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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> let's keep talking about ebola. does the government need to fast track ebola drugs? join the conversation now on our facebook page. #keeptalking. >> let us know what you think. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you. it is october 7. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for elisabeth hasselbeck this morning. we're going to begin with a fox news alert. the president promising to ramp up ebola screenings here at home but will that be enough? and what does this mean for you and your family? we are live with the latest plan straight ahead. >> an american teenager bound for terror. that 19-year-old arrested at the airport in chicago because he wanted to go away and join isis. and wait until you see what he left for his parents. >> ben affleck fired up over defending moderate muslims. >> it's racist. >> it's so not. >> we have to be able to
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criticize bad ideas. >> of course we do. >> but islam -- >> gee. >> why is ben affleck the one defending moderate preliminaries? where are they, i ask you rhetorically? >> this is john hurley and you're watching "fox & friends." good for you. >> i miss john. >> hi everybody. welcome to "fox & friends," the world's number-one cable morning news show. actually we're the number-one show on cable right now. >> thanks to all of you at home. >> and thanks to you. >> my pleasure. i got to sleep an extra hour. it was so nice when i was sitting my alarm last night for 3 a.m. versus 2. let's get to this fox news alert. there is a nurse in spain that tested positive for ebola. this as the u.s. is ramping
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up airport screenings in an attempt to keep ebola from spreading. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest plan of action. roibt that -- >> reporter: that nurse in barcelona was in the same room as a missionary who contracted ebola in sierra leone twice. that was enough for this nurse to become sick with ebola herself. the nbc news camera man with ebola is in nebraska now and his parents talked about their son's first day in an american hospital. >> he's enormously relieved to be here. of course it's still quite frightening but he's hanging in. >> in dallas, thomas duncan is being treated now with an experimental antiviral drug. it hasn't been tested on humans. this drastic move comes as the governor of texas, rick perry, is pleading with the president to do more to prevent more people from getting sick like thomas duncan. >> many of the
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circumstances that led to this situation can only be addressed at the federal level. washington needs to take immediate steps to minimize the dangers of ebola and other infectious diseases. >> after a meeting with the c.d.c. director, the president said airport screenings could slow ebola down but he didn't get specific. >> we're also going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screening both at the source and here in the united states. all of these things make me confident that here in the united states at least the chances of an outbreak, of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> the president says stopping ebola is a top national security priority. >> peter, thank you very much for the report. the nbc camera man who arrived in nebraska yesterday during our program, you know how he thinks he got ebola?
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washing a car. there was a car that belonged to somebody that died of ebola and he was cleaning it with bleach and apparently the spray back splashed in his face and that's how he thinks he got ebola. >> bizarre. four minutes after the top of the hour. let's talk war, let's talk isis. i give the feds credit, our counterterrorism effort seems to be working. you have a 19-year-old about to get on a plane and go maybe to an area which, according to the maps in his office, in his room, iraq, syria. but he is about to get on a plane and fly and join isis after making contact via social media, being recruited on facebook but he was stopped in his tracks. >> he is 19 years old, from balling broom, illinois. his name is muhammad kahn, arrested at o'hare by the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force and he was charged with providing material support to terrorist
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organization. he could wind up with 15 years in the slammer, a fine of $250,000. what's curious is at the airport he waived his miranda rights. he told the f.b.i. guys, he said i met somebody on-line and they said when you get to istanbul call this number and they will get you into the isis territory. >> he was going to turkey to meet an isis contact and then he was allegedly going to syria to meet this terrorist group. they found a letter which said first and foremost don't tell authorities. then he says this -- this is the letter for his parents. western societies are getting more immoral day by day. i do not want my children to be exposed to filth like this. i extend an invitation to my family to join me in an islamic state. we are the lions of war. my nation, the dawn, has emerged. >> the big question is if this is a 19-year-old kill from illinois is going --
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kid from illinois is going to fly over there where does he get the money to fly there? that is thousands of dollars. >> when i did reporting about this, i went to minnesota and talked to some of the imams and they said a lot of these organizations send you the plane tickets. they try to recruit westerners because you can learn the tactics and then come back using the passport. that is what is scary. >> the f.b.i. knows a lot more about him they're not saying. >> last night 29 isis fighters are killed. we do seem to have that hard number. that is the first strike that we've seen, maybe the second strike we've seen over the last five days despite the constant fighting in the area of kobani, the kurds lost about 300 towns. kobani is a huge town right near turkey and they have been fighting for their lives without heavy
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weaponry. in fact a couple killed themselves rather than be captured and tortured as they projected because isis is coming to their town. turkey is right this. turkey could help. they are going the other direction even though they are a nato nation. this could be a massacre on scale which we thought we avoided in sinjar on the mountains. they're warned right now to officials that up to 50,000 civilians, you have turk men, kurds and some syrians could be massacred today. >> many of those individuals you're talking about that might have killed themselves, it may be because kobani is home to refugees who fled their villages because they saw the villages burned, saw friends and family members beheaded so they choose to take their own lives instead of going through that. >> there are a lot of refugees there, including a lot of christians. to your point about how turkey is pulling back, turkey is nato. if nato is watching this why aren't they helping? if there are 50,000 people there and there are about
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10,000 isis guys with heavy equipment two kilometers from the big town, you've got to figure that something bad is about to happen there. so this is an item in the atlantic this morning talking about how somebody in that town is pleading to the united states to do something. the airstrikes aren't working, and yet we're not doing anything. turkey is right over that ridge. are they doing anything? no. they're pulling back. the big question is why? >> some have speculated that we don't want to bomb so close to the turkish border which i don't think we have a choice. if turkey who is rumored to be getting into this conflict realized it got out of control, were supposed to be joining last week, it hasn't happened, not only that, they're running the other direction. i guess they like isis more than the kurds. this area also includes christians and arabs from other part of the region. >> they are begging for our help. >> why has it been last
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week? >> it is a desperate situation over there. we've had a couple of little airstrikes to take out some of their vehicles but we need to do something big and do it quickly because those people need us. it is nine minutes after the top of the hour. on this busy tuesday, heather nauert joins us with med lines. >> good morning, gang. a lot of parents are very nervous about that enterovirus. the threat of that is growing by the hour. today the children's hospital of philadelphia is now reporting two more cases of it and they are also reporting muscle acute weakness which is possibly related to the virus. the hospital not taking any chances, notifying the c.d.c. to try to get more information about this. in the meantime, yesterday we told you about this adorable new jersey preschooler who died from that virus. well, he is being remembered today. the family of four-year-old eli waller is starting a foundation in his honor. proceeds will support special education students. according to the c.d.c., the enterovirus sickened
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more than 500 people in at least 43 states, nearly all of them children. authorities in pennsylvania scouring the woods for the suspected cop killer eric frein. many finding a handwritten note detailing his crime. that letter believed to have been written by him explains how he says he ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them and then escaping. the letter does not offer any insight into why he did it. the massive manhunt is in its fourth week. police hoping the falling leaves will make it harder for him to hide and easier to find him. high school football team sidelined for the season. the superintendent of a new jersey school district canceling the remaining games of this year as an investigation of hazing and bullying players continues. some parents of the players are outraged. they say it is the coaches who should be held accountable for this. the team won three state championships in the past
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four years. what do you think of that story? >> defending super bowl champions seattle seahawks powering past the washington redskins. wilson throwing two touchdowns and adding one on the ground. wilson rushing for 122 yards. the monday fight football record for quarterbacks. seahawks win 27-17. those are your headlines. 122 yards. >> russell wilson, the derek jeter of football and one of our finest guests last summer. >> did the commentators use the term washington redskins or did they say the washington team? >> they did. one of the commentators, his brother is the coach. he's still using the word redskins. >> look into the backlash today. oops, there is none. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. >> coming up, we just told you the united states is ramping up airport screenings for ebola but is it enough to stop the spread here in the united states? dr. david samadi weighs in
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on the new plan of action, which we don't know many details about, next. >> talk about priorities, a democratic congresswoman skipped an important v.a. hearing to do that. go surfing. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a fox news alert. the texas patient diagnosed with ebola now receiving an experimental antiviral drug. this as president obama reassures americans his administration is working on more steps to stop the spread of the virus. >> we've got to make sure our health workers are safe, working on protocols to do additional passenger screening both at the source and here in the united states. >> but is screening enough to prevent a major outbreak? joining us now is our fox news medical a team dr. david samadi. thank you so much for being here. let's start with ebola and then we'll get to the enterovirus that we want to talk about as well. ebola, this screening, the screening process the president is talking about, is that enough to prevent an outbreak here in the united states? >> certainly screening on the west african side is helpful. they were able to get about 78 patients that were really sick and keeping
3:17 am
them away from flying out, so that helps to some extent. but the incubation period is about 21 days so you may have no symptoms, no fever or muscle aches and by the time you get to the u.s. within those two or three days within the passage you're going to see ebola is going to expand. by the time they get here we should be able to screen them. already there are infectious disease doctors in place. is that enough to get every one of those cases? absolutely not. we have to be really careful about how we take care of those patients in our emergency room. first thing is to really identify them. we have to look for these, the s isolate them immediately, improve their care and then inspect. it is all these i's i put together. >> what about the drug that was used? there was a drug used in atlanta. those guys are fine now but then this guy in texas is
3:18 am
not getting that same drug. >> z-map is the one we used. we ran out of them. it was produced by a maul company in san diego. it is not going to be available for another couple of months. vaccine is the best way to go. we'll see how it is going to work out. >> used for children with a virus but not ebola. let's move on to the next topic, the enterovirus. 500 people have been diagnosed with this. you have healthy children going to sleep and not waking up in the morning. >> this is a rare case. enterovirus we have about 100 types affect 15 million americans every year. a lot of times it is the basic flu symptoms, runny nose, fever, those thengz that will go away. this, we have to investigate more. there are cases coming with paralysis, nine cases in denver. i don't want people to panic but for mostly asthmatic cases, this is the key. if you have asthma, your reserve is low, if you get
3:19 am
fever, runny nose, get to the emergency room. don't wait and take tylenol. >> we have a lot of tips if your child has a runny nose or flu-like symptoms, you automatically go there. here are virus prevention tips for children. >> wash your hands, sneeze in your arms. also if your child is sick don't send them to school. that is the biggest message to a lot of people. keep them home and take them to the doctor. >> washing, moderate exercise, get plenty of sleep, well-balanced diet and keeping your kids home if they're sick. thank you, doctor. coming up, ben affleck fired up, defending moderate muslims. >> it's gross, it's racist. we have to be able to criticize bad ideas. >> of course we do. >> why is ben affleck the one defending moderate muslims? where are they? and it appears a pool is a
3:20 am
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now with quick headlines. six months after the v.a. scandal broke the department of veterans affairs taking action. four senior executives just got fired. this summer congress passed a lawmaking it easier for
3:24 am
the agency to fire those suspected of manipulating patient wait times. an iowa congress woman chose surfing over a hearing on veterans care in august. she told a local paper she missed the hearings because she was delayed in another meeting but last week her staff revealed she was instead tied up in wakiki surfing with a reporter doing a story on her. >> ben affleck's heated exchange with bill maher has gone viral. >> the mother lode of bad ideas. >> it is the only religion that acts like the mafia that will [bleep] kill you if you say the wrong thing. draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book. >> what is your solution? >> the solution -- no, no, >> we kill more muslims than -- >> we made it more -- >> i'm not -- >> yet somehow we're exempt because they're not really a reflection of what we believe in. >> why is ben affleck the
3:25 am
director and the actor the one defending moderate muslims? where are the moderate muslims? let's talk to the founder and president of the american islamic forum for democracy. he joins us this morning from phoenix. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. >> the whole clip runs about ten minutes long and it is fascinating. you've got to hand it to bill maher to use his show as a forum because finally the left is talking about this. >> that is the first step to get down to the 12 step program program. the interesting thing is ben affleck wasn't defending moderate islam. he was acting like imam ben affleck. the moderate muslims are sort of missing in this conversation because you have billmaher and sam. if you want to empower moderates you have to
3:26 am
empower reformers and those who want to take on the leadership structure within the house of islam and both sides are missing the entire boat. >> in listening to ben affleck's argument, it seems he was taking the side we've heard a million times, doctors, which is islam is a peaceful religion, there are just a few bad actors. but we've got some polls to show we're not just talking about a few bad ames. for instance -- bad apples, take a look at people who support share i can't law as the law of the land, in those countries it is in the 80's and the 0's. the share of muslims who support the death penalty if you leave islam, it is a majority in each of those countries. the share of muslims who believe a wife is always obliged to obey her husband, it's all in the 90's. so when people say it's just a few bad actors, there are a lot of people who believe in those things who are part of the islam religion. >> and that's the reality
3:27 am
that we as muslim have to deal with. groups like isis don't come out of thin air. the reason those polls exist is you have groups like the muslim brotherhood that won an election in egypt. now they were overturned by a majority of muslims a year later but those polls happened because most of the islamic schools, universities out of cairo, islamic republic of iran are people dominated by clerics and imams that are brain washing our communities into thinking that is islam. and we have to counter that and that's the debate that affleck and maher were trying to have but affleck kept saying we are a race and not an ideology. you can't defeat it without getting into the ideas. >> they started a conversation. now people across the country are starting to talk about this, particularly on the political left. what do they need to know so that they can change their minds the way you believe is the true way? >> what they need to know is that in order to empower
3:28 am
moderate muslims, we have to engage the fact that it's not just the extremists, the violence, but it is the idea that feeds them. it is not just being against these islamic states but all islamic states that believe share i can't should be in government that is against women. to be in denial is to be imam ben affleck. >> dr. zhudi jasser joins us from phoenix. thank you. 28 after the hour. caught on camera, a violent crash on a racetrack but what was that crane doing on the track? that one right there. you know him from "desperate housewives" but he has turned his back on hollywood and his heart toward god. he's live next. ld?
3:29 am
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a little bit of a problem with ainsley. >> i don't know where to put my feet. >> evidently she has longer legs than we were told in rehearsal. >> what is the problem? >> she kicking my shins. >> i moved the coffee table. >> i'm taking my shin pads out. >> i wanted to play footsie with you. >> footsy to shins doesn't turn me on. >> heather, can you take over now. >> good morning everyone. we've got some news for anyone traveling through the midwest this morning. the nightmare at o'hare airport seems to be cleared up for now. right now thousands of flights in and out of o'hare and all the midway airports are now running on schedule. overnight passengers were forced to deal with major delays after phone lines at
3:33 am
an air traffic control center went down. this comes a week after a fire caused days of delays through o'hare. brand-new video of a horrifying crash that nearly cost one formula 101 driver his life. take a look. >> you just saw a 25-year-old lose his car, lose control of his car slamming into a crane going 100 miles per hour. it happened at sunday's japanese grand prix. that crane was removing a car that went off the track in that same spot. >> caught on cam remarks the shocking moment a train slams into an 18 wheeler right on the track. >> oh my god.
3:34 am
>> two train engines and 17 cars derailing in this wreck. it happened in louisiana. the driver of the truck jumping to safety. the train's conductor suffering serious but non-life threatening injuries. lucky to be alive. a black bear cub caught on surveillance video jumping into a backyard pool in pennsylvania. a mom and her daughters watching the bear but the fun was short for the four-year-old. listen to what happened when the bear spots the pool. >> there he is. look how fast his claw busted that ball. >> that bear hanging around for ten minutes before it eventually wandered off. those are your headlines. brian, you do that all the time? >> they're cute but we had a 302 pound one according to cops in our backyard. >> they weigh them before they shoot them out of
3:35 am
there. >> when they drag them out. cart them off to the woods. >> they weigh them. maria molina. >> good morning. hey ainsley, good to have you here this morning. good morning, steve and brian. want to take a look at the weather conditions. actually want to start right here in new york city where we have the risk for isolated severe weather here across new york city, long island, parts of connecticut, rhode island and even down into new jersey. we have the risk, some strong wind gusts and isolated tornadoes across portions of the northeast. a little bit farther west across parts of kentucky, parts of west virginia and in a the entear -- interior northeast you're going to be looking at a little bit of rain moving through. you're going to need umbrellas later today. current temperatures across parts of the great lakes in the 40's and 50's. chilly start to the day out forecast for later today, you're going to make it into the 60's in
3:36 am
new york city and cleveland. a hot day in texas, 95 degrees for the city of dallas. still feeling like summer out there. let's head back inside. >> he might be best known as the husband of "desperate housewives" but james denton's latest film is a far cry from life on wysteria lane. >> i know who i was before this. nobody. i worked at the gas station part time. i didn't have any desire to be in charge of anything until the day happened, i learned something about myself. i wasn't going to be a victim for anybody. >> christian movie. >> his latest faith-based film, here to discuss it is james denton. >> you're a bad guy here but then again you're talking about the end of times. >> it is an interesting faith-based film.
3:37 am
so many of them are warm and fuzzy and this is about the time of tribulation after the rapture and there is no good on the earth and people just trying to survive. my guy is just trying to hold it together and live through it. what the bible says, 75% of humanity will be wiped out during this period. it is pretty intense, not a typical faith-based movie. >> why were you attracted to it being it is somewhat depressing but yet inspiring. >> depends on your perspective. the guy at pure flicks who did this movie, i know david white, they do a lot of great stuff. i trusted them. it was an interesting, complex character. >> it comes out on d.v.d. today. >> yeah. >> i think we get charged after the section? >> absolutely. >> james, i know you left l.a. to move to minnesota after finally you were talking during the break, you did theater for a long time and then you got your big break, wysteria lane doing desperate housewives.
3:38 am
now you moved to minnesota. how did you decide to make that decision? >> we have two little kids 9 and 11 and we thought why are we here? we don't have family here. all my wife's family is in minneapolis and her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and her mom was diagnosed as well. we thought let's see if anybody needs help and be around family and get the kids out of l.a. and it's worked out really well. >> has it hurt your career not being there? >> i was ready to semi retire. no, it's worked out okay. it's been pretty fun and nothing i do is shot in l.a. >> plus when you live in los angeles, your wife didn't especially want to be there. you didn't especially want to be there as well. she sacrificed for you and now you're moving to minnesota for her. >> she's been a personal trearn for years and always wanted her own gym and we get to do that in
3:39 am
minneapolis. now she gets to do her own thing and i'm home with the kids all the time driving them crazy. >> you seem like a great guy. >> it's her turn. >> i hear you're praying for christians persecuted in the middle east? >> these other guys i do the movie with started this unify christians -- i got the bracelet on here. it is trying to support christians that are being persecuted. >> being wiped out. >> when they took the primary christian city and of course mosul has fallen, if you're a christian over there it is tough times. there are all kinds of stories coming out but we know they're being chased out of their homes and persecuted and killed. we have a website. we know the money is getting this. it is helping those displaced christians. it is not really a christian thing. it is a human rights thing. >> the missionaries that
3:40 am
had ebola. >> it is isis taking those cities and running these guys out of their home. we're trying to support them. >> and kobani too, they have a lot of christians being overrun. >> it is a tough time over there. it is a way to support them with some aid. >> they need some help and you're trying to do your best. >> a tiny, tiny bit. >> proud of you, james. >> the movie comes out today on d.v.d. >> wal-mart and just about anywhere. >> can you download it? >> is there a tab to get this? i can never get it off. i end up scratching it with my nail. >> get your kids to do it. >> the kids will get it open. >> scissors, brian. >> coming up, first it was a school district, now an entire city gives christopher columbus the boot. where indigenous people's day is a new holiday. >> a judge just ruled that
3:41 am
ferguson police violated the constitution when they told protesters to move along. judge napolitano is going to dive into that one coming up next. ♪
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3:44 am
now for quick headlines for you this morning. the seattle city council voted to celebrate indigenous people's day on the same day as columbus day. the resolution passing unanimously and meant to honor the native people of that area. several italian americans and others are objecting to that decision saying the day belongs to columbus. judge napolitano agrees with those italians. yesterday we told you about an advertising company installing cell phone tracking devices in hundreds of pay phones across new york city. well, never mind. the city now backtracking
3:45 am
after media reports surfaced. the company now removing those becons saying it was never their intention to track people. i was watching your show yesterday and i heard heather nauert say we even have those pay phones still? you can't find them? a federal judge ruled ferguson police in missouri violated civil rights when they told protesters to move along. joining us is judge napolitano. what the police did said if you're going to protest, you can't stop, you have to keep moving. and this judge says no. >> in the process of doing that and in the heat of the moment when a human being died and when there was a lot of violence and a lot of short tempers and a need to make very quick decisions, the police decided they didn't want
3:46 am
crowds to gather on the sidewalk and they didn't want reporters and photographers to get too close to the flashpoint between police and protesters. >> it was crowd control at that point. >> it was a very difficult time as we all recall back in august. police made decisions which had they been made in a law school classroom or courtroom probably should have been done differently. this is not to say that the police were wrong in making a decision at the moment. they had the right to make the decision. but the judge found that they should have respected the first amendment liberties to associate, to petition the government -- that is to get in the government's face and complain about what the government's doing -- to travel on the sidewalk. and with respect to the reporters, to observe what's going on and report on what they observe. so those four rights: speech, travel, association, and petition, this court found the police violated. did anybody go to jail? does anybody pay a fine? no. but the next time this
3:47 am
happens, the police are under expressed orders to let these people exercise those rights. >> unless they feel they could be threatened by getting together -- >> if violence comes about, it is a judgment call. >> let's talk about a judge who declines to follow up on the contempt charge against eric holder as outgoing attorney general for his role in fast and furious. >> the house subpoenaed documents and in the opinion of the house he didn't comply. they sent him another subpoena and another and he didn't comply. they held him in contempt. this rarely happens. the last attorney general to be held in contempt was janet reno for a similar incident. what happens when someone is held in contempt? the justice department prosecutes them. the justice department is run by eric holder. so the house hired a private attorney to prosecute the attorney general of the united states, and yesterday the judge dismissed the prosecution. but this is not the victory
3:48 am
for eric holder that he would have liked because in dismissing the prosecution, she said, first of all, you did not comply with the subpoena and i'm ordering you to do it. secondly, i'm in charge of this case so you lawyers in the house of representatives, if he doesn't comply you don't have to hold him in contempt. come back to my courtroom. >> that means the house will finally get some of those documents? >> it should. it means eric holder is under the thumb of a federal judge to comply with these properly issued subpoenas. >> what if he just waits, waits, and then i'm out of here, my replacement is here. >> if he intentionally dlairks nothing can prevent -- intentionally delays nothing can prevent the house from recharging him. >> i'm a law and order guy and i want to see everyone brought to justice. >> when did this start? >> he's talking about the tv show.
3:49 am
>> judge, thank you very much. coming up on this tuesday, new evidence shows isis is in the meth business, but could they join forces with mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the united states? a former d.e.a. agent has a serious warning this morning. >> and charles payne taught himself how to make some big bucks and up next class is in session. he's going to teach all of us how to do it. >> don't need much money. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
wall street profits at an all time high. if you want in on the action but don't know where to start action we booked charles payne for that reason. he has a beginner's investment guide. we've never done this before. >> i know. i don't know why because we've talked about stocks in the past. i get so many people e-mail me, tweet me and say, listen, i don't know how to get started. i'm not in the market and the same thing over and over again. >> first we got to lay the ground work. to lay the ground work before we invest, you say these following things: max out your 401(k). >> yes. especially these companies where they match you. it's nuts not to match them. over and over again, put that money in there. also have emergency funds, three six months of your monthly bills and expenses. >> so we got to get a little bit of money together and then find an on line firm. what do you mean? >> there is like 50 of them. i like the bigger names.
3:54 am
you want execution. if you tell the on line firm i want to pay $32 for the stock, you don't want to pay 33. tools and education. you give these people commission, you want the right tools and you want to learn. of course, you want to be able to trade. mobile apps are important (-- >> t.d. ameritrade and etrade. these are costs to open up a basic brokerage account. one is zero, no excuse. >> you also might need insight. let's get the ideal portfolio. what should it look like? >> it should not look like all big-time high flying names. for me now, i like what they call consumer staples. technology, it's heavy in my portfolio, servicing names are also in there. but the thing that i'm worried about is that people go for the homerun. when people e-mail me and i do my show at night, they only have the homerun stocks. in other words, not every stock
3:55 am
is going to be a grand slam, but swing for the fence. have a medical stock, agricultural stock, industrial names, transportation. these are boring stocks. right now i'm nervous, so we're holding 20% cash. >> you're making sure you have some money. on an annual basis for an ideal investor just starting out without a ton of money, how much profit can we expect to earn or what is a yod year for us? >> 5010% should be your -- 5 to 10% should be a basic goal. you don't need hit the ball out of the park right away. those moments will come particularly in bull markets. >> when do you go for advice if you are new to this but have a little extra money? >> watch my show ever night. >> what time is your show? >> 6:00 p.m. live. >> and also there is people with newsletters. but when e trade and all these other places give you suggestions, is there going to be someone on the other end of the line or am i going to be dealing with solid technology? >> mostly solid technology. it's hard to get people on the
3:56 am
phone. people put about four times as much effort in buying a car as they do in investing their hard-earned money. we got to flip that. >> when it comes to people who want to take risk on stocks and maybe not be in agriculture, where do we find those homeruns? >> i swing for the fences from time to time. it bothers me that people only seem to pick up those stocks. >> right. we'll watch you tonight at 8. thanks. coming up, a celebrity cat fight. and he says he saw heaven and he can prove it. dr. alexander is here to silence the doubters with his run away best seller. now he's got a sequel. that's all next hour. i wonder if they're talking about me
3:57 am
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 7. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth. a fox news alert. the president promising to ramp up ebola screenings on flights. what does this mean for you and your family? we'll be live with the latest plan just straight ahead. all right. and an american teen bound for terror. this 19-year-old arrested at the chicago airport trying to join isis and wait until you see the note he left for his parents. and men's health magazine under fire this morning for giving the readers advice on women. quote, not all women share your passion for sports, guys, in case you haven't noticed. the reason? they need story lines. really? now the internet is slamming the magazine, calling them sexist. is it? we're going to report. you will decide on this tuesday morning which is always better with friends. >> this is joel osteen. you're watching "fox & friends."
4:01 am
good morning. >> joel osteen sounding upbeat for a change. >> usually a downer. >> hey, ainsley. >> hey. i'm filling in for elisabeth this morning. hope she's enjoying sleeping in a little bit. i hope she got an opportunity to do that. love being here with you. >> great to have you. she'll be back tomorrow. we've got a lot of news. the latest on ebola. >> there is a nurse in spain that tested positive for ebola. this is the first known transmission of the deadly disease outside of west africa. >> this as the u.s. is ramping up airport screenings to keep ebola from spreading. how effective in peter doocy live with the latest plan of action. peter? >> reporter: president obama is saying that ebola is a top national security priority. so after talking to the cdc director, he announced stepped up airport screenings to stop the spread of this disease. no travel ban, no flight restrictions, just an extra eye on people coming here from west
4:02 am
africa. >> we're also going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screening, both at the source and here in the united states. all of these things make me confident that here in the united states at least the chances of an outbreak of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> reporter: in dallas, thomas duncan is now being treated with an experimental antiviral drug so new that it hasn't been tested on humans yet. as doctors wait results, governor rick perry is pleading with the president for more leadership to prevent more texans from getting sick. >> many of the circumstances that led to this situation can only be addressed at the federal level. washington needs to take immediate steps to minimize the dangers of ebola and other infectious diseases. >> reporter: in nebraska, the nbc news cameraman with ebola is
4:03 am
finally being treated by specialists who have already helped one ebola patient get better. we heard from his parents about his treatment. >> he's enormously relieved to be here. of course, it's still quite frightening that he's hanging in. >> reporter: that nurse in barcelona was only in the same room as a missionary who had ebola that he got in sierra leone twice, once before he died and once after he died. that was enough for this nurse to become sick with ebola herself. she is believed to be the first ebola case outside of africa. back to you. >> all right. peter doocy live with the very latest. now from ebola to isis, the big news this morning is that it sounds like isis troops are just on the outskirts of a town in syria. 50,000 people are there. there are 10,000 isis guys. it's bad. the worry is the black flag of isis will be flying over the town very shortly unless they get help. how many times have we told you
4:04 am
the story about who exactly is isis? are there any americans fighting for isis and with isis? we heard from james comey a couple nights ago and he said yes. this morning we've got graphic evidence that there are other americans who want to go and fight and in particular, that's a 19-year-old kid from bolingbrook, illinois, named mohammed kahn, just arrested over the weekend. he wanted to go and fight for isis. >> he was caught at the o'hare international airport in chicago and officials caught him say he was heading to turkey to meet with isis contacts there and then headed to syria to fight with the terrorist group. and they found a letter that he had written to his parents. in that letter he says first and foremost, don't tell authorities. then he goes on to say, western societies are getting more and more day by day. i don't want my children to be exposed to filth like that. i extend an invitation to my family to join me. we are the lions of war, my nation, the dawn has emerged. >> so he evidently bought an
4:05 am
austrian airline ticket, scheduled to fly there, then to istanbul, and then return to chicago. great. so he'll be 234 theory coming back, but radicalized. not somebody you want, but they stopped him in his tracks. he's facing years in prison. >> i wonder if the note said to his parents, don't tell the cops. the cops were waiting for him there. i wonder if they had just been tracking him down anyway, knew he was ready to go or if the parents spilled the beans. we don't know. they were in court yesterday, but did not respond to questions from one of the chicago authorities. >> the way they contact is social media. that's a way he communicated. meanwhile, we have an excerpt from hbo that involves two ultraliberals. guess what they're arguing about. radical muslims and the nature of islam. you have i think many times over the last six months for the first time i can remember, bill
4:06 am
maher on the side of where many conservatives are when it comes to how you deal with radical islam in this country. here is ben affleck playing himself and bill maher hosting. >> the mother load of bad ideas. >> it's the only religion that acts like the mafia that will [ bleep ] you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book. >> they kill for muslims. >> yet somehow we're exempt -- because they're not really reflection of what we believe. >> if you get bombed or attacked by radical muslim group like al-qaeda, we shouldn't do what they do and that's kill. we shouldn't respond back. how many times have we initiated bombing campaign against any islamic sect like al-qaeda? zero. >> ben affleck was taking the approach and we've heard had a million times, where you can't
4:07 am
criticize the muslims like that because islam is a peaceful religion. well, the founder and president of the american islamic forum for democracy, who is also a muslim, said essentially ben affleck was not defending the moderate muslims. and why haven't we heard from them? >> ben affleck really wasn't defending modern islam. he was acting like imam ben affleck and defending the theocrats because on the other side you had bill maher, atheist. if you want to empower moderates, you have to empower reformers and those who really want to take on the leadership structure within the house of islam. ben affleck kept saying we were a race and not an ideology and you can't defeat it without getting into the ideas. >> yeah. >> right.
4:08 am
>> ben affleck is right. not every muslim is out to get us. >> not every muslim is an extremist, right. which we all agree on. >> but the doctor said it was great that bill maher did go ahead and bring up the topic on his program because now people on the left are saying, wow. they do that to women? good to know. you can weigh in on facebook or tweet us or e-mail us. let's talk about some priorities because i don't think this congresswoman had her priorities in order. she is congresswoman from hawaii, representative gabbard. she's under fire this morning for going surfing with a yahoo reporter instead of attending important veterans hearings there in hawaii. we know everything that's happening with veterans affairs. there was an important hearing to discuss some of these issues and she wasn't there. instead, she chose to go surfing with this report who was profiling her. >> yeah. what's curious is one of the panelists at this particular hearing was a fellow, wayne
4:09 am
pheiffer, director of the v.a. pacific islands health care system. she had called for him to resign and he was one of the people that she didn't show up. her spokesperson said, listen, yahoo news got stuck in traffic and we decided we would just arrive too late. but according to one of the local papers out there, the video shows she left the shore at 9:15 in the morning and the meeting started at 10:00 o'clock. so according to that, she probably could have made it. but maybe it wasn't very high on her list of priorities. >> yeah. she said that the camera crews got stuck in traffic. and she was going to be late. >> i did see her during the washington correspondents dinner and i think she might be a veteran herself. >> she is. >> she was very impressive to meet and obviously is a good surfer. >> she apparently has a different set of priorities than -- if you're in congress and talk about the v.a. and how to fix it and then wind up going
4:10 am
on a shoot for a surf thing -- >> which she's now use not guilty her campaign. >> so what are the priorities? ten minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. and now we turn for more news about that scary virus we just don't know a lot about. >> you're right. you talk to any parent, particularly one who has a young child, they're really worried about that enterovirus. the threat of that is growing by the hour today. the children's hospital of philadelphia is now reporting two more cases of that virus and they're also reporting this, acute muscle weakness that they believe is possibly related to that virus. the hospital saying it isn't taking any chances. it's notified the cdc for more information on this. in the meantime, new jersey preschooler who died from the enterovirus is being remembered today. the family of four-year-old eli waller is now starting a foundation in his honor. the proceeds will support special education students. what a beautiful young little boy and a sad loss.
4:11 am
according to the cdc, the enterovirus sickened more than 500 people in at least 43 states. nearly all of them children. authorities in pennsylvania scouring the woods for suspected cop killer eric frien finding a handwritten note detailing his crimes. the letter is believed to have been written by him and explains how he ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one and then escaping. the letter does not give any insight into why he committed the crime. that massive manhunt is now in its fourth week. police hoping that the fall weather is going to make it a lot easier for them to find him because the leaves start falling from the trees, so it will be easier to spot him. good news for anyone traveling this morning. the nightmare in o'hare airport seems to be cleared up at least for now. thousands of flights in and out of o'hare and midway airports in chicago running on schedule. overnight passengers were forced to deal with major delays after phone lines at the air traffic control center went down. this comes a week after a fire caused massive delays there.
4:12 am
and then there is a bit of a cat fight in the kitchen. yep. oh, know, gwyneth paltrow hired the former ceo of martha stewart living to run her lifestyle brand called goop. the move turning heads, especially after a recent interview where stewart said paltrow should pipe down and stick to acting. stewart slammed her saying,ç quote, she just needs to beiet. she's a movie star. if she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be martha stewart. what do you think about that? >> sounds like when? >> sounds like us every day. >> yeah, you know us. >> exactly. see new a bit. >> out of all the story, that one is going to stick with me all day long. >> you know what? we still have like an hour and 45 minutes of other show. there could be another story. >> good luck, everyone. try to outpace gwyneth paltrow. >> like this one. coming up, new evidence shows isis apparently is in the meth business. could they join forces with mexican drug cartels and
4:13 am
infiltrate the u.s.? that's a worry. a former dea agent has a serious warning next. and scientists claim they have figured out the perfect amount of sleep that you need each night. are you getting enough? >> nope. >> stick around to find out. >> how appropriate is joe petty coming up later with this song. ♪ ♪ keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming -
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4:17 am
isis taking control of key territory along the syrian-turkish border. the black flag is flying. adding to their $2 billion in assets from illegal activities like oil, human trafficking, and the drug trade. our next guest took down the owe pee yum war lord who funded osama bin laden and now says the war on isis should mean a huge offensive in the global war on drugs. edward follis is a former associate special agent in charge for the dea's los angeles division and also the author of that book, "my undercover life in global narco terrorism." welcome. >> thank you. >> first off, your role with
4:18 am
illegal drugs around the world is where will known, chronicled in your book. but do you believe that a lot of these isis guys are getting people hooked on drugs and also making money off the drug trade? why? >> i think they may be in the nation stages as they begin to expand their portfolio to dabbling in drugs as they have taken over a number of pharmaceutical plants. they're involved now in human trafficking. they're involved in the pirating of information technology. they're moving more and more now in human slavery. they're developing a portfolio so one element does not deliver, they can fall on the other. >> do they have the resources to do it? for example, we hear that heroin, opium is indigenous to afghanistan. what about syria and iraq? >> no. syria, opium is definitively an indigenous plant as it shares -- they share that with lebanon. but for the most part, they try
4:19 am
to focus on meth and ecstasy. those require precursor drugs that must be imported. >> and if you want to brainwash somebody to go follow a crazy thing like isis, isn't it good to get them addicted to drug as soon as doesn't that work on your behalf? >> especially methamphetamine as it's one of the strongest stimulants. we say in the states, it sales souls. >> we hear sadly the horrific beheadings happening in mexico. we watch on tape the beheadings happening in the middle east. do you believe there is a linkage between the two with the work you've done on the border? >> no, i do not. the beheadings that occurred in mexico and there has been several thousand throughout the last eight years, were primarily to intimidate other cartel members into relinquishing land, territory and becoming subordinate to the more powerful drug lords. in central asia, especially, i
4:20 am
mean syria and iraq, they're focusing more on advancing their ideological positions. >> using drugs as a vehicle and maybe a money maker. the dark art, your book. thanks so much. i appreciate it. ten minute before the bottom of the hour. do you feel like you've seen this sketch somewhere before? >> how about we tell you where we came from? ♪ ♪ i left a good job in the city ♪ ♪ working for the man every night and day ♪ ♪ but i never lost -- >> wow. one network show claiming "saturday night live" stole their content. we'll explain and sing about it. and he says he saw heaven and he can prove it. dr. alexander is here to silence the doubters with a brand-new book. he's coming through the door right now because he wants to. ♪ ♪ hey, i notice your car's not in the driveway.
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welcome back. it's time for your news by the numbers. first, six months. that's how long 18-time olympic gold medalist michael phelps is suspended by the swimming league after his second dui arrest in ten years. next, $2 billion. that's how much new york iconic waldorf astoria hotel just sold for. a chinese company, insurance company is paying one of the highest prices ever for a hotel. they're plan ago full
4:25 am
renovation. then finally, 7.8 hours. that is the perfect amount of sleep according to scientists. people who sleep 7.8 hours are less likely to take a sick day at work. steve, do you sleep that much? >> i wish i did. thank you. he was a man of science who didn't buy into spirituality until he died and went to heaven and came back. dr. evan alexander's account in "proof of heaven" under scrutiny by skeptics. in a quote, the e.r. doctor who treated him says, quote, we couldn't work with evan at all. we couldn't get vital signs. he just was not able to comply, so i had to make the decision to place him in a chemically induced coma really for his own safety until we could treat him. so what does he have to say about those who say that his story is not exactly true? here for the first time to respond is the doctor, author of a new book, comes out today called "the map of heaven.
4:26 am
good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> you had been on this program a couple times before. i didn't realize esquire was trying say you made your story up. >> they were trying to deflect away from the true nature of the story. and show that it was a drug induced coma, whereas i was actually in coma from the get-go at home. i remember none of any of that. this whole seven-day coma was due to my meningitis, which should have been fatal. >> okay. but you lived and what you saw and what you experienced is what you contained in the first book. now in your new book "the map of heaven," what you talk about is, as you've gone around the world, you talked to people and realized, wait a minute. you have a story very similar to the story i've got. >> right. the stories are amazingly similar. it's not just the recent stories, although i am blessed to have many people share their stories with me that prove the reality of this existence. but it's also the new book is very much going back thousands
4:27 am
of years to look at our evolution of thinking and to show how science and spirituality really are coming together. we're at a fundamental change in our human thinking right now. >> in your initial after life that you experienced, it's not like it was one of those things where you went back and there is uncle charlie and there is somebody else that i remember from grade school or something like that. instead it was different. it was more about the spirit. >> it was very much about spirit. part of it is that i was am amnesiaic for my life before coma. that makes my near death experience a little bit atypical but that was essential for me to get the deeper lessons of it and those who read "proof of heaven" will understand why i need that had to happen. it had to do with that revelation at the end of the book that showed me the reality of my journey. >> which is? >> well, the revelation was that the beautiful guardian angel that i saw in my coma and i can
4:28 am
remember her so perfectly, everything about her, and yet i knew i had never met her in my life. that was a real shocker until four months after my coma when i came to realize she was the birth sister i had never known. a picture clarified everything. >> what you experienced was you experienced your soul. you write in your book where the closest thing we can come to on this earth to seeing somebody else's soul is when you look somebody directly in the eye. >> that i think is very much the case. if you've ever been around when a patient dies, when a person dies, you see how that shift is so remarkable. "map of heaven" is about the science and how science and spirituality are coming together. that's why i'm very excited about this new book. it puts it in perspective, makes it much grander story for all of us because the world is changing fundamentally. >> i know millions of people bought your first book and would love to read the second one. it comes out today called "the map of heaven."
4:29 am
>> thank you very much. thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> all right. coming up, new video just coming out of that violent brawl at the 49ers football game. now we know what may have sparked the fight. then, have you seen this tweet from men's health magazine? simple advice for guys on gals. so why people are calling the magazine sexist this morning. ♪ ♪ i'm angela, and i quit smoking with chantix. people who know me, to this day they say, "i never thought you would quit." you know, i really didn't either but chantix helped me do it.
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4:31 am
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4:33 am
who is joe biden? >> i have no idea. >> want to take a guess? >> a man. >> who is joe biden? >> joe biden. wasn't he our governor? >> who is joe biden? >> congressman? >> congressman of where? >> i don't know. >> who is joe biden? >> who is joe biden? i have no idea. >> do you know who our vice president is? >> no, i don't. >> do you want to take a guess? >> condoleeza rice? >> first female black vice president. >> joe biden. is he a movie star? >> i don't know. the guy joe biden, he is a republican and he's going to be president soon? >> who is joe biden? >> joe biden? i don't know who that is. >> if i show you a picture, does that help at all? who is this man?
4:34 am
>> oh i seen him in the movie. >> what movie? like what are some of them? "pineapple express"? >> oh, yeah, he's that old dude! >> he's like the assistant to the president or something. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> i can't believe she got so many people who didn't know who he was. >> unbelievable. >> this should make all of you watching right now feel really good. you know who joe biden is. he's a guy in washington who says funny stuff. >> then he apologizes. >> pure malarky. by the way, i was actually in "pineapple express." i was. it's a long story. i was on the radio. >> is this true? >> seriously? >> yes. or was that "tropical thunder." i think it was "pineapple express." >> did you get paid? >> no! >> so what did they do, take a
4:35 am
clip? >> yes. >> it's me talking about richard simmons. what else would i be talking about? when he broke my nose. way too complicated a story. anyway, moving on, men's health magazine shows guys how to have perfect abs. some day i'll read it. they have other advice on other things. they sent out a tweet yesterday with advice on how to talk about sports with women. so here is the quotation. not all women share your passion for sports, they're talking to guys. in case you hadn't noticed. the reason? they need story lines. so they're saying women need story lines to be interested in sports. >> a lot of people are insulted and say it's a sexist thing to say and how dare you generalize like that. >> a lot of people on twitter were really upset about this. here are some of the tweets sent to men's health magazine. congratulations on being -- >> a ma song nighsic idiot. >> who is completely ignorant of
4:36 am
the fact that some women like sports. >> another says, what? good god. what year is this? >> right. that was steve using his voice. >> jessica says, i have no problem with it and i'm one of the women who couldn't care less about sports. people are getting so touchy these days. she's arguing back. and maureen says it's supposed to be a joke so let's laugh at it. my feeling is the best part about sports is the story line. i totally agree. i basically and in this case, more like a woman -- >> you like the human interest stories. >> i am much more into the human interest story. if you put me watching japanese baseball. i know nothing about the teams. it could be the best played game in the world. i just can't get into it. when you tell me a team came from six games back, they got a guy batting eighth and hitting .320, then i'll be interested. >> brian, you are a sports journalist for a long, long time, so you're always looking for the story. let us use ainsley earhart here,
4:37 am
they suggest that you would only be interested in sports if there is a story line. >> all right. so let me tell you my opinion. i respect all the women who did send -- >> we're going over. go ahead. >> i do agree with these women if they do love sports and they know a lot about sports. i love going to sporting events. i, however, do not know enough about sports. so i do like the human interest pieces and i'm not totally offended by this. but i do understand these women, their point. i think maybe the article would have been best phrased, if the female in your life doesn't know a lot about sports, here are some tips. but let me flip this. if cosmo -- >> the magazine or the drink? >> the magazine. reports on how to convince your man that shopping is good for you or something like that, would you be offended? >> yes. how dare you! >> see, that's my point. you wouldn't care. >> let me just tell you a story. do we have any time left? >> no.
4:38 am
>> real quick, i have an 11 and 13-year-old. i'm trying to get them to turn off "modern family" and watch derek jeter's final game. so i told them both stories. i told them about derek jeter what, he went through. i didn't bring up all the women he dated. i didn't think that was important. then i talked about the last time he'll ever get up to bat. by the time they were ton and talked about the giants' comeback and what they need to win, next thing you know, they were with me every step of the way. they sat me and popped open the ottoman we have on the recliner couch and sat with me for two hours. it's the closest we've ever been. >> and you think i'm a talker? that was a very long story. >> that's all i got. >> here with one headline is heather nauert. >> it's all about the game, right? >> the games do count. >> yeah. i do have some news to tell you. it's a sports-related story. we're getting some brand-new video that is now surfacing of that brutal attack that took place at levi stadium during
4:39 am
sunday's 49ers game. look at this. that was a pretty brutal beatdown there. we just learned the brawl may have been sparked by an argument over who was next in line for an open stall in the men's bathroom. two brothers, these guys here, who took the first punches are now behind bars charged with felony assault. the victim is still in the hospital. we'll keep watching that story. then a gang of luxury-loving identity thieves turned sax fifth avenue into a accessory closet. new york prosecutors say the gang used stolen shoppers' information and used it to buy more than $400,000 worth of shoes, handbags and other accessories. the ring leader obtained financial information from more than 20 saks credit card
4:40 am
holders. accomplices posing as shoppers would pick up the items. >> it's more than 200 pairs of shoes and approximately 80 bags and accessories from some of the top designers in the world, including chanel, gucci and many others. >> the items were later sold on the black market or they were returned for store credit. >> this is an upsetting story. a son's final act of love, turns into emotional torture when he discovers his mother's ashes were scattered inside his luggage and then he got one of those tsa notices, a notice of inspection like this right here. it was tucked inside his suitcase. he intended to fly to puerto rico to spread his mother's ashes on the beach and now he's suing the tsa, claiming they are responsible for the careless handling of his mother's remains. boy, how upsetting would that be >> it was a lot harder taking her out.
4:41 am
i really wanted to really start crying and just ball up in a corner. >> now he's seeking $750,000 in damages. did you catch this skit on "saturday night live"? ♪ ♪ rolling, rolling ♪ rolling on the river >> there is an improv group in los angeles saying snl stole its idea for the tina turner inspired skit. they said they had a skit that was almost identical to this one. that's them on the left and "saturday night live" on the right. both sketches featuring tina turner impersonators. a source at snl says they were never aware of that other sketch. it's a popular show in los angeles. >> it is. the groundlings. thank you very much. >> i wonder if there will be an improv investigation. >> wouldn't they be stealing it from tina turner? >> i mean, she's the original. >> right. coming up, get your gun
4:42 am
reregistered every three years or you become a felon. go inside the new extreme gun control law sparking outrage in our nation's capitol. >> that's a crazy law. and a new bombshell report showing serious management problems at the state department under then secretary of state hillary clinton. what the inspector general just uncovered in the financial records. follow the money. ♪ ♪ when fixed income experts work with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts
4:43 am
that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
4:44 am
4:45 am
got quick headlines for you. scathing new report shows the department of state was totally mismanaged under hillary clinton. inspector general for the state department says poor oversight exposed the agency to corruption
4:46 am
and fraud. and six months after the v.a. scandal broke, the department of veterans affairs taking action. four senior executives just fired for manipulating patient wait times. that's a good start. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. the nation's capitol requiring gun owners to reregister every three years or become a felon. it's the only place in the country with an expiration date on your second amendment right. >> fox 5 dc chief investigative reporter emily miller is one of these registered gun owners ownd wanted to know more about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. the police department sending notices like this one i got to everyone who has a gun at home, whether shotgun, rifle or hand gun, they're making everybody go to police headquarters to get fingerprinted, photographed and pay fees. actually so far people in dc aren't obeying this law. i went down to check it out. >> i'm here to reregister. >> you were fingerprinted when?
4:47 am
>> january 2012. >> reporter: fingerprinted twice? it's not like they change. why did a registered gun owners have to go back? that's what this gun owner wants to know. >> in the beginning of the registration i got fingerprinted. then i went down, got refinger printed and i asked why you guys got me prints. they say you have to do it again. >> the police department lost all our fingerprints. that's why legal gun owners have to pay once again the 35-dollar fee to run their fingerprints through the f.b.i. background check system. the bigger cost is the registration fee, which is $13 per gun. lenny started collecting firearms in 2009. he has dozens of guns now. reregistration will cost him hundreds of dollars every three years. >> in fact, i think it's going to be turned around as a cash cow, you know. >> why? >> you're getting 13 a pop and you got to get fingerprinted. i don't know how much of that is
4:48 am
going toward dc budget. >> reporter: lenny, all of your money is going to the city. just from the first 600 people this year who had an average of two guns each, dc pocketed over $17,000. you don't need a fingerprint to run someone through the f.b.i. background check. the rest of the country, when you buy a gun, you fill out a form, you use your i.d. and can instantly check if you have a record. d.c. insists on the fingerprints 'cause they say that prevents the use of fake i.d.s. the dealers use it as a one-time check. dc gun owners are the only people in america who get rechecked by the government every three years. >> i don't think they should be charging me money, especially for my time to come do it again. >> reporter: i had used the freedom of information act for the police to reveal what is happening with the registration so year. the police estimate that there are 30,000 guns in the city that are registered legal. but so far only 1300 have been renewed. and the penalty is steep for those who are confused, never
4:49 am
get the notice or refuse to go. if you don't renew in 30 days after your deadline, the fee doubles. if you are 90 days late, your registration canceled. so you are committing a felony. the penalty is $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail on each count. that means each gun. so far the police haven't turned over to the attorney general the names of all those legal gun owners who are now felons. also we've learned the reason for the fingerprints getting lost by the police, it's supposedly they were supposed to print out the electronic versions and didn't. back to you guys in new york. >> emily, clearly the district of columbia is just trying to antagonize people who own guns, which have been legal all along and the court said hey, you got to change your rule, dc. >> well, the court said you need to allow carry, which the city is supposedly doing. we'll see when that happens. this law only applies to people who only had their guns at home. they're not even allowed to take
4:50 am
them out of their house. >> well, that's something. all right. emily miller joining us live from dc, we thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. coming up straight ahead, do you enjoy drinking wine? do you want to get paid to do it? cheryl casone's drunk right now. >> she is not drunk. >> oh. >> first back in 1985, ready for the world had the number one song "oh, sheila." ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
do you like beer? how would you like to make it a job? cheryl casone from the "fox business" network is here with that and other top companies
4:54 am
with careers that are on tap and she is sober despite what brian might say. >> thanks, brian. no drinking this morning. but i will tell you i got jobs. some of them are food. some are beverage. first is progressive. it's the big insurance company, motorcycle insurance is one of their big offering as. 972 jobs right now. they also offer -- this is what i really like, aerobic, spning classes, yoga. really good benefits. call center jobs you can make from 13.50 to 16.70 an hour. i.t. jobs, analyst jobs, even better, they also have an on site medical facility which i have a feeling more and more companies are going to start doing, fyi. ohio, colorado flax fellow and texas. >> they pay really well. brass tap. >> this is the booze. here you go, brian. it's a craft beer and wine bar. they're really expanding in the southeast. they've been doing really well. now in georgia, texas, illinois, new york. and they've got about 750 jobs that are going to be coming up and they're popular. they need g.m.'s, servers,
4:55 am
things like that. a popular franchise idea. >> very cute name. how about order up? >> so seamless, right? are you not obsessed with seamless in new york? >> it's great. >> delivery service. this is the opposite of that. in smaller areas in the country, order up actually will work with restaurants that don't have delivery people. they have drivers that will go get the food and bring it to you 'cause god forbid we have to actually stay home and cook ourselves, or not get our food delivered to us. >> a lot of people have kids and they need to order food. >> exactly. >> it's important. they're actually really doing incredible now. they're going to expanding baltimore headquarters. they're going to have 32 openings now. >> you're paying for convenience. what about ncra? >> this is court reporterring. misnomer about court reporterring. only 30% work in a courtroom. you think you're doing "law and order." they're medical transcription, taking depositions. the money can be pretty good.
4:56 am
from 43 k to start, up to $90,000. court reporting will be 5500 jobs over the next five years. and you've got to get certifications, got to have 225 words per minute or so. but benefits can be offered and you have kind of an interesting job. it's stuff you may hear as -- >> that's the reporter in us. >> it's not booze, but it may be a more sober activity. >> you're so good. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> i love this segment, you're helping out so many americans. >> everything is at coming up, 29 members of isis killed overnight in air strikes. but one city in syria says thousands of innocent people could be killed if they do not get help right now. laura ingraham is here next with her reaction to all of this. and joe perry is here. he pulls back the curtain on his rocky relationship with steven tyler and other controversies as well. that's in the next hour. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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good morning to you. today is tuesday, october 7. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth. we start with this. fox news alert, the u.s. is ramping up our airport screenings for abe for that deadly disease. what does this mean for you and your family? we're live with the new plan of action straight ahead. while you were sleeping, 29 suspected isis militants killed in air strikes, but now isis is still advancing. your looking live right now at fighting as you can see right there, along the turkish-syrian border. laura ingraham on that and a lot of other topics coming up. >> can someone give the kurds some arms? is that possible? a high school football team sidelined for the entire season, all because of bullying. is that fair or is that foul? your e-mails are pouring in on this one.
5:01 am
mornings are better with friends. smile. ♪ ♪ >> aerosmith, they're living on the edge. joe perry is living on the edge by penning his biography. it's out now and more importantly, he is in our green room. >> he is going to be with us this hour. i love the book. it's called "rocks." it's a great story where steven tyler hears on the radio or something the song "you see me crying" and he goes, that's really good. we should cover that. and somebody said, steven, that's us. >> if you guys wouldn't mind, i'm going to take the lead on the interview because from
5:02 am
7th to ninth grade i took guitar lessons, so i have a lot to relate to with joe. >> we'll let you do that. we've got heather with the headlines. >> good morning. a lot of folks concerned about the ebola virus. now president obama is saying it is a top national security concern. the president now announcing stepped up airport screenings to try to stop the spread of that deadly disease. there have been no travel ban or flight restrictions thus far. but people now traveling from west africa, the president says, will undergo additional medical screening. this as two patients in the united states are infected with that virus. thomas duncan and a cameraman are undergoing treatment. then a nurse in spain has now tested positive. this marks the first transmission to have occurred outside of western africa. developing overnight, a new case of homegrown terrorism, this time in chicago. a 19-year-old, this guy here, you can see on your screen -- arrested for trying to join isis. f.b.i. agents busted mohammed
5:03 am
kahn saturday at o'hare airport while attempt to go board a flight for turkey. he's been charged with attempts to provide material support to a foreign terror group. why would a 19-year-old american growing up in the suburbs of chicago want to join isis? he answers that question in his own words. the f.b.i. finding a three-page land written letter that he wrote to his parents. it says western societies are getting more immoral day by day. i do not want my children to be exposed to filth like this. i extend an invitation to my family to join me in the islamic state. we are the lions of war. my nation, the dawn, has emerged. security officials say about a dozen americans have traveled to the middle east to fight with isis. the threat of that enterovirus is now growing by the hour. today the children's hospital of philadelphia is reporting two more cases of that virus and they're also reporting acute muscle weakness that is possibly
5:04 am
related to the virus. the hospital is not taking any chances. it has notified the cdc. in the meantime, that new jersey preschooler, this beautiful little boy who died from the enterovirus is being remembered by his family and friends. the family of four-year-old eli waller is now starting a foundation in his honor. the proceeds will support special education students. the cdc says enterovirus has now sickened people in 43 states, nearly all children. a story to warm your heart. scott bachman loved his father's 73 corvette sting ray. working on it for hours and hours. the car was sold when his father died. but now decades later, scott tracked down that orange corvette, brought it back into the family. listen to this. >> i know my dad is looking down saying, way to go, son. thank you. thank you for finding it and bringing it home. >> scott says he plans to restore the vet. like father, like son.
5:05 am
isn't that a nice idea? those are your headlines. >> that's great. thank you very much. meanwhile, another fox news alert. overnight, at least 29 suspected isis militants have been killed in u.s. air strikes overnight. we're getting that number from a hospital in northern iraq. you're looking live now at the syrian-turkish border where isis is still advancing. officials there warn 50,000 civilians in the town of kobani could be killed if isis succeeds in that town right there. laura ingraham joinses from our nation's capitol. so laura, isis is bearing down there, two kilometers away from kobani. people inside the town are going, hey, united states, so far the air strikes have not helped. we need something and we need it today or they're going to kill all of us. >> well, this is what most military experts predicted, right, that if we had no real oppositional ground force present and engaging isis, that
5:06 am
there was only so much our air strikes were going to accomplish. first of all, it's great that we killed 29 isis militants, but i was thinking that was happening all the time with all these air strikes. so it's a big headline. 29. i would hope they're being killed. we're spending a lot of money not getting all that much help from our supposed coalition. it seems like we need a lot more help and if we're going to be engaged in this nonwar war, then we should be engaged to win it. it doesn't seem like we're -- we either have people on the ground who can carry out this hand to hand combat or the ground combat or don't have the weapons or what. but i think most people watching this across the country are just like what is going on? what are we paying for here if we are not able to prevent isis from taking another major city or town? what are we doing there? >> they're inside -- at one point they were inside a mile of baghdad. they have a goal of taking the airport. the pentagon is not even sure
5:07 am
that we can stop them from takingad. since this campaign started, we're doing 90% of the air strikes and they're at the fraction of the pace we're used to. i just don't understand what everybody else is even doing and how long are we going to wait before we jump in here? the kurds have not gotten our arms yet that we have promised them over a month ago. >> yeah. it seems like they're the most effective people fighting on the ground. they're not getting support. again, we haven't named the war, the nonwar war yet. we should call it operation no boots. that's the one thing we know, right? >> yeah. >> quote, i'm so sick of the phrase, no boots on the ground. of course, we have men and women there in a training and advisory capacity and offering a logistical support. we all get the sense that the writing is on the wall here. if something is not done, we are going to see the airport that a lot of us flew in and out of during the or second iraq war. that airport will be taken unless we do what we need to do
5:08 am
and yet the president doesn't seem to be rallying the country to support this. >> yeah. laura, many people are saying that the president is too busy fundraising. he's out there playing golf and fundraising to worry about what's happening and to listen to the kurdish people that are crying for help. in fact, he's fundraising right now. he had a fund-raiser last night. he has three more today. he's going to be here in the new york city area. meanwhile, polls say voter opposition to obama is 16%. worse than bush and clinton. what is your opinion about this? >> look, the president is really good at doing what he's doing in new york and connecticut over the next couple of days. he's fundraising. he's really good at the campaign to perpetuate power. not the campaign to beat back an evil force such as isis. not a campaign to win american support for a more involved military effort in iraq. certainly not a campaign to
5:09 am
bring jobs into the country by supporting something as obvious as keystone. so he's good at a campaign, but that campaign isn't getting to the american middle class and it's certainly not giving much solace to the people who are calling out for help. i'm very concernd about what we're doing now in the middle east because of his leadership, his lack of leadership and a huge amount of money that i think congress hasn't been really honest about where we're getting it. i have concerns across the board. but i promise you, he's raised a lot of money on being the antiwar president. he's raised tons of money and saying i'm a different type of president. i'm curious behind closed doors what he's saying about isis to these people. >> do you subscribe to the theory he's just doing the bare minimum to make it look like we're doing something to get us through the election? >> well, i wonder what will happen in this very lame duck session coming up. but i don't think you're going to see an enormous democratic ground swell of support to get more involved in iraq and afghanistan.
5:10 am
i'm really kind of -- i'm not really in favor of that either. but as a political matter, i don't see how they go into 2016 as the war party. i don't see that. i think the republicans might do that. i don't think the democrats are going to do that. i think we're going to see a lot of bloodshed, a lot of life lost in the middle east. both our allies and the united states, i don't think we seem committed in this struggle at all. >> i just think it's unbelievable that two very respected people have come out with books, both voicing their concern about the same thing. some of his critics have and it's no longer rumor or innuendo. >> he's like a law professor. to hear panetta say that, well, he's like a law professor. he's not engaged as he needs to be. he's not rallying support. i'm sorry, i'm a little tired of these memoirs that come out and they're all designed to sell a lot of books and you want everyone all hyped up for your book. but was leon panetta really engaged behind closed doors with obama trying to convince him of
5:11 am
his position? >> i don't know. >> the after the fact memoirs i frankly find annoying. show us what duke when you're actually in power. >> on a lighter note, i know you're a heck of an athlete and field hockey player for a while. how do you feel about this new men's health magazine story that talks about how men should get women interested in sports by not talking about scores, but talking about story lines? >> first of all, look, i'm going to tell you this, this is really embarrassing. i'm a massive football fan. i'm an alabama fan, so i'm crushed. redskins fan, so i'm crushed they both lost. >> you're absolutely right. >> i'm so crushed. but do i know every position on the field, like what does safety versus a nose tackle? i have to confess, i don't. but i know the basics of the game. but i don't know every position. if you're going to try to win over the affection of a woman by talk being story lines on sports, i think that's stupid. i think people shouldn't be
5:12 am
sensitive about it either way. i think these magazines are looking for somhing to up their readership. this one probably backfired in the faces of the editors. >> do you know a quarterback had a club foot as a child or flat feet? >> no. i don't think most women care. during the olympics, maybe we care. but i don't think we care all that much. >> i disagree. i think the human interest stories are always nice to hear. i do enjoy those. i do disyeah that all women that we just -- all of us don't know anything about sports. >> right. and your human interest story is the girl from down south who married the quarterback from clemson. >> that's my human interest story. >> i don't care about any of that. >> she married the quarterback from clemson. >> yesterday we had a guy on who plays football for clemson and he was in the military and has a purple heart. those are the kind of stories i love. >> the military angle, yeah. i love the military angle. but he had asthma as a kid, i get it's inspiring to some
5:13 am
people. i want to know, is kirk cups going to be able to put together a team under his leadership that can weapon for the redskins. >> wait a second. just in. nope. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> laura ingraham, we're delighted that the nationals won last night, joins us live. go do your radio show 45 minutes from right now all across the country. >> thanks. coming up, the ebola vaccine supply has already run out. is the federal government to blame? what happens if the virus spreads? peter johnson, jr. with some facts you need to know next. and you don't see this every day. children, watch out for the boxing kangaroos in your neighborhood. >> no kicking, especially there. ♪ ♪ when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens?
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs.
5:17 am
advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. we have learned some lessons, though, in terms of what happened in dallas. we don't have a lot of margin for error. >> that's right. the president says we're learning lessons about ebola, but shouldn't the government have already been prepared for this kind of medical crisis? why have we run out of a drug proven to combat the deadly virus and why so many mistakes in handling thomas duncan down in dallas, the first ebola case diagnosed in the u.s.? here with answers, peter johnson, jr.
5:18 am
>> this is where government should shine, steve. this is where government should say, this is why we have a great government in america. let's look at the failures in dallas. mr. duncan was sent home with antibiotics from the texas hospital even after he said where he had come from. after that first visit. five kids were then quarantined three days after he was admitted with ebola. >> they went to school. >> the apartment was cleaned five days after he was admitted to the hospital. now the cdc director says that the drug that was used, four or five people around the world, including two here in the united states, is all gone. >> you know what? that's really scary. if that's the only drug we know works and it's all gone 'cause they got to cook up some more, what happens? >> the issue should become should the government be developing like this, should the government be stepping out of the way and allowing private industry to do it? this has gone on since 2005.
5:19 am
this company in san diego has been supported by federal grants only. only federal grants. there have been no clinical trials. at this point after treating three or four ebola patients, they've run out. and the cdc says they don't have the capacity to make large quantities and it could be several months. so in looking at this -- there was a great business week article on it, there is about a dozen federal agencies that are interwoven in this process into developing drugs like this. now we know the drug which we know from the josh hearty case that we exposed here on "fox & friends" and helped that young boy get the drugs in a clinical trial, they're going to try and use that on ebola. they've given $72 million to that company over the past number of years. >> has it did -- for smallpox. it's never been used for ebola. so the truth is --
5:20 am
>> so we don't know. >> dallas was a poor example of federal government intervention. the government has tinkered with this particular drug zmap for nine years. and we've run out of it. so is the federal government doing the job that it should be doing? if they're going to get into it, then do it right. or step out of the way and let private industry do it or do it together in a way that's compatible and works. this doesn't work. >> peter johnson, jr., who actually on this program helped get josh hardy that drug. >> thank god. >> thank god indeed. thank you. >> see you. coming up on this tuesday, a high school football season canceled over bullying. but should all of the players have to suffer for the behavior of a few bad apples? we want to know what you think. e-mail us. and here is the real story behind aerosmith. joe perry is pulling back the curtain on more than 30 years of rumors. he is live right now. hit it, joe. ♪
5:21 am
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quick headlines now. the animal edition. you will only see this in australia. two kangaroos getting tangled up in a street fight. a weapon of choice is feet. they're able to crush bone with one swift kick, according to steve. and a black bear cub cooling off in a backyard pool in pennsylvania. he realizes he can swim. the bear do is i said to stay afloat and float around for a while. at one point, they even take the little girl's pool toys to play with. no word from the girl.
5:25 am
♪ ♪ >> oh, my goodness. he's the man behind some of rock's most recognizable riffs, joe perry has had quite a wild ride over his four decades plus career with the rock group, aerosmith. >> he's sharing it in his memoir called "rocks, my life in and out of aerosmith" and we are joined by joe perry. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> so we just heard "walk this way." that famous. you wrote it on a rental? is that right? >> it was a new guitar that i was just breaking in at a sound track in hawaii. >> what happened to your regular guitar? >> it was stolen. it happens. >> wow. >> i've had a few guitars stolen. >> why is that? people went hey, i stole joe perry's guitar? >> you wonder.
5:26 am
because it's not like if it's something that's really recognizable, it's kind of like are they really going to take it out and play it in a club? usually loses because people put it in their collection. >> it's on ebay now. >> you never know. >> you see slash write his book and it does so well. so many of these rock'n'roll stars write these books. so you put your whole book, your whole life into this book and everyone associates you with steven tyler. when did you first meet and how would you describe your relationship today? >> well, i'd say it's -- first get along fine. we've been brothers and we've got that saying, you can love your brother, but you don't have to like him. the like part kind of goes up and down. we learned how to work together. >> what's the issue there? >> i have a different way, an idea of how the band should
5:27 am
progress, whether -- usually it's around music. but in the early days, it had a lot to do with the way we wanted to live our lives. it kind of, like, got in the way of the band in some people's minds. >> what were the differences? can you give us an example? >> i kind of like to let it fly. i like to put my amp on 11 and let it rip. i come from a jack kerouac school of constantly letting the creativity flow and he's meticulous about putting things in the right place and going over. and frankly, that's probably what's given our partnership the energy that it has. >> i love the story in the book where you talk about how your parents say, now joe, when you were a little boy, if you work really hard, you get good, good grades, you might be able to intern at woods hole on cape cod. they're famous for oceangraphy and stuff like that. and since then, that internship didn't work out.
5:28 am
but you and steven tyler have actually gone out scuba diving together, right? >> there are a lot of things we do. that's probably one of the things that we recognized in each other when we first met. there were things that didn't have anything to do with music that we saw in common with each other. we love outdoors. we like adventureous things. scuba diving, paragliding, golf and do these different things. >> thrilling things. >> a lot of people don't see that or don't notice that. that's one of the things i wanted to get across in the book, that even though a lot has been made about the tension and all that, i mean, we've had a lot of fun together over the years. >> also people look at you and think crazy, wild, rock'n'roll t might be true. you're also a family man, right? how important is family? is this a job and is the family number one? >> the family is without a doubt number one. i've always been a one-girl man and i never fell into that whole
5:29 am
groupy thing. i mean, obviously i went out and -- i have experimented as everyone else does. you have to go fishing. >> you're a rock star. hello. >> you have to go fishing. but you find the right one and i have found the right one. >> you brought a guitar. would you -- we'd like to watch you at the office. >> oh, yeah? >> show us how you work. >> the name of the book is "rocks." so you have to rock us out. >> fortunately... . >> are you going to put it on 11 now? >> just for this one. ♪ ♪ >> we know that. >> you still have to practice? >> i don't have to. i want to. >> you love it. >> we're going to read your book, get your book, everyone out there, you got to get it.
5:30 am
it's about you go from prepare school to rehab. you talk about your marriage, your divorces, finding the love of your life and all about being on the road with aerosmith. >> yep. >> and after the book tour, it's back to the horse. >> we will be at the book signing today. >> where? >> union square tonight. i'll be signing books and doing it all across the country. >> terrific. so good to see you. we love your music. >> thanks so much. >> don't be surprised if i hang out with him so much. >> rock on. coming up, with all the news about ebola and the enterovirus, just how clean is your house and your office and your kids' school? we sent our own gerri willis on a mission to find out and what she discovered will definitely surprise you. high school football season canceled. the reason? allegations of hazing. should all the players have to suffer for the bad behavior of just a few? what do you think? weigh in as joe plays us out. >> all right, joe. ♪ ♪ (receptionist) gunderman group.
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with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. we've got a fox news alert. the threat of ebola in the united states now a top national security concern. president obama announcing stepped up airport screenings to stop the spread of the deadly virus. kdfw's reporter is live at dallas-fort worth international airport with what they're doing to keep the nation safe. good morning to you, jenny. >> reporter: hey, good morning. the word is that it's stepped up, but there is nothing specific at this point. so essentially when someone flies in to our airport here, it's the same as any other time of year. however, the president says they're working on potential new screening procedures and that could change. so i want to take you to some of
5:35 am
our video here as we see travelers doing what they're always doing across the country. so he says while the chance for an ebola outbreak is extremely low in the u.s., this administration is working on additional screening protocols here and overseas. he says he really plans to put the pressure on other foreign heads of state to make sure they're doing everything they can to join the effort. texas governor rick perry has appointed a task force of state and health officials to address infectious diseases like the ebola virus. he's calling on federal agencies to take similar steps. he says that customs officials and border patrol at all points of entry should be directed to conduct enhanced screening procedures even if that is something as simple as taking a temperature. so back out live, you can see people coming in and out of the airport. you think, okay. if someone is coming in from west africa, surely they're being checked when they come here into the u.s. that's not happening. the reason being, according to health officials, is that that check happens in the ebola impacted countries. but as we all know, a flight from, say, ghana, a flight from liberia could take 20 hours or
5:36 am
more. and then they come here. so it's likely that inç the future, they will be checked when they arrive in the u.s. reporting live this dallas, back to you. >> jenny, we thank you very much. that just makes sense. if they're going to check you for a temperature on the way over, 20-hour flight, now do you have a temperature? >> even if it saves one person. >> make a decision. they've been talking about the speculation for the last five days. decide what you're doing and do it. >> rick perry's plan sounds amazing. i hope they put that into place. heather nauert has the other breaking sinus. >> police are still searching for haggai who killed a trooper in pennsylvania. authorities searching the woods for eric frien, finding a handwritten note that detailed his crimes allegedly finding this note in the woods. the letter is believed to have been written by him. it explains how he ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one and then escaping. the letter does not offer any insight into why he committed that crime allegedly. the massive manhunt is now in its fourth week.
5:37 am
police hope that the falling leaves in the fall time will make it easier for them to find him. caught on camera, the shocking moment a train slams into an 18 wheeler on the tracks. look at this. two train engines and 17 cars derail in this horrific louisiana wreck. the driver of that truck jumped to safety. amazing. the train's conductor, however, suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. they're both lucky to be alive this morning. a lot of people writing in about this, a champion high school football team sidelined for the rest of the season. the superintendent of sarahville, new jersey school district canceling the remaining six groups as they investigate hazing and bullying allegedly by players. the parents of the players say they are outraged. they say it's the coaches who should be held accountable. other parents say it was simply
5:38 am
the right thing to do. the team won three state championships in the past four years. it is a big deal for those. the cops say this was pervasive and that the team players knew about this and condoned it. >> oh, boy. >> but they won't say exactly what hazing occurred. >> sure. thank you very much, heather. a lot of your comments pouring in on that last story. sam from pennsylvania e-mailed us: what would the players learn if the school holds the coaches accountable? they'd learn they can do anything without consequences to them. >> laverne from illinois e-mailed this, i think it's fair to put aside for bullying a stand needs to be made. >> john tweeted us and says fair teaches the kids a far more important lesson about human decency then they might learn on the field. >> keep the comments coming. in the meantime, we go out to the streets of new york city. and maria molina standing by with the fox stat. >> good morning. you know what? here in new york city we're expecting storms as we head into
5:39 am
later today and the overnight hours. some of those storms could produce some severe weather. anywhere from parts of new jersey, new york city, long island, connecticut, even up into rhode island, you are looking at the risk for some strong winds from these storms and even an isolated tornado risk is in place. areas of rain are expected, from parts of kentucky, west virginia, through interior portions of the northeast. parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york, you'll need those umbrellas today. otherwise temperature wise, you're on the cool side this morning. minneapolis, it is warmer today, though to kick off your day compared to yesterday. yesterday you were waking up to temperatures in the 30s. today you're in the 40s. you're looking at a current temperature in chicago at 50 degrees. not bad in l.a 66 degrees. they're going to be in the mid 80s come later today. look at texas and parts of oklahoma, though. temperatures out there, near record. mid 90s in october. let's head back inside. >> and today's high in anchorage, 35. >> thank you. coming up on this tuesday,
5:40 am
is jody arias too pretty to get the death penalty? a lot of jury consultants say yes, she is. there is plenty of evidence to prove that. we'll take closer look coming up. first, with all the talk of ebola and the enterovirus, just how clean is your home, your office, your kids' school? we sent gerri willis on a mission to find out. what she discovers is not what you think. >> our elevator. ♪ ♪
5:41 am
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you want to be the best investor you can be. you want to cut through the noise of an overwhelming amount of analysis. [ all talking ] you want the insights that will help you decide which ideas to execute and which to leave behind. you want your trades executed in one second or less, guaranteed, and routed with institutional-quality technology. look no further. open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor. amid the fears of ebola all across the u.s. and the scary entry virus plaguing preschoolers, even took one new jersey kid's life, germs are on everyone's mind. so how do you avoid them?
5:44 am
>> "fox business" network's gerri willis, that's who you call. she's exposing the cleanest places to work and the worst places as well. she joins us now to tell us what she found out. how do we know these diseases spread? 80% of infectious diseases are spread by your hands. they touch contaminated surfaces, touch your face. studies showed it takes only four hours for germs to go from the office door handle to half the desk and half the employees' hands. think about it. it moves fast. we wanted to know just how yucky our offices really are. here is what we found. we went down to the subway, made a stop at an atm, we want up an escalator. swabbed the buttons on an elevator, all to find out where the critters are camping out. the microwave, that can't be clean. >> no. that's the challenge we have. the bathrooms get a lot of attention because they're used frequently and people are kind of really -- like to have a
5:45 am
clean bathroom. these microwaves don't get much focus. it's actually not good. >> after testing the bathrooms, the breakroom, the revolving door, the candy machine. >> every afternoon i get peanut peanuts. >> it must be about this part 'cause this is where the food is coming out. this is a moment of truth. yeah. what else are we getting with our peanut m and m's? not good. it might be something we would like to disinfect every once in a while. >> the two dirtiest places we discovered? a keyboard that a lot of different people used. >> that's worst than your phone. >> and our photographer's cell phone. >> where did you put that phone? >> i think we need to give you some sanitizer. >> she says she's not terribly surprised by the results because she says let's put this delicately, people tend to use their phones in places that they perhaps shouldn't and then don't
5:46 am
clean them. while that may be a wake-up call, i don't think i'm going to answer it if it rings on our camera man's phone. >> i don't blame you. >> you want to know the dirtiest? >> yes, ma'am. >> dirtiest in our offices, number three, the photographer's smart phone, like you just saw. then the buttons on the microwave in the break room. finally, you know that green room on the 12th floor? one of the computer keyboards there, disgusting. this doesn't get cleaned. >> i use that computer all the time last night, in fact. >> wash your hands. >> what about some clean surfaces? >> so here is what these have in common. the stainless steel elevator buttons, escalator handrail. these are made out of material that typically don't hold on to germs. so you're a little safer there. >> although yesterday i took the subway and as i grabbed it, it was kind of gooey and i'm
5:47 am
thinking -- the person ahead of me was completely healthy. >> it's flu season. here it comes. it's responsible for many, many deaths in this country every year. >> steve is going so sit in the middle and go like this. >> can we wipe our hands all over you? >> thank you. fascinating. >> we watch you over at fox business weeknights at 5 p.m the willis report. thank you. >> we have to fold our arms. coming up straight ahead. >> is jody arias too pretty to get the death penalty? a lot of experts say yes. we have assembled our own experts for this case of legal insanity, arthur and ablow are on the case. it's the battle of the bald guys. but first let's check in with martha mccallum. she's promised to tell us what's on her show. >> hey there. good morning. we are just getting word that another town in syria is about to fall to isis. we'll get you a live report on that. less than 30 days from the mid terms and the races are starting to tighten up.
5:48 am
we'll talk to bill cassidy and tillis. and ebola hits spain as concerns rise about treatments running out. a woman in jail for attempting to go to a soccer match. bill and i see you at the top of the hour how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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5:51 am
lawyers are narrowing down a pool of potential jurors in a retrial set to determine jody arias' fate. could her looks and the fact that is this is a female play a factor in the sentencing or is that just legal insanity? let's ask our psychiatrist and our fox news contributor, dr. keith ablow and our fox news legal analyst, arthur aidala. i am one lucky girl.
5:52 am
>> we feel like the lucky guys here. >> thank you. what do you think about this? is she too pretty to die? >> she's not objectively speaking too pretty to die. but could it affect jurors, particularly male jurors that she happens to be attractive? sure, because to rip the cover off this ball, there is some number of those jurors who fantasized about being with her. >> that's sick. >> and executing someone that you thought of having sex with is harder. >> i'm not going to go that far. but i will tell you this -- >> what's the problem with you? >> as a trial attorney, when i'm picking a jury for a death penalty case or simple robbery case, you look for any way that that juror is going to relate to the defendant and to the lawyer. if it's somebody who i'm connecting with, i want them on my jury 'cause it's going to be harder for them to say guilty which translate noose mr. aidala loss. >> if you're representing her?
5:53 am
>> i want a lot of men who look at her in a father leeway or brother leeway as opposed to women who say -- >> you don't want to look at her in a sexual way because that i would venture -- >> correct. >> is the most powerful connection. >> i eschew that and go with the human connection. >> i'm no friend of the death penalty anyhow. but having it in your life as part of your life story that you voted to execute a woman is something a lot of men aren't game for. >> whether or not it's a sexual reason or whether or not it's a human reason, having a woman -- the looks of a woman, that plays a part? >> oh, yeah. >> i'm sure the looks of a female or for that matter, look, when o. j. simpson was on trial -- >> celebrity. >> the fact that he was a celebrity and good looking. people think about their life stories paragraph by paragraph. >> let me just change the subject. casey anthony. >> right, i was going to ask about that.
5:54 am
>> let's say she was convicted. but the evidence was much weaker and it wasn't as heinous. here this woman admits, i shot him. i stabbed him. i slit his throat. that can push jurors, even though i don't want to kill a woman, that can be like, hey, this woman is beyond the pail of really legal insanity and she's got to go. >> listen, the verdict may come in exactly as expected, perhaps she gets the death penalty. (no audio)
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many were afraid of is happening. the turkish president just saying that the syrian town of kabani is about to fall to isis. you're looking live at pictures of the fighting right now, kurdish forces have been struggling for days to defend the town and their president now saying air strikes alone may not be enough to stop the terrorists. up until yesterday there has been one in the last seven days.
5:59 am
another one last night would not be enough. the kurdish were fighting with 1980s weapons. >> then in other news, theresa giudice is speaking out about heading to prison for 15 months. she said she'll do fine behind bars and if her table flipping past on the show is any indication, we all agree. >> a husband gets a lot more. >> 11 in new jersey. we love that show. in the last 45 minutes or so, we had peter johnson, jr. on here and take a look at this. he has just been named a super lawyer of new york city. honored to be named to the super lawyer's roster for 2014. >> all right! >> good job! >> hats off to our own peter johnson, jr. >> he's done so much to help so many people with that. like that little boy get the medication. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> steve, to help with those traffic cameras. >> bailing you out. >> so what? we're going to do the after the show show.
6:00 am
if you don't know how that works, if you log on to right now, you'll see about five minutes of stuff we can't actually do on television. >> and original stories about maria's engagement. they continue to flow in. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. more territory. these are the reports out of the war zone despite u.s. airstrikes to drive them out of the area. martha: i'm martha maccallum. we have a fierce battle along the turkish-syrian border. terrorists use tanks and artillery to force their way into the city of kobani which is a key stronghold in northern


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