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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 29, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break in. i'm shepard smith ahead to oxford, mississippi it's time, go are rebels, beat bama. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up. have a great afternoon. thank you, shep. the beheading in oklahoma still being treated as workplace violence. why not a terrorist act? welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. murder and other charges expected to be filed against alton nolen. he's the worker accused beheading a co-worker after trying convert co-workers to islam. it comes as we're getting word of another threatened beheading. this one at a oklahoma city nursing home. officials are trying to get to the bottom of all of this. garrett with more on this. garret what can you tell us? >> reporter: the separate incident comes on the heels of that horrific beheading and it took place less than 20 miles
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away. on friday police arrested him after a co-worker told police that the man repeatedly told her he was going to kill her by cutting off her head with a blade and then he was going to be post it on facebook. he's a nature of it of kenya and being held on a terrorism complaint in the oklahoma county jail. his bail is set at $1 million. formal charges against him are expected to be brought later on today or tomorrow. charges are also expected to be announced anytime now against that man who brutally stabbed one of his co-workers, beheading her and then stabbing another woman until he was shot by an off duty officer. the moore police department is seeking charges of first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon against alton nolen, that 30-year-old man that you mentioned, neil. the fbi is also looking at the tape to see if there are any links to terrorism in either case. nolen converted to islam earlier
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this year and co-workers say he was trying to get them to convert as well. he will be transferred to a prison until charges are announced, neil. >> garrett, thank you very much. isis threatened it, looks like we might be getting it or are we, lone wolf attacks creeping up after the beheading tapes? again, are they or are we prepared for? let's go to former navy s.e.a.l. onthan gilliland. jonath jonathan, it's interesting, it's being looked at as terrorists not for the guy who actually performed beat heading. >> if you want effective terrorism according to the department of justice, just need to threaten it if you actually carry it out, it's workplace violence or murder. >> why do they do? obviously they want to keep the
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calm, but it has quite the opposite effect. >> well, i think that's the meaning behind some of it, i try to stay apolitical, i try to stay middle of the road as much as possible and just look at the facts when i come on tv, after watching obama last night on "60 minutes," i just have to say, it's amateur hour. and it's infiltrated into the press releases by the doj. >> what's the amateur hour part? the way he's treating the incidents? the way he's responding to isis? >> the way he fights wars. the way he approaches the fight on terrorism. whoever is telling him and briefing him on who these people are that we are at war with. and they declared war on us. it's not like we're declaring war on them. they declared on us. this is a group bent on force. they're not bent on hearts and minds. you're not going to change the way they feel. everything he stated last night
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was -- i don't know what world he lives in. it's not the world that the jihadists come from. >> what are you saying attacks? the reluctance on the part of the administration to link to something more than what might be there? in other words, just treat them as workplace violence and not take it to something more sinister? >> well, i think they're hoping that it doesn't really progress here. >> what if it does? >> well, there's only going to be so many time this can call this workplace violence or murder before it is really recognized as being terrorism. >> we've had enough, as you point out, connect the dots, the shooting of a trooper in pennsylvania. there's enough to make you wonder. >> the kid that was killed in new jersey, just two months ago. and guy also killed two people some seattle. >> what's the fear, that they're going nuts? >> that they're going to lose an election in november. i would hate to think that, but
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this statement, this is workplace violence when you look at the definition of workplace violence, versus terrorism, this murder set the definition of terrorism -- i mean, it was perfectly. if you look at his background that he displayed on facebook. if you look at the fact that he was in islam and trying to convert people. and then he goes back and does the exact same tactic, neil, you have to remember that terrorism say tactic. it's not a group. it's a tactic. and it is any act of violence or killing in order to change somebody's political views. that's what's happened here. that's what he did when he went in there. >> what do you think the reaction would be, if americas s see this and say, my god what is happening here? >> well, i hope it doesn't get to the point that we have to take arms or defend ourselves. as long as they allow them to
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have as many children as they want in this country, there's always going to be law enforcement. the world you that speak to, the economic portion on this show, everybody has to -- people saying this was workplace violence when it was clearly terrorism, that's not educating the public. >> you don't buy the extra caution? >> it doesn't work. it doesn't work in financing. it doesn't work in the real world. people need to be told what's going on, otherwise, they can become a victim. >> jonathan gilliam, former fbi and navy s.e.a.l. you do not mess with this gentleman. and banning all forms of profiling it would prohibit undercover operations in places like morphs without proof of any criminal wrongdoing and there would be no exemptions or
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investigations. steve rodgers thinks it's a big mistake. to jonathan's point, we're sort of ignoring the obvious in the room and afraid to state it for what it is? >> as jonathan said, this administration is more concerned with being politically correct than the safety of the american people. look we're at war, white president of the united states refuses to use that word is beyond comprehension. >> the president says do not base the islam religion on any inquiries or patterns of investigation? >> i agree, there should be no racial profiling but because we're at war, the rules of engagement have changed. it's called criminal profiling. it's calling behavorial profiling. police officers don't wake up and target people because of their race or color. but when there's enough intelligence information that police have to lead you to
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certain areas that you've got to criminally profile, we've got to do it or i've got to tell you, we're going to see a lost blood on the streets. >> what do you you think of this one beheading and another could be beheading and extremist-type attacks. the trooper in pennsylvania. another man in new jersey. it does look like a pattern? >> well, neil, i'm concerned that he says we have to see if there are any links to terrorism. neil, is this domestic terrorism at its worse. these individuals. you got ft. hood, you got the hid in new jersey, you got the beheading. via social media. >> what is the fear, steve, i know i asked this question three or four different ways. is the fear going to be we've got to look at this because we've got this attack line in the united states, is that any worse than a series of groups of
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domestic violence? >> i think jonathan nailed it and i think it's an election. it's an election year. they're concerned that things are going to get out of control. >> they already are. >> they already are. in their eyes, out of control with regard to an election. you said it, neil, at the beginning of your program here. we need to tell the truth. the truth is we're at war and this is domestic terrorism at its worse. >> steve rogers, thank you very much, very much much. well, are we better off? the president says you better believe it why pat cadel said voters are not buying it. and protests, could we be looking at near tiananmen square? let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie,
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were when i came into office. the reason they don't feel it because income and wages aren't going up. there's solutions to that. >> the president said he is turning most things around but he's just not getting credit. pad cadel said that's better off they have worked for the gipper but he's not too sure about this president right now. >> well, because either a quarter of the young men basically are unemployed. all of the studies show that whatever gains made in income have all gone to basically top 10% or higher. and that most middle class people, particularly younger men are being slaughtered in terms of jobs and how much money they're making. most families, 90% of the families in the country are worse off, literally in real fact. they know that. then you have problems like the feds saying inflation isn't bad
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because we don't have food which is what everyone else counts, you know. society answer is, he can say what he want, the problem is, they don't believe it. >> her right on a technical basis. >> on a technique basis. >> wherever it is on the meltdown -- >> well, the meltdown, no doubt. that falls on deaf ears. will it hurt him in a few weeks? >> i think so, i think because people measure their own personal experiences. that's what's happening with the election right now. we're all the waying to see all these huge undecideds where they go. as i said, they're either not going to vote or move republican. we start seeing some of these states like iowa, michigan, colorado, slightly do more and more. even though the republicans haven't, as i think, nationalized the election the way they should have. >> assuming the republicans gain the house vand good shot in doing so in the senate, whatever gains they have are shortlived.
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they're not mentioning tax consults that used to be popular four years ago when the tea party made them the majority in the house, why not? >> for some reason, they have no narrative in 2012. remember, the tea party produced the narrative in 2010. the republican party had in my opinion no narrative in 2012. particularly obama care or the president being a disappointment. in 2014, the republicans have abandoned debt. they've abandoned tax cuts. they're now leaning on his rating but they're not doing it. it's interesting, though, there are some places where that's dinner. >> let me ask you, are you better off than you were, let's say in this presidential election two years away, whoever the democratic nominee is, is going to argue, look at the meltdown, look what we went through, you are better off?
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>> let me just cite "the wall street journal". when you have 60% of the country that says the country has declined. 70% will say that their children will have a lesser life than we had. it says if you work hard and play by the rules you will not get ahead. bout an overview that is much larger. and by the way, people are saying, we bailed out the banks, bailed out everybody, and nobody went to jail. what we have in this country, what's missing in this election. i want to tell you, a reporter who travels around the country and talks to ordinary people, she's a "pittsburgh tribune" reporter. she says voters keep sending washington the message. washington takes a verification of what they're doing. and in fact it's a repudiation. and now we've got these record
1:17 pm
levels of alienation. when i talk about the undecideds which is the undecided third party candidates. they're getting lots of votes in kansas, we have an independent norman -- >> that's weird. >> i'll tell you why, he's running against both parties. and the undecided, even though he's an unknown new guy, you think voters are going to say oh, my gosh -- >> do you know who he would vote for? >> no, he has said he wants leadership. he's being somewhat -- he's being carefully coy. but the point is, everybody in washington, that's the issue. and we is way ahead according to public polls out there, going from 7% in may to almost the majority in august. >> i wonder if that says something about the strength of the third party movement? >> yeah, i think that's as much -- that's may be the real,
1:18 pm
even though it's a democrat or republican offfor the future. that may be what teddy white said it always comes for an election. >> and i would put both of you in the same iconic image. >> he was a great guy. >> as are you. >> now, i'm old enough to be a mentor. i'm an old mentor for you. >> no, pat caddell, thank you very much. he will be helping us out on election night. stuff he sees long before most people. 7,000 mile from the u.s., but think he's hong kong protests won't impact us? you might want to think again.
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all right. to hong kong right now, police try to crack down on protesters. to david with the latest. >> reporter: hi, neil, tens of thousands remain defiant on the streets of hong kong tonight, they still hold major areas around the city's center. now, authorities have repeatedly urged them to leave, so far they remain unmoved. last night police fired pepper pray and gas. they claim some of the protesters became violent. it raised fears of even more forceful action by china's security forces. rumors that the chinese army
1:23 pm
might intervene were untrue. and in the past few hour, riot police will hold back on the hope that it will defuse the situation. angry with the changes to the system which the protesters say are undemocratic. >> we've had success and just want democracy. and nothing more. >> reporter: beijing has warned the international community that this remains an internal chinese issue. taiwan house has given to to support of the protesters. they were originally a pro. >> referee: pro-democracy group. but the real danger is this
1:24 pm
situation could spiral out of control. >> if it hasn't already. david piper thank you very much. and ronald reagan who says what happens in hong kong won't stay very long in hong kong. why not, sir? >> this is a whole thing on economics, ever, neil. they've got a 15% flat tax on income. they've got a 16.5% on corporate trar riffs. they are an open world global city and they don't want to see the government change bit chinese government. so they have a model that really works and they don't want to lose it. and if i were chinese in hong kong, i'd riot, too. >> you know what i'm wondering, though, how does china deal with this, because the crackdown in tiananmen square in 1989. we have the media now that we didn't have then.
1:25 pm
>> china, i can't imagine will go farther than they were. they need us desperately. hong kong is not a pretty window to the world. >> not a pretty day today? >> not today it's not. i think china gives in and lets them have their control of the city. >> you know, once you give an inch, they might take a mile. >> so what's the mile they would take? >> we want to be an independent entity, not just two chinas, just us. >> they're already independent, they have separate taxes, separate government, they have everything. they surely do pay profits to china but, i mean, i think they're running a city very, very -- >> we'll agree with you, my friend. i didn't mean to sound
1:26 pm
belligerent. if you're mainland china and you're an the millions of civilians who are now doing much better as a result of this boon, aren't you going to want some of that action? >> of course. but what china is trying to change the way they select the leader of the city. and i think that change will not take place. but china, this is the way they lead the rest of the world. you know, without china, without hong kong, china would have a hard time in the rest of the world. i think they said it very badly. >> the genie could be out of the bottle here for unrest. be careful what happens next. >> well, you may be right, but china has been having a
1:27 pm
prosperity for many years now. people are better off. i liked your one on scotland best of all. we're better than 307 years ago. >> exactly. you there go. i'm not going to give you my scottish accent. which i thought was impeccable. >> it is great. i liked it myself. >> meanwhile, back in sex want court, with that the. with the current that wants something first. she's still the one for you.
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grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. well, there's not going to be any american troops on the ground fighting isis, apparently our great men and women wearing those boots agree. 70% of active duty troops are against it. to retired gunnery sergeant on why that is. why do you think that is? >> well, it's quite obvious that our military has no confidence in our commander in chief. quite honestly, this drip, drip, drip is never going to drown isis and we though this. when we got out in 2011 -- 64%
1:32 pm
of our military supported and felt that we succeeded in iraq. that has dropped down to 30%. so now why is this? because they have seen all of their blood and treasure go in vain, because this president doesn't respect the sacrifice they made. and now for us to go back, of course, their disgusted. >> all right. now, a lot of it welcomed that departure. in retrospect, a lot felt we left too soon. if called back in with boots on the ground, would they support that or begrudgingly do that for fear it's just their job? >> honestly, when you have 70% say they go don't want to see boots on the ground is because they lack the confidence in this leadership. essentially what it says, yes, they would go because our military are professionals. and they would go with reluctance. and that is sad. because we need a commander in chief that motivates people to
1:33 pm
do things they won't normally do. but if you don't believe in your mission based upon the leadership that you see preestablished it makes very difficult beyond what we can discuss in a short segment. >> i wonder if it goes back to the predecessor in retrospect, they think the whole involvement in the region was a mistake? >> no, not at all. 64% thought the military was a success. let's talk about fallujah, fallujah was a bloody battle. it was hand-to-hand combat and knives. guess what, we pushed al qaeda out and we felt a sense of accomplishment and the iraqi people were grateful. but when you pull us out without sustaining any kind of force, to give the back bone to the iraqi military, to help them build themselves up, it's doomed to have a vacuum effect. >> can that work, i always wonder when we train these guys for the better part of a decade
1:34 pm
and they never seemed to be up to speed. placing it in them to get it right, will they? >> let's take a step back. will it ever work? we didn't even get a chance to see if it would work. we did it in germany, we did it in south korea, it has succeeded in the past. we didn't have to leave a fulls for there but we should have provided the about quid traadeq training. all i can say god bless our military vets going in harm's way and let's hope and pray that the iraqi army does build up the fortitude that they need to have to face this devil called isis. >> thank you jesse jane. in mexico, a fourth year under way right now in tijuana on whether he's any closer on getting out. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, neil, they're
1:35 pm
trying get sergeant tamar risi out. and one that he has and needs that treatment, and two, that he has ptsd and that he needs and isn't getting the treatment that he needs. a prosecution being affirmed by the court likely to see him tomorrow. and the attorneys will file a motion that this case be dismissed. earlier i did speak to a pastor who is hes andrew twice a day. >> when i go there and i'm with him, he's down, he's down, he doesn't want to talk. he's so heavy, so he has a heavy, heavy weight on his mind. >> reporter: now, a
1:36 pm
congressional subcommittee will investigate this case on wednesday morning. the u.s. has given mexico $1.6 billion. $100 million for judicial reform. taxpayers are asked, are they getting their money's worth when they look at this case? probably not. even the voters don't have success in the judicial system. they do believe he will get justice. >> thank you, my friend. well, is this just about the law or something else here going on with mexico? because it's gone on forever. tony sheaffer says, mexico must want something. you and i have chatted before about this, colonel, we let bygones be bygones, something is different, what is it? >> i compare this to the mexican
1:37 pm
government to the taliban. that's what's going on here. the same level of corruption. this is leverage to them. especially having something over president obama's head. the state department is monitoring every part of this. what's truly tragic, this marine served in combat, he served our nation well. he made a mistake. he had three weapons that were legally acquired. tried to turn around, come back. what i find totally ironic, the "los angeles times" throw s tamr risi under the bus. and the white house needs to figure out if it's more important to get this kid back suffering from ptsd and do the right thing. and for whatever reason, neil, they're choosing not to do that. >> your point about whether the mexicans need to leverage something out of this, what
1:38 pm
would it be, to go slow on this border stuff, immigration reform? what would it be? i'm trying to work overtime here thinking what could they be using it for? >> the whole process of closing the border off or increasing enforcement. i know this may be discouraging to think of it. look at it this way, the mexican president has said he does not see a need for increased computer at the border. a lot of people he doesn't have to deal with, ala fidel castro, are leaving to come into the united states. i think he may be part of that to keep that flow going. this could be on the part of the mexicans trying to use this guy as leverage for long turn. keeping that faucet on as long as possible to get as much out of mexico that they don't have to deal with over the long term. >> so what do we do? the president making a national
1:39 pm
address, saying he is our guy, return our guy, all of this is nonsense, and they don't do anything, he's ignoring him, doesn't he? >> yeah, the white house has completely and continually, we talk about lack of confidence. this is another prime example of lack of confidence, this individual put his life on the line for his country. he served well like bowe bergdahl who went and had the family of bergdahl at the white house upon his return. this is completely catawampus to the way it should be. it should be andrew's family being here at the white house and they should do the right thing and get the guy back immediately. call it a baby bomb, now that chelsea clinton has given birth to her first child, are things looking grand for grandma? they think salmon and energy.
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girl but did hillary get a bounce of her own. i guess as you reminded me many times, anything that humanizes a candidate, male or female, kids do it. grandkids certainly do it. will this grandchild do it? >> sure. well, having a baby in the family gives you something to talk about that's very relatable. people can't relate to the fact that she's been secretary of state or that maybe her husband's made a lot of money. but they can relate to the fact that she's a grandmother, that gives her an introduction to perhaps voters who might not pay attention otherwise. >> yeah, i was thinking, too, john kennedy, of course, the allure was when he was campaigning for president, his wife was pregnant with john jr. at the time. and there was a certain almost
1:44 pm
vow voyeuristic appeal with young families. >> absolutely. with the kennedy family, in 1960, the cover of "life" magazine shows jacqueline kennedy holding this baby. that gave them warmth as a family. i think that was something that they purposely did. >> i don't know as i look at this, that i'd be allowing him to bounce my kid in the air. on that netflix documentary, what i found charming about that, liberal or conservative, playing and messing around with all the grandkids, i felt it humanized a guy who had this sort of stiff image. so kid, grandkids can help sort that out, can't they? >> sure they can.
1:45 pm
and when george w. bush was running for president i actually had the look through photos and we picked out photos of him holding his twins. so it was important to show family that was important to him. grover cleveland was certainly happy when people were interested in his little girls and what he got married in the white house years before that. and it's there the whole time that family warmth has been a part of that. >> whatever the issue is there with you, does it supersede all the images there? >> i think it's -- yes, in the end, people vote with their pocketbook. they vote on the perception of how that person would be a good leader. but it's an introduction to get a listen from a voters to humanizing. >> jan hanson, well put. forget the food police tracking how much you eat. now the garbage police are
1:46 pm
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it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. how'd it go? >> all right. >> lunch? do you mind? we got to go. >> what are you doing? >> taking up space. >> special agent, trash collection. >> you got to be kidding me. >> you're a repeat offender, $50
1:50 pm
fine. >> you >> that was really going nowhere until the apple biting, thank you, andrew. could this be coming to a garbage can near you? we just made a point in seattle where a new city ordinance will allow the garbage collector to impose fines if 20% of your trash is wasted food. the judge says the law is what belongs in the trash. that's goofy. >> andrew white who we all know and love is one scary cop. >> and he's got that poker face. you can see him pulling that off. there are a couple of principles in this law at work.
1:51 pm
in the city of seattle, if you dispose of 10% of the edible food that was in your possession, we're going to fine you. that is unknowable. because how do they know how much of that partially eaten hamburger was already eaten? how much of those french fries were in the hole that they have 10% of. so it's almost impossible to enfofrs. secondly they have no ability to go through your garbage independence th information they already have evidence that there is's evidence of a crime in there. >> if the police know there's evidence in in the garbage. but to pick through a garbage can looking to see how much food is in there? absolutely prohibit bid the fourth amendment. the framers would turn over in their graves. >> does the fourth amendment cover food? >> fourth amendment covers all privacy, and you have a privacy interest in your garbage unless the government believes there's cause to be there's a crime there.
1:52 pm
>> i don't have to worry, because i don't throw out too much food. but you can't tell me this is a way to make money and to just needlessly just start telling people, all right, we're after you, we're searching through your rubbish. >> these people in seattle make mike bloomberg look like ron paul by comparison. because ron paul wants les government and bloomberg wants to -- >> the subjective nature of going through somebody's garbage and decide what's edible and where it came from makes this law unenforceable. >> let's say a bunch of birds are digging at your garbage, they would know there's exstes food in there. but that would violate the constitution? >> it would violate the constitution if they went
1:53 pm
through your garbage without probable cause to believe there was excess food in there. and the reason -- to prevent the federal government from going on a fishing expedition. we're not talking about your boss, we're talking about the cops. don't they have anything better to do? >> yeah. it is scary stuff. judge, thank you very, very much. >> talk about civil disobedience in seattle. >> food for thought, judge. food for thought. all right, well, forget whether china is at war with hong kong, maybe china is at war with itself. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery
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records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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. jesse water is under siege gej, this time he goes to a big acla meeting. >> do you believe in the war on terror? >> i think it's way too broad. >> also megan kelley on more taxes coming. next factor. is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. . finally, just when you thought alibaba represented china's future, along somes hong kong protests to remind us of
1:57 pm
china's not too distant past. the two seem mutually at odds don't they. in the span of a week, they offer starkly different views of what china is to become, on the one hand, appealing capital haven. and a strong -- there really are no in betweens. alley if bay swing is truly hands off as ali baba bragged, it can't be cracking down on hong kong citizens demanding beijing be just as hands off there. the risk isn't just that china relive another tian'anmen square, the risk is wiping out everything it has done since tian'anmen's square. for decades now, china has tried to make the world forget what happened back then and focus instead on what it's becoming now. assive to say that was the old china, this is the new china. it argues that it's an inviting
1:58 pm
china, an open for business china. even throughout, it's never been quite open to all china. that china has never been, not then, not since, clearly not now. it remains an economic superpower that even now cannot grasp what it means to be an economic superpower. what it means to appreciate the workers that make you an economic superpower, what it means to attract capital and not chase off capital. recently china has been chasing off capital. china's hang seng index, abruptly selling off 2% this morning. just like they have been selling ali baba shares. they're not panicking but they because many fear the true colors of china are showing and they don't like what they're seeing. china not so much clashing with aga demonstrators as china's past
1:59 pm
clashing with itself. be rich or die trying, because the freedom to make money means the freedom of a government to comfortably embrace its citizens having money and making more money and wanting and doing the things that invariably come with money and having more money. ali baba proved that investors want to investigative in new china. all right, we're learning, member the fence justify jumper at the white house and they claim he got as far as the north puerto entrance. it turns out that goepz slipped through the north polfico, got -- the obama family was not there at the time, they had just left. and then into the east room, that's the ornate room where the president conducts a lot of press conferences. so he had gotten into there,
2:00 pm
almost into the green room that faces the south lawn. so essentially knee deep into the white house, also and almost facing the other side. this guy could have done a whole lot more harm than was let on. we're all over it tonight on fbn. hello, everyone. it's dana parino, this is "the five." in oklahoma, mark vaughn, the man who shot the beheader is a hero. but in another state, he could have been canned. oklahoma has a bring your gun to work law that prevents firms from telling workers to leave your guns at home. many states do not have that. i don't know how i feel about people walking around workloaded. but at fnc, i don't have to worry, i'm surrounded by excellent security who even scare me. media


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