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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tomorrow at 10:00 eastern. now, we hope you'll record "hannity" the series. we'll see you back here with dick cheney tomorrow night. ♪ balanced and unafraid, greta goes on the record right now. this is a fox news alert. an al qaeda group ready to strike the u.s. a u.s. intelligence officer says khorasan was operational and in the final stages of plans to attack the u.s. homeland or europe. and last less than 24 hours ago, the u.s. launched air strikes in syria, bombing eisis targets inside syria first, john kirby, just moments ago, we spoke with him about the latest u.s. military action. admiral, thank you for join being us, sir. >> thanks for having me.
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>> what did khorasan have 24 hours ago that it doesn't have right now? >> we're still assessing the effects of the strikes that we took against the khorasan group in syria. we do know we hit what we were aiming at. some of it was their weapons-making capabilities and command-and-control. we're still assessing the effectiveness, the thoroughness of those strikes, and we'll know probably in the next day or so. >> how long have they been on our radar screen? i thought isis was our target in iraq and in syria. now i'm hearing about khorasan. how long have they been on our so-called radar screen? >> we've been watching this group khorasan for quite some time now. we've been aware of them. they're a derivative of al qaeda, an offshoot of al nusra. while it may be a new name to many americans, it's not a new name to the defense department
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or intelligence community. we know what they're planning, and that's what led to the urgency of the strikes last night. >> what were they planning and has it been thwarted? >> they were planning attacks against western targets, either in europe or in the u.s. homeland. we also know they were very close to the end game on those efforts, and they getting close to the execution. it's hard to pinpoint exactly how long, but we know they were getting near the end just based on intelligence we were able to collect. i'm not at liberty to go into too much detail about the attack itself, but i can tell you they were getting close. if we were fully successful in these strikes we believe we will have been able to thwart those attacks, but, again, we still need to wait and watch and take another look. >> okay. i note you use the word targets, i don't want to push you any further i know you don't want to
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tell me, and i got that. but does the pentagon know what the targets are or were? they're very specific? >> we have specific intelligence, specific information about the nature of the attack. that's really as far as i'm able to go. >> now turn to isis. what did isis have 24 hours ago that it doesn't have right now in syria? >> we hit targets that get right at isil's community, excuse me, targets that fwekt their ability to command-and-control, to sustain themselves, to train themselves to recrete. we know that we hit hard targets that they have been using to sustain themselves in the fight in iraq and frankly, in syria. and this is not just like any other terrorest group. this is a dwrun that tries to grab ground. they have governing expectations. you've seen some of the video and images. we know we hit what we were aiming at. we will be assessing for quite
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some time to get a better sense of how effective we were. but we know these strikes were at the very least successful. >> have we heard from the assad regime, president assad of syria since this happened? >> we've been, from the military perspective, greta, we've not been in any communication with the assad regime, before, during or after. >> do you know of others within the government that has been in contact with the assad regime before, during or after? >> through, through our u.n. ambassador the assad regime was notified of our intent to conduct air strikes in syria, but there was no deep-level coordination or communication about that, and certainly, again, from a military perspective, we have not and have no plans to coordinate our activities with the assad regime. >> we have been told that this is going to be a long, sustained effort to get isis. how do you define lock and sustained? is that a day? week? years? can you give me a little
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more of a time frame? >> sure, i think to put it simply, we need to steel ourselves for an effort that could take years, greta. everybody's here at the pentagon about the scope of this challenge and how significant it is to our interest, to our people in the region, but also to the interest of our partners and allies. and i think that you saw arab nations, sunni arab nations participate in air operations last night. that's a real statement. it speaks volumes of how they, too, share the significance of this threat. i think we're very, very honest with ourselves about the challenge here and we're prepared to be at this for a while. but in terms of scope, i would say, yeah, probably years. >> no matter which way you fall on any of this, i think we can all be proud of our military for executing a plan well done. no one has heard, at least not on our side. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> why now? what maid the unit decide to strike in syria right now?
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jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with the latest. >> reporter: we've just learned that there were two additional air strikes carried out this morning at the end of the third wave of air strikes, raising the number of targets hit to 24. the president authorized the air strikes last thursday after visiting cent-com. the arab coalition came together in the past four days. that's when the u.s. decided it was ready to strike. cent-com commander lloyd austin gave the command on monday and they began at 8:30 eastern last night. the first missiles fired came from the uss army burk and the uss philippine sea. 47 tomahawk missiles were fired at command and control headquarters of the khorasan group, a group made up of pakistani and afghan fighters that u.s. officials claim was plotting against the united states. this group is a rival of isis.
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pentagon officials say the mission to defeat isis could take years. the significance of saudi and emiraty and jordanians cannot be understated. five nations joined this mission including qatar which flew but did not drop bombs. they targeted this group of pakistan and afghani fighters. they are a rival to isis. it was suggested they had entered a new phase of plotting against the u.s. and the west, possibly the homeland. >> jennifer, we're now, u.s. intelligence official says that khorasan was operational, was operational. is it stillbecause you know, we of buildings and everything, but what makes everyone think that
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it is not still operational? >> what we know from pentagon officials that we talked to today is that they were not targeting high-value targets, the leaders of these groups. they were not going after any big names. and in fact, we know that the leader of khorasan, there was a tweet this morning suggesting he'd been killed, but pentagon and intelligence officials say they have no indication he was killed. so in essence, the leaders of eye significance and the chore son group survived. the question is, will they try to target them. right now that does not seem to be part of this mission. and also, without boots on the ground, remember, greta, it is not that easy to, you need to be able to capture people, interrogate them to get the top leadership. >> it may not be part of the mission, but everyone is wondering whether khorasan is operational still and whether they still plan on fulfilling their latest terrorism threat. anyway, jennifer, thank you.
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and the pentagon insisting the obama administration did not coordinate with the assad regime, but the u.s. did inform syria through our u.n. ambassador of our intent to take military action. so is the obama administration walking a fine line here? john bolden joins us. it's looking at the reports it doesn't look like assad is seriously upset because we helped kill his enemy. >> that's correct. but the difficulty here that the administration doesn't fully realize is that we've got multiple enemies sitting right next to each other. and certainly the strike against isis was warranted and long overdue and presumably against khorasan as well, but that doesn't mean that it's to our advantage to see the assad regime encouraged or built up or given any sense that the united states is now prepared to accept its continued existence. and iran needs to know that even more directly. >> well, what gave us permission to do this? or gave us, you know,
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justification was the fact that at least the white house is saying is that iraq invited us in to help, and that iraq was being attacked by groups in syria, meaning isis. we, then, of course went on to go after a group that's threatening us which was not part of article 51, but i'm curious if there's been any sort of backlash by the u.n., whether or not that we do have, that we were justified by article 51. >> i don't think we have to be justified by article 51. i couldn't care less in a sense. the united states has an inherent right of self-defense, whatever the u.n. charter says. >> that would be against khorasan. would that be against isis as well? >> of course. >> what the obama administration is saying is they did it for iraq. >> well, of course that's what they're going to say, because they don't want to be involved at all. they don't have their heart in it. the administration wishes they weren't going through this. but if you have to construct a legal definition, that's what article 51 says, that every nation retains the right of
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self-defense. but the united states has a right of self-defense independent of the u.n. charter. it didn't arise in 1945. >> is it not significant that we did get a coalition of five nations going alongside with us? is that not hugely significant? >> here's why it's newsworthy. not that the five arab nations joined us, but that we finally got off our posterior and joined them. they've been allied with the united states. i'm going to leave qatar aside for the second, but the other four have been tearing their hair out at the weakness and the threat that isis poses to them. i think they were delighted to fly with us and wished they could have done it six weeks ago. >> ambassador, thank you. and the pentagon warning that the battle will not be a quick one. >> we are striking through the depths of isil's formations because we are trying to disrupt
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their support bases. while we enable in iraq their iraqi security forces with the help of partners to dislodge and ultimately remove isil from iraq. >> could this take years? >> i would think of it in terms of years, yes. and nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> a u.s. official says khorasan was operational and in the final stage of plans to attack the u.s. homeland or europe. that's why we attacked. >> right. >> what i don't get from anyone, is khorasan now handled? are they still in the operational stages? >> nobody knows. the taker of khorasan is that they bring two things to bear that are still out there. number one is the technology to develop second-generation bombs. this is non-metallic bombs that cannot be sniffed out by dogs. the second thing they bring since they're in syria is the
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ability to get a u.s., western passport holder. we say you can shoot at 50 meter targets. khorasan is a 50-meter target because all they had to do is put those two elements together, put this guy on an airplane and the results would have been a disaster. >> any idea why they didn't drop any bombs? >> what's so interesting is they from flying mirage 2,000s. i guess they were just up there boring holes in the sky. >> you think it's peculiar? >> i think it's weird. but it's a good thing that the other four states dropped bombs. the idea that they could put together these coalitions and strikes and the idea that they had intel jengs, good intelligence is pretty impressive by cent-com.
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>> what's next, tonight? >> no. we're going to continue this drip, drip, drip. their is a bombing campaign that's more of an aggravation than decisive. and it's going to last for years. and until we're able to put eyes on the ground, special forces into syria to start killing the middleman and the leadership in syria, the long-term effects of these periodic bombing strikes are not going to be decisive. >> all the attention has been on isis and this little group of khorasan that we have heard about. it's like that sort of a real and new threat that i think many of us woke up to today. >> absolutely. and what scares me, the bottom line is, these people are still there, and they have a sanctuary in syria, and they have the syrians looking the other way. and now they have the technology to start this all over again. it scares me to death. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. this is a fox news alert. police issuing an arrest warrant in connection with the
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disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham. just minutes ago, the police chief announced the development. >> this afternoon we reached that point where the commonwealth felt we had sufficient probable cause to seek an arrest warrant. so we appeared before a magistrate, detective sergeant mooney did, late this afternoon and obtained an arrest warrant for jesse leroy matthew junior of charlottesville, charging him with a class two felony of abduction with the intent to defile. now i've learned -- >> and on the record is investigating this case. we went to the home of jesse matthews' grandmother. we'll show you what we found coming up. and new information about the chor son terrorists. they were ready
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this is a fox news alert. it is not just isis. most of us were stunned to find out today that u.s. air strikes in syria also targeted another terror group, an al qaeda group who the obama administration says was nearing the execution phase here or in europe. kathrcatherine herridge joins u. i get it today who they are. what's the story? >> the khorasan group is really like the old boys club of al qaeda. these are folks that go way back with osama bin laden.
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they have family ties with him, and they trained in the camps in the '90s before 9/11. so this is kind of al qaeda seen ro -- senior leadership in syria. >> apparently the reason why the pentagon and the white house says they struck is because they've gone from the plotting and research phase into the operational phase. what i don't get though, is if we did last night eliminated them or is the operational phase still in tact. where are they? >> one of the reasons that we went when we did is because we had updated location information for the leadership of the khorasan group. so we knew they were moving towards executing a plot. can you know that, but if you don't have good information about where they are, there's no point launching strikes. number two, just because you put them under pressure or take out some of the leadership, you're
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not really getting at the cancer at the heart of this, and these are the bomb makers who've been trained to use the nonmetallic bombs such as the underwear bomb. you cannot drone this group out of existence in simple terms. >> we don't have confidence that they have been finished. they have been hit, but that's all. >> they are under pressure. and they're going to go to ground. but you can't have confidence that the operation is over, because it's bigger than just a single individual. >> cathrine thank you. >> we heard about the threat of khorasan, but it was not long ago that president obama said this. >> al qaeda is on the run, and we have decimated their leadership. al qaeda is on the run. a new tower rises above the new york skyline. al qaeda is on the path to defeat.
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al qaeda's on the run, al qaeda's on the run. today, al qaeda is on the run. the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is ending. al qaeda is on the run. osama bin laden is dead. and joe trippi joins us. do you want to respond to all that? it looks like al qaeda is not on the run. >> well, they are. >> they're not gone. >> these guys were with osama bin laden. he's dead. now they're in syria, and they just got hit again. and they're running begin. as kathryn said, you're never going to extinguish every single one of these guys. you have to know where they are and monitor them and our intelligence said now is the time. they're trying to get operational, and we hit them. >> when he was at the democrat convention in 2012, he said al qaeda is on the path to defeat. i would not use that description. >> today we spend more of our
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time worrying about isil and that's wrong. there are other cells out there like this one that can be a much bigger threat to the unit today than isil is today. >> is the president's commencement of operations in syria, does that have any impact for democrats in the midterm elections? >> i don't think so. look, i just don't think that his approval ratings or anything else, any action he takes right now is really going to change the dynamic of the low approval ratings he has in terms of how it impacts democrats. they're all fighting their own races out there, staying competitive. he's going to be an anchor on them, and that's not coming off, no matter how successful these raids are. >> how about the impact on secretary of state hillary clinton runs in 2016. is this something that will have an impact on her? >> i don't think so at all. i think hillary clinton's going to stand on her own in 2016 if she runs. i'm still not sure that she will. but i am not sure that anything
11:24 pm
the prid does right now is going to impact her standing. >> it doesn't seem that they're connected in that way. i know people try to do it, but she ran against them. they definitely have differences, and syria, arming the syrian rebels was one of them. >> how about vice president biden? he didn't run against them, he ran with him. >> yeah, he's got to carry the obama record with him. i mean, that's just the way this thing works. hillary clinton opposed him. he beat her. she went into his administration. she gave him advice, he didn't take it. i mean, these are all well-documented things that are not going to change. leon panetta said the same thing. i don't think she's going to be hurt much by anything the president does or doesn't. successor failure won't abide to her. >> so biden's married to him, she isn't. >> right. and it's a surprise. five
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united states bombing inside syria and we're doing it with the help of five arab nations. so who is that coalition and who hit where? jason bellini joins us. >> defense officials told us that the vast majority of the strikes were fired by the u.s. and they were concentrated in three areas of syria, and there were three rounds of strikes.
11:29 pm
the first one involved cruise missiles aimed at the al qaeda group khorasan. they're in the far northwest corner of syria, near aleppo and raqqah. now only the u.s. was involved in this round of strikes. and those missiles hit at least two khorasan training camps. now jordan, united arab emirates and bahrain were involved. and the finance center was struck. the third wave was against targets in eastern syria. and we also have images today of a purported islamic state residence near the iraqi border. and, this is just the beginning. >> jason, in terms of the training camps, do we have any kind of asisment as to how successful they were in hitting
11:30 pm
khorasan? >> well, the pentagon said that they were successful. what that means exactly, we don't know. and we don't have images that show us what that means exactly. but the pentagon is saying that the real main aim of last night's strike was to not go after individuals, not to go after foreheads, but to go after mechanisms they use to communicate, and that these were very precision weapons they were using to attack chore son and to disable their ability to carry out a potential strike against the united states and other allies. >> i guess i don't have enough of a sense of this khorasan. i would like to think they were all in one group and at the other end of a cruise missile. but for some reason i'm believing they're spread out over europe with their passports. these are veteran al qaeda. do you have any the indication at all as to the breadth of this group? >> i was talking to a source today who was saying that, you know what, there really is no
11:31 pm
difference between al nusra, that's the al qaeda affiliate inside of syria and this drupe that khorasan that we're now hearing so much about. they're pretty much one and the same. and, yeah, they're spread out. and they're in multiple nodes, so's hard to assess what their numbers are. but pretty much, if it's al qaeda, you're pretty much talking about the same thing, according to sources i spoke with. >> jason, thank you. >> thank you. five arab countries taking part in strikes against isis in syria. joining us is president of the american forum for democracy. good evening. >> good evening. it's great to be with you. thanks for having me. >> nice to have you. what does this mean that we had five arab countries go along with us against these sunni militants? >> i think it's obvious that the president's intention was to make it clear that this is not a sunni versus shiite sectarian war, that he stayed away from the shiite access and used the
11:32 pm
sunni countries, but i think the reality is, i'm not impressed, because what he's doing is allowing the sunni monarchies, the gulf autocratic mafia, if you will, to maintain status quo. in the wake of the arab awakening, we lost some major opportunities. we're sort of on the side of our friend anies that create the ideology that creates isis. and the reason the qatarys didn't drop any bombs, i believe, is one of the spiritual heades of the brotherhood is probably saying we don't want to have any blood on our hands to kill any fellow sunni muslims. i think that's the narrative we're missing. >> the other awkward twist is that we actually helped president assad because isis is a problem for him as well, and he's a guy who gases his people. so there's that ugly twist to
11:33 pm
it. so, what would you do? >> well, i think, the saddest thing is we don't have nato. the narrative we need to push is an arab awakening. the people want reform. they see the arab fascist dictators, and on the opposite side of the coin, the islamist faction, the hezba law. they're looking for a third pathway. this is about liberty, freedom, about the free syrian army to replace assad. the political nuclear winter that created isis was because of american absence. that's the narrative. unfortunately is that we're pushing the old status quo of arab monarchies. >> the free syrian army, have they changed in the last year? because i know there was some discussion to arm them or equip
11:34 pm
them a year ago, does it make much difference that we're a year late on this? >> it does. they become more radicalized. but there are secular parts of them that we cannot find, the ones that are there for jihad. the more we do nothing, the more radicalized they become and the more unsettled the entire region is. so we need to at least show some push, if you will, towards the anti-assad movement that is more liberal rather than jihadist. >> thank you. i can't resist the little trivia that he's from appleton, wisconsin originally. thank you. >> thank you. and it's being dubbed the latte salute. the unusual gesture. plus the arrest warrant just issued in the case of the missing student.
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well, president obama's not going to like this one. according to a cbs new york times poll taken just over a week ago, before the strike in syria, over 41% approve his handling of terrorism. does he really think this is going to help his image? just hours after thanking the troops, he saluted two marines by holding a coffee cup in one hand. some are calling it the latte salute. john, first, how about that salute? the whole world's watching to see how our president does, and probably -- >> it's a minor gaff.
11:40 pm
>> minor gaff? >> you're not supposed to salute with things in your hand, but this would be way, way, way down on the list. >> tiny. >> susan? >> part of the larger narrative, that he doesn't have a lot of reverence for the military. he's practically upside down on where he was a few years ago on foreign policy after he helped kill osama bin laden, but i think his poll numbers are probably going to improve. the poll was not taking in account -- >> last night. >> i think he'll start looking better, but only for a certain time. i think the lack of the strategy, the tone of the long mission in the middle east. it's a precarious situation for him. >> i think the handling of terrorism will go up as long as we don't get hit. i'm troubled by this thing with
11:41 pm
khorasan. they'd gone behind the plotting and planning but they'd gone to operational, which means ready to go. i don't know if hitting buildings defeats that or not. >> and this is a newell e that comes after this poll. republicans in this poll are the toughest against obama, obviously. they say he's not, he's not strong enough. but americans in this poll still said they don't want troops in the ground. some republicans say we need this. generals saying we need this. but on the campaign trail, as far as candidates and contested races, they're not saying it. so that's going to be an interesting thing to watch. do republicans in contested races start to come out and say we need more to be done? >> you can see the way the numbers have gone down, starting may 2011. look how high that was, 72%. and we haven't been hit by terrorism, but his numbers have
11:42 pm
gone down. >> as you pointed out correctly, the president run the platt forge that al qaeda was decimated. they're not decimated by any means, they're growing in power in the middle east. they have this terrorist army of 30,000 people. we don't know how many fighters were killed in syria and iraq yesterday. it's a very small number. this should have been launched months ago, al qaeda in iraq and isis, they were traveling down the road in open conveys. now they're hunkered down. there's more that can be done with air strikes. >> there's a photo someone should not have put on instagram for us to see. we haven't been hit by terrorism, so why is this number going down? >> there was the bombing at the boston marathon. these are things that lower the
11:43 pm
confidence. if you look at the poll number, those were taken, again before the strikes started. i think he'll start to improve on the terrorism aspect, but the whole quandary about people not wanting boots on the ground, and strategists saying nothing really can happen without boots on the ground. it's a real quandary. >> last night, numbers go up or down for the president? >> i think it's a very tough call. i think he's going to be in the 40s on every data point, whether it's the economy, immigration, foreign policy. you've got a conflagration of events. there is a sense that he's a slow to this uptick. he's addressing this now. that hurts him, probably through the midterms, he's in the 40s. >> panel, thank you. let's all go off the record for a minute. a decision to go to war is the
11:44 pm
most important decision made on behalf of the nation. and last night the president made the decision without authorization from congress to bomb syria. this off the record is not whether the president's strategy is a smart one or not but a decision about syria should have been made a year anot. but about whether he should have made the decision to bomb without congress. if any members of congress have any problem at all, get on a plane and get back to d.c. and start the debate. not by describes from a campaign trail or some hastily sent press release or twitter account. they could have debated it last week but did not. war's a very serious issue. if any congress member, house or senate has an objection, get back now, not after midterms. and if no one shows up, it's fair to assume that congress
11:45 pm
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this is a fox news alert. just moments ago police issuing an arrest warrant in connection with the disappearance of hannah graham. the warrant charges jesse matthew with abduction and they have just release add new wanted poster. so who is jesse matthew? >> reporter: tell me about jesse matthew. what was he like? >> i remember him being a standard cabdriver. he was nice, courteous to the
11:50 pm
customers. he was reliable. if i september him on an order, that order always got picked up. he didn't play games, you know, like some people do. and any feedback from clients was always positive. >> reporter: does a cabdriver have an expert knowledge of this area? >> in depth knowledge. very in depth knowledge. i can think of five or ten places to hide a body, easy, in this town. it's a smallish town. but the one thing people need to realize, cabdrivers -- we are consfatantly in our cars, 13 hos a day, constantly driving around the town, all the little nooks and crannies, where the stockyards are, over in hog waller, up to the little developments that you go in and there are 20 ways into it but only one way out of it. there are a lot of places in
11:51 pm
here that have nooks and crannies like that. >> and griff jenkins joins us live from charlottesville. i take the warrant's been executed by now or they don't now where he is. >> reporter: that's correct, greta. in a very short press conference, they said federal and state resources have been deployed to locate him. as you heard from his former taxi driver boss he was shocked that this nice fellow may have done this. and we are on the latest. we've called the hospital as well, where he's currently employed, to get a reaction to find out if he's still employed. they have not gotten back to us. but as the chief said, the search for hannah continues. >> the last time he was seen he sped away in his car. there was that episode, they had the warrant because he was driving recklessly. is that the last time anyone has seen him? >> reporter: that's correct. the last time he was seen was
11:52 pm
speeding away in that 1997 blue nissan believed to have belonged to his sister nikki. we tried to find relatives today, including nikki, to find out where he was, but the last time he was seen was speeding away from authorities in that car. >> griff, thank you. and former d.c homicide detective is also in charlottesville. he and griff went to the home of jesse matthews' grandmother. >> we just want to ask when you last saw him? >> i have nothing to say to you. get off my property. >> when was the last time you saw jesse? a girl is missing. >> reporter: have you talked to jesse? >> no one here has no comments. bye. >> and ted williams joins us live from charlottesville, that didn't work too well. >> reporter: no, it did not. but his grandmother is a victim of a grandson who's now, greta, been charged with a felony.
11:53 pm
a felony abduction with the intent to defile. the statkes in this case have nw been raised hugely. the ante is up. the grandmother had made some statements that she raised jesse matthew. so we wanted to talk to her. he's, as you know, on the run. and when you're on the run like that, greta, you're more likely to go to people who love you and care for you. and a grandmother, like i said, is someone we wanted to talk to. >> have you been to, has jesse lived by himself or have an apartment? where's he been living? >> reporter: well, greta, yes. we have been on numerous occasions to jesse matthew's apartment. they told me that he
11:54 pm
fellow. that he was wireird. while we've heard that he was mr. nice guy, i've got to tell you, there are people saying just the opposite about jesse matthew. >> maybe you can find jesse and he can talk to you. he's got a warrant out for him, though. and coming up, a member of the fox news team is on the terror watch list. really? who is it and why? who is it and why? send your guess to hi! can i help you? i'm looking for a phone plan. it has to be a great one, and i don't compromise. ok, how about 10 gigs of data to share, unlimited talk and text, and you can choose from 2 to 10 lines. wow, sounds like a great deal. so i'm getting exactly what i want, then? appears so. now, um, i'm not too sure what to do with my arms right now 'cause this is when i usually start throwing things. oh, that's terrifying at&t's best-ever pricing. 2-10 lines, 10 gigs of truly shareable data, unlimited talk and text, starting at $130 a month. ♪ who's going to do it?
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test. test.
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ready, set, the speed-read. a new york judge sentencing osama bin laden's son-in-law to life in prison. he was arrested on charges he tried to kill americans after the 9/11 attacks he became the
11:59 pm
voice of recruitment tapes. temporary buffer zone has been set up in front of the sidewalk in front of the white house. the closure will stay in place while the secret service continues its review of last week's fence-jumping incident. steve hayes tweeting, just inferred i'm on the dhs watch list. explains why i've been subject to extra screens. naturally, when i went to file a redress form on the dhs website, the form could not be process. so why is hayes on the watch list? he thinks it's because he took a one-way trip to turkey in july. obviously, it's a mistake that hayes is on this list. we hope that gets sorted out soon. if you can't watch live, use your d.v.r. we have something new, called
12:00 am
fox news answer this question. should lawmakers return to d.c. to debate the president's authority to bomb syr tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." would golf be as fun if you had to wait? or would it be like soccer. we report and you suffer what is the longest the president has gone without blinking? >> 46 days. that is not an exageratio in. . >> and finally, what is better than one batman singing the greatest ever? 542 at the same time. >> ♪ ymca >> none of these


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