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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us. >> you'll be off tomorrow. snoo tomorrow. dmroo thanks for being here this week so far. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> thanks. you heard about isis and al qaeda as major terror threats for the united states, but now a new off-shoot that wants to destroy america and take american lives. hi, i'm gretchen carlson, and this is the real story." the revelation comes as the nation's top intelligence officials speak out today. >> now we're also getting new details on another british hostage being held by isis.
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catherine herridge is extra busy today and life for us in washington. catherine, what are we seeing in that latest isis video? >> well, thank you, gretchen. earlier today isis posted on-line a new video of a british hostage, a journalist who urges the u.s. and britain to back off on the military strikes. looking stressed, this british journalist reads from a prepared script where he describes how isis released european hostages first, but held on to the british and americans as a kind of bargaining chip. these images were pulled from a video. fox has a policy not to air terrorist propaganda. media outlets have been asked not to identify the journalist by name. i've watched the three-minute video, and it does appear highly produced, and the journalist appears to read from a teleprompter based on his eye movements and the length of the script also indicates that he could not have memorized the entire statement that he was asked to deliver. this also suggests that isis is
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making a shift in its immediate strategy away from the execution videos and now almost to a series of lectures where they're trying to speak directly to the american people. >> interesting. so what are we learning about this other terror group in syria, another one? >> well, u.s. government officials acknowledge that foreign fighters, many battle-hardened from afghanistan, pakistan, and yemen are now in sear away why the intent of working with the al qaeda affiliate there known as the -- the officials say among them are operatives trained by the yemeni bomb maker, ibrahim, who is behind the underwear bomb in 2009, and the printer cartridge bomb the following year in 2010. this group is known as the khorasan. a norwegian citizen is believed to be among the recruits. intelligence officials say the group wants to recruit western passport holders for aviation plots against western europe and the u.s. involving these non-metallic explosives. information about fresh plotting
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led the tsa to change its security posture in july and call for increased scrutiny of cell phones and laptop computers on flights into the u.s. this morning at a washington conference the nation's top intelligence officer was asked if this group, the khorasan posed the same risk as isis. had. >> in terms of threat to the homeland, perhaps they do. this khorasan group, i guess it's called, is out there, and it's potentially yet another threat to the homeland, yes. >> if that seemed like a somewhat awkward moment, it's because information related to the khorasan group was considered highly classified, but over the weekend the associated press was first to identify this group publicly, gretchen. >> it did seem like an awkward moment. definitely didn't want to talk about it. catherine herridge, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. what should the strategy be to take out these terror groups? president obama, not even in sync with his own generals and
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advisor who's advocated possible boots on the ground. the president remains steadfast against that saying there will be no combat mission. the house approving what the president sees as the next best thing, the vetting and arming of moderate syrian rebels to take on isis. secretary of defense chuck hagel just approving a plan for strikes on isis inside syria, but chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, testified earlier this week that if those air strikes don't work, he may go back to the president to ask for ground forces. confused yet? chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, what's going to happen? >> well, that is the big question, gretchen. there was some news today in secretary of defense chuck hagel's testimony in the house where he said, as you noted, that both he and general martin dempsey have now approved air strike plans inside syria. that doesn't mean they're moving forward just yet, but it suggests that it's moving up the chain of command to the president of the united states, and, in fact, hagel added that the president yesterday when ef
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at u.s. central command in tampa was brief odd what hagel and general dempsey have approved. of course, that raises questions, though, about what the future is, will there be u.s. combat troops on the ground in syria, and/or iraq? you've heard differing accounts from various administration officials josh ernest pressed on that. listen. >> how do you react when his former secretary of defense bob gates says you can't win, you can't destroy isis without having u.s. combat troops on the ground? >> well, i think that's consistent with what i just said. it's going to require combat boots on the ground. >> to syria? >> i didn't see the entirety of his remarks. i'm not sure that's what he is implying. >> the president put himself in a trap. the president said we're trapped. >> there is a basic strategy that the president has laid out, and it does include boots on the ground. the question is whose boots on the ground is it going to be? they are not going to be u.s. boots on the ground engaged in
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combat operations in iraq and syria. >> you hear that. not going to be u.s. boots on the ground engaged in combat. i and others were pressing josh ernest, though. what happens, basically, if u.s. troops were along side iraqi troops get fired upon by isis militants? are they in combat or not? josh ernest, basically suggested they're not in combat, but they would have rules of engagement that would allow them to fire back at isis. certainly sounds like combat, chris. >> it depends on what the definition of combat is, ed. thank you. geraldo rivera will join us moments away with more on the rivalry between isis and al qaeda by the growing competition and terrorist increasing chances of a new attack on america. meantime, top administration officials on capitol hill right now selling president obama's strategy against isis. secretary of state john kerry testifying before the house foreign affairs committee. congressman joe wilson of south carolina just asked mr. kerry whether america is actually at war. the secretary was not able to
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give a direct answer. meantime, defense secretary chuck hagel fielding questions from the house armed services committee ahead of a key vote in the senate on whether to phone the president's request to arm and train rebels in the fight against the terror group. all this as critics are raising serious new concerns about all the mixed messages from the administration after a long list of military professionals have now said we can not rule out american ground troops to get the job done. >> i don't believe the objective is destroy. i think the objective is morphed into something less than that from the president's speech a week ago. i think it's more degrade and dismantle. because of the actions and decisions he is making about the military plan. >> what's the best way forward? >> time for real talk with kimberly, the institute of the study of war. great to have you on the show, and i do you and your husband were the key architects for the surge in
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iraq. you have been down this road before. what are we to make about these incredible mixed messages from within this administration? >> defeating and destroying the islamic state requires more than remote air strikes. it does require actually ejecting the islamic state from plays like mosul in order to allow governance and institutions to be restored in iraq and syria. it is a real requirement. >> i want to show our viewers right now those who are favoring possible support. general dempsey, general austin, general odierno, general gates, amongst others.
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kimberly, what will the president do when he has the top military officials, the experts in this field telling them it could be a possibility, and, yet, he still stands up and says no boots on the grouped, no combat mission. >> the senior military official advisory an obligation to provide their best military advice to the president. >> i do think it is disturbing that the president is ruling out option that is may be required in order to aheave u.s. objectives, and would hope as an american citizen that we would recognize that the mission of defeating and destroying the islamic state is correct and may require an increase in resources over time. >> kimberly, president, institute for the study of war. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> time for my take now.
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what the heck is our country's real strategy to day on isis? i cover this on a daily basis, and the story, well, it just keeps achanging. first president obama had no strategy and didn't seem to see a need to come up with one quickly. then he said we would destroy isis, but a few minutes later in the same press conference said we would manage them. then he once again told the american people we would decimate our terror enemy. this week he has been emphatic that this will not be a combat mission. absolutely no boots on the ground. >> boots on the ground may end up being the only way america could come up victorious. today you have to ask yourself, which one is it? does president obama really want to defeat and destroy isis, or will it be a half measured response? if it's only going to be a half measured response? has he been honest with the american people? on this show we will continue to
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bring you the real story every day, but on this particular topic, we're just not sure what the president's real message is. moving on now to across the pond. a historic vote in scotland that could also have a huge impact for the u.s. >> bagpipe players as voters in scotland now trying to decide whether to leave england and split off to become independent, unraveling a union that's been in place for more than 300 years. >> it's the biggest mistake. they need -- we need to be together. we're all cousins, and it's worked for over 300 years. >> regardless of what happened.
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>> former wimbledon champ andy murray now supporting independence tweeting to his two million followers, huge day for scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days. totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. let's do this." jining me for real talk on the fox business network. a brit. senior reporter for -- all right. are we going head-to-head here, or are you in agreement? >> it was a terrible mistake. there are so many reasons to stay part of the union, and i can't really think of any particularly substantial ones to leave the union. >> already scotland has their own parliament, flag, national health service, curriculum, legal system, going on and on. why do they want to -- >> the scotts, i believe, want to create a scandinavian style neo-socialist welfare state. they want to up the level of government spending, up the
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level of social. >> laura, you wish that you were there to vote. >> i do very much so, yes. considering this is such an historic vote, it's not a general election. if we get it wrong, we can't try again in a few year's time. this is more than 300 years. unless you are living in scotland, regardless of how scottish you are in nationality and sentiment, everything, you can't vote. >> i was interested they allowed 16-year-olds to vote in scotland. i think that was to get the emotional input on the table. youngsters want to create their own new country. i think we should have done that. >> we'll see how this all ends
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up. >> should america prepare for a larger scale war. geraldo is next.
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a al qaeda cell operating in syria is now threatening the american homeland now with help from al qaeda's master bomb builder. worst still, the head of homeland security says al qaeda has a twisted extra incentive to launch another major attack here in the u.s. they want to try and overshadow isis to become the dominant player in global jihad. >> these groups are in competition with one another for attention, for fundraising, for recruitment, and one way to compete is to show that you're the biggest and baddest group
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out there. >> the fbi director had the same theory telling pete kane, congressman from new york, that he agrees a rivalry between the two groups raises the risk of an attack against america. >> the logic is compelling. you're not going to be the leader in the global jihad without striking america. >> joining me now is geraldo rivera, host of "geraldo at large." geraldo, this is chilling. i mean, we have all this new terror talk about isis, al qaeda. now this new off-shoot group. guess what, they want to target american airplanes again. >> well, this is the background. it's the chaos in syria. with their grotesque ability to snare headlines, beheadings, and capture of soldiers, has managed to dominate our imagination, eclipsing even al qaeda with the group that has been our sworn blood enemy since 9/11, 2001. you have this competition.
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what has saved us, though, is the very chaos in syria. all these groups are fighting each other as much as they want to target us. now, the al qaeda affiliate in syria up until now has been concerned with that internal fight in syria for supremacy. now al qaeda general has imported some of their most efficient, deadliest warriors from afghanistan and pakistan and has -- they have now come to syria to be the external arm of al qaeda in syria. they want -- the scary thing for me is a lot of people have said, oh, they're not going to make it to the homeland, meaning here, but now with the new group that seems to be their mission. >> it certainly -- now you have effectively a security and
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homeland security summit going in washington. it's everybody getting together, intelligence and security, to assess the threat. now you have the war against isis. okay. we understand what that is. you can disagree. boots on the ground and all the rest of that. what we have not seen is al qaeda reaching out in a very vicious and targeted way to attack us. now bringing in the expert bombmakers, the guy that made the bombs in the underwear and the cartridges in the computers. he is now reportedly aligned with this khorasan group, and their whole mission will be external -- they are the external arm of al qaeda. al qaeda trying again to go back to where we started this discussion to be the preeminent terrorist group fighting the west. >> well, it's very chilling because i have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to be talking about this khorasan group like we're talking about isis. if you are watching right now, you have to be worried where does it all end up? i'll have you back because i'm sure we'll be continuing to talk
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about it. geraldo, thank you. >> gretchen. new concerns as well about the deadliest ebola outbreak ever. could it soon become airborne? one specialist thinks so. plus, why motorcycles may be actually spreading the disease. we'll explain. a college student goes missing after a night on the town. we'll talk to the mother of another oning woman who disappeared in the same area five years ago. plus, new york city looking to hire a new black smith. the annual pay just over $100,000. wow. preferred applicants will have five years experience, some communication skills, and be familiar with microsoft office. that brings us to our question of the day. geraldo, you can play too. what's the most interesting job you've ever had. ah oh. scared to ask geraldo that. tweet me@gretchen carlson. use the _#the real story. >> jumped off a cake. >> jumped off a cake? [ hoof beats ]
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scary ride home from school in alabama where some children's bus started on fire. 30 students on board at the time. some reporting they smelled smoke as soon as they pulled out. the driver initially thought the bus was just simply overheating when he realized it was something much more serious. he got everyone off, and that's when the smoke got thicker, and can you see it there. we wanted to show it to you. i'm still going on tell you that the bus even caught fire a second time as it was being towed away. amazingly, though, no one hurt. >> well, now new fears about the deadliest ebola outbreak ever, which today has killed more than 2,400 people. now there are real concerns that it could become more contagious.
11:26 am
trace gallagher with more on what he has uncovered with that. trace. >> gretchen, the reason is in this age of global travel, it's almost impossible to contain the disease to one region, which is why doctors say it's only a matter of time before it hits home. the centers for disease control has now warned hospitals and urgent care centers around the country to be prepared, to set aside quarantine areas for potential patients. even giving hospitals a six-page checklist to quickly recognize patients with ebola. right now ebola can only be spread through bodily fluids, but an internal medicine doctor we spoke to who specializes in viruses tells us that ebola has not slowed down, and the more people who get it, the more the virus will change. listen to him. that one person can translate into mutations that make it
11:27 am
airborne. >> ebola has been underrooted in west africa. experts also say it's very unusual that a lot of health care workers are being infected. listen again. >> know how to take proper precautions. people are still coming down with ebola. that's worrisome. snoo now we're hearing that in west africa people who actually take relatives and patients to the hospital on motorcycles are more susceptible to getting the disease because the patients are hanging all over them. they're more susceptible to getting contact with bodily fluids. motorcycle probably not the best way to transport somebody to the hospital. >> i was wondering what the motorcycle connection was. thank you for explaining. trace, thanks. >> chuck hagel on the hill today. just ask him about american
11:28 am
boots on the ground and the fight against isis. plus, new information coming in on the search for a -- a man possibly following hannah graham in what may be the final moments before she vanished. h. heartbur. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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a jetblue flight making an emergency land ogt runway in austin. this happened in long beach, california. apparently this jet reporting an engine overheating problem on its way to austin, texas. it turned back shortly after takeoff. four passengers reportedly treated for injuries. one was released. one was taken to a local hospital. you can see right there the jet being pulled off the runway. the slide actually had to be deployed to get the passengers off. that plane, as i just said, being towed away now for a big maintenance check as to what would have caused that problem. another fox news alert to tell you about. tough questions about president obama's plan to fight isis in syria, and, of
11:33 am
course, the mixed messages about boots on the ground. >> the first thing he says, there's no boots on the ground and then makes an announcement of sending more boots. i think that that is confusing to the american people. >> the chairman of the armed services committee then going on to sketch out the current strategy against isis saying the administration needs to do a better job explaining the president's plan to tray and get americans on board. >> not only are your points right, i think, and then the president agreed with the way you have said, but most of the points are center pieces in pillars of his strategy. >> meantime, three generals and a former secretary of defense coming out to say it's a big mistake to take combat troops off the table. armed services committee chair, you just saw my live guest. great to see you, sir. >> good to see you, gretchen.
11:34 am
thank you. >> all right. so you said exactly what i just said in my take about 20 minutes ago in discussing this issue. the american public is darn confused, right? >> well, i think so. there's a lot of things to be confused about. >> well, did you get any more clarification today in your questions to chuck hagel? >> not really, i was trying to get him to pass on to the president that it just doesn't sound right when whatever -- whenever he talks about going into action, the first thing he says is we're not going to have any boots on the ground. i just think, first of all, it's not good strategy to tell the enemy what you are going to do. i don't think -- not only that.
11:35 am
not only that, congressman. is it also being disingenuous for the president to tell the american people, yeah, we're going to did hes mitt isis. know possibly that he really doesn't believe in that. then a q and a. this president is probably going to be one of the weakest presidents we've had. he has a chance to resuscitate his presidency on this issue alone. i have traveled around the world. i just got back from the middle east, went to the pacific. our allies, whenever they come here to visit and when i go there to visit, they want to know where is america? are you going to be there, or are you going to do the things you say you're going to do? are you going to follow through? >> that's going to make it
11:36 am
tough. >> we have to show them that. >> it does make it tough. yet another point to talk about. i could assume it makes it tough to get allies on board when the strategy keeps changing. >> well, they just -- they don't know if they can believe us. they're playing life and death. we're kind of in a bubble here. over there. they cannot do something because -- in afghanistan, the taliban going around telling people, look, they're going to be gone, and we're going to be here, and we'll cut your heads off. those people are afraid to side with us, and that's the problem we have in all of these things. that's where this president has let down. what i was saying is he could be focused on this issue and not take off doing something else, and he hasn't been able to show that he can stick to something,
11:37 am
so he gave this speech last week, and then earlier this week he was off to georgia to send 3,000 troops to africa to fight ebola. >> correct. >> and spend more money on that than on the effort that he had just said he was going to decimate and wipe out the isil threat. >> there's a fourth point. here's a fifth one. khorasan now, this new off-shoot of al qaeda we're learning about now today. so, you know, this threat is not going away. in fact, multiplying. >> no, i think it's going to be a campaign issue for the next presidential election because this is going to go for years. we need somebody that's going to be resolute, that's going to be able to lay out a strategy, and then stick to it. >> all right. >> or lay out a strategy, get the advice of the military people, and then let them do it. >> okay. >> and then what i suggested also in that hearing today is
11:38 am
that he ought to give periodic reports, and i think it should be more often than not. >> yep. >> but we've gone -- >> report to congress and report to the american public and maybe even more than just a big speech here and there. i got to wrap it up there. >> no, that's what i mean. >> thank you so much for your time, sir. time to go to shepherd smith reporting live from the fox news. >> we've heard of the mixed messages, as many are calling them new york the fight against islam being terrorists. president obama says he will not commit to another ground war. no u.s. boots on the ground. the white house says, though, it may put troops in "for deploy positions." we think that means to help spot where things need to be, but no fighting. there's a difference, and everybody knows the difference. i'll ask the white house press secretary josh ernest to clear all of this confusion for those who are confused up. for deployed but not in combat. it will be josh ernest's first appearance on the fox news channel, and we look forward to having him at the top of the hour. i'm shepherd smith reporting. >> we'll be watching. thanks, shep. still no sign of a missing
11:39 am
university of virginia sophomore. hannah graham disappeared after leaving a part. here's the timeline of what transpired. 11:50 p.m. friday graham last seen leaving an apartment complex. 12:15 a.m., graham later seen leaving a party. later at 12:45 a.m., saturday, she was spotted on surveillance video walking outside of a pub. you can see her on your screen there. ten minutes later, she was seen on surveillance video going past a gas station. short time later surveillance video shows a man following hannah at a mall, and then finally hannah sent a text to friends saying she was lost. police say this case has similarities to another missing persons case five years ago. morgan harrington was a 20-year-old virginia tech student who disappeared after leaving a concert on the uva campus and later was found dead. now there are reports of a suspect in morgan's murder that was spotted near another college campus. joining me now is morgan's mother, jill harrington. jill, i thank you so much for
11:40 am
having the courage to come and talk about your beautiful child, and we all here, of course, are so sorry for your loss, ma'am. >> thank you for the opportunity to come and speak to you. >> it's hard to believe that here we have a story, hannah graham. you believe there are similarities in the cases. what are they? >> there are several missing girls in that swath of 29 that passes by charlotteville. both hannah and morgan -- morgan's shirt was found very close to where hannah was on 14th street at a party with some of her friends. both college students.
11:41 am
they both have uva affiliation. we just hope that we can wrestle a different ending from this tragedy. >> i know that you say that there's 13 women in the last five years in virginia who have gone missing or been murdered. do you believe that this is possibly some sort of a serial killer situation going on? >> gretchen, we know -- there actually are, like, 14 missing and murdered -- missing or murdered women from our area since morgan was killed in 2009, so it's a large number. it's -- i'm not a forensic expert in any way, but to me graphically it looks like a pretty hideous scatter pattern. i don't think it's the frequency is typical. is it a crime spree? is it just a cluster phenomenon that is unexplainable?
11:42 am
is it the work of a serial predator? we do have a forensic link in morgan's case with the 2005 rape, abduction, murder, so we know the person that killed morgan was a serial predator. >> have you offered any -- >> morgan's case is unsolved, so he still is walking around somewhere. >> it's my understanding that that suspect may have been seen on another college campus recently. i want to ask you about the graham family because, of course, our hearts and prayers go out to them as well, and, unfortunately, you know what they're going through. >> right. >> have you reached out to them to provide any kind of assistance? >> you know, we have offered any kind of help that we could provide to the family through some of our law enforcement friends and contacts? we realize that it is a very private journey that families
11:43 am
walk through differently. we chose to be very public about morgan's -- during morgan's missing phase. other families choose a different route and we want it to be really sure and give them a lot of space to proceed the best way they can with as much strength and wholeness as they can muster without our input if that's how they would choose it. people, individuals, grieve really differently. that was hard foe me to learn even with my husband dan. there's kind of a mismatch in the style of grief, and we have to learn to give each other a lot of berth at the same time that we really depended on each other more heavily than we ever had. >> i've learn thad from being in the news business. grief certainly comes in many, many different ways, and we're thinking about hannah graham and her family and we thank you, jill, for your team today. thanks much. coming up on the show is there infighting within the democratic party?
11:44 am
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time check out on what america is checking out. pizza hut testing out a lower calorie pizza. finally. finally you can eat more than one slice. this is happening in ohio and west palm beach, florida. the skinny slice, as it's being called, pizza has thinner crust. okay. i like that. and cheese and toppings that are a bit lighter. the pizza is said to be 210 calories. talk about skunky beer. police called to rescue a skunk who got a beer can stuck on its head outside of a frat house. of course, it was outside of a frat house. cops were able to free the skunk without getting sprayed. big accomplishment.
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police finding a stolen car 46 years later. the florida owner says the jaguar was stolen in front his apartment in new york way back in 1968. the car was recently found during a seizure at a port complex in southern california. zoirchlgts the democratic party showing signs of strain in the lead up to the crucial midterms. with reports of top party leaders from the white house on down now expressing a lack of confidence in dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz after some major political missteps. doug mckelway live in washington. doug, the way this stuff usually happens is if somebody leaks a story. what happened here? >> well, dwoent know who leaked it, but it has all the markings of just that, gretchen. as chairman of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz has long been known for her very sharp tongue and shoot from the help style. most recently when she equated wisconsin governor scott walker's policies to domestic violence. >> scott walker has given women
11:49 am
the back of his hand, and there is no -- i know that is stark. i know that is direct. now, though, it is democrats who are turning on her in a scathing report. politico sites three dozen sources trying to dethrone her. thaits she seems to keep shooting herself in the foot before she even gets the gun out of the holster. the piece goes well beyond her pension for inserting foot into mouth. she has denied this, but the piece says she tried often to get the dnc to buy her a wardrobe. she is so disliked in the white house, the story says, she's cut out of the strategy meetings there. it says the white house had a replacement in mind affect 2012 elections, but never acted fearing wasserman schultz's appeal to women and jewish
11:50 am
voters. today the white house and the senate majority leader stood by their embattled party leader. >> debbie wasserman schultz is my friend. i'm always so impressed with her appearances on television. she's television. but the ultimate decision regarding her is made by the president of the united states. >> and the white house today said the president has strong confidence in here. the dnc says this election cycle she helped raise more than $120 million and her accomplishments speak for themselves. >> i don't know if you ever interviewed4l her. hive had a lot of toe to toes. you used to watch me on "fox and friends" probably remember the interviews. i invited her to come on "the real story" a lot of times and she says no. good report. thank you. >> one driver is taking the law into his own hands to avoid a parking ticket. got to hear the story that goes with this video.
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comcast business. built for business. one texas police officer putting his life on the line to stop a wrongway driver with two little kids in the back seat of the car. dash cam video shows sergeant gary sharpen driving his police cruiser directly into the path of the speeding car. the suspected carjacker stops short, turns around and takes off again, leading multiple agencies on a high-speed chase before being stopped. time for real talk now with a real hero. sergeant gary sharpen is on the
11:55 am
phone. the officer behind the amazing video. sergeant, great to have you on "the real story." >> appreciate that. thank you. >> i know that normally people like myself would be running away from this kind of a danger. what made you go in the opposite direction to try to stop this car? >> well, that part of i-45 is one of the dangerous parts on the freeway, and we had some -- fatility accidents. well, knowing that this guy was doing 100-miles-an-hour, heading southbound in the northbound main lanes, there was a-wasn't much time for me to do anything but just react. >> you said you, yourselfing are thought you might die in this situation. fortunately you did not. when you apprehended the suspect, what did you find in the back seat of the car? >> there was -- his children.
11:56 am
an 18-month-old boy and a little girl. i think she was like three or four. >> crazy. and they are okay? >> yeah, they were fine. they were pretty scared. i can only imagine. >> you are the(pañ real story'so today, the real hero in this story. sergeant gary sharpen, thank you for your heroics, sir. great story. right? what is the craziest thing you have ever done to get out of a ticket? oh oh. how about this. we'll tell you. if he got away with it.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> parking ticket? not a problem for this driver. man in scotland jumping his car off the back of the truck. hitting the grind before the tow truck driver could secure it to the flatbed. that's cool. police now trying to track down the driver.
12:00 pm
>> we told you new york city looking for a new blacksmith. as a young man, michael kept himself afloat by catching bashine had to sing holiday hit the road, jack" at a funeral. real? time now for shep. >> the islamic state is a militant cult masquerading as a religious movement. those words from the secretary of state john kerry. he and defense secretary chuck hagel testifying about the threat of islamic state terrorists. what is the wrong way and right way to find them? we have both things available, right and wrong. we heard about the strategy and whether it could require putting americantroops on the ground in iraq. in a moment i'll speak with josh earnest about the different messages we're hearing. word broke of the largest terror raid in the history of


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