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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 22, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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have a fantastic monday. now it's time for shep. >> vulamic state militants released a new recording, warning all of us americans we will not feel safe in our own bedrooms. u.s. officials say they're on heightened alert as some americans return home after trying to join the islamic state in syria. >> there's a manhunt still underway for an accused cop killer, schools shut down, search teams combing the forest. they say they're closing in on his location and have found his gun. there's lots of new activity in pennsylvania. we'll take you live to the middle of it all. cops trying to find man who may have been the last to see a missing uva college student. will that mystery man have some answers about what happened to hannah graham? let's get to it. k] >> good monday afternoon. first from the fox news deck.
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brand new information in the last few minutes about the case of the man accused of jumping the white house fence and running into the white house. his first appearance just ended. feds are keeping him in custody, calling him a flight, and i a danger to the president. we have more on that and more on what happened in court in a moment. officials at the white house say they're going -- going to start locking the front doors sometimes. we did that at my house. i think it wasj '71, we start locking the front doors. now they're going to do that at the white house. the white house press secretary said today she is trying to explain why the front door was unlocked when prosecutor says the intruder made his way inside, armed with a knife. >> on a regular basis there are thousands of people that go in and out of that door, staffer tuesday white house who are responsible for doing work either in the east wing or in the residence, they will occasionally use that door as well. i can tell you after friday night's incident, that when the
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door is not use, it will be secured. >> when it's not use they're going to lock the door to the white house, something they apparently did not do before this major breach, official says the accused intruder is an iraq war veteran, tourist caught the commotion on camera. >> everybody out, right now good back, everybody into the park. right now, everybody into the park. >> that's 60-70 yards, walked up to the front door and in thc11w went. officers ordered folks away from the fence as the guy sprintedó, towards the white house entrance. the man climbed over the security fence along pennsylvania avenue. it is would wooded area. ran up to the main entrance and there is where the news cameras are. that's our background. this one went in this way, went in the left door there and went right through the mansion's unlocked front door. no fence jumper ever method it that far. check out the building's floor
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plan. the secret service reports an officer tackled the intruder just inside the entrance hall. notice how close to the private dining room and the state dining room where the president's guests comp there's the state dining room, they lead to there. the white house says the president and the family had left the building, ten minutes before all this happened so they were never in any danger. secret service reports it has stepped up patrols in response, and now the agency faces some serious questions, like, why didn't somebody tackle the guy sooner?rj or, release the trained attack dogs there for that purpose. as for the president himself, the white house says he still has complete confidence in the secret service. peter doocy has the rest of this. live at the white house. do we know what happened in court? >> a lot happened. in fact, after that court hearing ended just a few minutes ago we got word that more than 800 rounds of ammunition were found in the car of omar
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gonzalez, according to "associated press" bullet continue that just crossed. some other very important things, in august, on the 26th house, omar gonzalez was stopped with a hatchet, but he was let go. no charges filed. a month before in virginia, omar gonzalez was pulled over after evading police and was found with a sawed off shot gun in his car and a map with the white house circled. he was let out on bail and prosecutors are in the process of revoking bail. she -- so he won't be getting out of jail before his october 1st hearing. and he is considered a flight risk because he is homeless. other things the family of omar gonzalez has been telling the media, one of this feet is partially amputated and he suffers from post traumatic stress, according to "the los angeles times." he is 42, served in iraq as an
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army cavalry scout, and is known to relatives to keep a lot of guns in the house, which is why his family says they don't think he really meant to hurt anybody since he left the guns and just took a three and a half inch long pocket knife on that dangerous jog across the north lawn to try to tell the president he thinks the atmosphere is collapsinw!y in te american people must know. >> he was worried about the environment. this 800 rounds of ammunition thing, this is brand spanking new. dropping new knowledge here. there was no weapon to fire the ammunition. is that what you're saying? >> we know he had a sawed off shotgun in his car in virginia when he was pulled over in july. all we're getting from the "associated press --" this information is coming out minute by minute so there could be more. right now sear seeing 800 -- more than 800 rounds of ammo in his car, and so far we only know about the three and a half inch pocket knife when he was tackled inside the north portico.
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>> give us a heads up if you get anything new. this is much more interesting now. joining news on the news deck, defense attorney, evangeline$ gomez. does this change things? originally we were going to talk about what his options are, can he use most traumatic stress disorder but he had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car and a sawed off shotgun, sounds different. >> but is there an intent? did he run through the gates with his car? he didn't. those will be important. any defers he is going to have. but there's an obvious problem here and it's that he knowingly went on these grounds. okay? and so there's really not a defense to that. what is he looking senate he's looking at a fine and looking up to ten years in jail. >> they'll probably be -- history wouldom suggest, probaby be some sort of mental evaluation that comes into the equation here. >> you bring up a perfect point. that's the issue. he apparently has history. so, did this -- is this someone who just fell within the cracks
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of the system? why wasn't he evaluated before. appears he is suffering from something more than ptsd. >> the bigger concern is a guy ran across the white house lawn, and walked in the front door. i mean, know the,y president wasn't there and everything, but i know enough about security there to know they have multiple dogs, they have sunshiners on the roof, they have guards all trespasser, no matter where you are, even at the white house. >> that's a good policy. >> people going, the sniper should have pinned him off. actually, not. >> imagine that headline, decorated iraqi war veteran suffering from ptsd shot by white house security guards. >> now i never really thought about it before but i guess i just always kind of half figured, if i get mad about something, no matter who is the president, want to run up to the white house, might by me last jog. enough i know it's not going --
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wouldn't be my last jog and a lot of other people who might want to make the jog know that. so i don't know. i half expect copy cats out of the. >> , don't think so. there was a baby at the end of last month that made it through the security gate. >> that was an oops. >> exactly. >> crawling baby, 18 months old or something. >> exactly. you're going to have the white house security guards look at their plan. they're going re-evaluate and see, there are any holes, something we're missing, or was this the appropriate use of force? >> there is something we were missing, missing stopping the guy. >> he got too far. >> got too far. hello, anybody home? hello? i'm hungry. thank you, evangeline. >> thank you, shep. >> more than 700 babies and dozens of hospitalhemployees could have been exposed to tuberculosis at a nurse russian according to health officials in west texas. they say a worker at this nursery in el paso, tested
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positive for tb last month. there, doctors say tb infects a person's lungs lungs and can spd when somebody with an active case of tb coughs or sneezes but the disease is not highly contagious. you have 0 work at it to transmit. i. hospitals are working with state and federal employees to never the families of each of the 700 plus babies. wow. three afghan soldiers winds to a mall in massachusetts and then vanished. now there's word the searchers found them and wait until you hear where they found these missing afghan soldiers who were in new england. they found them. plus, the new threat from islamic state terrorists about what the militants have planned for people here in the united states. as u.s. officials say some americans have gone to syria, are now back in this country. that is not good news. but its coming next on the fox news deck. (vo) rush hour around here
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i quote, if you can kill a disbelieving american or european, especially the spiethful and filthy french or an australian or a canadian or any other disbeliefer from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that join the coalitionf[ against the islamic state, then rely upon allah and kill him any manner or way, however it be. these threat maize not be so far-fetched. some persons who went to syria to try to join the islamic state has returned to the united states. the fbi is watching them. the white house says president obama will address that issue and others this week at the united nations. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. it's a propaganda recording and always a concern, are we making too much out of something that will instill fear in people
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where fear doesn't belong? what are the]@ facts here? >> the facts are that this new audiotape was released on sunday by a spokesman for isis. it's provocative, calling president obama, quote, the mule of the jewels, the spokesman says isis has nothing to do with islam. the spokesman has especially harsh words for the french, who became the first ally to join theirs in airstrikes this weekend. former defense secretary leon pa net too told "60 minutes" the president's advisory team told him to arm the syriaen. >> the president's concern, and i understand, he had a fear if we started providing weapons we went know where the weapons would wind up. my view was6] you have to begin somewhere. >> the air campaign so far is not stopping isis in iraq or syria. >> as we reported here, officials say some americans who went to syria have now returned
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to the united states. any details on some context on that? >> an alarming warning coming today from a senior administration official that some of the 100 americans who traveled to syria for training with isis are already back in the united states, quote, some who have gone to syria, some who have tried to go, and some who have comey; back and are under active fbi surveillance. >> individuals who have been trained, have access to military equipment, and these are individuals who have indicated a willingness to die for their cause. >> like this american with a mid-western, perhaps minnesotan ac send, who appeared in an isis video on friday. then seen executing syrian troops. this is the first timm time we heard from the administration
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>> here we go again. this just in. in the last minute or two. another terror propaganda video of a hostage from a western nation. i'm just learning about this myself. this time, it's from an islamic state afill glad al -- affiliate in algeriey. showing a 55-year-old frenchman who disappeared from an area, and the video, the hostage calls for the french president to stop intervening in iraq. the french military has been participating in air strikes in iraq and were among the first to jump on board. the french more than ministry would not immediately confirm the authenticity of this video, but the area that we're talking about here, in algeria, is reportedly a hideout for north called for its followers to kill europeans and americans and quote, specially the spiteful
12:17 pm
and philadelphiay french, unquote. this is brand new as we get more context we'll bring it to you right away. >> a senior iraq commander says the islamic state has killed 40 iraqi soldiers, and captured nearly 70 others today. he says it happened after the militants launched a series of suicide bombings yesterday in a noun iraq's western anbar province and says the militants have probably taken the captured soldiers to the nearby sit of fallujah. islamic state considers fallujah partof the islamic state, not iraq. defense official says they caught three afghan soldiers trying to cross into canada after the men went missing from a military base in massachusetts. those afghan soldiers -- shy say the officials say the afghan soldiers showed up at the rainbow bridge in niagra falls. investigators said the men had been participating in a training
12:18 pm
exercise on cape cod when they went missing after stopping a shopping mall. officials say in a separate incident just last week, they caught two missing afghan police officers near buffalo, of all places, and sent them back to afghanistan. so, there was concern, i guess, amongst some where these afghan troops might have been out trying to do something nefarious, and from my reading of things today, the answer is, no. the top u.s. military officer says he needs more)x help from e arab nations in a battle against the islamic state, from arab nations. nations in the region. we'll speak with a former army intelligence official how much those countries may actually be willing to help. he offers up an analogy. it's fall, or is it where we live, and you're about to have to start layering your clothes
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breaking news. another white house fence jumper update. we thought he just ran across the north lawn of the white house, went in the front door because he wanted to tell the president the atmosphere is collapsing. then we learned he hadu a knife with him. then today in court we learned he had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car, not with him, and now we just got this. the also had a machete and two hatchets in his car. in his car. the prosecutors say they believe
12:23 pm
at first we thought all he was trying to do is tell the president the atmosphere is collapsing, helpfully. but now we know prosecutors think he is a danger to the president. why? maybe we'll find that out in the minutes ahead. in fared court proceeding the au.s. attorney says omar gonzalez was a danger to president. >> general dempsey says the goal of the military campaign is to make the militants field like they're, quote, being squeezed from multiple directions. we have a former army intelligence officer and an adjunct lecturer. >> these opinions are my own. >> all our guests, their opinions are their own opinions. you got to layer it and your example was one country might work on the money part, go
12:24 pm
through it. >> okay. as we stuart build a coalition, everybody thinks we want them to provide military forces or sorties to go after isis targets. what we really need are partners that can help us with intelligence, curb foreign fighter flow into syria and iraq, and alsoqu provide the effort to help us defeat isis' ability to raise money and earn money on a daily basis, through helping us with threat finance, for example. so you don't necessarily need to have aircraft in the air to support this coalition. you just need to be able to stop foreign tigers from coming in, arrest the ones going back do brief them, get information on isis targets and isis leadership. >> we need help along the 500-mile or to turkish border there, and then you also need some help on the iraqi/syria border, the one we recognize and
12:25 pm
they don't. >> exactly. turkey, with its capabilities, they could establish a no-fly zone from turkey without ever having to go intoto syria, based on the radars they have some somethings they could do to help the sunnis feel less threatened by the assad regime, which would allow to us send in advisers and do other things to start shoring up the antiisis coalition that we need to actually defeat the sunni ideology. >> that's it. it's an ideology. i'm not sure how you defeat an ideology. history is not helpful on the answer for that question. i do know that according to everyone i ever heard from on the issue, we need boots on the ground. don't need toíz/vñ be our boots. where are those boots going to come from? >> here's the thing about defeating. you it with sunnies and the koran. as far as boots on third ground, talking about the 5,000 men presyrian army. not 5,000 men against 30,000 isis.
12:26 pm
that's 5,000 man command some control stricture that you can roll tens of thousands up underneath. >> the pentagon told us it would take a year to train them so that's a year away. >> in the meantime, you use temporary alliances. you use the same tactic isis used to good into iraq, by establishing temporary alliance÷ to gain territory. we do the same thing, establish temporary aligns to take territory away. one key thing about iraq is isis suffered its first setback with the loss of the mosul dam and last two oil fields. and they can't do that anymore. so there's some great opportunities to exploit their propaganda machine. >> all right. well, i hope you're right. nice to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the manhunt for a suspect in pennsylvania, accused of shooting and killing a state trooper. this guy is a survivalist in the woods, left this gun behind, the authorities believe that they're
12:27 pm
and there's all kinds of physical evidence out there that they think that, and we'll take you live there in a minute. a college freshman who disappeared more than a week ago from the university of virginia. investigators are looking for the man who appears in a surveillance video with her. and he was in the cop shop just the other day and, poof, now he is gone. where is this man? and why can't they get him? ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ fox report now and more headlines. a second passenger has died after a tour bus slid off an exit ramp and overturned in delware. this according to state police. the bus was returning to new york from d.c. when its crashed yesterday, and almost 50 people got hurt.di-investigators say tl looking into whatever caused the wreck. >> the wildfire near lake tahoe forced officials to cancel two
12:30 pm
ironman races there. they say the air quality was just too awful. firefighters say the flames have destroyed more than 30 homes and buildings, but cooler weather has helped them get it under control. 2700 people still face evacuation orders. >> sales of the new iphone 6 and 6 plus broke records. the company reports it sold 10 million of those phones in just three days. compared to nine million iphone 5 models last year. 10 million. they say it's in the mail. maybe wednesday. i missed so many workouts,
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32 minutes past the hour. officials in northeastern pennsylvania believe they have now closed in on the suspect in a kill offering a state trooper. as the man huntad for 31 year jeffrey frein enters its tenth day. investigators say they found his assault rifle and his ammunition as they combed through the woods just yesterday, but they warn that he could still be armed and dangerous. cops say this guy, eric frein,
12:33 pm
is a self-trained survivalist who talked about wanting to commit mass murder. they say he had likely planned his attack and escape for years. last week, the fbi put him on its ten most wanted fugitives list. police say the suspect shot not one but two state troopers ten days ago outside the police barracks. one trooper died. investigators say crews are focusing the searc(ap on the northern area of monroe county, right in through here. scranton over there to the left. the border with pike county is about an hour or so south and east of scranton. rick leventhal has the news. he is two miles from the suspect's home. we're getting every indication that law enforcement officials think they're very close. >> and we have been hearing that time and time again. a lot of activity here, roads blocked in the area. we see heavily armed police and federal agents rolling up and down the hill, which leads to a
12:34 pm
temporary command post run by the pennsylvania state police, which is coordinating this massive search involving hundreds of local, state, and federal law law enforcement, including five fbi s.w.a.t. teams and helicopters using technology which reads heat signatures and could help pinpoint frein's hiding police. police have said they're closing in and i've heard they believe they me be close and he is boxed into a manageable area, but this suspect is still on the loose. we heard from the pennsylvania governor earlier today who said frein may only be a threat to law. >> he had the opportunity to shoot civilians at the barracks at the same time that he shot th?police officer. so, it is our conclusion that he is aimed totally at police officers because there were unarmed civilians right in the exact same location. during the course of the
12:35 pm
shooting. and he chose not to shoot at them. >> reporter: we're hearing that law enforcement has a green light to use lethal force if frein is positively identified and refuses to surrender. >> i keep hearing from police, rick, they really think he wants to go down in a massive shootout. >> reporter: well, it's entirely possible. according to everything we have heard, he is still heavily armed, a marksman, and that's why law enforcement is treating this so carefully. they can't just swarm into the woods to flush him out because they're worried he will start picking them off and that will launch a firefight. residents are being very careful. police have in many case kicked people out or themes or some people left their homes to go to the store and then can't get back in because of road blocks. one man was stuck in his house honor three consecutive days, missed work because police wouldn't let him leave, and he shared some pictures he took from inside his home of police
12:36 pm
officers on his yard, outside his window, checking the treehouse in this backyard and the woods surrounding his home, and said this can't end soon enough. >> it's been a very rough week. a lot of us lost a lot of time at work, a lot of pay. families are nervous, my wife and daughter are very nervous. uncalled for. totally uncalled for. >> we're hearing this could end very, very soon, but we have heard that for a couple of hours now, shep, and still frein on the loose. >> we'll be back to you the moment there's a development. rick, thanks a lot. another case we're following and that's one investigators are hundreding for man who hey have been at the very least the last person to see a university of virginia co-edra before she disappeared a week ago. officials have not yet charged anybody in the 18-year-old hannah graham's disappears, but the police chief said a man named jesse mag knew, is a person of interest, not a
12:37 pm
suspect. police say he appears in surveillance video walking with the student before she went missing. here's some of that surveillance video here. cop says the person of interest is highlighted in the circle by himself and then later can be seen in the background with the student. reportedly happened after the freshman left an often campus house party on) friday, september 12th. the british newspaper, the daily mail roberts one of its reporters spoke with the grandmother of that person of interest, and she says jesse matthew did buy the freshman some drinks at a bar but she did not get into his car. the grandmother reportedly said the girl went her way, he went his way. investigators say more than a thousand volunteers spent the weekend looking for any signs of this missing student. cops say they do have an arrest warrant for that person of interest, but not in connection with this, instead for reckless driving. courtney stewart joins us, the editor in chief of a community
12:38 pm
based newspaper out of charlottesville. could to see you. >> thank you for happening me. >> some confusion, maybe mine. i thought this person of interest had talk to police. now i realize it isn't the person of interest who talk. it's somebody else. where are we on the search for northwestern of interest? >> the person of interest, who has been named as jessieñ matthew, came to the police station, asked for an attorney men and left without -- >> he did come to the police station. >> spoke with them briefly on saturday, and he had spoken with detectives briefly during a search they executed on his apartment, and his car. on friday the 19th. so, they had spoken to him once. they wanted to speak to him again almost walked into the police station, asked for an attorney they set him up with one. he leaves, does not make any other statements and the police tail that has been on him all week, and he accelerate somewhere east of town and was able to lose the police tail
12:39 pm
that had been with him. >> so we were right about that. he had been at the police station and they lost him. when you start doing things that make you look guilty, of when law enforcement goes after you but they haven't been able to find him. >> right. he notice considered technically a suspect. they have them on the surveillance video on the downtown mall where i'm standing right now, have eye witnesses placing him at the restaurant a block or so away withlb her that night. eye witnesses saying they were together. and then after that, they have been asking for more information forks witnesses to come forward and tell if they say none getting into the vehicle they described and released photos of, this burnt orange chrysler coupe, and any other information after the last time they were seep. >> campus must just be besidex1 itself as individuals -- sounds like this is the nicest girl you'll meet and hospital done anything wrong. >> she was out, she was just walking around, and i guess encountered him here in the
12:40 pm
mall. what happened to her after she was last seen is still a mystery, and i think that's really all the police are looking to fine out at this point. >> i'm sure it is good to talk to you. thanks a lot. >> thank you for having me. >> the rockefeller family now, built its million -- multidity billion dollar -- multibillion door wallet in oil, will drop investment in fossil fuels. it set the media all atwitter. "the new york times" newspaper reports above the followed, top story, at one point on the webs, this fakes more than $150 billion worth of investment. the rockefeller brothers fun has joined a global team of philanthropists known as divest, invest, that means, divest or get rid of all of your investments in fossil fuels and coal, and invest in clean energy. about 650 people and 180 corporations have reportedly signed up.
12:41 pm
the news comes just one day before 120 world leaders are set to attend a summit on climate change at the united nations. an estimated 100,000 people took part in a march in new york city, some people estimated it's 300,000 but it was a lot&k of people. they all trying to call attention to climate change. a sit-in on wall street got underway today. so it's day two of the demonstrations with all kinds of new predicts coming out, gerri willis is with us. sounds like they're trying to create a buzz to get people talking about this serious crisis. >> i agree they want to create a buzz. this is a rockefeller brothers fund. they run 860 million. this is not the rockefeller fund that runs $4 billion. so we're talk bath small slice of their pie and they say they're going to do phased-in approach. aso it's going to happen slow life time. >> you wonder if john d. would
12:42 pm
be turning over in his grave. >> anything on sixth after knew would make him frequent out -- freak out. he started the rockefeller fund 101 years ago, and they went after the issues of their day. they helped find a solution to yellow fever. malaria. they were after public health issues. this fund has a long history of giving money away, anduehere comes the fifth and sixth generations doing the same. >> all of that previously didn't realize the carbon emissions were killing the planet, or they were more about getting people healthy in other wows. >> standard oil became exxonmobil, and that is, what, 1870 that company was founded, standard oil, a long time ago. there were know dinosaurs then but close to it. >> insert joke here. good to see you, happy monday. much more on this week's u.n. general assembly ahead, and you can bet that the crisis in ukraine will be major topic of discussion. fox news got a one-on-one
12:43 pm
interview with a/u ukrainian foreign minister about the issue between putin and the rest of the world. with ukraine stuck in the middle. what is vladimir putin doing and what can our money do to help things inian? -- in ukraine? coming right up. we asked people a question, how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $53, $21, do you think the money in your pocket could make an impact on something as big as your retirement? not a chance. i don't think so. it's hard to imagine how something so small can help with something so big. but if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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sfx: crowd cheering might not seem so big after all. ♪
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14 minutes before the hour now. antidrug forces in peru say they're trying to tackle the cocaine trade by blowing up the trafficker's hidden runways. this picture shows the air"yfto fly cocaine out of peru, the world's none region for growing to company coca plant. the next one here, a blast as a huge holees blown in a runway. official says they have blown up more than 100 air strips this year alone. this next picture here, another one of the explosions, analysts say the mission could cut into the drug runner' properties but
12:47 pm
likely doesn't discourage them from the drug trade. this picture shows what is left after the explosions near a huge crater but peru's top counter-narcotics officer says the traffickers pay villagers $100 each to fill up the holes. and finally, this last picture here. this picture show what is left of an airplane that officials say the villagers destroyed to hide the evidence of the drugs. there's money in it for everybody and as long as there's a demand, there will be a supply, and as has always happened your drugp war will fail. >> islamic state fighters, please, and russia and ukraine, -- ebola, russia, and ukraine. 140 headed of state expected to show at the united nations, more than hey if shown up and things could heated. diplomats from ukraine and russia could come face to face, with the cease fire on a shaky ground.
12:48 pm
eric sat down with the ukrainian foreign minister, and eric is at united nations now. what did he tell you? >> he is calling for a coalition of freedom, his nation invaded byz8 russia, he says a warning o us all. we sat down with the ukrainian foreign minister and says this coalition could insist of democracies that would defend democratic and western values, such as self-determines and sovereignty. he said the unites nations in his view failed to address the russian aggression when i annexed crimea and the continuing problems in eastern ukraine and putin's forces violate international law with the support of the pro-russian rebels and threatens other democracies. >> it's about everyone. if someone is interchangeable, cannot feel secure, how the u.s. citizens here could feel secure and at the end of the day it's
12:49 pm
abouty3búa network security, ane neat a network of security. >> he says basically the west was caught flat-footed by vladimir putin and says nato, the u.s., and the european union were, quote, not ready c for wht he did. shep? >> i guess he wasn't either for that matter. the united states about to offer ukraine a little more> they're been lots of support so far but so far no arms. last week the ukrainian president met with president obama, but the obama administration has been refusing to give ukraine lethal weapons, just nonlethal items like mres and blankets. the ukraine president says you can't win a war with blank kits. now there's a bipartisan senate bill that would cif money to the military in ukraine. >> we are in the process of fight for freedom, four european values and for the western value, and it's our --
12:50 pm
definitely beautiful it off. >> russia, of course, denied it invaded ukraine or sent troops across the border. >> they didn't do it. eric shaun, thank you. tell intense official sunday the islamic state may not be the biggest threat to the united stating the islamic state may be hype when it comes to here. they telephone us another group is trying to recruit americans for possible attacks, using planes. details next. inutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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12:54 pm
its name is coroson. "the new york times" reports the group's leaderrer is this man, an al qaeda member, who was part of osama bin laden's inner circle and one of the few people who knew about the group's plan to attack on 9/11 -- knew in advance. the u.s. officials say the goal of the terror group ties recruit americans and europeans who are fighting in syria to attack u.s.-bound airliners. intelligence officials say it's working with al qaeda bombmakers to develop explosives that are harder to detect, lea gabrielle haskñ more. >> u.s. intelligence expert says the reason this group is a more direct threat to the u.s. is because they're laser focused on attacking us here. al qaeda's top bomb expert reportedly trained group. a specialist told me member 0 the group were selected because of their technical expertise and the reason we haven't been
12:55 pm
hearing about them more until now is for our own security. listen. >> i think the administration has been very parsimonious in terms of detailing what it knows about the group for fear of letting the group know what it knows. it's really trying: to fight the group covertly. >> we learn about the group earlier this month. >> this not say we ought to be afraid of flights coming into the country. >> i spoke with a former fib fbi agent and he says we should be concern. he says u.s. experts can make any type of bomb and what we can make we can detect. the problem is it would be impossible to screen every passenger for every threat. but we have seen tsa make adjustments, like in july when incriesed scrutiny of cell phones and laptops on u.s. bound flights. >> a very good sign that they
12:56 pm
impose these new restrictions this past summer because it shows they did pick up?m on some of the critical intelligence that was collected through various means, showing that this group had developed some of the technology that was designed to evade the u.s. restrictions. >> the fbi special eight spoke with says a concerned public is a good thing because they could be our best defense against a threat, vigilant public who is looking for something that doesn't seem normal and reporting it. >> see something, say something. we'll get the headlines and final check of the market. stay with us.
12:57 pm
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new fiber one streusel. a on this day in 1980 the iran-iraq war began. saddam hussein's forces invaded iran, launching a battle that would last nearly eight years. at first the u.s. claimed it was staying neutral but at the time iran was holing american hostage, so the u.s. supported
1:00 pm
saddam hussein, and ended enwaging two wars against him. but it was iran versus iraq, 34 years ago today. all over the place over there. the dow is off bad today. techs taking a beating. >> good thing they dropped the global warming thing because this got heated, very heated. police clashing with protesters on wall street today. demonstrators demanding action on climate change. are they about to get their wish? >> you can make a powerful argument it may be the most serious challenge we face on the planet because it's about the planet itself. >> you could also make a powerful argument maybe not the most serious threat. anyway, welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. ban ki-moon at the united nations yesterday, secretary of state john kerry today, and the president of the united states tomorrow, going all out to#é mae global warming a top priority and


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