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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 7, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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go on tv as a political expert. only in america can'z1n÷ you do. see you monday, special report's up next. a president who campaigned six years ago on the promise of getting americans out of the middle east is sending more into the line of fire. three days after his party lost job -- with this announce never came up. and on a friday afternoon, with the paper statement, president obama authorized another influx of up to 1,500 u.s. trainers and advisors, so-called noncombat troops to help iraqi forces against an islamic state group that has ripped through much of that country and neighboring syria. we have fox team coverage
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tonight, ed henry is at the white house and has reaction, but we begin with national security correspondent at the pentagon with new marching orders. hello, jennifer. >> good evening, bret, the pentagon reiterated that the u.s. troops deploying to iraq will not be engaged in combat. >> the president approved a defense department request to send up to 1,500 u.s. troops on the ground, nearly doubling the amount of u.s. troops on the ground there, currently another about 1,400 troops, the authorization will expand the mission to train, advise and assist iraqi security forces, 870 u.s. troops will train i raek troops at four new sites the rest will serve as advisors. pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby explained this afternoon why more troops are needed now. >> it's being done now quite frankly because the iraqis have reached a -- they have
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demonstrated the willing ngsz and the kill to go after it's sill. particularly in areas like anbar. >> reporter: the decision comes at a significant financial cost. the white house will receive $5.6 million for the iraqi advising mission. chuck hagel was invited to the white house by the president today for lunch to brief a bipartisan congressional group. the chairman of the joint hinted at the need for more troops last week. >> that's why we need to expand the train, advise and assist mission into the anbar province. but the precondition of that is that the government of iraq is willing to arm the tribes. >> administration sources say the white house began making plans to roll out this announcement on wednesday, a day after the midterm elections. pentagon press secretary rear
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admiral john kirby says there was nothing political to the timing of today's announcement. bret? >> jennifer griffin live at the white house. we want to get to ed henry on reaction to this move of troops back to iraq, but now the chief white house correspondent has some breaking news tonight, hello, ed. >> reporter: the -- a federal polluter to be nominated to be his next attorney general, she's highly regarded as a prosecutor. her name has been out there as a finalist for several days, significant bit of history, if confirmed by the senate, she would be the first african-american woman to ever serve as attorney general, chief law enforcement in the last, of course she would replace eric holder, he's had a very controversial tenure, announced a couple of weeks ago that he intends to step down. obviously this ties into the lunch the president had today at
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the white house where he was meeting with democratic and republican leaders, there's a whole new balance of power that could make it difficult to get any nominee for any cabinet proof through. there was some cordiality there, but we're also told there was some tension over immigration. >> beyond the swag, top republicans later suggested their first face to face since mitch mcconnell the new senate majority leader --- >> focusing on jobs and i think the american people public expect us to do. >> reporter: yet the body language seemed less "kumbaya" and more like a scene in the waiting room of a dentist's office. harry reid was particularly
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glaring after democrats traded barbs over two won the election. >> i congratulate mitch mcconnell as well as speaker boehner for running very strong campaigns. >> reporter: as he talked of cooperation, however, the president bullied ahead on immigration reform which could give -- >> no one ran for office this year campaigning to say the president ought to do more executive orders and specifically on immigration. >> white house aides say the president has no choice but to act on his own since speaker john boehner declared he has no plans to take up immigration legislation. so they struggled to explain how the message of the democratic drumming is that the american people are humming for more political action. >> is there a candidate who said i want to see more executive action? >> most of the people running the television ads were running
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for congress. it's not a surprise to me that they had to focus on legislation that they support. >> david kroen saying this week, the white house was to blame. what else more is there to say, he wasn't going to play well in north carolina or iowa or new hampshire, i'm sorry, it doesn't mean that the message was bad, but sometimes the messenger isn't good. while white house speaker nancy pelosi is coming to grips with what happened. >> i don't consider it a wave, i consider it an ebb of democratic voters because i don't think america gave anybody a great big seal of approval. >> there was a tense moment between the speaker and the president about immigration, and the president pushi forward with these executive orders. there was no kentucky bourbon in
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there, but there's some white house beer that's brewed around here somewhere to ensure there was no hard feelings. i want to go back to the breaking news and that is the announcement that the attorney general for the white house is going to be loretta lynch. federal prosecutor of the eastern district of new york, brooklyn, there you see her, she served -- was appointed by president obama also served in a role from president clinton, why the decision on this late friday before the president leaves on this trip to asia? >> reporter: i had been told by senior officials the president wanted to do this after the week' long trip to asia, it would have been a week and a half by the time he got back. a highly partisan environment, he wants to get going on it, but also word was leaking out. they feel that beyond the history making, if she's confirmed to be america's first african-american attorney general, it's that she's already been confirmed by the senate to !z a u.s. attorney by
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acclimation, so they believe in the white house that this is to be a strong pick, he's a close advisor to erick holder, and he's been a polarizing figure on the hill, but republicans believe there will be bigger battles than this one. the supreme court is going to take another shot at obama care. chief national can't jim engel is going to tell us about the changes over seemingly simple language that has led to some massive confusion. we talked about this before, but explain to everybody what the confusion is about. >> obama care, here, this is one of those that challenges obama care on a very simple point. and that is in that legislation it said that subsidies are available established by the state. only 14 states established exchanges, leaving 36 in federal hands, but the irs saying you can use an exchange in any state.
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today you had a key democrat question why this is even an issue and analysts saying that the irs ruling has always been on shaky ground. listen. >> why they're taking us, i don't know, the intent of congress is clear, so it's troubling that they would even consider this. >> the irs is pretty much ignored that plain text of the statute and decided it's close enough for government work to go ahead and do what we think we have wanted to do regardless of what congress passed. >> one decision on the irs interpretation, the d.c. appeals court found that the plain language of the statute, quote, unambiguously restricts subsidies. another appeals court found jut the opposite. >> if the supreme court were to decide with the d.c. circuit, what do you think this all goes to? >> it would severely damage obama care, perhaps fatality.
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one of the problems you have is, what do you do about all the people who have already received subsidies? do you claw those back from the people who have already had them? that's one difficulty. the other is you have a two-tier system for those in state exchanges and everybody else getting nothing. 85% of people get subsidies without obama care so insurance would be very expensive. can the government force people to buy insurance without help. even president obama has indicated that without the individual mandate, the system would be unlikely to work. so all in all, bret, you come down to the point that this law was so sloppily written, it has taken one court after another to try to interpret what it actually means. well, even though their hands are considerably weaker than in the past, both nancy pelosi and harry reid plan to continue in their respective
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partypositions. that's a recipe that does not go down well with many democrats. >> power shifts a republican wave. >> voters send a message to the white house. >> we begin with that seismic win for republicans. >> reporter: the anchors said played the blame game. senator joe manchin in west virginia blamed republican's getting control of the senate -- tuesday was quote, a real whuppin'. >> this is game of throwns for democrats because what you have here is the opportunity to lop off the head of the king and that's harry reid. >> reporter: the president blamed the -- >> a lot of the blame is being turned toward the president and in a way it's safed nancy pelosi and harry reid from being taken out by their lower ranks. >> reporter: at the white house,
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spokesman josh ernest put the president behind the two embattled reeders. >> it's working, reid's number two and three in the caucus vant moved against their boss. and reid -- >> if you did a score card, post election, the democrats in the senate are much more liberal than they were before the election. >> reporter: this is also true in the house where minority leader nancy pelosi rallied the troops right up until the election, telling supporters in september the democrats would gain seats. >> >> reporter: despite the losses, keeping reed and flopel in their respective positions -- the organizing crew would face high expectations come 2016, something they want to avoid right now. >> republican ed gillespie has
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conceded defeat in the virginia senate race. at last count, gillespie trailed republican favorite mark warner by more than 16,000 votes. >> i have concluded that the numbers just aren't there and it's time to accept the decision of my fellow virginians. >> gillespie is legally entitled to a recount but says he will not ask for one. up next, president obama is getting out of town, but not necessarily to friendlier territory. fox 2 in detroit, with the ending of the largest public bankruptcy filing in american history. a judge today approved the city's plan, it cuts public retiree pension's -- knocks 28 in cincinnati where the daughter of bengals player jew sales of her father's jersey have exploded as a fundraising effort. last night the team presented
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children's hospital with more than a million dollars to fund research and treatment. this is a life look at san diego, great shot there from fox 5, the big story there tonight is the return of 100 marines from afghanistan. the homecoming at camp pendleton marks the end of u.s. combat operations in afghanistan, that's a live look outside the belt way, we can just leave it here the rest of the time. we'll be right back. i have a cd with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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>> the dow gained 19.5 for another record close today. the s&p 500 was up a fraction to post a new high also.
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for the week, the dow gained percentage point. president obama leaves sunday for a chinese nation, not exactly welcoming him with open arms. in fact wendell goler tills us, the chinese are being unusually tough on the president in what has already been a difficult week. >> reporter: the president's asia trip comes just days after republicans took control of the senate and tightened their grip on the house, leading china's state run global times to say the american people have downgraded him. the paper wrote, quote, he has done an insipid job, press secreta secretary josh ernest shrugged off the plan. the president was the only candidate that mattered in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the u.s. focus on isis fighters in syria and iraq and making sure that syria doesn't build a nuclear weapon,
3:19 pm
the reaction to the ebola outbreak in west after that and efforts to make sure that it doesn't spread here have some questioning whether obama is committed to the pivot. >> in a year, with all the issues that we are all facing, the president now taking his second trip to asia, which, as you know is a substantial investment of time and attention. >> reporter: some chinese officials say america's asia-pacific has made smallereh countries trust china less. china and -- though it doesn't resolve the issue of ownership. president obama's expected to press president xia on kputser hackers that -- no one expects a confession. but some experts say the republican takeover of the senate may actually improve the prospects for mr. obama's asia pivot. >> the missing piece to the
3:20 pm
economic balance of asia is -- it's unlikely that the gop senate will do more to advance the president's trade and eck nomic agenda. >> wendell goler in the who is briefing room. where were you 25 years ago when the berlin wall came tumbling downing.çóxdxdq ings
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. ukraine is accusing russia of ending heavy tanks into it's
3:24 pm
eastern section. russian is denying the allegation that it's deploying more troops near the border. for the first time a military trainee from afghanistan has appeared in an american courtroom. catherine harris reports on the begin og of a landmark case. >> reporter: the hearing lasted only a few minutes as a russian national that defected from the military and joined the taliban pleaded not guilty to the charges which carry a maximum sen sense of life in prison. with shackles on his hands and feet, he also waived his right to a detention hearing. this is the first time a foreign comb combatant has been transferred to united states for a trial. his trial is scheduled for april
3:25 pm
in richmond, virginia. in as many as a half does sedge cases, fox news tells us that de -- because there was no enough evidence for a criminal trial. >> now that there's a republican majority in the senate, one of the things under consideration will be to hold the administration to account for> reporter: in january, u.s. detention operations a s end in afghanistan and the kabul shows no willingness to held the combatants that are left. this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of what many consider a turning point in recent history, the fall of the berlin wall. the occasion comes amid concerns over a new cold war. >> reporter: commemorative balloons mark the path of the infamous berlin wall which separated communist east berlin
3:26 pm
from the west. 27 years ago, president reagan took the first rhetorical chips out of that wall. >> mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. >> i don't think it was real -- >> reporter: the fall of the wall marked the end of the cold war between the u.s. and the soviet union. the new cold war has broken out, led by an assertive vladimir putin, testing nato defenses, taunting the u.s., actually seizing territory in the ukraine, secretary of state kerry warned about russia-led cold war 2.0. >> our freedoms are still being threatened in too many parts of the world. and they are even being threatened right here in europe. >> i mean it's more dangerous and more aggressive. >> this arms expert should know.
3:27 pm
putin accused him of being a spy and let him go only to grant him freedom in a cold war style swap. the u.s. and the west are losing. >> the western world was much more prepared to repel this aggressive behavior from the soviet side. now the west is partially disarmed against the adversary. >> reporter: russia is not the adversary it was, it's smaller and much weaker. but they can be dangerous, especially with all those nuclear weapons. >> we feel we won the cold war, but russia doesn't understand that they lost it. >> reporter: russia and the u.s. discovered the determination to help knock down this one before a newly aggressive russia takes back even more. a former u.s. diplomat is underq investigation in a countr
3:28 pm
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chart, north carolina's new bribes from undercover agents posing as treatment, that makes him afap= convicted felon which renders him ineligible to vote. cannon must now serve house arrest until his prison term begins. as we learned thisñi week, polls can be way off. now it appears that a particular demographic inñi new york has bn exponentialjflyo! overestimatede rat population. common lore states there are has many rats as humans in new york city, in the neighborhood of 8 million. however a statistician says
3:33 pm
there's only 2 million rats in the big apple. he came one that number -- it was not easy. he notes rats are terrible survey respondents. the city health department calls the findings interesting but not particularly useful. and finally animal rights group peta is lashing out at the discovery channel where a man will be eat on alive byñrñr and cana con da, he dremplgs himself in pig blood so the snake finds him particularly advertising, once he is eaten, he is pulled back out of theñi anaconda. the snake was torrented andxd#g suffered for the sark of %/g ratings,c anacondas go days without eating and energy needed to do so
3:34 pm
selectively, making this snake use up energy by swallowing4wñ& hisñr food may have dep.=7ut hi @(the discovery channel insists neither man more reptile was harmed in theñr making of it. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at both sides tonight. >> wow. >> reporter: returning to electoral politics for the first time since her failed presidential bid six years ago, hillary clinton campaigned for 26 candidates 12 of whom one, 13 of whom lost and one of whom remain suspended in runoff purgatory, while mostfê÷ analys would caution against -- rand
3:35 pm
widely thought like clinton to be considering a run to the white house in 2016, threw such caution where he branded the lucky -- >> they actually ran has clinton democrats, the president's unpopular, but hillary's popular and they all were soundly rejected. so there is a message here about hillary clinton as much as there is about the president. >> reporter: a former campaign manager from 2008 argue clinton earned a ton of good will with local party chiefs. >> she did what she could to help her friends and very strong democrats out there, she raised mush for them, she campaigned for them. she wasn't on the ballot, and heavy policies weren't on the ballot. i ha >> reporter: on the negative side for clinton, republican governors won re-election on the decisive swing states of florida
3:36 pm
and iowa. >> don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. >> reporter: some analysts including panelists on this very program argued the gop's success in reclaiming the senate actually provides a kind of liberating effect for clinton, frees her of the burden of defending harry reid. whether clinton is running at all is something she has said she won't announce until early next year. the president and newly congress do lunch amid a decision to send more troops back to iraq and late this afternoon, nominate a new top cop. we'll talk about it all when the panel joins me after a quick break. your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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send a small number of
3:40 pm
additional american military advisors, up to 300, to assess how we can best train, advise and support iraqi security forces going forward. i think we always have to guard against mission -- let me repeat what i have said in the past, american combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq again. the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. of 300 additional troops to iraq to expand our advise and assist mission. >> reporter: well 1,500 more troops added to the troops already on the ground, training iraqis and the kurds, these troops are said to go to more dangerous locations like anbar province and taji north of
3:41 pm
baghdad. 8juáu look at the timeline evolved. june 16, 275fj$p"visors sentñi iraq, june 30th9.d'y, 3 hung mo troops sechblt to secure the airport and embassy in baghdad.k mt.-september 10,fá 475 mored"j z expand andlav assist troops starts inxd syria and today 1,5 z expand indicated columnist georgexd wiv columnist, charles krauthammer. >> well, first of all the timing of this, deeply cynical, of
3:42 pm
spokesmen, it's@x5 completeñi coincidence that it's announced four days after an election. as for the substance of this, is doing, it has stated thatt(ae objective is to degrade and the beginning that isis in syria is secure andak]%11 notxdñ beh. in fact obama himself has spoke about thidte about winning and he made it clear that the objective is simply to hold back isis in iraq.1:$t let meó play that sound bite fm wednesday. >> i think it's too early to say u(j i said a at the outn÷ set o the isilñ çócampaign,e1 this isg to be a long-term plan.ñr remember, our first focus, ed, here is to drive isil out of iraq and what we're doing in syria is first and foremosttdiá
3:43 pm
troops and then run back over u(s&y e border between iraq regains control of its >> we talked at length about iraq and never got to the 1,500 troops on 3kw=ñwednesday. >> he's admitting essentially in that statement that it's only iraq that's in play now, the bombing of syria is mostly for show, but what he realizesñi is that you can't do this without serious advisors. serious advisors. at the beginning of thefá timele kpadvancement the syrian army just ten days ago was wiped out in the north and handed over it's weapons to
3:44 pm
an al xdnusra front which is anl qaeda ñraffiliate.çó syria&ñ they are writing off, a iraq, they're just trying to hold the lpline. i guarantee you, this is only one of a series of increases. >> kristen? >> there's no doubt that americans are mostlyxd opposed having troops in iraq, having people on the ground and i think that the president is sort of trying thread the needle, he's trying to do somethingon# without actually sendingar9 co troops in there:m and it's tru that we need to have people on the ground there that knowwñplk they're doing, doing air strikes alone is not otenough,ájúñ we h known that for a long time.ñi is 1,500 people imminent enom' r(t&háhp &hc% o cf1 o >> isn't the&oç timing a little strange? !mmutráh'o question. it's completely political.
3:45 pm
>> there are other wars in the past where advisors were added again and again and again.d ho >> truman sent advisers to vietnam. this is what you do when the facts have changed, and the fact is the islamic state. the spin on this by the admiral from the pentagon's statement, this is an optimistic move because it means that the iraqi army is at last ready to benefit from the kind ofw3 advice we car give, since invading iraq in the first place, the second was disbangeding the iraqixd army, tried to get them to stand up so we could stand down on all the rest. this is a concession that there's no contemplated or even conceivable air÷ú/jç operations will do the job. we're to train, advise and
3:46 pm
assist. the verb assist can cover a multitude of activities and the% one thing i worry about and i hope they have planned for this. what happens if one americanxd advisor in young form is cunifo by the islamic state? the islamic state is pregeneva in their approach to war wear. >> when obama decided to evacuate iraq, the war had been won, and anbar province had been secured by the kurds. al qaeda had not just been decimated but humiliated and the sunni tribes joined our side. we're now back in an mar, that's where the 1,500 -- >> and redoing at a scale that is impossible to proceed, where -- now we're going to have to do it all over again, with extremely low odds of success. >> i mean if i'm a family member
3:47 pm
of one of these noncombat troops l combat. l >> iraq was no way required, that was a choice obama made and istake. >> i want to talk about this meeting very quickly at the white house, the meeting with leaders from both parties was seen in this photo talking to the incoming senate majority leader or suspected after that vote happens. mitch mcconnell, here's a quote from ap describing this meeting. the meeting was tense at times, according to a senior house republican aid. senior democratic leader harry reid about to lose grip on the upper chamber barely said a word. as house speaker john boehner was making an argument on immigration, obama responded that his patience was running out and joe biden interrupted to ask how long the republicans needed, obama angrily cut biden
3:48 pm
off. >> it doesn't seem to be starting off too well and a lot of this is because i think there's such a disconnect between what the white house thinks is going on and what everybody else thinks is going on and the world pretty much recognizes that there is a repudiate of obama and the white house and the white house believes that it did not and it's not the fault of obama, it's completely the fault of the democrats who were running and they don't really feel the need to come together and do v come together and do coming up, the friday lightning round.
3:49 pm
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week you chose lame duck congress. before i start with charge, thevx senior white house official that at no time the president cut off vice president by den as reported by the associated press. so i want toi] get that on the record. >> it's never been done. >> george, the lame duck congress, what2".iñ can or will or won't get done? >> first place, the whole spectacle is a little bit odd. large number of people repudiated by the voters. laws for people who repudiated them. leaving that aside. there are 8 state department nominees and 24 district court nominees. andñr presidents do4hñ have --xd should enjoy some deference as they try to staff their administration. they can move those ahead. there is something called the marketplaceçó fairness act which would make it easier for states to collect salesxd taxesxd for online retailers which pleases every retailer on the verge of holiday shopping season. although it wouldn't effect
3:53 pm
this year's. they could give the president fast track trade authority which cause mischief because he wants it and democrats don't because they are beholden to labor which really never saw a trade agreement it liked yet. so, it. >> mightxcño have to wait until january for the republicans to take control for that one. >> exactly. one nominee that now they are dealing with. >>( >> isnvp the attorney generalkv3 nominee. >> right.  (o+omorrowtn#t is officiallysñ his nominee. we have confirmed that5d!os tonight. the prosecutor from new of new york. >>l%[ she has alreafoaf?awt  about her is that she -- she holder,lpñ who was very close to the president, andfo8 i doesn't have any&ákind o>óvimxjç relationship with presidentñi obama. who has been accused of being very insular and relying on people close to
3:54 pm
him. i think that about.é@ odes well for her as being an honest brokerú# outside. >> she is not a lightning rod. she apparently is sort of the by the book prosecutor. she doesn't have a paper trowel. she won'tt( arouse unless fund something discovered ideological she should have an easy passagelp whichjnídi think what obama wanted. >> next6z up china. he heads to china. chinaiiá6 is already lobbing some rhetorical missiles his way, charles? >> it shows how little either respected or feared the presidentiññ is. that theñi chinese official press would mock him on the=)ñ eve of a visit. you certainly, especially in china, the protocol,xd the ritual and these state of affairs is sojf important. i áqink thexdñi most, ofñiuimñ for obama, it's the best thing that could possibly happen to get out of town for a week. it would be an6nñ very uncomfortable week. i think the one item he could negotiate and i'm serious about this it climate change.
3:55 pm
and china agree would make a difference. can you shut down every coal mine in kentucky it won't make a dime's worth of difference. if he gets an treatment with china, which he won't, but that's the one area. >> they are saying they are going to press them on cyber security. >> as well they should. because we actually know the building in shanghai where some of the attacks come from. if we can trace it back to them. we should raise unshirted hell about this. >>lp winners and losers next. i'm an idaho potato farmer
3:56 pm
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confident but a little bit until a trooper came over and said i'm here to frequent you, mr. governor
4:00 pm
elect. rather charming. >> larry hogan. that was a big surprise in that election. winner, everybody tuned in this4yc4 week. and for me to get a weekend. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this a fox news alert. attorney general eric holder replaced. tomorrow, president obama will nominate a new york federal prosecutor to become the next attorney general of the united states. u.s.á[q attorney loretta lynch. if confirmed, lynch would be the first african-american female attorney general. lurching with leaders from both parties is this a new strategy? >> obviously republicans had a good night. >> history has shown a divided government. >> the american people have spoken. they have given us divided government. what are you going to do with it. >> don't compromise with these losers. and don't treat them like winners. >> i feel obliged to do everything i can lawfully with my executive authority. >> i hope he won't do that because i do think it


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