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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 25, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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it seems, by the mayor and the zoo. they said it was sudden trauma in the cage. time for an investigation. eric holder, before you leave e. never miss as episode. that's it for us. "special report" is next. obviously the most controversial cabinet member is stepping down. obama's top cop is turning in his badge. the hunt for his replacement is on. this is "special report." good evening. we're coming from lake charles, louisiana. it is a major pet roe chemical gaming and tourism city. right now lake charles is part of one of the most hotly contested senate races this fall. one that could determine which party controls that chamber in
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the next two years. extensive cover on that race coming up. we begin with one of the most controversial attorneys general ever leaving the administration. president obama made the announcement a short time ago. wendell goaler has the specifics tonight. >> good evening. he's been an active attorney general, a champion of -- and a lightning rod for barack obama's critics. as he announced his resignation, he says that eric holder believes, as does he, justice is a living and breathing principle about how laws interact with our daily lives. >> whether we can make an honest living, whether we can provide for our families, whether we feel safe in our own communities and welcomed in our own country. >> work remains to be done, but our list of accomplishments is real. >> texas republican jon cornyn,
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though, the message was good riddance. he accused holder of what he called, quote, a continued willingness to put politics before the law. in sync with the president in closing gall tan mo bay, holder drew fire from the start, his straight talk on race was criticized less than a month from his nomination. >> though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been, and we i believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. >> conservatives were offended, insisting the election proved the country had moved on. holder said as recently as april that race was a factor in conservatives' attacks on him and the president. lawmakers attacked hem for fast and furious. holder says he knew nothing about t. the house held him in contempt, and is still trying to subpoena documents. when the department subpoenaed
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phone records from associated press reporters and in a separate national security investigation obtained some of fox news correspondent jays rosin's e-mails, holder came until more fire. his pins have been fareed well at the supreme court says michael barone of aei. >> the positions have been rejected unanimously by the supreme court 20 times in 5 1/2 years, that's more than in the eight years of the bushes. it's a higher rate than the clinton administration. >> article violence followed the shooting death of a unarmed black teenager, holder announced the civil rights investigation of the ferguson, missouri, police department and said when he returns to private life, he'll look for ways to built trust between law enforcement and minorities community. holder says he will stay until a successor is confirmed, but the president may move quickly enough to allow a confirmation vote in a lameduck session, so he doesn't have to nominate a
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replace me replacement. >> wendell, thank you. president obama continued efforts to build his coalition against isis terrorists. his case may have been bolstered by an alarmed report from iraq, and a major european city. chief white house correspondent ed henry has that story from new york. >> reporter: as president obama wrapped up three days in new york, new fears about a potential terror plot targeting subways in major cities like this one, the new prime minister claims that his intelligence organization has -- in paris as well as key american cities, possibly as retaliation. >> our subways remain the most vulnerable infrastructure in new york. >> the white house officials quickly downplayed the claim, noting that it was never
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mentioned to the president this week. kate lynn hayden said the white house takes all threats seriously, but added, quote, we have not confirmed such a plot and would have to review any information from our racki partners, vice president joe biden joined the push to -- against isis, meeting with turkey's president, a key nato ally that has stayed on the sidelines. >> i think what you are seeing, and i think this is a testament to the president's leadership, that countries in that region want the united states to be involved. they trust us to be involved to be a force for good. >> perhaps not that much trust, though, from allies like egypt, whose new is thpresident this w raised questions about the long-term commitment to the middle east, though all smiles today. >> obviously the u.s./egyptian relationship has been an important cornerstone of our security policy, and policy in the middle east for a very long
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time. >> meanwhile, the prime minister explained france's decision to only support air strikes in iraq by saying airpower should have been deployed last year when, he's declaring we certainty would not be bee here -- while the diplomacy continues, so do the air strikes, 11 more in iraq, on top of more than 0 bombs in syria by the u.s. and arab partners. >> your question gets at -- really gets at, how do you know you're winning? what i'm telling you, it's going to take us a while to be able to say that. >> meanwhile, fbi director said today the bureau does not believe that eye says can pull off a spectacular attack here in the u.s., but added her is worried about the chorason group. bret? >> ed henry in new york, ed,
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thank you. the state department is moving some of its diplomats and other personnel out of the u.s. embassy in yemen. it cites the deteriorating security situation there amid sectarian clashes that have left rebels in support of the capital. now to the reason we're here tonight in lake charles, the senate race in louisiana, featuring incumbent mary landrieu, and bill cassidy as well as republican rob manets, one of the most crucial races in the election this fall. louisiana is also one of the most unusual. we begin with some of the key issues here from the two front-runners. . it all relates to the economy.
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so if the president has a hostility to the energy industry, which is in turn a hostility to the maritime industry, to the service industry, et cetera, people understand that is a war on our state. senator landrieu supports 97% of the time, why would you support so faithfully someone who is so hostile to our economy? >> even though she says the things that support the industry and she is chair of the senate energy and natural resources committee, you say that's not enough? >> the only thing she's gotten through are president obama's appointees. in her eight months as chair, no legislation has passed the senate that has gone through her commit aye. she said her top priority was getting a senate floor vote on keystone xl pipeline. she was unable to do that. >> well, i've done a huge amount of work for the people i represent for years. one of the reasons i'm so proud to run again is because of the seniority and the clout i have
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that doesn't belong to me, but belongs to the people of louisiana. i have been a very strong, i think effective voice for the energy industry in the senate. >> they ticked down no votes on the senate floor on keystone xl pipeline. not one single piece of legislation the critics say voted on the senate floor that's come out of your committee. so i guess the question is, do you have a problem getting energy sector priorities past senator reid or the obama administration? >> i've raised the support from three democrats to 11, and did everything i could to get a vote on the floor of the senate. because i'm not running the senate. i promise you, if i were running the senate, we would have had a vote, but mitch mcconnell and harry reid couldn't have come to an agreement. i've passed energy efficiency, more domestic drilling, revenue sharing, all sorts of expedited
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permits for exports. no one that knows me well or actually knows my report that's honest about it could possibly say i haven't done everything in my power to increase domestic energy production. >> i'm no securing the border, securing the border, securing the border. senator landrieu voted for the senate amnesty bill, kind of in concert with where the president is, she supports him 97% of the time. that shouldn't surprise us. that effectively granted legal status prior to securing the border. we have to secure the border first. >> i believe in drones, i believe in helicopters, i believe in tough action on the border to keep our border secure, and i think we're making in progress. the senate's passed the bipartisan bill. he's opposed to it in the house. i believe in the sanctity of life. i am a mother of two children
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who are adopted, so you can appreciate the position that i come from, but i just think there are limits to what the government should do in telling individuals about their reproductive choices. >> i am pro-life, she is pro-choice. we are a pro-life state, but that's just one more issue where she's out of sync with the majority of voters in louisiana. obamacare is incredibly unpopular. people are even losic their jobs, premiums rising dramatically. senator landrieu said she would vote for it again tomorrow. >> i'm voting heart to say if you like the bill, let's fix it, but let's not go back to a day or time when people couldn't get health care again when he needed it. >> and you would vote for it again? >> i would. but i've also said it's not perfect, but i have over 800,000 people that couldn't get insurance at any price.
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>> you know, things pop up in races that just happen. for you, your opponent has focused on a couple things. one is charter flights, flying around the state, and two is where you live. so can we straighten those out? >> i have a house in washington, my home is louisiana. my home has always been louisiana. i've literally live in the same district that i've represented when i was 23 years old. it's like i've tried to get far away, but i can't. i'm like here. so it's a bog us issue. >> just to clarify, the house, though, is your parents' house? >> i own the house. i own the house, i'm a part owner, a part owner with my eight siblings and my husband and my mother. we technically own the house. it's a large home. >> the charter flights. >> my office made a mistake, i've taken complete responsibility for it. i had an attorney, my attorneys come in and look at everything
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and make all the records public when the law changed in 2002, i think we repaid $35,000 back and the mistake will never happen again, because we've put something in place. >> you said something that got a lot of attention, that harry reid runs the senate like a plantation owner. you haven't apologized for that, yet there are calls from all quarters that you do that. can you explain that and where that comment is sitting now? >> so the world's greatist deliberative body has been reduced to one man's will. if only he approves a legislation does a bill come up for a vote on the senate floor. only if he approves of an amendment is it a lowed. if he doesn't care for it, he allows no other amendment. there's 350 bills the house has passed that have gone to the senate, almost all of which have had votes from both democrats
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and republicans. he will not consider. now, i think people should be offended that the senate, world's greatest deliberative body bends to one man's will. >> so you stand by the comment? >> i stand by the comment. he runs that institution to his will, not to the will of the american people. we need washington to serve the people. >> my family moved to louisiana looking for a better life. my dad who didn't have a college education in his late 40s found that better life. i grew up understanding that our key to prosperity is by creating opportunity, and in our state, that opportunity comes through the energy industry. as a doc, i've mitted my life to cares for the uninsured in a public hospital called earl k. long, but throughout that system, for families who are struggling, both from my family's life, my life
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experience, i understand families are struggling now, they need to do better, and i dedicated my life to helping them do better. as a congressman, i've continued to pursue that's correct supporting thing such as flood insurance reform, so families could stay in their house, as your senator, i will do the same. it's what i've been doing for 25 years. it's what i hope to do for six more, i'll be honored to be your servant. >> okay. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you, bret. >> i say don't get off -- i want don't get off. hang on, we have a lot of clout in washington, we chair the energy committee, we write the homeland security, we're making the borders safer, we're fighting hard for opportunities in better job. don't give up this clout. vote for me. >> senator, thank you so much. i wore my lsu tie -- >> i know, but next time we have to tailgate. my thanks to senator landrieu and representative cassidy. we're devoting a lot of time to
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these different races. as you know, the balance of power in the senate could hinge on house these races go. there's a wild card, we mentioned him before. he is the other republican candidate, retired air force colonel rob manets, he lives in madisonville, he's opening to be one of the top two vote getters for force a runoff. he's supported by sarah palin, who is campaigning for him this weekend. i began by asking him why he was runs. >> i'm running, because my 2-year-old grandson kellen, he deserves to inherit a united states of america, and it's my responsibility to ensure he gets that opportunity. >> you are a republican, correct? >> i am a republican. i became a republican when i cast my first vote for a man named ronald reagan at age 19. >> one of the key issues in this
3:17 pm
race, and is it imperative to get senator landrieu out of that incumbent seat? >> the key issues are jobs and how obamacare is hurting our job market and how restrictions on the oil and cigars industry, really every industry in our state, from oil and gas to fishing to agriculture is being hurt by overregulation, and the job market is stagnant. the second issue is immigration, senator landrieu and my congressional opponent both advocate for some type of pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. i'm opposed to both. the other think issue is constitutional rights. it's our responsibility as elected officials to protect our citizens' constitutional rights, not try to define them or restrict them. the people of louisiana are tired of their rights being taken away or restricted by the federal level. >> when you hear people say wouldn't it be better to unify the republican party with one candidate against the democratic incumbent, what do you say? >> i say history doesn't prove that to be factually correct.
3:18 pm
the only time that the republican candidates have unified behind one republican candidate in recent history and against mary landrieu was in 2008. that's the only time she's won on november 4th, instead of having to go to a runoff, sand she's run by her widest margin there. >> so in your estimation, you're helping in the big picture? >> absolutely. big picture is we're helping to further the republican party so we can get this country back on track. >> we really appreciate your time. >> thank you, bret. you can keep up on the battle for control of the u.s. senate, even make your own predictions on our pick six website, up next iran's president insists he won't back down to the west. first here are some of our fox affiliates covering tonight wach, with felony charges again a white state trooper who shot an unarmed african-american man
3:19 pm
during a traffic stop. he's charged with aggravated assault against lavar jones who's said to be recovering from a gunshot wouldn't. the trooper was fired last wean. fox 32, in nebraska, where the doctor has left the hospital after recovering from the ebola virus. he contracted it while working in a hospital in liberia. he says he's looking forward to returning home for massachusetts and taking his dog for a long walk. this is a live look at charlottesville after quality wahu, and the arrest of a suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham, jessie leroy matthew was in court in galveston, texas, where he was arrested yesterday afternoon. graham has not been seen since september 13th. that's tonight's live look outside the 3we89way, and we're outside the beltway, too, in louisiana. "special report" will be right
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. we're told from the united states, iran's relationship with the u.s. and its allies remains
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adver sear. he represents a country that the u.s. state department says is the world's leading state sponsor of trichbl. spreads islamic fundamentalism throughout the globe. but in his address to the united states general assembly, president rouhani blamed turmoil in the middle east on everyone else but iran. >> translator: today again i shall warn against the spread of extremism and the danger posed by the inadequate understanding and correct approach to this phenomenon. the middle east longs for development and is weary of war. >> rouhani called the coalition air strikes a strategic mistake on his country's disputed nuclear program, he thinks there will be an agreement by the november 24th deadline said by iran and the six world powers.
3:25 pm
he again vowed iran would not give up what he says is its right to enrich uranium. >> translator: we are committed to continue or peaceful nuclear program, including enrichment and enjoy our full nuclear rights within the framework of international law. >> as he spoke iranian opponents held their annual noisy rally outside the united nations, slamming his appearance. >> the rouhani regime has the epicenter of spreading terrorism, has plagued the -- since they came to power 35 years ago, so for him to blame others of what we see in the region in my view is outrageous. >> well, at this hour secretary of state john kerry is holding meetings with his iranian counterpart on the nuclear issue. this as the israeli government
3:26 pm
claims iran conducted secret nuclear detonation tests at the military complex. iran has not let u.n. inspectors into the complex. bret? >> eric, live tuesday united nations, thank you. a rough day on wall street, as apple stock slumped 3% on problems tied to its new iphone. the dow dropped 264 points today, the s&p 500 lost 32, the nasdaq felt 88 1/2. no grape did not vine tonight so we can bring you more in louisiana today. up next, are democrats who complain about outside money for republicans hypocrites? support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body.
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back to politics now. democrats have made big money outside contributions by republican donors, a major talking point during this election cycle. think about the talk about david and charles koch, but carl
3:31 pm
cameron tells us tonight there's a problem with that strategy. >> they hate floods in the bayou states, but louisiana has seen a record-breaking expenditures, and led by harry leigh, the left has railed for yield about the right's political fund-raising and spending. >> overall democrats are ahead. they have out-raised $11 1 mill yor to $82.5 million. they did outraise the dnc, but overall democrats remain ahead by $75 million. independent expenditures by outside groups are what really rile up reid, especially the koch brothers, who have pledged to spend over $200 million this year, but reid's super-pac is
3:32 pm
also one of the biggest planning to spend $146 million by election day. it hasn't stopped reid. >> sonar republicans are addicted to koch. >> but in the ten senate races, liberal groups have outspent conservative 97 million to 79 million, giving democratic candidates an outside spending advantage in 7 of the 10 races receiving the most outside money. overall there are hundreds of outside groups likely to pour nearly a billion into campaigns. a final accounting will surely shatter records, likely to show both parties are about equal. >> i think the democrats have realized these are the rules of the game, as much as they profess not to like them, they have to play by them. i think they have a lot of big doonors stepping up to the place. >> it calculates that liberate outside groups have spent $146 millions, while conservative groups have spent $114.7 million, but the afl-cio alone
3:33 pm
has said it would spent an additional 300 million battles republicans. what's more the democracy alliance coalition of 180 progressive groups, who gathered in chicago this spring to make, quote, investment recommend aches to their members has pledged an additional $374 million. this year. they have raid guess the gop's money for years, but 2014 is looking exceptional, not because they're complaining before, but they may raise more and may still come up short at the ballot box. >> it's a big story we'll continue to follow. carl, thank you. plagiarism is one of the most serious allegations in the news business, being leveled tonight at a cnn host. fox news media analyst, howard kirk, who used to work at cnn is in washington with the back story. >> fa reeda kariya, who as you say works at cnn and is a contributor to "time," has been
3:34 pm
accused of dozens of examples of ripping off passages without aattribution. such as this comparison from a show from 2011, and an obscure documentary. >> on the 16th of november, 2009, a russian lawyer died in a moscow pretrial detention center. >> on the 16th of november, 2009, a russian lawyer died in a moscow detention center. >> his nair what sergei magnitski. >> pretty similar, bret. >> yeah. >> so how is cnn responding? >> very briefly. the president jeff zhukker says he has complete confidence and a spokeswoman saying the network is satisfied, but he won't even be better viewed by considerable. he said he was only borrowing facts not other people's writings or the opinion, but the record shows that sometimes he's
3:35 pm
copied passages almost verbatim. >> and accused of plagiarism at other points in his career. >> that's right. he policy juded two years ago for terrible mis25i789. he's a smart guy, and some of this is old, but there's a troubling pattern going back 15 years of lifting language. given his role as a foreign policy guru, and sometimes has off the record conversations with president obama, i'm surprised how little coverage this story has gotten. >> howard kurtz, thank. when we come back, the panel on the eric holder's big decision and his legacy. ♪
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test test. test test.
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might be reinvigorating and restoring the core mission to what he calls the conscience of the building, and that's the civil rights division. he has been relentless against the tax on the voting rights acts, because no citizen, including our service members should have to jump through hoops to exercise their most fundamental right. >> i have loved the department of justice ever since as a young boy i watched robert kennedy prove during the civil rights movement how the department can and must always be a force for that which is right. i hope that i have done honor to the faith that you have placed in me, mr. president, and to the legacy of all those who have served before me.
3:40 pm
>> attorney general general eric holder announcing he will step down, that announcement coming today. he'll stay on until a replacement is name. let's bring in our panel from washington. judge andrew napolitano, analyst, ron foundier, from the national adjourn, and syndicated columnest ron crowdhammer. what about the timing here and the effect on this administration? >> well, the timing is obvious. they're doing this just before the mid terms to the president has a chance to get somebody nominated, hopefully for their sake confirmed before the republicans win the senate which as you know, is a very likely possibility 679 the impact is he loses his lightning rod, somebody who has been, much of the criticism. and he loses something rare in washington, he loses a loyal friend. >> judge, look back, if you
3:41 pm
would at eric holder. obviously very controversial. republicans have said numerous things about him. he's been censured by the house over fast & furious. thoughts about his career. >> every time that barack obama has bent, broken, avoided or evaded the constitution or federal law, eric holder has been at his side cheering him on, providing intellectual cover, and purporting to give him legal advice, authorizing what the president wanted to do. from allow the president to kill americans from allowing the americans to spy on americans, from personally authorizing the invasion of privacy of our colleagues james rosin, from seizing property from people who weren't even charged with crimes, eric holder has been behind all of it. he is probably the least faithful to the constitution of any president in modern times, and he doesn't regret any of it. >> judge, i want to ask you one quick legal question about something that came up today about the possible replacement,
3:42 pm
that it may happen in a lame-duck session of consequence after the election. senator ted cruz putting out a statement saying allows democratic senators who likely will have just been defeated at the would be an abuse of power that should be countenanced, rather. thoughts? >> well, it wouldn't surprise me if the president does that. as ron pointed out, the president desperately does not want to have to appoint a nominee who must pick off some republican votes, which he may have to do if this happens after january of next year. the vote would be lawful any time up to the dissolution of consequence, so he could do this up to any time before christmas and legally get away with it. >> charles, thoughts on the say and eric holder in general? >> i thought i was going to be tough on eric holder until i heard the judge. here's the moderate view, which is that he has politicized the
3:43 pm
office in a way that i think many of us will in the future regret. there are two ways to treat the office, as an instrument of policy, as a way to dhef your ownents and goals, or as the person who imposes the law as impartially as he can. it's specially honorable to dedicate your life to did you bush there are other places in life and administrations in the world where you can do that. when you are the attorney general of the united states, you have to subordinate that to what the law is, and he hasn't done that. he's been after an agenda, and if the constitution was in the way, he trampled on the constitution. i think there are many examples the we talked about the fact that he was held in contempt over withholding evidence in fast & furious, over the way think rifled through the james rosin e-mails until a supposed prosecution, which holder had
3:44 pm
said that they would never do, and what has happened to the great justice department investigation of lois lerner and the scandal in the irs? we have heard nothing out of that. that is stonewalls, and he's been an instrument of that. a political attorney general, that's not the way it's supposed to be. >> ron, obviously from the two other panelists there, the attorney general has a lightning rod in washington, but he's also a close friend of the president. he has really led the way to this civil rights issue, taking the lead in ferguson, leading this investigation into police departments. what does it mean for this president? >> well, it would be, you know, like asking what would happen if john f. kennedy didn't have lbj or if nixon didn't have mitchell. an attorney general is in this country as political as they are legal. my problem with holder isn't what he's been doing to carry
3:45 pm
the president's water on racial issues. that seems to be consistent with an attorney general. the political part of that job. my problem is what he's done, as the judge said, with civil liberty, seizing the reports of 9 associated press. criminalizing or threatening to criminalize journalism at fox news and at the "new york times." you know, i would like today to be able to -- wesht at some point be able to recognize the fact that he has served for six presidents, both republican and democrat, and we should give him credit for that service, and we should -- i'd like to see us pick have his nominee nominated and confirmed in a reasonable, nonpolitical way. i'm dreaming. but i don't -- i think we are going -- we have to be careful about pretending this is the first attorney general who's ever been political. >> i wouldn't say he's the first, but -- >> charles? i think charles would like to push back. >> thank you very much for plays
3:46 pm
the brady bunch boxes today. we'll see you next time. incumbent senator mary landrieu in a tough race here. a special panel to talk about specifics, a local panel. right after this break. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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nor landrieu supports 97% of the time. why would you support so faithfully someone who is so hostile to our economy? >> i've worked with three. i work with president clinton, president bush and president obama. when they are right for louisiana, i vote with them. when they are wrong i vote the other way. harry reid represents nevada. harry reid doesn't represent louisiana. >> calendar. >> he controls the calendar with some push back. >> we're back in lake charles, louisiana, obviously the big issue here is that big senate race and our second panel features some local political experts, introducing to you mark ballard the chief of the capital bureau and based in baton rouge. heather iu is in director and anchor. jeremy alfred publisher and editor of l.a. thank you all for being here. >> i wanted to get your sense of this race, where it stands and what are the key things that we have yet to see with 40 days yet to go?
3:51 pm
>> we have yet to see congressman bill agree to all of the debates. he has only agreed to two of planned five in october. interests interesting we are seeing him run a traditional incumbent campaign. go to the debate and being hammered on the right by tea party candidate and senator landrieu. why even show up? also, he is not as accomplished as senator landrieu. this is really his first time in the spotlight. you know margin for victory here is very thin. look at all the run off polls vince last year this race has flipped 13 times including ties. little room forerer. so i think everybody is signatures back and waiting to see if someone does make a mistake we are on the boom of a huge economic growth. that's what's going to be on voter's minds when they go to the poll. who is going to be fighting for them and really getting us ready for this economic
3:52 pm
boom. not just in louisiana but all of louisiana. i agree with what you said cassidy not being polished. i heard them both speak. louisiana girl thing going for her. i would love to see a little bit more sparkle from cassidy and see that other side of him. when you meet him he is very personal and i think that would resonate with people. come down to control of the u.s. senate. tieing to barack obama. is that was did i's real fall back? >> has not been popular throughout his entire presidency here. they are trying their best to kind of tie senator landrieu with barack obama. even today, the -- with the resignation of the attorney general, if you read bill cassidy's twitter it sounded
3:53 pm
like mary landrieu appointed him. i think that her aim is to try to win in november without a runoff. >> which would mean over 50%. how much does factor into this race. explain the jungle primary. we have tried to explain it basically they have to get to 50%. otherwise they go to december 6th. how much does manes factor in. key factor drag it out to december. is he is bringing in folksed that the are tea party the far right that may not have come out to vote for bill cassidy. they may have just stayed home with him involved in the race, that will bring it into a runoff. >> do you agree with that. >> yes, i do. palin is coming in. showing a lot of support for him. the tea party does play a big role especially here in louisiana. that could change things and send us into a runoff. >> but a chance that he comes in second instead of cassidy? >> i think that would be tough. you look at texas, there is a senate upset with the tea
3:54 pm
party candidate in mississippi. there is a close race. we're in between, you are wondering if rob maness can make that same kind of spark, i think it's highly unlikely. shaving votes off of cassidy causing causing it along over shoulder. >> do you think all these polls are not factors in democratic turn out the vote here in louisiana? >> yeah. i think that the money in this election is just unprecedented. mary landrieu is expecting $40 million. match that that would be the most expensive senate race in the united states. it's already the most expensive in louisiana history. the technology that's on the ground is unprecedented as well. so that's a really unknown. >> maybe that's not in all the polls. >> i totally agree, like trying to call who is going to win the super bowl right now. you just don't know what's going to come out between now and then. >> they have a sophisticated ground game, the democrats do. they brought in the president's ground game if you will and have identified some time voters using their data base. some time voters that could
3:55 pm
be amenable for voting for senator landrieu. >> thank you all so very much. we love the perspective on the ground. good luck with your new he addition coming up. >> thank you, looking forward to it. >> stay tuned for a political musical interlude. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. ♪ be an engineer. solve problems the world needs solved. what are you waiting for? changing the world is part of the job description. [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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4:00 pm
we're going to do a show live from denver tuesday, october 7th. no promises on the raps though. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid from lake charles. greta goes "on the record" right now. we'll see new washington tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. isis a threatening attacks on subways an trains right here in the united states. the iraq prime minister tipping us off warning the terror threat might be imminent the most terrifying part of this warning is the attack has not been stopped. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> what's scary about this story is the details provided by the iraqi prime minister are extremely specific. he said he got information from baghdad that individuals had been arrested. they were members of isis. there was a plot to attack the subway systems in paris and also the united states. and that the operatives who are not iraqis, they were american and french nationals. once this hit the wires, what you


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