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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 10, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning, it is friday october 10th. we extort with a fox news alert. he killed 14 americans at fort hood now nidal hasan sending a warning letter to the pope. promoting jihad. what we know about his radical ties. >> haz mat crews rush in when a passenger claims he has the deadly virus. are we prepared? >> a school district telling teachers to call children purple penguins instead of boy or girl. did the p. c. police go too far? we report, you decide.
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♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first". it is friday morning. pop out of bed, be happy. >> it is now one minute after the top of the hour. another fox news alert to start a fight over ebola. firefighters in hazmat gear swarming a flight in alabama after a passenger gets sick mid flight. a man kicked off a plane after joking about having ebola. all of this it on a flight. >> good morning. five of america as busiest airports, jfk, dulles, atlanta
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and chicago -- o'hare will begin screening to try to prevent ebola from coming into the u.s. the secretary of health and human services suggests that may not completely eliminate the risk. >> the next step with regard to preparedness as we discussed is having a system that can handle any case that we have and we have had one case and i think there may be other cases. i think we have to recognize that as a nation. >> cdc director tom freed den says the ebola outbreak is nothing like he has seen in public health except for aids. nation nas have to work together this is not the world's next aids. in liberia 100 more u.s. marines arriveded to help combat the spread of the hedisease there. there are 100 troops there as
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they try to figure out how much money to spend on this effort. they are prepared to sign for some but not all of the obama administration's $1 billion request saying in a statement that he has quote significant questions on how american forces deployed to africa could be kept safe, how their bio security would be assured, what their exact mission would be. i recognize ebola is a serious threat and commends the selfless bravery of our men and women in uniform so are deploying to contain the outbreak. also in congress more calls for a travel ban. 27 lawmakers including three democrats sent a letter to president obama urging him to stop all flights from the west african nation hardest hit by ebola. >> hole knee henneberg, live, thank you. >> keep talking about the impact on travel are you afraid to fly or are you doing anything differently when you do fly. join the conversation on our facebook page after the show
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#keep talking. to dallas where the sheriff's deputy is testing knowi negative for ebola. he went into the apartment where thomas duncan was staying without protective deer. duncan's family now questioning the treatment received. clay jenkins defending the president's response on the record. >> what i have done in handling this response because i took over on thursday morning is torn off the rearview mirror for things happening before then we are going to look at things exhaustively when it is over but my focus is on keeping the people of dallas county safe and every 15 minutes i want to move a little closer to making sure this is over and this ebola virus stops right here in dallas. >> the hospital saying that they provided duncan with an experimental drug as soon as they could but they couldn't do a blood transfusion of ebola
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survivor because of his blood type because it didn't hatch. duncan told doctors he did not want to be resuscitated if he stopped breathing. a fox news exclusive now the fort hood shooter sending a handwritten warning to pope frances and the vatican. nidal hasan rambling on about jihad. what does the new letter say? >> well, good morning. that's right. the letter is addressed to pope francis and was provided exclusively to fox news by nidal hasan's lawyer. in the 6 page handwritten note the shooter espouses jihad the willingness to fight for almighty allah can be a test within itself and believing fiters have a greater rank than believers who don't fight. he warns christians and jews to take heed. now in august fox news obtained
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a separate hassan letter in which he pledged his allegiance to isis despite his allegiance to islam the 2009 massacre has been labeled as workplace violence not terrorism. there was no reference to the shootings of which he was convicted of 13 counts of premedicated murder p and 16 counts of murder. he is currently on death row in kansas. >> thank you, robert. breaking news from overnight. protestors in st. louis, missouri, burning american flags over the shooting death of another teenager by police. if>> in the chaos a knife is thrown at police and hits an officer in the shoulder. the violent crowd smashed this glass door to a pharmacy and scattered the window of a patrol car.
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this new tension reignited when an officer shot an 18-year-old dead after he fired at the police officer. >> he is accused of kidnapping college student hannah graham. they are ceasing the car matthew used as a cab driver the night morgan harrington zan nished -- vanished in 2009. forensic evidence does link 32-year-old matthew to her kidnapping. >> too suffering set backs in two states. the supreme court just stopped officials in wisconsin from requiring voters to provide photo id before fasting their ballots next month. meantime a federal judge in texas struck down the state's voter id law a ruling attorney general greg abbott says will be appealed immediately. >> like a bad game of dodge wbal democratic candidate ducking
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questions after question about whether or not she voted for president obama. take a listen. >> did you vote for president obama in 20008, 2012. >> this election isn't about the president. it is about making sure we put kentuckians back to work. >> did you vote for him? >> i was a delegate for hillary clinton. kentucky knows i am a clinton democrat through and through. i respect the ballot box and i know the members of the board, too, as well. >> you are not going to answer? >> the president is on the ballot as much as mitch mcconnell might want him to be. >> weighing in on the record. >> allison grimes in this video what she is really say something the people are idiots. there are a lot of ways to answer that question. she is playing the game that the electorates are a bunch of fools
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and this is a big joke. >> the latest fox news poll numbers puts the incumbent mitch mcconnell ahead of grimes by four points. >> you are looking at an image of nasa of the typhoon. >> three u.s. airmen were swept away at sea. 50,000 american troops are stationed there. maria molina has more on that. >> good morning. hi heather and ainsley. hello everyone. a typhoon is pretty much the same thank ing as a hurricane. they are just named differently based on what ocean basin they are located at. you can see a very impressive storm system. it was classified as a super typhoon and that would be a storm of winds at least 150 miles per hour riechlt now it is a category 4 with maximum sta
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sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. it will be moving over ok gnina and it will be impacting parts of japan. significant weakening should occur it should be a tropical storm then. more than a foot of rain expected otherwise across the lower 48 we are expecting areas of heavy rain here several inches into texas and the plains otherwise mid atlantic heading into today and tomorrow. >> mysterious red book found inside a 113-year-old time capsule pulled from the head of a lion's statue in boston. historians not removing the contents saying they are too fragile. the tightly packed box will be taken to a clean and controlled environment where they can be safely examined.
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it will a new cap actual will b placed with iphone six a potato photo of the mayor and a cannoli. >> forced to sign a no suicide contract at school has zero tolerance gone too far? >> microsoft under fire for saying women don't need to ask for raises. now he's walking back those comments but is the damage already done? >> plus you are going to hear her roar. katie perry making a huge announcement about an up coming performance.
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domestic violence. the retired fighter went saying just don't let them shoot me. he is being held on a 200,000 dollar bail. this man is waking up -- he v b verbally threatened to kill three of his teachers and had been accumulating weapons for two weeks. they found a stockpile of weapons including a loaded gun and hunting knives. will as for the motive, he thought the teachers were disrespecting him. >> a mother is furious as her kindergartner was forced to sign a contract at school when she drew a picture of what looked like a gun. she was given a questionnaire evaluating her suicidal thoughts and had to sign a contract prom policing not to hurt s--
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promising not to hurt hur self or others. the mother is trying to have the record moved from her record. >> a nebraska school district is now under fire for giving teachers marching orders to call kids purple penguins instead of girls or boys. >> purple penguins and parents are furious. lincoln public schools going to extremes to make classrooms gender exclusive. it is to help all kids succeed. but parents say it's pushing a sexual preference on people. here's examples of what is said. avoid asking kids to line up as boys or girls or separating them by gender. use things like autumn even birthdays or asked which would you use skate boards or bikes. don't use you guys, ladies and gentlemen, instead calling all readers, hey campers even purple
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penguins. if educators hear someone using gender specific terms they are urgeded to say that's interesting, can you say more about that, what makes you say that or i think of it a little differently. officials are doing damage control holding a press conference to clear things up and calm angry parents saying it's not a rule, just a suggestion. >> this was about adults professional educators about establishing relationships with children, looking for strategies on how they can be more effective in their classroom. >> school officials offend the gender neutral policy saying they are not pushing any political agenda. >> very interesting. >> now to a fox business alert the dow taking a huge hit impacting 401 k's.
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lauren simonetti is here with what you need to know. >> good friday morning. this is ugly. the phone calls were pouring in to financial advisors yesterday from nervous investors wondering what in the world is happening to their 401 k. we had a 2 percent down day yesterday. that means if you had 100,000 in your 401 k in u.s. stocks on wednesday you had 98,000 dollars in it on thursday. the dow fled a sharp 391 points. the dow moved at least 200 points in both directions that spells volatility. there was perhaps a disconnect in when interest rates will go up and when the feds will grow up. >> we have another data breech to tell you about, it comes from
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it dairy queen. 600 customer cars from affected at 395 stores. hackers got in with vendors credentials with access to card numbers and expiration dates. it has fixed the mal wear problem. shopping on-line at to getting in line literally new reports that the on-line retail giant will be opening an actual store in new york city and conveniently the story said before the holiday shopping season. it is on 34th street, ladies. >> just in case. >> that area is not crowded or anything. >> no, not at all. >> it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. they were given coverage earlier this year now the air force revoking healthcare benefits for some of the airmen all because of one mistake. >> would you be happier working with all men or all women? what a brand new study just
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>> the air force mistakenly issuing medical coverage to voluntarily lee separating airmen earlier in the year. any one volunteering is not scheduled for healthcare. now the healthcare is being taken away. obamacare causing hundreds of thousands of more people salute healthcare coverage. more than a dozen states are now cancelling policies which do not comply with the affordable care act standards. virginia expected to be hit the hardest with 260 policies
2:24 am
canceled. >> san francisco 49er's quarterback colin caber nick is getting used to being paid for wearing the dre head phones but now this. the star is getting charged. the envelonfl slapping him with 10,000 dollar fine. wearing a pink pear around his neck during a post game interview. one problem the league has an exclusive deal with bowes. he wore the pink ones because his grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. >> are legings a distraction? senior emily schafer was sent home for wearing the tight fitting pants which allows legings and yoga pants as long as it is covered. they are trying to create an environment where boys aren't distracted by what girls are
2:25 am
wearing. her mother says boys need to be responsible for their own actions. >> they said our bodies are a secret and should be kept a secret. >> school officials saying they can't comment on specific student matters but they say the issue has been addressed. >> it is time to brew on this, who needs it for working in the office? >> most of my best friends are women. i have had a group i have always been closer to women. >> i would say i probably get along better with the guys. more fun. you can joke around a little bit. >> a study said both men and women are happier when they don't have to work with each other. the women interviewed in the study said that sometimes they felt bullied combie mby the men. while men felt like they had to walk on eggshells around women. >> would you want to work in a single sex office? send your comments over to us at facebook or twitter
2:26 am we will share the comments later in the show. >> the time is 25 after the hour. they are there to serve and protect. now a local official wants to take away police officer's guns. is this the right move or a bad idea? >> a woman calls out dick's sporting goods in a letter when she points out there was no girls in a catalog. does she have a point?
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>> it is friday october 10th. he killed people now he lsent a letter to the pope talking jihad. >> what is there that has prosecutors gunning to throw him
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in jail? >> do you charge your cell phone while you sleep. why it could be making you fat? "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> it is friday. i am ainsley earhardt. >> your weekend is here. i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a fox news exclusive with you. it is a happened written letter by the fort hood shooter to the pope franceis. >> it is promoting jihad and fighting for allah.
2:31 am
robert gray has more on what the letter says. robert? >> that's right, apesly. the convicted port hood shooter addressing a 6 page hand written note to the head of the catholic church. it is titled a warning to pope francis members of the vatican and other religious leaders in the world. his lawyer shared the correspondence exclusively with fox news. he said those who reject the koran are liars, cursed and the worst of creatures and should quote take heed. he praised the willingness to fight for allah than whothose w don't fight. they obtained a separate hassan letter in which he pledged his allegiance to isis. december figspite the self proc
2:32 am
allah follower they called it workplace violence. there was no reference to the fort hood murderers. he was convicted of 13 counts of pre-meditated murder and accounts of attempted murder but no terror charges. thank you. robert. now to an ebola alert. fear taking flight around the globe in alabama firefighters in hazmat gear swarming a plane after a passenger gets sick mid flight. in punt cana the crew taking no chances kicking a man off of the plane after he jokes about having ebola. we have the escalating fears. >> is this the worst outbreak since the aids epidemic. that's the fear the centers of disease control the service members heading to the real epicenter of the threat. u.s. military aircraft touched down liberia just outside of the
2:33 am
capital of monrovia. local health officials seen screened them for fevers before their work to help build treelt sent he weres can begin. temperature screenings at airports around the globe with a group of 5 airports in the united states. it is not clear how effective that kind of intervention is really going to be. there are more calls including some from members of congress for an all out travel ban from west africa. tests continue to try to find some kind of effective vaccine to stop ebola as the centers of disease control put the outbreak in pretty stark terms. >> i will say in the 30 years i have been working in public health the only thing like this has been aids. we have to work now so this is not the world's next aids. >> they will come in contact with the family of thomas eric
2:34 am
duncan. tests confirm he does not have ebola. >> heather? >> that is good news. >> let's keep talking the impact on travel. are you afraid to fly or do anything differently while you are flying? join us on facebook at #keep talking. more than a third of syrian border town of co ban knee. the they are failing to push the group back bordering turks they are saying they don't want co ban any to fall. they refuse to call the larger role on coalition. the u.s. is saying, that isn't the focus of this mission. a mysterious blast at the aion ran nuclear plantae peers to point to a nuclear weapons program. these photos show where that explosion took place at a military base where western intelligence say nuclear missiles are being tested.
2:35 am
this showing photos before and after buildings as far as way as 10 miles. they denied any explosion took place confessing a day later. >> fuelling speculation about his health and even a secret coup. he is missing from a list of dignitaries for an up coming celebration it is the celebration he attended for the last two years coupled with the fact that no one has seen him in over a month the theories are flying some even claiming kim is laying low amid a massive eating binge. >> one dc councilman wants to disarm officers. independent david ross so saying he wants to get rid of guns in the city including police officers. other city council members quickly jumped to defend him saying officers in other countries aren't armed.
2:36 am
>> adrian peterson may be heading to court after all. now they are trying to have his bond revoked. the nfl star who should be laying low during the felony child abuse case is out on 15,000 dollar bond. using drugs would be a vie lioln of his bond condition. >> president obama is hitting up hollywood for cash now. he has a fundraiser in l.a. this afternoon. last night gwyneth paltrow hosted them in her backyard in a 15,000 a plate dinner. the actress showered the president with compliments at one time saying quote it would be woulden derful if we were to give this man all of the power he needs to pass the things he needs to pass. the president's visit coming as approval rating plummets in the state. he has only 25 percent approval rating. back in 2009 it was 65 percent. are you ready for some football and katie perry? >> ba♪
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>> the new york post saying katie perry will be performing at the super bowl. she has been rumored to fill the coveted spot. she is negotiating with the nfl to finalize the deal. the super bowl airs february 1st. >> well, flash flooding storms expected in parts of the plains today. >> maria molina is live in the travel center with that. >> we are tracking a storm system moving southward and also eastward across portions of the plains. it will be producing areas of heavy rains coming up today and also into tomorrow. it will be a little bit of a wet weekend across portions of the plains you can see across parts of missouri, arkansas and down into texas. we are seeing several inches of rainfall. we have several flash flood
2:38 am
watches. it could be heaviest coming up tonight otherwise chicago, boston, things are looking pretty good wihere the storm system is in place. it is already going to be a lot chillyer out there today. you can see temperatures only in the 50's in kansas city, chicago, cleveland. south of it very warm. in the city 90's in the city of dell rio and over the next few days you will be seeing the temperatures lowering in the great lakes and turning warmer. mild in texas in the 70's. 75 new orleans on the chilly side across parts of the upper
2:39 am
midwest currently 35 degrees. >> rush hour rescue where flash rising waters are trapping people in their cars. >> what every parent needs to know. >> you notice anything special like this how companies like amazon and hine kin are using logos to lure you in. ♪
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>> people are up and adam early in new york city. who is the bully here? the kansas chapter of uaw with the gm workers who choose not to pay the dues. the names of 30 people listed who are not in the union all an effort to intimidate them into joining the union. the other is in tennessee. the firestorm and controversy surrounding the ceo of microsoft saying women shouldn't ask for raises they should just trust the system. at a women's conference in phoenix nadal law said women who don't ask for raises have a super power because that's just good karma that will come back. he's walking back the comments saying our industry must close
2:44 am
gernd pay gam so a raise is not needed because of bias. >> talk about girl power a 12-year-old calls out dick's sporting goods. she notices there are no female athletes featured in the ad. angered she sent a letter to the company which reads in part there are no girls in the catalog, oh, wait, sorry, this is a girl sitting in the stands. maybe my dad will take me to some other store that sports girls to play basketball and follow their dreams and not sit on the side lines. >> the company is now reviewing the catalog process. good for her. >> do you ever go in the store for one thing but then you leave with a whole lot more? i certainly do. companies are compelling you to buy. lori moth man is here with the five tricks of the trade. good morning, heather. >> the retail industry is as
2:45 am
competitive as ever these days that's why some of the favorite stores restauras and brands may be manipulating you to spend the money. what it believes are hidden messages to pull out your credit card. drinks, bars and restaurants may only put a number next to the selection without putting a dollar sign hoping you will forget what you are spending. ever wonder why the super markets don't put veggies front and center so you to coax you into buying junk food later. impulse purchases, itunes benefits when you hear the song on the radio you must own. that is why apple waits to send you receipts so you don't feel badly about that quick download. next time you grab a hine kin or
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order something on take a close look at the logos both have smiley faces so you feel comfortable and confident you are spending money on a happy company. >> i saw it on amazon. >> an excuse to order this weekend. it is 46 minutes after the top of the hour how an off duty cop in the right place at the right time saved the day. >> do you charge your phone while you sleep? it may do more than keep you up at night. it could be actually making you fat. >> first let's check in with steve doocy with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> do you charge your phone at night? >> who doesn't? is what are you saying i am fat? >> never, ever. i hear where you are coming from. we are going to hear the details on that in a minute. coming up on "fox & friends" a
2:47 am
new letter released from nidal hasan. now we know why his hateful messages keep going public. then a five-year-old kindergarten student forced to sign a contract promising he won't hurt anybody after drawing a picture that kind of looked like a gun. did you get your flu shot? i got mine at cvs this past weekend. i might still be wearing the band-aid. is it time to get another one and is it worth your time each and eerie year? depends on several risk factors. frances is down with dallas maf vices owner mark cubin. geraldo rivera joins us live and martina mcbride is in the kitchen. three hours kicks off 12 minutes from now.
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♪ ♪ >> look at that, always amazes me. times square, lights always shining bright. people up and moving this morning. we're glad you are too. a dramatic flood rescue caught on camera. up to two inches of rain stranding this white van, and there was a motorist ip side. a fire truck carefully pulls up next to it allowing the driver to climb to safety. locals saying they have never seen a flood like this before. a speeding car loses control igniting in flames trapping three young people inside. a massachusetts corrections officer saw the whole thing. he was on his way to work when he says the car flew four feet into the air,
2:52 am
crashed into a tree and then it caught fire. >> some came up with fire extinguishers, some called 911. >> one passenger remains in the hospital. the driver facing several charges including drunk driving. ainsley? >> there are new fears that artificial turf fields could be putting children in danger. concerns being raised that the black rubber bits inside the grass can lead to cancer. numerous soccer goalies have come forward saying they have been diagnosed with cancer and think bits of tire rubber caused it. officials say there is no evidence to support these claims. >> you might want to unplug before you hit the sheets. a new study claims charging your cell phone while you're sleeping is making you pack on the pounds. manchester research university found the light emitted from the screens
2:53 am
reduces your production of melatonin and leads to weight gains. >> caught on camera, of course walked right into a police station. not a joke. it actually happened in england. you can see sliding glass doors opening as the stallion walks into the lobby. an officer escorted him back outside back to the home at a nearby field where it escaped. >> it is seven minutes before the hour. this is no halloween joke. this house being invaded by poisonous spiders. >> where you spend most of your time, would you be happier working with all men or all women? men or all women? your responses next.
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it is 57 after the top of the hour. before you leave the house, you need to know what's happening today. fort hood shooter nidal hasan sending a handwritten warning to the pope and vatican. the convicted killer affirms his position as a soldier for allah while promoting jihad. starting tomorrow new york's jfk airport screening all the travelers that are arriving from west africa. they're screening them for ebola.
2:58 am
next week new jersey's newark, washington's dulles, chicago's o'hare and atlanta's hart-phil jackson will follow suit. >> are you afraid to fly or are you taking extra precautions? head to our facebook now to take part in our conversation. it is #keeptalking. look at your credit card statements this weekend because dairy queen is the latest to be hit by hackers. hundreds of stores had credit card information stolen. see if you're a victim by checking the dairy queen website. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a pizza car driving getting a $1,200 tip. students from indiana and wesleyan university chipping in as part a project called do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. the driver planning to give his daughter a special
2:59 am
christmas. >> cops catching this would-be burglar in the roof of a convenience store trying to rob it during the day. >> a family from missouri forced from their home by thousands of venomous spiders. a tent covering it and poison gas being pumped in. the cost for repairs, 14 grand. like a horror movie. >> earlier in our show we were telling you about an m.i.t. study that found men and women are happier when they don't have to work with each other. we asked would you want to work in a single-sex office and here's what some of you said. shelly said i would rather work with 50 men than insecure women. linda said no, throughout my career i worked with men and women and have very good friends i know always had my back. >> joe said i am a miss --
3:00 am
misogynist -- i'm reading this wrong. i am a machinist and i work with all guys. sorry about that, joe. "fox & friends" starts right now. happy friday. good morning. today is friday, october 10. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. an explosive warning from the fort hood shooter to the pope. raising jihad, praising it and calling himself a soldier of allah. can his massacre still be called workplace violence? we'll tell you. >> we will. anger against police in st. louis reaching a boiling point. now protesters are thr knives and even burning, as you can see right there, the american flag. >> thanks, steve. ladies, would you like a raise? before you go asking your boss for more money, a top male c.e.o. says it's much easier to rely on


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