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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 6, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> he's an amazing person and his wife just wrote a novel that is very good. >> she's unbelievable. very good. set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of the five. the president goes on the offensive bringing a russian terrorist to the u.s. and offering to cut a deal with iran. this is "special report ". good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama trying to show he's the moss. with moves affecting a large swath of the most dangerous neighborhoods. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry is at the white house with word of a secret letter proposing a secret deal between president obama and iran. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the targeting of one of the world's most wanted
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terrorist in syria, but we begin with kathryn herrige. good evening, kathryn. >> bret, tomorrow morning, terrorism charges will be brought against a russian national after 2009 attack on a forward operating base in coast provin province. fox news is told the case is a 55-year-old is a test run for whether detainees held in afghanistan can be successfully tried in federal court because the white house is unwilling to send new detain knneees to guano bay. they quietly transferred him to kuwait. one of the first to arrive at
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guantanamo bay in 2002 and subsequent military reviews but the bush and obama administration found he was a member of al qaeda, recruiter and part of the push to fast track and reduce the number of detainees, last summer this report reached a different conclusion. he was a low-risk transfer. >> the obama administration accepted some level of risk with each of their 89 transfers but are turning the dial further to the right to accept more risk because the president wants to fulfill his campaign pledge to close gitmo. >> reporter: they tweeted congratulations to the family before the defense department publicly confirmed he would be allowed to leave and the same message by a senior al qaeda operative in syria. >> it shows they consider current detainees to be in the fight whether propaganda or when they are released they can be reintegrated and they are considered still part of the
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game. >> reporter: with 148 detainees remaining, a military source says administration is determined to get the population below 100 believing it can successfully argue they should be held in a maximum security prison but for mr. obama, the loss of the senate to the republicans is creating a new hurdle. >> now that they own the senate, the problem gets twice as difficult, and in today's circumstances, it's just not going to happen gitmo stays. >> fox news is told over the last year, administration released some detainees, more than a hand full in afghanistan because there was not enough admissible evidence to bring them to a u.s. federal court and guantanamo was simply not an option for the obama administration, bret. >> thank you. fox news learned that the u.s. has killed a very high priority terror target in syria. national security correspondent jennifer griffin broke this
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story from the pentagon. >> reporter: an official confirmed to fox news he was killed, target of a air strike, a 24-year-old islam. he was a member of an elite group of al qaeda fighters and bomb makers that migrated to syria from bases in pakistan. u.s. war planes carried out the strikes using b-1 bombers, f-16 fighters and an mq-9 reaper drone. it launched missiles on a vehicle in which he was believed to be traveling. the only passenger is dead, the driver reportedly lost a leg and was expected to die as a result of his injuries. according to sources with knowledge of the operation. the vehicle was traveling in syria's idlib province, quote, this network was plotting to attack in europe or the homeland and we took decisive action to protect our interest and remove their capability to act.
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we will continue to take any action necessary to disrupt attack plotting against u.s. interest. wednesday's attacks amount to only the second strike against the group since the start of the u.s. air campaign in syria. the first attack on september 22nd involving 47 tmissiles was left conclusive. >> i do not have anything to announce with respect to individual leaders, and whatever happened to them. >> french journalist that documented the radicalization say the young man from brittany traveled to egypt to learn arabic and went to pakistan fighting u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> french intelligence had sources at the end of the year 2013 that told them that there was this guy in waziristan that was about to go to syria and that he had been in waziristan
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for three and a half years. >> that's where he learned to make bombs and dip clothes in explosives that could pass through airport detection. u.s. officials tell us the french bomb maker was the only individual targeted last night during the u.s. air strikes. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. security is tight and tensions are high tonight in r jerusalem. a surveillance was found near the city when a mini van slammed into a crowd and pal spin anyone motorist drove into a group of soldiers in the west bank. one of the first post election showdowns between the president and congressional republicans could come not on immigration but on iran. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: president obama's promise to work with a new congress is getting a serious test after word he recently sent
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a secret leader to the iran supreme lead tore discuer to di fighting isis signing off on a nuclear deal ahead of a november 24th deadline. >> i'm not in a position to talk about private correspondents. >> reporter: sparking john mccain to charge the letter first reported by the wall street journal says the white house is trying to prod iran to sign off on a nuclear agreement that lawmakers in both parties may find too lenient. >> it seems to be a dispir ration move to get a nuclear arm steal but great concern is the fact that apparently we are going to work with the iranians to defeat isis. we now are telling the free syrian army that we're working with the people who are major reasons why they have had so many of them slaughtered. i think it's unthinkable.
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>> reporter: it was suggested he's still hopeful of preventing a nuclear arms race in the mideast with talks secretary of state john kerry will resume sunday. >> whether they can manage to say yes to what clearly would be better for iran, better for the region and better for the world is an open question. we'll find out over the next several weeks. >> reporter: at that same news conference, the president acre knowledged the u.s. is not yet winning against isis militants and republicans expressed alarm at the out reach to teheran. >> i don't trust the iranians. i don't think we need to bring them into this and i would hope the negotiations underway are serious but i have my doubts. >> reporter: the backlash showed for the talk of cooperation ahead of a bipartisan lunch that's coming friday, there are sharp differences on the foreign and domestic fronts with white house press secretary josh
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earnest refusing to say whether the president will veto planned gop legislation to approve the pipeline adding to the tension for the second straight day white house officials appear to be in some denial about trying to claim the election results affirms the president's policies instead of reputuating them. >> i think there is ample data to indicate a lot of the policies that the president himself has advocated are strongly supported by those who participated in the election. >> now on iran, josh earnest told me key lawmakers were looped in but a senior republican told me about the letter and let me sanitize this, it really bleeps things up. >> we can fill in the blanks there. ed henry live, thank you. >> taking a break from politics, president obama awarded a medal to desen dencendants of a soldit died in the war. it was a battery against
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confederate forces in gettysburg in 1863. up next, the speaker of the house warns president obama about going around congress. first here is what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox ma31 in denver with balloon boy the musical based on the 20 2009 hoax by a family that said their young son floated away in a weather balloon, remember that? the play write who was 11 years old at the time and living in new york state says he was chance f chance fixed with the episode. the first court appearance by rick perry on felony charges accusing him of abusing power. a grand jury said he carried out a threat to veto funds to investigate public corruption after a county district attorney refused to resign after a drunken driving conviction. perry says the case is politically motivated. a live look at philadelphia
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from fox 29, our affiliate there. the big story there is the safe return home of a woman's whose abduction was caught on surveillance video. police credit 22-year-old carle carleshs's fighting spirit. her alleged abductor is in jail tonight. that's the live look from outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. and ah, so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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a huge ruling late this afternoon on gay marriage. a court in cincinnati upheld gay marriage bans or restrictions in four states. the sixth u.s. circuit court of appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of the laws in ohio, michigan, kentucky and tennessee. the ruling increases the likelihood the u.s. supreme court will now take up this matter. congressional republicans are wasting no time in letting
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president obama know what they want him to do and not do during the final two years of his term. the gop won the leverage to issue those requests slash demands with a stunning landslide capture of the u.s. senate, the fort fa case in the house and the pickup of several governors seats across the country tuesday night. mike emanuel on capital hill with a blunt house speaking speaker. >> reporter: fresh off tuesday's night's election to 249 members, the largest since 1930, house speaker john boehner fire add warning spot on president obama for immigration. >> i've made clear to the president that if he acts unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he'll poison the well and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. it's as simple as that.
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>> still josh earnest promised the president will do that. >> the question before him is should he take executive action that he believes would be good for the country? is the president going to take that action and the answer is yes, the president is going to take that action. >> boehner promised votes to repeal mr. obama's signature health care law. >> our job is ache to mamake th people's priorities our priority. i don't like obamacare, they don't like it. it's hurting the economy. >> the house passed that gathered dust in the democrat control the senate. >> we can act on the keystone pipeline, restore the 40-hour workweek that was gutted by obamacare and pass the hire more heroes act that would encourage our businesses to hire more of our veterans. and again, this is just a start. >> reporter: meanwhile, utah
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senator warned against disarming after harry reid stripped the priority last november, the so-called nuclear option and pinned an opt head with former bush 41 white house counsel c boyden gray who said quote to restore the rule now after mr. obama installed his controversial judges would cement a partisan double standard when democrats control the white house and senate, judicial name nations need 50 votes but what republicans control both, nominations require 60 votes requiring democratic minority to block nominations. boehner acknowledged with 54 republicans in the senate, reed will have some power. >> you know how the senate works. it requires 60 votes to do most anything in the senate. clearly, he's going to have some power. >> when a reporter suggested boehner would have trouble of his own dealing with newly-elected conservatives, he pushed back. >> when you look at the vast majority of the new members that are coming in here, they are
3:18 pm
really solid members. we've done a very good job of recruiting good candidates and we're going to have a good crop of good members. >> one major issue where congressional republicans believe a deal can get done is tax reform that would benefit a number of swing state gop senators up for reelection in 2016. bret? >> thank you. condoleezza rice has hash words for democrats she accuses of race baiting in several states during the midterm campaign. >> the idea that you would play such a card and try fear among minorities just because you disagree with republicans that they are somehow all racist, i find appalling, insulting and as a republican black woman from the south, i would say to them, really? is that really the argument that you're going to make in 2014? >> rice says that while america still has racial tensions, it has made enormous progress in race relations.
3:19 pm
democrats are making a change in a race on going. the party senate campaign committee is cancelling some of the ad buys for the run off election in louisiana between mary landrieu and republican challenger bill cassidy since control of the chamber is no longer an issue. up next, why one texas town that sits a top a billion-dollar gas field is banning franking and how did the media fail to predict tuesday's republican run? ♪
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another day, another set of record highs for both the dow and s&p 500. the dow picked up 70 today, the s&p 550 -- 500 gained eight.
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the good people of denton texas live on top of a huge reserve of natural gas potentially worth billions which to some people in the state makes it strange that that down wants to keep anyone from getting to it. >> reporter: denton, texas north of dallas looks like any other typical suburb in america, that is until you notice this. natural gas wells right next to schools, businesses and subdivisions. >> they can put them less than 200 feet from homes. that's our battle. >> reporter: more than 270 wells have popped up across the city because denton happens to sit on one of the largest natural gas reserves in the u.s. one of the ways to mine that precious natural resource is through hydraulic fracturing or fracking. it's when water, sand and chemicals are injected into the ground and the high pressure causes shale rock to crack
3:24 pm
releasing the trapped natural gas. this process is controversial. it requires millions of gallons of water and some experts believe the chemicals are toxic raising environmental and health concerns. >> we've had headaches, nose bleeds. we kept the kids inside during the torment of the fracking and the flaring. >> reporter: but a recent study funded by the national science foundation and duke university found that poorly constructed wells are the problem, not fracking itself. researchers studied wells in texas and pennsylvania. they found the ones that were not installed and cemented properly were to blame for contaminating nearby wells. nearly 59% of voters supported a measure to ban fracking here. but the other 41% say the industry creates jobs and
3:25 pm
infused some $30 million into the local economy and problems are not wide spread. >> we have a company that's doing a bad job, then don't let them drill anymore but don't ban or hurt everyone in the industry because of one situation or two. >> reporter: lawsuit haves been filed challenging the constitutionality of the measure. the texas oil and gas association represents some 5,000 energy companies and seeking an injection to stop enforcement of the ban. in a statement, the group says a ban denies many mineral interest owners the right to gain value from their property despite the state's public policy in favor of developing natural resources. now voters in parts of ohio and in california also passed similar referendums this week banning fracking in their communities. this as it plays out here in texas courts now. bret? >> casey segol live in dallas,
3:26 pm
thank you. do you think the the residents of denton, texas have the right to ban fracking there? let me know at bai baier. join greta after special report for a special edition of "on the record." she'll talk exclusively with the u.s. marine reservest released from a mexican jail of seven months of captivity. andr andr andrew tahmooressi said it was brutal. >> started hitting me with open palms. nothing full blown but just like -- that was actually joyful to take that beating. i was happy about that beating? >> why? >> i knew the beating was coming. they were telling me stories about the guards, if someone acts up or does something wrong they get beat so i knew it would happen to me, so i was glad as can be to take that beating.
3:27 pm
i was like bring it, just bring it on. like i was just there joyful knowing that i got away prom th -- from that place so the beating didn't bother me. how clueless administrators at a california school manage to scare every parent or nearly every parent nearly to death at once? >> and what is the signature image from the 2014 midterms? one nomination next. goodnight. goodnight. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm. the first one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve for pain relief that can last until the am. now you can have a good night and a... good morning! new aleve pm for a better am.
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now some news from the political grapevine. as is always the case with election night, tuesday closed the book on campaign dramas and contentious plot lines that developed among candidates throughout the election season but one photograph snapped late tuesday night is worth, as they say, a thousand words. photograph er melissa little tok this picture following crist's defeat. a staffer removing that notorious fan, which all of america learned crist never leaves home without. a dispute over whether said fan was allowed made for some tense moments last month at a debate between crist and now reelected republican governor rick scott. parents of hundreds of elementary school students in california were sent into a panic mode recently when they received messages in their phones that their children were
3:32 pm
missing from school. the press enterprise reports the recorded messages went out at 11:11 a.m. hours after the students should have arrived. officials at john adams elementary say it was a mistake, a message intended for a hand full of parents whose children were absent went out to every single parent instead. a correction was issued a short time later but not quickly enough for parents wondering what happened to their kids. one parent called it the longest eight minutes of my life. school officials say that they have taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. and finally, an egyptian bus driver cheated on his work drug test got quite a shock when the results came in. the bbc reports the man submitted his wife's urine instead of his own, but there was something he did not know about his wife when the test results came back, the man's boss gave him a chance to confess but when the driver insisted he had not cheated, he was told congratulations, you're
3:33 pm
pregnant. let's take a look back tonight at how the main stream media covered the elections this week. why so many were so wrong about so much. in the blur of midterm media coverage, the maryland governor's race never got on the national radar. president obama campaigned for democratic lieutenant governor anthony brown heavily favored over republican businessman larry hogan. >> give it up for anthony brown. >> reporter: nate silver gave him a 94% chance of winning big but hogan beat brown by nearly five points under scoring a problem with polling in 2014. in the battle for the senate, most journalist and commentators missed the magnitude of the republican wave because the polls were so tight in many key contests. >> you can carve out a path for democrats that go through actually some red states like winning in alaska and georgia and kansas. there are ten senate races, some
3:34 pm
of which are within the margin of error. these each and every one of these races is very, very close. >> reporter: and the coverage of those battle grounds kept going back to the numbers. >> i want to get right to the latest nbc news mayor's poll in georgia republican candidate david perdue is clinging to a four point lead 48-44. the surprise is how close many of these key races are, especially the battle for the senate. in north carolina democratic senator kay hagan is hanging on to a one-point lead in a tough race against republican state speaker. >> reporter: the narrative was that democrats still had a shot, then came tuesday night. >> in the all important iowa senate race, fox news can project joni ernst will beat bruce braley. >> looking at some numbers, it's clear the pollsters were giving too much credit. >> the media wrote off ed
3:35 pm
gillespie of being way behind. >> no one can predict turnout. the problem is when journalist treat the surveys as gospel and turns out their fifth is misplaced. a warning from the speaker of the house to the president about going around congress. we'll get reaction to the all of that from the panel when we come back. i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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. . the president, if he acts unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he'll poison the well and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. it's as simple as that. when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself, and he's going to burn
3:39 pm
himself if he continues to go down this path. >> before the end of the year, we're going to take whatever lawful actions that i can take that i believe will improve the functioning of our immigration system but what i'm not going to do is just wait. i think it's fair to say that i've shown a lot of patience. >> well, the speaker of the house with a warning shot the president yesterday and then today the white house press secretary asked is the president going to take this action definitively? quote, the answer is yes, the president is going to take this executive action. let's bring in our panel. okay. ron, thoughts? >> i was thinking today when i was a kid, me and my two brothers all about the same age, our parents would get mad for fighting. stop fighting and swat us and send us to our room and the
3:40 pm
first thing we would do when we got in the room is start fighting again, and it's exactly what happened this week. t it was clear. stop fighting and get something done. the constitutional head of the country deserves and got most blame but they want both parties to work together. look what is happening. they both have come out, the president insisting on taking the politically pushing his political nuclear button and republicans talking about repealing a law they know they can't repeal. >> obamacare. >> it's at its highest. >> around the edges they talk about common ground and saw it working together but you get to the heart of obamacare, immigration -- >> the president particular, i thought his news conference yesterday was beneath the office in a sense of pretending that this wasn't a shellacking and just giving lip service to common ground.
3:41 pm
it was -- he said he heard the american people but clearly he has not. >> george? >> when the president does what he promises to do on immigration, there will be three separate questions. one, is it good policy he's put in place? >> does it serve justice to the american needs? intelligent people of goodwill will disagree with that. the second question, is it good civics and good government procedure to go around the legislative branch, the elected representative, the answer is clearly no. the third question is difficult. is it legal? will he be in the words of john boehner acting outside of his authority? congress for 40 years now has been leeching away transferring great discretionary powers to the exec sieve branch and they are going to find when they look at the laws they have written, that the president has astonishing authority, far too much but there and it's real. it's going to complicate this argument. >> i agree. charles. >> look, first of all i disagree. i don't think the message of
3:42 pm
this election was get stuff done. i think the message that would be true, if it was an incumbent election. in fact, it was not. it was a repudiation of what the democrats are doing. stop doing that. it was at every level, house, senate, governorships and that is a very clear mistake of a message. what impresses it seems to me i arrogant attempt to the voice of the people. this was an unequivocal election. it was across the board. it was everywhere. i think it is very unconstitutional for a president to unilaterally suspend the enforcement of a huge part of extremely important law. immigration is sort of one of the basic elements of a country's solve eacountry solve earnty. i'm low on money so i'll let one
3:43 pm
or two guys go because they aren't big fish. this is truly contradicting what the constitution says the president has to ensure the laws are executed and the other part of it is apart from the constitutionality is the constitutional decency. we have had verdict by the people of a kind that is quite unusual in american history and to go ahead and ignore it in spite of that, in spite of a rejection, in spite of repudiation to say i'll ignore the will of the people and do this regardless shows contempt for the system. >> what about speaker boehner, ron? you mentioned in obamacare he said there is going to be another repeal effort. we seen the house vote many times to do it. this time potentially if it gets through the senate, if it was scaled down, but then piecemeal he said taking apart the medical device tax, other elements of the law. >> i think there are some
3:44 pm
elements that need to be fixed and could be fixed. i think the tax is one obvious one. it's a low-hanging fruit. when you talk about the mandate, the crux of the bill you talk about repealing the bill. going back to what charles said. this was no doubt a repudiation of the united states but not an affirmation of the republican party. six out of ten, including republicans have a dim view. 80% of the public said they are down on congress. >> they may have said that and felt it but they elected a whole lot of republicans. >> you know why? >> they have a choice between two evils. they voted for republicans and do not like what is happening in the city. >> but they gave a mandate to the lesser two levels. >> that is not a mandate. >> they said you are now in charge of the senate. you have a huge majority in the house and you have all these ownerships so now it's your responsibility. i'm not saying -- >> it's the responsibility of
3:45 pm
the government -- >> that's what the gop has to do is to govern. it's not a mandate to just do stuff together. it's to enact what republicans believe ought to be done. >> obviously, they sent roberts back to the senate and send mitch mcconnell to the senate. it's not -- you're interpreting it -- >> somebody has to win an election. >> greg orman -- >> this is not an election in which, i don't think you're saying, but republicans should get what they want. this is an election they are ex many specting that t-- expectind republicans to work together to solve problems. it's not an affirmation like 2012 wasn't a mandate for president obama. >> george, this is the first election in american history in which the behavior of the senate majority leader coast-to-coast was an issue. and what they said was process
3:46 pm
matters. americans very rarely vote on process questions but they did. they said there is something wrong when hundreds of bills are passed by the most democratic house legislature, the house of representatives and die in the senate. dignity of up or down mode. it does seem to me they said we want these things voted on and when they said stuff should get done and we want red lock broken, they were saying who the culprit was. >> you listened to the president and he said what i would like to do is hear from the republicans to find out what they would like to see happen and it's not a change because i suggested before that where there is areas of cooperation, i would like to get things done. that's what the president said even though it was harry reid who held a lot of bills. >> harry reid's desk or waste paper basket was where the bills of the house passed and went to die. i want one day to point.
3:47 pm
in arkansas people asked whether your vote for senator was influenced, was a message about what should control the senate. the answer was yes 82%. it was a national election. it was made national. obama endures the nationalizing of the election when you said it's about our policies and it isn't just to get stuff done. it was let the gop propose now ocho bobama had six years. >> we can cherry pick and say in arkansas the same voters voted for minimum wage so maybe we should have a national minimum wage. i don't think that's what you're saying. i said the president of the united states after an election did not have a mandate and i think we all said at the time that the 2012 election did not mean that democrats should be able to get everything they want. i'm saying, i'm being consistent and saying the same thing tion. the public did not say one party should be able to get everything they want. >> they did say republicans ought to propose and put them in charge of the agenda.
3:48 pm
>> next up, is there a deal pending on iran, another foreign policy question for this president. (coffee be♪ng poured into a cup.)
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business,
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i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. administration have articulated about iran remains unchanged. >> are we now telling the free
3:52 pm
syrian army that we are working with the people who are major reason ys they have had so many of them slaughtered? i think it's unconscionable. >> a not so secret letter now skugss working together to fight isis terrorists? where does this put the nuclear deal? we're back with the panel. george. >> both the iranian gentleman and senator are right. the war against terrorism conducted from jet aircraft is not a war against terrorism. it's make believe war against terrorism. the point is to get the islamic state out of iraq where no one believes you will get it out of fallujah and other places with aircraft. it's also correct as senator mccain said, we now have policy spaghetti it is so tangled up.
3:53 pm
we are talking about we're going attack the islamic state using the vetted syrian moderates who are losing rapidly in syria because we have decided that we have other objectives that are more important than the fate of those people. what we have now is an uninintelligent policy. >> why would you trust the iranianss? at the risk of being proven wrong again, the president of the united states is doing what he said he would do. what he did here is not new. he has done it two or three other times. i suspect this was leaked by the administration so they could say hey we have done everything we can when this falls apart. there's a part of me that says, boy i like my government to do
3:54 pm
everything it can to both leverage iran to fight isis and to try to strike a deal with them but i just don't have confidence. i just don't have confidence that this team, this president should be playing in a game that level. that they're capable. i haven't seen any sense even in domestic policy and a savvy deal maker. this scares me. there is a lot of ways this could go on in very big ways. >> at least the fourth letter that obama has written to the supreme leader in iran and not one of them has been directly responded to. you can see who the supplicant here. they watch the united states and the western powers month by month weakening the conditions
3:55 pm
under which they will try to reach a deal. the most important of which is they have abolished the central idea of non-proliferation you start with no enrichment and then you talk about everything else. we have already conceded enrichment at the beginning of the current negotiations. this is going to end only badly with collapse of the talks or an agreement. it is not only congress that is being shut out. the uae, the saudis, of course the israelis, but the saudis are furious about our negotiation over their head with a mortal a mortal enemy.
3:56 pm
>> al qaeda is a course on the officials. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. >> as we have heard the president is said to be frustrated and one channel says he has now found a way to express it. >> good evening my fellow americans. with me as always is my anger translater luther. >> what it do. >> as you know for the past six years, i received my fair share of criticism from the republican party. >> i can't even give malia of allowance without them accusing me of wealth redistribution. >> it's all part of rough and tumble politics. >> i hate you! >> some have cited my inability to make good on my campaign promise to close begguantanamo .
4:00 pm
>> i'm a president, everybody. a president. not a kid. >> thanks for letting us into your home tonight. now a special on the record right now. >> i have wanted to do a u-turn. and i couldn't. there was no way to do it. i knew this could be bad. i tried calling 911. there was no help for me. i was there where prisoners were walking by me uncuffed. i felt very vulnerable. >> they were telling me stories about the guards. someone acts up or does something wrong they get beat. i was actually joyful to take that beating. just bring it on. >> there are messed up people in the world. prison is a good place to find them.


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