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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> it is opening this woke week and take your family. >> saving christmas. run out and get it. starts "happening now". >> fox news alert. the house voted to approve the controversusial key stone pipeline. ndemocrats are now on board and the senate could take up the vote on tuesday. will president obama sign off on it? >> this is "happening now". >> understand what this project is, providing the ability of canada to pump their oil. the president weighing in on the the key stone pipeline debate. and republicans make a legislative move on a project they say will bring america jobs and secretary. and likely a show down. the president is set to announce a new round of amnesty.
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>> we'll fight it tooth and nail. >> and plus, are the feds taking to the air to get information from your phone? what is behind the new report claiming that the government is watching from high poof. >> an instant response from a time of crisis. it alerts police to a school shooting, all "happening now". first to our top story right now. moments ago, the house of representative voted to approve the key stone pipeline. the republicans tried to push it through. but this time 31 democrats voted with the gop also. i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> i am heather in for jenna
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lee. it is a busy day on capitol hill. the key stone pipeline was delayed for six years but the map has changed a lot. democrat mary landrieu is fighting for her senate society and the run off election next month. many senate colleagues think that approval of the pipeline will help her in the seat. energy is important in louisiana. mike emmanuel is live for us on capitol hill. correct me if i am wrong, the house legislation has her opponent's name on it as well. it could help both of them in the long run? >> reporter: that's right. mary landrieu selling it in the senate and the opponent bill casside has his name on the
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legislation. the vote wrapped up 252- 161 and passing the house. it was not super dramatic in the house of representative which is putting forward this legislation for quite sometime and senate majority leader harry reid resisted taking it up in a vote for the senate. and here's how john boehner solid the legislation. >> it is it lowering energy cost and create more jobs. >> but for the sake of american workers, i hope will president will sign the bipartisan bill without delay. >> that is the speaker's wish and much of it is the run off and mary landrieu over in the senate is moving it forward and bill casside in the house her opponent passed the legislation. >> where do things stand in the
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senate? if you go to the senate floor next week. >> it could be tuesday and the republicans believe they have all 45 republican votes. but how many democrats will go along with mary landrieu. >> i am very hopeful that we will have and i believe we will have not 60 but 61 votes for the key stone pipeline. now, what the president does is a different matter. >> reporter: if it passes the united states senate all eyes will be on president obama to see whether he signs it or veto it and all eyes on the the louisiana run off. >> thank you. >> keystone is one of the issues
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in the white house. and despite republican take over and wins last week, president obama is pushing an aggressive agenda on the environment and internet regulation and immigration. how the republicans react to these plays. we have edrollins who is former come pain share for mike mucketymuck. and joe trippi. immigration, this is like a hand grenade thrown in congress when the president orders his executive order possibly next week. >> first of all, the president can't make people illegal, legal. he can say i will not prosecute them. in the end of the day it will not fix the immigration system. it takes a long time to do this. it took five years for the
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bipartisan bill. you can have an important bill passed in both houses of the congress to solve a lot of these problems. if he wants to push it through. you will have fourty million illegals. he willu6 just antagonize the republicans. >> joe, what happens if the republicans are antagonized. >> a number of things. trying to stop the funning and so it ends up with a partial shut down of the government. i am not predicting it. it will inflame passions on both sides. the president clearly looks to be going to issue an executive order and the republicans will not be happy about. that they can challenge that in court afterwards and try to stop the funding and potentially hold
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the government for shut down, but all of these are fraught with danger on both sides, both the president's actions and how the republicans respond to it, particularly because of the the divisions. it is a precarious situation, but danger on both sides. not only with the president. >> jon, the president said he will not do it. there are warnings. angus king, the independent from maine. it will create a back lash that could set the cause back and inflame our politics in a way that is not conducive to solving the problem. ed, what happens when the president goes ahead and not compromise. >> he is a part- time law
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professor and he ought to review the constitution. there are certain rules and responsibilities. congress enforces the law. the president is not doing any good to millions of americans or illegals to get them illegal citizens. it will antagonize the system and obviously the country voted differently and why not have the congress work it out and if they can great. >> joe, why doesn't the president do that? is it unconstitutional? >> he waited for the bill passed in the senate to be acted on by the house. the lame duck could do that. and if they did, there would be no reason for him to issue executive orders. there are millions of people
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supposed to be deported. and the republicans'dvocating that, i don't think they do. it has to have action taken and the president will take it when congress hasn't. certainly as the president pointed out can in the next year enact new legislation and pass new laws that, that are reform and alter his, and take his executive order out of action. >> but what is happening. you know, joe, the senate bill that was passed. they knew it would be fixed in the house and you won't pass that today. that's not the way the system works and goes back to the '86 bill, there were certain segments by the senate and house and they came together and worked for it in conference.
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and the house made it clear they want to do it implemently and they don't want obama care shoved through by the president and speaker and who will be the former majority leader. and a lot of things are in there and they don't like. >> ed, that is why the president issues executive orders to take care of the problem while we wait around for the senate and house. >> he's going to make laws, is that the new role of the president. >> we don't know. wait and see what the executive order is. i know there are rumors and everybody is judging it before they see it. >> he will probably grant legal status to four and half or more illegals and that is the issue. whether he is trying to take the making of laws in his own hand.
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>> he can't made them legal. it is very important, people talk about him making them legal. only people who can make them legal is the powers of the congress. what he can do is not deport them. and he will say you can be in the country as long as i am here. >> and if the republicans believes it is unstewingal they and the supreme court can say. that we don't know. f[1t= >> we'll debate it next week. thank you. >> that conversation not ending. and then this one. justice department skuping up cell phone data using equipments attached to airplanes. our chief intelligence corpondant kathryn harris is live with the details. how does this work. >> hi, heather, thank you.
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the technology was developed by the intelligence community for use overseas to gather foreign communications and the wall street journal and fox news contacts are not denying the existence of a program that comes under the justice department to collect airdata. and picking up communications of other americans. the short hand for the style of the operation is the man in the middle of the attack. cell phone looks for the nearest transition point. and the closest tower is controlled by a government agency. and effectively intercepting the data and storing it. >> you are vacumming the entire spectrum. that means you pick up good and bad guys both. >> there's no on the record
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statement for the reporters today. discussion of acceptsative tech necks would allow crimmial and foreign powers to determine our capabilities in this. cleared the aclu told fox news that the program amounts to dragnet surveillance and another example of technology turned inward and used domestically, heather? >> you know they are taking in the content and calls and this phone number was texting to this phone number. >> one person who we spoke to said it takes in virdually everything. >> and i know you will be on that for the next few days.
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>> a call for the u.s. to make one big change when it comes to oil. that could have a far- reaching affect for us. >> there is no businesslike snow business. it does for winter not welcomed with open arms. >> way, way, way too early. >> it is a quick change. it would have been nice to stay warm longer. clear protein drink. >>clear huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. new ensure active clear protein. 8 grams protein. zero fat. ensure. take life in. .. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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and the u.s. prousing more oil than any other country in the world. is it time for a roll back on a 40 year band on exporting it. it appears that the worry is not so simple. adam. it is so easy but why isn't it. >> and people in the oil industry that seems to be the case. fraking and the boom with that allowed the united states to be the number one producer and the band on u.s. oil companies to sell crude on the market is obsolete and that should go away. it was in place in the cents and long gas lines in the 70s. and oil producers are saying let us have the countries and south korea just to name a two. they want the u.s. crow and u.s.
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oil source is more stable than middle east and russia and question the free-trade and saying that it is a right for the u.s. to do this. and the united states oil would do well on the global stage. >> if you let that product cost lost and markets that is most competitive it benefits the consumers. that drives the competition. >> and now the counter argument is that energy security is vitally important. and that's why the policy went in place in the first place. the obama administration showed little interest in opening the spicot. and say it is all about being able to avoid another oil crisis.
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>> how can it possibly be in our interest to export crude oil that can be processed, in essence manufactured here in the united states? why don't we concentrate on the security of the country? >> now congress is going to debate all of this and in the meantime, analyst in favor of this in the oil market or not. it is not a matter of if or when they will be allowed to take the oil to the marketplace, heather? >> adam, housely thanks. nobama care was passed because of the stupidity of the american voter. those comments caught on video. the mi t professor said that his attacks saw the law was approved. how has the media covered what
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and not getting it back. >> the world's eyes on russian president vladimar putin. he is facing a rough welcome there. protestorslw gathering outside his hotel and many in australia blame putin for the passenger jet in ukraine. it killed 38 australians. >> and now russia plans long range bomber flights over the gulf of mexico and elsewhere. we have a fox news military analyst. there is so much going on here. let me ask you about prime minister david cameron. he said no military solution and the world needs to step up sanctions. >> i totally agree. give credit to prime minister
10:26 am
cameeron. he calls him a bully and describes it and he compares his actions and attitudes to what the nazis were doing in germany. russian economy is in trouble. the ruble is down 40 percent. and gdp growth is less than one percent. and depicting a recession. the stock market is not what it should be. all that said, heather, putin has resolve to continue to go out there and push his objectives. >> he certainly does. he said the russian economy is prepared for a catastrophic slump in oil prices. they are not backing down. you think that piling on more sanctions will not help from going in ukraine? >> i think tougher sanctions in
10:27 am
the energy and other functional areas would help. they are causing discomfort. but not the kind that tougher sanctions would. number one. number two, long time ago, arm and equip the ukrainians. they asked for our ammunition and weapons. we don't need your troops or advisers, just give us weapons. >> do you so us doing anything more? we are prowiding blankets and mre's. that's not enough to save them. >> we have given them nonloathal equipment. >> they need something more than that don't they? >> they need what i told you. they are giving them more than mre's. and giving them intelligence. but far from what they need and
10:28 am
should have. we have to strengthen our hand in the eastern countries baltics. everybody is looking at this putin's next hand will probably be up there and we have to make certain that nato forces and u.s. forces are on the ground as well. >> how do you explain this. nuclear capable forces in crimia. and they have cross the the border despite the sos fire. a flo tillia of russian ships mexico, something that the u.s. calls unprecedented. what message are they sending? >> putin is the master of using propaganda and telling loys. here it is psychological warfare. he is believes that you can force enemies in to capitulation
10:29 am
without firing. he's taking old ancient aircraft. his military is no match for the united states military. and he knows that. but he still uses his military power to intimidate and gain advantage. that's what it is all about. when he walked in opec and/beijing conference and down to g- 20. if you take a vote who is the strongest leader in the world, he would get that vote. he wants people to understand that. >> i am glad you believe it is psychological +b)2warfare. it makes people nervous they are poking around where they don't belong. >> take care. >> and a new system developed for the military could end up saving the lives of children. testing underway on the new technology to detect and track
10:30 am
a shooter inside of a school. how it works and what it means for our schools nationwide. >> and shoppers feeling frisky. retail numbers could mean for the stores and economy. 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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>> retail sales are up in october. good nows for stores as we head in the holiday shopping season.
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and investors are not reacting to the news. and joining us from the fox business network. a smij is a technical wall street term. >> and at this point to you. good morning and we have investors taking a pause. and the dow knocked six records in the past seven sessions and sitting near one today. and markets are set for another weekly gain and the fourth in a row. and if you look at how they did this week. nasdaq is up one percent on the week. and the news we got was encouraging and a measure of sentiment that is hitting a seven year high, eric. ñiçózd >> is they spend more money in the mall? >> and the money saving at the gas pump isosyh÷ what we are stg to see. retail sales rose more than
10:35 am
expected and againing 445 billion and the question is where are we spending the money on line at sporting goods stores. and record levels for stocks are helping. how much more? an extra 50 bucks and now we are saving more money in the gas pump and national federation said we'll spend over 800 on our holiday presents this year. >> thank you lauren. >> lauren is in the sister network and if you want to find her go to fox business.comchannel finder. >> u.s. postal service lost five and half billion this year and the service will delay filing the fiscal report until it finds
10:36 am
a recentof data breach. and the personal information of more than 800000 employees may have been stolen and it is it a rough situation for the newly named post master general major brennan. she is the first female to hole hold thes aypost. a gunman inside of the school. it was once developed for the military. and we have more, it is a lifesaver? >> it is fascinating technology. it is a smoke alarm fire sensor and sends out information to police who respond more quickly and effectively to find and take out a shooter.
10:37 am
this training drill took place in massachusetts. and the police chief there believes that the instant information that technology provides can safe lives. >> the missing component is receiving reliable and continuous and accurate information. where is the shooter? has the shooter changed location and how many shots fired and is the shooting on-going and what is the direction of travel. >> the decknology is not cheap. but a number of schools in massachusetts, virginia and california signed up and if it saves just one life, it is worth it. >> it is someone's baby, you know, and that's hard to swallow. and so obviously they need to being think about this. >> it is important to point out
10:38 am
that the shooting if washington state that took place in one room and over in minutes and seconds it might not. but like in new town, connecticut and columbien it makes a difference. it is hard to argue with saving one life it is worth the penny. >> thank you. >> and a fire storm of controversy. there is outrageous comments about the american voter. there is not outrage if you are watching the mainstream media. johnathon gruber was seen on tape three times calling american people stupid and saying obama care was written to deceive. the mainstream media ignored the remarks so far. and howard, what are they saying
10:39 am
why they are ignoring a big story. >> they are ignoring it completely in parts of the media. i remain amazed. the new york times hasn't published a word. others are catching up. the washington post did a front page story and i am not one to cry bias every ten minutes. but in this case it seems like liberal bias. these remarks are so arrogant. and even if you don't think it is a big deal cover the controver controversy. >> it is video that was so catchy and you want to hear what he has to say and gives you a window on how things operate in washington. why not cover it? >> sometimes you get an e-mail and complicated and abtract. and the man's owns words and
10:40 am
msnbc covered it and put them on the air with ronnan farrell who conducted the interview that was embarrassing. cbs finally caught up and evening news and cbs did a segment yesterday. abc, and nbc have not takeled the issue. everybody in washington is talking about it. >> morning shoes and night time shoes. hours hours of programming and. what about the coverage on the web? >> there has been more coverage on the web and there is a battle of how important is johnathon grubber. he was important to payj 400000 a consultant. and people who follow this
10:41 am
closely may have known about it. it doesn't mean obama care is a terrible program but one of the chief architects is insulting american people and dragging about pulling the wool over the public's eyes. i don't so how that is not a story. >> and one itty bitty article buried on the web. &q!eát no mention of where this guy is calling the american voter stupid. unbelievable. >> i want to ask you about open enrollment for obama care. last year flashy roll out. and this year, it is more quiet by comparison. >> you have the administration playing the expectations story. the administration doesn't want to get caught with headlines a couple of months from now when it ends saying that far fewer
10:42 am
people signed up. they put out a lower estimate than everybody expected. i think it was throw million. something along those lines. it is setting the expectations in washington low enough that you can crow about exceeding them. >> howard. host of media buzz. we'll see you sunday morning. >> brett hume my special guest. >> you wear contact lens and you want to hear the doctor next. and they are not good for your eyes or your wallet and they say in a drunken insult. and a that's up next.
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>> doubling down on executive action should we pay attention to a blue state that voted to deny driver's license to illegals. and attaching nuclear war heads to mussils? and a new study mentions college major to income for life. we'll go behind the news to find out what fox news anchors majored one. >> look at how it started.
10:47 am
(screaming) >> oh, my gosh, and they were off. this happening on the f train. she shocked his jacket and then she clobbered him and both were arrested. jorge penan acted in self defense. he's sorry he lost control. >> i apology to her. no man should hit a woman. pena is a former minor league baseball player. he said the jacket is back in fashion. it was in the popular music video. >> it is safe to get one. >> did they call the fashion police. >> oh, wow. >> and you wear contact lens?
10:48 am
38 million of us do and a lot of folks cut corners and sleep in them and forget about them and don't change the solution and you know what that means, 1 million eye infections including er visits and doctor appointments. doctor, you know, thank goodness for these contact lens, but if you have one in wrong, you know it is in there wrong. >> most people have a lot of struggles keeping them clone. they think they are the only ones. vast majority of people who use contact lens according to the new report struggle with hygiene and they are saying it adds up to a million visits in the emergency room for things that
10:49 am
are preventible and cost is high. 600 per visit. and 150 for the care clinic. it is a hassel. >> how often should you change the solution and change your case completely every few months. >> they say that one of the leading drivers is sloping with the contact lens and other in hygiene and making sure you never put it back in yourie when you drop one. >> there is a lot of people going back to glass. and now you have people who have done both. it is more stylish now. >> you talk about stuff dropping on the floor. they say there is not a three
10:50 am
second rule no matter what you drop. and putting them in back wards, it stings and scratches your cornea. >> absolutely. what is the number death. the number two thing is blindness. there are some real risks to damaging and scratching that cornea, and that's why it's not recommended to put them in backwards, put them in when they're dirty, put them in when there's debris on the contact. >> all right. well, lesson today is take care of those contacts. change the solution, and throw out your case. get a new one every few months. good to see you. thank you for your advice. >> good to be with you, eric. >> dr. sean as well, you know what you're talking about. certainly. >> america's nuclear arsenal is outdated and dilapidated. that's according to the pentagon. here's the plan for moving our nuclear weapons into the 21st century. plus, that is not mickey mouse on the loose near euro disney. it's a really big wildcat. how large? we'll tell you.
10:51 am
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right now at least five people are confirmed dead after a wave of violent storms in northern italy. the system battering the region with heavy rain creating a dangerous one-two pumplg. severe flooding and also mudslides. can you start to see them right there. amy kellogg reporting live from london. hi, amy. >> hi, heather. well, it's been nine for the month, but five people dying just this week alone. it has been truly awful. it's been raining in some places for days on end, and intermittently across italy this has been going on for about a month. there is a reprieve today, heather, but people are bracing for more rains over the weekend, and, for example, when the roads are impassable, people have been rescued from their homes by helicopter.
10:55 am
it's been that dramatic. many cases they've not taken proper drainage mechanism intuz account, so it doesn't take much in general to flood roads in italy, and this past month it's just been a nightmare. schools have been closed, and some of italy's breadbasket regions have been swamped. here you see a driver narrowly escaping getting crushed by a tree. this happened in sicily. barely a part of italy has been spared. an elderly couple is believed to have been buried in a landslide when their home collapsed. one of the harrowing stories that have come out of italy in recent weeks. the worst has been around genoa and agoria. the country already is prone to mudslides, but the trees being cut down to accommodate development over the years aggravated the situation. one of the big fears now, heather, is that italy's longest river may overrun its banks. the damage so far hundreds of millions of dollars. >> amy kellogg.
10:56 am
thanks. well, look out for a big cat prowling the country side in france. the cat first reported to be a tiger was seen crossing a major highway and creeping around a gas station. it's on the loose near disneyla disneyland, paris. they've found big paw prints, and approximate they say it's not a tiger, but some other kind of large cat. there's a critter reported about 150 pounds. wow. paris doesn't have any large fee lines in its attraction. a nearby animal park says it's not missing any cats, but that big guy is out there somewhere. >> disney says it doesn't -- the other place says not them. who is it somebody has a cat. well, president obama vowing to go it alone on immigration. what republicans want instead of that ten-point plan? we'll hear from an incoming republican congressman who has his own ideas about immigration.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
carlson starts right now. >> will he or won't he? will president obama act on immigration. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, and we are here to bring you the real story today. republican3 on the real story [a:zwtoday. congressman-electku3ñ --


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