactics against illegal immigrants. those deported from 2009 to august of this year could be allowed to return. >> i think this is egregious. you know what? maybe i was abused, maybe i was forced to sign pieces of paper. advertise the settlement in mexico. all at the taxpayers' expense. vice president joe biden does it again. >> on the way back from mumbai to meet with president xi in china, i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named lee kuan yew who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the orient. >> that gaffe coming right after the vice president had another foot in the mouth moment.
3:36 am
>> people would come to him and talk about what was happening at home in terms of foreclosures, in terms of bad loans that were being -- i mean these shylocks who took advantage of these women and men while overseas. >> shyhock refers to the jewish money lender in shakespeare. biden said it was a poor choice of words. >> you think? >> her music has defined a generation. ♪ you make me feel ♪ like a natural ♪ natural woman >> we're talking about the legendary singer and song writer carol king. now there is a tony award winning broadway hit about her life. michael tammero joins us, and they have had a landmark regarding this.
3:37 am
>> hollywood has been struggling as of late but booming. they target baby boomers and that is where the money is. motown, the carol king musical monday. monday they passed the production cost. i had a chance to go behind stage and see what makes this musical so great. ♪ ♪ >> guys, we're back stage in the dressing room of broadway star and tony winner star of "beautiful." the tony, how does it feel? >> it feels pretty good. not going to lie. >> where do you keep it at home? >> on the shelf in my living room. >> so everyone can see it when they come in >> it is not the focal point of the room. you catch it if you really
3:38 am
look for you. >> what is it like playing carol king? >> hard to describe it. she means so much to so many people. she is a legend. you don't want to screw that up. >> when you met carol king for the first time, what was her reaction like? >> i got emotional and started to cry a little bit. she was amazing, let me give her a hug and she looked me in the eye. i think we both had a wild moment. >> we have a show to do tonight. have a good time. >> thank you. >> i told mike i'd take him on a tour. first off is the wig room. >> the show starts from like 1953 all the way through 1971? >> yes. the hair styles change. the bell bottoms get wider, there's costumes and wigs in the way they tell that story. let's go to the orchestra pit. here we are in the orchestra pit. you want to hear something
3:39 am
special? maestro, can we hear some carol king? ♪ ♪ >> perfect. warm up right now. all right, great. thanks, man. >> thank you. >> this is broadway's inspector. mike's here to hang out. hello. i know it's ♪ ♪ gonna be all right ♪ >> so many legends. what's the experience like? >> amazing. people have a real attachment to carol. >> i heard the announcement. 30 minutes, good luck. break a leg. >> guys, this is one of those shows you sit there song after song. you're like she wrote that song? it is fantastic. catch it right now on
3:40 am
broadway. >> would we beki9f÷ embarrassed if we were there singing along? >> a lot of people are singing along. >> i can see why everyone wants to be right there. >> catch it on and follow me on twitter. i think you guys do. >> thank you, michael. coming up, do you want to buy a gun? you're going to have to tell them your race. why do they want that? we're asking the same. judge napolitano is on the case next. >> the nfl scandals keep growing. two more stars benched yesterday and the nfl admitting to more mistakes. is this just the beginning? brian bringing in hall of famer jerry rice. hello, jerry. ♪ ♪
3:41 am
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>> if your alarm clock just went off, you need headlines, we've got them from around the globe. >> iranian president taking a jab at president obama while vowing to give iraq support in fighting isis, he used the president's own words against his red line. the president, our president, against syria. >> when he says the red line, it means the red line which means woal -- we will not allow [inaudible] >> a british woman thrown in prison for two months after trying to watch a volleyball game in iran. the 25-year-old was arrested for trying to watch the iranian national team play. only men are allowed to watch apparently in that country. >> brand-new this morning, two more nfl players
3:45 am
benched. overnight cardinals running back jonathan dwyer arrested on aggravated asalt charges involving his wife. carolina panthers suspending greg hardy convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. they won't wait for fleel. is this just the beginning? let's ask hall of famer and maybe one of the greatest players ever to play the game jerry rice. welcome back. first things first, everyone is talking about this. your reaction to the domestic abuse charges on this five-year player jonathan dwyer. >> i have a nontolerance towards domestic violence and also child abuse. i think these guys got to realize they're role models and they can't be doing things like what they're doing today. >> the whole thing is due process. while the courts are finding out who is guilty and who is not, who is only accused and who is not,
3:46 am
should the league be suspending these players? should greg hardy after being convicted be told i don't care about your appeal, you're done. >> i think the right thing now is take them off the field because it's not about football until the situation is resolved. once it's resolved, then they can move on. >> do you think the league dropped the ball on this by not having hard core reactions to this and not doing it on a case by case basis? >> i think the league, with roger goodell -- and he's been known to be that type of person to really put the hammer down. and i feel like they, they have dropped it a little bit. and it's very important to let people know that we're just not going to tolerate that. and the players, they need to recognize that, hey, look, if i do something like that, i'm going to get suspended or i could be banned from the league. >> real quick, adrian peterson suspended with pay. $900,000 a week. for child abuse. a lot of people say that's
3:47 am
the way i was brought up. charles barkley, that's the way i was brought up. you were brought up in the south. >> i was brought up in the south and i got whippings. that's what they did back in the day. but i think my parents molded me into the guy that i am today. there is a disconnect because being disciplinednúy and being abused, because i feel if you leave physical marks now, that's abuse. >> with your kids, you don't. >> no, but my kids know, i can look at them a certain way, if i tap them on their leg they know they better straighten up. >> great. let's talk about the league's new drug policy that allows some players on the field right away and others have to have blood testing for the first time. what do you think the ramifications are going to be? see a lot less 300 pounders? >> i hope so. i feel some of the players have an extra edge. that was something i never
3:48 am
did. i just did it the right way, with the sweat and the tears and going out, being the best football player i could possibly be. >> do you think there is an h.g.h. problem in the league? >> if anything, like you said, the testing is going to be able to eliminate those guys from getting so big and so huge and so fast. >> right. that could also play a role in the injuries. guys being that fast, that big, that strong, going at that velocity hitting other guys, that leads to head injury. anything knows anything about you, whether a football fan or not knows you're about excellence, about conditioning and if anything overtraining and you still look in great shape today. how does that play into your message? >> i have partnered with lysol. i'm the first healthy habits coach. i can teach kids the importance of healthy habits and set them up in school where they can be successful. through out my career i
3:49 am
practice nutrition, eating fruit, veggies, all that. stopping the sugary drinks. that helped mean play 20 years over 300 games and 189 games consecutive. just eating right. we need kids to get out and be more active. september 22 is healthy habits week. you can go to healthy habits for all of the information. >> today you're going to be in queens? >> yes. i'm going out and talk to the kids and let them know it's very important that they take care of themselves. washing their hands when they go to the bathroom and do all those things because the less sick days they have, they're in class and continuing to learn. >> jerry rice, great player, great role model and a very good dancer. >> thank you for that one. >> you could dance us out but unfortunately we're up against a break. >> that's that rhythm,
3:50 am
baby. that's that rhythm right there. >> thanks a lot, jerry. appreciate it. i like the pocket square too. straight ahead, we have three big stories getting big traction. a state trooper booted from a waffle house because he was armed. a mother in trouble for letting her son play outside. that used to be normal. a kid who says he was bullied for not saying the pledge. i thought that was mandatory. what got you the most fired up? weigh in. want to buy a gun? you'll have them your race and why you want it. judge napolitano is here. he's outraged. he was going to sleep in today, but he heard about this story, he was scrambled to the studio. ♪ ♪ hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios
3:51 am
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3:54 am
big question now, is the obama administration violating the rights of gun owners across america? that's what gun advocates claim inform the government of their race and ethnicity. is this government sanctions racial profiling and does it ultimately put people's privacy at risk? we're going to ask judge andrew napolitano that very question this morning. good morning. >> good morning. to start with the big picture, the right to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to defend yourself. that's not me. that's what the supreme court said twice in two different opinions in the past ten years. i forcefully and proceed foundly agree with that, basic constitutional law. so why do you need to fill out a form, the government's form, in order to protect yourself? the government's decided it wants to know who has guns. none of the government's business who has guns. it's none of the government's business the race or ethickity
3:55 am
of the people who want to buy guns, and certainly none of the government's business to ask you why you want the gun. you want the gun? it's none of the government's business. we don't need the government's business to express our first amendment freedom, why do we need their permission to express our second amendment rights? >> so there is a privacy issue. but what if you don't answer the question? isn't that denying you the right >> theoretically the seller of the weapon has become the agent of the government by saying, look, i can't sell you this gun. i want to sell you the gun. i want to make the profit from the sale and i want you to be able to have the product you want to buy. but the government is telling me i can't sell it until you fill out the form. whether they overlook the fact that you refuse to tell the government your race, ethnicity and sell you the gun, then they're going to get in trouble. this is called forced speech. first amendment says congress
3:56 am
can't inc. fringe speech. the courts have interpreted that to mean congress can't lot compel you to speak. so the government can't say, hey, what's your race? what's your ethnicity and why do you want that gun? the government doesn't have the lawful, moral authority to do that. but yet that's what it's trying to do with these forms. >> there is a blurred line there. >> it is. because the states regulate guns, but the feds are telling them how it do it. >> sounds like a big violation to most. gun advocates thinking the same. thank you. >> pleasure. >> coming up, a pop quiz. can you tell which one of these can you tell which one of these brownies is laced with5aa
3:57 am
3:58 am
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good morning. today is thursday, september 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. brand-new surveillance video of a missing college student showing that she was followed. details on the man seen here on this tape and whether cops are buying his story ahead. wow. new this morning, more scandals unfolding in the nfl. two more players pulled off the field for alleged abuse. one of them under arrest. and three stories gaining serious traction right now at fox a state trooper booted from waffle house because he was carrying his gun. a mother in trouble for letting her son play outside the house across the street when she was watching him through the window. a kid who says he was bullied because he would not stand up and say the pledge of allegiance. we want to know which story has you the most fired up. that's right. it's another episode of you choose the news on this "fox & friends" live from new york
4:01 am
city. >> this is jerry rice, 13-time pro bowler, three-time super bowl champ. don't drop the ball on "fox & friends." >> that's the pressure on you at home. whatever you have, don't drop it. >> you heard him. >> we have a fox news alert. a live look right now in scotland. why? polls are open for the scottish independence vote. amy kellogg live in scotland for all the drama. it's a big day. what's the mood there? where do you think the public is leaning? >> reporter: brian, it's on a knife's edge. there is a trickle of people coming from the polling station behind me. but they are expecting here in scotland that this will be the biggest electoral vote in their history because they are voting on the future of scotland. it could be an independent country. they're expecting a turnout of 80 to 90%. no figures on that yet. eligibls
4:02 am
about 4.2 or 3 million have registered. they've opened up the voting to people as young as 16 years of age, which has been somewhat controversial. but a lot of these young people seem to have a very good grasp of the issues. >> i just think we need the support from england that we get. we'll be so vulnerable to attacks. we've got no defense without england. i just think they do so much for us economically as well. >> reporter: those are two of the issues, defense and economy. britain's nuclear deterrent is based in scotland and they said if scotland becomes independent, the subs will be kicked out. also the economy, of course. we don't know where that will go if scotland becomes independent. they won't be able to keep the
4:03 am
pound, they don't have a plan b. nay sayers say they will flourish if they're independent. >> all right. amy kellogg, where it is three minutes after noon in scotland right now. i got a feeling the polls will pick up a little later on when people are getting off work and out of school. >> i love hearing the perspective of a young person there concerned about security and economics moving forward. i think that's quite interesting, though some may say too young to participate. >> can you imagine having an election and 90% of the people showing up? that is unbelievable. >> that is great. >> you can't say that doesn't really involve me. meanwhile, heather, are you scottish? >> i am not. dutch irish. >> so you're not voting today? >> i'm not. >> but we do have breaking news to tell you about. fox news alert. breaking developments in the search for a missing university of virginia student. new surveillance video shows she was followed.
4:04 am
hannah graham can be seen walking through a mall in charlottesville in front of her, stops and follows her. two minutes later, graham walks past a jewelry shop. a few seconds later, the same man can be seen walking behind her again. last night that man told police that he was walking with her because she seemed distressed. he says another man approached her and put his arm around graham. graham, by the way, the fourth young woman to go missing in the same area in the past five years. also breaking overnight, a terror plot foiled isis, calling for the kidnapping and innocent of innocent people in a major city. 15 suspected terrorists were arrested in australia's largest ever counterterrorism operation. the country now raising its terror threat to the second highest level. schools are closed, entire community on lockdown as we learn more about the crazed gunman who shot two state troopers leaving one of them
4:05 am
dead. police in pennsylvania say that 31-year-old eric freen was part of a military reenactment group and that he's actually acting out a disturbing military fantasy pretending to be a soldier. >> in the event you're listening to this broadcast on a radio or portable radio while cowering in some cold, damp hiding place, i want you to know one thing, eric, we are coming for you. >> corporal brian dixon was killed in the attack. his funeral this morning. trooper douglas critically hurt, but alive. and now this, he learned the hard way you do not mess with a woman who is nine months pregnant. she chased him down after he swiped her purse outside a grocery store and knocked her to the ground. the woman's family grabbed him and held him down until police got there and here is the best part. just hours later, she gave birth to a healthy baby. so good for her.
4:06 am
>> glad they had a happy ending. >> thank you very much. >> this headline i thought was taken from monday's show or last wednesday's show or last friday's show, it's thursday and we have more bad news for the nfl. it happened again. it's bad behavior. you might not know jonathan dwyer, but he's been in the league for five years. started with the cardinals. he's involved with his second domestic abuse accusation and it might involve child abuse as he went after his wife and also their text message revealed he threatened her if she in fact called the cops. >> one aggravated assault, including a minor of an 18-monthsan hold, and preventing use of phone in an emergency. >> he's out. >> he's not the only one out. greg hardy yesterday, he was convicted in july of assaulting and threatening to kill his
4:07 am
girlfriend. the trial is scheduled for november 17. yesterday the carolina panthers said, you know what? why don't we just bench him? >> but still paying. >> $13 million base salary he still gets. >> $770,000 a week he will make during the season. so if he's still getting paid, it's a lot of money while you wait in the money for a verdict. >> in hardy's case, he's convicted already. this is an appeal. the audiotapes show basically it's almost like the transcript from the o. j. simpson situation and this woman was fearing from her life. this is from a neighbor. here is a question from the nfl, in hardy's case there was due process, there was a conviction. but without due process in dwyer's case, what does the league do? if you're convicted of this, you're off? but while you're actually going through the process, play. really? should you do that? especially when the circumstances, for example, of adrian peterson where his four-year-old had pictures?
4:08 am
in hardy's situation where there were audiotapes. in dwyer's situation, i think that is the biggest story. >> where is the real deterrent when you take the money away and prevent anyone from getting close to the line of abuse at all. jerry rice, what did he have to say? >> listen to what he said about that. he said the one thing players care about is playing. >> i think the right thing right now is to take them off the field because it's not about football. and until the situation is resolved, it's very important to let people know that we're just not going to tolerate that. the players need to recognize that hey, look. if i do something like that, i'm going to get suspended or i could be banned from the league. >> eli manning weighing in this morning. he was asked about it. he went into extensive detail saying enough. they got to go. it's not just outsiders. it's insiders. >> two more players not playing this weekend.
4:09 am
>> meanwhile, mixed messages in washington, d.c president obama still insisting no troops on the ground in the his joint chiefs of staff seems to be on a different page. this as the house has just approved a plan to amount syrian rebels. peter doocy with the latest. >> reporter: on capitol hill, speaker boehner and minority leader pelosi united behind a measure to arm and train syrian rebels which easily passed the house with bipartisan support. had bipartisan opposition, with 85 democrats and 71 republicans voting no. this came shortly after president obama promised once again no combat troops in iraq while he's in charge. >> as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. after a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more
4:10 am
effective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own countries' futures. >> reporter: isis fights might have a hard time believing the u.s. is not fighting in combat roles. u.s. advising iraqi and on air strikes. if they don't work, then the vice president is open to sending in ground forces. >> agree with general dempsey about using ground troops? >> reporter: another denial that ground troops in iraq are not --
4:11 am
are a possibility is coming from secretary of state john kerry who told the senate committee yesterday, americans will only go to iraq in support roles. that's it. back to you. >> that's it. peter, thank you. time for you choose the news. which of these stories has got you riled up. first of all, let's take you down to grapevine, texas. the waffle house there. there was a texas state trooper, a chopper pilot. he showed up to the place in his field uniform, which is a polo shirt, tan slacks, a badge and a gun. the manager came out and yelled at him, you got to get out of here. he said i'm a state trooper in uniform. he said get out and don't ever come back! he's upset because of the way that he was singled out and embarrassed in front of them. since then, waffle house has said we are really sorry. but none the less, the trooper is amazed that he would be kicked out. >> right. north dakota, a school accused of bullying a child who had to
4:12 am
stand outside of class because he didn't want to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance. the dad and an atheist group are saying you bullied our kid. you didn't want to stand during the pledge. the superintendent who is a military veteran said the child is actually told to stand up to say the pledge. when he didn't in order to avoid other students from becoming distracted and wanting to sit as well, they placed him outside and say stand outside the class, but you're not going to refuse to stand and distract everybody else. >> sounds more like distraction than anything else. now let's go out to austin, texas, where a kerry ann roy is outraged. she's a writer and mom of three and she's upset that a neighbor, a nosey neighbor called the cops because she let a six-year-old, her six-year-old play outside with her eight-year-old, who by the way she was watching from across the street. the neighbor called the cops. as if she was being an irresponsible mother. she said she was about 100 yards away. she could watch him the whole time. that's what kids do. she is pushing back.
4:13 am
>> they actually brought the kid over to the house and child services showed up and asked all three questions a couple days later and asked them very detailed questions which they were quite uncomfortable with. >> about alcohol and drugs and porn and all sorts of weird stuff. so we'd love to have you weigh in on this. go to our facebook page and take the quiz, which of those three stories are you most interested in hearing more about. here is what's coming up, soon border patrol agents could be forced to wear body cameras. but not for their own protection. the move to give illegals an advantage. yep. we'll explain coming up. and the president and his top generals can't seem to agree on battling isis, sending mixed messages about boots on the ground. up next, a man who has been calling for boots on the ground from the beginning, carl oliver north reporting for duty. >> his boots are always on the ground.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
the president has struggled to deliver a consistent message on how we're going to defeat isis. he's got one position that could not be more clear.
4:18 am
>> this is not and will not be america's fight alone. the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. they will support iraqi forces on the ground. as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> some of the president's top generals, pictured here, and his former secretary of defense disagree. why the disconnect? joining us now is fox news military analyst, lieutenant colonel oliver north. isn't the president, by saying what we won't do, boxing himself in to a corner? >> no commander on the battlefield or commander in chief should ever tell the enemy what they will or won't do. right from the get go in this thing he has been saying words like you just put on the air. here is the worst problem, nobody really knows what he really wants to do because just hours after he said that down at the air force base in florida, josh earnest on air force one coming back to washington says,
4:19 am
well, there are certain conditions where he may want to consider putting u.s. troops close in with iraqis in iraq. >> forward deployment? >> that's the new word, forward deployment. >> what does that mean? >> forward deployment for those of us who used to do that meant you were going to go from the united states to some forward deployed location where you might be engaged with the enemy. the bottom line of this is if he's going to do that and put them in close contact, he has to have an authorization from the congress of the united states. it's called use of force. and he has to get the congress to nod their heads and say yes, we'll support that. every president has done that. this president has been so confused, i've now dubbed this operation enduring freedom. we have operation enduring confusion. it's confusing the troops. here is the bottom line, without putting forward controllers from the air force and other services on the ground with the iraqi
4:20 am
battalion who are in combat, you will not have success using air power. arab air power is an oxymoron. they can't do it. furthermore, if you leave syria as a safe said he wouldn't do, you've got to put somebody over there to help those fight. they promised they're going to train 5,000 so-called moderate syrians. they're going to export them, fly them to saudi arabia, u.s. special forces will train them. >> for about a year. >> 12 months. then bring them back. think of this, isil, isis, whatever it's calling itself this week, has grown in three weeks, from 15,000 to over 30,000. in a year, how are these guys, 5,000 of them, going to come back and go into syria, now they're going to ballot, 35, 30,000 isis and assad? >> we have to have ground forces, out of everybody you mention, where are the ground
4:21 am
forces? peshmerga? is jordan going to be the answer? the 5,000 the answer? >> no. the problem is, he's got more faith in air power than billy mitchell. >> thanks a lot, colonel. >> friday night special on -- introducing chico's leggings. every style's a showstopper! with fabrics that flatter and prints to go wild for. legs look longer, you look leaner. any way you wear them. chico's leggings. we're famous for our legs. at chico's and ccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. ok who woh, i do!t rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer)
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4:24 am
$1,000, that's how much an anonymous man gave to a west texas chick-fil-a, paying for the meals of 88 drivers. next, 46 years, that's how long a new york man waited to get his stolen jaguar back. it was on a ship heading to europe. the border patrol agent finding it after running a routine export check. finally -- >> ten seconds.
4:25 am
good luck. >> can you use a million dollars? >> wow. math teacher laughing all the way to the bank after becoming the third person to win $1 million and a grand prize on "wheel of fortune." >> wow. fox news alert for you now. a live look at this historic vote taking place right now in scotland as they decide whether to split from the united kingdom. that decision could hinge on a 350,000 undecided voters. how can their choice impact you at home? neil cavuto has been covering the breaking details and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. it is very close. it's too close to call. but just judging from the markets and what they're doing, they don't expect scotland will break away. they don't expect the foot print to change a little bit in
4:26 am
western europe. it's foot print that's been constant since the end of world war ii. that portion west of germany has not really changed. we know east of germany and the old iron curtain and the old soviet republic, there has been a lot of changes going on there. as you know, a few weeks ago, if you were to talk about volatility in europe, you would have been referring to what's going on in ukraine and all the nastiness there. now the concern is that out of nowhere, scotland just up and votes. they don't think that's going to happen. but obviously the markets are just sort of waiting to see how this folds out. one was saying if it's a close vote, it keeps out there that this notion of cesession. >> let's listen to the boss. >> the danger is that if they win and the column here revolts against their leaders who made
4:27 am
these concessions and they go 4#n zu1c%u÷cj
4:28 am
>> i am and it's been bothering people. that's no more scott than you are. i'm trying. >> i think it's pretty good. >> watch fox business all day long if you would like coverage. that's what they're doing. >> thank you very much.
4:29 am
coming up, the parents of a teen-ager allegedly murdered by jihaddist here in america speak exclusively with fox. >> does it make a difference? i mean, i know that to everyone else this is a domestic terrorism. does it make a difference? does it have any impact on either one of you in any way or not? >> their response to greta's question ahead. then. >> some parents are crying foul this morning about what's coming out of barbie's mouth. what did she say? >> she loves ken? >> that would be good. what she says later is a problem. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ today we want to wish a big happy birthday to the united states air force. these brave men and women protecting america's skies for 67 years. we are joined by many of them here right now, including colonel bruce and amanda martino. congratulations. happy birthday and thank you for all that you do. >> thank you. >> what does the birthday mean to you, bruce? >> well, it's a time to look back at our heritage, our history, 67 years of air power and our heros and not only heros past, but heros of today.
4:34 am
we have one standing right here with us. >> tell us a little about senior airman amanda martino. >> she's with the security forces in new york. she deployed last year to afghanistan and sustained two injuries in combat and awarded two purple hearts in combat action medal. she's also getting her mast's degree as well. >> what does this day mean to you? >> it means a great celebration for everything we've been fighting for for years to come and everything that represents the nation in general. >> that's very nice. of course, as is the case on anniversaries like this, it falls to you, colonel, speak softly and carry a big sword. it's time to cut the cake. do you want to do that? >> we will. >> we overprepared. here we go. you ready? >> let her rip.
4:35 am
as is the tradition, the senior and the junior personnel get to share the cake, right? >> fair enough. >> you created a new tradition. this is one time you don't want to lick the knife. >> we'll do that later. >> thank you for sharing this with us. it's a very great day. >> will you make sure they all get a piece? >> they got up early. >> that's right. you want a piece. >> i do. >> thanks so much for your service. everyone is talking about the air force. we just bombed, no big deal. it's big deal. and we know you put your lives on the line. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. meanwhile, now to a fox news alert. a new york man charged with aiding the brutal terror group isis due no court later today. that's him right there. >> and rick leventhal live outside the federal courthouse in rochester, new york. good morning to you, rick. what can you tell us?
4:36 am
>> reporter: good morning. he's expected here in the federal court later this morning. one of the first if not the first american to be accused of recruiting for isis. he's scheduled to be arraigned before a u.s. magistrate judge at 11 a.m his public defender says he will plead not guilty. he was busted by the buffalo division of the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force which began tracking him about a year ago. the feds say the convenience store manager was using social media, including twitter and facebook to voice support for terror groups, including al-qaeda and isis and tried to raise funds to help buy weapons for jihaddists. he also, according to the feds, tried to recruit at least two men to travel to syria and fight for isis, but both men were confidential informants for the f.b.i he was busted in may when feds say he met one of the confidential informants in a wal-mart parking lot to buy a hand gun, silencer and ammunition intending to kill american troops who served in iraq. feds say he wanted to kill shia
4:37 am
muslims here in the rochester area. he faces life in prison if convicted on the most serious charges. his uncle, by the way, is suspected of trying to support terrorism and is doing time now for funneling millions of dollars to yemen. guys? >> all right. rick leventhal live with the latest out of rochester, new york, thank you. heather childers is here. >> a fox news exclusive for you. for the first time, we are hearing from the parents of brandon, murdered by a suspected jihaddist. he reportedly told police that he murdered the 19-year-old as pay back for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. >> in our opinion, they don't think he acted alone. >> he was looking to kill somebody. he changed his clothes. he was there to do what he did and what he accomplished.
4:38 am
why was it brandon? if it was not him, it would be somebody else. >> brandon was a member of the national honor society, yauchistic minister. border patrol agents will under surveillance. the agency bought body cameras for agents to use on but it's not for their safety. no, the move is coming after accusations that agents used too much force. they will start testing the new cameras next month. and now this. barbie is a role model. but does the newest doll have a foul mouth? ♪ >> well, parents say that barbie is swearing. but mattel insists the doll is
4:39 am
actually saying off the hook. yes. the company say several customers have complained and you can imagine why. >> they should offer a refund for any unsatisfied customers that might be parents who tonight like to have the blurry lines. >> all right. thank you. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. clean-up in mexico following cat 3 hurricane odile in coo boase. the storm knocked down a main bridge. the storm moving into the southwestern part of the united states. millions of people prepare for what could be historic flooding like you see there in arizona. maria molina joins us right now. they've needed water down there. but right now they got too much in one spot. >> that's right. too much rain too quickly. we're talking between one and two inches of rainfall expected in some areas within just an hour. so those are very significant
4:40 am
rainfall rates. i want to show you on the map how much rain we've already picked up across parts of arizona, new mexico and western texas. many areas have seen two, three, locally more than four inches of rain. that storm system is still on the move. from southeastern parts of arizona through new mexico and western texas, still expecting locally up to four more inches of rain. those flash flood watches are still in effect out there. that storm system odile made landfall in cabo as category 3 hurricane and take a look at this. we have another hurricane right on the heels of that one. hurricane polo. we're going to have to watch this one closely coming up this weekend. it's forecast to move very close to cabo yet again. so we could be seeing impacts out there. otherwise here in the northeast, beautiful weather. we're looking at some sunshine and temperatures that feel very much like fall. coming up tomorrow morning, you'll be looking at some freeze warnings in effect across portions of new england and frost advisories, temperatures up there are going to be very cold. right now you're in the 50s and
4:41 am
40s widespread across parts of the northeast and there is a look at your high temperatures. let's head back inside. >> thank you. my furnace went on last night. it was cold. >> i'm in between. i don't know what to put on, the heat or air conditioning. >> let the furnace decide. >> okay. >> i'm going to put the coals in there, shovel some in and see what happens. coming up straight ahead, there was a common theme in yesterday's benghazi hearing. >> i do not know the answer to that. >> i do not know the answer to that, sir. i cannot answer that question for you. >> wow. it will be a long three months. the guys on the ground in benghazi have an answer. they are next. and a pop quiz for you. can you tell which of these candies is laced with pot? the answer could save your child's life. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ejl.
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
the select committee charged with investigating the state department's botched response to the 2012 terrorist attacks in benghazi ended yesterday's hearing with more questions than answers. >> do you know if they had the opportunity to interview the c.i.a. contractors on the ground that night who might know something about the security, as well as the other facilities in benghazi that evening? >> i do not know the answer to that, sir. >> do you know if they have had the opportunity to interview the dia people who might have known something about the intelligence and the security situation on the ground that night? >> i'm sorry, sir. i do not know the answer to that. >> wow. he does not know the answer or he says he doesn't. my next guests do. chris, known as tanto, and mark, known as. >> , former benghazi security contractors at the compound the night of the attack. they've written about this in
4:46 am
their new book called "13 hours." a lot of that tells things we've never seen or known before because you guys were there. first off, does it bother you -- welcome back. does it bother you, a lot of the i don't know? >> of course it does. we want answers. sometimes it feels like that's a copout answer. i think they know what's going on. maybe they're not being able to put it into words that satisfies whatever agenda they're trying to pursue, but yeah. they're the state department, they should know about what's going on, what took place there and what took place before and how to move forward. >> they also had two years to find out. >> exactly. and they have our book. read it. that will give you some answers right there. >> absolutely. >> i agree. they need to talk to the people on the ground 'cause that's where the rubber meets the road. >> in terms of security, what should have been done and what was actually done, that was brought up yesterday. here is todd keel talking about the standards at benghazi at the time. >> were the standards followed at the benghazi facility?
4:47 am
>> sir, we saw a memo which authorized the continual opening of the benghazi mission which referred to it as the special mission compound. in talking with people and based on my experience, it was a purposeful effort to skirt the standards. >> so the standards were followed? >> no. >> so they were not followed: did you guys know that a lot of this stuff is cutting corners, inadequate? you could sense some -- >> you could see it, yeah. you could definitely see it. mark said on several occasions when asked what does the security look like at the compound, he said well, what's security? it looked nice. but was there security? no. >> there wasn't security there. you have eight to ten acres protected by five u.s. diplomatic security agents at the most. sometimes there is as few as two there. the only security they depended on were four to five militia
4:48 am
members hired and four to five libyan blue mountain that were unarmed. >> and useless. >> right. >> and that's security. >> obviously that's a great term for it because when the attack happened, they left. they were gone. they weren't there on the compound when it happened that night. so can we say they were useless now because we know for a fact they were because they left. >> admiral mullen, they were supposed to do the investigation. you guys were on the ground, you weren't questioned. that's what it was about. the accountability review board, their conclusions, did they get everything they wanted? did they question the people they should? were they truly independent? >> what's your overall impression of the irb report? >> ambassador pickering said it was fiercely independent. in that same hearing, admiral mullen admitted to oversight and government reform that he was reporting on arb proceedings to the senior staff of the state department outside of the precepts and requirements of being a member of the arb, i
4:49 am
don't think that fits anyone's definition of being fiercely independent. >> you agree with what todd just said? >> yeah. >> i agree with that. you can't be playing both sides of the information flow and call yourself independent. the report itself, they didn't interview us. they didn't interview -- as far as i know, they didn't interview the state department people on the ground or eric nordstrom. so i don't know how that report can be actually conclusive when you're not talking to the people that were there that night. >> were you willing? >> oh, yeah. we'll talk to whoever wants to talk to us. >> the book is "13 hours." what you seen yesterday will run for three months. chris and mark, thanks so much. >> thank you for having us. elisabeth, tell me what's coming up next. it's all up to you. >> and me. >> the pop quiz coming up for you. can you tell which of these
4:50 am
brownies, or this one, may be laced with pot? the answer could save your child's life. you don't want to miss it. dr. siegle is next. first on this day in history back in 1999, tlc had the number one song in america, "i'm pretty." ♪ ♪ [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. save up to 25% and earn bonus points when you book at
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4:53 am
yep. the medical a team. this is marijuana like you've never seen it before. designed to look like sweet sugary candy and baked goods and things that kids love. >> that's right. they come in every shape and size, from chocolates to
4:54 am
lollipops and they're up to 12 pounds of a powerful joint. the kids don't know the difference. hospitals are seeing a record number of them admitted for accidental marijuana ingestion and overdose. so how hard is it to tell the difference between these drugs and the overday snacks your kids love? dr. mark siegle thankfully is here from the fox news medical a team to help. good morning. >> good morning. i'm going to test you guys. this is a big problem because this year marijuana recreationally is legal in washington state and colorado. so you can buy what are called medibles. it's in cookies, candies and people can just buy it. >> sure. >> because not everybody smokes pot. some just eat or consume the pot through -- there are all sorts of companies. >> a majority of the kids that have been brought to the hospital is between ages of three and seven and the effects are astounding. do the kids know the difference?
4:55 am
>> let's put the pictures up. folks at home, you take the quiz along with us. >> here is the first one. tell me which cookies have the marijuana in them. which has pot, which doesn't? >> they both have m and ms on the top. >> i'd say b. >> steve? >> i say the other side. >> elisabeth is correct. it's this side. this side has the marijuana. i would have guessed the other side because this looks a little stoned, this cookie. but seriously, let's move on now to the candies. you can get five times the amount that's in a single joint in one of these candies. five times. >> which one? >> i would say these. >> i'd say those. >> this time the quiz master is right. it's this one. this one -- the point here is you can't tell the difference. >> can you tell? >> there is no difference. >> choose one. >> there. >> elisabeth is right.
4:56 am
it is this one. but again, if you're a kid, if you're a parent, you can't tell the difference. this is up to ten times the amount of pot in a joint. >> how much is in ha lollipop? n ten times the amount in a single joint. so if you're a kid, you get wild and anxious and then the next thing is you get lethargic and can't breathe. 10% of these kids have come into the e.r.s with trouble breathing. in colorado, nine kids have been poisoned with this in one hospital since may. >> i read one story about a kid in i want to say wisconsin ate dad's candy bar. it had 25 doses in it. she wound up going to school and all loopy. what's the >> child proofing doesn't work. my advice is don't get this stuff. if you have a kid around the house, especially a young kid, do not get the marijuana edibles because they'll eat them. they'll think it's a brownie. don't buy them. in these states, terrible. >> thank you. meanwhile, we've been asking you on this thursday which story has you most fired up. the story about a state trooper
4:57 am
booted from a waffle house because he was wearing his side arm, a mother in trouble for letting her son play outside. she could see him. or a kid who says he was bullied for not standing up to say the pledge. we'll reveal your winner next
4:58 am
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good morning. today is thursday, september 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. brand-new surveillance video of a missing college student shows that she was followed and the man on this tape right here has come forward. what he is telling the cops. and here is why the president is so sure there will be no boots on the ground, because he changed boots on the ground to forward deployment. more semantics from a divided white house straight ahead. and we've been asking you which story has you the most fired up. a state trooper booted from a waffle house for being armed. >> a mother in trouble for letting her son play outside, or a kid who says he was belayed
5:01 am
for not saying the pledge, or was it a behavior issue? your choice is revealed after i say morning with friends and the animation comes up. >> hi, you're watching "fox & friends". >> that's a woman who stopped every bullet with her wristlet. >> she was something. >> those were the days. >> all right. let's bring you up to date on what's going on of the we know isis is threatening over there, over here perhaps. we showed you a couple of -- over the last couple of days about general dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, how he said essentially that if the situation changes, he would request the president authorize boots on the ground. yesterday joe biden said yeah, maybe boots on the ground. the white house, though, keeps doing somersaults saying absolutely not! there will be no boots on the ground! now as it turns out, they are talking about there is a
5:02 am
possibility of a forward deployment. this is a new phrase they're using right now, and that means essentially boots on the ground, even though we currently do over there have boots on the ground. >> right. president obama saying we're not going to put you in combat roles. we're going to forward deploy you, which was the messaging there. it's confusing 'cause you're asking for strategy, you're getting semantics. you want clarity, but now we're confused. is it war? can we do this with boots on the ground? >> the problem is, whether you're the biggest obama fan or critic, he's not a military expert and the military experts all say you need people either with troops that are on the ground instructing them, coaching them, and calling in air strikes, or you need actually our troops to do this. nobody says it's going to be the same war as the one we fought
5:03 am
before. many say the correct war would look like our invasion in afghanistan in 2001. former secretary of defense gates for president obama and president bush looked at the strategy as he heard it, says it's not going to work unless we fight. >> they're not going to be able to be successful against isis strictly from the air, or strictly depending on the iraqi forces or peshmerga or the sunni tribes acting on their own. so there will be boots on the ground if there is to be any hope of success in the strategy. >> that's what everybody says. so this white house has changed so many times over what the story is. remember, we don't have a strategy. okay, we got a strategy. there won't be any boots on the ground and we're not going to call it war. well, there are going to be boots on the ground, but we're going to call it forward deployment. is it going to be a war? no. it's going to be something to kill off isis. that's the whole thing.
5:04 am
and you know who wants to do exactly that? our military. here is former navy seal carl hillary clinton, gby talking about how they want to take the fight to isis. >> for the most part, our troops will go over there. they joined the military to fight a war, to combat the problem, to combat something threatening our homeland. these troops will go there and fight with all their heart and we are the most lethal fighting force. let us go over there, take away the rules of engagement. >> every time the president interceded and let politics play a role, it has been a disaster. it is generally i don't known tr generals recommended that we have a residual force left behind. we pulled out, look at the disaster. general austin two weeks ago, he is the general in charge of the middle east, requested u.s. troops then with the iraqi and kurdish forces. he was rejected at the mosul dam and we're still balloting to suppress eye social security who
5:05 am
are battling for it back. all in all, a lot of guys and a lot of women fought and they feel like it was fruitless. mark levin has a message for them. >> i want you to know that your sons and daughters are heros. they did exactly the right thing. i want to apologize to you for this phony commander in chief who cut and run. and as a result, helped build up this enemy, this isis, isil, whatever the hell it is, these terrorists, these cockroaches that we're now having to deal with or should deal with once and for all. you know what? it just amazes me, do we want to win wars anymore? because we know how to win them. we remember how we won world war ii. >> sure. so the message probably is, mr. president, just tell us the truth. there is a possibility that we might need some combat troops or some boots on the ground. in the end, don't be surprised if the number of american troops over there is probably pretty close to the number of residual
5:06 am
troops that were requested by many experts before we got the heck out of there. >> we're the only ones who know how to do it. it's extremely tough. nobody else knows how to do it. >> nor willing to do it, too. let our military work with the branches there together on this mission. they're willing to do it for all of us. heather childers stands by with all that's been breaking. >> we're following this breaking developments in the search for a missing university of virginia student. new surveillance video shows that she was followed. take a look. hannah graham can be seen walking through a mall in charlottesville, a man in front of her stops and follows her. two minutes later, graham walks past a jewelry shop. a few seconds later, we see the same man walking behind her. last night that man told police that he was walking with her because she seemed distressed. he says another man approached her, put his arm around graham. graham, the fourth young woman
5:07 am
to go missing in the same area in the past five years. to stay or not to stay? let's go live to scotland where polls are open for an historic vote. turnout is expected to be high as the voters decide whether to remain part of the united kingdom or not. several opinion polls are showing support split down the middle. we're keeping a close eye on the election because britain is a close ally, a force of independence would weaken their defense capability. the nfl's in fact violence scandal growing. two more stars benched. greg hardy was suspended after convicted of assaulting his ex girlfriends. jonathan dwyer, arizona cardinal under arrest accused of beating his wife two separate times. here is hall of famer jerry rice's take on all of this. >> i think the right thing right now is it take them off the field because it's not about football. until the situation is resolved.
5:08 am
it's very important to let people know that we're just not going to tolerate that and the players need to recognize that hey, look. if i do something like that, i'm going to get suspended or i could be banned from the league. >> and finally, caught on camera, look at this. a wild police chase comes to a firey end in south l.a a man and woman actually robbed that van. they took off, drove on some flat tires. that caused the sparks that you see flying from the metal rims. then they jumped on to the sidewalks, nearly taking down pedestrians near the end of the chase, the driver hit a dog. we have good news. the dog survived. the drivers were arrested. those are a look at your headlines. >> craziness. >> they ran over one of those nail strips. >> why always in los angeles? unbelievable. >> because they've got a helicopter following all those things. so they follow them, we put them on tv.
5:09 am
it's time for you to choose the news. we're going to tell you about the three stories we've been details this morning and tell you which has infuriated you the most. first waffle house in grapevine, texas, where a state trooper, who is also a chopper pilot for the texas state troops went into that location, wearing his uniform and he got yelled at by the manager. he said, you're wearing a gun. you got to get out of there. now waffle house is apologizing and said we didn't realize that he was in uniform. >> which is wrong. >> it's different. but the trooper says he felt humiliated because of the way the manager yelled at him from across the room. >> exactly. second story was a school being accused of bullying a child asked to stand outside the class because he did not want to say the pledge of allegiance. he was told to stand outside if he wasn't going to stand. the superintendent was a veteran and he said i didn't want him to disturb and distract the other
5:10 am
children who wanted to say the pledge. so they put him outside. atheist group and parents saying that child was belayed. >> you're not supposed to reveal. the neighbors called the cops on a mom of three who let her six-year-old play outside. she was watching through the window. the cops come and ask her a bunch of questions. she really feels as though this nosey neighbor ruined her life. so now we put it up to you. we said what story bothers you the most? most intrigues you? >> 60% of you were bothered by the pledge bullying story where the child was asked to step outside after not standing and saying the pledge of allegiance. >> a quarter of you bugged by the cop who was asked to leave the waffle house and 16% about the nosey neighbor. it's interesting on the story on the pledge out of newtown, north dakota, apparently the father of the kid would not stand.
5:11 am
he said we're trying to raise free thinkers and that's why he didn't want his child to stand up. then they were asked to go out in the hall where you know what? the kid could have done some free thinking. >> right. >> here is what you're saying on facebook. deb says if you don't want to say he doesn't want to hear it either, so problem solved. a stand in the hall. >> on facebook, sherry said, i do not agree he should have had to stand in the hallway, if we're allowed our right to say it, then he should have been allowed his right to say it. that does not mean i condone. >> another says i was brought up to say the pledge of allegiance. sing the star spangled banner and always respect the flag of this great nation. how can other countries respect us if we don't start demanding those basic respects? be respected. so anyway, continue to e-mail us
5:12 am
about those if you would like to. or go to our facebook page and you can vote again. >> that's right. we love your comments coming in. coming up, new york man was charged with helping isis. the government launching a new program to catch homegrown terrorists. our next guest has seen this all before and says hold on to your tax dollars, people. >> plus, he was all smiles when he snagged a homerun ball. but what happened next isn't going to make his wife very happy. ♪ ♪ when la sends sales rep steve hatfield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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5:16 am
stopping home grown terror in its tracks, that's a program being launched by feds in the twin cities to root out extremists being recruited by groups like isis and al-shabab. >> we're engaged with community leaders and we're engaged with concerned members of the public who are abhorred by what they see with respect to their young people and want to stop it. >> is this too little too late?
5:17 am
joining us is investigative reporter tom lyden. thanks for being with us this morning. initially what are your instincts about this program? you've seen it before. >> in some ways that is kind of the attitude here. we've seen things like this before. back in 2009 there was another federal grant, more federal money. that was two years after we had about 24 young people leave to go fight for al-shabab in somalia. the purpose this time, the goal, according to the u.s. attorney here, is going to be different. last time they had more of a law enforcement emphasis. this time they want to go after why we're having young people radicalized in the so place, disenfranchised young people unemployed, who might otherwise be recruited by the gang members. they really want to target them with youth programs like one we have here, small programs, doesn't get hardly any government funding. most of it's private. what they do is started up boy scout camps for somali kids, after school programs for the older teen-agers. they have spoken words. things that go after these kids
5:18 am
who may not have a job, english may not be spoken at home. and they're just prime recruiting for radical islamists who want to take these kids, give them some larger purpose. they tell them hey, your life may be meaningless. guess what? you can fight for the caliphate in syria and iraq. that will give broader purpose to your life. in some ways they really want to go after the root causes this time. >> getting into their hearts before evil does. how are they handling entering houses of worship, observing them without crossing the line into violation of rights? it may get tricky. >> it is tricky. i got to tell you, one member of the somali member said they want to work with the mosque. he said i want to make sure they're working with the right mosque. i don't want to have government resources or government money going to someone who, behind closed doors, is actually trying to radicalize people. the u.s. attorney here has a very good sense of that. he's been meeting with lots of local imams, loss of religious leaders. but it's fine line of the one of
5:19 am
the things we know is that there is intelligence on the ground. there are undercover f.b.i. agents who are gathering information, gathering informants. but there is also some suspicion in the somali community, when they hear about programs like this, they're worried is this really just a guise to get federal agents into programs and start monitoring us? so there is some natural suspicion on behalf of the somali community. >> isn't that part of the failure and the reason behind the failure in the past of these programs is lack of trust? >> it is. i got to tell you, it is a hard community to get into. the somali community here estimated about 70,000 to 100,000, no one has really precise numbers on it, but we're talking about community with four different clans. and under that, a bunch of different subclans. in many ways, some of the issues that have played out in somalia played out here. there's a lot of distrust of not only the authorities, but within the community itself. there are lots of clan
5:20 am
divisions. it's very hard to pierce that community and they've been trying for a very, very long time to build up those human connections, law enforcement and otherwise. >> of course. hopefully they're checking into the social media being used as a recruiting tool. good to see you. >> thank you. so many of you e-mailed us yesterday about this story. american flags confiscated on september 11. what do we do? we tracked down one of the moms who was so disgusted by what happened, she is fighting back. hear from h just ahead. and then, you know her as winnie cooper from "the wonder years." what is she up to now? danica is here walking into the studio with some huge news for you. ♪ ♪ [ hoof beats ]
5:21 am
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when the numbers fall, i talk. $1,000. that's how much an anonymous man gave through a drive-through worker at chick-fil-a in texas. he paid for 88 customers behind him. next, 46 years, that's how long a man wait to do get his stolen jaguar back. it was on a boat to be exported. finally, talk about wheel of fortune. >> ten seconds. good luck. >> mad master!
5:25 am
>> that's it. can you use a million dollars? >> wow. becoming the third person to win $1 million in the grand prize "wheel of fortune" by solving the puzzle. word is she's happy. >> it pays off once again. meanwhile, farewell, family meals. we spoke to a fed up father who readjusted the routine at his house to have kid-free dinners. here is how he explained his decision yesterday on "fox & friends". >> the fact is, parents and kids come to tables with different agendas. the kids come to the table with the agenda of fueling themselves as quickly as possible. >> they want to eat. >> they want to eat. they want chaos and pandemonium and they want to go. when i had dinner with my wife, we like to sit down. we like to taste our food. we like to be able to relax. so it's a -- not everyone's needs can get met. >> we're going to have to respond. mom danica joins us now with her
5:26 am
reaction to that. >> i'm a little horrified. to me, if you have kids, expect the chaos, embrace the time together. if you want a quiet dinner with your spouse, when they turn 18, you'll have that and then have date night. >> if there is a chicken manage nugget or something flying in the room, right? >> family dinner is huge. togetherness is family. everyone is so busy, dinner is the time when you get to sit down. >> we feel the same at our house. what he was talking about, and he's an editor at large at time magazine. he said his kids are at the stage where they don't want to be there. they want to be somewhere else. so why don't they eat, he'll sit next to them. then when they're done, he and his wife will eat. >> everyone has to make their own decisions. but for me, i embrace that time. >> i say, and i know you like math, i'm doing one clean-up. not two. >> right. not at all. i know tbt is today.
5:27 am
we love it. did you bring us a throwback for us? >> i did. >> we have six and 7th grade. >> how adorable. >> were you famous there? >> you know, i think i was about to shoot the pilot. >> really? >> yeah. >> i think we have another. there you go. >> winnie cooper. >> very winnie cooper. >> now try to identify us. after winnie cooper, here comes -- oh, my goodness. remember when people had hair like a helmet? my wife would have a problem with that. >> you look the same. >> pretty much. >> here is elisabeth. >> there i am. >> didn't you pose for any pictures? >> there i was in my portfolio. >> this is like a surveillance shot. you don't even pose for pictures then.
5:28 am
>> that's me. i had to cover my ears. there i am. i think in 12th grade. >> that's cute. >> i was watching you on "wonder years." >> you have some brand-new news. >> we went about it on social media. >> are you talking about -- >> yes! >> look at this. yes, i'm engaged. >> thank you so much. >> there is more right there. >> he's amazing. he took me to england and we stayed in a castle in the forest and he proposed there. unbelievable. >> i see how happy you are. we saw in your kid photos how happy -- you have a special message about smiling. >> yes. as a mom, i'm extremely excited to join colgate smile for picture day campaign. the idea is help families prepare for picture day by educating kids on how to secure their smiles.
5:29 am
of course the picture day thing is an excuse for year round tooth health. >> sure. >> i read 45% of parents feel guilty for not paying enough attention to their kids' teeth. >> you don't have to feel guilty anymore. i have four tips, visit the dentist regularly, two, brush together. eat dinner together, brush together. three, motivate them. explain why it's important and a really easy way is to download the free colgate tooth defender app. fun games teaching kids about cavities. >> flossing fun. >> making floss fun. >> four is actually practice for picture day. like try taking pictures of the kids and i have a cute tip to get a genuine smile, tell an inside joke or tell them -- imagine the photographer is wearing underwear with rainbows and unicorns on it. okay, smile. you know what i mean?
5:30 am
kids, they're not professionals. >> exactly. >> with my kid, he's four years old, but to get him to smile -- they smile. >> the parents that look at these pictures goes, we got to retake these. then the kid gets hurt. >> that will help them. >> also i'm a little aggravated at you, danica. you have not been showing up at the meetings. the mensa meetings. we're in mensa meeting. >> i've never joined mensa. i've never had my i.q tested. >> no wonder i'm by myself. i'm not mad at you anymore. >> brian, you're not a member of mensa. you're a member of mimosa. >> is there a difference?
5:31 am
>> there is always hope. >> thank you very much and congratulations. >> thank you. >> love when you come by. congratulations. >> thank you. we're going to switch gears to some serious news. >> coming up straight ahead, the parents of a teen-ager allegedly murdered by a jihaddist here in america speaking exclusively to greta. >> he has made statements saying that he was doing this as revenge for what's going on in iraq syria and afghanistan. is there any impact on you or not? >> how they responded to that question next. plus, he was all smiles when he snagged a homerun ball. but what happened next isn't going to make his wife very happy at all. >> oh, oh chico's new so slimming knit pants -- the peyton!
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5:35 am
say cheese. it's national cheeseburger day and to celebrate, we're taking a look at smash burger's cheesiest custom burgers. here to tell us more is tom ryan, the founder of smash burger joining us live. good morning to you. >> great to be here. nice to see y'all again. >> it's national cheeseburger day. >> they're america's favorite food. we brought some of our three favorite burgers from around the country to really celebrate cheese. >> let's start here. >> this is our twin cities burger with melted cheddar and then we melt a slice of swiss on top of it, all on a toasted onion bun. >> this one? >> philly with grilled onions, double portion of cheese whiz, a little bit of golden mustard and pretzel bun. >> that's not a -- it's a real american version of cheese whiz. >> this is cool from st. louis. this is our st. louis burger.
5:36 am
cheese from st. louis. we grate it and melt it on our burger, grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms on a pretzel bun. >> the cool thing is how you get burgers to be burgers. can you smash a burger? >> that's why they call them smash burgers. >> but i've never seen it in push. >> it's key to the success of smash burgers. we take certified angus beef, seals in all the juices so they percolate, and base in their own juice. >> it apparently works. >> he's a modest guy, but he's part of an american fast food history. when you were at pizza hut, you created stuffed crust pizza and when you were at mcdonald's, you invented mcgriddles. >> i did. >> now smash burgers. >> how do you come a concept officer? >> i studied food at michigan state. i was really interested in
5:37 am
marketing and i kind of fell into it over the course of years, just fine tuning what i really loved to do. it's really great. i get to do every day what i love. >> i think most people sit around and wish i could combine this and this and you do it. >> i do. it's great. my kids will tell you i have the best job in the world. >> these are coming off the grill right now. >> this is our gluten free bun. i understand somebody needs that. that's our twin cities burger. >> i'm so happy. >> these are all ready to eat, guys. >> send it over to heather inside. i'll bring you a burger. >> thank you. bring me a burger. that looks really good. some serious headlines to bring you. breaking overnight, a brutal terror plot foiled. isis calling for the kidnapping
5:38 am
and beheading of innocent people in a major city. 15 suspected terrorists were arrested in australia's largest ever counterterrorism operation. the country now raising its terror threat to the second highest level. a fox news exclusive now for the first time we are hearing from the parents of brandon tevlin, murdered by a suspected jihaddist. brown reportedly told police that he murdered the 19-year-old as pay back for u.s. military involvement in the middle east. >> in our opinion, he is a murderer and in this case, they don't think he acted alone. >> definitely he was looking to kill somebody. he changed his clothes. he was there to do what he did and what he accomplished. in some ways i think why was it our son? if it wasn't him, it would be somebody else.
5:39 am
>> brandon was a member of the national honor society, a eucharistic minister and fund his first year at university of richmond. some e-mailed us about this story. american flags confiscated on september 11. the flags were on students' cars. the school removed them. a rule determines they were a distraction. we tracked down one mom who was so disgusted by what happened, she is fighting back. >> our american flag is our symbol. it's different than any other flag that's out there. it was taken those children's rights away and i felt like they needed a voice. >> the school now taking a look at that policy to see if it should be changed. and video everyone will be talking about. a chicago cubs fan catches a homerun ball, but as he is giving all this high fives, he loses something pretty
5:40 am
important, his wedding ring. >> moment of euphoria immediately we'll be right backed. >> i love the play by play. there is a happy ending here, the camera guy later spotted the ring on the track at the edge of the field and he got his ring back. paradise is being destroyed. look at this new video. a bridge that we're going to show new cabo, mexico. the storm moving into the united states. what can we expect? let's go outside to mar for more on that -- maria for more on that. >> we have extreme weather out across parts of the southwestern u.s. look at how much rain has already come down out here across southeastern parts of arizona, new mexico, and western texas with many areas picking up over three inches of rain. we are still expecting several
5:41 am
additional inches of rain here. so those watches are still in effect and flood warnings could be reissued as we continue to see flooding occurring out there with the heavy rain moving in. now, a lot of that flooding is occurring because of what was odile. that storm made landfall a few days ago across cabo. look at this in the eastern pacific ocean, we have another hurricane, polo. this is going to be coming very close to the southern portions of the california baha out there. it will be a big concern. temperature wise right now this morning, you're in the 40s across portions of new england. you'll be even colder come tomorrow morning out there with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. that's the forecast. your highs, for today, making it into the 90s across texas. let's head back inside. >> it's a busy weather day on this national cheeseburger day. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news alert. all eyes on scotland this morning as it is voting underway in the country. why you should care and how it could impact america's markets.
5:42 am
nicole petallides live at the new york stock exchange to break it all down very shortly. good morning to you. >> and he was booted from "meet the press." not allowed to say good-bye. this morning david gregory is getting the last word. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. quick headlines now. david gregory may have been silenced when he left "meet the press." but this morning he is getting the last word. he had this to say about journalism in washington. quote, things that frighten the narrative get harder to report, i think often because of laziness in the media, end quote. and jay carney, the former white house press secretary turned cnn contributor says he's biased about the president, saying
5:46 am
this, quote, i ain't going to express my views, but it would be disingenuous to pretend i wasn't loyal to the president. and speaking of politics, democrats may be turning on dnc head debbie wasserman schultz. reports of an internal struggle between her and the white house after a series of public slugs, including comments about scott walker, hasn't been sitting so well with them. fox news alert, labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. nicole petallides is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange and the numbers are, ma'am? >> they're looking pretty good here. let's break it down. 280,000. so that was better than what was expected. the consensus for this was 305,000. you don't want too many claims. you don't want them above 300,000. so that's good news there. that shows obviously a recovery.
5:47 am
it shows people are holding on to their jobs. that ultimately is good news. we've had an uneven recovery. we got in our housing starts today. building permits. those were weaker today. so it shows a mixed bag. we got the fed yesterday talking and obviously leaving those rates near zero for now. >> also, over at the "fox business" network, all day long they're covering the vote in scotland, whether or not to become independent of the united kingdom. how would that impact us here in the united states financially? >> what's interesting here is that obviously if they do not go independent, that's where the markets are getting on right now, that's why you're seeing futures with an up arrow. if they were to become independent, that could affect currencies, the pound in particular. that could go weaker. the dollar would be exceptionally strong. we don't necessarily want that. maybe european banks, that's the story there. this is an historic time.
5:48 am
you're talking about over 300 years of history. i know they have oil. i know they have scotch and the like. but we'll know by the end of the day. maybe we'll get a better feeling after the closing bell. so today will be a sort of uneven trading. this is where ali baba will trade. there will be a huge crowd. it could be the largest ipo ever. baba is the ticker symbol. tomorrow this will be a very big crowded trading post. >> you're all alone today. big crowd tomorrow. all right. thank you. meanwhile, it's 12 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. thousands of illegals are coming to the united states. john stossel says that's a good thing. why he says we should relax the rules and embrace the people from other lands. first we're going to check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning to you. there is a major plot busted you mentioned this earlier.
5:49 am
details on what we're learning in a moment. can benghazi happen again? jim jordan and what learned in the first public hearing this week. another arrest in the nfl. the new iphone is out and you will see it firsthand. what it can and cannot do. you a buyer? martha and i will see you here in ten minutes hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you! he gets a ready for you alert hthe second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine!
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5:52 am
well, they are apparently coming to america. fearing a crackdown in washington, a new report claims tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are set to stream across our southern border. according to a 2012 report on the fiscal impact of immigration, illegal immigrants cost the united states of america $346 billion across 15
5:53 am
federal agencies each year. our next guest says america needs immigrants. john stossel host of "stossel" at fox business joins us live. >> i'm glad you corrected that. i don't say we want illegal immigrants. immigrants are good. >> we're a nation of immigrants. but people are concerned about the sudden -- the deluge of people coming across. >> it's awful that there is a swarm right there, but we have a smaller percentage of immigrants at the moment than we've had in the past. but these statistics come from an anti-immigration group. 47% are on welfare. 39% need food assistance. 35% use medicaid. wait a second. you're not eligible if you're an illegal immigrant for welfare. yes, their children use some of these services and more of them use welfare than americans 'cause more of them are poor. but the national research council, which is much better research, says if you include their children and what these
5:54 am
immigrants do later in life, they contribute on average $83,000 to america. >> you run through some of the companies that you claim are started by immigrants. >> they are. ebay, radio shack, sara lee, kraft food. blow dryers, all kinds of good stuff. >> we would still be towel drying if it wasn't for immigrants. >> i think we're just dealing with legal immigration and not illegal, these things wouldn't be argued. >> they can't get here legally. the waiting list, i want to say go back, apply and do it right. obey the law. if you're an indian computer programmer, you get here in 35 years. if you're a mexican high school student, 130 years. we're supposed to say obey the law. wait 130 years. >> so you're encouraging people, if you want to become an american, you're going to have to break the law? >> i don't want -- we should change the law to make it -- >> no doubt.
5:55 am
>> there is immigration reform that we agree on, people are argue being what not to do. we should do the easy stuff first. >> that's show business to argue about what we don't agree with. >> start with securing the southern border. >> which would be easier if people could come here to work easier and focus on the crooks and terrorists. >> john is going to be focusing on this tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time over on the "fox business" network. they are coming to america. >> thanks for coming here. >> thanks. >> one for the road is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree.
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talking about all the problems with the nfl. i think it's especially noteworthy when superstars sound off about some of the issues. says he doesn't like to see children being hurt. tells parents to go home and hug their children and it talks about how much you should covet your time in the nfl. that's in the daily news. it just got worse with the news that we were greeted with this morning. >> sure is interesting to hear eli's take. do not mess with a woman nine months pregnant. she chased him down after he swiped her purse outside a grocery store and knocked her to the ground. the woman finally grabbed him and held him down until the police got there. here is the best part, just hours later, she gave birth to a healthy baby. thank goodness. >> that's right. and finally, reilly the four-year-old dog and his owner jump from a plane. the san francisco photographer, he's completed more than 400
6:00 am
jumps. this is his first with his dog dangling right there. >> make it a great day. happy birthday to the air force. it's also national cheeseburger day. >> after the show show next. bill: want to start with a fox news alert. a major terror plot busted in australia with direct ties to isis. their plot was to kidnap innocents, publicly behead them and post it online. martha: this is the world we are living in where we report stories like this. hundreds of australian officials


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