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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 22, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"the real story with gretchen carlson" starts now. >> thanks, guys. an alert to tell you about now, word of an alarming revelation from the obama administration for the first time admitting some americans fighting with isis overseas have returned now to the united states. so, what does that mean for our safety here? hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson and we are here to bring you the real story today. we are starting live at the white house, amid reports that an unknown number of these 100 americans who avenue traveled to the middle east, and joined terror groups like isis, have now come back home. unfortunately, they are just a
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drop in the bucket when it comes to foreign fighters joining up with isis, because, right now, numbers are like 15,000 of them. and now, president obama wants the united nations to get involved to adopt a resolution that would set international standards to prevent and suppress terror recruiting by prosecuting those who travel abroad to join the terror organization or help them in their own country by raising funds. >> these individuals could decide to return to their home country and possibly carry outment a acts of violence and what the president hopes to accomplish in the context of the u.n. security council meeting is to have a discussion about what kinds of global standards can be put in place to mitigate the threat from these individuals. >> national security correspondent, jennifer griffin, live for us at the pentagon. jennifer park the white house just concluded that background briefing on u.s. foreign fighters who may have come back here to the u.s. after being trained by isis. what did they say? >> gretchen, an alarming warning from a senior administration official for the first time that some of the 100 americans who traveled to syria for training
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with isis are already back in the united states. "some who have gone to syria, some who have tried to go and some who have come back and are under active fbi surveillance." >> these are individuals who have been trained. these are individuals who have access to military equipment and they are individuals who have indicated a willingness to die for their cause. >> american jihadists like this american with a midwestern, perhaps minnesotan accent, who appeared in an isis propaganda video released friday. this american-accented fighter is then seen executing syrian troops near raqqa. the administration estimates that of the 15,000 foreign fighters who have gone to syria to fight, 2,000 are from europe. this is the first time we have heard the administration admit that some of those 100 americans who went to fight are already back in the u.s., gretchen. >> this raises so many questions now. i want to move on to what else josh earnest talked become the united nations getting involved.
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how unusual is it for the president to chair a u.n. security council meeting? it is extremely unusual. only the second time ever that a u.s. president has chaired such a security council meeting, both times, it was president obama who has done so. the reason, we are told, that he is doing so is to draw attention to how serious the foreign fighter threat is in terms of isis. europe and the united states have begun tight upping restrictions on those who go to syria and try to return home. the hope ahead of wednesday's security council meeting is that saudi arabia, qatar and turkey will now do the same, since it is mostly foreign jihadists from those countries that are joining isis, gretchen. >> jennifer griffin, live for us at the pentagon. thank you. so a new call to arms from isis to its supporters as the terror group makes it clear it is ready to fight the u.s. in any of the countries that join in the air strikes against them. the chilling message seems to mock the united states' decision not to send ground troops, saying "our america and all its allies from amongst the
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crusaders and atheists unable to come down to the ground? you will not feel secure even in your bedrooms." joining me now, mia bloom with the center for terrorism and security studies. mia, i've got to get your take on this breaking news that's happening right now, of these 100 american citizens who have gone over to be trained by isis overseas, the administration, for the first time, now admitting within the hour that some of those americans have come back home. what are we to make of that? is >> it could be one of several thing also, some of the people may have left because they were disyou will luciened and these wouldn't necessarily be dangerous. they actually would come back and be very unhappy with the if a act that they joined the fight in order to fight bashar al assad and ended up killing other muslims. but i do think that we have to be concerned about having domestic cells and having acts of terrorism within the united states so i'm assuming that the fbi knows who the people are and they will be keeping very close tabs on them. >> well, i guess anyone watching
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right now hopes that the fbi knows who they are, because there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not we should change our system of allowing people back into this country with regard to visas and that sort of a thing. what's your stance on that? >> well, i've actually been to syria and you are not going to have a syrian visa for the people who are foreign fighters. you will have visas going to egypt or turkey or jordan. so, basically, anyone who is coming back from those countries is generally scrutinized by the department of homeland security as they come through. you know, they have a set idea of what to look for. so i do think that anyone coming through borders, the department of homeland security does a very good job of screening and they will ask the right questions. >> what do you make of this new video now, isis, isil, whatever you want to call it, keeps threatening the united states and in this latest message, basically, mocking us, saying, hey, everyone in your with bedrooms, you should be scared. >> you know, the whole idea of
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terrorism is to get countries to overreact, because when countries overreact and cause, say, additional civilian casualties, that's how they recruit. so actually, i see this as the fact that isil is on the decline. they are having problems. they are in -- they are unable to show their strength and so they are trying to basically get the united states into a fight, throwing down the gauntlet. and i don't think we have to respond in the way that they want us to respond. >> well, that's very interesting. so, 'cause as we have seen more and more of these beheadings happening, it's interesting for somebody like yourself, an expert in this field, to think that actually they may be back on their heels. why do you feel that way? >> well, you know, you said 15,000 foreign fighters and you were correct in saying that the majority of those foreign fighters are not european or north american. the majority of the foreign fighters are local, from other arab countries or from turkey and the gulf. they may be having a hard time recruiting people and so what
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they need to do is they need us to do something that they can exploit for propaganda purposes. >> mia bloom, a great insights today, thank you so much for your thoughts. well, she wouldn't testify in front of congress, eventually taking the fifth, after saying she had done nothing wrong, but now former irs official lois learner breaking her silence in an interview. learner speaking out for the first time since refusing to testify about the tea party targeting scandal, telling politico, she is not a political person. and there's stale lot we don't know. as for the suspicious disappearance of her missing e-mail, she says, "how would i know two years ahead of time that it would be important for me to destroy e-mails and if i did know that, why wouldn't i have destroyed the other ones they keep releasing?" , fox news digital politics editor, all right, chris, a lot to chomp on here. why would lois learner given a interview to politico but she wouldn't testify in front of congress? >> well, she gave the interview
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like she was testifying. she was flanked by attorneys as she did the interview obviously, this was not undertaken lightly. one would have to think she probably is feeling a lot of weight and the weight that she is feeling is it's not just her or -- it's not just what house republicans might do, it is the fact that there is a criminal investigation somewhere out there in the justice department and she maybe setting up sort of as the fallgal, fall guy forth whole ordeal. for democrats, it would be good to personalize this for learner, not broad-based corruption, there was a problem with her. >> right. >> this woman put everything on her, let republicans claim victory and then move on and close the book on larger corruption. >> it's interesting that you say that, that was the first thing i thought when i read her quote that she said she was not a political person. >> mm-hmm. >> if we are to believe she is not a political person then the next thing you might think is maybe she is setting up to think somebody told her to do this,
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right? >> that's possible. one of the things here is the republicans need something to offer her, the investigators in the house, darrell issa and company, need something to offer her new york the a credible threat. to this point, she said i'm not going to tell you anything because i'm under criminal investigation and then she said, but as long as the criminal investigation is not forthcoming, she gets to exist in sort of this legal limbo, so she is not testifying, she doesn't want to incriminate herself, as long as there's no actual charges, she continues to go on this way. but if somebody is perjuring, if somebody is not telling the truth, somebody's in contempt of congress, that creates new leverage, maybe she is thinking about what republicans might be doing to her and she needs to get right and get out. >> a lot of people at home is like why doesn't she just tell the truth? might be the first place to start. >> this is washington. >> true. she does say in the interview, there's a lot more that we don't know. what are we supposed to make of that? >> well, pro belie -- probably what she means is that a lot
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more we don't know is how complicated and difficult and how hard it is for everybody there. also probably sending a message to those in the obama administration hoping she takes the heat and she says i know more and maybe i will tell one day depending on who gives me the best deal. >> wow, very interesting developments, chris stirewa will. t, thanks very much, have a great week. >> you bet. another former white house insider slams president obama saying the u.s. is paying the price for not arming syrian rebels sooner. this time, the critic is former defense secretary, leon panetta. plus, pennsylvania's governor predicting a cop killer will be captured, as investigators focus on some rugged terrain in their search for that survivalist. and getting a little down-home down south. louisiana senator, mary landrieu, apparently trying to win some voters over, one drink at a time. how she ended up involved in this keg stand. oh, my. when we return.
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welcome back do the real story, an investigation under with a my a deadly tour bus crash in delaware. it was heading back from new york city from a sightseeinging tour in washington, d.c. police say it overturned while heading toward an off-ramp, slid down an embankment, landing on its left side, two people were killed in this accident, dozens hurt. police now interviewing the driver, who was not critically injured. investigators examining the bus for some sort of a mechanical problem could have been the cause. time now for some real talk about foreign policy. president obama getting burned on that topic by his second former defense secretary, leon panetta in a "60 minutes'" interview. listen to this. i think the president's concerned and i understand it,
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was that he had a fear that if we started providing weapons, we wouldn't know where those weapons would wind up. my view was you have to begin somewhere. i think that would have helped and i think, in part, we paid a price for not doing that in what we see happening with isis. >> panetta joins former cabinet members, hillary clinton and robert gates, as well as general david petraeus in saying the obama administration made a mistake by not arming syrian rebels more than two years ago, before isis was allowed to morph into a formidable terrorist organization. so, did president obama know something more about counterterrorism strategy that his top military advisers did not? or is his decision to ignore their advice now coming back to haunt him? joining me for some real talk, david avella, president of gopac, a training center for republicans and bernard whitman, former pollster for president clinton and ceo of which theman insight strategies. i was so excited to see you
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again, david and bernard. >> great to see you. >> got stumbled on my words. hopefully not stumble on this one, bernard, what the heck's going on? a lot of top military people two years ago said you should arm the syrian rebels. president obama turned a blind eye and look where we are now. what do you say? >> to be honest, i think in retrospect, in hindsight, panetta and petraeus and hillary clinton are right. sometimes you get the call wrong and particularly it comes to making decisions about military investment and engagement based on intelligence, it's very, very difficult. i'm hopeful that we won't be paying the price ten years from now for making the wrong call back then. >> paying the price now. >> making the wrong call by george w. bush getting us into iraq in the first place. >> wait a minute, we are not talking about george w. bush today. we are talking about president obama and the decisions that he made no not listen to his military advisers. david? >> you know, we have now reached the point, gretchen, where even democrats don't want to defend this president's policies.
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and we are also highlighted by bernard's comes, team clinton, no longer wants to be defined by the policies of president obama. if she is running in '16, should she decide to do that despite the fact i was out there telling the president's policies to world leaders all across the country, i wasn't really for them and instead, i'm for these new set of policies that she is going to be talking about when she runs in '16. >> bernard is david right? because bill clinton just said in the last 24 hours that he supported two proposal that hillary and secretary panetta and then-cia director, general petraeus made, to give the sirians more robust weapons. >> obviously a difference of opinion, sure there were a number of advisers on the other side arguing the case that ultimately president obama took which we should go slow, we shouldn't arm the rebels yet. in act if a, you know, these
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intelligence estimates are very, very difficult to wade through. don't forget, john mccain was in favor of arming isis for a while. so, the situation on the ground was very, very fluid. obama made a particular call, he was cautious in that part of the region, didn't want to get involved, middle east entanglement. >> went against all the top advisers. i want to move on to a lighter topic, democrats would love to see more of first lady michelle obama on the campaign trail without her husband, no wonder a pew poll in july finding she has a 62% favorability rating, the latest "wall street journal" finding the president's favorability at just 40%. david is it a smart move for michelle obama to go out before the midterms? >> it's admirable if the first lady wants to go out and campaign for democratic candidates, but you can change the messenger, you can't change the message that she has to tout. and it is a mess a edge that increasingly, americans don't like, don't want, and are going to reject this november. while she will certainly help
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raise some money for the candidates that she goes in for and create a little buzz for the day, it's not gonna result in people voting for the candidates that she campaigns for just because she attended. >> bernard? >> michelle obama is a powerhouse, incredibly popular and often happens in the second midterm election for presidents, laura bush was you the there on the stump when george w. bush's presidency was sort of in the toilet in 2006, michelle obama extremely popular, resonates with people, connects with people emotionally, done a lot of amazing work to help stem the rights of childhood obesity in this country and she peak speaa way the average americans connect with. i think the president will be out there where he can help and michelle obama, kay hagan and michelle nun's -- >> the president maybe out there but up to the candidate whether or not they want to be seen. >> always should you can. >> with the president. and by the way, bernard, you're 2-2 you somehow brought president bush into both of your topics today. david and bernard, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. a second security incident in as many days at the white
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house. one of them involving a man with a three-inch knife who made i inside -- almost inside the executive mansion. the secret service now working on security changes, but it's causing a lot of controversy. what the heck is going on that this can happen at the white house? plus a deadly new virus spreading in the northeast claiming the lives of dogs. why puppies are particularly vulnerable to it and what you can do to keep your pet safe. and it's kind of like the last day of -- look at that beautiful shot. last day of summer, first day of fall, so that bring us to our question of the day. what are you looking forward to most about the fall? tweet me at gretchen carlson, use the hashtag the real story. we will read your comments at the end of the show. i don't know, if you're like me, you are crying a few tears today because summer is officially over. that makes me sad. [music]♪
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welcome back to "the real story." one way to fry to appeal to younger voters. charge he can this out, louisiana senator mary landrieu photographed helping a student do a keg stand at a tailgate party over the weekend. the democrat was there showing her support for her alma matter, louisiana state's football team. apparently, when it was all over, don't laugh, judge, one of the students asked whether she would do it herself if it meant getting more votes. her response? i'm not that desperate. new questions about security at the white house following a major breach this weekend. 42-year-old guy i this man right here, jumps the fence on the north lawn friday night, makes it all the way through an unlocked door the first family uses, not long after the president and his daughters had left the white house.
11:25 am
that man now charged with trespassing and carrying a deadly weapon, a small knife. well, the secret service coming under intense scrutiny over this incident and now we are learning, the agency is considering a larger perimeter around the white house to better secure the grounds, but there's controversy around that idea. judge napolitano is a fox news senior judicial analyst and told me he has never done a keg stand. i never did either, not to get off topic, i don't like beer. >> maybe i'm up there in years, i never heard of a keg stand until i saw that picture. >> now you know what it is. all right. now, back to the -- back to the secret service. this is a mess. >> these guys are very well trained. and utterly devoted to protecting the president. sometime these get carried away, like that incident in latin america. but what happened at the white house is totally unacceptable. there should be human beings or there should be well-trained dogs on the inside of that perimeter. it's one thing for that guy to get over the fence. it is inconceivable that he got
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inside the white house through an unlocked door that the president and his wife and his daughters regularly use. >> it's crazy. >> so the rules of engagement, the rules under which a federal official can approach and physically stop an intruder need to change. this is not the use of deadly force. not gonna shoot him just 'cause he shot -- hopped the fence, even though a republican congressman called for that over the weekend, but they are going to make their deadly -- deadly force apparent to him and going to use their bodies or their dogs to physically stop him. >> guess what, we are going to have more hearing hads on capitol hill because it's just been announced within the hour that they want to -- the homeland security department, i believe, they want to have a hearing. >> you think hearings are a good thing, because the head of the secret service is going to say i can't answer that i can't tell that you in public, i can't tell you how we decide to do this we don't want people to know that but i will tell you, this the idea of increasing a perimeter is insane. >> why? >> the white house is already 17 acres in size. if they want to increase that perimeter to 25 acres, as was
11:27 am
proposed this morning, that means 23 you are within a half mile of the center of the 17 acres, there's a church across the street, there's the -- >> hotel. >> two fabulous hotels across the street, they are gonna stop own the street and pat you down, the american public will not accept that. just secure the perimeter. >> okay. >> outside the perimeter and inside the perimeter, leave the public alone going about their business. >> maybe they are listening to you and don't have to have the hearings after all. let's talk about the -- >> usually don't listen to me. >> let talk about the department of homeland security personnel. what's going on there? >> i wish i knew what's going on. but the "washington post", a friend to the department of homeland security, reports that senior management is demoralized, senior management is leaving at a far faster rate than is acceptable. where are they going? high-paying jobs in the private
11:28 am
sector. dhs is bigger than the state department, bigger than justice department, second only in size to the department of defense. it's too big. it's too unwieldly. it cannot afford in this dangerous time period of our existence to have senior management opinions vacant. congress needs to make it more difficult for these people to go directly into the private sector and the obama administration needs to find people to fill these jobs, qualified people, sooner and faster. >> all right. you heard it -- >> sooner, faster, the same thing. better people and faster. >> i knew what you meant. all right, judge, great to so you. >> good to so you. time for my take now, back to the security at the white house, as we face the ever-growing threat of terror. abroad and now new reports out just today about some of those u.s. terror fighters already back here in at homefront to impose potential danger, one might think we could be able to protect the white house. areal? just from an imagery point of view to the rest of the world,
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obviously, it doesn't look good. i visited d.c. this summer with my family and did one of the white house tours, we went through all of the security clearances but more importantly, we heard a lot about just how secure the white house and surrounding areas really are. snipers on the roof. infrared detection surrounding the property. cameras everywhere, even some sort of odor-sensing devices in the event there was any kind of a release of a dirty bomb nearby. but now we find out one lone person can get that close to the front door and that the door was actually unlocked. something suspect working. and something needs to change and soon, before it's a member of isis knocking at that same door. coming up on the real story, authorities say they are closing in now as they hunt for that cop killer on the loose, but urging the public to remain vigilant and, of course, cautious. >> until we apprehend this individual, please, continue to use common sense, in this is a very dangerous situation. >> why the governor of
11:30 am
pennsylvania says he is confident the alleged shooter will be caught. plus, the isis terror threats here at home just days after there was word that terrorists were eyeing times square now. what the feds are doing to keep you safe. we are gonna talk to ray kelly, the former police commissioner of new york city. that's live, next.
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time for a quick look at headlines for a monday. police in pennsylvania say they are closing in on a survivalist
11:34 am
accused in the ambush shooting of two state troopers, one died. eric frein charged with the killing of one trooper, seriously wounding the other, that happened ten days ago. investigators say he may be hiding in bunkers that he built beforehand in rugged terrain. new charge also against a person of interest in the disappearance of university of virginia student, hannah graham. police looking for a man believed to be the last person seen with her. now, they want to charge the person of interest with reckless driving for the way he took off after stopping in at the police station on saturday. fox news alert now, because three afghan soldiers who went missing from a u.s. military base over the weekend have now been found. the officers were apparently on a day off when they failed to return to their base late saturday night. just a short time ago, authorities found them on a bridge by niagra falls, trying to cross into canada. holly line live for us in cape cod where the soldiers were taking part in a training exercise. all right, molly, apparently, trying to go to canada. what is the latest on all this?
11:35 am
>> reporter: well, this all according to senior defense officials that the three afghanistan national army soldiers who went missing on saturday night have now been found, as you mentioned, there at the border of canada. this was the rainbow bridge, which as you may know, is in niagra fall there is. these are senior military officers, a major and two captains, cleared by the u.s. state department to participate in this military exercise. they had arrived at joint base cape cod on september 11th. they have valid passports and valid visas and the military officials, upon realizing that these men disappeared from the base, were very clear to say that these men were not believed to be a threat in any way. we actually received some photo copied pictures of the men's passports, not officially released, from the massachusetts national guard, but the photos circulated and the men identifi identified. the exercises they were participated in were not using weapons, these were essentially
11:36 am
communications exercises, communications training, more of a classroom-type atmosphere and at type of training that happens very often here at cape edwards and this training happens every year. and this particular exercise happened in various places around the world. last year, it actually happened in germany. the three men were last seen, as you mentioned, saturday, a local mall, the cape cod mall in hyannis. gretchen? >> a lot of unanswered questions, loo i can what the heck were they doing trying to get into canada? molly line, thanks for more on that. that and other topics regard to terrorism and the evolving terror threat out there, i'm joined by ray kelly, former new york city police commissioner. thank you so much, mr. commissioner, always great to see you. this story alone makes people nervous. i know it makes me nervous. what the heck were these afghani soldiers doing trying to get over into canada? >> don't really know, but i think it's probable reasonable guess that they wanted to stay here. life is much better in the u.s. and canada than it is afghanistan. i don't find it that unusual that perhaps they wanted to just
11:37 am
stay -- hang around here, if you will. >> okay. since you have been commissioner, and let me say that when you were, you did an amazing job. >> thank you. >> because often i interviewed you and talking so frequently about how the new york city police department had thwarted yet again another terrorist threat that could have been incredibly serious. since you've been away, are we still safe in new york city? >> well, wither doing everything, the is he is doing everything that was done under the bloomberg administration, which i think is a good practice. we put in a regimen that doesn't exist anywhere else. there were 16 plots against the city during the time mayor bloomberg was in office and as a result of hard work on the part of the fbi, nypd and sheer luck, none of those plots can a into fruition. so so far, so good, an every day battle, we have the u.n. general assembly in town now, we have a lot of high-profile people, so, it's a real challenge for law enforcement, secret service,
11:38 am
nypd, fbi and others to keep the city safe. >> no doubt. all right. so, just at the top of the show, we had breaking news that these 100 american citizens who have gone overseas to train and fight with isis, the administration admitting that some of those have made their way back home to the united states. obviously, we should be concerned. >> we should be concerned. we are not certain exactly which groups they were with, not precise information, but i think we have to assume that these people can do us harm. that should be the operating assumption, if we can identify them, should at least be spoken to, perhaps kept under surveillance, but it is a -- it's a real threat and we know that thousands of people have gone to syria for potential training who have visas, who have -- don't need a visa, quite frankly, depending on what country they are coming from, soing able to get into this country, so, it's not just the american citizens that we have to be concerned about here. >> all right. let me ask you about police departments across the country,
11:39 am
like new york city, los angeles, chicago, big cities. are they being equipped with enough training and funds to make sure that we can keep america as safe as possible? >> you know, police administrators always liked more people, not more money, but i think, you know, homeland security is doing a pretty good job of equipping and training local police departments. the threat is uneven, of course, cities like new york, chicago, los angeles, a much higher profile, boston, of course, than other parts of the country, so i think the equipment and training is adequate, as i said, we'd always like more. >> you know, when we heard so much about al qaeda being on the run, that maybe the war on terror had subsided. since you are now looking at this from a different point of view and not being commissioner anymore, how does it make you feel to see isis now being this major topic of conversation and here we go again? >> yeah, well, they are clearly potential game changer, we have never seen the terrorist
11:40 am
organization with the level of resources that they have, the money that they have. they estimated they may have $1 billion in their could haffers,f your pieces showed $6 million a day being earned. we have never seen that capacity with the resources that they have. they have weapons that they have gotten from the iraqi military. and they also are recruiting lots of people based, i think primarily on this concept of a caliphate, an islamic state that energized jihadis, a different breed, something we have to watch carefully and watch in this country because clearly, they can act as an inspiration, as you say to energize people do something here. >> no you you're in the private sector, i don't know if you're sleeping better at night, i think you had one of the most stressful jobs as new york city commissioner and you did a fabulous job. >> thank you very much. >> hats off to ray kelly.
11:41 am
great to sue again. >> thank you, gretchen. the rush is on for the new iphone. did you get one yet? will apple have enough to meet all the demand? and where does the company go from here? two nfl teams getting hot and heavy on the sidelines. what sparked the brawl and does anyone get in trouble for this fight? plus, some bears on the loose roaming around, threatening a residential neighborhood. we will tell you about that when we come back.
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time to check out what america's clicking on today a mother bear and her two cubs wandering into a residential neighborhood. this is in los angeles. officials say the bears likely came from the nearby los angeles national forest. and that they eventually led the bears back into the wild. crispy cream uk creating
11:45 am
what is arguably the world's biggest doughnut box. wait a minute, i got to look at t oh, yeah there it is carrying 2,400 doughnuts, they are calling it the double hundred dozen. it is being unveiled to promote the company's new catering service. and watch this, a lucky fan catches a foul ball hit by derek jeter, but his little girl throws it back. a camera capturing the stunned expression on his face. apple's new iphone making a big splash over the weekend, the company reports selling more than 10 million units of theism phone 6 and iphone 6 plus, saying it failed to sell more because, quite simply, it couldn't meet all the demand a year ago, the company sold 9 million iphones in the debut weekend of the 5 s and 5 c models, while in 2012, it sold more than 5 million iphone 5 devices. so, what do investors have to say? charles payne is the host of making money with charles paynen on the fox business network. i do have to say you are not an apple iphone owner. >> i'm not.
11:46 am
i have got the samsung. here is a funny thing, i got this a year ago, everyone was giving me a hard time, all the apple users, oh, man that thing is way too big, gargantuan, i would never carry that as soon as apple had the big version, they could not wait, record 10 million, oh, it's too big. they have had phone envy all this time and they were finally able to go out, yeah, size mattered i guess. >> so the new i 6s, educate me on this, the one is about, well -- >> about 90% of this, but much larger, 4.7 inches versus 4 inches. >> that than this? >> my son saw one over the weekend, hey, too big for me, i will get the smaller one, and the guy said, no, that is the smaller one, the big apple, apple 6 plus is larger than this phone and it's a gargantuan phone. >> what are we to make of apple, steve jobs died, a lot of people thought, you know, they are gonna lose the inventive spirit, the inventive mind, 10 million in sales. >> interesting, you can look at
11:47 am
apple's stock over the last year and a half and it gives you that sort of tim cook and steve jobs' shadow, they had a pipeline of things that steve jobs put in place before he died and they kind of rode those fumes, if you will. this has been successful. everyone thinks it's done better than expected. remember also, not in china, these numbers could have been 12, 13 million, built next act is also going to be critical. now they have got the wallet thing, which everyone is really geeked up about, every $100 that someone spends on their phone, this he will get 1 5 cents that adds up quickly. >> plus don't have to carry around credit cards. >> there's the watch. the big thing, you have heard of this, where everything is going to talk, you get up in the morning and you get -- you know, your scale will talk to your refrigerator. >> please, not the scale, charles. >> have to break it to you. >> i don't want that. >> but here's the good news. >> what? >> a little bit overweight, the scale might talk to the refrigerator and may shut down like the desserts or something, you no he? >> hey! good idea.
11:48 am
by the way, doesn't charles look snazzy for the first day of fall? check out that tie. >> thank you. >> the fall leaf colors right here on charles payne. >> i'm so sad, winter's around the corner. >> me, too. we will commiserate after the show. good to so you. as much of a foot will foot brawl as football when washington and philly went at it on sunday. what sparked all the fighting on the field? plus, puppies on the set for a very serious story as a deadly new virus spreads putting them at risk. what you can do to keep your pet safe. hi, lila, hi, tina. mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. some bad behavior by nf(ñ players, this time on the field, defensive linemen chris baker smashing into the eagles quarterback. thievish block sparking a brawl,
11:52 am
a lot of folks calling it a cheap shot. two players ejected. the quarterback staying in the game and the eagles win 37-34. pet owners beware of a potentially deadly virus for dogs. symptoms including vomiting, fever, lack of appetite, tee hydration and die diarrhea. it's and month puppies. what can you do to protect your best friend? dr. michael rubesteen is my guest. you brought in two friends. >> this tina and leila. looking for great homes. >> if anyone is interested in adopting this cute pups, but we want to warn people. >> it's a terrible contagious viral disease that causes vomiting, die a ya -- diarrhea,
11:53 am
and they die if not treated immediately, and it's affecting dogs particularly in the jersey area. puppies get vaccinated every three to four weeks from until they're four months age and larger breeds get vaccinated until 20 weeks of age. >> if you are a pethój dog owner and you normally good to the vet, then this is pretty much -- you're on a cycle to get vaccinations. >> the virus stays on the sidewalk, parks. i. >> i got a puppy about two years ago and they warned me about that. don't let the dog go outside until their fully vaccinated, especially for this, because it's so contagious. >> the vaccine is great at protecting them, but you have to give it on a regular basis, and then adults canh8 get the viru,
11:54 am
too, but they've a haven't been vaccinated before they get two shots two weeks apart, booster every year, and when people get dogs from shelters or vets or pet stores, make sure that the vaccines have been given appropriately because sometimes they only get one vaccine and the people don't follow up and they're still at risk. >> very good advice. if anyone is interested in tina or leila? >> we them here at the humane society of new york on 59th 59th street. >> hopefully we have helped some folks keep their dog safe. >> fox news alert. omar gonzalez, the man who jumped the fence at the white house and made it all the way into the white house with a knife in hand, just appearing in court, and now we are learning that he was apprehended near the white house just over a month ago with another deadly weapon. more on what it was that was a lot bigger and why he is refusing to use the insanity defense. more on the breaking news right ÷ed and this is rudy.
11:55 am
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♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
11:58 am
welcome back. legend of competitive eating facing off against a tiny opponent. and losing. look at at that time video. the ham steer is eating -- hamster is eating the hot dog. one-time eating champion on against both -- bogart the hamster. i i have to see the hamster eating the hot dog again. that's way to go. >> something is missing from behind the scenes but has a very good excuse. she got married last night. congratulations to my amazing assistant and her new husband. let's show some pictures here. here we are, there we are together. look how beautiful linda is in that dress. so young and beautiful. there she is, as she is approaching boris coming down
11:59 am
the aisle, before they got hitched. here is the beautiful linda with her gorgeous parents. my shot is a little out of focus but i'm not a photographer. finally, look how happy she is to be married and her first dance with boris. mazal tov, linda,. already feels like fall here in new york city. autumn begins tonight. i askedot what you're most looking forward to debbie is psyched for beautiful colors and cool nights so she can have a bonfire and camp out with her five-year-old grandson. sounds like fun. maggie's favorite part is seeing kids working on halloween costumes. and denice enjoys the cents, pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and warm cider. college football and cooler temps. thank you for writing and thank you for being part of the "the
12:00 pm
real story." have a fantastic monday. now it's time for shep. >> vulamic state militants released a new recording, warning all of us americans we will not feel safe in our own bedrooms. u.s. officials say they're on heightened alert as some americans return home after trying to join the islamic state in syria. >> there's a manhunt still underway for an accused cop killer, schools shut down, search teams combing the forest. they say they're closing in on his location and have found his gun. there's lots of new activity in pennsylvania. we'll take you live to the middle of it all. cops trying to find man who may have been the last to see a missing uva college student. will that mystery man have some answers about what happened to hannah graham? let's get to it. k] >> good monday afternoon. first from th


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