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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 26, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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have a wonderful weekend. let's keep talking about eric holder. what is his legacy and who should replace him? head to our facebook #keeptalking. >> we always enjoy your comments. >> we do. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. today is friday, september 26. m elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. he can't hide for long. the f.b.i. identifying the isis terrorist behind this mask. who is beheading american journalists? this as another big ally considers joining the united states in its fight. >> president obama's so-called enforceer eric holder calls it quits. but why now? why the timing seems a little too fast and furious. >> remember him? we hope he enjoyed the hot tub because this morning he is back in hot water. according to all reports, it's friday, and mornings are better with friends.
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♪ >> we thought this was going to be a big war week but it ends with a big surprise yesterday. >> that's right. surprise is right. eric holder resigning after six years in one of the most controversial tenures in the obama administration. >> there he is yesterday in the east room next to the president of the united states. he called it quits. he didn't want to stick around much longer. he said our list of accomplishments is real. he said that the president -- the president at one point said eric holder approached him over the summer and said six years is a pretty good run. so the question is, why exactly is eric holder calling it quits right now? part of the conventional wisdom is the president didn't want to go through the fact that if the republicans take the senate, then he would have tough -- instead brian
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terry's sister, brian terry was gunned down in the fast and furious scandal, she has a theory. >> i do not find it a coincidence that eric holder chose to resign now after judge baits decided to delay the release of the fast and furious documents. i think eric holder was hoping the documents would never be made public. >> he could also say after six years of so much else going on maybe i can get out the backdoor without people focusing on some of the most controversial things that i've been a part of. >> what controversial things? >> you mentioned the fast and furious scandal. he says that goes back to the bush administration. remember the fort hood shootings, that was workplace violence. >> it was terrorism. >> that's what i believe as well. tapping a.p. reporters phones, we're going to look into that, get to the bottom of that. i asked james rosen how that went. >> the list goes on and on and on. >> controversial.
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>> as attorney general, you're supposed to be unbiased, but mr. holder himself has admitted that he has been an activist and he's been political and he has interpreted the law in such a way that it's helped the president of the united states. i always think that the attorney general is supposed to be unbuy crassed. lady justice -- supposed to be unbiased. >> you mean not wanting documents to be released on something like the fast and furious thing? >> rather than being unbiased, it always seemed like eric holder has had his thumb on the scale but chuck thomas on nbc doesn't see a problem with that. >> you would say the attorney general has to do the tough stuff, this is not a forgiving job. what's interesting about him, he's a very nonpolitical person. i think people used to mistakenly think that this guy was this longtime eylitical operative who
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general. that is not him at all. >> this morning they said liberal attorney general eric holder. it's so wrong for the -- if the republican feels they have a conservative attorney general, that's wrong. i think it is a terrible precedent from here on in. >> i think he himself would prefer that description. >> al sharpton, good news for him, good news for america. he's going to be in on the selection. he's going to help make that work. >> apparently he had this statement for the white house. he said we are engaging in media conversations with the white house on deliberations on a suck source who we hope -- successor who we hope will continue in the same direction as eric holder. >> al sharpton clearly has an agenda. else big on what happened in ferguson. then you've got chuck todd
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of "meet the press" the longest-running political analysis show on television and says eric holder is not political at all? huh? >> i don't think eric holder believes that. there's a lot going on. at the very least regardless of where the gender may or may not be the president has to go fast and furious to get a nominee out this. he's not sure if the senate is going to be democrat or republican so he's going to have a harder time getting someone confirmed through the lame duck session or the next few weeks. >> when you look at the list of scandals and then you have someone like an al sharpton saying they are going to be the neck turning the head to make the decision and that neck wants the head to look at someone exactly like eric holder who as we listed doesn't necessarily have such a clean record when it comes to unbuy -- unbiased
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execution of his job. that is why people are concerned. let us know what you think about that. >> besides the fact that he's leaving and all the stations will be running his accomplishments, going to remind people about how over the last six years eric holder has been the president's enforcer and said many of the things that the president would not or could not say, eric holder went ahead and said. by the fact that he didn't enforce the laws of the land, he helped the president of the united states with his political agenda. >> but he hurt him with his very first move and that was saying khalid sheikh muhammad we're going to try you in new york. i guess history will inform us wh he led the president or the president wanted him to do that. >> any way, eric holder is saying so long. who would you like to see as the new attorney general? e-mail us at
3:07 am facebook us or twitter. >> in the meantime we'll say hello to leah gabriel. >> ferguson, missouri, erupts in violence once again. this time several people tried to knock out the police chief. [yelling] >> earlier in the day chief tom jackson apologized to the family of michael brown. he came out last night to speak to the crowd and actually started marching with the protesters. that's when a fight broke out. video shows officers and protesters pushing, shoving and knocking several people to the ground. at least four people are under arrest. the man charged in the disappearance of hannah graham could be extradited to virginia today. jesse matthew waiving his rights in court after being captured on a texas beach. the 32-year-old having some trouble understanding his rights, though. [inaudible]
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>> hannah has been missing for nearly two weeks now. a powerful earthquake rattling alaska and it was all caught on camera. >> look at that! that thing's shaking like nobody's business. >> the 6.2 quake was centered 80 miles northwest of anchorage, felt some 300 miles away. these pictures just in show store shelves spilling into the aisles and ceiling tiles shaking loose but no one was hurt. talk about a story book ending for derek jeter. >> to right field! derek jeter at his final game! >> with one out in the bottom of the ninth, jeter drove in the game winning to beat the orioles 6-5.
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he took one last view from the shortstop position and then he left the field. >> sort of an out-of-body experience. a couple of times almost lost it. saying please don't hit it to me. i want to take something special from yankee stadium and the view from shortstop here tonight is what i want to take from it. >> also taking one last look, this little kid. cameras caught jeter's nephew as he tipped his cap to his uncle. this video the top retweet by you, the "fox & friends" viewers. what a cute little guy. >> looked like he was crying during the game. extremely emotional. jeter kept it together but look at what's happening here. this isn't just a new york story. at 39 years old when you end your home yankee career wh an r.b.i. single to win
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the game and as unlikely as it was in the ninth inning, the yankees were 5-2. bases loaded and he gets the r.b.i. single. it's incredible. >> no matter what team you love, if you love baseball that moment had to bring a tear to your eye and feel ultimate joy for as he took that last look, with a tip of the hat by his nephew, i think that was one of the best moments in baseball. >> the other thing he'll be playing in boston only to finish his career. he will not play shortstop again. >> a fox news alert closing in on the man who beheaded two american journalists. f.b.i. officials just revealed they know who he is. elizabeth prann live in washington with what we know. >> good morning. the f.b.i. is combing through the propaganda isis videos which shows executioners beheaded by men who could be british. they use tools such as facial recognition tech
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technology. another isis video features two men and identifying them is a top priority for the f.b.i. as far as future hostages the fate of them is unknown. listen here. >> not going to get into the intelligence we have surrounding the attack that we know that they were planning. so i'm just not going to get into details on that. on the hostages that we still believe obviously that isil holds hostages, i don't have any information today to provide in terms of what their captivity looks like or where they might be or anything like that. >> another big development, we're learning u.s. ally, britain, says it will join
3:12 am
airstrikes against targets in iraq after weighing its options. prime minister david cameron expected to vote on that approval today. >> that is pretty scary when they are talking about one of the executioners with a north american accent. that limits it to the united states or canada. >> got about 100 over there, think about 3,000 in western europe. 12 minutes after the hour. >> coming up, he waited until nobody was looking. a suspected carjacker not only ramming into cars but running over people. look at this guy. how this terrifying mess eventually ended on tape. >> remember him? the government employee who billed the taxpayers for his hot tub party. he's back in hot water this morning, and we are going to tell you why. ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning everybody. attorney general eric holder is stepping down. you hear about this? you heard about that, i'm sure. what will his legacy be? could it be controversy and coverups perhaps that no one seems to be talking about? joining us is former dsm -- d.o.j. official, jay christian adams. welcome back. we're going to talk a
3:17 am
little later on radio about this but real quick, we went through the major things eric holder caused controversy with. you have other ones that you think are equally important beginning with the fire fighter hiring back in 2011. >> yes. he's going to leave behind a legacy of lawlessness, brian. one is he forced new york city to hire fire fighters who flunked the test because they were black he said you've got to hire them, contrary to supreme court opinion, contrary to the rule of law. he forces police and fire departments to hire people who failed the test. >> you think that's significant; why? >> we want to have firemen who know how to be firemen not people who get the job on the baifsz -- basis of race. it is demeaning to everybody. he forces schools in new york to let kids dress like drag queens. these are boys, not girls.
3:18 am
>> on the race issue, we should have seen this coming. remember when he said this. >> as an african-american man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such action was not warranted, i also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor for those who wear the badge. >> the views are unique, but as attorney general are they appropriate? >> of course not. he used everything through a racial lens. he's been carrying around in his wallet a race card for 40 years that he said it means common cause with the black criminal. that's a quote from eric holder. this is a guy who has a radical agenda. he's gone after peaceful pro-life protesters around the country, hauled them into court, sued them for doing absolutely nothing wrong. judges after judge have slapped him down in these
3:19 am
cases. but it's part of him using the power of the justice department to advance a far left-wing agenda. >> in the end, do you feel like many other people who are in law enforcement that it is a bad precedent? i don't care what your agenda is, it should not come into being attorney general. >> that's exactly what the justice department always has been. frankly, even under janet reno, great attorneys general like ed meese, robert kennedy, these are people who respected the rule of law, who respected the institution. they didn't view it as a mill operation like holder does to help the democrat party, help the far left wing. that's why him leaving is a good thing. >> real quick, on the timing, what do you think it means? >> it means they want a senate to confirm somebody who is just as radical as he is. and that might not happen after the election. >> jay christian adams, thanks so much. that is your instant analysis of the news that was huge yesterday.
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just about 24 minutes past the top of the hour. some quick headlines for you now. a big change for our military. the president now allowing illegals to serve. they must have come to the
3:24 am
country before they were 16, though. recruiters specifically targeting those with rare foreign language expertise or specialized health care training. remember, the military just issued tens of thousands of pink slips to american soldiers, something to keep in mind there. i.c.e. officials estimating they have lost track of 41,000 illegal immigrants. the immigrants failed to appear at mandatory meetings with the feds to determine if they were eligible for asylum. >> one of president obama's former health advisors dr. zeke yell emanuel, rahm emanuel's brother is known for his controversial remarks on health care. after all he's rahm's brother. now he's taking that controversy to a whole new level. living too long is a loss. it renders many of us if not disabled, faltering and declining, he writes. we are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but feeble, ineffectual and
3:25 am
even pathetic. in fact, rahm emanuel's entire essay was referred to as why i hope to die at 75. fox news medical a team dr. marc siegel joins us right now. what do you think about his message, we should die by 75? >> i hope he doesn't. i wish him well. i think his message is one of the most off the scale thengz he's -- things he's said. i don't think we as physicians should say who should live and who shouldn't. a lot of times i'll save someone or do something that causes someone to come back. i recommended a pacemaker for my father last year. he keeps coming back and he's 90 years old and doing terrific. a 93-year-old patient of mine hast year had something that looked like a stone that was going to require major surgery. we fished it out with a scope. he's completely with it. who is to say who's with it and who isn't?
3:26 am
>> ezekiel manuel says we should die at 75. look at the stats and one in three americans have alzheimer's which of course means two out of three don't. >> exactly, two out of three don't. first of all, we're doing a lot of research on alzheimer's right now. should we write off evan who has it or should we do more research and get it early? and two out of three don't have it. by the way, who is supposed to die who is too demented to function? is the u.s. government or maybe the i.r.s. is supposed to say, steve, your father is not what we want him to be anymore? >> exactly. maybe you're talking about those death panels that have been remord for -- rumored for so long. >> that is exactly the point. when you're older you're more prone to have a stroke and many stroke victims lose the ability to speak
3:27 am
and suffer from paralysis, an estimated 50% increase in stroke induced disabilities. what do you have to say about that? >> a lot of people recover from strokes completely and get back to normal function. i don't want to be in a position as a physician to say, sir, i'm sorry, your stroke is too severe, we're going to take you out back, like we would an animal. dramatic roifers -- recoveries from stroke with rehab and physical therapy. one guy was the owner of the restaurant, he went back as the maitre d'. he wasn't the owner anymore but he still functioned well. >> when you look back at americans getting older -- ezekiel is caught up on health care because they like to spend the money elsewhere. when you're older it costs more to keep you alive and
3:28 am
keep you healthy? >> one-third of our health care costs are spent in the last days of life. i want to concede that point to him but want to mention benjamin franklin who at the age of 80 was governor of pennsylvania. did you know he went to free the slaves, he freed all his own slaves at 80 years old? he was a major abolitionist at the age of 80, became a role model for abraham lincoln. what if he hadn't lived? the point is we can't judge. doctors don't judge, keep people going. preserve quality of life, keep people from suffering. to say at the age of 75 you had it is a dangerous thing for a leader like ezekiel emanuel is a dangerous thing to say. we wish him well. >> remember this? scott walker has given
3:29 am
women the back of his hands. >> well, d.n.c. chair debbie wasserman schultz must like that line because she just used it again. hope this man really liked that hot tub because this morning he is back in hot water. first happy birthday to olivia newton john. she is 66 years old today. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup.
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from purina. big news out of washington. attorney general eric holder announced today that he is resigning after five years with the administration. obama is like, wait, you can do that? i'm out! see you later, dude. good luck!
3:33 am
>> "new york times" tweet out that it was president obama resigning? >> although some, i have seen some bloggers referred to our current president as semi retired any way. >> some are making that argument. >> let's take a look. remember this picture. it is jeff neily. he was an obama administration g.s.a. official. and there he is in las vegas during an $800,000 boondoggle for 300 g.s.a. employees. of course these images why released and next thing you know they dig around and discover wait a minute, the government is spending too much of our money as they have fun and we don't. >> he is indicted on charges of defrauding the government. the federal government feels the g.s.a. was paying for mind readers, bicycles, private parties, that $800,000 trip and a 17-day
3:34 am
trip to hawaii and guam with his wife to celebrate her birthday. >> he was forced to resign two years ago and now he's got more legal problems. hopefully he saved money because mind readers often charge an arm and a leg. >> he will be fully dressed and appearing in court october 20. >> he got caught submitting false expense reports. he wrote down i spent that for the government. all right. leah gabriel is in today. she is got headline duty. >> good morning, guys. a radical muslim cleric under arrest in london. held on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group and encouraging terrorism. for years british government monitored choudary. you may remember his recent
3:35 am
interview with sean hannity >> you don't have -- [inaudible] >> you're threatening to come and get me? is that what you're saying? >> yet choudary denies he supports terrorism. chaos at a hotel in miami. watch this carjacking suspect get into a lexus, clam into reverse, then hit a woman who tries to grab the door. he pushes her away and then goes back and forth several time crashing the car and ramming as many as seven people in its path before driving away. police officers did track him down and they arrested him ten hours later. >> a skydiving lesson goes horribly wrong. the whole thing caught on camera. look at that. a student nearly plunging to his death when he starts
3:36 am
spinning out of control, but his quick-thinking instructor able to catch up to him and pull the rip cord just in time. everyone landing safely. remember when d.n.c. chair debbie wasserman schultz compared scott walker to a wife beater? >> scott walker has given women the back of his hands. what extremists like scott walker are doing is grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back much >> she's doing it again this time insulting florida governor rick scott. she says scott has given women the back of his hands. and those are your headlines. >> i'm going to give you a hand for those headlines. [applause] >> how does that make maria feel? >> i'm looking out our magic window. i see her at 48th and 6th avenue where it is a little chilly on this friday morning.
3:37 am
>> that's right. hello, everyone. a little chilly in new york city. we're looking at a current temperature of about 58 degrees. we had a nor'easter storm system yesterday with areas of heavy rain but that system is gone and behind it high pressure. we're expecting a lot of sunshine not just today but also into the weekend with temperatures that could be above average for some of you. farther west across the western plains, temperatures in the 60's from parts of minnesota all the way down to texas. the high temperatures in texas, places like dallas are expecting temperatures into the upper 80's. 70 should be the high in new york city. as far as rainfall goes, we're looking at a chance for showers and storms across florida, southwestern texas and into the rockies. let's head back inside. >> thanks, maria. it's going to be another big weekend at the box office. kevin mccarthy, fox news contributor joins us now with his reviews. good morning, kevin. >> good morning. how are you guys doing
3:38 am
today? >> doing okay. you look great in your red shirt. >> really. i picked this out just for the show today. i went to express and bought it just for you guys. i got a big tie. no more skinny tie for me. denzel washington finally got another job. it's a movie. and you like it? don't like it? like to see it? >> the thing with denzel washington, he's one of the most consistent box office pullers in hollywood. every movie consistently makes over $150 million. this particular one is based on an 80's television show. this is a film adaptation of equalizer. denzel plays an ex-commando essentially in retirement. he becomes friend with a young girl and essentially she gets harmed by russian gangsters and he decides to take revenge on them. for me, the first 30
3:39 am
minutes of this movie are very slow and very boring but once you get into the action sequences and it becomes more of a revenge tale it gets really solid. if you can sit through the first 30 minutes and get past that. i like this style of denzel movie. i like when he's doing these epic revenge movies. i gave the movie a 3 out of 5. i didn't think it was anywhere near as good as training day. >> what about kids? can kids go to that? >> no, not at all. it is a violent movie. i'm surprised they got away with an r rating. i had a chance to sit down with dan zell washington. one of the things about denzel, he's had so many great roles throughout his career and he's been in acting since 1977 and he told an amazing story about the difference in shooting
3:40 am
of people. and they're all moving along with the camera on a track. so i'm talking. i'm like -- [laughing] >> i didn't even know i was doing it. i don't do that anymore. >> the camera is so close to me. hello. >> what about the box roll >> this is a kids' movie. the idea here is you have a young boy, a young orphan raised by these underground cave-dwelling trash collectors. they are trying to fight an
3:41 am
evil villain. this is done by animation. king kong used it. if you and i were to shake hands and stop motion, we would have to move our hands a centimeter 24 times a second. they built these puppets, they built everything. the movie is interesting to watch. i gave it a 3 out of 5. the 3-d is not worth seeing. it is great for the kids. a little dark. not the best movie i've seen this year but a solid movie if you want to check it out with the family. >> kevin mccarthy joining us from d.c. in his beautiful red shirt from express. >> kevin, thank you. >> thanks a lot guys. have a great weekend, guys. always an honor. >> i kind of liked it. up next, a slip of the
3:42 am
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woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. quick headlines now. another candidate running for governor just inhaled. >> i do smoke cannibis and, yes, i do inhale. >> interesting thing to do in a 30-second spot. armstrong is a write-in candidate for rhode island. catching attention for smoking pot in a campaign ad. she runs a medical marijuana shop and is also a patient. and here's a shocker. people are getting sick from edible marijuana, the
3:46 am
biggest problem? overdoses and accidental ingestions among kids. colorado issuing new regulations starting in february that will require dark packaging and include extensive warning labels. >> some of that packaging is a little too close to the originals. >> it looks like candy. >> steve's neighbor is phil simms. not exactly where he lives. >> i've got his street address. >> last night the giants played the redskins and the giants beat the redskins but that's not important especially if you're a redskin. here's the thing. phil simms made a personal pledge. he will not use the redskin nickname. >> he says he's not taking sides on whether the club should change its nickname but he was sensitive to the complaints. he was going to analyze the game last night and rather than say redskins he would call it the washington
3:47 am
team. like this. watch. >> a lot of weapons on this washington's offensive. they play a lot of man coverage, the washington team does. you've got to tell washington, the giants aren't going to stop. washington is not as disciplined. so many weapons for washington on the offensive side. >> that washington and that new york team and all that combo worked. almost. listen to this at the very end of the game. >> a couple of things we even talked about at the start. can the redskins -- can their washington offensive line hang in there? >> oops. almost made it. >> jim nance who was also doing the game used redskins as usual. he said that is not my job to take a stance. you know what? it does appear if you're going to do the job and unless the team changes the name you've got to call them what they're called. >> a lot of redskins were there protesting leave our
3:48 am
name alone. it has now become an issue where harry reid has to weigh it and congress might get involved. >> there were a lot of washington team fans who had those signs yesterday, cbs right there says -- >> they were upset at simms. >> some would say is the pressure really coming from them? is it not his own will to not say the name or is there pressure coming from up above? >> right. cbs wants to consider benching simms. what do you think about the fact that he prefers not to use the redskins mascot name? jim nance doesn't have a problem with it. what about you? you can facebook us or twitter us. >> the giants won that game. what was the final score 45-14? a lot to a little that,'s what he said. that was a big game. we love phil simms. he's trying to make a personal stance on this. i just don't think it's possible. >> and he gave a good
3:49 am
effort there. >> it is now 11 minutes before the hour. still ahead, president obama's legal enforcer, eric holder, says so long but why now? and what will his legacy be? >> and then atheists want "under god" removed from the pledge of allegiance but they didn't expect one determined teenager fighting in its favor. you are going to meet her next. ♪ ♪
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a new jersey teen taking on a group of atheists to keep the
3:53 am
phrase under god in the pledge much allegiance at her public school. last april they filed a lawsuit to have those words removed. >> you're basically saying, say the pledge and participate in this oath that you don't believe in because of those words under god that were inserted, or don't say the pledge and risk being ostracized and bullied because you don't believe as others. that's not a choice government should put on my kids. >> one senior disagrees and joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a big deal. you want to be able to say the pledge of allegiance, but it's also your right. tell us your story. >> well, this is about protecting our freedom as americans. i am honored to be working with the organization to defend this right. >> why is it so important to defend the pledge? >> i have been reciting the pledge since preschool. so to me, the pledge sums up the history and values that have
3:54 am
made our country great, because it does acknowledge our rights do not come from the government, but from a higher power and they can't take those away. >> when you heard this group was taming to take out "under god" from the pledge, what was your reaction? >> i was definitely surprised. i was certainly surprised. >> could you say it without saying that part? >> no. i would not feel comfortable. i would feel silenced. >> why? >> because i believe that america is a very diverse country. a lot of different people with a lot of different beliefs call this country home. so i believe that everyone's beliefs, including atheists, are protected by this right because it acknowledges and reminds us that our rights don't come from the government, but electric a higher power. so they can't take away the basic human rights they did not create. >> i want to read this 'cause you're not just making this up. congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
3:55 am
that is as it is written. so is it mandatory to say the pledge in your school? >> no, it is not. it is optional in the state of new jersey to stand up and say the pledge. i don't believe that any student should be silenced because some people disagree with timeless american value. >> do you feel your basic rights would be violated if they said we're going to take "under god" out of the pledge of allegiance. >> yes, i would feel that way. >> but this is a big fight for you. you're a senior in high school. i assume it's kind of busy, got things to do. >> absolutely. >> but you'retology bear the cross right now and take it up and walk with it. why? why is it worth it? >> i was raised to stand for what i believe in. i stand on behalf for the back up fund for religious freedom and my family. we would like the courts to affirm this right. they have the right to remain silent, but not the right to silence everybody else. >> what's next in terms of the
3:56 am
court? >> we're not sure what they will decide. but as i said, we are definitely hopeful they will affirm this right. >> until then, you will continue to see the pledge with "under god" included? >> absolutely. >> for a teen, you're so impressive. >> thank you. >> we wish you well in your fight. please keep us updated. >> i will. >> wow. a bizarre twist as amorant for a cop killer continues. a new motive has surfaced and it involves an affair. then, what if the dad is "lone survivor"? marcus luttrell's words from his daughters.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is friday, september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. evil has a name. the f.b.i. identified the isis terrorist behind that mask who is beheading american journalists. that as another ally just joined the fight against isis moments ago. president obama's enforcer, eric holder, resigning. but why now? why the timing seems a little too fast and makes many furious. and fathers, what's the best way to scare your daughter's date? well, just ask the "lone survivor" himself, marcus luttrell's words himself. mornings are better with friends. good morning, everybody.
4:01 am
a bit of a surprise. were you surprised? with everything going on in the world, with the u.n., news coming out of the u.n., the war in syria, the one story that stole the headlines and caught everybody by surprise. >> he's wanted to leave for the last two years. but they kept him there at the department of justice. there he is at the east room of the white house. eric holder calling it quits. it's not surprising, democrats sad to see him go. republicans who have had a tenuous relationship with the attorney general happy to see him go. they regard him as a political activist who interpreting the law. he was biased and he simply looked the other way so that the president could further his agenda without any sort of interference from the department of justice. >> right. to say the least, he's been one of the most controversial position holders there. >> in my lifetime. >> you can go down the list of scandals that he was involved n. fast and on a furious left
4:02 am
hundreds dead across the border. brian terry was one who lost his life and killed on december 14, 2010. and his sister says the timing of this is anything but a coincidence. she says, quote, i do not find it a coincidence that eric holder chooses now to resign after judge bates denied the request to delay the release of the fast and furious documents. i personally think eric holder was really hoping the documents would never be made public. >> you can thank the judicial watch once again for this. it's called the vond list. what it is is the department of justice freedom watch, rather judicial watch, asked them under a freedom of information act, release them. the department of justice did not respond. and they sued them. then this judge yesterday, john bates says time has run out. you have got to produce those documents no larry than
4:03 am
october 22. so the government is on the hook and anything that implicates eric holder will be known. >> again, in 2012, holder was held in civil and criminal contempt for congress and failing to cooperate with those requests. so this is not something that was minor. >> he indicated race was involved in the tensions that have existed on capitol hill between the president and directed at him. the president has not. he has. whether he was blocking for the president or was leading the charge there, you knew that something was going to be different about this attorney general in my mind when he announced i believe on a friday, i'm bringing all the worst of the worst terrorists out of gitmo into new york. people like senator schumer were beside themselves saying that will never happen. but look at some of the other controversial cases and some of the controversial things that he has said in the past. the fast and furious we just discussed. fort hood shooting when they yelled allah akbar, but yet listed as workplace violence. the phone tapping of people like
4:04 am
james rosen still has not been fully explained. the decision not to go aggressively at the irs, still befuddled me. labeling terrorists criminal defendants because we really have nowhere to put them because we name them enemy combatant, they go to gitmo. >> that had many people riled up. >> judge napolitano, who has written books on the law and the constitution has not been a fan of -- >> used to wear a robe for a living. >> probably still does. >> maybe now. >> judge napolitano weighed in last night. he was part of the "special report" panel. here are his assessments on the resignation of eric holder. >> every time that barak obama has bent, broken, avoided or evaded the constitution or federal law, eric holder has been at his side cheering him on, providing intellectual cover, and purporting to give him legal advice authorizing what the president wanted to do, from allowing the president to
4:05 am
kill americans, from allowing the president to spy on americans, from personally authorizing the invasion of privacy of our colleague, james rosen, from seizing property from people who weren't even charged with crimes, eric holder has been behind all of it. he is probably the least faithful to the constitution of any president in modern times and he doesn't regret any of it. >> by the way, we have received a number of suggestions on who should replace eric holder. many of you feel judge napolitano should. others feel judge jeanine who you see on the weekends, and even peter johnson, jr. a lot of you watching would like to see the rule of law actually enforced. >> others who might have an inside track over those, janet napolitano, and other names that don't stand out to those on the outside. duval patrick, which i don't really understand, but he is very tight with president obama. >> he would be another political
4:06 am
activist. >> meanwhile, fox news alert. closing in on the man who beheaded two american journalists and one british aid worker. f.b.i. officials are just revealing they know who he is. and we're just learning that den mark joined the u.s. in helping with the campaign against isis. elizabeth prann is live in washington. hey, elizabeth. >> good morning. james comey says the man has been identified, but he has yet to provide additional details. another isis videos may feature two men with north american accents he says identifying them as the top priority for the f.b.i we know they're using tools such as facial recognition technology and a voice print analysis and comparing it against existing databases. they also take into account there are more hostages still out there. >> there is not a day goes by, talking for the pentagon, where the leadership here isn't focused on their fate and the precarious situation that
4:07 am
they're in. that situation isn't going to be made any easier or any better by this group enjoying the free rein they've enjoyed. >> this while another round of air strikes has been reported overnight, leveling tanks, humvees and other supplies on the heels of knocking out oil facilities in eastern syria, u.s. and coalitions are doing so in an attempt to destroy the funding going to the slam states income for the black market. oil fields rack up $2 million a day to fund ongoing operations. we're also learning u.s. ally britain says it will now join air strikes against targets in iraq after weeks of weighing its option. prime minister david cameron expected to aproven that move today. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. the air strikes are leveling off after their very targeted strikes? >> that's what they said after the first night of bombing was
4:08 am
this is the most bombing you're going to see during this campaign, which makes it seem like okay, then it's going to peter it out? >> for a long time to come. >> is it just a pr war, air battle we're doing? puzzling. >> in the meantime, we'll turn to leah gabriel. lot to share this morning. >> good morning. we have breaking news from overnight. ferguson, missouri erupts in violence again, this time several people tried to knock out the police chief. chief tom jackson came out to speak to the crowd and started marching with the protesters. that's when a fight broke out. video shows officers and protesters knocking several people to the ground. at least four people are under arrest. the man charged in the disappearance of hannah graham could be extradited to virginia today. jesse matthew waiving his rights
4:09 am
in court after being captured on a texas beach. he's having some trouble understanding his rights, though. hannah has been missing for nearly two weeks now. did a fugitive eric frien target the pennsylvania troopers he shot on purpose? this morning a new report says the accused killer knew one of his victims. sources say frien went after alex douglas because he thought i was having an affair with his brother's wifement manhunt for frien entering its second week. and talk about a story book ending for derek jeter. >> base hit to right field! here comes richardson! here is the throw! richardson is safe! derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! >> look at that. with one out in the bottom of the 9th, he drove in the game winning hit to beat orioles
4:10 am
6-5. he took one last view from his short stop position and then left the field. >> sort an out of body experience. >> there was a couple times i almost lost it. the first inning i was saying please, don't hit it to me. i want to take something special from yankee stadium and the view from short stop here is, tonight is what i want to take from it. >> also taking one last look, this cutie pie, derek jeter's nephew. he tipped his cap to his uncle from the stands and those are your headlines. >> you could see the whole game, you can see jimmy fallon behind home plate. everyone stayed to the very end. we have told you and we have introduced you to marcus luttrell, the former navy seal who in 2005, he and his team
4:11 am
were pinned down by the taliban in operation red wing. everybody was killed except him. then came out with his book called "lone survivor" and then the movie last year. well, he is looking forward to when his daughter is old enough to date and on facebook, he went out essentially with the warning you would expect from a tough guy like marcus luttrell. >> it said this: i'm going to make him contact every father of a daughter on here. police officer, future, and let's not the toughest of all, prison guards, to get their blessing. oh, and person, by the way, then i'll have to do the things with my teammates, cut the lawn, rope a tornado, bottle up a hurricane, and put out a forest fire with a squirt gun, et cetera. he gets that done. then i'll let him have my cell number so they can face time while i hold the phone. wow. >> that was funny. >> daughter's pretty young, though.
4:12 am
>> yeah. he says he looks forward to seeing the first candidate in about 16 years. i'll be waiting, he writes on facebook. >> i love that. you got to stand up for your daughters. that might have comments back by the little ones when they get to the age. but i think every dad to defend their daughter is rightly so. >> we all know what he's talking about. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, eric holder folds and colonel allen west says good riddance. what does he think about al sharpton's role in finding a replacement. he's here next. >> the feds let him in, now you're stuck paying for their education at the special school for illegals. details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
fox news alert for you. life from new jersey where a truck driver just flipped over on the new jersey turnpike, i-95, leaving the truck driver dead and the driver of another car hurt. emergency crews now cleaning up hundreds of gallons of fuel that has spilled onto the road. that is going to be ased right gigantic traffic jam heading into new york city. more breaking news. this time out of detroit.
4:17 am
a pedestrian bridge collapsed on another freeway after being hit by a car hauler. one person was hurt. nothing serious. what is serious? the traffic. all lanes are closed in both directions. so terrible traffic in new york coming in on 95 and in detroit at this hour. u.s. attorney eric holder stepping down from his post at the department of justice. >> this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot. in things racial, we have -- civil rights movement how the department can and must always be a force for that which is right. i will leave the department of justice, but i will never, i will never leave the work. >> so what is the legacy he leaves behind? right lieutenant colonel allen west is a fox news contributor joins us here. so what is the legacy of the first african-american attorney general? >> i think his legacy is that
4:18 am
he's going to be the most divisive attorney general that we've ever seen. when you go back and look at in 2009, he comes out, the first black attorney general, first black president and he says we're a nation of cowards. how can you say that when you're standing in that position? so no matter what we have achieved, no matter what we have done, it still seems like it was never enough. you look at fast and furious, the irs targeting scandal and what happened in benghazi. the fact that you all have talked about he wanted to bring these 9-11 conspirators here for a trial. and yet, we talked about justice for benghazi. we only got the one guy. they don't have a very strong case. so there is not a positive legacy for eric holder. >> you were in congress when he was nominated, went through the process. you got a chance to be in the inner workings of washington. do you sense he was doing the work with the president or leading the president with his own agenda. >> i think he was doing the work for the president. the good cop, bad cop thing. one of the things that no one
4:19 am
talks about, president obama in april of 2009 who canceled a dc school voucher program. >> that was working very well. >> it was working very well. then eric holder brings a lawsuit against the state of louisiana for their school choice program. so if you're talking about social justice and everything, the greatest part of justice for kids to have the opportunity to get a good quality education. and yet, that's something he stood against. >> the search is on for a replacement here for eric holder. one of those that says he's working with the white house to help them find a person, he said is al sharpton. >> great. >> we are engaged in a media conversation at the white house on deliberations over a successor whom he hope will continue in the general direction of attorney attorney l eric holder. how concerned are you with that? >> it's unconclusionable that al sharpton has this level of influence with the white house. and everyone knows his history. so he has no credibility whatsoever and for him to be able to make a statement like that, and also be on a news
4:20 am
network, that's very concerning. >> who will replace him and who will? >> i think when you look at what they want to have, definitely someone who will continue with that progressive, socialist legacy, social justice, using the department of justice to elevate whatever. duval patrick in massachusetts. >> another activist? >> another activist. >> lieutenant colonel allen west, thank you for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. up next, fans fight back against phil sims. but old habits die hard. we'll explain. plus, used cars at an all-time low price. we just checked out the best preowned vehicles that are great for the family and your wallet. act before midnight. when you're near it, you'll hear it, coming up. ♪ ♪
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. 51. that's how many turtles one man had stuffed in his pants. the old record was 50. while trying o cross the canadian border into america. agents say they noticed odd bulges on the side of his sweat perhaps. next, 137 feet. that's the depth of the world's deepest indoor swimming pool according to the guiness book of world records. it's called the y 40 and it's in italy. it's used for dive training and scientific research. finally, three miles. that's the length of the train on this chinese bride's wedding. that makes her the new world record holder, this wedding dress, the new world record holder for the longest wedding
4:25 am
dress ever created. your serve, japan. now this. the prices for preowned or used cars more affordable than ever before. for so many to choose from, what's the best for you and your family. let's ask our next guest. he joins us live. they always say that the most expensive ride you ever take is off the showroom floor when you buy a new car. it immediately depreciates 5, $10,000? >> it depends on what you buy. but yes, absolutely. it's a depreciating asset and can't get around that. >> so you suggest buying -- there is some great value when is it comes to used cars. first one up you like in the best compact car department is the 2012 hyundai elentra. we picked a range from 2007 to 2012. you can go from about $6,700 for
4:26 am
one up to about 16 used. >> and the thing about this car is it has a very smooth right. >> it's very smooth. it's got a spacious interior. and it's fuel efficient. >> let's talk about the 2012 honda odyssey, why should i drive that home? >> not everybody wants to drive a mini van. >> but all the cup holders! >> that's right. it's got a million cup holders. a cavernous interior. you can throw in there whatever you want, take everything home. and the really good thing about the odyssey, it's incredibly agile to drive. it's fun to drive. it's agile, nimble. you'll enjoy driving a mini van. >> and about how much -- what's the range? >> you'll go anywhere from about $10,000 in 2007 to about 24 for a 2012. >> all right. next up, the honda crv. what do you like about this? >> this is the science of utility and efficiency put
4:27 am
together. it's got a big interior for not a big exterior. the footprint is manageable. you can park it. it's great to drive. it's also fuel efficient. this is one of the most popular cars in america right now. >> it does look like a brand-new car. and finally gets go over here. a 2012 ford fusion right here. my niece has one of these cars and it's fantastic. >> it's incredibly well put together. we love it as a sedan for the whole family. it's got a very roomy back seat. it's got a spacious interior. really, really nice materials for an everyday car. >> it's got a big motor and it's a very safe car. >> you can get a v 6 with it if you want. one of the most unusual things about it in this market, you can get all wheel drive in this car if you would like to. to get through winter or bad weather conditions. nice feature to have. >> i could get one and never miss work. bill, thank you very much for joining us from
4:28 am
>> thank you. straight ahead on this friday, it's an awesome story, the coast guard swoops in to save america. that's right. saves america. how the crew came to the rescue of that bald eagle. plus, what's for dinner tonight? well, wolf gang puck is right there in the big shirt. he's cooking up things to have your family begging for seconds. plus find out the very latest about this cool new oven, right? >> absolutely. a low pressure oven. >> fantastic! he's next.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
more trouble for obama. political reporters are complaining that the white house has been asking them to edit some of their stories to make the president look better. the white house said that is not true and those reporters should please change what they said. or else. >> i actually think jimmy fallon told the story because the
4:32 am
"washington post" writes the story about people and specifics about how they change stories. so the the white house demanded they change that story. >> because a lot of these events, they're small. so there is a single pooler, one person who writes the story for everybody. and the white house says no, you got to change that story because we don't like the way it looks. and in several instances, they changed the story. >> that's scary. >> credit to jimmy fallon for going there. >> yeah. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk about a controversy that just won't go away. the washington redskins. the name redskins is a big debate about getting rid of that name. indian tribes don't have a problem with it. but harry reid and others do. the sports world is trying to get politically correct and people like phil sims, we love him, but he says, i will not use the name redskins. i will call them washington during the game. >> he tried that all game long. >> right. >> take a listen.
4:33 am
>> a lot of weapons on this washington offense and they play a lot of mean cover, the washington team does. washington, listen, the giants aren't going to stop. washington is not as disciplined. so many weapons for washington. >> okay. so he was very effective. he was talking about the washington team. the washington team. and then midway through the fourth quarter, a slip up. >> couple things that we even talked about the start. can the redskins, can their washington offensive line hang in there? >> okay, so he accidentally called them the washington redskins and he changed it. he says, phil sims does, he's not taking sides on whether the club should change its nickname, but he was sensitive to complaints. jim nance, also in the booth with him, said it's not my job to take a stand. so he kept referring to the team as the washington redskins,
4:34 am
which is the name of the team. >> you don't have a problem for your entire life, but now you have a problem because others have a problem with it. dan on facebook says this: it is the choice of whether or not to use that, what many people deem to be a racial slur. if he can call the game saying washington, it's up to him. he has no problem. >> from andy, phil sims needs to take his pc world to another venue. maybe he can cover the 2016 democratic convention. sherry on facebook says, phil sims, please stop using the name washington. the entire town offend. >> we should point out there were a number of fans who showed up to the game. >> angry. >> yeah. they had anti-phil sims sign. one says save the name with a big red slash over his face. also there is one that said, cbs, consider benching sims. >> he would have challenged it. the entire game, we have to not say redskins. meanwhile the entire he had zone
4:35 am
is painted with redskins. >> bob costas says i will not saytil they change the name, that's the name. meanwhile, her name is lee i can't gabriel and joins us with the headline. >> radical muslim person under arrest following terror raids in london. he and eight other held on suspicion of belong to go a terrorist group and encouraging terrorism. for years british security services have been monitoring choudary who has openly praised the september 11 attacks. >> i don't want similar i can't law. >> you will have no place. it's coming to a place near you. >> so you're threatening to come and get me? >> choudary denies that they supports terrorism. the feds led them in and now you're paying for their education. at a special school for illegals, in washington, d.c., it's for kids who speak little,
4:36 am
if any, english. >> what the federal government says is look, we run an immigration policy, but once they're here, you, school districts, are responsible for educating them whatever that price is and we, the federal government, don't have to cover those costs. >> the cost? $100,000. all of that money being shelled out by state and local taxpayers. they were forced to join the union and fork over their own money for dues. but the michigan branch of the seiu won't be required to pay back tens of millions of dollars to thousands of home health care workers. the workers claim they were forced to unionize after caring for sick family members at home. the court dismissed the case. the coast guard saves america. the bald eagle. the six-month-old was spotted swimming along a seawall in michigan unable to fly. two petty officers on a training mission came to the rescue. they said the eagle is a symbol of our nation's freedom and just had to do something.
4:37 am
america is expected to make a full recovery. those are your headlines. now let's head outside where it's a little bit cooler than usual. >> good morning. we have very falllike conditions across portions of the northeast. we're seeing the temperatures in the 50s across the region. i want to take you farther west. across parts of the plains, you're waking up to temperatures in the 60s. it will feel a little bit more like summer than fall. places like rapid city, seeing highs in the 90s. upper 80s across portions of texas. and great lakes, a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine and highs in the 70s for places like chicago and also in cleveland. look at the radar. very quiet day today across plains and also into parts of the east coast. it's going to be across southwestern texas and the rockies where we'll see unsettled weather. let's head back inside. let's head outside to steve, elisabeth and brian. >> we're right next to you, creating the great smell you smell here. >> there is nothing like a big meal to bring a family together at dinner time.
4:38 am
this morning we're whipping up delicious options with wolfgang puck. we love it when you're here. >> i'm cooking outside what, is better? i can bring my oven outside. >> you have your own oven? >> yes. this is my new low pressure oven. i invented it six months ago. it cooks and roasts everything under low pressure. so that way you can cook a 15-pound turkey in under an hour. normally it would take 2 1/2 to three hours. >> it looks like a microwave, but it's a pressure cooker. >> exactly. a pressure oven. so you can roast, you can boil. for example, a chicken. how easy it is o have a good chicken at home. i put a little olive oil on top of here, and then i have vegetables. i cook all together. see. then we open the oven up, put it in here and 40 minutes later, i'm going to show you -- you put
4:39 am
the handle down, so now it cooks under pressure. >> let's fast forward. you've been cooking this for a half hour. >> yep. for 40 minutes. >> because that would have taken how long? >> an hour and a half for sure. you can see, let me open that here. >> it smells delicious. >> look in here. see that? >> oh, my goodness. >> that's sunday dinner right there. >> i know. if you come home and you can cook a chicken just like that -- >> that's 40 minutes? >> 40 minutes. >> i always say, i was definitely seeking an additional hour in the day, you just gave it to me back. >> okay. and the great thing s you don't have to baste anything. you put it in, you can go to the hairdresser, do your nails. you come home, the chicken is done. >> so this means minute vice done in 30 seconds now? >> i don't know how to do that yet. >> i think you just sold about a million of these. how much are these?
4:40 am
>> this oven is $249. there is one for 279. you can get it already now at some cook stores, bed, bath and beyond. and it comes with all these things, the roasting pan, this pan. so you have everything you need. you can bake in it, recipe book comes with it. everything you will need. and the great thing is, let me cut the chicken and show you. >> it's not dry. >> it's not dry at all. >> oh, my gosh. >> and touch the skin how nice and crispy it is. >> that looks fantastic. >> it's not microwave. >> it's pressure cooked. it cooks under pressure. look at it. see that? look how beautiful it is. let me cut it for you. >> you're going to cut during the commercial. thanks very much. >> congratulations on this. round of applause for wolfgang
4:41 am
puck! >> thank you. >> by the way, all the recipes will be on our web site. >> and everybody here gets an oven. >> no, they don't! >> they get an extra hour back in their day. >> absolutely. >> coming up on this friday, the president is -- is the president right? is climate change the biggest threat facing america? we polled america. what to do say is coming up next. that's right. then look at this kitchen. it's in need of a makeover, right? wrong. why overhauling your kitchen is the worst investment that you can make. >> great. >> get an oven, that's all you need. >> your trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1981, this tennis star played for her first professional match at 14. be the first if you can name that person, you'll get my book. >> i think we know her. ♪ ♪
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4:45 am
quarter before the top of the hour. we've got wild weather making headlines this morning. also a powerful earthquake caught on camera. >> look at that. that things shaking like nobody's business. >> the 6.2 quake was centered 80 miles northwest of anchorage, alaska. it was felt 300 miles away. and these pictures just in. show store shelves spilling into the aisles, topping bookcases and ceiling tiles shaking loose. the good news is nobody was hurt. and this man holding onto a tent for dear life as a hurricane hits russia. all it took was one strong wind gust to send him flying through
4:46 am
the air right there. whoa! good news, he's fine. >> thanks. from continuing his apology tour to pushing climate change agenda, how is america reacting to president obama's u.n. speech? language expert lee carter joins us to discuss just that. so you had a focus group. we'll if through some dials and start with part of the speech here that deals with choosing hope over fear, says the president. >> for america, the choice is clear. we choose hope over fear. we see the future not as something out of our control, but as something we can shape for the better through concerted and collective effort. >> so to the u.n. speech as it regards those topics. how did the public react? >> we spoke to people in l.a., in texas and in d.c. what we saw is that most people generally were responding favorly to this message. it was optimistic.
4:47 am
people were saying it was really strong, showed leadership and it was about time they heard something that sounded strong out of him. a b plus. >> then there were areas that people had more to say. this is the part where he brought up ferguson. take a listen. >> i know the world also took notice of the small american city of ferguson, missouri where a young man was killed and a community was divided. so yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. >> what was the reaction there? >> there again you see the big split. for the most part, people responded similarly, republicans and democrats alike. but in this section, people were not so sure. in some ways the republicans felt like this was airing our dirty language. democrats felt like it was really authentic and genuine and so there was a big divide here that people were talking about. >> it may indicate how you see the united states as well. we're just as bad as everybody else, was sort of a philosophy to creep through that moment, right? >> that's exactly ha people were
4:48 am
saying. >> we're going to move on to another one. this is where -- actually democrats, republicans, kind of came together. so look at these dials closely during this part of the speech. >> america stands for something different. we believe that right makes might. the bigger nations should not be able to bully smaller ones. that people should be able to choose their own future. these are simple truths, but they must be defended. >> really a parallel there. in prior moments it's kind of split. explain that. >> as a language expert, i hear people say if obama opens his mouth, republicans are going to dial down. it's not true. both were favorable here. they were really proud of what he was saying. >> overall grade here? >> i give him an a. >> we thank you for joining us always with a close look at the dials. up next, it may look pretty, but does a big kitchen renovation actually pay off? why it may be the worst
4:49 am
investment that you can make. but first on this day in 1962, "the beverly hillbillies" premiered. in 1995, "fantasy" by mariah carey was the number one song. and in 1981, the boeing made its first voyage. the performance review.
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the answer to the trivia question, born on this day in 1981, this tennis star played her first professional match at 14. serena williams. our winner is from williamsport, pennsylvania. you'll get a copy of "george
4:53 am
washington's secret six." homeowners spent $130 billion on remodeling projects last year alone. but are those improvements really worth it? joining us right now, real estate expert and best selling author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett. a lot of people are on pins and needles wondering where segment will go. the ones that will brings return on our house. >> that's what this is all about. it's really about where to put your money to get your biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. and really the number one improvement action make on your home where you get the best return is landscaping. when you add in landscaping, especially if you start way ahead of time, you can put in small plants, bushes, hedges, lawns. these things cost very little money and give you big return and including outdoor lighting because so many home buyers eventually will look at homes at night, you want it to look
4:54 am
great. very inexpensive. >> interesting. minor kitchen remodeling. not a total revamp. why minor? >> okay. really if you can keep a kitchen remodel under around $15,000, that gets you maybe new cabinets, new counter tops, new appliances. there you're showing a 98% return, according to the latest cost versus return report. that's one of the best ways to improve. 'cause kitchen is the number one place. keep it minor. >> even if it's nice, the buyer might say no, i got to redo it and make it more to my liking. the other thing that i found really surprising is you think a wood deck addition is a positive. i thought wood decks were out and. >> no, any kind of a deck, what a deck does, which comes in around $11,000 probably, gives you a big return on your money because it actually expands your living space.
4:55 am
so not only does it add value to the home, it adds lifestyle to the home, which is a big return when you go to sell. >> as opposed to the pavers? >> absolutely. the deck actually gives that sort of a wonderful entertaining surface and a really big investment. >> improvements that yield the worst returns. major remodel of the kitchen. we went over that. a bathroom addition. you're adding and bathroom that and that could hurt the price? >> what happens really is room additions in general are not necessarily the best investment. what happens is you're at the mercy of a contractor. they always go overbudget. according to the trends report, about a 63% return on any room addition l it be a bathroom, a sun room, an extra bedroom. these are things where you can increase your lifestyle and enjoy them, but when you go to sell, you're not going to get all that money back. the same with a major kitchen remodel.
4:56 am
>> you do also note some trends. number one, the marble bath is a trend. a storage space, people need that and searching for that more and more. and an outdoor kitchen. >> yes. these are things that if you look at what's going on in the mls listings, actually trulia tracks that sort of thing, like which items are trending hot, marble baths, storage space, and these are a couple of the ones that are really big, and outdoor kitchens are popping up at all the sales listings as amenities that people are look form it's a good way to see what's hot and what people want. >> especially in those warmer climates. interesting stuff. thanks so much. >> you got it. coming up straight ahead, we move ahead, the final hour of the week. from eric holder's resignation to the new tape from isis terrorists, who might be american, by the way, geraldo rivera is here and willing to talk loud while i read out loud. kind of interesting. we'll talk about that in the
4:57 am
break. remember this? >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. what republicans tea party -- >> dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz might have gotten out of line again. you'll hear about it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. today is september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a horrifying scene unfolding at this hour. a bridge collapse right onto a busy highway. take a look at that. during the morning commute it occurred. we have the breaking details on that for you. eric holder is out. but not without controversy. >> this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot and in things racial, we have always been and i believe we will continue to be in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. >> we are? civil rights hero or a racial divider? geraldo rivera joins us live in moments. debbie wasserman schultz back at it.
5:01 am
>> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. >> she just used that line once again and even though she apologized for saying to the first time, this time against a major player in florida politics. we'll explain because on this friday morning, i can honestly say your morning is better with friends. good morning, everybody. for the final time. a fox news alert coming your way first. closing in on the man that beheaded the two american journalists and one british aid worker. officials revealing they know who he is and we're just learning america has a new partner in the fight against isis. wendell goler is at the white house with the surprising announcement. >> reporter: you stole my lead. james comey says authorities have identified the british accented man who killed american
5:02 am
james foley and steven sotloff. they're not revealing his name, however. he also says there are about a dozen or so americans actually fighting with isis in syria, in iraq. that figure of 100 that's been tossed around includes people who have tried to go or gone and been killed. there are actually a handful who have returned and are now under surveillance. foley and sotloff were both journalists killed after the u.s. began air strikes on isis targets in iraq and syria. there were more air strikes at oil refineries refineries and os in eastern syria. the british are expected to join the fight, though they'll only be flying strikes in iraq since the syrian government hasn't officially asked for assistance. still white use spokesman josh earnest says that's consistent with a broad coalition in which each member contributes as they can. >> we have seen cooperation from both the french and the british to take different roles in terms of taking the fight to isil in iraq in support of iraqi and kurdish security forces doing that on the ground. and we're looking for broader
5:03 am
support across the globe for the air strikes that are necessary it syria as well. >> reporter: the danish government announced it is joining the coalition, sending seven f-16 fighting jets. belgium voting whether to join of the the white house says the iraqi prime minister was speaking in general terms about attacks on u.s. subways. there is no specific plot. guys, back to you. >> just the general nature scares a lot of people. wendell goler, thank you very much. geraldo rivera joins us. >> good morning to you. >> thank you. >> every place, down here, because people responded to the iraqi president. >> i have checked. i spoke at length with congressman peter king, with bernard kerrick, the great police commissioner here during 9-11, they say there is no credible threat that they know of and that the iraqi prime minister was speaking, blowing
5:04 am
smoke out of his hat. first of all, i wouldn't trust iraqi intelligence to tell me that today was friday. >> i hope you're right and that he was talking out of the top of his hat and there is nothing to it. although he was specific about paris and general about american subways. when you think subway, you think of this. f.b.i. director said apparently an isis propaganda tape features two people with north american accents. if there is a north american accent -- >> that means canadian. >> or from the united states. >> or from minnesota. i believe that they know who it is, who is on that tape. >> sure. >> to me, what is far more important is that the f.b.i. is tracking every trace that this person -- because what you want to do, you don't want to reveal the name. what you want to do is find out world in which they exist. who were they friends with? where do they go to school? >> are they involved? >> you want to take down the
5:05 am
entire network. >> i don't care who this is. this is like getting mad at one nazi. they're all bad. he's not a leader. he's the executioner. they'd have somebody else. we got to stop the movement, not the person. >> agreed. but remembering, if you were listening to the sentence just prior to that one, what i suggested is the important thing about knowing who he is is tracking down his network, finding out, does he have logistical supplies? does he have allies with whom he has traveled? where has he trained? what are his skills? i think the important thing is to find out who he is in the context of a terror organization. >> and what is his context here in north america, if he has some here. i think that's why everyone is picking up on that and saying what is surrounding him here? in terms of his accent, it brings it a little closer to home. >> let me make a couple of observation. first of all, i want the british to finally do it or get off the
5:06 am
pot. today has to be the day for the united kingdom to say we're in this fight. they more than the united states, more urgently threatened by burgeoning extremist population. they have to act and they have to act aggressively and they have to take revenge. i don't mind calling it that. remember the cop that got his head cut off in england, plus the prisoners that they're holding and threatening now. let's see the united kingdom finally stepping up. i am encouraging these air attacks. >> they're leveling off in day four. that's so discouraging. >> well, what you don't want to do, brian, and we all know this, you don't want to willie nilly bomb areas where you'll get collateral damage. i believe the strikes that have happened so far have been extremely effective. but you can't do anything if the iraqis are going to chicken out. the iraqi army again, the city just west of baghdad fell 300 more soldiers assassinated by
5:07 am
the isis terrorists. you've got to have somebody's boots have to be there. >> geraldo will be talking about the fight with isis saturday night. >> taking the fight to isis. 10:00 o'clock saturday live. >> we'll be watching. meanwhile, let's talk a little about eric holder. yesterday he said so long. democrats, sad. republicans, happy because they viewed him as a political activist who happened to be america's lawyer. >> i have a lot of things to say. first of all, my gravest disappointment with president obama, aside from the fact that he waited so long to fight isis and he let two months go by, my greatest disappointment has been his failure as the historic first black president to step up to the plate and really help heal the divisions in this country. race, i still believe is the most egregious, aggravated domestic issue we have and i think president obama, except for a couple of speeches, has not spoken about family
5:08 am
responsibility and healing and the need to get off a dependent culture. but i have seen eric holder do that. eric holder has been courageous. when he has put down for saying that we are cowards when it comes to speaking about race, he is not wrong. >> you know what? we've got a montage of some of those instances you're talking about. let's listen. >> things racial we have always been and we i believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. you look at the way the attorney general of the united states was treated yesterday, what attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? what president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? certain racial component to this for some people, i don't think this was a main driver, but for some, there is a racial animas. as an african-american man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such action was not warranted, i also
5:09 am
carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor for those who wear the badge. >> so what he has suggested, in addition to the we're a nation of cowards, is that people don't like the president, don't like the attorney general because they're black. >> well, let me just say that when darrell issa took the house oversight committee after his frustration with the pace of document revelation in fast and furious and for the first time in the history of the united states, had the attorney general, the first black attorney general in history, the first attorney general in history to be held, cited for contempt of congress, why did darrell issa do that? he knew that that citation was going nowhere. it had to go o a democratic federal judge in dc, it was a nonstart. why did he waste so much of congress' efforts to go after the attorney general of the united states who happened to be the first black man?
5:10 am
>> he's a political activist! he has said he's a political activist. >> let me say by me watching as a person who has tried and -- >> you're a lawyer. >> -- tried my whole life to be somebody, watching darrell issa use congress against this man, knowing it was going to accomplish nothing but make a political statement made me forever think of darrell issa as nothing but a partisan attacker. >> you think he's racist? >> you're talking about congress. we're talking about darryl -- we're talking about eric holder. >> i think that eric holder has been a fine attorney general. we will miss him. >> really? >> i want derek jeter to get that job. i think derek jeter will do a great job. >> he's looking for work. >> if you saw him last night, he can heal the racial breaches. >> geraldo leaves us laughing today. >> thank you very much. >> on a healing note. thank you. we have a lot of breaking news
5:11 am
for you right now. leah gabriel has that store us. >> we begin at chicago's o'hare airport because a fire has broken out in the control tower. you can see dozens of emergency crews are on the scene. no one was hurt. arrivals and departures are being delayed at least one hour there and it is affecting midway airport, too. you can expect that to get worse. a horrifying scene unfolding at this hour. a bridge collapsed right onto a busy highway. this happened during the morning commute. this all unfolding in detroit. a pedestrian bridge a busy freeway after being hit by a car hauler. one person hurt, but not seriously. the traffic on all lanes of i-96 are closed in both directions. and also happening overnight, ferguson, missouri erupts in violence, this time several people tried to knock out the police chief.
5:12 am
chief jackson came out last night to speak to the crowd and started marching with the protesters. but that's when a fight broke out. video shows officers and protesters knocking several people all wait to the ground. at least four people are under arrest. and a huge cyber security threat explodes overnight. it's called shell shock. it poses a serious risk to computers using lynux and mac operating systems. the threat exposes a flaw in computer code known as the bash bug. hackers can exploit it, taking complete control of a targeted computer and stealing their information. security firms are racing to develop a fix for the bug and those are your headlines. over to you guys. >> between that and the problems with the new iphone, technology is having a bad week. >> it sure is. >> back to the abacus. hard to travel. >> fox news alert for you now. the man charged in the
5:13 am
disappearance of missing university of virginia student hannah graham could be extradited to virginia at any moment. we are live on the ground next. and remember him? the government employee who billed the taxpayers for his hot tub parties. he's in hot water this morning. and i mean oh, boy. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
we've got a fox news alert. at any moment now, the man charged in the disappearance of that missing university of virginia student, hannah graham, could be leaving a jail in the texas area of galveston. kriv reporter is live in galveston. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. jesse matthew is being held in isolation here at the galveston county jail as he awaits his return trip back to virginia. we're told by the sheriff here had t could happen at some point told or perhaps tomorrow. it is up to the authorities in virginia to when that all goes down. we do know that he made two court appearances yesterday where he waived his right to fight the extradition. we're also told around that time, three investigators from virginia arrived. they immediately hit the ground running, searching for clues inside that light blue nissan sedan that matthew used to drive to texas. we're told thus far, no signs of hannah graham who went missing
5:18 am
two weeks ago on september 13. matthew is charged for her abduction. still a lot of questions remain. why did he come to texas? we don't know why. we don't know if there is a connection to galveston. the bigger question is where is hannah graham? even though he's in custody and back on his way to virginia at some point today or tomorrow, but this case still long from over. back to you. >> you're right about that. thank you very much. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz back at it. listen. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. >> apparently after getting in trouble, she used that line more than once again major player in florida politics. and talk about a sibling rivalry. >> no. >> nonknopfly. >> is it sprinkling or raining?
5:19 am
we'll tell you how this battle turned out. stay tuned.
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
quick political headlines. it was the comment that turned women across america against debbie wasserman schultz. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. >> now we've learned that wasn't the first time. a new report this morning says she used the same phrase referring to florida governor rick scott last month. the former gsa boss wasting taxpayer money on a lavish
5:23 am
conference in las vegas in hot water. he was just indicted for fraud over his spending sprees. he was forced out of his government job in 2012 and now faces up to five years in prison celebrating hispanic heritage month continues this month with the story of martin mallorga. he's not your typical ceo. instead of spending hours in the office, he's often in south america tending to coffee farmers who make it all possible. alicia acuna has the story. >> i think for me, one of the best things that i do for myself and my family and our staff is going to these country, meeting these people and realizing the positivity that we can bring to the entire communities. it's powerful. we see farmers as our business
5:24 am
partners, our suppliers that we rely on, we trust and respect. my visits there and whether it's with five employees or just my son or whoever it is, to meet with peers. >> reporter: born in guatemala, he spent his early years in managua where his father had roots. after the overthrow, a revolution drove them from there and they made it to the u.s., ultimately landing in the dc area. >> by the time i was ten years old, 11 years old, i moved eight, nine times. sometimes fleeing earthquakes or revolutions. sometimes just finding a country that would allow us to stay there and it made me realize that you always land on your feet. >> reporter: at 19, he took that confidence and launched his own cigar company while attending georgetown university. he sold the company a few years later to j.r. cigar, but took away so much more. what did you learn from that experience? >> i learned so much.
5:25 am
integrity, honesty and simplity, from the way you price, to the way you communicate to your customers. it was a very easy way to do business because it tied into who i am. >> next came coffee. during a visit to nicaragua, a family friend asked martin if he would consider importing his green coffee beans because he couldn't feed his family with what the local mill wanted to pay for his crop. >> farmers, just to get the opportunity to harvest their own product. banks typically won't loan to them. so who will? the people who buy from them. they loan them money at 18, 25, 30% interest and make them commit all their harvest to them, rock bottom price. in reality, they want the farmers -- it gets them cheap product and it's a pretty twisted system and something that i believe needs to change. >> reporter: he cut out the middle man and started importing and selling the beans himself.
5:26 am
some of the industry considered it a revolutionary idea. for martin, it was common sense. >> it's taking a product, finding the nearest point to the consumer and creating that equity from the farmer to the consumer all the way through. >> reporter: it wouldn't be easy at first. but with the help of his wife and her credit card, they gave it a go. >> i worked at cigar shop by day and telemarketing at night. >> you're a telemarketer? >> i was. i sold magazine subscriptions when you get a free bird house when you signed up. >> reporter: he would soon get the last laugh. in 2001, costco brought him in for a tryout, giving him five days to prove himself at one of the company's road shows. >> it's a funny story because they gave me a number that was our goal. i believed it was a number of pounds we had to sell. so i was so obsessed with hitting the pounds. something like 5,000. we fell short by maybe 10%. and i remember i was so upset. well, the buyer was beaming when i came in. 'cause she said you guyone of
5:27 am
the best road shows we've ever had in the company. i said how is that possible? she said you broke your goal by like fivefold because she was talking dollars. i was thinking pounds. >> whoa. >> we continue to do road shows today, 14 years later. right now this is a batch that was just roasted. you can see our roast master through the parole who was. we do it batch by batch. >> reporter: things have definitely worked out. the company is on track to sell more than 5 million pounds of coffee this year. almost twice as much as last year. and nearly three times as much as the year before. with all the success, he never forgets the farmers that brought him here. when you think about all the changes you've made with the families, they must feel indebted to you. >> i hope they don't feel indebted. i hope they have a taste of what we appreciate every day here, or some don't appreciate in this country. getting that part-time job to one day become a assistant
5:28 am
manager, to one day owning 50 franchises, we have that in our country. for me, it's giving people a taste of that. it's almost kind of passing the baton down. >> heartfelt perspective. when martin found out his farmers in graduate llama would lose their whole crop due to a fungus, he said why not plant chia seeds. so they're doing that. a remarkable man doing remarkable things. thank you for that. next week a beauty queen who is not somebody you would want to mess with. we are going to kicks things up with miss usa, mia sanchez. to check out more stories celebrating hispanic heritage month, visit us at and up next, did you see the redskins game last night? well, something was missing.
5:29 am
it's the word redskins. fans infuriated with phil sims and we have the fallout for you next. and president obama's top top calling it quits. who should replace eric holder? and should al sharpton have a say in it? chris wallace on that next.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
welcome back. it's what one nfl commentator is not saying that's make headlines this morning. phil sims refusing to say redskins last night during the game. it was a little awkward. >> yeah, a lot of weapons on this washington offense. the washington team, they have a lot of weapons on the offensive
5:33 am
side. >> the redskins fans not happy with sims, some of them weren't. they brought these signs to the game. get rid of sims. cbs, mocking him. even though he's considered one of the finest analysts in the game. one of the biggest redskins fans on the planet is chris wallace. his opinion in this instance is invaluable. chris, where do you stand on this? >> listen, the way the redskins played yesterday, i'm just as glad he didn't say their name. it's okay with me. look, as long as the redskins, i certainly am going to call them the redskins. the vast majority of people in washington are not offended. i understand some people are. i don't have a problem with phil sims if he wants to take that personal stand. but they're the washington redskins to me until they aren't. i just wish they'd play better. that's all. >> good luck on that. >> chris, let me ask you this, eric holder's resignation kind of stunning washington and the
5:34 am
nation here. but what's going to happen here? 'til the confirmation process he's going to stay on. who do you think will step in there and up to the plate? we've heard a couple names, duval patrick. any other names floating around? >> yeah. there are several names. the u.s. attorney in new york city. when i covered the white house a million years ago during the lincoln administration, they used to say that those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk. i suspect that's true. but the consensus is that obama would like to appoint a woman or someone of color, of course. eric holder was the first african-american attorney general and i think the timing is crucial and i think one of the reasons that he resigned now is because of a concern that republicans might take over the senate and so if you want to get somebody that's even close to somebody that if you're barak obama that you want, better to do it in a lame duck session
5:35 am
when you know for certain that the democrats will be in the majority. >> what's interesting, chris, after the news broke yesterday, it seems like democrats kind of sad. we loved him. republicans on the other side, hey, finally he's gone. no doubt, and mr. holder himself referred to himself as a political activist. so it's curious given all of the scandals republicans would say involving eric holder, chuck todd, who host another sunday show on another network, was so pro-holder in this sound bite. listen to this. >> out of the tough stuff that you would say hey, attorney general has to do tough stuff. this is not a forgiving jobç but what's interesting about him, he's a very nonpolitical person. and i think people used to mistakenly think that this guy was this long-time political operative who happened to be an attorney general. that's not him at all. >> do you agree with that? he was nonpolitical?
5:36 am
>> well, he was nonpolitical in the sense that he was involved -- he was not involved in party politics. but in terms of having a policy agenda and quite frankly, was a policy agenda that very much tracked with barak obama's, he was extremely political. he obviously had very strong feelings about voting rights, very strong feelings about gay rights, a number of issues like that. i think you have to note that they talk about black holes. the justice department is where scandals, controversies for the obama administration of these last six years went to die. when they announced the justice department was investigating something, whether it was the irs or operation fast and furious, or the investigation of the justice department targeting members of the press, including our own james rosen, boy, it would enter the justice department and we'd never hear about it again. >> how relieved are you that al
5:37 am
sharpton will be helping in the selection process? >> he is not the person that i would go to if i were trying to choose an attorney general. but the president gets to choose his advisors, i guess. another nonpolitical person. >> he said this actually, we are engaged in a media conversation with the white house on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of attorney general holder. >> you know what? if the white house is going to listen to al sharpton, they'll probably listen to you too, chris wallace. >> i don't even know how to answer that. listen, look, it's on the record, particularly in the case of ferguson, that sharpton was the person who was briefing valerie jarrett and people in the white house referred to him as their go-to person now in the african-american community. so i suppose if he has that rank and that standing in the obama white house, it's not surprising that they won decide that he's somebody whose advice they want when it comes to picking an attorney general. >> listen, you have a big
5:38 am
line - up. general jack keane will be there and some political power players. i love your power player of the week especially. >> yeah. we are going to be talking about holder. we are going to be talk being isis with jack keane and a couple of senate leaders when it comes to national security issues. but my power player of the week, reese witherspoon, who i got to sit down with last week. people say to me, what was that like? i say it's exactly like you think you would. she's lovely, smart, and i think you'd have to say perky. she's like the character in the movies. she's really -- elisabeth probably hobnobs with reese witherspoon. >> i hear she's sweet. >> do you expect to be close friends with reese witherspoon after this? >> no. it doesn't transfer that way. >> oh, it doesn't? >> first of all, you and i aren't that close. incidentally brian, do you want to tell your pals there what you did to me yesterday? >> let's hear it.
5:39 am
>> i don't think we have the time. >> chris, what happened, quickly? >> i don't know that -- brian is ashamed of what he did. let's say he played a very mean practical joke on me. having said that, he knew what i would do. real quickly, his producer said, hey, before we went on the radio show, he said, brian is in a really bad mood, but don't mention it, which is like saying to a three-year-old, sit in the corner and don't think of a pink elephant. so i was on for 30 seconds and i said why are you in a bad mood and it turns out they had set me up. >> because i know everything i tell him off the air, he tells on the air. it was a trap. >> a blabber mouth. >> guilty as charged. >> chris wallace, who seems to always be in a good mood, thank you very much. see you on sunday morning. >> bye. it's 21 minutes before the top of the hour. we're going to step aside and coming up -- >> eric holder stepping down. who is going to become america's next top cop?
5:40 am
you're asking peter johnson, jr., he's going to shuffle the deck.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
welcome back. a sky diving lesson going horribly wrong. at first the jump seemed perfectly routine. the instructor keeping a steady hand there on a student. but suddenly he starts to spin. and you see that here. oh, my. the man nearly plunging to his death. his quick thinking instructor able to catch up to him, and pulled the rip cord just in time. everyone thankfully landing safely. and this may be the most adorable argument ever. >> because -- >> it's raining. >> no, my mom says it's sprinkling. >> it's raining!
5:44 am
>> it's raining. >> a little boy tried to win the fight with two twin girls about whether it's sprinkling or raining. it is not clear who won. but a heart was definitely broken in the process. steve. in the months ahead i will leave the department of justice, but i will never, i will never leave the work. i will continue to serve and try to find ways to make our nation even more true to its founding ideals. >> okay. so yesterday the attorney general made it official. he's resigning. so who is in? there is lots of speculation about potential replacements. joining us to sort them all out is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. all right. the big question is, eric is out. >> washington is ablaze with rumors. we picked a few people who may be up for consideration. let's look at the first one. janet napolitano. she's the former dhs secretary
5:45 am
and arizona governor from 2009 to 2013. she was head of dhs. first one to hold that position. now is president of the university of california system, she was a leading contender for the supreme court, but was passed over in favor of sonia sotomayor and elena kagan. maybe she's got a shot this time. >> also the guy who makes the case for the united states at the supreme court. >> he's called the lawyer's lawyer. the u.s. solicitor general. he's been a solicitor general since june 2011. his job has been arguing the administration's legal positions in the supreme court. he made the position for obamacare before the supreme court. he got panned by a lot of the reporters and analysts during his argument. but ultimately he won the case on behalf of the united states. >> there is somebody who seems to be going after republicans and democrats, people all across the political spectrum. >> great prosecutor.
5:46 am
ivy league guy, horatio al engineer kind of guy. even looking at the governor of new york state with regard to his role in a commission naming. and so he's being looked at. he's been involved with the bernie madoff case, lots of cases. times square bombing. quite a senator guy. >> a lot of people like him. a lot of people have referred to the current attorney general as being a political activist. if you have a u.s. -- >> if you have somebody a u.s. senator, wouldn't they be political too? >> it's political job in some elements. minnesota senator, senior senator from minnesota. first woman to be elected as senator in that state. named by the "new york times" as one of 17 women in the country most likely to become the first
5:47 am
female president of the united states. >> meanwhile, the woman who is the top law enforcement officer in california. >> california attorney general since 2011. she's running for reelection now. long been mentioned as possible candidate for the u.s. senate. i work for the people of california as attorney general. finally, deval patrick, very close to the president of the united states. governor since 2007. he's not running for reelection. i think he's term limited. first african-american governor of massachusetts. close friend of barak obama. said he's not running for reelection and intends to return to the private sector. he may be a strong candidate. he doesn't have a job at this point. he's interested perhaps in become the president of the united states some day. this may be a great opportunity for him. very interesting people. let's see if they can be as political and as motivated as the current attorney general has been to help this president. >> we're going to find out. peter johnson, jr., thank you. .
5:48 am
>> thank you. a story book ending for derek jeter on his final night at yankee stadium. up night, joe torre, how he says he helped calm jeter's nerves. first let's check in with the always nervous bill hemmer. >> indeed. right there, baby. morning. we hit targets in syria again overnight. is this war having an impact on the terrorists? a close look at that this morning. bill o'reilly is here. eag and minute president obama's decision making and talk about a new book out. and what's the truth about new terror threats here at home? martha and i will see you at the top of the hour, 12 minutes away while every business is unique,
5:49 am
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everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses. and that's where pg&e's online business energy checkup tool can really help. you can use it to track your actual energy use. find rebates that make equipment upgrades more affordable. even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. >> talk about a story book ending for derek jeter.
5:52 am
>> base hit to rights field! here comes richardson. here is the throw! richardson is safe! derek jeter ends his final game with a walk off single! >> one out, bottom of the 9th, jeter drove in the game winning run. he beat the orioles. he took one last view from his short stop position before leaving the field at yankee stadium for the last time. still got a few games in boston. >> earlier this week, elisabeth and i got to sit down with his former manager, joe torre. >> we talked to him about a lot of things, including derek jeter just watch. >> we have a nice relationship. i've heard him refer to me as like a father figure. i remember one time somebody said, do you get nervous? he said well, i get nervous sometimes, but i look in the dugout and i see mr. torre sitting this very calm. he didn't know i was half asleep at the time.
5:53 am
and it's just nice. you have a chance to influence young players when you're a manager and you try to do the right thing and nobody has done a job of doing the right thing better than derek jeter, especially in this city, single, good looking, having opportunities to get in trouble all over the place and he's had a great deal of respect for what he does. >> it seems like the games are really going longer. >> i don't seem to mind. in 1981, the average baseball game was two hours, 33 minutes long. and now it's well over three hours. >> what happened? how come the game got long? >> i think it's the dead time we're talking about in these games. but again, we have commercial breaks, which obviously we're not going to do anything about. to me, i think a big part of it is the pitchers. years ago issue and i always swore when i was a young player that i would never say, when i was a player. >> but when i was a player. >> when i was a player.
5:54 am
pitchers just challenged hitters to go ahead and swing and hit the ball. now i think pitchers are trying to find a way to trick you and not have you swing, but get a called strike. i think a lot of it is that and you have the hitters now who have, from the on deck circle to the batter's box, it's walk up music. >> before we got start you were talking about how over at major league baseball, one of the issues were addressing, given the fact the nfl has been embroiled in it, is domestic abuse. >> yes. we've always had rules in place about behavior and the commissioner has the authority to discipline according to the infraction. we're at a point where we're going to write a rule that will be done in conjunction with the players association that hopefully can address the issue. >> this is one that was literally close to home for you. >> yeah. i grew up in an abusive home.
5:55 am
my dad abused my mom. i was affected by it just by being present. >> something else very personal to you is prostate cancer. september is prostate cancer awareness month. what do you want every man watching to think about? >> i was diagnosed in '99 and it scared me to death. i had the surgery 'cause i had an aggressive form. but there are a lot of men who are making decisions before they have enough information. we have one in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. most of them are probably getting treatment when they really don't need it right away. so it's something to check on. i'm not telling you how to do it, but at least give yourself a chance to make a decision. >> and our thanks to joe torre for stopping by the couch earlier this week. >> he was going for the world series in '99. got knocked out. more "fox & friends," we wrap up the entire week in just a moment
5:56 am
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5:59 am
before we go, here is one for the road. nfl player devon still giving his four-year-old daughter a pep talk before life saving cancer surgery. >> you ready to get this cancer about you? let's do it. >> saying doctors removed her tumor and she's recovering in the hospital. >> wonderful story. clay, what happens on this couch this weekend? >> we had all these data breach, remember the target, now home depot. did you know that actually the
6:00 am
information is medical records. they don't care about your credit cards. we'll find out how you can protect all of your data this weekend. >> we'll be watching. >> have a great weekend, everybody. see you back here on monday. on a friday morning, a new round of airstrikes blasting targets overnight. 7 targets overnight and three in syria. the u.s.-led mission of fighter jets targeting oil field. trying to distinguish between the two countries, the war in iraq and syria. martha: i'm martha maccallum. france also taking part in the strikes in iraq hit can back at isis targets noing the beheading of their one of their own citizens. bill: first what


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