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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 5, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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new day. the tide has turned. the ear yaw of the observe biden gridlock is over. >> we will look at the races for you. to north carolina first tom till lis grabbing 49 percent taking down democrat incumbent katie hagan. >> joanie ern-- joni ernst with percent freebraley 34. roberts taking on otherman. tom cotton beating pryor 57-39. georgia republican david purdue over michelle nunn. >> corey guard near taking down mark udall 50 to 45. >> steve danes easily bringing democrat amanda curtis 58 to 40
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percent. >> south dakota going for the gop. mike brown de winning 51-59. over to kentucky mitch mcconnell winning with 56 percent. allison lunder man grimes 41. >> in alaska the ballots are still being counted. sullivan holding on to a five point lead over incumbent mark begich. we can update that for you and toll you 94 percent of the votes counted so far. democrat mark warner holding on to a small lead over ed gillespie separated 12,000 votes. 95 percent of ballots have been counted at this point. >> louisiana they are headed to a runoff. as expected neither candidate getting the necessary 50
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percent. mary landrieu getting 42 percent, cassidy 41. to new hampshire that is going to a senate race shaheen 52 to 48 over scott brown. republicans win a sweeping majority over the senate. how do they do it? >> peter doocy takes us beyond the numbers of the biggest races. peter, good morning. >> republicans across the country last night held their breath to see if they would take control of the senate. the clincher came held to republican challenger tom tillis in the most contentious senate race ever. >> that's freedom. then there was senator pat roberts in kansas on his way to a fourth term after dispatching
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greg foreman. >> i heard my marching orders loud and clear. i will be bold, i will be conservative and i will be constructive. i promise you this, we will get things done p. >> and in iowa hawkeye state voters picked joanie ernst. she beat democrat bruce braille. ernst came out on top and will become the first women iowa has ever sent to the u.s. house or senate. >> working together that is the america that we are going to build. we are going to build. >> the u.s. senate is going to look a lot different come january with several new members like tillis and ernst. also a new majority leader harry reid out mitch mcconnell likely in. back to new york.
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>> peter doocy, thank you. >> we have the senate cliff hangars we were talking about. virginia and alas taw too close to call. leland vittert is live for us with more on these nail biters. leland, what's the latest? >> good morning. in alaska things are still tight. hours after the polls closed there. it looks good for diane sullivan. stopped short of declaring victories. no media organization has yet called this race that is down to the wire that can take a while to get the ballots in for many parts of the ruralest counties in alaska. the latest numbers show more than 40,000 ballots still to be counted in this race. mark bagich says he is not going to concede tonight. in virginia it was razor thin as well. it was supposed to be an easy reelection bid for mark warner. what happens if it shows less
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than one percent. the loser can request a recount but warner declared victory anyway. >> it was a hard fought race. it went a little longer than we thought. >> we are going to accept whatever is the final outcome. i owe it to the voters of virginia and owe it to all of you to make sure the outcome is final before we make any final decisions on this end. >> we won't know about the senator from louisiana for a while. yesterday's election is essentially a jungle primary where someone needs 50 plus percent to walk out with a victory. mary landrieu and bill cassidy there will be a runoff. it gives almost a 5 point lead head to head that takes place on december 6th. landrieu's campaign put out a press release challenging him to 6 debates over the next month.
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leland vittert live. >> three other races in new hampshire and kentucky. >> we will start with the kentucky race. democrats would have loved to have knocked off the republican senate mitch mcconnell. ultimately it did not work out that way. it was one of the first senate races called last night. mcconnell promised to work with democrats. >> some things don't change after tonight. i don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he did when he woke up this morning. he knows i wovent either. (cheers) >> but look, we do have an obligation to work together on issues where we can agree.
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i think we have a duty to do that. just because we have a two-party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. >> it wasn't really all that close. allison grimes looked good early on but the mcconnell team knows what it takes to win that state. >> the democrats have been turning their way for years. new hampshire one of the few bright spots for democrats jean shaheen taking it over scott brown. >> i promise you i will work with any one in the senate democrats, republicans, independents to get things done. >> and that talk of bipartisanship may be echoed by the white house today. we will see preside.
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president obama talked about the mid term losses. clearly if he wants to get anything done with this new congress he is going to have to work with republicans. >> we will see if that happens. thank you very much. we hope tformer dollar general and reebok ceo david perdue defeating michelle nunn. what's the reaction there? oo good morning. many people are surprised because leading right up to this election many of the polls were suggesting this race was a statistical dead heat. david purdue the republican in this race certainly out performed those polls. here's what he said in his victory speech. listen. >> talking to hard-working georgians and listening to your concerns and the one thing that i take away from all of this is that you want to change the
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direction of our country. >> purdue surpassed the 50 percent threshold georgia requires to avoid a runoff. still his single dig get lead offered some consolation to democrat young and her team. >> we have reminded people what a two-party system looks like and a diffic dialogue. we have lifted up and advocated issues that matter whether it is raising minimum wage, whether it is pay equity for women, whether it is bipartisan immigration reform. >> and of course david purdue will replace republican senator chambliss who is retiring in december. >> a very expensive race there. >> indeed. some of the social issues on the ballot minimum wage races passing in five states alaska will increase to 9.75 by 2015.
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illinois 10 by 2015. nebraska $9 by 2016 and south dakota 8.50 in 2015. the current federal minimum wage 7.25 per hour. >> mid cal marijuana fails in florida. the amendment failing with a no vote of 42 percent. needed 62 percent to pass. the campaign for medical marijuana was one of the most expensive with millions spent on both sides. they claim the amendment was too loosely awarded in which it was medical in name only. >> fox news polls taking a closer look at how voters feel about several of the key issues facing our nation today. 45 percent of americans say president obama was not a factor in their vote for u.s. house on election day. 33 percent say the opposition did play a factor. >> despite the ee bowl laup and isis 45 percent of the americans
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say the economy is the most important issue facing our country. >> 70 percent of americans say their situation has stayed the same or gotten worse compared to two years ago. 11 minutes after the hour. the gop making big aims at washington. outside the beltway... the gop also coming up big in some bitterly fought governor races. the results that came down to the wire. >> a whole lot happening so don't go away. voters still worried about the economy. what the exit polls are telling us this morning about that. foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets.
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dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. radio >> florida had one of the bitter races in the country.
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scott coming out over crist. >> one of the most expensive statewide race in history. they spent over $150 million. rick scott carving out a narrow win by one percent. his reelection. scott in his victory speech pounded the same theme he mentioned over and over again during the campaign. job creation. >> texas likes to brag about being number one in job creation. but we are on their heels and we will become number one. >> now at the start of the campaign scott was seen as a potentially vulnerable republican. he had low approval ratings but he used an ad campaign to paint opponent charlie crist running as a democrat as a flip flopper on key issues. a dramatic win for scott. it gives republicans strong
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control over the largest swing state in the runoff in 2016. >> big influence there. thank you so much. >> republican governor scott walker defeating his democratic challenger mary burke 52 to 47 percent. >> i got to tell you. i am an optimist. i believed all night long if we got a positive message out people wanted to be for something not against something. look a what happened tonight. >> in america the opportunity is equal but the outcome is up to you. that's the difference. that is the difference. that's the difference between what we believe here in wisconsin and what they are selling in washington p. >> rumors for him to run for president in 16. this is walker's 5th victory in four years. >> abbott catching 59 percent of the vote to be the next governor of texas.
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abbott promising to keep businesses in texas while poking fun at hillary clinton. >> as governor i will keep texas number one in the nation for creating jobs. we will do that by keeping government small but keeping taxes low and ensuring that regulations are reasonable. you know what? contrary to what some people say, businesses do in fact create jobs. abbott is the first new texas governor in 14 years replacing outgoing governor rick perry. >> let's take a look at the big governor's races. we were going to begin in illinois republican bruce browner taking down pat flynn 51 to 46 percent. larry hogan driving in 54 percent of the vote.
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massachusetts charlie baker narrowly defeating martha coakley 48 to 47 percent. in maine incumbent republican paul page defeating 48 to 47 percent over mike michaud. >> is the war over? voters not buying it. what this means for 2016 and beyond. >>
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>> president obama was hit by a harsh referendum on his own presidency. what were voter's thoughts if they were headed to the polls. republican strategist and former congressional candidate>> thank you for being with us. >> were you surprised the results this morning? >> i was surprised many seats. thfdz about obama and the presidency. actually in this case it was totally personal. it was much less about his policies. even in conservative states when they were on the ballot directly like minimum wage and background checks on gun sales those passed.
2:23 am
they have a mandate on what voters want. the ballot when it came to initiatives and candidates why do you think that happened? >> the national minimum wage is more of an issue for the state of arkansas. it was healthy anna wild night. part of what republicans shouldn't learn is our brand is much stronger. our message stronger stateside but it is a better alternative for open. >> his approval ratings 44 percent approve over 50 percent that disapprove. if you look at the feelings of obama administration here's what you had to say.
2:24 am
11 percent enthusiastic 23 percent satisfied 33 percent dissatisfied. you have 44 percent who were angry. the nation's ec-- 27 percent angry. this is overwhelming 10 percent excellent 48 percent good 22 percent poor. it does looks like a referendum on his policies. >> i don't think it was on his policies. i think it was much more personally. these polls reflect mood about 20 -- this is very similar almost exactly the same to the exit polls we saw in 2010. when people are hit with these messages over and over they turn anti incumbent. in 2012 when the message was more positive about people's attitudes went up 10, 15 or 20
2:25 am
percent. >> republicans did well. >> pat roberts fared incredibly well in unknown circumstances where he never had run a competitive race. she may be right to some degree but i think some of these incumbents the republican party should have had straight. >> democrats weren't necessarily popular in the state the fact that he was able to catch on so well as an independent. the fact that we are discussing pat roberts is vulnerable at l all>> this theme came up early on, the wrong women. seemed to work with democrats in 2012. why did the war on women maybe not work necessarily this time around. let's look at the udall race. >> women 52 percent for udall and 43 percent for gardener.
2:26 am
that's how it looked going into the race. >> he knew he had to have a strong margin of women to show up. this issue does weigh we'll in colorado. on the ballot was the third time they objected person hood. so strong gardener ended up taking a page out of his book and under cutting his message right there. what udall should have been doing is using it a proxy more largely talking about women and economic security. those issues play much better. >> you think it was a mistake focusing on this early on. >> people are sick of high peshb -- hyperbole. he called udall on it and endorsed him saying we need people honest. he just excused gardener of things that were false. >> lots to talk about.
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we could keep going but we have to take a quick break. lea going to toss it over to you. >> the time is 26 minutes after the hour. republicans taking control of the congress. there are still senate cli cliffhange cliffhangers. a look at the undecided races that's next. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial,
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"how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. is wednesday november 5th. i am lea gabrielle. >> i am heather childers. will it has been a long night. the fate of the senate no longer hanging in the balance. after 8 years republicans take control of congress gaining at least 7 wins bringing them to at least 52 seats in the senate. >> in the house republicans keeping the majority projected to gain 6 seats there. tom tillis taking 40 percent
2:31 am
taking down kate hagan. kansas pat roberts taking down orman 53 to 4 # 2. in arkansas tom cotton defeating mark pryor. >> georgia purdue over michelle nunn. >> corey gardner taking down mark udall 50 to 45 percent. >> republican steve gains defeating curtis 58-40. >> south dakota republicans. in kentucky senate minority leader mitch mcconnell leading 56 percent. grimes just 41. >> west virginia republican taking down tenant.
2:32 am
>> the race in alaska not called but dan sullivan holding on to a 5 point lead over mark baguet--. >> holding on to a strong lead over gillespie separated 12,000 votes 95 percent of the ballots have been called. >> louisiana landrieu getting 42 percent with bill cassidy 41. >> new hampshire chir going to a tight race shaheen winning 52 to 48 percent over scott brown. of the senate two republicans the gop with the majority for the first time in eight years. >> peter doocy is live in washington. what are the winners saying this morning? >> lea and heather the most
2:33 am
expensive u.s. race in history was won by a republican. tom tillis unseated kate hagan. it was the clincher that gave the gop the majority in the upper majority for the final year of president obama's second term. >> only one thing government can give you that doesn't come at the expense of any one else. that's freedom. >> pat roberts held on to beat a strong independent challenger greg orman. orman wouldn't say if he would talk with republicans or democrats. senator roberts who has been in dc since 1980 will be here at least six more years. >> so tonight as is always with a night there will be the start of a new day. the tide is turning and the era of the obama reed gridlock is
2:34 am
over. >> history in iowa as joanni ert is the first women ever in the senate out of the hawkeye state. >> in washington politicians are more interested in talking than doing. they ignore problems hoping they will go away. isis isn't just going to go away. >> senate is going to look a lot different come january. before this session wraps up leaders from both houses and both parties will meet with president obama at the white house. that will be this week while they still have control of the senate. >> peter doocy live. let's take a look at the senate cliffhanger louisiana heading for a runoff. leland vittert is live in
2:35 am
washington. >> big surprise in virginia. >> big surprise. the fact that virginia is too close to call. mark warner the incumbent the numbers now show it to be razor thin. important to keep in mind the final tally comes in with a margin of less than one percent. the apparent loser can request a recount. >> it was a hard fought race. it went a little longer than we thought. >> we are going to accept whatever is the final outcome. >> i owe it to all of you to make sure the outcome is final before we make any final decisions on this end. >> in alaska hours after the polls closed final numbers show we are giving 97 percent of the
2:36 am
precincts reporting sullivan right there dan sullivan 49 percent begich 45 percent. no media organization has called this race. begich says he is not going to concede tonight. dan vul van gave a speech that was not quite a victory speech saying he was going to respect the process. we don't know about the senator with louisiana because it is a jungle primary where they need 50 plus percent now there will be a runoff between landrieu and cassidy. it gives cassidy the republican almost five point lead when they go head to head. already landrieu's campaign has put out a press release challenging him to 6 debates over the next month. heather, back to you. >> leland vittert. thank you.
2:37 am
colorado, new hampshire, kentucky. doug luzader is bringing this. what is the latest? >> the kentucky race is one we watched closely from early on. it had all of the makings for a democratic victory. mitch mcconnell wouldn't doing all that well. the democratic challenger was a fresh face. ultimately mcconnell pulled it off. >> tomorrow the papers will say i won this race. but the truth is, tonight we begin another one. one that is far more important than mine.
2:38 am
>> this is fascinating to watch because the span between these two candidates actually widened. it won pretty easily 56 to 14. we will shift to colorado this is another closely watched state. this is a purple state. democrats think it has been trending their way in recent years. republicans checked the growth. republican corey gardner beat an incumbent a hard thing to do. the bright spot new hampshire jean shaheen was able to eek out a victory over republican scott brown. >> i will fight for a smart energy policy that focuses on efficiency and new energy technology.
2:39 am
>> it will be radically different than the one she most recently left. heather? >> thank you, doug. >> take a look again at the fox news polls and take a look at how several voters facing key issues of our nation. asked how president obama is handling his presidency 55 percent disapprove. 55 percent of americans say they believe the country is seriously off on the wrong track asked about the conditions of the nation's economy. 70 percent say it is not good or it is poor. asked how worried americans are that there will be another terrorist attack.
2:40 am
>> there are interesting house races. republicans could pick up a few seats. those numbers still coming in at this hour. not yet been called. winds in the west in utah we had a win there for republicans when mia love the republican won over doug owens. a big win for the republicans in that race. the first black republican women to go to the house in history. in arizona district 2 not yet called race in southern arizona ron barber verses martha mcsally. that race very close. then if we go to some of the more interesting measures that were up for votes. organ became the first state to legalize marijuana. it piers alaska may have done the same thing.
2:41 am
those numbers aren't official yet. washington background checks very controversial over there. gun sales and transfers in washington state. that also being watched closely. in california a controversial bill here california drug testing a lot of money put into this. they defeated did not let us go forward which would lift decade old cap on courtroom damages. that was shut down by governor voters. jerry brown wanted unprecedented 4th term in california. quite interesting in california. looks like every single statewide office again for another election cycle here in the golden state. back do you in new york. >> the time is almost 20 minutes until the top of the hour. more for the minimum. five states decide on the minimum wage. what the vote means for the rest of the country.
2:42 am
>> democracy has a lot of people fired up including a toddler. >> you know there are people out there who could vote that just don't? is that sad? (child crying) >> the 3-year-old who can't wait another 16 years. flush
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>> welcome back. four states raising the minimum wage. >> what it means for the rest of the country. >> democrats they may have lost control of the senate, based on the results nebraska and south dakota all red leaning states by the way approved measures to improve the state level minimum wages over the next few years. alaska the minimum wage will
2:46 am
raise from 7.75 an hour today. arkansas the minimum wage rising from 6.25 to 8:50 by 2017. nebraska 7.25 today up to 9 bucks by 2016. south caulk from 7.25 right now to 8.50 next year. that will be adjusted for inflation after. they will raise their state minimum. >> thanks ashley. the time is now 46 pins after the hour. beyond congress gop makes big names in governor's races. >> doubles at the polls. video camera rope changing what is to blame for the major mishap? brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> you both had a tremendous two hours we will keep it going for the next three. while you were sleeping republicans gained control of
2:47 am
the senate. we are breaking down key races exit polls with coverage across the country. we are going to hear from tom tillis, david purdue. plus get this first time in a long time on the couch chris christie, laura ingram, karl rove they all come your way in 13 minutes. please put something on. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. many americans who have prescriptions
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reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. let's take you to florida. imernt republican rick scott defeating charlie crist 48 to 47 percent. scott winning in one of the most bitter races in the country. >> florida is on a mission, and that mission is to keep
2:51 am
growing and to become the very best place in the world to get a job, to raise a family and live the american dream. >> how about texas? greg abbott capturing 59% of the vote to be the next governor there. >> as governor, i will keep texas number one in the nation for creating jobs. we will do that by keeping government small, by keeping taxes low, and ensuring that regulations are reasonable. >> abbott, the first new texas governor in 14 years, replacing outgoing governor rick perry. >> in wisconsin republican governor scott walker defeating his democratic challenger mary burke 52 to 47%. >> you see, in america the opportunity is equal but the outcome is up to you. that's the difference. that's the difference. that's the difference
2:52 am
between what we believe here in wisconsin and what they're selling in washington. >> in illinois, republican bruce rauner taking down pat quinn. to maryland republican larry hogan driving 57% of the vote, anthony brown 45. in massachusetts, charlie baker narrowly defeating his point martha copley 48 to 47. in maine, paul heys defeating mike nesho. >> the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour. coming up, democracy has a lot of people fired up, including this little toddler. >> you know there's people out there who can vote that just don't. [crying] >> that's the three-year-old who just can't wait another 15 years. >> maybe a lot of people feeling that way this
2:53 am
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[♪] great rates and safety working in harmony. open an optimizer +plus account from synchrony bank. visit to open an account. service. security. savings. synchrony bank engage with us. president obama announcing that he will host congressional leaders at the white house this friday. so now the democrats are no longer in control of the senate, can we expect president obama to work with congress? joining us to weigh in from the hill, alexander, good morning to you. right off the bat a number of g.o.p. candidates said they will vote to repeal
2:57 am
obamacare. mitch mcconnell expected to be the senate majority leader has said there is an obligation for lawmakers to work with the white house. what topics do you think the lawmakers and the white house will be able to come together on now? >> white house aides have suggested there might be common ground to be found on things like transportation and infrastructure investment and perhaps another trade agreement. but the list is very short. and president obama is expected to outline some of those priorities at a press conference a little bit later today. but it's hard to see them coming together after the past sort of six years in animosity where we've seen both parties at each other's throats. >> alexander, as you said, this morning "the new york times" is reporting that president obama has privately complained that this election should not be a judgment on him. a number of republicans have said that this election specifically would be a referendum on the president and his policies. the voters have spoken. is the president listening?
2:58 am
>> it doesn't seem like he sees it as a referendum. the perception we're getting from white house aides is he feels he wasn't given a fair shake, wasn't able to get on the campaign trail and make a cheer case for his agenda because he was sidelined by a number of vulnerable democrats. he sees this widespread, these widespread losses as really a product of just a tough map and not necessarily his agenda. as far as we can tell in the final two years of his term, he's planning on going even harder on some of his priorities, sort of being more outspoken about his successes and what he thinks these contributed to the nation as he tries to set up a legacy to leave behind. >> quickly, what's your take on how this election is going to impact federal appointments? >> we'll likely see a lot more gridlock there. republicans expressed frustration with the liberal justices boam has already appointed so they're going to be holding the ground if he tries to appoint any further. >> thanks for joining us this morning.
2:59 am
>> thanks for having me. >> time for a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. the election edition. up first, the good. meet the youngest woman ever elected to congress. at 30 years old, a republican just won new york's 21st district, a former aide to president george w. bush. caught on camera in virginia, voters selected a republican dd but it registers a democrat. finally the ugly, a toddler in illinois very upset when mom drops a bombshell. >> do you know there's people out there who can vote that just don't. do you understand? [crying] >> at just three years old this pint-sized patriot has to wait another 15 years before he can cast a ballot. it has been a busy night for folks all across the country. >> it sure has. "fox & friends" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> have a great day. >> it's an election alert and the republicans have won control of the u.s. senate. also they won a bunch of statehouses. they had a very good night. they did indeed catch a wave. >> and keep control of the house. if you're just waking up, we've got all the numbers for you because many of you were sleeping when the numbers were coming in in the middle of the night. >> the senate has gone to the republicans, and sore if a with two races yet to be determined at least -- you've got alaska still up in the air, virginia still up in the air and a run-off in december. but here's the balance of power as it looks. 52-45. right there you've got to wonder what is going on in the white house, as expected what happens so often, the sixth year of a two-term president, they usually take a pounding and the president's party has certainly taken a pounding. >>


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