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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 27, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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bringing back the all american hero. sounds corny but that's the point. >> thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. a major investigation under way after a brutal attack at the food processing plant in oklahoma. recently fired employee alton nolan accused of beheading an employee and stabbing another. >> co-workers say the suspect recently started to try to convert several employees to islam. investigators are looking into a possible connection to terrorism. >> calling this an incident like this, an issue of workplace violence is counter productive. until we agree on what this is
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and reach a definition, we're not going to devote the necessary resources to counter radicalization in this country. >> ryan has more from our new york city newsroom. start with this. police have been looking into this for the past 24 hours or so. have they found any link to terrorism yet? >> they have not actually. the fbi is investigating the motive specifically because they say that alton had been trying to convert his co-workers to islam. he was a recent convert. nolan just fired from the vaughn foods processing plant when he drove to the business, walked in holding a knife and stabbed and beheaded colleen hoffert, as he grabbed tracy johnson, company ceo and off duty reserve deputy shot him, gunshots captured in the 911 call as the dispatcher told the caller to lock everyone
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behind doors. >> we're trying. >> can you hear this in the background? >> is that him? he's back? >> yeah, sounds like he's running around out here. >> and that is a gunshot. >> johnson is in stable condition in the oklahoma sheriff says vaughn is nothing short of a hero. >> chilling to listen to the 911 tapes. have we learned anything from his facebook pages and twitter accounts? >> we found a facebook page that appears to belong to nolan, the photos show the world trade center towers burning and the statue of liberty with text that says sharia law is coming. multiple photos of terrorists and another post from martha depicts a beheading. the islamic society of greater oklahoma city condemns nolan and
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saying he does not act in accordance with islamic law and regulations, islam teaches us to be a people of calm and peace, we are against any oppression and brutality and against this very disturbing and vicious act of cowardice, he is as far as islam as one can be from the religion. nolan served time in prison and on probation for assault and battery. as soon as he wakes up, police will be asking him questions and getting closer to finding out what the motive was behind his attack. leland. >> police and fbi as well as they look into this case, brian, thanks. a suspect in the disappearance of a college student is back in virginia today to face he was the last person seen on surveillance video with hannah graham the nice she went missed. she is a sophomore at the university of virginia and not
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seen since the night two weeks ago. police in charlottesville have no idea where she is. matthew is in jail with no bond. his first court appearance is scheduled for next thursday. >> the u.s. led coalition against isis has another member. long time ally britain joined but said they will only use force against targets in iraq. british war planes have taken off for first combat mission. and this comes a day after parliament approved air strikes against islamic state targets. molly is live with the latest. >> britain's ministry of defense says the tornado jets are ready to attack islamic state or isis terrorists, whenever appropriate targets are identified. british lawmakers approved a measure allowing brits to join the u.s. and other nations in taking on isis, today they took off for the first combat mission over iraq. the white house said it welcomes the british to this operation.
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>> united states and united kingdom have a special relationship and we're pleased to see the strong support from members of parliament for members of the british military working alongside u.s. servicemen and women in pursuit of this goal that benefits countries all around the globe. >> but while britain and denmark and other european nations have agreed to join the fight against isis in iraq, they are not taking part in the battle in syria. that continues to be the mission of the u.s. and middle east allies. there were air strikes against islamic state positions near the turkish border. according to one republican lawmaker here at home, air strikes alone won't be able to finish the job. >> we've done a couple hundred air strikes but in the first go it was 100,000 and last war in iraq it was 40,000. we're not at the order of magnitude we need to be, even in
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the air. >> president obama says he will not send traditional u.s. combat troops into iraq or syria but has sent hundreds of service members to train and advise iraqi kurdish and syrian fighters. leland? >> we'll see how things develop from here. thanks, molly. long lines in chicago. now more than 24 hours after an faa contract employee allegedly set fire to a critical air traffic control facility, even though planes are once again in the air, the effective closure of midway and o'hare airports yesterday mean thousands are still trying to get to their destination. dominic is picking up the story from the west coast bureau. it's a nightmare out there. >> it most certainly is. it's going to be the end of the weekend before we see the backlog cleared. as 11:00 a.m. local time, the chicago department of aviation saying there are some 600 flights delayed at o'hare and over at midway, about 70
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flights. to give an example of how airlines are having to cancel flights, southwest alone was saying it was canceling all of its flights in and out of the airport between 10:00 a.m. local and 2:00 p.m. local flights delayed really or further cancellations throughout today and possibly early tomorrow morning as well. of course you can imagine the thousands of passengers there very unhappy with the disruption. >> we're not going to make it there. i'm very disappointed. i want to be with my granddaughter and family. >> missing so many special things. >> frustrated, hoping to go but might not make it. >> so let's tell you how this all came about. 36-year-old brian howard is accused of taking a can of gasoline to the air traffic control tower and setting fire to that building. apparently when the fire department turned up, they found him with his throat slit and
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denying help from the paramedics trying to save his life. he's now in hospital. what we will see, however, is details of what specifically the damage was he did because the air traffic control tower lost contact with all of the pilots, inbound and outbound. fiber optic equipment had been damaged. so what exactly was he up to and the big question, why he actually resisted assistance. listen. >> there were some degree of effort on their part to drag him out of the building but he was conscious. and as far as being cooperative, i would say not necessarily. >> now the police don't think it was terrorism and don't think anybody else was involved. apparently howard was unhappy by the fact he was being moved from chicago to hawaii and that had happened recently. >> dominic, thanks, dom. >> a bus carrying a college women's softball team was involved in a deadly crash on the highway.
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police are releasing new information on the victims. >> also, the white house muling a replacement for outgoing attorney general eric holder but the possible timing of that nomination is not sitting well with republicans. we'll tell you why coming up. there's never been a better time to come to bass pro shops than right now. announcer: bass pro shops is the place for huge savings. and check out tracker fishing boats. for a limited time receive a 3 year bow-to-stern warranty, for a worry-free boating experience. ♪ ♪ "here i am. rock you like a hurricane." ♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle. . .
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and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at authorities say a deadly crash involving a bus carrying a college softball team is being investigated as a homicide with both drivers set to undergo toxicology tests. the collision left four females dead and three others hospitalized and happened last night 70 miles south of oklahoma city. reportedly as the team was driving back from a scrimmage. >> the semideparted the roadway to the left which caused him to enter the median. after he entered the median, he
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continued across the median into the southbound lanes where the impact between the bus and semi occurred. >> authorities identifying the four ladies killed in the crash, all of them students at north central texas college. in the wake of this week's resignation, announcement from attorney general eric holder, the white house is now hinting that president obama may nominate a successor during the lame duck session. that sets up a controversial vote with lawmakers who at that point could be on their way out voting. let's bring in david moeser, the former finance director for dnc and professor of public policy and politics at international affairs at georgetown university. brad, let's start with you. is the timing of this the issue or is the issue who's going to be the next attorney general? >> i think it's both. but republicans have to take stock of the fact that the president has the power to
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appoint those who he wants to serve in a cabinet officer. they serve at his pleasure and timing of coming and going is really his timtiming. he's in danger of losing the senate. if the president wants to not make politics an issue, nominate your selection now. let's get the process started. don't wait until after the election to do it. and quite frankly, republicans should stand down on the timing of the issue because if the shoe was on the other foot, we would do exactly the same thing. >> that's what josh earnest pointed out, president bush nominated somebody that ended up being a lame duck vote there. speaking of who the nominee should be, are we going to see president obama nominate someone in the like of eric holder, someone controversial and going to continue the civil rights agenda at the justice department or more bland and acceptable to both sides. >> in response i'll say he did a lot more than be controversial and that was more from the gop
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side in trying to make him controversial. but from civil rights to voter rights, to counter terrorism, this attorney general has served for the last six years. he's one of the longest standing attorney generals to serve. there are only two others who will have served longer than the attorney general in the obama cabinet. that said, brad, i would like to mention was with what brad said, the president could go ahead and nominate somebody now and get the senate to work on it. but instead, he's giving time and letting the midterms take place in november and then -- >> if i might go further and say that in the -- after the elections you still have senators who are still senators. even if they've lost, they won't give up their seats until their opponents who won are in sworn in. secondly, from 2010 we remember
11:46 am
in the lame duck, there was four out of five pieces of legislation from the start treaty and security to taxes, another thing that the senators voted on whether or not they were going to be there in january or not. let's not delay. especially with republicans who are going after eric holder -- >> i want to let brad get in here for a second. do you agree it sort of doesn't matter who the president picks in terms of the the nominee, that the gop will come out against it? are there democrats who conceivably would be acceptable to the president and names mentioned out there, like tom perez, labor secretary right now who would be not seen as so much of a political move as trying to bring somebody in a lame duck session while the democrats still are guaranteed a 55-45 majority. >> the president has the right to nominate anybody he feels in his interest and nation's interest. having said that, we can bet anybody that this president based on eric holder's pedigree
11:47 am
and performance is not going be the person that republicans have selected. republicans need to give whoever the nominee is a fair shake and base it on their record and ability. that's really what the american people expect. prejudging candidates before they are selected is not fair to the president and not fair to the country. >> all right, leland -- >> thank you both, gentlemen, we'll talk to you soon. >> fox news celebrates hispanic heritage month, we're looking at inspiring stories. up next, why the head of may jorga coffee is not a typical ceo. >> noticing the positivity we can bring to the ep tire community, it's powerful. he trains. he's psyched. ready for the knockout? you don't know "aarp." he's staying in shape by keeping his brain healthy and focused with aarp's staying sharp.
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arthel is dancing to the music. and arthel is dancing, fox news is celebrating hispanic heritage month. now spotlighting martin mayorga. he is scoring big with some customers despite some stiff competition. but he's not your typical ceo. in fact, he spends little of his time in the office. instead he's often in south america, tending to his extended family, the coffee farmers who make this all possible. alicia acuna has the story. >> i think for me one of the best things that i do for myself and for my family and for our staff subpoena go -- is going to
11:52 am
the countries and meeting the people and bringing the positive entire communities. we see farmers as our business partners our suppliers that we rely on. that we trust and that we respect. our business there and whether it's with five employees or just my son or whoever it is is to meet with peers. >> born in guatemala, martin spent his early years in mying now what where his father had roots but a revolution drove them from nicaragua and they made it to the u.s., ultimately landing in the d.c. area. >> by the time i was 10 or 11 years old, i moved eight or nine times. sometimes fleeing earthquakes or fleeing revolutions. sometimes finding a country that would allow us to stay there d and, you know, it made me realize that you always land on your feet. >> at 19, he launched his own cigar company while attending georgetown university. he sold the country to j.r. cigars but took away so much more.
11:53 am
what did you learn from that experience? >> wow. i learned so much. integrity. honesty. simplicity. from the way you price to the way you communicate to your customers. and just it was a very easy way to do business because it really tied into who i am. >> reporter: next came coffee. during a visit to nicaragua, a family friend asked martin if he could consider importing his green coffee beans because he couldn't feed his family with what the local mill wanted to pay for his crop. >> farmers, just to get an opportunity to harvest their own product need money. well, banks typically won't loan to them. who will loan to them? the people who buy from them. they lend them money at 18, 25, 30% interest and make them commit their harvest to them at a rock bottom price. they want the farmers to be poor. they get cheap product. it's something that i believe needs to change. >> reporter: martin cut out the
11:54 am
middle man, started importing, roasting and ultimate i what selling the coffee beans himself. some of the industry considered it a revolutionary idea. for martin, it was simply common sense. >> it's taking a product, finding the nearest point to the consumer and creating that equity from the farmer to the consumer all the way through. >> reporter: it wouldn't be easy at first, but with the help of carrie and a credi card, they gave it a shot. >> i worked as a telemarketer. >> reporter: you were a telemarketer? >> he would soon get the last laugh, costco brought him in for at the tryout, giving him five days to prove himself at one of the road shows. >> it's a funny story. they gave me a numb that was -- a number that was the goal. i was so obsessed with hitting the pounds, you know? something like 5,000. we fell short by maybe 10%. and i remember i was so upset.
11:55 am
well, the buyer was beaming when i came in. she said you did one of the best road shows and i said, how is that possible? we missed the goal. she was talking in dollars and i was inking in pounds, and we continued it today. 14 years later. >> right now, this is a batch that was just roasted. you can see our roast master manage it through the whole process. we do literally batch by batch. >> reporter: things have definitely worked out. mayorga coffee is on track to sell more than 5 million pounds of coffee this year. almost twice as much as last year. and nearly three times as much as the year before. but with all the success, he never forgets the farmers that brought him here. when you think of all the changes that you've managed with the families in latin america, they must be indebted to you. >> i hope they don't feel indebted. i hope they have a taste of what
11:56 am
we appreciate every day or don't appreciate in this country. getting that part-time job, and one day becoming an assistant manager, to one day owning 50 franchises we have that in the palm of our hands in this country. and for me it's ultimate he giving some people a taste of that. so it's almost kind of -- you know, a passing of the baton down. >> wonderful story. so nice to see. to check out more stories, visit us at fox news >> humility and passion equals extraordinary person. well, civilians caught in the line of fire as coalition warplanes hit target in syria. we'll talk about that and much more. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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good afternoon. welcome to a brand new hour of american's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. >> i'm leyland vitter in for eric shawn. the suspect in the grisly beheading of a co-worker is awaiting murder charges. we'll have an update on this brutal workplace rampage. a trip home after a road game turned deadly for one team. new details of this highway accident. and air traffic in chicago, very slowly getting back to normal. still a lot of folks stranded. a mess there in chicago after a fire at a critical air traffic control center.
12:01 pm
but we begin with the escalating fight against isis. britain now joining the international coalition. fighter planes from the royal air force taking off from cyprus for the first combat mission over iraq. the defense officials saying the planes are ready to be used in the attack role as targets are identified. molly henneberg has the latest from washington. what's the white house saying about this? >> reporter: arthel, the white house says it welcomes the support of the british. and taking on the islamic state or isis terrorists. president obama said in his weekly radio address today that america may be leading this operation, but it's not doing it solo. >> i made it clear that america would act as part of a broad coalition and we were joined in this action by friends and partners including arab nations. at the united nations in new york, i worked to build more
12:02 pm
support for this coalition. to cut off terrorists' financing and to stop the flow of foreign fighters into and out of that region. >> reporter: the british and other european allies are joining the u.s. in air strikes in iraq. but in syria the mission is being carried out be the u.s. and middle east countries. >> what more do we know about the air strikes in syria today? >> reporter: u.s. military officials say the air strikes focus tz on islamic state positions in northern syria along the turkish border and destroyed or damaged armed vehicles, buildings and airfields and an isis training camp on the map. but the coalition can't stop there. >> when you look at an effective offensive power over there right, the three legs of it. so we need air strikes, and we need intelligence and boots on the ground. and while air strikes i think are an effective way to put them back on their heels if you will, without the other two we really won't be truly effective.
12:03 pm
>> reporter: president obama has promised not to send u.s. combat troops into iraq or syria. and the countries working with the u.s. to conduct air strikes in syria today include saudi arabia, jordan and the united arab emirates. arthel? >> holly henneberg, thank you. the man accused of brutally beheading a former co-worker is now awake in the hospital and he'll be charged with first degree murder. they say alton nolen cut the woman's head off and stabbed another woman in the food processing plant. the company official is being hailed a hero for shooting him before he could hurt anyone else. brian, what do we know? >> well, hi, alton nolen has regained consciousness and remember he was in stable condition after being shot by the ceo of the company. he has been interviewed and along with is being charged with first degree murder he'll be charged with assault with a deadly weapon on monday.
12:04 pm
he could have killed more people if the ceo had not saved the day. the 30-year-old convert to islam who goes by the name of jah'keem israel had been fired on friday. he walked in, holding a knife that day. then stabbed and beheaded 54-year-old colleen hufford. but as he began to stab 43-year-old traci johnson, the ceo shot him. gunshots captured on a 911 call as the dispatcher told the caller to lock everyone behind doors. >> yeah, we're trying. okay. can you hear this in the background? >> is that -- >> yeah, sounds like he's running around out here. >> okay. >> and that's a gunshot. >> gunshots? >> reporter: johnson survived the stabbing thanks to vaughan who is also a sheriff's deputy. >> he went to work as a ceo of the company.
12:05 pm
and he left work that evening as a hero. >> that he did. the fbi is looking into whether nolen had any ties to islamic radicals. what appears to be his facebook page shows a photo of the twin towers burning. there are multiple photos of terrorists and one photo depicting a beheading. it called for jihad and shari'ah law. the islamic society is condemning him, saying he does not represent islam, mr. nolen in no way shape or form has followed the law of islam. we stand for justice. we ask for justice. now, he served time in prison and he was on probation for assault and battery. on a police officer. police are saying by the way, no indication that this is related to terrorism, but the investigation is obviously just beginning. >> we'll have to see how things go from here as the fbi is now involved. thanks, brian. well, leyland, police in pennsylvania reportedly closing in on suspected cop killer eric
12:06 pm
frein. and they say he slipped up. apparently making a brief phone call to his family. investigators say they were able to track the signal to their current search area in the pocono mountains. police also say frein spent years planning the ambush. this based on a search of his hard drive showing that the 31-year-old researched how to avoid police man hunts. a suspect in the disappearance of a college student is now back in virginia to face those charges. police arrested jesse matthew in texas and brought him back to virginia last night. this is video from him there in virginia. he was last seen on surveillance video with hannah graham on the night she went missing. she's a sophomore at the university of virginia and hasn't been seen since that fateful night, now two weeks ago. we have more from the washington newsroom. >> reporter: almost two weeks to the day after 18-year-old hannah graham went missing authorities extradited 32-year-old jesse
12:07 pm
matthew friday evening. this shows him getting escorted by authorities traveling from texas to virginia. he's the lone suspect in graham's disappearance. matthew was refusing to speak about what he could possibly know about graham's whereabouts. he was seen on video with her before the disappearance around 1:00 a.m., september 13th, walking along a main street area called the downtown mall. meanwhile, the search for graham a uva sophomore continues. the police says the investigation is ongoing and is asking for patience. >> this is a complicated investigation, first and foremost because we don't know where hannah graham is. we have to find her. the other reason is we're still in the process of gathering evidence, talking to witnesses. trying to find additional video. >> reporter: the charges against matthew are abduction with intent to defile. the probable cause obtained from evidence gathered from his belongings. the charlottesville police chief
12:08 pm
have made emotional pleas asking the public for help in finding her. officials, volunteers and k-9 units have expanded the search area to outside the college town of 40,000. graham's friends and family describe her as an accomplished athlete, student and musician. authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. leyland, back to you. >> all right. elizabeth prann, thank you. a bus carrying a college softball team crashed into a tractor-trailer in oklahoma. four members of the north central texas team died in the accident. and at least 15 others were injured. it happened last night on a major interstate after the semi truck crossed the center median and slammed into the bus. police say the bus was returning to gainesville, texas, after playing a scrimmage. turning now to a jailbreak in nashville. local media report that 13
12:09 pm
teenagers escaped overnight in the woodland hills detention center there. they overpowered a guard, took his keys. they have recaptured all but one of the teen. the 12 have been taken to the juvenile court detention center. if the name sounds familiar, it's because this marks the third major disturbance in recent weeks there at the detention center. attorneys for jerry jones arguing that a oklahoma woman waited too long to file a lawsuit to accuse him of sexual assault. we have the latest. >> reporter: the attorney for the woman seeing jerry jones for more than $1 million claiming he sexually assaulted her left the court after explaining to the judge why it's still within the statute of limitations. thomas bauers said that for four years we canerly was paid hush money and she was under duress and that she was scared.
12:10 pm
bauers said that the statute of limitations didn't start ticking until the payments stopped. who is my client to go up against the $1 billion man? jerry jones's attorney saidthe file the lawsuit, adding the allegation which we deny suppose took place june 30, 2009. and nothing was filed until september 8, 2014. quote, we can all count, an eighth grader a third grader can count. that's in exicess in five years. and another attorney said that the facts stated by the attorney are false and denied any payments were ever made to her. continuing, even if they were, wekerly wasn't under any pressure to take them. the judge did not rule on the statute of limitations argument. >> the 16th. >> reporter: that's when the
12:11 pm
judge will rule. and that was shawn rab reporting. from the fox extreme weather center a flash flood watch in las vegas area is now called off. look at this downpour. heavy rain and flooding knocked out power and even caused some fires there. the storms pounded southern nevada with about half an inch of rain and it fell in just one hour. firefighters helped out one driver who was actually trapped by the high water. they also responded to several flooded buildings. at one point the lights were out for more than a thousand people. well, doctors in colorado are dealing with a mysterious illness there that's causing muscle weakness and paralysis in several children. they're trying to determine if it is being caused by the same virus that's causing severe respiratory illness in children across the country. now, that strain was found in four of eight children tested
12:12 pm
but it is unclear if the two are linked. one state is now passing legislation to give family members greater access to so-called digital remains. that is the data that loved ones leave behind on servers and computers after they pass away. but as you can imagine, not everyone is so happy about that law. plus, windy city, long lines after a fire managed to ground thousands of flights. authorities getting ready to file charges after an unthinkable act -- an attack at the workplace. >> he's back. >> yeah, sounds like he's running around out here. >> okay. >> and that's a gunshot. irline . lots of them, right? but when you try to get one by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline,
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...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. now, time for a quick check of the headlines on this saturday afternoon. police in hong kong arrested dozens of students during a tense night of protests. they had been boycotting classes now for a week, demanding china's communist leaders organize democratic elections in 2017. another friend of the boston bombing suspect going on trial next week.
12:17 pm
robel phillipos lied about being in their rooms when removing the backpack. and michael dunn trial is entering the third day of testimony. he is accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old jordan davis over an argument over loud music in a parking lot. if convicted he faces up to 60 years in prison. now to a gruesome case at the workplace. a woman beheaded, allegedly by a former co-worker. 30-year-old alton nolen is accused in that brutal murder near oklahoma city and also of attacking another former colleague at a food processing plant. police say a manager put a stop to him by shooting him. how does the law play out in such a horrific and bizarrecation? man, this is really strange and very scary and bizarre.
12:18 pm
i'm going to start with you on this one, mercedes. where do prosecutors start on this one? >> first thing the attorneys will go through, of course it's a gruesome, horrific murder. he wasn't stable, temporary insanity. >> i'm so over that. >> you know what's great about that, the jurors feel the same way that you do. don't come in and say i was so crazy, look what i ended up doing. but that's what the defense attorneys will do. but prosecutors have already charged him with first degree murder and already charged him with assault. so they're going to certainly seek the maximum penalty that they can. but defense attorneys will step in and say he's crazy. >> bob, come on. let's say you're the guy's defense attorney, i wouldn't want you to be. but insanity, come on? >> what mercedes points out it's something you have to look into. jurors do roll their eyes as do most people do. you have to have a history here, but this case is -- on its face
12:19 pm
appears so rock solid for the prosecution that there may be other hand to play than try to, you know, get him evaluate and say he was temporarily insane or something like that. and oklahoma is a death penalty stake. they won't give a plea bargain here. this is a death penalty case in my opinion so they have formulate a defense. >> nothing has been proven, there are no dots connected to this point. but the allegations at this point that some of the co-workers alleged that this guy yelled out some craziness perhaps before he did this unspeakable act and that he was perhaps trying to convert some of the co-workers to islam. >> there could be -- >> a great point. there could be a bias crime as well. here's someone who is not of that faith and he's attacking the two co-workers he may or may not have been trying to indoctrinate. if they have the type of bias, the federal charges can step in. these are the locals that are stepping in. but there's no double jeopardy
12:20 pm
that attaches. he can go through the state proceedings, get time and then that time can be suspended to get the federal charges which would include the bias crimes. >> i'm not sure if they had a chance to interview this guy who was -- he got shot so he's in the hospital. >> right. >> the question is will they be able to interrogate him without an attorney? >> well, the question is whether or not he has any families or he himself invokes his right to counsel. to be honest on you, based on the facts they may not need a statement from him to convict him. what they may do is they may not even give him his miranda warnings. they may start questioning hip. what else would he tell us? is this a lone wolf terrorist thing, will he tip his hand about websites he's been to? give them consent to search his apartment and computer? absolutely, if they give the miranda rights, and he waives them, they can question him. >> he had prior conviction, he
12:21 pm
was out on probation -- >> he was. >> but nothing like this. >> minor charges. >> he was supposed to be out in april. he was arrested -- or in violation in april and he was supposed to be off probation if you will in 2017. >> exactly. you know that's going to start to goñr into thelóh case against -- against the employer. you knew he had a criminal history, but can we assume he was such a danger we wouldn't have hired him or fired him? but with the criminal convictions they may be on the hook civilly. >> however, bob, if you're representing the company now, to her point, yeah, he didn't do anything so egregious that the man didn't have a right to try to get a job. >> no, that's true. he has a right to get a job. but to mercedes' point it's such a tough case, this negligent hiring. they did -- one, if they don't do a background check it's a
12:22 pm
problem and if they did, and they still hired him, it's still a problem. they're stuck there. >> and just to add a little more to that, there are statutes that say you can't discriminate against someone who has a criminal history. so you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. i'm not going to hire you and you may get sued. >> and how do you find a jury that is not affected by this? >> undoubtedly, especially because of all the media that's surrounding the isis movement, yes. people are certainly scared and oklahoma city, they have that horrible bombing not too long ago. it will be tough. >> all right. thanks. there is still a mess in the chicago area for airline passengers. more than a day after a fire in a critical air traffic control facility. the planes are flying again after hundreds of cancellations yesterday and today.
12:23 pm
police believe the fire was intentionally set. crippling two of the nation's busiest airports. dominic don atelly has the latest. how are they working to clear out not only the backlogs but the passengers? >> reporter: they have a colossal problem on their hands. we have about 600 flights at o'hare that are delayed today and 76 flights at mid land. the faa released a statement saying that they are going through a thorough damage assessment at this time. and the time line for a full restoration of services to that air control tower called the chicago on route center is going to be a while before they know when that's completely back to service. you know, there was a fire damage there, there's water damage as well. you can imagine just how much passengers are responding to this today. for many, in fact, for thousands it is total upheaval.
12:24 pm
>> we're not going to make it there. i'm very disappointed. i want to be with my granddaughter's family. >> looking at the picture -- we're missing so many special things. >> frustrated. hoping to be able to go. but might not make it. >> reporter: and so for this weekend it looks like at least 60% of flights were cancelled at o'hare. and it's looking by according to the faa about 70% of flights at midway were affected. >> so many plans ruined by this. do you know where the authorities stand into the person who did this? >> reporter: well, they started it straightaway and the suspect is 36-year-old brian howard. he was believed to have taken a can of gasoline to the air control tower and started that fire. he was carrying two knives as well as a lighter with him. when the paramedics turned up, what they found was him in there with his throat slit and trying to refuse emergency aid. it looks like it was -- it was a
12:25 pm
suicide attempt there. they tried to put all the pieces together, particularly the motive as well there, leyland. one of the issues being, what was his real motive? listen. >> it was a great deal of work that still has to be done. there are interviews to be conducted with witnesses and other co-workers. so it will take a while before the investigation is concluded. >> this apparently was an isolated incident. there are no indications of terrorists. there's no reason to believe that anyone else is involved at this time. >> reporter: howard is still in hospital. no appearance in court has been set. we don't know if the authorities will be able to speak to him because of his throat being slit. the injuries settling in there. >> and for sure, we have to see how long it's going to be before they can have the facilities up and going and all the flights flying.
12:26 pm
thank you. britain now taking part in the military campaign against isis in iran, but not in syria. why this key american ally is limiting the involvement and how it might affect the u.s.-led military mission. and plus the pentagon adding soldiers with specialized skills, but the potential recruits are sparking some controversy. we're going to tell you why coming up. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. egyptian court decided to postpone the verdict in the retrial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. he is charged with corruption and killing protesters during the 2011 uprising. the pentagon is taking steps to allow undocumented immigrants to join the military and allow for a path to citizenship.
12:31 pm
defense officials say they're looking for recruits with exceptional skills in language and medicine. it is likely only a few dozen will end up enlisted. in hollywood, a massive clean-up effort underway following a water main break. the pipe was installed nearly 100 years ago. a long-time american ally joining in the battle against isis. british warplanes are in the air now and targeting militant sites in iraq, but they say they are going to stay out of syria. u.s. military leaders say this is just the beginning as terrorists are running around on the ground and trying to hide among the civilian population. so what are the options then? we're joined by retired navy captain bob wells, former national adviser to dick cheney. britain, belgium and denmark said we'll only attack targets inside iraq, not go after the targets in syria.
12:32 pm
is this a success for the obama administration, signing the folks on? or does it say something more that they're not willing to take part in the mission as a whole? >> i think both. i think it's a success with regard to making sure that we have a coalition of capable military partners to support the effort within iraq. also i think we need to think -- look at the big picture. look at the actual intent of isis to basically diminish the authority within iraq. we also need to think about the place where they're operating from which is syria. i think the actual debate inside the parliament inside the u.k. was a half measure. we needed to ask for a little bit more. i think prime minister cameron will do just that. i think he mentioned that further debate with regard to u.k. involvement inside syria would be forthcoming. >> speaking though in terms of the larger policy issues going forward, i want to read this from foreign policy magazine
12:33 pm
that just came out. the problem is that in seeking to side step the pit falls that plague bush, obama has inadvertently created his own. obama seems steadfast in his resistance to learning from his past errors and managing his team so past errors are event. it's hard to see a man who's grown so little in office. obviously, folks will tell you that the obama administration -- forget the arab spring was flawed. is this a continuation of that, trying to have limited air strikes, not having ground troops, et cetera? >> i think it's a calculation on a part of the obama administration. listen, i think the bush administration had it right with regard to the global war on terrorism. i think this administration has been short to come to the reality, tried a different course with regard to accommodation. but the fact is that they are at war with us. and we have to basically use all
12:34 pm
elements of national power. we have to have a strong set of tools in our tool box that could be political tools, military tools, economic tools. have our diplomats go the extra mile. i think this past week with the obama administration in new york was a really solid week for the obama administration. but there's miles to go. i think there needs to be a reality -- the reality is that we need to basically not only to deny and disrupt but we need to defeat isis. >> you talk about defeating it. the main push that the obama administration has given in this is essentially we're going to take care of the air strikes but we're going to rely on the locals. the free syrian army and the peshmerga to mop things up on the ground. all three of the groups are somewhere between inept and don't even show up for battle. the peshmerga were able to help out a little, but they don't
12:35 pm
have the weapons to do it. are you stuck between two really bad options here? >> i think the administration is on the right -- right path with regard to a very long-term strategy. this is going to be a long effort. we need to build up the capability. we need to build up the defensive capability of the peshmerga and the kurds. we need to reinstitute some of the relationships and the capability of the iraqi army. it's a containment plus strategy. the plus meaning we need to really push isis out of iraq and the containment basis of syria strategy which is to diminish their capability, have no safe havens allowed inside syria and to strike when we need to. i think we've had a really good week here as general dempsey of the general joint chief of staffs said today. we diminished the command and the control capability inside iraq. the u.s. navy as you know had the tomahawk strikes outside of
12:36 pm
aleppo against the khorasan group. we need to continue to look for the navy to support that. the bottom line is this is going to be a long effort. there needs to be increased measures to basically improve the capability and the capacity of the iraqis, of the kurds, and of all the different allied forces, saudis, training, jordanians training, the iraqis to get them back in the fight. >> we'll see if they actually head back into the fight at some point. things so far haven't gone well so far. thank you. a controversial new law addressing what we leave behind on computers and social media after we die. and who should have access to it? plus, the possible effects of u.s. air strikes on the humanitarian crisis inside syria. a country torn apart by civil war and is now under siege from isis. aaaaaaaa!
12:37 pm
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it's becoming a bigger question in the digital era. who has the rights to someone's email accounts and social media sites when they die? one state has passed legislation on so-called digital remains and it could start a trend nationwide. david lee miller has more. >> reporter: when donna johnson's dad died unexpectedly of a heart attack four years ago, things were tough enough. his family was told they could not access his email or online accounts. donna's mother was unable to see repeated e-mails that the mortgage was not being paid. foreclosure was narrowly averted, but donna's mother was never allowed to view any of her husband's online documents or photos. >> every time she encountered something like this, it was incredibly stressful to her. she had to tell the entire story
12:42 pm
again. it brought up all of those feelings of the moment that she lost her husband. >> reporter: after hearing donna's story, delaware lawmakers passed legislation requiring web sides to allow access to the account of someone who died. >> if they want to keep their documents, e-mail private or social media private, or any account private, they can do that. >> reporter: privacy advocates say that's not enough. and argue that the highly personal nature of e-mail should require a court order before a dead person's e-mail can be accessed by those in charge of the estate. >> e-mail is much more spontaneous. if you think about it, you really don't think through the content of each e-mail you send to the friend of your doctor or counselor. >> reporter: at least eight other states have laws on the book deals with digital remains. delaware's is considered the most comprehensive and could be a model for similar legislation across the country.
12:43 pm
in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> see what happens. arthel? well, new concerns that coalition air strikes against isis in syria could inadvertently help syrian president bashar al assad stay in power. assad has been fighting in syria and some worry that hitting the terrorist army will remove a key enemy of the regime letting the syrian leader solidify power over the country. we have a middle east journalist and a fox news contributor. so lisa, in plain terms i would imagine that assad is rejoicing now. why? >> well, it seems as though there are so many different factions here and part of the group that we are targeting are also the enemies of assad's -- t the assad regime.
12:44 pm
it seems as though the rebels there have been fighting on two different fronts. one against isis, and the other against the assad regime. so on the one hand, many of them are very supportive of the strikes because they think it will debilitate isis but on the other hand, there's a lot of resentment and they're saying where was this coalition when we needed help against the assad regime? what they argue is if this coalition, whether it's the u.s., the west or the arab nations had stepped in previously to help them remove assad, then there wouldn't be this vulnerability in syria where isis would be able to grow. obviously, the counterargument to that is that once we remove a dictator as we have seen in many episodes of arab spring, that's what allows the political vacuum and more jihadi groups can come
12:45 pm
in there. >> so address, lisa, for me the relationship between isis and cors khorasan and how will that relationship change after one is annihilated by the air strikes? >> well, we haven't heard of this khorasan group. people from different countries have flooded to this area in order to fight, you know, to create this larger jihadi organization. within this khorasan group, you have the anti-assad group. while we are targeting khorasan because we want to get rid of this al qaeda group, at the same time, we are also targeting this anti-assad faction. that's why you're seeing a lot of this again, resentment and anger by the same rebels that the u.s. is counting on to train against isis. so there's a big entanglement here and the people we're relying on, we're not sure if we can rely on. this is the problem we knew we would encounter and why the u.s. 365 years ago we were talking about striking syria, but for a
12:46 pm
different reason. we were to going against assad for using chemical weapon, now fast forward one year, we're counting on the same rebels who we didn't help to now train them to fight isis. so we're going to see some problems here. and reshifting of the groups. >> well, no doubt this metamorphosis of this monster is happening quickly. by some military reports it could take a year, possibly more to train the moderate civil rebels and the question is, how does the u.s. act quickly enough and proceed without being irresponsible or without being strategic? >> right. so there has to be an understanding of the problem which is what president obama was criticized for along the way. there has to be a short term, middle term and long term. and training these rebels for the one-year duration is not going to address the short term problem. so for the short term, we have this coalition, we have the air strikes. so many of the military experts
12:47 pm
here are saying we're not going to able to win the war from the air, so in the middle term we'll go after their pockets. obviously, isis, one of the huge benefits is its revenue, and the ability to have all of this money. we go after the airfields, the oil fields. not allow them to have these -- to get the ransom from the west and again increase the revenue that way. we go after their ability to recruit, to radicalize and then the long term again becomes disabling the groups on the ground and making sure that they don't reassemble. >> i mean, definitely an entanglement. i think you referenced that earlier. so once there's some sort of containment of the jihadists there, what is the aftermath mean for assad? >> well, you know, right now, such an entanglement for assad, he's sitting right now. he's protected by iran and by russia and he's not -- he's not
12:48 pm
worried much. but at the same time, you have these forces growing within his country. so you know what? he's very happy right now because he's having the west, this coalition, the arab nations, the sunnis, the arab nation to join the coalition help in ridding his country of this cancer which he has been suffering from. so whether or not this will stabilize the country for now, from its jihadi elements but going forward we won't see them become pro assad overnight because we're ridding the country of isis. >> thank you very much in our los angeles bureau. hillary clinton has a new title. grandmother. her daughter chelsea clinton has given birth. we'll reveal more about the newest addition to the clinton clan coming up next. woooo.
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12:53 pm
the heart and mind of america had better learn baseball. the comment goes much deeper than it seems. it recognizes the american ideals of hard work, drive, stability, fairness, and a lus to win. and there should be a look at how you handle life's game. we tried limiting these qualities to uglier forces tearing at our culture today, violence in the nfl and nba. for a while, lance armstrong was our poster boy. rising above it all and setting a remarkable personal and professional standard for young men who dream, there is the captain. i refer, of course, to yankee shortstop derek jeter who, at age 40, plays the last game in the majors this weekend in boston. his official farewell to the
12:54 pm
yankee team unfolded in glory last thursday in a stupendous show of affection. accolades from all over the country have poured in. on the road, opposing teams shower him with honors, not just for the numbers they put up for the reach of their leadership. michael jordan called him a complete champion. cal ripken confessed it's hard to measure the magic derek brought to the game. it is. sports writers compete for the hi hyperbole. he was never traded but remained a yankee his whole career.
12:55 pm
kmen sta commentators and fans are wearing themselves out in trying to isolate who derek jeter is. for 20 years, they have ee ge y eagerly awaited scandal but got none. obviously there was respect and patience for everyone. even the tiresome celebrity chasers on the new york scene. the thing about baseball is that the game forces its practitioners to reveal their character. can you handle the disappointment? do you have an instinct for fairness? if you are walking in virtue, playing baseball will tell on you. the captain had it all. sorry, ladies, george clooney is now a married man. his representative said that the actor has tied the knot in a private ceremony in venice,
12:56 pm
italy. we heard this was coming. guests included angelina joely clooney and his fiancee were engaged back in april. they have not revealed any of the celebrations that have been going on this weekend. >> very nice and congratulations. >> they look so happy together. >> not surprised he married a smart woman. hillary clinton welcomes her new granddaughter. our heartfelt congratulations. you're here to buy a car.
12:57 pm
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