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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 22, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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themselves from president obama but will that make any difference come mid term? keep the conversation going. log on to our facebook page #keeptalking. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, october 22. i am ainsley earhardt. i'm filling in for elisabeth this morningng. we have two weeks until election day, can you believe it? this is a debate like you have never seen. this candidate takes on an empty chair when his opponent did not bother to show up. why did kay hagan bail? a live report straight ahead. >> election politics, it's a new low for this year. a new campaign flier urges voters that they can avoid another ferguson if they vote democrat. huh? >> she's an academy award winning actress, but this morning can you even recognize her? who is this hollywood
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a-lister and why is she looking at me like that. >> she had you at hello. >> you just gave it away. >> mornings, i guess, are better with friends. >> hey, this is peter from kiss and you're watching "fox & friends." i give a big kiss and hello to everyone out there. >> how nice. >> can you calm down? >> here it is gene simmons is coming up, wrote this great book about marketing and marketing yourself in business but you have two hours and 50 minute to wait. >> in the meantime, a fox news alert this morning. two weeks until the election day and a debate like you have never seen. the g.o.p. candidate takes on an empty chair in gnarl. his opponent didn't bother to show up. doug, why did kay hagan bail? >> we're getting so close here to this election and we're going to talk about two races in particular here that are going to be
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very closely watched. one is the gubernatorial race in florida but we're going to begin with what could be a very pivotal senate race in north carolina and that is where this now infamous debate took place last nate and we're talking about the race between democrat kay hagan and republican tom tillis. tillis ended up talking by himself to moderators. hagan ultimately did not show up for that debate. the other race we're watching very closely, charlie crist and rick scott running for governor in florida. this thing has gotten very personal very quickly. listen. >> you're somebody like rick scott and you have a private jet and you fly 30,000 people above people all the time or you live in an ocean-front mansion, you're out of touch. >> what i'm going to fight for every day is what i've done the last three years and nine months, i'm going to fight for families like mine growing up. >> i think everyone was watching charlie crist last
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night to see if there were beads of sweat because the last debate they had that big issue of whether crist cost fan he likes -- crist could have the fan he likes mounted underneath his podium. >> did he have a fan? >> i don't know. he looked pretty refreshed so maybe he did. >> it was kind of interesting. they evidently kept going back and forth about how bad each other's childhood was and how rich he was and how he got the money he has. i don't know how much the people of florida benefit from that. >> char had i -- charlie crist is now a? >> is he a democrat now? he is a democrat. >> harris is a republican. he had to defend his allegation that republicans are racist by the way they attacked president obama. >> let's talk about politics. looks like they hit a new low in the great state of georgia. there was a flier put out, and it was by the georgia democratic party. this is some no-name group
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trying to get traction. they put out a nier that says if you want to prevent another ferguson in their future, vote democrat. what does that have to do with voting for michelle nun or jimmy carter's grandson? >> nothing. it is offensive. it is such a stretch. comparing ferguson to georgia and if you don't vote democrat what happened in ferguson could happen here. >> the story behind the story is if hispanics and blacks do not go out and vote for democrats they're going to get routed in two weeks. how do you do that? by making ads and taking risks. this ad seems over the top to those on the outside but what resonates to those on the inside, brit hume
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yesterday. >> that is ridiculous and a very crude piece of literature. i can't imagine it will work. you can see what's happening, megyn. the democratic party has got nearly everything lined up against it in this upcoming election. the one thing many believe that could save it is another turnout miracle of the time that the democrat party was able to amass and the obama campaign was able to put together for the 2012 presidential election. >> a couple of days earlier in fayetteville, north carolina there was a flier put out by one of those no-name groups and it warned, it said kay hagan doesn't win, obama's impeachment begins. vote 2014. so our question of the day on facebook is we're playing politics with ferguson -- will playing politics with ferguson backfire? you can e-mail us and tweet us as well. >> the white house yesterday as you know, in an effort to get out the
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african-american vote, in an effort to get hispanics motivated, the president did a bunch of interviews with black radio hosts, including al sharpton. one of the things he said which i think stood out is when he said listen, i know certain people in is en states i'm not going to be popular but i'm there to get the vote out to get the turnout for the mid term elections. these people in democratic states, they support me and my policies. that doesn't jibe too well with what josh earnest said yesterday. >> take a listen to what he said. >> the success of many of these democratic candidates will depend on their own success in motivating voters that strongly support the president in 2012. ultimately those democratic candidates will have to develop their own strategies in their states for figuring out how exactly to do that, and there are people running in red states that have a strong track record. it should be their
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decision. it is ultimately their campaign. it is their name that's on the ballot. >> was the decision not to invite the president of the united states to go ahead and campaign for these red-state democrats? he was not asked to help out in arkansas or alaska, colorado, louisiana or north carolina. and so the white house essentially was saying look, if these guys had the jackpot of the president to use as a resource and they didn't and they lose, don't blame the white house. charles krauthammer, who is a doctor, says this has got to be hard for the president to take. >> look, this is a guy who six years ago had a worship service at a denver stadium, being cheered by people while he was behind greek columns. a few weeks earlier he had been the hero of 200,000 germans in berlin. this is a total humiliation for him. he can't take it, so it
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pops out. this is a way of saying, you know, i transcend the party. i'm bigger than the party. i still am. and i'm still here. he's not going to go out and campaign in these states obviously. but this is hard for him to take. i would extend a little bit of sympathy to the man. he's under stress. >> a psychiatrist. >> right. >> it is unbelievable these candidates would pretend like you say i disagree with the president on this or that, on this policy, i get it. but to not answer the question -- it happened again last night, jean shaheen of new hampshire, do you support the president, what policies do you not support? and they pretend as if they didn't vote for him. they don't answer the question. that makes you look dishonest if you don't do something that your record reveals you already did. >> they're all distancing themselves from him. in other news this morning, heather has got a lot of headlines to share with us. >> good morning, gang. hope everybody is off to a good morning. i bet these ladies are in trouble with their parents. three teenagers arrived home in denver.
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the f.b.i. says they tried to join isis in syria. the girls are just 15 and 16 years old. they are somalian sudanese descent. they boarded a flight out of florida to germany. that is when their parents realized their girls were gone but they never made it to syria. the f.b.i. grabbed them in frankfurt, germany. the jihad lured them on-line. they will not be charged yet. an american locked up in north korea for nearly six months is on his way home to ohio. jeffrey fowler was taken to guam before heading to the united states. he was arrested in may for living a bible in a nightclub. in the meantime negotiations to release two other americans are still underway. welcome back. >> another ebola scare. a passenger landed at a newark airport with a fever is in isolation at the
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hospital. this happeninas we get a bit of good news. doctors in nebraska just declared that nbc news photographer free of ebola, and he can now head home. >> an icon in the world of journalism has now died. benjamin bradley, executive editor of "the washington post," guided that news room for more than 25 years. reporting done by the post, shed light on the entire watergate scandal. bradley died of natural causes at his home in washington. he was 93 years old and what a life he lived. those are your headlines on this very rainy day in new york city. >> going to rain all day. >> ten minutes now after the hour. straight ahead, caught on camera, a woman's farm invaded by the government. >> you're looking for evidence of whether or not this is being used as a residence. you need to look in closets? why don't you look in the refrigerator too. >> the owner not backing
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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a virginia farmer claims an environmental group is trying to drive her off her property with overzealous zoning enforcement and invasive inspections as well. >> we are looking for evidence of whether or not this is being used as a residence. >> that was an easement. >> you need to look in closets? why don't you look in the refrigerator too. >> i don't want to get in an argument about it. i'm asking if i can look in the closet. >> that seems a little odd. this has been going on for eight years and now martha benita, the woman whose voice you hear on that video fighting back is joining us from this nation's capital. good morning. you've been on before and talked about your plight here. when you bought this farm for your family, you agreed to an easement. the condition of the easement was this group,
3:16 am
the piedmont environmental council would come in every once in a while and make sure you weren't breaking the law; right? >> my family acquired the farm. it was my childhood dream to be a farmer. we acquired a conservation easement that permits residential, agricultural, commercial and even industrial uses on the family farm and we never dreamed in a million years that we would encounter so much abuse of power. you know, small family farmers need as much opportunity as they can to be viable on the land, it's been heartbreaking to have eight years of abuse of power on my family farm. >> i know at one point somebody suggested let's have video cameras, surveillance cameras so we can see what martha and her family are doing on that property. what else have they done to you? >> that's chutely chilling to think -- that's absolutely chilling to think about that. it's been eight years of invasive, abusive inspections that go far
3:17 am
beyond what's reasonable. small family farmers need all the help they can get. what we have here is an organization that has the power over thousands of acres of american farm hand and yet there is no accountability whatsoever to the american people, to the american voters or to the democratic process. you know, we are conservation-minded, sustainable farmers. we produce vegetables and raw honey, herbs and hay. to have this type of overabuse of power on a small family farm is devastating. >> is this a land grab? are they just trying to get your land back? >> sadly, we discovered that this environmental land group entered into a private top secret, confidential agreement with realtors concerning my family farm. >> we know how that ends up in the maw vis. they put out a statement,
3:18 am
the piedmont environmental council says the reality is p.e.c. spent a total of thee hours per year on this property since 2007. that is respect of mrs. boneta and her property. obviously you disagree. >> the video speaks for itself. there's mountains of evidence that the piedmont environmental council lobbied my local county government to find us in violation for engaging in farming practices that have been in existence since forever. >> now as i understand it, martha, you're going to take your grievance with its outfit before somebody who is going to essentially arbitrate and say who's right; right? >> right now we are going to pursue a legislative relief and judicial relief because there needs to be something in place to protect small family farmers and give them yef opportunity to be viable and not have to live in
3:19 am
fear of these types of abuses. >> martha boneta talking about her family farm in the commonwealth of virginia. thank you so much. it is exactly 19 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. coming up, drunken college kids create chaos at an annual pumpkin festival but watch what happens when a reporter tries covering the story. >> you think that inciting these people is a good idea? i am going to pull the plug on you. >> when you report the news, when you report the reality, the people in charge want to shut you down. >> that reporter threatened for doing his job. he's going to join us live coming up next. >> she is an academy award winning star but this morning can you even recognize this hollywood a-lister? who is that? ♪ ♪ ♪i have a cold.
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a former member of the harlem globetrotters van ishes without a trace, he disappeared while driving from seattle. cops found his car abandoned in a park with no sign of the 37-year-old. game over for the coach embroiled in a football
3:24 am
scandal in sayreville. police arrested seven players accused of sexual assault in high school. the high school canceled their entire season. the season is over for michael sam, the nfl's first openly gay player. overnight we found out he was cut by the dallas cowboys. the reason? some of the injured players are ready to play and now there are too many players on the roster and he is going to go. >> thank you, steve. drunken college kids creating chaos at an annual pumpkin festival but when a reporter tries to cover that story, this is what happened. >> the festival coordinator is on site here. she is not letting me do my job and report to you. she would not like me to tell you what is going on at keane state college. >> if you think inciting these people is a good idea i am going to pull the plug on you.
3:25 am
he a signed you this -- i as signed you this spot. >> you heard it here first everybody. >> when you report the news, when you report the reality, the people in charge want to shut you down. this is against freedom of the press, folks. >> wow. that video going viral. on our show jared goodell is the local reporter. they threatened his job now. he joins us. jared, way to hang in there. were you surprised that she came after you like that? >> good morning. yes, i was. i mean, look, we were doing, you know, live coverage throughout the pumpkin festival and for someone to storm on the set this was wicked surprising. we didn't expect this at all. >> what's interesting, what is ironic here is she's saying there is no violence happening if he festival. she wants to ceap the peace but yet she's basically assaulting you, pulling
3:26 am
that microphone out of your hand and trying to -- look at this video. clearly there is violence there. dozens were arrested, 20 were hospitalized, cars were turned over and burned and bottles thoan at police. she was angry because this is your original live shot. take a look. >> we heard a number of beer bottles and beer cans were thrown at police officers sometimes and we also heard there was even fireworks that had gun off. so that is a situation we're following very closely. >> jared, you're just doing your job. >> absolutely. >> were you surprised she attacked you like that? did she apologize? >> again, yes, it was very surprising and i have not heard from ms. sterling. she has not issued an apology personally or publicly. >> since the video is out this, what's the reaction been? what's it been like fr -- for you? >> i've been doing
3:27 am
interviews across the country for the past 72 hours and everyone wants to know did you expect this? why did she try to silence you? i don't have a great answer for that. i think she wanted to keep the festival name clean, but everybody across the nation has seen the images that were happening on and off campus and around the keane pumpkin festival. there was a serious safety concern. >> and you were trying to do your job by telling families what was going on in your community. what are they going to do about this? are they going to cancel the festival for next year? >> i think they're discussing that. the mayor of keane said earlier this week that it's too early to begin discussing really whether or not the festival will happen. they're still working on trying to continue arrests with the riots. >> here's what she said. she said i needed to keep 80,000 people safe and one self-promoting punk could help me do that or try to impede me from doing that. i guess she's not a big fan
3:28 am
of yours? >> it doesn't seem that way. for someone to come out and call me a punk for trying to educate viewers at home about the safety concerns that could be happening right outside their homes, i think that's unfair. >> absolutely. you did a great job. jared, congratulations. i hope you get even a bigger job from this. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you have a bright future. coming up, remember the five gitmo prisons freed in exchange for bowe bergdahl? the government said they weren't a they the but we have new information you're not going to look. >> if you thought spending tax dollars to watch a shrimp on a treadmill, wait until you hear how washington is spending your tax dollars now. ♪ ♪ my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past.
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it's the shot of the morning. a puppy playing tug of war with his owner's bikini top. and now watch this. >> of course the camera man took his time before finally helping her and getting the dog to relinquish the top part of her swim costume. >> that dog is trained well, right? a man definitely trained that dog. that's really cute. >> 28 minutes before the top of the hour on this
3:33 am
wednesday. if you thought that spending tax dollars to watch a shrimp on a treadmill was bad, we've go the more bad news for you. washington waste book 2014 released hours ago. it outlines the 100 most unnecessary ways the government spent tax money thisary including masssages for rabbits and synchronized swimming for sea monkeys. >> peter doocy is live in washington with this new shocking report. cannot wait, peter. what's on it? >> reporter: now we now why it costs ten grand to watch grass grow and that's because that tax payer project calls for someone in florida to pull 40,000 plugs of grass one by one and then monitor how long it takes for that grass to come back. that's just one of the head scratching projects listed in this latest edition of senator tom coburn's waste book. there's monkeys on the cover this year for a reason. the national science foundation spent $171,000 of your money to watch
3:34 am
monkeys gamble and see if they share feelings of winning streaks and losing streaks with humans. turns out they do. and if you liked the shrimp on the treadmill you'll love this one. a mountain lion on a treadmill or to be precise three on a treadmill for a grand total of $866,000 as the national science foundation tried to measure what they call the power of the pounce. big winners in this year's waste book have got to be the rabbit prodded with a special device that simulate add swedish massage by the national institutes of health. they spent $387,000 over two years to see if a massage like that could help an athlete recover following exercise and how much. coburn calls these big-ticket items uncle sam's stupid pet tricks but the waste book also details spending done on humans, including a $10,000 dprant f a play -- grant for a play called zombie in love. that $10,000 went in part
3:35 am
to teaching guys to help students understand -- and i am not making this up -- that, quote, even the undead have feelings. just in time for halloween. back to you. >> peter, for people watching now and they want to apply for that $10,000 to watch grass grow, is that something that's ongoing? >> i would think most people watching would probably do it for half of that. >> thank you very much for the live report. so many people have been saying n.i.h., c.d.c. needed more money on ebola. here they are spending money to give rabbits masssages. >> stressful. when to hop, when not to. >> ebola, isis action national security. >> he goes out the way he started pointing out waste, but we're still wasting. >> what do you think about the federal government's stupid pet tricks? e-mail us or
3:36 am
facebook us. >> we hate to get on the treadmill. >> it is so ridiculous, you cannot make up this stuff. and this next story you cannot make up either. do you remember the five gitmo prisoners freed in exchange for bowe bergdahl? of course you do. the government said they were not a they the to the united states but now the taliban -- that they were not a threat to the united states but now the taliban claims they visited the former gitmo detainees. two members of the haqqani network went to the home where they are under house arrest. the two were taken into custody in afghanistan after that meeting. at home a convicted cop killer who was allowed to speak at a college graduation has been silenced for good and so has anyone else like him. pennsylvania creating a law that prevents convicts from doing more harm. abu jamal serving a life sentence for killing a pennsylvania police officer, he was allowed to give a prerecorded speech at goddard college and now there is a law that prevents that kind of thing
3:37 am
in the future. there is a brand-new report out today that may put the brakes on how you feel about illegal immigrants being allowed to get driver's licenses. we learned doing so is going to cost california taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. the d.m.v. there hired more than 1,000 employees to handle the extra work. the cost is estimated to be $220 million over three years. >> they can get a ride. i haven't driven in 25 years because of a health issue and i have never ever missed a doctor's appointment or missed what i needed to do. >> regardless of what their status is, make sure they know how to drive a car, i would feel a lot safer. >> those new licenses will be available for them on january 1. she stole our hearts in the movie jerry mcgwire. >> just shut up. you had me at hello. >> now renee zellweger is getting a whole lot of
3:38 am
attention for a new reason. she's not completely recognizable right new. the actress causing a bit of a stir with her new look. you can see it screen right. experts say she had some sort of work done. zellweger firing back saying i look different because i'm happier and healthier than ever. i think she looks great. her eyes look different but she looks great. >> you had me at hello. who are you? >> who is her doctor? he did a great job. >> doesn't make you look better. makes you look different. >> maybe she doesn't want to sign autographs anymore. she does not want to be recognized at the airport. >> maybe she's healthier, whatever she's doing. >> why am i getting yelled at? 22 minutes before the top of the hour. you know what last night was. giants beat the kansas city royals in game one of the world series. >> royals fans like steve
3:39 am
were out in droves. it has been 29 years since their team has won. >> maria molina is live in kansas city at kauffman stadium. good morning to you, maria. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. good to see you this morning. hello everyone. despite the loss, the kansas city royals fans were still excited and ready to go right before game one of the world series and that's because it's been almost 30 years since they have been in the championship. we were able to catch up with them outside the stadium hast night. take a look. >> let's go royals! let's go royals! >> how do you feel about the world series being here in kansas city? >> it's great. it's been a long time and everybody is excited. great to see the atmosphere around here and the city is electric right now. >> you have your glove with you. what are you looking for? >> i'm going to try to catch a ball out there. i'm around right field.
3:40 am
>> you're hoping for a home run? >> yeah. >> if you catch that home ball can you give me the ball? >> i kind of want to keep it. i really do. >> you're nine months along. are you a little concerned about anything happening during game one? this will be a lot of excitement. >> it could happen but my o.b. is here. he's in section 110. >> the kansas city royals are undefeated this post season. what are your thoughts? are they going to continue this streak into the world series? [crying] >> the last time the royals won the world series was 1985 and you happened to be where then? >> game six. >> they're such a fun group to watch. amazing. >> 29 years, one wife, two kids, four dogs, two cats, and we're back. >> you can catch game two of the world series tonight at 8 p.m. eastern time.
3:41 am
it is going to be on fox. going to be the san francisco giants again against the kansas city royals. we're going to see who wins game two. very important over the next couple of days to continue to watch the world series. the weather conditions were not an issue last night here in kansas city and not forecast to be so tonight. temperatures in the mid 60's by 8 p.m. eastern time. and the winds out of the southeast five to ten miles an hour. elsewhere we have high temperatures on the cool side across portions of the great lakes and the northeast. highs out this in the 50's. speaking of the northeast we have an area of low pressure with areas of rain. so it is an nor'easter going to be producing travel delays out there. let's head over to new york. >> it is soggy here. maria, thank you very much. live from kauffman in casey. >> it was one of the most popular shows on tv but does a "breaking bad" action figure with a meth bag belong on the shelves of toys 'r' us? we have an update next.
3:42 am
>> it is crunch time in the election system. will the candidates sink or swim? a fair and balanced debate with those two guys and brian kilmeade coming up. ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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in business news, care mark, a company which handles prescriptions for c.v.s. health is about to start charging more if you fill your prescriptions at pharmacies that also sell cigarettes. c.v.s. stopped selling cigarettes last month. starting today target will offer free on-line shipping trying to win back consumer confidence after the data breach. toys 'r' us making good on breaking bad. they're pulling these action figures complete with the bag of meth from store shelves. this after a florida mom's petition against the dolls
3:46 am
got 8,000 signatures. >> it is only a few weeks until the mid term elections. isis taking center campaign trail. >> in october we had an opportunity to keep position force in iraq. we sent a letter saying please keep a transition force there. >> i don't think we should send them back. i think that is revisionist history. i think the threat from isis is very real but i don't support sending troops back into iraq. >> 86% of voters say isis poses a serious threat to the u.s. homeland, what is shaheen thinking there? that is the not the only issue facing voters. only 22% are confident with the government when it comes to preventing ebola.
3:47 am
joining us is the former aide to jack kemp and former speech writer to vice president joe biden. tony, when we talk about those issues, first off on isis, i told you six months ago al qaeda matters that much. you said not really. what changed? >> you're talking about new hampshire two weeks before the election. this is a reliably democrat state where jean shaheen former governor now senator was looking good. because of national security issues which are of specific and unique concern to states like new hampshire, you have james foley, the beheaded journalist from new hampshire, jean shaheen is in this predicament because the president sent out an unmanageable policy for democrats to support. when it comes to isis he tried to say it is a manageable problem, jean shaheen tweeted she agreed with biden more than obama that we should be chasing isis to the gates of hell. this is why races like this
3:48 am
are tightening. they are nationalizing the issues. >> the other big states north carolina, kentucky, kansas and georgia. >> i think there is a lot of fearmongering, isis, ebola. more people have been married to larry king than have caught ebola in this country so maybe we should deport larry king. >> you know this thing with ebola. it is about how government acts. >> at the yut set it seems -- at the outset it seems scary. i think the situation seems more under control now. the thing with isis, the president's policies seem to be doing okay in terms of isis, the oil fields from which isis gets a lot of their money are being destroyed. isis is having a much harder time than it did a few months ago and ebola is not prevalent in the united states. this is a lot of fearmongering. i think these are the issues that will dissipate as we get closer -- >> there's no other cases, matt.
3:49 am
if there's no other cases. >> to say it is fearmongering when you showed 84% of americans view isis as a real threat. with ebola, brian, the reality is public safety and national security are the two issues that cross party lines. we saw a recent "politico" battle ground poll showing women now leaving the administration. tina brown, a liberal commentator says it's because obama makes them feel unsafe. to say it is fearmongering goes against the attitudes we're seeing showing public display. >> it is fearmongering. i think the situation is under control at this point. >> the mismanagement of crisis is the issue. ebola feeds into that perception. >> how can you say it is mismanagement of crisis when the crisis is being managed. >> thank you so much.
3:50 am
very good debate. there is a lot of intensity. hopefully americans start paying attention to the mid terms. these religious plaks have hung -- religious plaques have hung for decades he's one of the biggest stars in hollywood. matthe mcconn hue is bucking the liberal trend. what he says that will make you say all right, all right, all right. ♪ ♪ (vo) rush hour around here
3:51 am
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or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at {door unlocking} hey, what's up? (door closing) how's it going? what are you doing? i can't believe you're watching this without me. we agreed we'd catch up on everything tonight. if i did this to you, you'd murder me in my sleep. you know what? just watch it by yourself. (sighs) i can't not know when i know that you know. the latest episodes of the top 100 shows are preloaded and ready to watch with xfinity on demand. atheists are threatening to sue a texas school district over religious plaques that have hung in front of two elementary schools for nearly two decades.
3:54 am
do they have a point? our next guests say no. we're joined by our guests who live in the area and both of you have kids at these schools. i want to start with you tiffany, because we've been covering this for a while. on monday the school board or the trustees were supposed to vote whether or not they should take down these flaks. they -- plaques. they decided not to vote. why are you still fighting for this? >> well, i think just because there wasn't a vote or decision made. i think this is probably just the quiet before the storm and we do have a vested interest in this and we don't think that now is the time to remain silent. >> okay. so let me paint the picture for folks who are joining us now. this is an atheist group out of wisconsin. madison, wisconsin. more than 1,000 miles away from where you live in texas and they are saying they have a problem with what's happening in your school district.
3:55 am
tiffany, are the majority of people that are living there, majority of the parents for those plaques and like what's written on those plaques? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> let me read what's on the plaque and justin, i'll get to you. this is what they say. dedicated to the year of our lord, 1997 to the education of god's children and to their faithful teachers in the name of the holy christian church. so justin, as a chaplain in the city and you have kids at that school, it seems like such a benign message to me. >> yeah. we're all about want to go see the cause of christ go further. we want to see the cause of christ in more public arenas in the american culture. not take things away. we want to see christ in our schools. that's really what i as a parent and as community minister am all about. >> this is the same group that attacked other schools in other states. the same group that went after the coach at clemson university for holding voluntarily football
3:56 am
studies for the football team. i think growing up in the south, people in wisconsin, these atheists and other cities need to understand the culture in the south and how churches are very integral part of our childhood and growing up. it's a very important part for the southern culture. tiffany, do you want to touch on that? do you feel angry at the fact that other individuals in other states are trying to change what's happening in your children's elementary school? >> i do. i am bothered by the fact that a group can come into our community, which is a strong majority christian community and say what we can or cannot have. to me that, is very frustrating. >> trying to bully us. >> yes. >> justin, you touched on that. the war on christianity. thank you both so much for wake up this early tho talk to share your story. coming up, if you don't pay your water bill, you don't get
3:57 am
your water. that's not what the united nations thinks. why they're telling an american city to turn that water back on. if you use an.quin if you use an.quin >> ez pass, you need to hear this next story and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years.
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yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering? good morning. today is wednesday, october 22. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth. i wasn't too loud for you. >> that was great. >> two weeks until the election. a debate like we have never seen before. gop candidate tom tillis takes on the chair right there on the right side of the screen. why is democratic opponent kay hagin refuse to show her face. >> then the white house has a new message for democrats losing in the polls. it's not us. it's you. is the president hanging his own party out to dry? >> sounds like it. meanwhile, he's one of the biggest stars in hollywood known for bucking the liberal trends of tensele town.
4:01 am
>> i thank god 'cause that's who i look up to. >> what matthew mcconaghey is saying this morning that will make you say all right, all right, all right. because mornings are all right with friends. >> this is paul standee and you are watching fox friends. >> we've had the whole pit band on. steve, that's what you do, right? >> all right, all right, all right. >> what other impressions do you do? >> after a few drinks, all of them. the reason we just played that is because we got gene simmons. has a great new book out. build an army of one. >> i don't know if you know, i read that book, he's very confident. >> he says he hates the pc police, which i like. can't wait to talk to him about it. it's two weeks until election day. a debate like you've never seen. fox news alert. gop candidate tom tillis seen on the right portion of your screen there, sitting next to an empty
4:02 am
chair. his opponent was supposed to be there, senator kay hagin, she didn't show up. her campaign says she declined to do the debate when she was invited in july, but she's facing allegations of corruption and insider deals involving taxpayer money used to fund projects for companies, her family owned. >> now to florida, charlie crisp forced to sweat it out under the lights for his final debate. republican governor rick scott and democratic challenger expressing their views in a debate that got heated and very personal. >> you don't know me. you can't tell my story. and i'm not going to tell yours. >> you bankrupted your state. $9 billion. somebody has to pay that off. >> whoa. and in new hampshire, fireworks in a debate between senator shaheen and republican challenger scott brown. >> do you approve of the job president obama is doing?
4:03 am
there will be a chance to follow up, but this is a yes or no answer. do you approve, yes or no? >> in some ways i approve and some things i don't approve. >> and they laughed. a lots at stake, two weeks left. it's amazing how people choose to hang on or hang out the president. >> surely. you know what? the writing is on the wall. if your election were held today, the republican party would gain control of the u.s. senate. then there is a shock poll on drugs right now. women want republicans, they prefer republicans over the democrats. so it looks like two weeks from today the postgame show on the wednesday after the election, it will be bad news for the white house and democrats in general if this trend holds. so it looks like the white house is trying to get a little ahead of the bad news. yesterday press secretary josh earnest essentially said, if these candidates, these
4:04 am
democrats who did not invite the president to campaign on their behalf, if they lose, it's their fault. >> the success of many of these democratic candidates will depend on their own success in motivating voters that supported the president in 2012. ultimately they will to develop their own strategies in their states for figuring out how exactly to do that. and their people running in red states have a strong track record t. should be their decision. it's ultimately their campaign. it's their name on the ballot. >> wow. washing his hands of them now, which i think that might be the problem. there is no loyalty. >> do you hear a howling? >> that's my snooze alarm. can you imagine if that actually happened? i should not have said that. josh earnest is right because the president was told to stay
4:05 am
home. they really are on their own. i question their decision to pretend he's not the president from their party. >> i think it's the fire alarm. >> really? >> yeah, it is. >> it just goes to show you, this election is a barn burner. charles krauthammer says you know what? this is hard news for the president to take. >> this is a guy who six years ago had a worship service at a denver stadium, being cheered by people while he was behind greek columns. few weeks earlier he had been the hero of 200,000 germans in berlin. this is a total humiliation for him and every once in a while he can't take it. so it pops out. it is a way of saying, i transcend the party. i'm bigger than the party. i still am. and i'm still here. he's not going to go out and campaign in these states obviously. but this is hard for him to take.
4:06 am
so i would extend a little sympathy to the man. he's under stress. >> a lot of stress. he went on to rip republicans and say, most polls say america is not good with republicans either. they have to watch themselves. i think a lot of these race, some polls say 50% chance and some higher republicans taking it. but i think it's going to come down to the last two weeks. one or two points in five different race. >> it all depends on turnout. by the way, the turnout, as it turns out, it was not a fire alarm, but instead, it was an announcement here in our building that there apparently are power outages up and down 6th avenue which we see to central park. essentially said because of that, don't get in an elevator. >> what happens if your office is on the 17th floor? >> i have an 18th floor to go to the radio show in six minutes. >> i'd leave now. >> 6 minutes after the top of the hour. a fox news alert.
4:07 am
three american girls, 15 and 16 years old, and i think another one is 17, nabbed by the f.b.i they were reportedly on their way to syria to join isis. >> anna kooiman is here now with these brand-new details. this is extremely good disturbi. >> good morning. the teen-agers just arrived back home in denver. they have somali and sudanese decent. they boarded a flight to germany and their parents realized they were gone, along with $2,000 and their passport. they never made it to syria. the f.b.i. nabbed them in frankfurt. >> when the family saw the missing persons document with law enforcement that the kids had taken $2,000 in cash on the same day they had complained about feeling sick and staying home from school, went to a local library and that does appear to be where they made the purchase of the tickets. >> it's believed the girls were lured on line to wage jihad. they will not be charged. these girls are not the first
4:08 am
american teen-agers to try and join isis. last month, 19-year-old shannon conley was also from the denver area, pleaded guilty to helping the terror group. she was arrested at the airport heading to join isis and to serve as a nurse at a jihaddist camp. very disturbing. >> indeed. thank you very much. imagine some kids get in trouble if they watch too much tv. how much trouble do you get into if you try to join isis? >> they should be charged. >> heather nauert, help us out with what's happening in the news. >> good morning. great to see you. the alleged indiana serial killer, darren vann, is hours away if facing a judge on more murder charges. he confessed to killing seven women. but authorities believe there may be more women dating back 20 years. >> our detectives have been at the scene while he was there and they said he had been very forth coming and almost like he just wanted this information to be
4:09 am
out. >> police are focusing on ban donned homes in the area where he may have stashed other bodies. a former member of the harlem globetrotters vanishes without a trace. 37-year-old harris disappeared while driving from california to seattle. his car was found abandoned in a county park nowhere to be found. harris was reportedly moving to start a new job and to be with his long-time girlfriend. overnight another ebola scare to tell you about in the united states. a passenger who landed at newark airport with a fever is now in isolation and is being tested for that deadly disease right now. he traveled from liberia to bus levels before flying to america. this before the new rules went into effect. they now have to fly into five airports in the united states where extra ebola screening measures are now in place. finally, one of the world's most famous songs is now at the center of a nasty legal battle, led zeppelin accused of stealing
4:10 am
"stairway to heaven" from a band they toured with back in the 1960s. take a listen to the song. ♪ ♪ >> wow. steve is devastated. now listen to "stairway to heaven." ♪ ♪ >> you notice a difference? or maybe not much. zeppelin tried to get that case dismissed. but the judge says it will move forward. those are your headlines. >> they sound identical. >> that was ages ago. why are they just now coming out with this lawsuit? >> they're broke. >> 40 years. absolutely. can you imagine --
4:11 am
>> we've also got more word, there is a fluke with led zeppelin. >> sound a little different. let's talk about matthew mcconaghey. he's got a lot of accolades. might be one of the finest actors in the world. also somebody who speaks his mind. remember when he came out and did a lot of things that people weren't expecting, like thanking god for his success. he actually said this after he won the oscar. listen. >> i thank god 'cause that's who i look up to. he has graced my life with opportunity that i know are not of my hand or any other hand. he has shown me that it's a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. >> matthew mcconaghey speaks, there are always a few surprises in there. what he just told gk magazine will rile up harry reid and a number of democrats who are trying to portray the term redskin when is -- when talking
4:12 am
about the team as racist because matthew likes the team. >> he says what interests me is how quickly it got pushed into the social consciousness. we were all fine with it since the 1930s. and all of a sudden, we go no, got to change it. it seems like when the first levy breaks, everybody gets on board. i love the emblem. i dig it. it gives me a little fire and some umpf. but now that it's in the court of public opinion, it's going to change. i wish it wouldn't, but it will. >> james snyder said it's never going to change. he owns the team and said he's never going to change the name. >> right. even if bill sims refuses to say it and bob costas refuses to say it. >> i'm curious to see what he would say about the way brian said all right, all right, all right. say it again. >> i let down america with that and steve told everyone how it do it. >> i'm giving you the movie for christmas. >> you promise? >> yes. >> what do you think about what matthew mcconaghey said regarding the redskins? e-mail us.
4:13 am
you could facebook us or tweet us on this wet wednesday. >> especially if you're a native american. you might be in a tough position. you like his movies, but you want the name changed. write us. coming up, if you don't pay your water bill, should your water be shut off? that's what's happening in detroit and it has the united nations up in arms. stuart varney is here with an update on that story. >> united nations? and what's vice president joe biden's biggest regret? well, of course, he's going to tell us as we roll on live from new york city. >> come on over. you're next. ♪ ♪ you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash.
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4:17 am
imagine you're choosing at times to either pay your rent or pay your water bill, pay for medical necessities or pay your water bill. these are not choices we expect people to have to make in one of the richest countries in the world. >> she's from the united nations. the u.n. has swooped in to save delinquent detroit residents from paying their water bills because a lot of them are getting shut off. >> this year alone, the motor city has cut off water to more
4:18 am
than 27,000 homes because those homeowners are not paying their bill. >> u.s. attorneys called that move a human rights violation, but should a city that's already facing bankruptcy really be giving out more bailouts? joining us from our sister network, "fox business" network, stuart varney. do you have a problem with the united nations spanking us? >> oh, yes, i do. this is all about embarrassment. this is a deliberate attempt to embarrass the united states. to hold up americans and say look at those people. they're denying people to minorities. they are human rights violators. they were invited into america by the aclu, which basically wants a bailout for detroit. here is the facts, could i give you the facts on this? detroit is bankrupt. they owe $18 billion. that's bad. there is $115 million owed on water bills. so the city did indeed cut some people off. but they put 33,000 people on a
4:19 am
partial payment system so that water is still running, but they are stale paying a little bit for it. only 2300 homes are cut off. >> these families don't have water, i'm sorry they can't pay their bills. but why is that any different than any other bill that we have to pay? you don't pay your house or car, you lose it. if you're not paying for water, why should you get it? >> of course. this has been going on for years and years and years and detroit is bankrupt. the united nations says you've got to give that water to people because it is a human right. if they're living in a house without water, you have to move into a house with water and you have to give them lawyers to make sure they get that water for free. >> that would be great if the world actually worked that way. these are some of their recommendations. restore the water connections to all residents who are unable to pay. stop further disconnections. provide financial assistance and access to 26 gallons of water per day. determine whether shut-offs have disproportionate effect on minorities. give legal access to -- give
4:20 am
residents access to legal remedies to challenge water bills for cause. i would imagine that if somebody had circumstance where is they are disabled or elderly, there probably are no cutoff notices. but they don't cut off their water. it's just the people for one reason or another don't pay. >> hardship cases get special treatment. everybody else gets a chance to go on to a partial payment system that you can afford. the united nations -- >> you're telling them to butt out? >> yes, yes. please. >> i think there is other human rights issues and water issues in con they wants. you don't have to worry about it in an american city. >> by the way, we're paying the bill for this. >> when they started shutting it off, they started paying their bills. >> it's embarrassment. >> great to see you. thanks, stewart. don't miss varney and company. log on to5mts
4:21 am coming up straight ahead, talk about expensive trip, one customer got a $17,000 e.z. pass bill. how does that happen wisest kid, i need something awesome. to make it awesome, make it "mini." like campbell's® mini chicken pot pies. awesome, mom. get recipes at ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪
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4:24 am
the first of its kind ever. a new procedure has a paralyzed patient walking again. he can thank his nose? that's right. doctors in london transplanted them into his back and regrew his spinal cord. he was left paralyzed from the chest down after a knife attack. fellows, want to be a dad? hit the bottle. a new study shows men who drink a half glass or half beer every day are more than twice as likely to get their partners pregnant. there seems to be a lot of other
4:25 am
factors involved there. i'm going to go study that study. in other news, if you use your ez pass to cut your commute down, listen up because glitches in the system have turned into a nightmare for drivers by hitting them with jaw dropping fines, in the thousands of dollars. emily miller is the chief investigative reporter for fox 5 in washington, d.c she's uncovered this story for us and she joins me now live this morning. emily, a lot of people are listening 'cause so many people use ez pass. >> yeah. and obviously a lot of us suffer from really bad traffic. here in dc in this area, we have some of the worst in the country. so when joe came to me, he said he was thrilled when the beltway opened up to express lanes a couple years ago 'cause it cut his commute almost by half. but he was stunned when he suddenly got summoned to court for $17,000 of fines for unpaid tolls.
4:26 am
so he came to us when he faced a looming court date. >> the thing that frustrates me the most is they don't care. they're not trying to resolve this. they're trying to get $17,000 for $23 in tolls they did not collect. >> all of his whopping fines came through month long period when his transponder wasn't read properly. this could happen many reasons, from a tinted windshield to the tilt of the wheel. he didn't hear anything back, so he thought it was cleared back. a year later, joe got served with 17 summonses to pay over $17,000 in fines for a few missed dollars in tolls. this is court. not traffic court because the other party of the company called transurban that manages
4:27 am
and operates these lanes, many states have given control of public roads to private companies ho help pay to build the lanes. but that means the tolls are enforced by transurban, not virginia and not e.z. pass. when joe went to court, transurban off the record them a settlement for $6,000. >> it's a total shake down. i called the room at the courthouse the shakedown room. >> when i asked transurban about joe, the company said it would make an exception and drop the case. but he still had to pay a couple hundred dollars in fine. then transurban says his case was rare and unique. no, it wasn't. since my first story aired, i heard from a lot of people who says they use these express lane, their ez pass account is fully paid paid, but the transponder is not getting read. this woman's case is near joe. she had an ez pass account
4:28 am
linked to her credit card. >> it wasn't rare and unique. this is happening all the time. i'm not the only one it's happened to. obviously it's happened to joe and other people. >> how much total did transurban say you missed in tolls and how much hotel are you being fined for? >> total that i missed? 28.30. total being fined? 9,548.30. >> she's so scared that she accepted an out of court settlement. she has to pay $2,000 by november. she took out a loan from her 401(k) to pay for it. she and over a dozen other ez pass users e-mailed me in the past week about fines from these express lanes. yet transurban still says these cases are rare. >> if you look at this, about 96% of our customers are using express lanes and not having issues. 99.9% of them are solving issues before court. we want this to be 100% of
4:29 am
people who don't have issues. >> well, transurban's 96% success rate sounds good until do you the math on it. there is a 1 million drivers on the beltway express lanes. that means there are 4,000 people out there with these problems and i have found well over a dozen of them in just one week. i'm still following this story and i will air more information as i uncover the full ex tents of this mess. back to you. >> excellent story. maybe things will change because of your story. we appreciate you bringing that to light for us. >> thank you. has this happened to you at home? if it has, please send us your e-mail. there is the e-mail address on your screen. coming up, a man puts a woman in a choke hold at an atm. but her quick thinking might have saved her life. then rules. what rules? c.i.a. director leon panetta was going to publish his book no matter what the government said. ♪
4:30 am
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kansas city, game one of the world series. i love baseball. baseball was our national pastime before selfies took over. royals played host to the san francisco giants. the giants have been to the world series three out of the last five years. their fans are used to this. for the royals, this is a huge deal. they haven't been to the world series since 1985. so their fans are extra fired up. this comes to us from our friends at our local abc affiliate in wichita, kansas. this is a live report after they completed a sweep of the orioles. don't just watch the passion here. if you open yourself wide
4:34 am
enough, you can feel it, too. >> oh, my gosh. we're excited! thrilled to see that kc is going to the world series. >> they're always lame at our parties. if she's there, she says, this is great. >> you got to make it look good. joining us live from caps kansas city where it was crazy, but not really much to celebrate last night in kansas city, maria molina. >> exactly. that's probably why the bar scene wasn't that exciting last night. the royals unfortunately lost. we have game two coming up tonight. hopefully we have a much better result for the royals. this morning i'm joined by a very special guest. we have pedro patella, iraq war veteran. you had the honor of throwing the ceremonial first pitch of
4:35 am
game one of the world series. you represented service members everywhere. what does it mean to you to have had that honor? >> it's amazing. still somewhat unreal of what took place last night. i was very honored to do that, to be able to stand here in front of the fans in kansas city and represent the veterans all across the nation, especially those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. it's a great honor for me. it's part of my continuing service, part of that oath i took one day and continue to take in my heart. >> absolutely. thank you so much for all that you do. you served in iraq. after serving in iraq you suffered with ptsd. now you're helping local veterans. what do you do to give back? >> this morning actually i'm going to be leaving from here straight to the v.a. hospital where i volunteer one day a week, an organization that former director of the hospital started vets for vets. we help veterans navigate through the hospital. and help them understand what's going on.
4:36 am
they also don't feel they're by themselves. at the same time it helps me continue to connect with them so that we continue to work as a team. >> absolutely. that sounds incredible. what do you think will happen tonight, because unfortunately the royals lost last night. you have been a royals life long fan. you've lived here in the community for so many years. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think they're going to regroup. i think right now they're all thinking about what happened last night. they're focused. this is the way the team works. they're very focused. they work together. tonight they're going to take it. i think it's going to be a wonderful game. the giants are a great opponent, but the royals are wonderful players. i'm really looking forward to the game tonight. i know they're going to win this one. >> what did it feel like throwing out the first pitch? >> it was very interesting. there is 40,000 people here and they're all cheering. but at the moment i was throwing the ball, my focus was one on the glove, to make sure i got it on the strike zone. but also i was thinking on those veterans and families that couldn't be here. especially those that really paid the ultimate sacrifice and
4:37 am
that was the most important thing for me. >> thank you so much for your service and for all that you continue to do. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> let's send it back to new york. >> that's great. >> thanks. tell pedro his throw looked fantastic. >> royals could have used him last night. >> got off to a 3-0 deficit. >> do you have to keep bring up the numbers? heather nauert is number one when it comes to news. >> always has been. >> thanks. we are so lucky to have you, aren't we? got news to bring you now. former c.i.a. director, leon panetta, is not letting the government stop him from publishing his memoir. a new report revealed that he clashed with the agency over its efforts to censor him. he let the publisher start making copies before he got the final okay from the c.i.a. that memoir was ultimately approved by the c.i.a.'s publications review board before it hit store shelves. a nightmare coming true in
4:38 am
florida and a warning for all women this morning. take a look at this creepy guy and these terrifying pictures. police say this guy approached a woman while she was at an atm machine, wrapped his arm around her throat and threatened to hurt her unless she took out money and gave it to him. she hit the panic button on her car keys. police then arrested him after his girlfriend turned him in. she saw his pictures on the local news. frightening. and like a lot of us, you probably gotten one of those red light tickets from a red light camera. a court in florida is putting the brakes on you having to pay for historic no matter where you live. the program works like this. cameras installed by private companies at traffic signals snap photo which is are examined by the camera's owner but not law enforcement to check for violations. once a citation is sent, the driver has 60 days to appeal it before it becomes a fine. however, there is no actual law enforcement officer involved
4:39 am
there. how interesting. never learned that before. the judge is now calling that practice illegal. way to go. like that judge. vice president joe biden revealing what he considers to be his biggest regret. listen. >> [ bleep ] >> it's not that one. biden says his biggest regret is actually giving billions of dollars in stimulus money to states with republican governors for high speed rail service and then having those governors turn down that cash. biden says those states are gonna regret it when they look at california. that's because jerry brown was one of the governors who took that money. listen. >> and guess what? watch what's going to happen in the next four years. you're gonna see a high speed rail system going directly from l.a. to las vegas, carrying hundreds of thousands of passenger. >> there is just one problem with that. the future of that high speed rail project linking vegas to los angeles is still in doubt.
4:40 am
memo to joe biden. by the way, people -- >> the future, choo=pn[@x choo . >> thanks, heather. in my house, we get the video available -- >> you received in the mail tickets for speeding? >> and we're guilty as a family. i don't know who is driving the car, me or my wife. so we debate it back and forth. they need to take a shot of the driver to find out if it's me or my wife. >> there is a time stamp on it. you don't have any idea when -- >> we just try to survive, steve, in middle america. >> they do actually send your picture. it was a picture of me going... i got caught. >> i just love how anyone can set up a camera.
4:41 am
if i sent you a bill and said you ran the red light, you're going to pay me. anyone can do this? >> i don't think it would hold up in court. >> take it to ainsley. meanwhile, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. imagine your normal commute interrupted by this. >> [ bleep ] >> yeah, what went wrong? that story next. and is the michael brown shooting, if it's not controversial enough, democrats are using it to scare up votes. is that a good idea? first, your trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1938, this actor is better known as doc. en the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. ♪ ♪ out for a bike ride.
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awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. unbelievable video now. a news cameraman was out on assignment in seattle covering a traffic accident. he was hyped a barrier when a truck came barreling through that barrier right toward him. there is the barrier. the truck driver said that he was just trying to get around the traffic. no one was hurt, thank goodness. now terrifying moments on a road in pennsylvania. the passenger in this car started filming when he noticed the white car in front of him swerving between the lanes. the driver making sure to keep his distance, when this happened. >> [ bleep ]
4:46 am
>> wow. everyone is okay, though. now police are investigating. steve? >> that was hard to watch. thank you. we all remember the sights and sounds of ferguson, missouri this past summer, rioting and protests plagued the community after the shooting death of michael brown, a black teen-ager shot and killed by a white police officer. believe it or not, one georgia democratic group is using brown's death to score some votes two weeks from now. this flyer from the democratic party of georgia shows young black children holding signs that read, don't shoot. another uses an image of a ferguson protester and the words, it's up to you to make change. joining us now, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> you'd have to go real long walk to find something this disgusting and vile as this. this first image says vote, that shows a man with his arms outstretched, as if -- which is apparently from the ferguson rioter.
4:47 am
you see tear gas and maybe smoke grenades in the background, as if he's about to be shot or because he has his arms up in protest n solidarity with michael brown's death. then the next image, if you want to prevent another ferguson in the near future. then depicts two young african-american children with hand prints on handwritten signs ha thank say, don't shoot, as if these adorable children are about to be shot. and that is the price to be paid if in fact a republican was elected in georgia. we have a senate race. what's even more disgusting and disturbing and vile and really incredible in this century is that the democratic party has doubled down and defended these ads. the atlanta journal constitution -- we reached out and said our state and democracy is stronger when more people
4:48 am
participate and we have seen what happens in places like ferguson when voices are silenced. we must make sure to exercise our right to vote. so you could deconstruct each of those sentences and get physically sick based on the untruths there, but these are exhibits a and b. >> sometimes you see this kind of vile stuff before an election, but it's a no name group or an invented group. this is the democratic party of georgia that has put this out. it comes on the heels, i'm sure you saw the "new york times" a couple days ago, a pollster -- there was a note, confidential memo that said, if they can't get black voters to the polls crushing losses for democrats. it looks like this is a naked ploy to get people to the polls and so they stoop to this. >> this is reminiscent of the ku klux klans. both parties have an obligation to bring people together. it's more than elections.
4:49 am
it's more about the fabric of our country. so when we start saying people are going to be shot, young children will be shot, that people are going to be in the street in civil disturbance, that innocent black men are going to be mowed down by police officers, even though there hasn't been an arrest or conviction, that we're appealing to the basest instincts that i don't even think we have. i think this is offensive to every american community, black, white, republican, democrat. i can't believe that we're really talking about this. i had to our producer this morning, i said, i looked at this overnight many times and i have never seen anything like this in my entire life, especially coming from an established party in this country. it's the worst of the worst. >> all right. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. what do you think about that? e-mail us or tweet or facebook us. coming up, ever seen a child acting up, disrespecting adults
4:50 am
and the parent does nothing about it? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow has the answer coming up. on this date back in 1897, the world's first car dealership opened. in 1978, pope john paul ii was inaugurated as pope. in 1988, a groovy kind of love by phil collins, number one. ♪ ♪ when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at the answer to today's trivia question, born on this day in 1938, the actor is known as doc to marty mcfly. christopher lloyd is the answer. our winner is dennis rodriguez
4:54 am
strong from los cruces, new mexico. you can get my book, out in paperback next week. who is normal and who is nuts? the question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. keep me out of this. so hi. let's get to our first question. in the two years my wife and i have been together this man writes, she's worked three jobs, each one lasting about three months. she claims she's just picky about her jobs. meanwhile, i've paid for three trainings and various trainings and education and she still doesn't work. normal or nuts? >> nuts. and of course, you paid for three trainings and education because you might be a little crazy yourself if you think that
4:55 am
they're just mean spirited, evil employers who keep turning your wife away. there is something wrong. either it's a personality problem where she's getting under people's skin or -- could be that she's got attention deficit disorder that needs to be treated. get her to a therapist. not an employment agency and don't get her any more employment training until you figure out what's wrong. >> maybe fear of commitment? perhaps what a job would do. >> sure. did i say to play psychiatrist? >> next question. my daughter is stubborn to the point where she alienates the entire family over trivial issues and refuses to acknowledge she overreacted. normal or nuts? >> i'm going to say normal until i know more. i've sometimes identified patients in families who are quite sane when everybody around them is a little crazy. so they keep pointing fingers and people keep saying, boy, you're eyrassible. have me to dinner, we'll figure this out over one course probably. >> you got it. number three, this is about a
4:56 am
sister spending a lot of money on shoes. my sister can never hold a job and she's always broke, but as soon as she gets any cash at all, she buys shoes. i swear she has more than 200 pairs. normal or nuts? >> i like this one because my dad sold shoes for a living, but she's nuts. here is the thing, no different than when -- when you don't feel good about yourself, sometimes you look for crutches. this one found high heels instead of crutches. put on running shoes, run to my office or any other qualified therapist. work it out, you'll save money in the long run. >> put down the keds and run to his office. thank you very much. >> all right. >> let me know the bill. coming up straight ahead in the final hour, if you thought spending tax dollars to watch a shrimp on a treadmill was bad to you, it just got worse. wait 'til you hear how washington is using your cash for other things. and midterm election less than two weeks away. dana perino is just two rooms away. she's talking to steve about the three races that we need to watch. ♪
4:57 am
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that's fearless protection poise maximum can't match. with tena, i'm not afraid. and you won't be either. good morning. it is wednesday, october 22. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth this morning. two weeks until election day and a debate like you have never seen. gop candidate tom tillis takes on an empty chair when his opponent did not bother to show up. i guess he won that debate. so why did kay hagin bail? a live report straight ahead. and what should you expect when you don't pay your water bill? >> you don't pay the water bill, the water gets shut off. >> thank you, rush. tell that to the united nations this morning. they're demanding one american city turn the water back on for the people who don't want to pay their bills. >> he's one of the biggest stars
5:01 am
in hollywood known for bucking the liberal trends. >> i want to thank god 'cause that's who i look up to. he has graced my life. >> what matthew mcconaghey is saying this morning that will make you say all right, all right, all right. >> much better. >> that was better. >> not really that good? >> here is how you're supposed to do it. listen. >> all right, all right, all right. >> you know what? mornings are better with friends >> buying a plane ticket to colorado. >> when you're suggesting high, you're talking about altitude wise? >> exactly. exactly. later this hour, gene simmons wrote a book here. what i love about this book especially, it's got a built-in book mark, how genius is that? >> you getting ideas for your next book? >> i should. >> ask the average kid what that
5:02 am
thing is, they'll have no idea. it's a ribbon. >> they roll on the ipad. he talks about entrepreneurship. it's really interesting. >> we look forward to talking to him. first this, we are just two weeks away from the election day. and a debate like you have never seen just happened. gop candidate tom tillis takes on the empty chair when his opponent did not bother to show up. doug luzader is live. why does kay hagan bail? >> first of all, we're going to talk about three different races. a couple will be in the senate. that's important because that could change hands. a florida gubernatorial contest. north carolina senate race, new hampshire senate race, all of these kind of bizarre debate moments. you're talking about the one in new hampshire. first of all, between kay hagan and tom tillis, a little bit one sided. let's look at the video here. hagan decided not to show up. she says officially that's
5:03 am
because she only agreed to three debates, not this fourth one. but there have been allegations about suspicious funding involving the sum of her family-owned businesses. now, the next race to talk about is what's going on up in new hampshire. obviously a very contentious race between scott brown and jean shaheen. the degree to which democrats are distancing themselves from president obama. shaheen last night was asked by a moderator to imagine as though she was sitting at home, getting a call from a pollster. listen to what she said. >> do you approve or the job president obama is doing? there will be a chance to follow-up, but this is a yes or no answer. do you approve, yes or no? >> in some ways i approve and some things i don't approve. >> all right. we'll move on now to the gubernatorial race in florida. a very contentious contest
5:04 am
between a democrat charlie crist, the current republican governor there, rick scott. they had a debate last night as well. it got pretty heated. listen. >> you don't know me. you can't tell my story. and i'm not going to tell yours. >> you bankrupted our state. $9 billion, somebody has to pay that off. >> the thing we were watching for in this debate, whether charlie crist was sweating on that podium because remember the last time they had a debate, rick scott initially refused to come out because thereof an allegation that charlie crist broke the ground rules because he likes to have a fan below him during all public appearances so he doesn't sweat. we understand now that the fan was not used at the debate last night. back to you. >> well then indeed, it did get heated, doug, as you said. >> literally heated. >> no kidding. thank you for that thorough report. >> if you talk to most of the political experts, they say if democrats want to have a late push, it's going to be effective
5:05 am
to hold to the senate, it will come from the african-american vote. how they have to be motivated to get out and vote or else the democratic party and the president of the united states are going to have a rough two years. they'll lose the majority in the senate and they've already lost their majority in the house. so how do you do that? >> the democratic party in georgia had an idea. they came up with this flyer. take a look at it. here is the picture. it says, if you want to prevent another ferguson in the future, and then they have the two little kids holding signs that say, don't shoot. >> what does ferguson, missouri have to do with electing michelle nunn to the u.s. senate or jimmy carter's grandson the governorship? it all has to do with getting people motivated. they think that this desperate -- keep in mind, this isn't some no name group that you've never heard of. this is the official democratic party of georgia, which is extraordinary. brit hume looked at all of this stuff and he said it's a desperate ploy that ain't gonna
5:06 am
work. >> it's ridiculous and very crude piece of literature, very crude. i can't imagine it will work, but you can see what's happening here, megyn. democratic party has got everything lined up against it in this upcoming election. and the one thing many believe that could save it is another turnout miracle of the kind that the democratic party was able to amos in the obama campaign was able to put together for the 2012 presidential election. >> i just got an e-mail from somebody that said when you think about ferguson, missouri and you're talking about the governor and also the senate job in missouri, the governor is a democrat and so is the longest serving senator, talking about claire mccasscal. >> that's interesting. what is the point they're trying to make? >> i'm not sure. but if this goes to a runoff and georgia decides the majority, if you think it's relatively controversial now, both sides will be pouring money in. it is going to be take no
5:07 am
prisoners. >> we asked you for your comments and we got a whole bunch. donna on facebook writes, this helps to divide our country. children are used when adults are acting immature. >> another writes this, this kind of low campaigning is just offensive. i hope the people of this state can see through it and know that they are being used. >> keep those questions coming in. meanwhile, the aclu invited into detroit, detroit, michigan, the united nations. why? well, because so many people were having their water shut off because they weren't paying their bills. they wanted the u.n. to analyze whether or not they're targeting minorities and things like that. why exactly was the united nations invited in? rush limbaugh had this observation. >> you don't pay the water bill, the water gets shut off!
5:08 am
it's that simple! if you don't pay the gas bill, they shut off the gas. if you don't pay the electric bill, they'll turn that off, too. people need water to survive. well, then, if you can't afford the water, maybe it's time to get rid of something else! we all have to adapt. boy, that's really cold, rush. that's really cold. i know, but we're already $17 trillion in debt because of welfare primarily. >> well, here is the question, to add insult to injury, the united nations with all these things happening around the globe, for them to show up in detroit and condemn us, out of control. stuart varney was here. he's from britain. >> this is all about embarrassment. this is a deliberate attempt to embarrass the united states, to
5:09 am
hold up america and say, look at those people. they're denying water to minorities, they are human rights violators. they were invited into america by the aclu, which basically wants a bailout for detroit. >> you know what's interesting about this story? as soon as they announced they're shutting off the water, if you don't pay your bill, the bills started coming in. they were starting to get paid. >> funny how that works. just like that. thanks to rush and stewart for helping with us that. >> all the folks who wrote in. >> keep the comments coming. heather nauert has assumed her position here. >> good morning. >> i've got a couple girls in really hot water with their parents. three teen-agers just arriving back home in denver. the f.b.i. says that they tried to join isis in syria. the girls are just 15 and 16 years old. they're of shallian and sudanese
5:10 am
descent. they boarded a plane to germany and that's when their parents realized they were gone, along with $2,000 and their passports. the f.b.i. grabbed them at frankfurt, germany. it's believed they were lured to join jihad on line. another ebola scare. a passenger who landed at newark airport with a fever in isolation this morning and now being tested for that deadly disease. he traveled from liberia to brussels before hopping on a plane to the united states. this coming as those new rules now go into effect. it opposes -- imposes limits on travelers coming to the u.s. from like i can't, sierra leone and guinea. they can fly into these five airports for ebola screening measures are now in place. a convicted cop killer allowed to speak at a college graduation has now been silenced and so will anyone else just like him. pennsylvania now creating a new law and it aims to prevent convicts from doing more harm to their victims' families.
5:11 am
abu-jamal, serving a life sentence for killing police officer faulkner was allowed to give a prerecorded speech to goddard college. now this new law can stop something like that from happening again. first he thanked god at the oscars and now matthew mcconaghey is publicking liberal hollywood once again, defending the washington redskins name in a new gq interview. he says, quote, we were all fine since the 1930s and all of a sudden we go, no, we got to change it? it seems like when the first levy breaks, everybody gets on board. i love the emblem. i dig it. it gives me fire and oompf. now it's in the court of public opinion, it's going to change. a lot of comments coming in. and you have a few of them. what are folks saying? >> thank you very much. >> this is what randy said. hurry, take a picture. a hollywood movie star with common sense. god bless him. >> mike says he got it right. those of us out here in flyover
5:12 am
country are sick and tired of the pc crowd trying to change our traditions. >> dave writes this, all i have to say is all right, all right, all right. thanks to everyone who wrote us. >> i love that was the one you got to read. >> maybe i should take my shirt off and be more like him. (buzzer). >> i'm just getting wrapped. >> put that pink shirt on again like a to you weeks ago. coming up, if you thought spending tax dollars to watch a shrimp on a treadmill was bad, it got worse. wait until you hear how your tax dollars are being used to give rabbits massages. >> the midterm election less than two weeks away. dana perino is here with the top three races you need to watch.
5:13 am
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. two weeks from today, we should know the results from the midterm elections that could change the balance of power in the u.s. senate.
5:17 am
>> a shocking turn of events in north carolina last night, the incouple benefit, kay hagan, never showed up for the final debate. the co-host of "the five," dana perino, joins us with reaction to that and the other big races that we're all watching. >> that was interesting last night when she didn't show up for the debate. there is a dispute. what happens in these things is that you plan early on to say okay, i'll do three or four debates. she said she only agreed to three. they say she agreed to four. she showed up for the debate and she didn't. her staff probably should have made her go to that debate. she's been in some trouble, especially recently, some allegations about helping her husband get some taxpayer-funded contracts. she disputes that. but that doesn't sit well. however, that still doesn't seem to be affecting her too badly in the polls. she's doing pretty well. >> she blew up the postdebate because she had some controversy about something she said. this is her again avoiding answering questions. she never anticipated the question about who you voted for. >> if you want to be a united states senator, you'll be asked
5:18 am
to take very tough votes. hopefully we'll get some legislation moving. you have to be able to say who you voted for and why and i think it was disrespectful to president obama that she couldn't just say yes, i voted for him. unless she didn't. and that would be interesting to find out. >> in the last year, we ran the original joany ernst ad, she wants to be the new senator from iowa. she's got a brand-new one out this morning. here is 15 seconds of it. >> it's a mess. dirty, noisy, and stinks. not this lot. i'm talking about the one in washington. too many typical politicians hogging, wasting and full of -- let's just say bad ideas. >> what do you think? very effective. >> she did an ad nine months ago called squeal and it put her on the map. it was an internet ad. nobody was really paying that much attention to that ad. but that ad went everywhere. people thought, who is this? the house democrats yesterday
5:19 am
said their internal polling shows her up in all of their polls and that she's winning in democratic districts. it's still very, very tough. they're pumping a lot of money into it. the thing i like about her is yes, she's a vet and a mom and private sector experience, but also she shines on the campaign trail. she's a joyous candidate. i think that comes through for people. >> she's getting dirty. she's not afraid to get in there. >> true. but iowa, it will be interesting to watch iowa in 2016 and 2020 because the demographics are changing. the cities are growing and the urban areas are changing. >> it will be interesting to see if a woman -- >> i would love to see her. i'm for more women in politics s and i think having her in the united states senate is a good thing. >> we've been talk being in georgia, the ferguson ad is down there, a flyer put out by the democrat party. right now it's neck in neck. david purdue, the republican, is just about tied with michelle nunn. >> well, i think that the
5:20 am
national republican senatial committee that pumped a bunch of money in the race to help him to pull away from her, that is a sign this they think it will come down to the wire. there is a libertarian detainee that is getting about 5% of the vote that to me, that takes away votes from the republicans. so i think that could hurt purdue. however, in the end, i think it will work. the thing about nunn that surprises me is she worked for president george bush in the fund of life foundation. he endorsed purdue. he doesn't always do that. but he thinks that republicans win the senate, he did it. he asked michelle nunn not to use his likeness or his family's likeness in ads and she continues to do that, which i find surprising because i would never, ever want to disappoint president george h.w. bush. >> they don't get the 50%, they have the runoff. >> megyn kelly and bret baier could be sitting there for six
5:21 am
weeks. they have to live here. >> gosh, don't say that. >> thanks so much. >> we'll be watching you at 5. >> "fox & friends" coming right up. >> we're going to talk about helicopter parents. >> i hope so
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
we've all heard about helicopter parents, right? it's okay to stop hovering if you don't want to be one of those. there is a new trend emerging among america's parents called the no rescue movement. one mommy blogger is describing it best in this sitdown she had with her kids. this is what she said to her kids. i quit. i quit the micro job of being the fixer. the one who solved all problems. from now on i told them if they left something at school in the afternoon, i wasn't going to bring them back to school to get it. so is she right for saying that
5:25 am
to her children and does this work? joining me now is that mommy blogger, a mother of five. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you deserve an award. five kids and three under the age of three. >> yes. >> that's impressive. you're the expert on this. we hear a lot about helicopter moms, moms want to be there for their kids the time. you're saying take a step back. >> i think what you do when you do something like that, when you keep on helping and helping, pass has certain point when they pass mentally ready, you become an enabler. you say something now you're ready to shoulder the responsibility and set the consequences if you make a mistake, if you forget your cello, it's not the end of the world. it will be okay. and you're going to live with it and chances are you'll remember to bring it the next time, more than you would if i brought it to school. >> what is this picture we're seeing? >> the lone levi iola, sitting in the front hall.
5:26 am
in other words, this illustrates that i'm not actively working against my children. i want them to remember on their own. but night before, let's put the backpacks where they can be found. let's put the viola, cello in the front hall, get it ready to go. you have the tools. in other words, you don't want to enable the kid to be able to forget everything, but you do want to give them the tools to work with so they can do things for themselves. >> what if the viola sits there and they forget to take it? >> you don't take it back to school? >> no, and they're going to get yelled at. and chances are because you got yelled at and because you had to deal with the consequences yourself, you're going to remember next time. >> when did you get to this point when you were just fed up? >> there was a year of -- really a year of recidivism. there was a year of every single week, going back to school for something, going to pick up the notebook that we left, the homework that we left, me going
5:27 am
in the middle of the day, racing and feeling bad and guilty and frustrated. it wasn't really good for anybody. >> has it taught them their lesson? >> so far, so good. if you guys are listening now, if you're not at school yet, make sure your homework folder is in your bag, your lunch. >> and because of this, mommy is famous. so she knows what she's doing. listen to your mom always. that's not a lesson new. this is very interesting because i'm at the age now where a lot of my friends are having kids and the helicopter mom is just very prevalent because in our generation, if our moms worked, it was very hard to get your mom to bring you the lunch if you forgot your lunch because she was working and trying to put food on the table as well. she couldn't leave her job. now adays, more women are so scared that their kids -- i don't know what they're afraid of. what do you think it is? >> i think that people -- i think there are a lot of people who are afraid of their children. i think they're very freud of disappointing their children, making them unhappy in some way. i think i take it a step
5:28 am
further. there are helicopter parents and snowplow parents. those who want to get out in front of everything and clear a path so there are no obstacles for their kids. then what happens when the kid has to deal with things? >> there is no autonomy, they don't know how it stand on their own two feet. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. coming up, remember the five gitmo prisoners freed in exchange for beau bergdahl? the government said they weren't a threat. we have brand-new information that you are not going to like. and if you thought spending tax dollars to watch that little guy, that shrimp on the treadmill was bad, well, it just got worse. wait until you hear how washington is using your hard-earned cash next. ♪ ♪
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5:32 am
oh, yeah. print the money. if you thought spending tax dollars to watch shrimp on a treadmill was bad, keep it right here because washington waste book version 2014 just released. >> he's a shrimp. why does he need tox1?ka lose w? >> who made the treadmill. that's with i'd like to know. it outlines the most unnecessary ways the government spent your tax money this year, including massages for rabbits and synchronized swimming for monkeys. >> which i didn't think existed. joining us with more is peter doocy. >> listen to this, the department of interior spent $10,000 for someone to pull out of the ground 40,000 plugs of grass down in florida, individually and then wait around and see how long it took for the grass to grow back. that is one of 100 projects listed in this year's waste book
5:33 am
that all add up to $25 billion in suspicious spending. another item answers the question that somebody had apparently, do monkeys have the same unfounded belief in winning streaks and losing streaks that humans have when gambling? the answer is yes and it comes after $171,000 was spent by the national science foundation watching monkeys gamble. then there is a project that brings us back to the bay of the shrimp on a treadmill. this time, though, mountain lions on a treadmill as part of an $856,000 project. the national science foundation used it to measure what they call the power of the pounce. some of the animals got to rest, like the rabbit who got stimulated swedish massages by the national institutes of health for two years and with $387,000 of your money. just in time for halloween, the waste book highlights a $10,000 grant given to a play called
5:34 am
zombie in love, with the money going toward a guide aimed at teaching students -- this is a real quote -- even the undead have feelings. last but not least on the international space station where experiments cost $1.5 million an hour, astronauts were partnered with cobra puma golf, are testing the coating and metal used in their golf clubs, possibly for sale on earth in december. keep an eye on rickey fowler 'cause he uses those clubs. so maybe in 2015 when he hits the fairway, just remember the help he got in the milky way with your money. back to you. >> wow. peter, thank you very much. >> good news to know that the world's rabbits are getting swedish massages. thanks to all of our government largeesse. jess tweeted, i need a patio or deck. that's where my tax dollars went to. aimed have let them study my grass for $10,000.
5:35 am
>> robert says i've been watching grass grow for free and my wife says i have no ambition. just practicing, hon. >> that's awesome. heather and i got a good laugh. ted said the sad thing is that we actually paid people to come up with these ideas for these wasteful products. >> all right. keep them coming. meantime, let's go on over to heather nauert with headlines. >> aren't there more important things they could be researching? like vaccine for ebola maybe? >> this is why people are upset that taxes are so high, because the government does not spend the money wisely. >> yeah, no kidding. unbelievable. all right. i've got a story for you. remember the five gitmo prisoners who were freed in exchange for beau bergdahl? the government told us that they were not a threat to the united states, but the taliban now claims that these guys visited the five former gitmo detainees. two members of the haqqani terror network went to the home in qatar where they're under
5:36 am
house arrest. they were taken into custody in afghanistan after that meeting. what do you think of that? a brand-new report out may put the brakes on how you feel about illegal immigrants being allowed to get driver's licenses. we learned that it will cost california taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. the dmv there has had to hire 1,000 more employees, they have all the extra work. the cost is estimated at $220 million over three years. >> they can get a ride. i haven't driven in 25 years because of a health issue and i have never, ever missed a doctor's appointment or not missed what i need to do do. >> regardless of what the status is, make sure that they're allowed to drive a car and i'll feel a lot safer. >> those new licenses will be available on january 1, 2015. she stole our hearts in the movie "jerry mcguire." remember this?
5:37 am
>> just shut up. you had me at hello. now renee zelleweger is getting a lot of attention for another reason. some are saying she's now barely recognizable. she had work done. she fired back saying i look different because i'm healthier and happier than ever. ainsley and i say, who the heck is her doctor? she looks pretty good. >> she just looks different. her eyes look bigger. >> yeah. >> maybe we should check on bridget jones diary. maybe it's there. >> good for her. she can do whatever she wants. >> does maria molina have to stand out in the rain? no. she's out in kansas city because the giants beat the royals in game one of the world series last night. i don't believe maria molina says it. she caught up with country star trisha yearwood who sang the national anthem at the big game. maria, you joined us out from kansas city. is anything i said true?
5:38 am
>> it's all true, brian. good job. hello, everybody. good morning. that's right. i'm here in kansas city where game two of the world series is going to be played tonight. like you mentioned, country star shusha yearwood -- trisha yearwood sang it and we asked her what it was like to sing the national anthem for game one of the world series. >> always had meaning, but when you realize you're honoring the military all over the world and they're watching and those words really hit home. it's always extra special when you feel like you're having a chance to say thank you for your service and for them to be -- they're standing there singing right along with you. >> she also told us that baseball was a big part her life with her father and that the last time they were at a game together was right here in kaufman stadium. here is what she said. >> my dad i think, he played baseball in high school and college and so we were encouraged -- we both had to play softball.
5:39 am
he'd play with us. baseball was our thing. my career afforded me an opportunity to take him to a couple major league baseball games. the last time i got the chance to take him to a game was here. it's extra special for me. >> now, tonight philip phillips will be singing the national anthem at game two of the world series. make sure to tune in. it will be on fox, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. you have the san francisco giants taking on the kansas city royals yet again. we're going to see who will be winning game two of the world series. the weather conditions are not expected to be an issue. there is going to be a little more moisture around and there could be some showers possibly even some thunderstorms late into the night. i really think that's going to be after the game. we look good. hopefully may the best team win coming up tonight. could be the giants. could be the royals. i don't know,t do you think? >> i think it's a must win for kansas city. you don't want to go to san francisco two games down. i think it will be exciting. look for kansas city to try to
5:40 am
bounce back. maria, thanks. >> thank you. coming up, what vice president joe biden's biggest regret? was it this? >> three letter word, jobs, j-o-b-is. >> no, that's not it. he'll tell you next. then look who is here. it is gene simmons from kiss. there he is! he's with mar i can't as well. >> i wonder what maria thinks of his book. ♪ ♪ ññ
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
vice president joe biden revealing his biggest regret. >> it happens to be as barak says, a three letter word, jobs,
5:44 am
j-o-b-s. >> it's not that. biden says his biggest regret is giving billions of stimulus money to states with republican governors for high speed rail and having those governors turn the money down. he says they'll regret it now that california is getting a high speed train. one problem is that plan has gone nowhere. >> all aboard. meanwhile, mcdonald's reporting a 30% drop in quarterly profits. >> why? turns out workers wages might be to blame. joining us now from our sister network, maria bartiromo. mcdonald's? >> the issue really is this is the implication of raising the minimum wage for certain companies. something's got to give. the money comes from somewhere. at some point, a company will say, okay. we have a higher expense base because we're raising the minimum wage. we've got to do something somewhere else.
5:45 am
in this case, they're going to automation. they're changing certain jobs to computers. by the way, that's probably the biggest story in business right now. sensors. they're being used throughout corporate america right now in many ways. machines talking to machines. eliminating certain jobs. the jobs of the future will be very different than the jobs we are looking at today. >> it's really biting them in the tail. they were complaining saying we want more money. as a result, they're saying hey, we're going to lose some of you guys and replace you with machines. >> because the fact is it's not just about $10 an hour. it's about $10 an hour, plus a benefit package. benefit vacation and of course we know the expensive obamacare. as a result, companies have to do something. so it's either go toward automation, hire fewer workers. >> ultimately though, mcdonald's could -- i know unions would like to see $15 an hour for employees and the guy who runs it says, i'm okay with 10.10 an hour. but ultimately what it comes down to is if it's only a
5:46 am
certain pot of gold, they're going to have to raise prices and that's not why you go to mcdonald's to pay a lot for a hamburger. >> that's the thing. something has to give. either fewer workers, either automation or more part-time workers relative to full tile, or raising prices. somebody has to pay for it. >> franchise owners are saying they're losing business. they're not making money. in russia they're closing it to get back at us, anti-america n. china, they have problems with the meat. so the global situation is not great for mcdonald's. >> it's very similar. we talked about these global growth worries. that's what's been taking the markets down and making everything so volatile. this is real. you're seeing it one by one in company after company reporting. by the way, today as i said, the ceo of johnson & johnson, i'll ask him the same thing. they're coming out with a vaccine for ebola. that should be good. we're going to talk to him in about ten minutes. >> wow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> don't forget you got to watch her show, especially today, opening bell on "fox business" network. if you're not sure where to find
5:47 am
her channel, then log on to >> good job. >> it's hard to find fox news network, but like on able vision, 46. channel finder. >> thank you. coming up, kiss front man gene simmons is here. did you know he was born in israel and came to the united states with nothing? his secrets to success and how he can become not only a big music star, but an author as well as he joins us here on the curvy couch. >> plus, let's check in with bill hemmer right now who is jealous. >> we are. stay within yourself, brian. brian? >> i will. always going to stay within myself. >> good morning, everybody. number one issue two weeks from an election, we have the answer. the party america trusts more on the economy, we have that answer as well. lot of headlines on politics 13 days out. three american women suspected of defecting to isis.
5:48 am
what the f.b.i. wants to know this morning. what chris christie thinks about the minimum wage and your government actually pays people to watch grass grow. can't make this up. martha and i will see you at the top of the hour, few minutes away. will that be all, sir?
5:49 am
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
5:51 am
you may recognize him from the hard rock band kiss. this rocker is also very successful entrepreneur, own ago record label, professional sports team, restaurant chain, steve. >> that's right. now his new book "me, inc." builds an army of one, unleash your inner rock god, tips to help you and me and everybody do the same. joining us right now is the lead singer of kiss and author as well, gene simmons.
5:52 am
good morning. >> this is the time i go to sleep. >> you were smiling during the introduction. you're proud of this book. and you're proud of your life where you came from. >> i am proud because this country, this blessed country has allowed a legal immigrant like myself to come in and astonishingly and stunningly, has given me the same opportunities that it gives its native born children, its native born sons and daughters. so what more could anybody want? >> wait a minute. you're not just some guy from california? >> no, no, no. listen, there are a lot of normal californians out there who are quietly leading their lives and don't dare raise their heads above the water because it is a political climate. people are afraid to speak their minds, which is a wonderful segueway to this wonderful book, available now. me, inc. >> i think it's fascinating. you're establishing credibility by telling everyone what you went through. your mom went to israel with your dad.
5:53 am
you come over here. she escaped the nazis. >> she was a survivor at 14 years of age of the concentration camps of nazi, germany. emigrateed to israel, one of the few places that would take jews after world war ii. and then i came out -- i had nothing to say about where i was born. within eight years, even though i was born in the promised land, as far as i'm concerned, america is the promised land for all people, all creed, all nationalities, you know, protestants and catholics, argue someplace else. over here they're next door plains. israelis and palestinians have a problem there, here, no problem. one of my assistants here, palestinian. we get along great. no problem. the amazing thing about this country is that there is no limit to what you can achieve. the big problem with the educational system -- and i was a sixth grade teacher. i taught in spanish harlem. i graduated. got my b.a. in education.
5:54 am
almost nothing that's taught in schools prepares you for life. i'll ask you a pointed question 'cause i know you have commercials coming up because you got to pay the bills. listen, look, we all do cool stuff for a living and we enjoy what we're doing. you get paid an enormous amount because roger ailes pays you very good salaries. what was the name of the high school course that you took that prepared you for what you do? what was the name of that course? >> probably theater. >> probably nothing. how about probably they don't teach that course. >> you know what helped me in high school? typing. >> okay. but there was no course that's called how to be steve doocy on tv. people skills, language skills, the ability to communicate. it doesn't exist. >> you go through life and you pick things up. >> no. the important thing is you have an inferred fiduciary duty to yourselves and that's business language and you better get hip to it, which means it's your responsibility to learn how to speak english, number one. it is the first key that will
5:55 am
unlock the doors of success. otherwise we're all going to go back to the tower of babel with god very upset with people and created different languages. please pass the hammer. what did you say about my mother, and then you're back. we all have to agree, english, by the way, i don't have a horse in this race, i'm not from america. english is my third language. so i'm not here to say speak english because i'm american. no, no. i had to learn this language just like you did. speak english. >> right. you're speaking to america when you speak out there. stay right here, if you don't mind, because your book is now out. you'll talk more about that and maybe at some point talk about matthew mcconaghey taking on political correctness. ♪ ♪ alright guys. the usual. double wings, extra ranch. we need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away, like, away away.
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before we go, one for the road. matthew mcconaghey and the gq magazine talking about how he loved the redskins. he writes, i love the emblem. i dig it. it gives me a little fire and oompf but now that it's in the court of public opinion it will change. i wish it wouldn't, but it will. >> how do you feel about that, gene simmons? >> mcconaghey is cool. that's his point of view and that's great. i think everybody should have the discourse and discuss it 'cause that's why you watch fox, 'cause people can discuss things and that's important. >> are you worried that's going away? >> i am worried that while we may think it's cool and somebody else may not think it's cool, there are implications and effects which is to say it's a business. there are people's jobs at stake and so on. so sometimes political correctness veers into having people lose their jobs. there is such a thing as first nations, the people who came here first. hear out people and then decide. >> gene simmons, here is your
6:00 am
new book just out. >> we'll be talking about that. by the way, if you ever wonder where he keeps his cell phone? >> in his boot? and look at his cell phone. kiss cover. good morning, everybody. 13 days to go and brand new polling show majority of americans belief republicans will win the senate. 55% saying that the gop will take control. that number is on the rise when you compare the to three weeks prior. good morning, everybody. a lot to get to here this morning on a wednesday of "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, bill hemmer. i'm doing well. how are you doing? those polls coming as democrats face tough battles in several key states right now. among them? look today at battleground new hampshire where republican scott brown has come on in recent days. now trailing incumbent senator jeanne shaheen by about two points. this is a


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