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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  September 27, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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an old timer. >> yeah. people buying groceries if they feel insecure. i like the stock. >> micro, you like it? >> operating margin as concern. very thin. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend, everybody. keep it right here. continuing with eric bolling and "cashin' in." thousands of troops and a billion bucks not to secure our border but battle ebola with the legal storming into the country and the territory rising, "cashin' in" han a better use of resources, and then -- >> what do you say who critics who say you go on yachts, traveling and here you are trying to get climate change? >> sorry. >> our very own michelle fields exposing climate change hypocrisy among hollywood elites. leodecicaprio -- >> it's such -- bull [ bleep ]. >> and espn host suspended for speaking his mind about the nfl
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should voicing your opinion jeopardize your job. "cashin' in," speaking our mind starts -- right now. hi, everyone. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week is with us. welcome, everybody. a billion bucks and 3,000 troops. michelle, should we use this to fight ebola over there or secure our border over here? >> it's a no-brainer. of course we ought to use money to scute our border. the president said no boots on the ground, but then goes and sends boots on the ground to africa, when we have a crisis happening right here in our backyard. our border is not secure and we have a terrorist organization that is determined to destroy us. secure our borders. spend money there. >> jonathan, what about this? by the way, can we also point out these are troops that are going to africa? not medical personnel? troops. go ahead. >> yeah. that's it, eric. i mean, american soldiers are not humanitarian workers. they're trained to destroy. they're trained to kill.
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thankfully their role is decimate the enemy and come home. it's wrong -- i don't care how much it costs, it is wrong to use american soldiers in this fashion, trong have them out in the middle of tribal third world africa passing out blankets and swabs. let the red cross do that. our soldiers should be focused and protecting americans, our civil liberties and not playing humanitarians for the world. >> a lot of people saying we're sendingses 1 billion to fight it and a border sorry porous, ebola, isis or ebola on the backs of isis could come through our border? >> that's ridiculous. i don't know where to start. our border is more secure than its ever been. a quick point to jonathan and michelle. we are spending money, tense of millions if not billions a day to bomb deadly terrorists. why wouldn't we fight a deadly disease that actually, if it was to come over here, would do far more damage than even al qaeda
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did on 9/11. >> our border is open, juan. what does that do? >> the board sir not open. stot refuting that. that is a fallacy. >> hold on. this is actually a good time to do this. i was going to hold it for later. roll this video of a filmmaker who actually found the northern border even more porous than our southern border. here he is going across the -- lake erie from the canadian side of the border to the american side of the border i believe that's cleveland pulling into. so, juan, i'm going to tell you, our borders ain't secure. >> i think our border, extremely -- in fact, if you look at the rate of migration, we don't have a problem with people come ing from at this moment. we are losing people, except for that spike of kids running away from violence in central america, illegal immigration is not the issue. the issue people coming over with visas -- >> that's part of the issue,
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too. >> be realistic. >> part of it. wayne, you can't deny our southern, northern borders they weren't very secure. a lot of people can bring a lot of things through. does that worry you? >> well, of course it does. worries me about the border. two separate questions. talking about ebola on one harnd and border security.the other. i don't know how you equate those things. ebola is an immediate threat and i disagree in the sense that i think once you get two, three cases in this country and if it was to spread it would be horrendous. i don't care how you fight it. yes. vote resource there's. a question of allocation where the resources are going and -- >> but the -- >> let me finish, please. would you, please, be quiet while i finish? >> finish. >> okay. >> i'm saying -- >> i learnened my lesson last time. >> you allocate resources and want to allocate them to what is immediate. ebola is immediate. the border isn't. we have a number of resources on the border just need to employ them properly. >> human beings -- >> american soldiers, not
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resources. not chips to be passed out. they have a soul purpose, protecting the individual rights. i tell you, i disagree, juan, you can make this equivocation between military threats like radical jihad and a threat like ebola really in my experience only a threat to people who don't have modern medical care and handle these inappropriately. why we don't have a terrible ebola outbreak in this country. the because we're the first world. >> jonathan, let me tell you, if you get ebola you won't be so cocky. >> jihadists, they are cutting off american heads declaring war. that's role for soldiers. pot-of-not passing out blankets in the third world africa. >> you have an antiquated view what soldiers do. they build, protect. we have bases in germany, japan. we do lots of things besides shoot guns. >> go ahead, michelle. >> the wrong use of soldier. insult to our soldiers. >> agree 100%.
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soldiers are -- >> our soldiers of the most deadly military force on the planet, in the world and they should stay that way. shouldn't be handing out syringes and swabs as jonathan points out. >> wait a minute. >> hold on, eric. >> michelle, go ahead. >> ebola, an international crisis. everyone should help out. the crisis we have here in america is happening in our backyard, more immediate. because people can just come over here. we can have terrorists coming over here killing people. i don't know what you're talking than it's an immediate crisis. absolutely it is an immediate crisis. >> wayne? >> i was going to say, soldiers have been used throughout our history. when we had katrina we used the national guard. we used -- soldiers are used wherever they're needed. the allocation of those -- >> on the border. >> you want to sign up noor? wherever you're needed? >> yes, i have signed up for it, pal. i did three years. how many years did you do? >> zero. >> listen, do this. take a break. we'll calm it down a little bit.
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leave it right there and come back to you in a minute, though. you can continue the conversation now on twitter #cashinin. last week our twitter reach not only won hour on cable news, weren't on tv for those. amazing social media wave. you view crew are creating each and every week. i just tweeted this picture. who would you rather have a $15 minimum wage? retweet that with your comments or the outrageous numbers, we'll reveal later in the show. coming up, michelle fields confronts celebrities over climate change hypocrisy. things got hot. >> you're letting these people, the coke brothers run our country, subvert or democracy. that's what you ought to pay attention to rather than asking trivial and inane questions what kind of car they drive or whether or not they use cell phones. you're here to buy a car.
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>> we want to create 100% clean energy. we need to make a transition in this country. we need to show leadership and that's what we're here to represent. >> what do you say to critics who say you go on yachts, you're traveling and then here you are trying to get climate change? >> get the climate -- sorry. >> shouldn't you lead by example? >> no, no. i do lead by example. >> so are you going to give up your cell phone? >> no. >> your car? >> are you going to give up yours? >> i'm not the one here talking about the environment. >> michelle, call me crazy, but i think he liked you. >> i don't think after that interview he did. look, these guys are a bunch of hypocrites. they go on private jets, they get driven around in limos. they stay in hump hotel suites to go to an event telling us to live liar cave men. leonardo dicaprio hanging out on a 400 foot yacht costs $700 million owned by a man who made his wealth in oil. it's the epitome of hypocrisy.
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>> and al gore showed up at that protest as well. al gore i don't know. he has something like six or seven homes, one has a carbon footprint bigger than godzilla? >> i'm so pleased to hear eric bolling going after the rich in this country. that's news. i hope they -- i hope everybody in america is paying attention, because the rich -- eric bolling just told you the rich are out of control. >> the has koch crazy of it. all for people making a lot of money, but on one hand don't say -- you know, big yachts and big mansions are bad for the environment and then go back to your big yacht and big mansion. >> let me say, eric, michelle, jonathan, wayne, we're all concerned if we can't breathe the air or global warms melts new york city. so, yes. you -- it's not hypocrisy no matter your level of wealth. i can't believe i'm defending the wealthy. they can have opinions, too, about climate change. >> no the if they're the face of climate change. they want us to change our ways.
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>> juan is so concerned about global warming melting new york city. you know what? new york city is one of the mos expensive places to live in the world. people want to live there, even amid the smokestacks. tell you, to michelle, that was brilliant with rfk. they are hypocrites. they use the cell phone and. oil but denounce t. a celebrity at hand here, wayne. thoughts on celebrities using the platform for environment change or whatever activism they're into? >> well, everybody's entitled to their own opinion. entitled as a free country to say whatever the hell you want to say. the complicated part of this question is scientific. they close out the question, but there are a lot of people on the other side of this. we don't know yet. when you talk about millenniums. we've had three ice ages in the last, you know, 130,000 years. we don't know what the natural part of this is yet. you don't know the outcome. it's not that immediate and not that important. >> before we start debating global warming and the science behind it, we talk about this
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one thing. michelle, you were there. after this protest left did you see the piles and mounds of garbage left in the streets of new york? >> tons of trash. what's funny, before the event started, the organizers of the event sent out a mass e-mail to media, bragging they had sent out a million flyers in new york city, posted them all over, bussing in 400 buses of people, and they thought this was great. they didn't realize the hypocrisy in that. >> wayne, go ahead. >> no. there's no -- there's no kidding about the hypocrisy. i mean, it's prima facie. you can't say, i'm all for saving the environment and mess it up. that's obvious. >> and it's not just hypocrisy, it's destruction. think about michelle's interview with rfk. he wants to enact laws that hurt our live, but, no, no. don't ask limb to give up his cell phone, plane trips, creature comforts. it's not about helping the environment. it's hurting mankind bringing us to the level of middle eastern
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savages with kerosene lamps and horse-driven carriages. >> got to goevgts . >> oh, my god. getting benched for speaking out. espn suspending a pop rather commentator for blasting the nfl commissioner. should your opinion ever get you kicked out of a job? [ cell phon] [ typing continues ] [ whoosh ] [ cell phones buzz, chirp ] and we have to work the weekend. great. more good news -- it's friday! woo! [ male announcer ] ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. [ male announcer ] ship a pak via fedex express saver® i research. i dig. and dig some (trader more. search. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up -
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find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. hello everybody. i'm uma from washington. terror in the heartland. the fbi now working closely with authorities in moore, oklahoma, after a fired employee reportedly beheld add co-worker and stabbed another woman at a
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food processing plant allegedly celebrated terrorism on his facebook page months before the attack. employees say the 30 yard tried to convert co-workers to the muslim faith. we'll bring you the latest at noon. now the big question. is the oklahoma attack the latest incident of home-grown terrorism or workplace violence? talking to former cia director james woolsey and steve emerson for their views and also take a close look at the latest in the fight against isis. as to air strikes, continuing against targets in syria and iraq, we'll look at the money trail as well that continues to keep those terrorists well equipped and armed. the world health organization reports the numbers in the ebola virus continue to climb. we will bring you the very latest. besilent or be suspended, espn commentator bill simmons after speaking his mind about the nfl commissioner. >> i think that dude is lying. put him up on lie detector test that guy would fail, and -- for
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all of these people pretending they didn't know is such [ bleep ] bull [ bleep ], it really is. such [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> espn taking criticism for benching this guy. should voicing your job? >> well, eric, you're asking a guy who's been fired by npr for voicing. i just said how i felt when i see people dressed in muslim garb getting on an airplane. i will say the use of the profanity is a little much. i understand espn has a partnership, a business partnership, with the nfl and the commissioner. they don't want to jeopardize it. that's what this comes down to. >> john what are your thoughts? we should point out this was done on a podcast. thought on espn air. not on espn air. yet they decided to bench him. >> it is a question of association. this is a question of association. and espn, just like any
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individual, has the right to associate themselves with others. with their comments, with their activities, with their behaviors or not. so a business decision. i think you have to be careful. because many media providers want to be seen as authentic. so representing sometimes often less palatable points of view. >> this guy is an opinionterrif guy to listen to. i also like roger goodell. i'm looking at this going, they know he's an opinion guy. this time, he speaks his mind, he gets laid off. >> i think the two points, at one end, make pertinent. number one, it's a contract between him and his employer. if the employer can do this and it was four letter words and four letter words is not something you should be using, that's one thing. although i must confess, i'm
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tempted to use a four-letter word every now and then. >> michelle, let me ask this. a lot -- we spend a lot of time together on tv, live tv. and sometimes people say things that may be misconstrued. is it context, context, context the real answer? >> it is, but the thing is, an employer has the right to suspend someone or discipline them if the employee was jeopardizing their business and their brand. that's really what happened. espn and nfl have a $15 billion contract for monday night football. and his comments were jeopardizing that lucrative deal. so that's why they felt they needed to do something. by calling attention to this, i think they made it worse. this would have gone under the radar if they hand suspended him. so i think it backfired. >> good point. okay, so espn has the right to suspend him. here's the other question, good business decision or bad? a lot of people like bill simmons.
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>> i like bill simmons too. loveled hd his book on the nba. may boost simmons stock with people who are fans. we see him as a rebel. not adhering to what espn tells him. the corporate bosses tell him to do. he gets three weeks. ray rice initially was suspended by goodell for two weeks. oh, my gosh. >> stephen a. smith, also a commentator on espn, john, to you on this one, think he only got two weeks suspension and he had some very provocative things to say about domestic violence. >> in my experience, we're often feel like being offended needs to result in a disciplinary action. in a free country, you hear speech you don't always agree with. sometimes you are offended by it. you know what that can do? help you strengthen your own pen opinion. i think it's exactly the wrong way to approach free speech in a
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free country. >> few seconds, left, wayne, you want to wrap this one up? >> it's simple. i agree with what jonathan said. a free country and free speech. it's between you and -- why goodell, for example, who's the head of the league, is involved in this, i don't know. it's between the employer and the employee, that's what's involved. >> a real wage war. you hear a lot about fast food workers and their pay. what about troops getting pink slips? should really be the focus in america right now? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. all right. i want to say thanks to our "cashing in" crew for joining us. head over to to see wayne and jonathan's stock picks. jonathan has something to say about last week's show. john. >> thanks, eric. i want to issue a sincere apology for my remarks on last week's "cashing in" which i believe were unfortunately misinterpreted. the interment was completely immoral. i've never defended it. in the context of our discussion
8:58 am
on profiling, my point was to illustrate that profiling potential threats based on ideology could be a needed safeguard in the context of war time. i believe being able to identify an enemy's ideology and be on the alert for it is the first step to actually achieving peace. thanks, eric. >> time to "wake up, america." we're all about the money. when i call out food stamp abuse or minimum wage rage, colbert, stewart and the rest of the liberal posse jumped down my thought. so i did a little math. we've been covering the unionbacked push for fast food workers to get a raise. what do these entry level employees do for their salaries? more importantly, how much do we pay our military for entry level? the numbers are staggering. we pay e-1s, entry level, $1,470 per month. that's 8.86 per hour.
8:59 am
almost half of what the burger flippers are demanding. men and women who are being shot at are getting paid half of what the french frfryer wants. make sure the special sauce is on the burger. 15 bucks an hour. military job description. 8 bucks an hour. fast food job description. sweep the restaurant. refill the napkin holders. $15 an hour. military job description. 8 bucks an hour. get the picture? it's time to wake up, america. the minimum wage debate shouldn't be over the big mack server. it should be over the big gun protectors of our freedom. we should be upping military pay by multiples rather than debating whether johnny should get 15 bucks an hour to screw up my order at the drive through. multiply it by 100, because that's what the military actually earns. be careful. every time i suggest we spend more money on troop, colbert,
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stewart and bill maher go on the attack. we have our priorities backwards thanks to the liberal gone squasquagoo goonsquad, the mo, curly and larry of the left. have a good weekend, everybody. in moore, oklahoma, local police and the fbi investigating why a man recently fired from a food processing plant did the unthinkable. beheading one co-worker and stabbing another. is this a horrific act of home grown terrorism? or an angry employee seeking revenge? we're learning new details on how this gruesome attack unfolded from the 911 call from terrified employees. >> he went through our front office, went to the shipping office. he stabbed a woman in our customer service department. 4. now that the brits are finally on board, they're joining with air strikes over


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