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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 18, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> who is the one lady -- >> oh, and martha says, the scots are sick at the english looking up their skirts. >> i'm told i owe you a thank you, market that here comes cavuto. >> isis supporters cropping up all across the u.s. the white house still insisting there is nothing weird going down. >> we have not yet detected specific plotting against our home lean. >> the intelligent community has not yet detected specific plotting against the u.s. homeland. >> we're not aware of any active plotting. >> we have no credible information that isil is planning to attack the united states. >> we see no specific intelligence or evidence to suggest, at present, that isil is attempting to infiltrate this country through our southern
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border. >> what they say. what we see. we report. today you decide.t welcome. i'm neil cavuto. they say nothing is happening so why does it seem like things just keep on happening? west orange, new jersey, man shot dead, we're told his death was retaliation for killing muslims in the middle east to colorado, a denver woman pleads guilty for conspiring to provide material support to isis. authorities say she want to wage jihad. rochester, new york, this guy charged with crying to recruit american fighters for isis and shoot people in the united states. new york city. the nypd on hey alert after isis calls for attacks in times square. and now this. >> i have reason to believe on
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september 10th there were four individuals trying to cross through the texas border who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in the middle east. you not aware of that? >> i have heard reports to that effect. i don't know the accuracy of the reports. >> confused? a lot of us are. to major general bob shell who fears the administration knows more than it's letting on. does seem to conflict with the official, be calm, everything is okay. maybe that's just what those in power have to do to keep the masses from getting restless and nervous, but something is not jibing here, generñnjy >> absolutely not, neil. i have been on this caper for over three years, we wrote a paper three years ago and testified before congress about the pourous border, not based so much on mexicans and central americans coming across but on what they're calling special
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interest aliens. these are aliens who are not from mexico and central america, and over the last 12 years, they have been steadily coming into our country from countries like syria, iraq, iran, lebanon, pakistan, and so forth. and most of them disappear into the country. if you do the math, there's evidence that there are about 100,000 or more of these ias from countries that harbor terrorists in the united states right now. i had a sheriff from jeff davis county on the southern border, tell me not too long ago, he suspects 30 to 40siiss cross this bored border every day. have information flint special operations command that especially trained hezbollah fighters have been infiltrating across our southern border for some time. no, what the administration is very careful to parse is that we
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have no evidence of an isis plot. they don't say, or even will speculate, about the numbers of individuals from terrorist countries over the last few years who have made a home in the united states, neil. >> but they have said, and maybe it wastle graphed last week when homeland security talked about isis and whether it could penetrate our pourous borders and acknowledged, yeah, that's a threat and a worry and ame concern. i'm wondering, are that's separate incident? there are enough of them that get people anxious? are you anxious? >> i tell you what i'm worried about, neil. aren't so much the lone wolfs who are dangerous in themselves. i'm worried about an organized, coordinated effort to do something diabolical. isis said for some time their goal is to exceed the destruction of al qaeda in the united states. their objective is to have a
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mass casualty event that might include a dirty bomb, might include bioterrorrism, might include chemical attack. that's what i'm afraid of, the big attack, something that isis has been dreaming of for a long time, and they have fellow travelers living in the united states today, most of whom are undocumented. >> scary stuff. general, thank you very much. now to illustrate the point, australia suspected isis terroristji busted, accused of plotting to kidnap random folks on the streets and then behead them. david piper on the phone now. >> reporter: officials say 800 heavily armed police officers took part in the ride homes and businesses in sidney and brisbane. 15 people arrested, some since released. one has been formally charmed. a 22-year-old sidney man faces charges of conspiring to prepare for a terrorist attack on australian soil. prosecutors say he planned to execute someone. australian prime minister says
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the raids were launched after a senior islamic state militant from australia, ordered what he described as demonstration killings. the prime minister has also confirm that it got intelligent that terrorist planned to abduct somebody randomly off the streets of sidney, then drape them in an islamic state flag and behead them on camera. last week australia raised the terror level from medium to high. back to you. >> scary stuff. in the meantime, take a look at what happened on the corner of wall and broad today. the dow easily sprinting to another record, its 17th 17th record of this year. the s&p 500 also in record territory 34th time it's done that. buoyed by thef"b< interesting federal will be holding off on
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raising interestwñ rates. that is a catalyst, and the fact they think that a certain vote going on across the pond in scotland will not be too disruptive to the united kingdom. to that scramble now in scotland and the vote, as to whether it remains an independent country or part of the united kingdom or goes its own way. means for britains prime minister and one of our key allies on isis. ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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is scotland about to kick her majesty to the curb? minutes left for voters to decide whether they want to go off on their own or remain part of the united kingdom. european markets seem to be thinking the answer is no. ashley is inned depburg --ed denburg. what's the late is. >> 50 more mints and then the polls eventually close here in
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scotland. they been open since 7:00 this morning. voter turnout has been extremely heavy. and many pubs are staying open overnight. they stopped serving alcohol at 3:00 a.m. but will be open through the night so people can follow the votes coming in. we don't expect a full result until sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 friday morning. that's of midnight on the east coast. so a long way to go but voter turnout may be -- one prediction -- 95%. that is truly remarkable. someone asked me, shep smith asked me, why on earth with the scottish want to break from enthusiastic. i said imagine how people in middle america feel about congress. times thatk- by 100 and that's w the scots feel about westminster and conservative prime minister david cameron. that has been part of the fuel, but it's too close to call at this point. we'll be here covering it through the night and through tomorrow.
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>> thank you. ashley. i assume you'll be frequenting the pub. >> the question about david cameron, where l -- whether he could be history asíc well. i brought it up with rupert murdoch earlier. >> what happens to him? what does this mean? >> i think if they lose, if s wins it, he will probably have to go. aboutabout 70% likelihood. and i say after talking to a lot of his mps, and if it's close, and they stand by these dee evolution problems and they have to, very unhappy and the same on the labor party. there's been totally mishandled
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by everybody. it's very interesting. i think there's meaning in this. i think it goes beyond scotland. i think there's a great antiestablishment groundswell, which is seen -- scotland, we're seeing it here in brian in the antieuropean party, which wants one issue, which is to get out of europe. and the polling and -- really, you can take united states and go across the middle america, what do they think of washington? and wall street? people are really looking for change. >> i've heard from a lot of market analysts say, well, regardless, at least in the interim, the united states benefits because it's a haven
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until a while ago. the british pound is trending a little better off the dollar. but we benefit -- not that we're on fire and doing a great job but we're the tallest midget in the global room but that will!xñ continue happening because the world might be volatile but the u.s. remains a haven. regardless of what happened today. buy that? >> yes. i think we're still the best place to invest. on the other hand, i'm sitting in a building in london,n lookg out -- that does not extend across the country. just as new york looks like a berm city or san francisco does, but go to anyone anywhere in between, and things aren't that good. look at what
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, all this free money has not created jobs, so it ended up on wall street, and you had a great inflation of asset values, which means the rich have got a lot richer. whereas wages have not gone up. or not appreciably. so, there's a lot to do. >> but in the middle of this, you have the terror fear, isis fear. many argue that david cameron and his raising the terror threat alert was meant to send a message to the scots, really want to be without us having your back? >> no, they can look of it as
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well as britain can. the big story today, of course, and that level, is from australia, where 800 police went right through muslim areas of sidney and melbourne,÷ arresting people and alleging they uncovered plot for killings and beheadings in the streets of sydney. sensational news. the intelligence there is absolutely first class. >> request which could complain why they raised their own terror threat alert. nightle was here saying something maybe more basic or systemic going on here and across the globe, and that is what binds us religiously that we become a secularized world, maybe in this country, or britain, losing its judeo-christian values and this
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seed, this mentality. what do you think? >> i think there's a lot to it, absolutely. i think that's something that happened in australia is -- the then-prime minister came out and made it very clear, if you migrate to this country, if here and want citizenship, you accept our values, and our laws, and in this country, there's been some recent terrible, terrible scandals where they haven't done anything, they've been hidden by local councils and so on in order -- because they thought they'd look racist if they acted against immigrants. which i think is another form of rachel, just thinking that way. >> that's what nigel was saying.
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the markets aren't concerned if scotland breaks off -- >> i think when you're -- >> our own markets included. do you think our markets, in the united states, are looking -- >> i don't think so. i think the -- you can say they're too high but that's another another matter. nothing to do with this. when it looked like the yes2m ve was going to get there, the pound did fall from 1.70 to 1.61. i don't know what is today. i didn't look yesterday. but if that gets up. is could fall again another five cents. >> but as far as the general market, the general markets in the united states, separate from this development, do you think -- they're worried they think this is what is happening?
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>> i'm bearish, but i certainly think that. >> very quickly, on the u.s. political front -- >> wheat thigh i pulled out of it -- that's why i pulled out. to pay the price if necessary -- it wouldn't have affected our ratings. the extra -- but i felt with all the uncertainties in the world i didn't want to be carrying that degree of debt. >> that'sing and. would it have affected you're overtour in the first place? >> no. i thought iteq could be received rather differently. >> would you ever revisit that? >> no. certainly not in a hostile way. >> you have had no more discussions with them sense then? >> not at all. >> on the american political scene, any candidates catch your attention or intrigue?
1:21 pm
>> i'm intrigued with the whole process that is happening. and who is going to run against hillary on the democratic side, if they do they run run to the left, will they pull her a bit more to the left from a rather centrist position? what could happen there? how would that affect the result? and then there's a lot of people in the republican field. >> rand paul? >> yeah, and paul ryan, jeb bush may. would be a very good president. and marco rubio is making interesting speeches. i think that john kasich in ohio, chris christie. >> you mention chris christie,
1:22 pm
am i to read anything into it in. >> not at all. would be a very strong candidate when the primaries come. >> so you heard rupert murdoch@ say that nl is on to something, and a lot of people agree especially with something he said and warned us about. first, how would you like thisç commute, torrential rain forces drivers in arizona to crawl out windows and head for safety as remnants from hurricane odile slam the southwest, and the worst ain't over. the lightest or nothing.
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tourist still stranded in mexico after hurricane odile. remnants from the monster flooding the southwest and they can ill afford this bad timing, and now identity one could be on the way to janice dean on the threat coming. she is also out with a new children's book. the bill o'reilly of the meteorologists. all the storms and everything else, what does this telegraph? >> the pacific hurricane season has been out of control. this is polo now, becoming a hurricane and this one is not going hit baja like the last one but the incredible flooding the southwest is getting from storms creeping up the west coast, and even though they need the rain, it's causin problem. on the flip side, the atlantic hurricane season has been very, very quiet. and -- >> is it one or the other?
1:27 pm
>> it is. if it's one area of high pressure, one area of low pressure. they coincide with each oomph so if that's an active pacific season, there is usually an inactive or relatively inactive atlantic hurricane season. but it's not over yet. only takes one to make it a bad season. hurricane sandy as an example. >> we know that kids are intrigued by this. my kids, anything on storms, they are really into it. andk you're kind of trying to help them out. >> over the years, working at fox, a lot of people would say, can you recommend a good weather book for my child america grandchild? i did research and through wasn't a whole lot out there, there were very simple backs and then advanced, and we don't want to scare kids. so i thought, this is a niche that maybe i could delve into. so the first one was "freddy the frogcaster." i love to read to kids and they are really perceptive with the weather. my young matthew, at here to
1:28 pm
yield old next tub, took a wash cloth and squeezed the water out and he said marks ma, that's a cloud. i first, i thought, you're brilliant. second of all they can appreciate what is going on in the atmosphere, and if you explain why a storm happens it might take the scare out. we don't know how to explain it. >> my kids are taking baths -- they were stranging each other, trying to drown the other. >> there's some of that, too, but there is fleeting moments of brilliance. >> when kids see and hear this stuff -- you're just trying to put in layman's language, do they get more scared when they realize that,ñ hey, these kind f storms are happening again? shy be worried or aware that this is all -- >> they're aware, and they're excited about weather. when guy out that these school is ask them what should my next book be, and a lot of 0 them say, are tornado, and tornadoes can be very destructive, but again, think if you can explain things to kids, why they happen, and prepare in advance -- freddy
1:29 pm
the frogcaster, the message is to prepare an emergency kit for any kind of storm that can come and take the power out, and it's something you can do as parents together to, again, be involved, be involved. >> does freddy feel about global warming. >> won't be a dissertation in this book -- >> there's another book. all right. >> can i come on in july for freddie the frogcaster and the huge hurricane? you heard it here first. fox news alert. >> she has cornered the market. janice, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> always good seeing you. >> you, too. >> as nice as she is brilliant, which makes me not trust her. isis threats keep mounting. what nigel says, we have to get to the root of these guys. and rip them out. want to change the world? create things that help people.
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another player in big trouble. is the nfl going to marking hell? 60 seconds.
1:33 pm
when rising u.k. opposition leader finalle farrage tied the isis threat to multiculturalism
1:34 pm
-- >> nigel was here saying there might be something more systemic this mentality. what do you think? >> i think there's a lot to it. absolutely. there's something happening in australia, and the then-prime minister came out very clear, if you migrate to this country, if you live here and want citizenship, you accept our values, and our laws. and in this country, there's been recent terrible, terrible scandals where they haven't done anything, they've been hidden, by local councils and so on in order to -- because they thought they would look racist.
1:35 pm
>> back with us now, nigel, alwaysh a pleasure to the point we are now overly politically correct and had they not caught these guys in australia, people would have lost their lives for it and violently so. what do you think? >> i today have been in a small northern town, where a huge scandal emerged last year, and it showed that young white working class girls, most of whom had come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and were being looked after by the local authorities, were being systematically, almost63 industrially, sexually abused and groomed before that by pakistani muslim men, who would come into this country and this was known, it was known by the child protection officers, known by the local labor authority, known by the police force who received several complaints, and they did nothing because they
1:36 pm
feared if they said anything or did anything, they might appear so so, that's how we start off in the u.k. with this problem. and then it leads on to more. it leads on to whole districts becoming no-go zones for the police. it leads on to sharia law. actually being implemented in parts of british cities, and then after that it leads to british citizens going off to syria, and iraq, to fight the islamic state, and my argument, it's absolutely clear, is if we in britain and america and the west -- if we people, who come from christian cultures and believe in democracy, value them, we'd better stand up and start fighting for them and that doesn't mean we're against other religions. far from it. we can be tolerant, of course we can. this country, britain, as hauls been tolerant of different cultures and communities, but we have to accept that our society is based on the rule of law, and
1:37 pm
based on the fact that every individual must be treated equally. >> as you pointed out in a prior visit, the other side is very intoll rapt of -- intolerant of our being tolerant. i want to get your thoughts on this big scottish decision today. one way or the other it's going to be close. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are that no will win mitchell thoughts are. my thoughts are -- i think the no vote -- >> the no vote mean the scots opt not to leave the united kingdom. >> yes. i think the scots will vote to stay within the united kingdom. the think the margin will be absolutely healthier than commentated, but let me say this, nationalism is a good thing in small quantities. believing in your country in your flag, believing your want
1:38 pm
your family to understand the inheritance you're giving them, that's good. when you get nationalism in excesses, and the scottish national party is excessive, if you link it to socialism, you have got a lethal cocktail. what i experienced myself, on the streets of scotland, what has been happening over the last two weeks with intimidation of people who intend to vote for the union, threats to businesses they'll be boycotted. this has turned ugly and nasty. >> when i was covering this, this morning, a lot of builts who want to leave say you -- brit who want to leave say that britain has treated them shabbily, they're not getting nearly back in benefits what they give in taxes, and they're just ticked off and want out. one of them said, we don't even flip over the queen. what is happening? >> that is because there is a false prophet called alex
1:39 pm
salmon -- >> the nationalist leader. >> he is the nationalist leader and he has sold them -- yes -- a pack of lies. actually the truth is that if you look at government spending per capita, we spent 1,800 pounds a head more on the scots than we spent on the englk5jy we have given them powers and allowed their mps to vote and operate in the westminster parliament on decisions -- >> are you worried about those concession? because the northern islanders might want the same thing and those in ways and, you make too mean dealed, you're in deep doo-doo. >> what has happened is, because mr. cameron, the leaders of the three established parties, or as i like to call them, legacy parties, because they were panicking, because their on an
1:40 pm
-- weak leadership, they literally signed a blank check. i'm sorry. but england makes up 86% of the population of the unite kingdom. i want a deal hereafter that is fair to northern island, wales, scotland, and england, and you'll hear a lot more about the english voice in british politic over the course of the next few weeks. >> this we'll watch very closely, as we will you. appreciate it, sir. >> thank you very much. >> another day, yet another arrest. does the nfl need a hail mary pass to save itself? tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home.
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1:44 pm
york giant in a positive way. >> when eli manning talks people tend to listen, at least the nfl hopes so, after seeing its third player in a week removed from his teen over domestic abuse charms, the latest arizona running back jonathan dwyer. grant says the league has got to do a lot more to counter the impression. it doesn't look good. bringing eli manning out is a step in the right direction. what now? >> they need clear, very clear rules, and life and in games there's clear rules. penalties and rewards. there's more personalities against hitting a quarterback in the nfl than there arelc against hitting children or spouses. >> but i always wonder if there's going to be hell to pay for the nfl, all the sponsors would be up and leaving now, but they get all high and mighty and say we find this horrible, but i have yet to see anyone leave.
1:45 pm
why is that? >> you mean the >> sponsors. >> oh, sponsors. there's too much money involved. that doesn't mean the brand, the nfl brand, is not being tarnished by not taking a stan. this is not about like eli manning says, about education. this is about clear, concise rules. you will be banned from the nfl if you are found guilty of domestic abuse, child abuse, or any type of physical abuse off the field. it should be just very clear, and a penalty so deep that these people will not use force off the field, which is what they're paid to do on the field. >> i don't think anything moves the needleéh unless a sponsor bolts. apparently the problem is, the sponsor gets annoyed, but the sponsor doesn't leave because someone will happily take a mcdonald's place or radisson hotel, and without the financial pressure, i don't think a lot is going to change.
1:46 pm
maybe i'm jaded. >> i think you're jaded, if you eaver that up to me. >> tell me one sponsor who has left. >> they haven't. why would they? they didn't commit the crime. the person that committed -- nor did the nfl. but the nfl commits a crime in not being clear about the reward and the penalty. they're paid to do well on the field. they should be penalized to create or cause crime off the field. it's just -- there's no clear law right now. if i'm going to lose $35 million contract i'm not going to hit people off the field. that's clear. it's unless the sponsor's roll, not holliday inn or an airline to say i'm not going to toys because of -- >> i go back to the sponsor thing. i i'm a sponsor and say i mean what i say but keep supporting the nfl, then i don't mean what i say and i'm a phony. >> neil, if you. go downstairs right now, hit somebody in the head, rupert will probably get
1:47 pm
rid of you. not your sponsors that should step up and say i'm never going to advertise on fox because neal cavuto popped somebody in the head. >> i wouldn't do that. >> of course, unless you ate too many doughnuts. >> thank you very much. it is not long now, british marketing giant isn't just fearing a yes vote. he is fearing a close one. after this. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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1:51 pm
the serf itai sir of italy. marketing giant, wbp group. how is it looking? >> it looks -- well, the people down south are saying, a small no vote. something like 53-47 as no. >> a little wider, i thought? >> that's i think -- >> that's the south. >> i think generally people are around that level we'll see. difficult to see pap close vote. >> close vote. >> people vote at the age of 16. were you asking before we came on-air, who were likely to vote yes, the younger people, with less at stake, probably less experienced, some people might say, will probably vote more for yes. the postal votes, from what i've heard, have come in, tend to be more established people. some people have gone abroad voting, tending to vote, i think, no, against separation. this use of the word independence, any adviser would
1:52 pm
say to the no vote, you should talk about separation and the cost of separation. >> when you talk those kind of numbers, i mean, that's a close vote. >> quebec was what? .3? 50.3? >> quebec separatists out in scotland. >> absolutely. and the orangemen out saying, stay in the younion. >> how did you feel about this personally? >> sad, actually. very interesting you say that. i saw a chancellor on the andrew mark program on bbc the sunday before last, and that was the time when george osborne said -- if you vote no, we'll give you a package of devolution measures. you'll get more power in scotland, and alex salmon and the party will get more power, irrespective whether the scots vote yes or no. >> people that don't know, your fine region, as well as you, simon is the guy that's really become the central of the
1:53 pm
nationalist movement. you a, goo wrgue, win or lose ct looking okay? >> on the assumption that it falls somewhere around sort of 3 3%, 4%, no vote in favor, i think he gains ground and scotland will get more power. now, there has been a -- i was looking at the interviews you were doing before. obviously, a severe miscalculation by the government in the terms of the referendum. highly unusual that would you have 16-year-olds voting. usually it would be 18-plus. >> couldn't anyone say that's a little nutty? >> well, i think even more, to use your word, nothing. wouldn't be my word, but ill-advised. >> sounds good when you say it like that. >> ill-advised i think. why did they have the no vote being the -- the vote to stay in? why wasn't that the yes vote? why did they have to have age? why didn't they have a third question on the ballot.
1:54 pm
what we call devo max. if you voted no, scotland still would get more powers as opposed to a yes or no vote. >> yes. very, very simple. let me ask you this, though -- i'm looking at this, at north america, at wales. what you did for them, you've got to do for me? >> i did something on skies, you'll be pleased to know. following me, a man from yorkshire that said yorkshire should be dissolved, separated. >> really? >> yes. quite bizarre. you are going to get not just in the uk but the catlands in spain, and noise about what's going to happen in -- >> even with defeat if it comes to that, that movement's alive and well? >> the other thing to understand, this is a political movement. economically, i think people agree the prices will rise. if there is a yes vote. prices will rise in scotland.
1:55 pm
unemployment will rise in scotland, and interest rates will raise because currency is a big issue. where the scot's use the pound? bank of england governor, says, no. >> scots say they k. they say they can but they won't be able to. in order to join the eu, which they want to, one of the terms, u.n. currency. the risk profile as a country,s 3ds 00 billion economy as opposed to close to $3 trillion as part of the uk changes markedly as a result of separation. >> did you think cameron is -- >> i heard a comment -- all i would say, and we're getting into tough territory here, is that -- >> that he could -- >> well, it's a possibility. i think probably not. i hate to disagree with rupert on his own channel, but -- >> is that your final -- no big deal. >> it does raise a qu5x]n.
1:56 pm
about why the terms of the referendum were as we discussed, and if you were a ceo of a company and a subsidiary or a large operating company or 10% of the company, 10% of the country disappeared overnight because of some miscalculation, you probably wouldn't keep your job as ceo. so there is something in what rupert says. whatever happens, the right wing of the -- you had nigel farage on this, great disruption, because he's attracted a lot of support. one conservative mp moving over to uk recently. so it's fractured the conservative party. scotland is interesting. about the fracturing of the labor party up in scotland as well. it's at the heartland of labor, and, of course, if scotland were separated ironically or paradoxically, the conservative party would end up -- >> that would be fine. >> be fine. >> see what happens in the election next year. cameron will have to wait for the general election next year.
1:57 pm
>> sir martin sorrell, thank you. >> sir neil, lord cavuto -- >> lord? i like that. class act. the voting, last few minutes. we shall see and provide live coverage on fox business network when we know for sure.
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o'reilly here. do american men and women react differently to the brute's terrorism seen in the muslim world? we'll talk about that. and ed henry on whether president obama will ever admit ground forces will to have fight isis.
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hello, everyone. i'm andrea tan tear roes along with bob beck, dana perino, eric bolling greg gutfield and kimberly guilfoyle. this is the fox five. we are just 47 days away from the midterm elections and there's serious in-fighting in the democratic party. the knives are out for one the most powerful female democrat, debbie wasserman shultz. a scathing report out today paints an ugly picture of the white house trying to remove debbie from the top spot at the dnc. today the white house was asked what it thought are ms. wasserman shultz and here's how josh earnest framed it. >> based


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