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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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night keeping up on current stuff. >> i was promoting his new book "the means." and he officially owes me a chocolate cake and a risotto and maybe a vodka soda with a splash of oj, not too much. thanks for watching everybody. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. tonight, the fight against isis continues. the united states launched another wave of air strikes ats isis targets today. and there are economic in nature. a u.s. official tells fox news that the raids are aimed at about a dozen modular refineries used by isis. coming up, the former vice president of the united states, dick cheney and his daughter liz will join me in studio with their take on the fight against radical islam. first, amid the ongoing military campaign against isis in both iraq and syria, fox news has obtained a joint bulletin from the fbi and the department of homeland security that the strikes increase the risk of a lone wolf terror attack here.
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fox's own catherine herridge is standing by in washington tonight. and she has all the details. catherine. >> sean, fox news obtaining this five-page bulletin from the fbi and homeland security that warns the air campaign has diminished the likelihood of a successful attack if foreign terrorist groups. but at the same time it increases the risk from lone wolf sympathizers in the u.s. it reads in part we believe these strikes will contribute to home grown violent extriemists broader grievances about military intervention in predominantly muslim lands. a u.s. official says it's possible part of the khorasan leadership who also had a personal with osama bin laden was killed in the strikes adding that the plot was far more complex than a single bomb on a jet. a series of attacks in close succession like in 2001 in new york, washington and shanksville, pennsylvania, is a trademark of bin laden's inner
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circle and more evidence khorasan is al qaeda, not a splinter group. >> the fact that they would see a simultaneous attack, they would use perhaps different methods like some bombs, maybe shootings, beheadings, is in fact characteristic of an al qaeda attack. >> and attorney general eric holder telling yahoo news that khorasan was on their radar in 2012. >> this is a group that's been known to us for two years. i've sat in the situation room with the president, with the national security team, and we've been closely monitoring the khorasan group for that period of time. >> and holder says what keeps him up at night are these so-called rec room radicals, these are people who use social media and the web, which is like pouring gasoline on the fire of self-radicalization. sean. >> catherine herridge in washington tonight. thank you. meanwhile, president obama addressed the united nations general assembly today where he once again vowed to dismantle what he called the isis network of death. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is
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traveling with the president. he's in new york city this week. and he joins us now from the u.n. to recap that speech. ed. >> reporter: good evening, sean. at the united nations at the entrance where dignitaries arrive for the general assembly meeting. so president obama came here for an important speech in order to try and rally the world to help defeat and destroy isis, try to build that coalition further as we've been reporting. he's had some early success with the five arab partners but still waiting for key european allies to get on board with military help as well as other nato allies like turkey, pivotal in the mideast. bottom line is some of those allies are still sitting on the fence out of a fear that the president does not have a long-term commitment to the fight against isis. the president insisted today that isis is a cancer he is going to stick in and help root out. but he might have undermined his case a bit by saying this is still not a dominant part of his foreign policy in what appeared to be a swipe at the bush administration's war on terror and some of that rhetoric about
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us against them. >> i have made it clear that america will not base our entire foreign policy on reacting to terrorism. instead we waged a focused campaign against al qaeda and its associated forces. when it comes to america and islam, there is no us and them. there is only us. because millions of muslim-americans are part of the fabric of our country. >> reporter: now, before the speech the president's aides signal this was an opportunity to highlight american leadership on the world stage, but in what might be a curious move, the president also decided to highlight what he suggested were american failings here at home specifically ferguson, missouri and the racial strike there to the idea that it's easy then for critics to say america shouldn't be lecturing others about violent extremism. now, reporters pressed the white house staff on why the president would drag ferguson, missouri into this debate about isis given the fact that the situation in ferguson is still
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an ongoing legal matter. and white house aides were forced to clarify that the president was just trying to point out that america is not perfect here at home. sean. >> all right. ed henry at the u.n. tonight. thank you. and as the president addressed the united nations today, u.s. military continued to bomb iraq and syria using attack bomber and fighter aircraft to conduct additional air strikes. now, former navy fighter pilot and fox news correspondent leah gabrielle is back with us at the "hannity" big board to bring us an inside look at the air strikes. they looked fascinating. i love our cruise missile attacks. but is it going to be enough? >> that's a great question. let's talk about how it all happens. it starts with the commanders identifying a goal, for example taking out command and control. intelligence gathered through a number of ways including imagery from satellite and surveillance flights over syria. strike planes identify targets. this is one of the targets
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attacked on monday. now, see here on the left military operators are assigned targets like this. they work as a team to come up with a strategy to take them out including the right weapon and fuse and what weapon will be needed to take it out. on the right you see a picture after the building was hit. the pentagon says the intended affect was only to take out the communications array on the building. surgically hit only that. this was hit by a tomahawk land attack missile fired from a navy ship like you see here. not the f-18s. but the same thing can be accomplished with a gps guided bomb. for example, this islamic state compound was hit by multiple guided bombs dropped from f-18s. now, after the strike intelligence gathering comes right back into play and that's to assess the accuracy of the hits. did they hit their intended targets and assess the damage to
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determine, sean, if the objectives were accomplished. >> why didn't they take out the whole building? >> they made a very big point in the intelligence briefing -- i'm sorry, in the press briefing to show they only intended -- and i think they wanted to people to see from 1,500 miles away on a ship we can launch a missile to take out precisely what's called a surgical strike. there's only some reason, maybe there were hostages tht in the building. things we don't know. >> and president obama's military campaign against isis marks a stark contrast from what he was touting one year ago addressing the u.n. general assembly. let's walk down memory lane to 2013. >> we've worked to end a decade of war. next year an international coalition will end its war in afghanistan having achieved its mission of dismantling the core of al qaeda that attacked us on 9/11. these new circumstances have also meant shifting away from a
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perpetual war footing. as a result of this work and cooperation with allies and partners, the world is more stable than it was five years ago. >> that's a far cry from what we heard today at the u.n. from our commander in chief. so did the president get it wrong? and is his failure to recognize the threat of radical islam responsible for what's happening in the middle east today? here to respond press secretary rear admiral john kirby joining us. welcome to the program. >> thank you, sean. good to be with you. >> there seems to have been a misunderstanding by the president referred in january as the jayvee team. he referred a month ago as it being pure fantasy that we would arm syrian opposition farmers and doctors and pharmacists, et cetera. how does the president keep changing like this. >> sean, i don't speak for the president. i speak for the pentagon. what i will tell you is we have watched isil, let's take that as
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terms of an example. you talk about comments in january, a lot has changed since january. we've been watching this group for months and months. i've got to tell you they've grown in capability, grown in skill, grown in resources. a lot has changed since the beginning of this year. and that leads us to today where we're facing a very real threat there in the region and we're now beginning to hit them where it hurts inside syria. there's been a lot of changes in that regard. >> a lot of talk, six weeks of air campaign going on in iraq and as of now there's really been no ground taken by those forces. a lot of people, military experts including two former secretaries of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs suggested that at some point strategy of boots on the ground may be necessary from a strategic standpoint, is it from your perspective should we be taking that off the table? >> well, what the chairman said was that if he felt the strategy was failing in the regard he would have -- he's obligated, it's his responsibility to offer advise and council and he'll do
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that in an unvarnished completely apolitical way. that's his job. i think that's what he was referring to a hypothetical. but he also said he didn't think that time was now. back to iraq. it is true that isil continues to hold a wide swath of territory through central and northern iraq. there's no question about that. but i can also tell you, sean, that through our help from the air and through our help in advising and assisting on the ground at a higher level of headquarters for the iraqi security forces they are beginning to show progress. they are holding their ground in and around baghdad. they are starting to retake ground. the mosul dam facility is a great example of e had iraqis a the ground, it was their operation. yes, we supported from the air, but they took that entire facility back away from isil. let's look at the hadeetha dam, a piece of critical infrastructure that iraqi security forces were holding and being severely threatened by isil. that threat has been eliminated though we continue to watch it. there's a long way to go, sean,
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no question about it. we take a sober view here at the pentagon. nobody doing touchdown dances. there's a lot of work to do. through our help and help of international partners as well. >> talk about the timing from a military strategic standpoint. le on panetta suggested it was a mistake not arming the syrian rebels back in 2012. that he believed that and bob gates believed that and hillary believed that and the president went against them. similarly i'm putting up on the screen a map and shows major syrian and iraqi cities and the dates that they fell to isis. we lost 4,000 americans, many others were injured in this conflict in iraq. a lot of blood and sweat and treasure and lives that were lost. should we have acted sooner before fallujah fell and mosul fell and sinjar and all these other places? >> well, it would be easy to monday morning quarterback this. we don't have the time to do that here in the pentagon. we're very focused on the threat as it is. >> but the timeframe of this is
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when the president referred to them as the jayvee team and then even after that we didn't do anything. city after city americans died for was falling. we didn't intervene. i mean, doesn't that seem odd? >> well, i can tell you is we were watching this group for a while. the other thing i can tell you though, sean, and i think it's important for people to remember and i had friends who fought in iraq and i have friends in afghanistan now. so i know it's personal to a lot of us in uniform although i never served on the front lines, i'll say that. but i can tell you that the people i know who did are very proud of their service. and they know that they gave the iraqi security forces an opportunity in 2011. when we left we told congress, we told the american people that the iraqi security forces were competent and capable to the threat that they face at the time. >> former president george w. bush warned exactly with pinpoint accuracy what would happen if we didn't keep forces there. pinpoint accuracy that we'd be back and dealing with a more extreme group. so in retrospect was he right and president obama wrong? >> we wanted to stay.
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we wanted to stay, sean. we had a plan to stay. prime minister maliki was not able to approve that plan and get it through his own parliament. >> talking about a status of forces agreement. but there was such a disparity in the number of troops that we're talking about there. it seems to me and a lot of other military people i've interviewed that that could have been reached, that could have been completed. >> it wasn't though. that's the point. >> that's the point, it should have been. >> because prime minister maliki couldn't deliver on that. and we needed to have -- look, as a person of uniform myself, i don't want to be in a foreign country unless i know i have legal -- couldn't guarantee those. >> that raises a question. we don't have european allies taking part in the air strikes. the reason seems to be the discomfort level that these european countries have about the international legality of striking in syria. the question for you under what international law or mandate is the u.s. operating in syria? and why didn't the president go to the u.n. and ask for a mandate vote or resolution?
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>> again, i'm not going to speak for the president. i can tell you that we are acting to protect and defend our citizens from the threat that this group poses. and we're doing that under constitutional authorities that he has to protect american citizens abroad. that's the authorities we're operating under as well as the authorization to use military force. it was approved -- >> i hope and pray it works. in my view it's a day late and a dollar short as all those cities americans died for we didn't protect them at the time we could have. and if these other military commanders and former defense secretaries are right, it's going to be needing a lot more than what we're giving it. time is only going to tell. i hope it's successful. >> we obviously are working for that success as well, sean. >> thank you. >> and we can. >> coming up next, in a "hannity" exclusive, vice president dick cheney is here in studio along with his daughter, liz, to talk about the air strikes in syria and the president's plan to combat isis. that and more on this busy news night right here on "hannity." [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality
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i realize that america's critics will be quick to point out at times we too have failed to live up to our ideals, that america has plenty of problems within its own borders. this is true. in a summer marked by instability in the middle east
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and eastern europe, i know the world also took notice of the small american city of ferguson, missouri where a young man was killed and a community was divided. so, yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. >> there's president obama again apologizing for america on the world stage during his address to the u.n. general assembly earlier today. joining me now for a studio and studio exclusive interview former deputy assistant secretary of state liz cheney, her father, former vice president of the united states, dick cheney. >> good to be here. >> good to be here, sean. >> the president focusing on civil wars, jihadists, the brutal invasion of other countries and compelled to compare it to ferguson, missouri? >> i was stunned. i mean, in one case you've got a police officer involved in a shooting. there may be questions about it. they'll be sorted out through the legal process.
7:19 pm
there's no comparison to that with what isis is doing to thousands of people throughout the middle east with bloody beheadings of anybody they come in contact with. to compare the two as though somehow there's moral equivalence is, i think, outrageous. >> rape, murder, mass raids, all of this happening with isis. how do you react to the president's strategy? as i ask you this i'm putting up a map. all of these cities that 4,000 americans fought, bled and died for within iraq, within the iraqi borders e, all fall in a period of months and the president didn't lift a finger. >> i think the strategy he's laid out now is insufficient. it's good that he's launched air strikes into syria. but even if you look at what he said at the u.n. today, he talked about the yiet will conduct a campaign of air strikes. that's not going to get the job done. we've got to defeat isis. we've got to make sure that we go back on offense on the war on terror. it's going to require more than
7:20 pm
just air strikes. you saw the president again today at the u.n. talk about how all powers need to sit down around the table and negotiate. and it's just so at odds with the reality of what we're seeing. it's this ideology he's unwilling to let go of that is not going to be sufficient to keep the nation safe. >> a month ago, mr. vice president, the president said the idea was fantasy, that america would somehow arm the syrian rebels which now is a core of his strategy, a month later. in the interim said we have no strategy before he laid out a strategy which has changed multiple times. and he said in january as isis was beginning this territorial -- these conquests, he said they were the jayvee team. how could he be getting it so wrong so often on such a big issue like this? >> well, i think it's deliberate. i think he has a world view. and what he's found i think recently is that it's not consistent with reality. we saw what general mike flynn did as he stepped down as director of the defense
7:21 pm
intelligence agency. and basically what he suggested is that they're not reading the intelligence that's being produced. and on the one hand you've got a president that's saying al qaeda's in retreat, core al qae qaeda's been decimated and on the other hand you have intelligence reports saying that's simply not true. >> catherine herridge's report saying for two years they knew they were for two years. so if they knew they were there, they knew they still existed, apparently. what do you make -- i would think that the president who apparently didn't know the term coremen and said corpseman three times in one speech, general obama might want to rely more on mill tear experts. we have leon panetta, bob gates, dempsey and chairman of the
7:22 pm
joint chiefs. all thinking this might be insufficient as a strategy. but the president rejected it outright. and also said there would be no shock and awe. was that a bad thing to telegraph? >> i think it's a very serious mistake. he clearly lacks the experience and i think also the respect for our senior commanders. these are tremendously capable people. i've worked with a lot of them when i was with vice president and with them in the younger days when i was secretary of defense. president doesn't have to do everything. he gets to make the decisions. but he clearly ought to listen to the senior military commanders who are responsible on the ground for executing on policy and take their advice occasionally. but almost always when the subject comes up he nearly always rejects what they recommend. >> you said within ten years you think america will be hit with a worse terror attack than 9/11. >> correct. >> is isis the likely group that will be responsible? and how would you defeat them? >> well, it may be isis, but one of the things that happened this past summer was the rand study
7:23 pm
came out said 58% increase over a three-year period of time in the number of al qaeda-like organizations out there. i mean, there's a lot of them. it's not justi isis. isis is front and center right now. i believe there will be another mass casualty attack against the united states. and i do believe next time they'll have deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters. >> let me go to the president's u.n. speech today where he said we are never at war with islam. sort of like when he said the islamic state is not islamic. and get reaction. >> we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. and when it comes to america and islam, there is no us and them. there is only us because millions of muslim-americans are part of the fabric of our country. >> what are we to make of this mysterious reluctance and
7:24 pm
resistance to identify radical islam for what it is? this is based on a fundamentalist religious view. the president won't say that. why? >> yeah, you know, it's not clear to me why he won't say it. i think maybe he's worried about causing offense. but if we won't name the enemy, we're not going to defeat the enemy. and it is certainly true that not every muslim is a terrorist. there's no question. but it's also the case that those who threaten us today are muslim. and if we don't understand the fundamental religious ideological foundation of their belief and of their war against us, it will be very difficult for us to prevail. >> if in fact we don't defeat them now, where do you see this going as you look down the line? i mean, you were a defense secretary, congressman, vice president for eight years. look in your crystal ball, where does isis take us if we don't defeat them now? >> where i've been concerned for a long time, sean, going back even to those defense department days is this possible linkage
7:25 pm
between terrorism on the one hand and deadlier weapons on the other. and i worry very much that right now we've got two trends operating in the middle east. one is the proliferation of terrorist, the proliferation of terrorist organizations, the proliferation of the areas that they've got sanctuary and safe harbor in now and caliphate. on the one hand. and on the other hand the continued development for example by iran with respect to nuclear weapons. we're just fortunate that the nuclear reaction that was built by the north koreans for the syrians back in the early part of -- >> israelis took it out. >> israelis took it out. otherwise today we wouldn't be worried about chemical weapons in eastern syria, we'd be worry about who's got the nukes. >> that should be our number one priority. i don't see that the president has the relationship with israel to join in taking out iran's nukes. is that something that ought to be at the top of our priority list that they refuse to dismantle on their own? >> i think it ought to be very clear that the united states is prepared to use military force
7:26 pm
if necessary to make certain iran never acquires nuclear weapons. frankly, i have doubts that he would ever do that. >> we'll take a break. we'll come back. more with the vice president dick cheney and his daughter liz. after the break, later, all everyone's talking about. last night on this program we showed you the disrespectful way the president saluted a marine yesterday with his latte in his hand. and it's now since gone viral on the internet. colonel oliver north will be here tonight to, you know, basically describe what has been dubbed the latte salute straight ahead. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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7:29 pm
joint chiefs of the pentagon that the war with syria could now take years to complete. but most of the generals seem to be telegraphing pretty loudly to the president that to get this job done properly that it's going to take boots on the ground. >> i think it will. i think it's important to remember to phase it out, but the longer it takes the costlier it will be in terms of lives and treasure. when we did desert storm, we gave them the whole load the first night of the war. we pulled out all the stops. when you have pinprick attacks as they were doing initially with respect to the air campaign, that's what you get. you give the enemy time to adjust to go underground, to take care of protecting themselves from those attacks and they're less effective when you telegraph what you're going to do. and barack obama has consistently demonstrated, i think, a refusal to accept good military advice in terms of how he actually uses the force. >> six weeks into the campaign of air strikes in iraq and we
7:30 pm
have failed to dislodge isis from any of its strongholds. i put that map back up again and you see all of these cities that they were able to take over. we lost 4,000 americans, as we all know here. blood and treasure lost. and we stood by idly and did nothing as every one of those cities that americans fought and bled and died for and now we're hearing that the air strikes aren't even working in iraq. and we saw the president used yemen and somalia as an example. well, yemen's not exactly the best example as it's now collapsing. >> right. and you even had a report today, sean, that in spite of the air strikes in syria you've got isis expanding in some of the kurdish areas. so it's a situation where the president is basically said that he's going to defeat isis, he's going to destroy it. but that the boots on the ground we're going to use are syrians and iraqis. and you got a real problem there. the free syrian army he has se wooers going to use as a our ground forces is not just a
7:31 pm
group of good guys. it's been so long now that this operation has not gone on that the president dither that had you had some very bad elements infiltrate all of the syrian opposition. the iraqi army is not in a similar position. saying it's going to be a year, maybe two years. >> general dempsey said none of the iraqi army is ready for isis. >> right. so the president has laid out a fantasy for the american people and trying to disguise it in strategy. but it's not going to keep us safe. >> mr. vice president, you're in town in the middle of the this u.n. conference. obviously i would just venture a guess that you might be here talking to a lot of leaders you've gotten to know over the many years. what are they telling you? you do stay in contact with many. >> i do stay in contact although i don't hang out at the united nations, sean. i'm not invited. >> i'm not particularly a fan either. >> i do travel to the middle east. liz and i traveled there last
7:32 pm
spring. >> you're talking about egyptians, saudis, emerates. what are they saying? some of them did join in this coalition. europe is not for the most part. what are they telling olympic abo -- telling you about this president and this campaign? >> i think having the participation of the em emirates and saudis and so forth, i would not want to discourage that. a lot have u.s.-trained personnel, using u.s. equipment, we've used their bases over the years. that's a good addition. it doesn't get you over the goal line. it's sort of the beginning of the campaign. and while it is politically significant, i think they probably welcome the opportunity to participate. we're a long way from solving the problem attracting thousands of want-to-be terrorists coming into the caliphate now established in syria and iraq. and presenting us with a specter
7:33 pm
of serious threat to the united states, europe and other parts of the globe. so it's a very, very serious problem for us at this point. whatever you've got going by way of air attacks, that's not going to get the job done. >> i've known you many, many years now. and you've served all of your adult years of life in government. i know you like to fish, better fisherman than me and let me know it. you like to fish, you like to be around your grand kids and your daughter, but i get the sense of urgency from you. that you really feel troubled and bothered. and you feel this is a huge colossal mistake. i don't want to put words in your mouth. and that the country's in jeopardy if we don't change course. that's what i sense in you. >> no, it's not just isis. that's a part oift.
7:34 pm
generally you can say the threats are increasing and capacity to deal with it is decreasing. the fact we've got four combat ready brigades out of 40 in the u.s. army on the one hand. not only we have problems in the mid l east with isis, vladimir putin running around in europe trying to undo what was done as the soviet union collapsed in the cold war. china more aggressive in asia and we find ourselves in a situation where because of this administration's policies and because of this president's lack of leadership we face every day a situation where the threat grows and our capacity to deal with it declines. >> how do you analyze him? you've observed him now for six years. what do you think? >> i honest to goodness don't know. i vacillate from day-to-day to figure out why he does what he does. the best i can conclude and liz has strong views on it too is that he has a world view that is inaccurate and doesn't match the reality out there. and when he comes up against
7:35 pm
that inconsistency between the way he would like to have the world work and the way it actually does work he doesn't know what to do. >> my take is he's a rigid idealog with no capacity to grow. he only knows what he has been taught. right, flager, ayers and dohrn, i don't think he learned anything more than that. that's his world view and he's never going to change. >> well, he came into office determined and laid it out here at the united nations back in 2009 determined to take america down a notch. and sadly he's been effective at doing that in many ways. >> all right, guys. good to see you. appreciate your time. >> thanks, sean. coming up, it has been dubbed the latte salute. and the brave men and women who proudly wear the uniform are furious at the commander in chief. reaction from colonel oliver north and coming up, the global warming alarmist in new york city. but wait until you hear what hd. our great american panel is here
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welcome back to "hannity." president obama has done it again. our commander in chief displayed his complete disrespect for the men and women in uniform when he chose to salute a u.s. marine while holding a coffee cup yesterday as he departed marine 1. what's even more shocking is that this clip was shared on the white house's official instagram account. joining me now with reaction to that and much more author of "counterfeit lies, host of war stories" colonel oliver north. colonel, the ultimate amount of honor exchanged by military people the salute? >> it is. that's why the young sergeants at the base of steps, marine one helicopter, are holding a salute as the president walks by.
7:42 pm
they always do that. most presidents will return the salute properly. it may not be as sharp as a marine salute, but it's a salute. in this case he's carrying his cup of chai and apparently even though he's got a free left hand decides he'd salute with it. so here's the answer for that. just to make sure that the marines are properly returning their salute from now on all u.s. marines must carry a paper cup in their right pocket so they can return a salute the way the commander in chief gives one. >> it's also prescribed by regulation and a recognition of everyone's commitment, ability and professionalism. let me pray for you a montage of some of the president's military gaffes. the first one probably is my favorite of all-time. >> navy corpsman bashard responded men and women corpsman. on this memorial day as our
7:43 pm
nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes and i see many of them in the audience here today, our sense of patriotism is particularly strong. >> the rockets red glare. >> do you know what a corpsman is? >> sean, as you know i am alive today because my united states navy corpsmen saved my life in vietnam. >> he was reading a speech. i can understand maybe he just mispronounced it the first time. but then the second and third time, why does that tell me he doesn't know what a corpsman is? >> well, here's the real problem. he doesn't give a damn. the reality of it is any president, any commander in chief, even lyndon johnson would find out from his military aides what the proper pronunciation of things is. this is a president who can go out on the golf course and
7:44 pm
high-five people minutes after he's been on the phone with a correspondent's parents who's dead. i mean, this is the kind of person who truly does not get it. it's not just a matter of optics. it's a matter of caring. and he doesn't. >> let me ask you, how many times have you been to iraq and afghanistan total? >> i've had 57 -- >> let's put up a map showing major syrian and iraqi cities that fell and the dates in which they fell. fallujah, january 23rd, the time the president was saying -- actually after that on january 27th when the president said they're the jayvee team. you know, look at mosul, tikrit, sinjar, a big part of the land mass. and between -- why didn't we act? all of the blood and treasure, as i've been asking all night tonight, that was lost. how do you feel if you're one of the parents that lost one of those 4,000 heroes? >> sean, as you and i know because we've been out there together with the american people and people have walked up
7:45 pm
to me with their son and me standing there in helmets looking filthy and i would say how's he doing and the worst moment in my life people say, well, he was killed last week, he was killed a month ago, he was on his fifth tour when he was killed. the blood sacrifice that's been made by the american people and soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and marine all over iraq is never going to be complete because of what this president did. the bugout in december of 2011 -- that's what the troops call it, the obama bug outset it stage for what happened in syria. and then the decision not to help the free syrian army two years ago when they could have and it would have survived. now you've got -- this is what i was told today. this is a quote. we had a target-rich environment before we gave them a 13-day heads up and then tipped off tehran and damascus. and now they, meaning isis, is
7:46 pm
melting away. i will tell you, it's beyond me how this president's working. but it certainly isn't for a victory. and that's the only real reason to fight a war. >> if you're not going to fight for that, don't do it. >> exactly. >> colonel, good to see you. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> the time to answer humankind's greatest challenge is now. we beg of you to face it with courage and honesty. >> leonardo leer jet dicaprio now thinks he's a corporate expert. when we come back, we'll discuss why he should stick to acting, that and more as "hannity" continues. the lightest or nothing.
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>> welcome back to "hannity". united nations climate summit is in full swing. who better to educate leaders on the crisis that doesn't exist than an actor from hollywood with 0 years of scientific training. take a look at this. >> the time to answer human time's greatest challenge is now. we beg of you to face it with courage and honesty. >> that is learjet leonardo
7:52 pm
dicaprio. maybe you should stick to your day job. with us now is imus on the radio, and bo diddel. let me ask you this. this guy flies around from australia to vegas in a private jet to experience new year's eve twice. al gore has a video of al gore getting out of his private jet. >> have you been in one? i haven't. >> i have. i wish i can buy one. he's lecturing us about the lives we live. >> so he's a hypocrite. >> he's a person. >> he's a hypocritical person. >> i don't know if he has the jet. >> al gore, and leo dicaprio
7:53 pm
lecturing sus like -- is like ray rice lecturing us about how to treat women. >> and same with robert kennedy. >> right. >> and we're just thinking, he's talking about the process? this punk should do lock up his family should be locked up. illegal alcohol during prohibition, committing crimes up the kaboodle. >> have temperatures been getting cooler or warmer? >> cooler. >> warmer. >> cooler >> warmer. >> 2014 on record as becoming out of here. >> al gore says polar caps would disappear by now. sean hannity, used to challenge
7:54 pm
al gore. the ant arctic ice bucket challenge. if they don't disappear, then you have to. >> did you see interview some of her people? when asked why are you here? half didn't know why they're there for they're cutting peoples' head. another french guy got his head cutoff today. and a guy, this is serious stuff. i'm worried about them, i'm not worried about 20 years from now >> we have to take a break, more "hannity" straight after this, straight ahead.
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start your day with "fox and friends" weekday mornings 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here again next time. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> the president tries to rally the world to fight islamic terrorists by praising islam. is that the correct strategy? we'll have a no spin debate. >> the white house says that from now on it will start locking its doors. [ laughter ] when asked if he wanted a key, biden said i'm fine just using the doggy door. >> dennis miller taking note of the white house fence jumper. the d-man will also comment on the president's speech today. >> i think more time. >> elizabeth is teed off. >> not teed off. i'm just


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