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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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saturday september 20th i am julie bandaras. huckabee starts right now. i will see you same time, same police, same network. fox. >> are we any closer to knowing what the obama administration strategy for dealing with iowa sis is? does the administration have a strategy or a clue? can the u.s. stopped suspected american born terrorist from reentering the country. and the democrats are fuelling up the war on women talk. i will ask women what they want. and rock and roll legend sam moore with a tribute to the late george jones. that and more tonight "huckabee." j'kfh ♪ hello, everybody, i am mike
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huckabee. thank you for joining us. no one expects a president to be perfect. we understand they have flaws and it is for something they say or the way they say. it and a turn or phrase that haunts them forever. >> it depends upon on what the meaning of the word "is" is. and sometimes it can be charming or human highsing. fool me once shame ov.qyo you. fool me, you can't get fooled again! >> but sometimes one has to wond fertilizer president will keep from being straightforward. >> as your commander in chief. i will not commit you and armed forces to fighting another ground war. >> but then people leave the dorwide open. >> there are threats to the united states, i would go back
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to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of military ç >> after that, the president was forced to promise, read my lips, no new wars. well, until there is orth one. president obama can't figure out if we are in a war or just a counter terrorism action be. last week on our show. retired general garener was not fuzzy at all. >> if we are sending soldiers and air and sailors over to fight and be killed, then we are at war. >> president obama and his people are all about avoiding the "w" word. >> you know, i am going to answer that mr. chairman. this ought to be simple. you know? >> please. >> we are debating the what do
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you call it war. >> it is not a war like iraq. >> forç heaven sakes, secretar kerry. what is it? >> what is it? it locks like idiots. if president obama had been president in december 7th, 1941. we have had an unfortunate misunderstanding with the jap nose. airplanes from japan got carried away in mischief and we might have lost our float. we are not exactly the at war but we might to have bust them up a bit. look, there is something called the fog of war. once it starts, it is chaos and confusion. this is the first time the fog is whether we are at war. the president wants to be clear. >> let me be clear. let me be chlor.
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>> well, okay. maybe he just doesn't know what that means. >> are we clear? >> that my friend is clarity. >> they are called for humanitarian missions. send 3,000 troops. our armed forces are not trained to serve as hospital orderly. but overwhelm enemies with massive force. we have operated in iraq and afghanistan with limited force and that has unclear objectivesn toous them for anything less than the type of operation that makes the world scared to death. >> we learn on the grade school and playground, the bully never messes with the kid that can
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kick his but the. he messes with the one that can't or won't. we need to be the nation that no one wants to "úypoke. if someone broke in my house and threaten my family. i would use the strongest weapon by the way i have an arsenal of weapons and i would not hesitate to use them to stop an intruder. not to tell the police to come and stop the bad guy but wro where to come and pick up the carcass of the one that tried to hurt my loved ones. now. yes, i might be able to yell at them and hit them with a baseball bat or throw a knife or run from them. i am more confident in a couple of friends named smith and wesson. don't have a military because we want to use them.
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but we have them there will be no doubt about the outcome and there is it nothing unclear about that. (applause) as we saw on tuesday, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told the armed services committee he could ask the president to put ground troops in iraq. on wednesday, secretary of state john kerry was asked if it becomes clear the only way to ground would the president consider the recommendation. >> the president will not put american ground troops in iraq. i understand the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff whose job perspective and the president made the judgment that is not in the cards and that's where we ñ are. >> joining me is colonel
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hampton. appreciate you being here. >> thank you, governor. good to be here. >> colonel four different military generals and experts said we really can'tyyygo in an destroy isis with only air power. there has to be some type of combat action on the ground, agree or disagree? >> i agree, but i would say they don't have to be american boots on the ground. you are right. you can't win the war from the air. we tried it in the gulf wars and the 50 years in the vietnam war. it doesn't work. air power used in conjunction with bootses on the ground will work but they have to get the objective right and goals right before they get serious or there will be a lot of shiny cofins coming back. >> one of the things we are concerned about.
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there is a muddled message of whether it is a war- like action or what else is that. they are shooting to kill people what can you call it other than a war and from your perspective as a warrior, does it matter? >> it doesn't matter to me when i am there and i have no ethiccal or moral for the fight i was n. but it does matter in the larger political stand point and what happens afterwards. there was no plan after the war because no one would admit from two where are 03 and 2011 that there was a war going on. if the kerry, obama and bide boyd doesn't know what to call this then we ought not to commit until we can. >> no one in the pentagon is being listened to in the white
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house or state department. you are retired. you canç get away with this. is there not a point in which senior military people will have to say i will resign and i am not going to follow orders that don't make sense. will we see that happen? >> boy, i sure;uut so. i was never a general officer. i didn't want to deal with that and i have to believe that some of them would rather fall on their sword than be a part of something that doesn't make sense. you talk about the fog of war. we are used to that on the battlefield. but you don't want fog generated from your own side. and that's what is coming out of the white house is pure fog. >> we'll talk aboiran. they have offered a level of assistance, how can we trust them and their government. not their people. but their government.
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how can we trust them. >> they might say the same thing about us. at this point in history. it is time pragmatic about our allous including syria. the iranians never had an issue with us until the 'sechts and the shah and they know they have a problem with the majority of their population too young to remember that. they have a economic problem that would choke a horse and we have the answers to that. i am not saying unconditionally give in or trust them. you don't really trust anybody. there is rom there and they could be a big help. and finstance. their economy. and we can resolve that under the condition this they are not funding terrorism anymore. and cut the knees off hesbollah
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and half dozen other terrorist fund. i think they would do that in a chance to be involved in this and international recognition. they are like syria isis is closer to home for them than us. >> considering how much funding with hamas and hesbollah and wiping israel from the face of the map. i hope there can be something. i would be reluctant unless they repudiate the comments on israel and eliminate the checkbook. great to have you back and thanks for joining us tonight. >> it is always a pleasure. >> and so what can our government do to prevent americans who travel back and forth to iraq and syria and cam back as they please? i will ask the former lawxyw.w
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>> thousands of form fighters including europeans and americans travelled to the syria with passports that give them relative freedom of movement. these fighters can exploit isil safe haven and carry out attacks against the united states and europe. >> that was defense secretary chuck hagel in the house and home land security hearing. what can the government do to from returning to the country to harm her. joining me is allen. >> thank you. professor great to have you
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here. there is a lot of unique implications of dealing with people who come back and forth to the united states. one of the toughest questions, american passport and citizen, how do we prevent them from coming back in the u.s. if they joined up with isis? >> the war on terrorism is unique. and the framers of the constitution didn't have that in mind and we have to adapt laws, even interpretations of the constitution to the new realities. we have to have ways to prevent our citizens from going abroad with passports and training to be thers terrorist and coming back and blowing up time square and great places in america. we start with that and there has to be a way to do. it how do we interpert the constitution and pass legislation and protect ourselves. >> do we have that capacity or do we need to go to congress and
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get an k[update here and keep these[ >> all three branches of the government have to cooperate. we have to legislation that is used andç we have to have judiciary that approves it. >> is there's way a president can suspend the passport privileges. >> yes, it is not easy. if you are an american citizen if you are a born american citizen or naturalized and you are naturalized by fraud. you can have your citizenship removed. and if you are there is a strong basis. & you can have it suspended or go to court and in the end. thewvy1z courts will figure out
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a pragmatic people. it is adaptable. and due process. the process and reasonable expectation of privacy and all of those phrases are in there to give us flex sxiblt the right to be safe and have our children protected is vindicated by the constitution. i about where that line is suspepping people's civil liberties. and civil liberties can we meet the balance. >> democracy fights terrorism with one hand behind their back. just before 9/11. he said i{ai god forbid terror came. there is only one country to
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learn from. israel has managed to preserve civil liberties and fight terrorism. they don't have a written constitution and we do. isis is very similar to hamas. they use terrorism and use the media and what i call and look at terror tunnets that is about the war on terrorism in israel and use the dead baby strategy and put their children in harms way and induce israel to fire and kill children and hold them up to the media and they are embedding their soldiers among civilians. we'll have to learn how to fight the scourge of terrorism with the only democracy in the middle east. what country is providing more help than jordan and saudi arabia and iran is israel. they can't surface because they
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don't want to make it seem like a american- israeli fight. >> by the way, the audience can down look terror tunnels for saturday only. free. >> free. that's right. otherwise you have to pay for. it five bucks. >> it is worth paying for it. on rosetta book app. i hope you will get it. >> my pleasure to talk to you, thank you. >> coming up, both an israeli fighter pilot who is a former navy fighter pilot will tell us about the measures they take to avoid killing civilians.
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>> the death of innocent people
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is often an unavoidable consequence of war. what can be do=%joy to reduce t deaths. in israel i spent the afternoon in the air base and briefed on the efforts made by the israeli defense force to protect innocent civilians. i spoke to an active fighter pilot of the israeli air force. we protected his identity. i asked him about finding the target and knowing innocent lives at risk. >> this is something that we don't want to kill innocent people who are notyd!=) involve the conflict and we will not hurt them. nwalk me through the stepsipj80 the israeli air force will take to keep from hurting a civilian. >>
5:25 pm
>> i look at the hamas and i see they go after the civilian targets and their rockets are fired on purpose to hurt the civilians. what makes the mentality and the mind set, the ethos of the israeli pilot and idf forces different. >> i can't tell you why they are different.
5:26 pm
am not a psychologist. but what i can tell you. i cannot think of throwing a bomb. in the building without knowing that all of the steps that i took before took place. wecant do. it we cannot shoot just at a position and hope for the best. >> fox news correspondent served as a fighter pilot prior to her tv career. i asked her if the links air force was. >> it is responsible what they are doing and if it is true they call neighbors and say we are about to hit the building is extraordinary. we haven't done that in our military. but we are careful to prevent
5:27 pm
collateral damage and expectation we to not kill civilians. >> what i posed to the israeli4 commander. what point does he have the authority to go on or pull. i want;ee>v your reaction to hi answer. >> in spite the orders, it is the pilot's discretion if the pilot feels that someone who is not a legitimate military target could be in the way, you have the discretion? >> 100 percent right. >> and your government backs you to say do everything you can to protect human life on the ground. >> you are 100 percent right. i myself flew a couple of missions which i took off with ammunition and landed with the sameb/5rñ amount of ammunition because the conditions weren't
5:28 pm
made out for a shot. >> israelis say they have authority in the cockpit. if they approach a target and it is identified and they arrive or see or feel there are civilians they pull off. contrast that with the american military pilots. where is the authority? does the pilot have the ultimate decision- making pour in that moment? >> the pilot does have the ultimate decision making power. we as orders are expected to be leaders and trained to make those decisions in the last second. i would never feel uncomfortable bringing back a bomb i didn't drop because i didn't feel it was the right decision to make. there is expectation that we will make those decisions as they happen. and we'll bring it back if there is thought of dropping on
5:29 pm
innocent civilians. hñhb i look at it as three different types of target. there is something that is a preplanned strike mission and we knew the target and had radar imagery and look at a gps guided bomb to hit that target and even a line that goes in the target on to it avoid hitting mosques and schools and that type of a thing. that is what we call a surgical strike. and then close air support where we have troops on the ground. they tell us when we are cleared. they are our eyes on the game and telling us we are aimed and we will not hit civilians and we hear from the person who his eyes on the target. if we see a school bus. our leaders would rather have us come back with bombs than take
5:30 pm
the chance of killing civilian. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> democrat hillary clinton debbie wasserman schultz is turning up the war on women # rhetoric. are women buying it. stay with us. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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[ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> i julia bandaras. a survivalist on the run in pennsylvania. eric frein killed one trooper and wounded another. police are searching the mountains where frein lives with two towns.
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1,000 volunteers digging for answers as they search for a missing student hannah graham. police have searched the home and car of one man who may have been with hannah before she vanished. the man was released for lack of evidence. i am julie bandaras and now back to huckabee and deputy to fox nows.comfor your head lines. >> well, on friday, the dnc held the annual leadership form. and i want to know how conservative women feel about the theme. joining me author of the new book. what women really want. it is so good to have you guys here. >> thank you. >> your book is a huge hit and
5:35 pm
people are reading it and i feel fortunate. i got all three of the authors here at the same time. >> yeah. >> let's jump in the war on women stuff. do you think the democrats have worn that out? >> it worked in 2012, but i believe it is get stale. this years a turning point not only for women but men as well. because everything that we have sewn going on in the world, the attention focused on isis, i think the attention focused on the illegal border crossings and how that is affecting parents with school children coming in their community, i think all of these things are much more important to men and women than the old rhetoric that the democrats are using in 2012. i think the people are more interested than in just 15 or 30
5:36 pm
birth control. >> i always thought it insulting for people as if they didn't care about good jobs and schools. and limiting. the women i know are more complex and much more intelligent and carry a larger spectrum of issues. dr. gina were you ofended that the democrats limited it to the reproductive issues? >> i am offended. i hope we can turn it in a positive. z and democrats that have seen what they got what they bargained for. and the old feminist baggage that they can see what 50 year was bra burning is emas can youated sxñculture. > and we have a godless culture. that is a problem. i hope the gop can incorporate.
5:37 pm
there needs to be a war for women. women need husbands and children needs father little and america needs god. (applause) >> powerful message that we will not hear from the democrats, i am sure. in fact elizabeth tweeted out. republicans voted against equal pay. unreal. how unrole is it. what is the message. are the republicans against equal pay. i am a republican and not against equal pay. >> i am glad elizabeth warren is excited about something. they wantç to talk about first world problems have at. it under their watch they need to focus on something that can affect us here. and don't forget who is watch it was under the and now the
5:38 pm
democrats are going to nominate her to be their president? (applause) morgan. back to equal pay. we found out among the women in the senate and democrats in the senate. they pay women less than men and in the white house among the staffers. they are paid less. women are paid less. how do they get away with that? >> they have the media on their side. and they can put the mantra out there and speak it any time they want. i am with fbkqñyou. you look at it. and they are picking on issues that they think are going to devoid the country and that's what they do. women, all women have common ground. they want to find common ground and i believe they have it, but the politicians want to divide us in such a way for their political gain and i think that is all they are notting to do because we as women, even my
5:39 pm
friends who are democrats, we have common ground. we are all looking to help our families, save this country, and do the right thing. we all do. and so we all want that. >> if you ask women on either side of the fence. we encourage6ñ[wf them in our b what do women really want? we are told we have to say that a lot. what we encourage them to do, if someone talks about birth control, any back and say would you be okay with the irs targeting your family for no reason. would you be okay with your grandfather not being treated in the va or put on a list. would you be okay if your family member was killed in benghazi and no one is holding anyone accountable? >> stay with us, when we come back, we want to continue with our authors. this is a phenomenal book and it is it a run away best seller.
5:40 pm
i know it says what women want. i would recommend men read it as well. it is not just a book for women. it might be a better book for men. democrats don't seem to know what women want and what they know less with the history of the country. they don't know the role that god played in our nation history. there is an animated series about young time travellers who learn about america's past. look at god's role in history. with free, for all of the details. said they need to get their house in order but don't know how yet. just like the obama administration. i will ask our ladies what they need to do, that's next. ♪ ♪ guys! you're not gonna believe this!
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join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here. >> after an increasing number of domestic violence cases involving nfl players were made public. under the fire commissioner roger goodell said the leaguels performing partnerships with anti- violence groups. it is great to see you guys back and a 3r nbrand new book "what womeneúux
5:45 pm
want. >> what women really want. >>ñ>ps÷ what do women want out e nfl. it is important that the nfl has a connection to women and not just men. what do women want out of the investigation and nfl. dr. gina start with you on that? >> i appreciate. that my background is in psycheicology as you know. and what happened in the last 50 years of old feminism they try to say men and women are the same. your audience can look at you and i, and realize we are not the same. they had the american psychological association who wnñó< along with it and said there is no difference between men and women. and it muddies the waters. she hit him, too. do we say that that is the same thing. no, he isç 200 pounds heavier
5:46 pm
there and i think there needs to be protection. harken back titanic, women and children first. on the subway today no seat for a women. there is a difference between them. i think we miss something when we understand there is a difference between equal and value and not necessarily sameness. equality and sameness are not the same thing. we are equal in worth and value but not the same. and the french say viva uovuñla difference. >> going back to what dr. gina said. we have to remember where our culture is going and where it is going in the past decades. i was anactress and i grew up in hollywood, and i saw the
5:47 pm
degradation of our culture. there is a culture of violence. it is like it is almost like it is okay. and looking in the nfl in a way, it is like, they swept it under the rug a bit like it didn't matter that much. but it does matter. no one should be allowed to hit a woman like that. and women need to stand up as welltv0k, and they need to dema respect as well. >> there has to be accountable for action and especially public figures. for decades, celebrities have gotten away literally with murder. and instead of punished, they are given reality shoes and rewarded for bad action. and there is a time- honored tradition in america, do not hit a woman ever. >> this is why the book is selling so well and people are
5:48 pm
reading what women really want. great to have you here. it is a pleasure. be sure to get their book, you are going to love it. the original soul man, sam moore will join forces with grass group nu- bu. to pay tribute to george jones. the performance review.
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joining sussam moore nu- blu. great to have you here today. you have a remarkable music career and what drew you to a peculiar piece. and oh, my god. george. complex but talent unbeaten. >> what is it about the song that speaks to people? >> i think that it is showing george in thedwlrú light of who was. it doesn't try to make excuses or any bold statement. this is the man and the
5:53 pm
remarkabremark talent he was. let's do jesus and jones. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ applause ] >> boy, i love that song, "jesus and jones." and i want to say to nancy jones, god bless you. we sang that for you. we love george. we'll always miss him, but we'll always have him in our hearts and this song will help us to do just that. we'll be back with some closing thoughts right after this. ♪ amazing grace and his sweet sound ♪ powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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well, that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine." hello, and welcome to "justice." i'm judge janine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. tonight america faces the single biggest threat in her more than 200 year history. worse than what we faced in world war i, world war ii, the attack on pearl harbor and al qaeda on 9/11. i'm telling you, isis is not already on american soil will be here. they are coming. whether they come as a legion or lone wolf, the damage will be painful and it will be extensive. it will happen here on our soil.


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