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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 18, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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advantage. mr. de blasio is said to go to scotland on our dime. he's a jerk. >> now, what's your evidence of that? >> that's it for us. "special report" up next. alarming new information tonight about terrorist threats to the united states. while a brutal terror plot is foiled by a crucial american ally. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. the terror threat, we have new insights into the plan to terror leaders for this country. we're also learning more about the disruption of a major attack planned for australia. meanwhile, today, the director of national intelligence, andq the head of the cia, tried to
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express just how serious the situation now is.7?" >> this is just one more demonstration that this is an international challenge. this is something that's going to be with us for a generation. >> this environment is composed of the most diverse array of threats, and challenges that i've seen in my 50-plus years in the intel business. >> we have team coverage from the white house. more details, and complaints about president obama's strategy of going on the offense against isis. we also have chilling new information on another terror threat from the middle east. but we begin with sky news reporter laura, and the harrowing story of the australian plot. >> in the dead of night, police honed in on their target. 800 investigators, forensic experts and tactical officers spanned out across sydney simultaneously hitting suburb after suburb. cars were searched, and some suspects were handcuffed and
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questioned at length. 15 people were arrested. >> police believe this group we have executed this operation on today had the intention and had started to carry out, planning to commit violent acts. >> reporter: this terror cell allegedly prepared to target australians randomly and carry out public executions. >> the violence was to be perpetrated on a member of the public, on the streets. >> reporter: planning to drape the victims in the isis flag, behead them, all the while to be broadcast the world over. these instructions coming from within senior ranks of islamic state. >> quite directfz6ñ exhortatio were coming from an australiani who is apparently quite senior ino"?ñ isil, to networks of sup back in australia. to conduct demonstration killings here in this country. >> reporter: the prime minister says the biggest terror raid in
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australia's history was a result of months of investigation and planning. >> this is not just suspicion. this is intense. >> reporter: 12 suburbs across western sydney were targeted, but it was in guilford that an extremist leader was caught. on his knees, handcuffed and surrounded by officers, azari was taken in and charged. >> he was engaged in preparing to commit a terrorist act. >> reporter: prosecutors alleged the 22-year-old was planning to shock, horrify, and terrify the community. which involved an unusual level of fanaticism. >> it was extreme violence. >> reporter: a phone conversation between9azari and a senior australian-based isis recruiter is a key part of the evidence. authorities are urging calm, but they know that many will be quite alarmed at the prospect of random acts of violence becoming a new form of terrorism. sky news. >> lawyer yeah jayes in sydney.
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there is still another terror @&h(lc% pose a major threat to the u.s. homeland. chief intelligence correspondent catherine has the inside information on that. >> reporter: british diplomatic officials asked not to identify the british hostage in the new isis video. he appears stressed and reads from a script where he denounces the u.s. strategy as unwinnable. there is a second terror group getting a foot hold in ?qrp they now acknowledge fighters they/ow acknowledge fighters network, many battle hardened, are in partner with the al qaeda affiliate. given the sense of the information, the top intelligence officer seemed to hesitate when asked if the group poses a risk equal to >> in terms of threat to the homeland, perhaps they do. the korzon group, so-called,
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which i guess is out there, is potentially yet another threat to the homeland. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe korazon includes the bomb maker who is behind the underwear bomb plot in 2009, and the printer cartridge bombs a year later. information about fresh floting re western passport holders to carry bombs, the tsa to change the security posture in july, called for increased scrutiny of cell phones and laptops on >> the groups are in competition with one another for attention, for fund-raising, for recruitment, and one way to compete is to show that you're the biggest and baddest group out there. >> reporter: there is renewed scrutiny of the southern border and whether isis sympathizers might pass from mexico into the
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u.s. one republican is going further. >> i have reason to believe on september 10th there were four individuals trying to cross through the texas border. who were apprehended at two different stations, that do have ties to known terrorist organizations in the middle east. are you not aware of that? >> i've heard reports to that effect. i don't know the accuracy of the reports, or how much credence to give them. >> new questions from fox, there was further clarification from secretary johnson who said there's no specific credible intelligence that isis is trying to penetrate the southern border, but there was nothing more from homeland security on those reported arrests. >> there were four, whether they were apprehended? >> there's something there. because people are being a little squirrelly about it, from my experience, but not being specific, at least publicly. >> catherine, thank you. preventing isis terror attack here by eliminating the threat over there has become a consuming and controversial task for president obama.
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both he and his advisers continue to face skepticism about their strategy, their commitment, and their semantics. here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: the white house edged closer today to air strikes in syria, as defense secretary chuck hagel revealed he and general martin dempsey has approved specific war plans which now await a green light from president obama, who was briefed on the details yesterday at u.s. central command by general lloyd austin. >> it includes targeted actions against isil safe havens in syria. including its command and control, logistics capabilities, and infrastructure. >> reporter: yet today the former commander of centcom said it's time for the president to show the military is all in. retired general jim mattis adding his voice to the drum beat of heavyweights, saying combat troops should not be off the table. >> we have the most skillful, the most -- the fiercest and
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certainly the most ethical ground forces in the world, and i don't think we should reassure the enemy in advance that they'll never face them. >> reporter: forcing top officials to scramble. and insist they have not been off message. >> the senior members of the president's national security team are on the same page always the commander in chief. >> the president, chairman dempsey, general austin and i are in full alignment on all of our objectives and our tactics, and our strategy. >> reporter: while the president and his aides continue to stress u.s. troops will not be part of a combat mission, they're fuzzier about whether they will be in a combat zone. >> it will depend exactly on what the scenario is, exactly how far the -- >> what do you do if you have the iraqi soldiers there, fighting isis, the president called these awful terrorists, and they're firing upon them, that sounds like a combat zone the u.s. troops are in. >> iraq is a very dangerous
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place. american military personnel will have the equipment they need to defend themselves. >> reporter: hagel takes heat from democrats, worried the strategy to arm and train the syrian rebels is too big. >> i find it pretty disturbing that we are having this hearing after we've taken a vote. because i don't think that the plan that i have seen was detailed enough to make me believe that your plan will work. >> reporter: general dempsey made more news today, telling the associated press it may take up to a year to train the syrian rebels. that's a key element of the president's strategy. they're signaling u.s. air strikes will come well before then. make sure to stick around for a very special throwback thursday panel. we'll welcome my predecessor brett hume. if you have a comment on the terror threats or questions for the panel, send me a twe
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tweet @brettbraer braer. will they stay or go? a report from scotland on an independence vote. the polls close there. here's what the fox affiliates are covering across tonight. in lynchburg, virginia, more surveillance videos in the search for a missing university of virginia student. police say they've looked at images from two businesses showing 18-year-old hannah graham and others the night she disappeared. yesterday they we leased two other videos showing her walking past the pub, and running past a service station. fox 10 in phoenix with the latest nfl player in trouble. cardinals running back jonathan dwyer was arrested yesterday on domestic violence charges. he is accused of attacking his wife, and 18-month-old son in two separate incidents in july. dwyer has been deactivated from the team. and this is a live look at bald mountain in california, from fox 40 in sacramento. the big story there tonight, as
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you can see, a wildfire raging out of control in the sierra foothills. it's forced nearly 3,000 people from their homes. police have arrested a 37-year-old man for starting that blaze. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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we are awaiting results later tonight from today's huge election in scotland. to decide whether that country remains in the united kingdom, or strikes out on its own. polls closed about an hour ago. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has the latest from edinburgh. >> reporter: they came out to answer one simple question, should scotland be an independent country? >> i believe in a scotland that puts its people first rather than geopolitical ideas. >> having more control over its
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own resources, more to the point, not being told what to do. not just offering us a lot of sweets to shut us up. >> reporter: they get more sweets than the english do. what will scotland do if the public candy gets taken away. >> all of our money comes from the uk research council which comes from the taxpayers. but scotland gets more money back from that than they put into it. >> reporter: scotland opened up today's vote to 16-year-olds, unprecedented in the uk. polls showed surprisingly most of the youngest voters want to stay with great britain. >> i think we need the support from england that we get. like i think our defense as well, we're so vulnerable to attacks. we've got no defense. >> reporter: while we await scotland's results, stay tuned for the next chapter of european separation anxiety.
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those bristling for their own independence, including the lands of barcelona hoping to leave spain in november, flocked to this northern isle to share in scotland's watnt. amy kellogg, fox news. this is a fox news alert. breaking political news in the u.s. that could affect the balance of power in the u.s. senate. the kansas supreme court has just ordered the state to remove the name of democrat chad taylor from the november ballot. taylor dropped out of the race earlier this month. that sets up a confrontation between republican incumbent pat roberts, and independent greg orman, who leads in this week's fox poll in the two-way battle. more on this race and others with the panel in just a bit. it's apparently very lopely at the top of the democratic national committee. anonymous sources are speaking out to several news organizations now, including this one, saying debbie
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watterman schultz is said to be disconnected from the president and putting her own political future ahead of the party. here's the allegations and the response. >> as chairman of the democratic national committee, debby wasserman schultz is at the tip of the spear, a spear she uses carelessly, critics say. this month she compared policies to domestic violence. >> they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. >> reporter: the republican governor's association called the comments appalling and shameful. she offered a luke-warm apology, quote, i shouldn't have used the words i used. but now, it's democrats who are turning on her. in a scathing article, politico states a donor, it's that she seems to keep shooting herself in the foot before she even gets the gun out of the holster. she wanted to get the dnc to buy her wardrobe. and that she's so disliked in the white house she's cut out of
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strategy meetings. the democratic leadership stood by her. >> she has all of our support. >> i'm always so impressed with her appearances on television. she's very, very good. but the ultimate decision regarding her is made by the president of the united states. >> the president has strong confidence in her ability to lead that organization. >> wasserman schultz tweeted, in 3 1/2 years, we've raised millions of dollars plus reelected a president. so proud to their this team. the attempt may be futile. >> somebody's got the long knives out for debbie wasserman schultz. what doesn't make sense is doing this six weeks before the election. >> this looks like it's coming from the white house to me. >> whether she survives may hinge not on the fund-raising skills, but the midterm elections. obamacare enrollment numbers are going backwards tonight. medicare administrator said 7.3
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million people have signed up. that is down from 8 million reported earlier. insurers say 10% of new policyholders failed to pay their first month's premium. next open enrollment period begins november 15th. on the markets, the dow gained 109 today to post another record close. the s&p 500 was up 10. the nasdaq finished ahead sbffñ. home depot says 56 million payment cards were affected by a data breach between april and september. it says it's eliminated the malware behind the attacks, and has enhanced ed inkripgs of consumer data. i talk live with the head of the foreign relations department for the kurdish regional government about the kurds' efforts to fight isil terrorists and what it means for the u.s.
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isis fighters have captured 21 kurdish villages in northern syria over the past 24 hours. kurds are engaged in fierce battles against the terror group in iraq. and in the syrian region. joining us now is the head of the department of foreign relations for the kurdish regional government. mr. minister, thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> first, can you paint a picture for people about what's happening on the ground, and how that fight is going. >> the situation on the ground has changed, with the air strikes it changed the balance of power, it changed the situation in the peshmerga. isis has been on the run and in defeat. what we are facing, we're facing
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a terrorist group that's international, therefore, we need to work together with the international community to defeat them. which goes in line with the strategies that have been announced to degrade isis. to achieve that objective, we have to have weapons, and support, so that we can achieve this goal. >> you know, here in the u.s., but when you ask do you want to send u.s. ground troops to iraq or syria, it's upside down, 55% oppose. can kurdish forces fight and beat isis without american forces on the ground? >> we already have done that. and we can do it. the peshmerga forces are reliable forces, are faithful forces. people who have confidence and people who believe in their
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cause. they will do it. but what weñyñ need is support, continued support in terms of the air strikes, but also heavy weaponry. tanks, apcs,>e> well, so far, we thank the international community and the united states who have come to support us. and the support that has been shown is great, and we're grateful for that. yes, there are some countries,
3:26 pm
including the united states, who have sent some weapons. but we have received light to small arms munition. what we are asking for is heavy weaponry in order to be able to achieve it. to be on the defensive, it's something to be on the offensive. to defeat them is something else. the kinds of weapons to be on the offensive and defeat isis is we are asking for heavy weaponry. some weapons have arrived, and we hope that some others are in the pipeline. but we have not yet received what we have been asking for. >> secretary kerry was asked about this on capitol hill today. they said they're following and adhering to u.s. law. and if they want to change and directly provide you heavy weapons, that congress is going to have to change the u.s. law. to not go through the baghdad government. do you believe that's going to happen? >> the situation is such that peshmerga is reliable, the legitimate forces, constitutional forces based on
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the constitution. part of the iraqi national defense system. now there is talk about arming the syrian rebels. >> there's a vote tonight. >> yeah. how come arming the peshmerga is different. we believe the kurds need the support of the united states. and we need the weapons that we have requested in order to achieve the objective. and to -- because we're fighting on behalf of the free world. we're fighting the terrorists. and we are alone on the ground. therefore, we have received some support, but that support has to continue. >> last thing quickly, the kurds agreed to be part of the government in baghdad for three months. what are you asking for to stay in the iraqi government after the three months? >> we will engage in the political process, and we want to prove to everybody that we want it to succeed. but since our demands were not met, due to the government in the negotiation process, we want to make clear that conditionally we have decided to join the
3:28 pm
government and have given the new cabinet a three-month period in order to sit down together and address the issues that are important for us. these are important issues. either we will become genuine partners, and go back to a truly meaningful federal system that ensures power sharing and wealth sharing, otherwise it will be difficult to go back to the same kind of approach that we faced in this previous cabinet. >> mr. minister, please keep us up to date. thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. we can tell you about today's special visit from ukraine's new president. what he wants. and what he'll get, next. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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ukraine's president took his case directly to the american people, and their leaders today. he's asking for major help in the still simmering conflict with russia over a big part of his country. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell tells us what the ukrainian leader is likely to take back home. >> reporter: president petro poroshenko told congress what's most important for ukraine is solidarity with the u.s. and the rest of the world. what he really came for, military and financial aid. >> please understand me correctly, one cannot win the war with blankets.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: there is bipartisan support for tighter sanctions on vladimir putin and russia's energy sector. and for easing europe's dependence on russia's energy supplykaj by ending a ban on u oil and gas exports that dates to the 1970s arab oil embargo. also for providing ukraine with heave year weapons to fight the russians. john boehner said the u.s. should, quote, provide meaningful military assistance, among $100 million in aid already provided and a commitment of $46 million more. a senate committee today unanimously approved a bill that would provide most of those things, but no way for poroshenko to add u.s. weapons to the fight. >> we are going to continue to help mobilize the international community towards a diplomatic situation. >> reporter: at the capitol, he made a personal thank you to mr. obama that was in his prepared
3:34 pm
remarks, but at the white house he said diplomacy is the only answer. >> the only way how we can ease the situation is a peace process. >> reporter: administration officials say privately, no amount of u.s. military aid would enable ukraine to defeat russia and the separatists. they frame it a bit differently. >> it would be challenging to provide all of the militaent ne level the playing field. >> u.s. officials will travel to the ukraine later this month on talks for the energy problems this winter. 70% of ukraine's natural gas comes from russia. >> wendell, thank you. the state department's inspector general said there's only limited progress in high-risk diplomatic posts around the world. that, you may remember, was one of the key recommendations after the benghazi attacks, but only 10 of the 25 new marine corps security units have been selected for high-threat posts.
3:35 pm
the others have been assigned low or medium-threat areas. the state says many high-risk posts do not have the specialized infrastructure necessary to host those units. the chairman of the house select benghazi committee said the cia's involvement in response to the attacks may have been, quote, simple negligence and not part of a conspiracy or cover-up. but he said he will pursue all angles. trey gowdy made that comment last night. he also said the panel's work is worth the effort, even if it does go back over ground that has been covered before. as for the controversial administration talking points, gowdy made a declarative statement. >> here's what i do know about the talking points. if you look at the different iterations from the initial talking point until the final product, in my judgment, every change that was made was calculated to cast the administration in a more favorable light. >> many ranking democrats
3:36 pm
responded, those allegations have already been addressed repeatedly by previous investigations. gowdy added, that so far, he has had what he called remarkably complete cooperation from the state department, on the production of documents. some of which have not been turned over until 2bbñú what the terrorists have planned for the u.s. and what they tried to do in australia. we'll talk about all of that with our special throwback thursday panel when we come back.=iñ
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thoughts on this case now for the editor of the woodly standard, and political correspondent of national public radio, and executive editor of roll call. fox contributors all. >> that was december of 2008. and we have brought the team back together. fred barnes, special throwback edition here to the panel.
3:40 pm
editor of the weekly standard. mara eli ason. thank you all" being here. >> thank you. >> exciting time to have you all back. this happened, as we've just received word up on capitol hill, the senate has voted to approve that stop gap spending bill as you look live at the senate floor, the": the bill is the cr funding the government through december 11th. but more importantly, for the white house, it also includes funding requested by the white house for syrian rebels fighting against isis. the senate voting on that house-passed version of this. and now it will go to the president to sign into law. we may hear from the president sometime on this. so with that, let's bring in the panel. so mort, what about this fight against isis and what the president here is trying to do, and with this just passing, what this says about the overall environment? >> you know, the situation with isis reminds me of one of my
3:41 pm
favorite movies, "independence d day" which fred and i were both in, by the way. if you remember the movie, there's this alien species that wants to kill everybody on earth. well, isis is sort of like that. it wants to kill everybody who's not them, or at least convert them. and so as in the movie, you have lots of people who have an interest in defeating them. so there's a potential big coalition that includes the saudis, and jordan, and it includes every shiite, including iran, and it includes the whole west. so what this potential coalition needs is leadership, which it has not had from barack obama. i think barack obama's got two years to prove that he's not a failed president. i'm sure he doesn't want to do this by being a war president, but this is what history has handed him. i mean, this outfit will butcher anybody who gets in its way. and it's got to be defeatzp%ç
3:42 pm
and he's going to have to do it. it may take boots on the ground. he should not be ruling that out. and, you know, he's got to convince this coalition, who doubts him, the saudis doubt him, everybody in the middle east doubts him, most of the americans doubt him, so he's got to convince them that he means business. >> mauera, there is remarkable unity on8a capitol hill. even this close to a midterm election. we don't have the final vote yet but it was 73-22, the last time we checked, it could shift. but that's kind of a ringing endorsement of arming the syrian the american public almost turned on a dime on this. they were, you know, big group -- the majority of the americans were saying we should do less abroad, no more foreign wars. the beheadings changed things. the president for a change of politics at the water's edge on this. now, he has to make it work.
3:43 pm
i think they've been pretty careful about how they've defined boots on the ground, and a big ground war. there will be boots on the ground, there are boots on the ground. there are almost 2,000 americans there right now, and there probably will be more. my question is, at what point does it get to be too many boots on the ground for the public to support. i think we have a very long way to go to get there. >> the president will make a statement tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern time, you'll see it here on fox, coming from the white house, a statement after this vote in the senate. your thoughts? >> i wish he would make a statement it's clearer than some of his statements so far. unfortunately military planners who are planning what american forces do in iraq, in particular, don't know what -- really what the president wants, how he wants this to end, this fight against isis. they don't trust the idea of training syrian troops. many of them regard it that the president leans on this, while we have the syrian troops we've
3:44 pm
trained, so we don't need american troops on the ground. we don't need american soldiers who are actually doing the fighting, combat soldiers. and these syrians, of course, who were in -- fighting against the assad government in syria, are a very devious group. many believe that they've had to make an arrangement with jihadists just to stay alive in syria. they're not the moderates they're touted to be. of course, there's stim the contradiction that mort talked about. every military person i've talked to says, you can't win without american boots on the ground.w not 2,000 who are just trying to help the iraqi troops or something. not 100,000, but a lot more than obama has in mind. you can't win without them. and obama keeps saying, we're not going to have them. >> let's listen to the white house today. jonathan karl from answer pressing on the semantics issue about boots on the ground.
3:45 pm
>> it would be troops serving on the ground, wearing boots, i assume, they would be combat ready, i know it would be in the line of fire. how are you not considering these troops? >> well, again, john, in a variety of ways. the first is they're not responsible for going in and occupying large swaths of iraqi territory. they're not in a position where we're certainly not talking about 140,000 or 150,000 of them. and wd not talking about their principal responsibility being to directly and personally engage the enemy in combat. they are not in a combat role. >> this has evolved, mort, this defining it. >> but this is not leadership. this is not war. if this outfit is worthy of going to war against, then you shouldn't just get an authorization to spend some money to help some people in
3:46 pm
syria. you ought to go straight out and get an authorization to go to war against isis. from congress. and that's what congress should be voting. >> would they vote for it? >> yeah, i think they'll vote for it. as in australia today, where they arrested some people who were -- who allegedly were going to behead people, something is going to happen in the united states. you know it's going to happen. and if isis doesn't do it directly, it's going to inspire somebody to do it. and it could be that obama is waiting for that to happen. and then, you know, there will be the political backing to do anything that he wants to do. i don't think he ought to wait for that. i think he ought to lead and get us on our way. we've got to go. >> last word, mara, on this. >> i think the president is where the american public is, he doesn't want to get out ahead too much. but i agree, if there's a september 11th style attack, this is what general dempsey was talking about, then, of course, this thing will change. and there will be more combat troops. next up, the election
3:47 pm
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call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. this is a race that clearly the whole country is watching. colorado could tip it back to the republicans. the fact that it's 48-40 right now is a shot in the arm for the gop. >> that's quinnipiac showing the republican up on the incumbent democrat by eight points. that's a real turn around. it's essentially a tie, looking
3:51 pm
at all of the polls. but look at these issues. the cbs/"new york times" poll has alt issues listed here. and all of them are trending the republicans' way, as you get ready for these midmidterms. you see all of these, except immigration, which is essentially split. and then health care goes back towards the democratic party. fred, what about this? is it shaping up, as you look at the landscape one way? >> well, at the moment, yes, but you have to remember one thing. a lot of these polls look better for republicans because they are now polling likely voters rather than just registered voters. when you have likely voters in a midterm election in particular, they're going to be more conservative, older and more republican. so republicans like in colorado are doing better. and joni ernst in iowa are doing
3:52 pm
better. but things do seem to be moving in a republican direction. if this keeps up, it will be very difficult for republicans not to win a majority in the senate. you know they're going to win these three states, montana, south dakota and west virginia. then you have some that are in the margin of error or better for republicans. they'll probably win more than three. >> one more race going the other way is kansas. the breaking news is the supreme court says the dem ballot canno. >> this is an unbelievable story. this is the deepest of red states, kansas where the republican party is having a war with itself, moderates versus tea party, basically. it's a three-way race. the independent was beating in
3:53 pm
polls. the democrat said i'm going to get out to help defeat pat roberts. first the secretary of state says no, no, no. you have to keep your name on the ballot. now he says you can go. that is a huge boost to democrats. there are probably another three more, arkansas, alaska and nebraska and they've got to hold on and get one other place, maybe kansas and i don't think it's as likely, but georgia. so the democrats have an extremely tough hill to climb. >> and obama's poll numbers are terrible. that's a big drag on the democrats too. the chances are that the republicans would have to do something horribly foolish, which they don't seem to be doing between now and the election to lose it. but this kansas situation could be the beginning of something interesting. there's a dartmouth professor who has written a book and formed something called the centrist party, and his idea is
3:54 pm
not to capture the presidency but to get a gang in the senate, maybe, take probably seven to be the balance of power. and there have been gangs in the senate before that have done good things. you get this independent core. and you know, you build on this. and you, you know, you create a balance power situation. and get things done. it's not going to braeak the polarization soon. angus king votes with the democrats. and this guy orman, who is an independent, is not going to win in kansas. >> listen -- >> republicans are going to say, look, he won't answer because he's going to be with the democrats m he democrats. he's going to be with obama. and remember, who are the big political force in kansas? the koch brothers.
3:55 pm
they live there. >> so you think that that -- >> i think that as weak as the republican senator there, the incumbent is, he's going to win, rather easily. arkansas, but they were states that obama won. the fact that these might be turning, that's the beginning of a wavelet, if not a tsunami. >> is this the soccer mom feel, does it feel like security is going to factor into these midterms quickly? >> this could help obama if he was seen as doing something about it and as a leader, but right now everybody thinks he's weak. >> harry reid has hurt a lot of incumbent democrats, because he's not let the senate do
3:56 pm
anything. they've accomplished nothing. marc udall, what can he say he's done in the senate recently? they haven't don] can't claim a. >> it's always great to have the bell w beltway boys back. throwback thursday continues after this break. first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you.
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finally tonight, we thought we'd end our special throwback thursday with brit hume in the anchor chair. >> novak was cited for failing to yield the right-of-way. >> the fox all-star described what he did. and we have some thoughts from a couple eager guys who couldn't wait to get in here, fred barnes, and the executive editor of roll call. >> just walked in there. >> a hommoment in television.
4:00 pm
>> thank you for coming, we look forward to the book. we're going to wait for the president from the white house. fair, balanced and unafraid. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. president obama's about to speak at the white house. let's go to bret baier. looks like the senate has now passed its continuing resolution to fund the government since december 11. >> yes. >> i guess we have not yet connected with brett next door, so i'll tell everybody. the 22. the government will be funded through december 11. there will be no shutdown as of october 1. the senate has essentially adopted the housef1o version. and now we are standing by for th


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