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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we're told a sold out crowd in melbourne gave cosby a standing ovation but his tour has been crumbling. this as more women come forward claiming he assaulted them many years ago. his lawyer denies the allegations. a san francisco window washer is alive after falling 11 stories on to a moving car. you can see that car got smashed up pretty badly. the man reportedly setting up window washing equipment on the roof a bank building when something went wrong. he was conscious after the fall despite suffering critical injuries. i'm cheryl casone. "hannity" starts now. >> i know some of the critics of this action call it amnesty. well, it's not. >> why should americans trust the man who promised this. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan.
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period. >> even jay carney cannot spin this one. >> the notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case. >> that is literally what he's doing today. >> geraldo rivera, allen west and charles krauthammer respond to emperor obama. plus, the very latest on new ferguson unrest. >> father said -- over a year ago some of it the family doesn't agree with. >> willie robinson, is he distancing himself from his father's views? you'll only see it here. "hannity "starts right now. welcome to "hannity." and the fight is on after the emperor of the united states unveiled his plans to act alone on immigration last night. president obama officially signed the executive order granting def facto amnesty to almost 5 million illegals. needless to say outrage from
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republicans is pouring in. house speaker john boehner responded with some very harsh words. >> the president has taken actions that he himself has said are those of the king or an emperor, not an american president. with this action the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek. and as i told the president yesterday, he's damaging the presidency itself. >> the speaker went onto say that the house intends to fight the president on the issue but did not reveal the details as to how. and while we've shown you again and again the blatant hypocrisy by the president when it comes to executive action and immigration, even his former press secretary, jay carney, well, he happens to completely agree with us. take a look at what he said after viewing the clip of the president opposing executive action in the past. >> i think if you could have those words back, especially the first clip where he specifically
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talked about stemming deportation, that's literally what he's doing today. in later instances including when i was there he would speak very carefully about what he could not do as president. >> here with reaction to emperor obama's expansive executive action, a.j.delgato and geraldo rivera. welcome. i can play it if you insist, but you know 25 times what the president has said. i've read your column on this. regardless of that, will you concede that what the president did last night goes against the very thing he said was lawful and constitutional? >> yes. i concede that. i concede that the president's position last night was different, maybe 180 degrees different than what he's said in the past. i have no compunction whatsoever -- >> i appreciate your honesty. i thought we were going to fight right out of the box. >> i also think it's not particularly relevant. >> the follow-up question, geraldo, is what does it say
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about a man that has promised to faithfully execute the laws of the united states, took an oath to uphold the constitution and is doing something he has repeatedly said is unlawful and unconstitutional. what does it say about that man regardless of your position on it? i think this is far more important than the issue at hand. >> i think that two quick things. my constituents are the 5 million whosehave been made immeasurably better as a result of what he did. i just want to say -- >> what does it say about him? >> what it says about him is that he is a person -- and we've had this discussion before. he's too cool for school, an intellectual for disdain for average folks like me and you. he's a person who is -- he is impetuous, he is all those things. but to me to see the net impact, sean, on these families. these are law-abiding, good people, hard working people, no criminal record -- >> geraldo, you're arguing the
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merits that you as a lawyer should agree should happen through the legislative process. just because congress doesn't act doesn't mean he has the authority to do so. >> i just want to be very clear there's -- when i agree with you that he has changed his position and is thereby exposed as a hypocrite for doing it, that's not to suggest remotely that i disagree with his current position. this is the position i urged him to take early on. this is the position i've been advocating for many years now. it is unfair the immigration system. >> i think there are things we can do. aj, let me bring you into this. i'll ask you the same question because the bigger question to me -- immigration is a big issue, and securing borders with radical terrorism, it's unkonsable. that to me is a crisis of
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monumental proportion. >> well, we have a very clear separation of powers in our constitution. and that has been violated. it's a really dark day in american history when a president can take action that is so monumental as this is and do so by the stroke of a pen. that's the concerning part for me not so much as a lawyer but as an american. geraldo, i heard you say earlier that your constituents are the 5 million that have been helped by this. i'm an american, i'm a latin na, but i'm an american -- >> so am i. >> my constituents are fellow americans. and those fellow americans whose unemployment rates will be hire because they have added jobs, will see illegal immigration on the border -- in which they live and the slap in the face of the many current americans who came here legally and did things the right way. i'm an american, i care about my fellow americans. not the 5 million who are arrogant enough to flagrantly violate our laws and come here and issue a slap in the face all
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the others who didn't. >> i use the word hypocrite previously. let me give you two other glaring examples of hypocrisy while i'm at them. speaker boehner, to suggest that this sabotages any chance there was for bipartisan agreement on immigration reform is preposterous. speaker boehner is not in control of the house of representatives on this issue. it is steve king of iowa and mel brooks of alabama. it is the most hard core tea party radicals who have no intention whatsoever of ever considering immigration reform -- >> the tea partiers are the radicals? really? who has a lawless president? who's the radical when the democratic president has disregarded our constitution? >> those conservatives that complain that american workers are going to see wage suppression as a result of this are the same people who campaign against raising the minimum
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wage. >> oh, no, no, no. do you know who talked about wage suppression? that was obama. read his book. in fact, bring in a hologram of obama and what he said in his book and it's what i'm saying. >> just because congress doesn't act the way the emperor wants, that doesn't take away the process. this isn't about prosecutorial discretion. this is about the president writing a bill that he constitutionally does not have the authority to do. congress has a role. the judicial branch has a role. the executive branch. we have congress they pass the bills whether the president likes it or not he has a chance to sign it. he has violated the law. he's sledding the constitution. he's getting rid of all the order. and you say as long as you agree with it it's for the better of the good. if it's an issue you don't like, what does that mean then? >> 68 senators passed a bipartisan -- >> in the senate. so what?
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so what? >> the house of representatives not even consider it for -- >> those tea party guys -- wait a minute. >> the ends do not justify the means. >> 350 bills that they sent over to harry reid and the senate they have all sat there, geraldo, including an immigration bill. >> the immigration bill, the only immigration bill -- >> secure the -- >> the house republicans will ever consider bigger fences and more border agents. >> too bad. >> and it doesn't matter -- >> that doesn't allow a president to be a king. [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's irrelevant. >> work atd the ballot box and work through the process of passing legislation. because you didn't get what you wanted. too bad. too bad. that doesn't mean you get to make up laws. >> you can't say that the house will not even consider legislation and then complain when the president takes executive action that is very similar to the action taken by
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george h.w. bush and ronald reagan. >> say they're implementing the laws they passed baa harry reid obstructed it in the senate and the president won't sign them. >> between ronald reagan and george h.w. bush by executive fiat -- >> not true. >> affected the lives -- >> that's not true. >> that is not true, geraldo. that is not true. as jay explained very ably on this show yesterday they were acting upon law that was already established, already underlined laws that had been passed by congress. i can't explain it to you. i'm sorry. >> guys, we're going to leave it there. >> really? >> you should apologize conservative for what you wrote in that little column of yours. but what you said extreme, radical -- that's -- go chew this for thanksgiving. >> mel brooks wants to deport -- >> that's what the law says. >> he wants buses in times square -- can you picture a man and woman and their children
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getting on a bus to go where? >> change it legally. >> didn't we see that movie? >> do it legally, geraldo. don't shred the constitution to get what you want. >> if you make this now about stopping the government or moving for impeachment -- >> no one's going to move for impeachment. nobody's going to close the government. the country's going to suffer because the president should not act this way by his own words. that is a disgrace. listen, the most disgraceful day in the obama presidency was yesterday and that's saying a lot. i got to go. geraldo, aj, thank you. for more on today's immigration power play, we have lieutenant colonel allen west. respond to all this. what do you think? >> good evening, sean. i have to tell you this comes after one simple thing, the president violated article 1, section 8, clause number 4 of the constitution. it says very simply that the enumerated powers on rules or laws on matters of naturalization is to the congress.
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and it has nothing to do with whether or not the president has run out of time or run out of patience. he does not have that authority. and you can go and look at article 2 and see he does no have that authority. and as we sit it seems that the president came out in 25 plus times he says one thing. well, either he believed that that was a lie and this was his true intention. it affects his credibility. so how can house and senate republicans ever believe this president because he will go out and say one thing and then come back and do a totally different thing. >> you made some comments if this were done in reverse by conservative or republican president, what would the reaction be? >> well, if it was done conservative or republican president you would see the "new york times" and every single progressive liberal media outlet screaming from the high heavens. making analysis to president reagan or george h.w. bush is apples and vegetables because what happened with them is they signed legislation. there's been no legislation signed. and the president has to understand that the legislative
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branch does not act based upon his will. he cannot impose his will upon them based upon a campaign promise that he wants and to include while we weren't paying attention he released five more inmates of begguantanamo bay. >> this is much deeper than most people understand. colonel west, good to see you. thank you. >> pleasure. coming up in the wake of the president's announcement, how can the american people actually trust the president when he said he wasn't going to do this? we'll check in with the one and only charles krauthammer. and later tonight, protests are erupting in ferguson as the city awaits the grand jury decision about the michael brown shooting death. we'll check in with david webb when he joins us from missouri tonight. and later, how should republicans handle the president's unconstitutional lawlessness? head to facebook and twitter right now. tell us what you think.
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welcome back to "hannity." although president obama wants you, the american people, to think his expansive executive action on immigration is not de facto amnesty, can he really be trusted? after all his track record is far from clean. >> i know some of the critics of this action call it amnesty. well, it's not. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your hlt care plan. i know some of the critics of this action call it amnesty. well, it's not. we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you
10:17 pm
will be able to keep your doctor. period. >> here with reaction to the emperor's immigration plan, the author of the number one "new york times" best seller that has sold more than a million copies, things that matter. fox news contributor dr. charles krauthammer. sir, give me your initial reaction. and now that you've had a day to think about it, what do you think? >> well, i guess if you like your constitution, you can't really keep your constitution. >> wow. >> forgive me, i'm under the weather here. but i'm still energized whenever obama speaks. it gets me going. look, i think the biggest promise he broke is the thing he said for three, four years in at least 20 instances which is i'm going to abide by the constitution, i'm not going to do something which is plainly outside the powers of the president. i'm not going to invade the prerogative of congress. and i'm not going to do this. and he's never explained why all of those statements about this
10:18 pm
being unconstitutional all of a sudden have evaporated. >> let me ask you about the psychology behind this. by the way, which is your former profession. as long as you're not analyzing tv anchors and hosts, i'm fine with what you used to do. but to me there's a psychology here. and that is he repeated 25-plus times that he viewed this as not lawful and not constitutional. but he did it anyway. and he did it on the heels of this election where the democrats got slaughtered. his policies were on the ballot. what does that say about him to you and his mindset especially now that he kind of is free in as much as he won't face the voters ever again. >> look, it tells me something rather simple that everybody can see. he's a cynical and ruthless politician. now i know there are a lot of cynical ruthless politicians in our history.
10:19 pm
fdr, you know, there's a whole list of these who were extremely effective and who helped the country. so it isn't necessarily -- i happen to believe in a lot of policies which he doesn't and very skeptical of his own policies, but that doesn't make him unusual. i think there is a sense in which he feels sort of entitled that he doesn't even have to explain why it was unconstitutional six months ago and it's okay to do it now. but he sees his opportunity. he understands what's going on. the most important line in the speech, one that was overlooked, was when he said, you know, we can disagree about this, but we shouldn't be shutting the government down again. this is bait. this is a way for a man who got shellacked in the elections to come back and he's center stage. what have we been talking about for the last week? not about the election, not about the republican agenda, not about the disarray among the democrats but about obama.
10:20 pm
he sees the initiative and that's what a clever politician does. >> wa would you advivise then t republicans, i agree with you he was trying to goad them into government shutdown or some type of action, republicans seem a little more savvy than they were perhaps earlier in the obama years. but what is the right course of action for the republicans to handle this? >> i think the right course of action is to realize how much power and prerogative even outside of what obama is doing a president has and how difficult it is to derail a president from the congress. i mean, you really have to have the courts to do this. but that of course will take years. there's very little that they can actually do. think about it, sean. if the essence of the order is to not deport people, in other words a nonaction, it's extremely hard to figure out a legislative way through the power of the purse to de-fund a
10:21 pm
nonaction. so it's not very easy to see. i think what you could do is you can attach riders in which you say there will be no funding for say green card or work permits, et cetera. and you attach that to half a dozen things next year that the president wants, like the green energy capitalism stuff he wants. and you make him choose. but i don't think there's a way where the congress is able to roll it back. >> what about the senate not moving on presidential appointments as ted cruz suggested? >> yes. i'm for that. but, you know, at a certain point you're going to have to relent to some extent. i think you pick and choose. you deny him a lot of appointments at the beginning. over time you're not going to be able to stop all the appointments. but i would say of the important judicial appointments you don't get anything unless this is rescinded or in some way brought
10:22 pm
back. >> what are the potential long-term consequences here of these actions if a president acts in a way that even he believes is unlawful and unconstitutional? seems the ramifications could be huge. >> i think they are. i think one of the things obama will be remembered for is for having taken what is clearly an unprecedented step and an invasion of the territory of the congress. this is an executive overreach that is immense. we generally have had these arguments in foreignairs, which the constitution has left ambiguous. because the president's commander in chief and the congress has a right to declare war. so that tug of war has been going on for centuries. and it will always be unresolved. but in domestic issues it is pretty clear. and what obama has done is a gross rewriting or really
10:23 pm
abolition. you know, in the civil rights day, the states right, the jim crow people used to speak about nullification where the states could actually ignore and not observe or enforce a federal law. what he is doing is a nullification of the law of the land when it comes to immigration. this is a major step. and it is a terrible precedent. the only question is he going to be the only president who does this? or will it become habitual? if it does, it really will do tremendous damage to the separation of powers and the idea, the madisonian idea of balancing the other. >> charles krauthammer, thank you. coming up on this busy news night here on "hannity". >> the most successful and enduring movements for change are those that adhere to nonaggression and nonviolence. >> a little bit of a change. america's top cop eric holder
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10:27 pm
into a state of chaos while two notable figures are speaking out against this kind of disruptive behavior? watch. >> the most successful and enduring movements for change are those that adhere to nonaggression and nonviolence. and so i ask all those who seek to lend their voice to important causes and discussions and who seek to elevate these vital conversations to do so in a way that respects the gravity of their subject matter. >> destroying property is not the answer. no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vain. i want it to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the st. louis region better for everyone. >> and joining us now for the latest reporting on the ground in missouri, fox news contributor david webb and mark furhman. first a report from you, david. a lot of violence last night. i heard a lot of racial epithets
10:28 pm
were released. the word honky was thrown around an awful lot last night along with other words against the police officers. what did you hear and see? >> reporter: well, i saw exactly what you just described, sean. and as the video shows there were a lot of confrontations, a lot of yelling, shouting, blocking the streets -- >> a big racial component though? >> reporter: a big racial component and an unnecessary component. something about this that i want the country to understand and you have talked about as well, this is limited to some parts of st. louis. ferguson of course limited also potentially what may happen at the clayton justice center, so we need to put the full context around this that they don't control the city. and the police are doing a good job. they're being very tolerant. i've got 19 rules of engagement here that were released by the city for the police. and a bureau of justice
10:29 pm
assistance memo. so everybody's on order trying to contain the multioutside agitators, the unruly protesters and at the same time allowing the residents of ferguson and surrounding communities that are peaceful to voice their opinion. >> mark, as i look at this video and i listen to david, i hear these racial epithets being used. and for eric holder to come out and say he wants peace. it's a little too late because him going there, the white house sending three people to michael brown's funeral, he and the president and others and these agitators have all created a mindset there's an expectation now among the people of ferguson that they're going to get a certain decision. and if they don't get a certain decision, they're going to be disappointed because that expectation was laid out for them by people that had heard no evidence including the president, attorney general and al sharpton and company.
10:30 pm
your reaction. >> well, sean, for three months there's been a lot of people put a lot of pressure on ferguson to actually do what everybody wanted, which is indict a police officer that was trying to save his own life. very few people actually see this for what it is. michael brown was the aggressor and the suspect in this. and officer wilson was the victim when this all started. so that being said, i think there's emotion that's been put into play here. and there's a lot of people that are geared up for a fight. they're all dressed up and nowhere to go. so even if there was an indictment, a charge if officer wilson resigned or was fired, there's no indictment at all. i think there's still going to be demonstrations just because -- >> look at the -- look at what the police are going through, mark. they're being called every racial name in the book in an effort to provoke them and
10:31 pm
having things thrown at them and physical confrontation brought to them. and this training among the agitators going on. are we going to put police in a box so they can't defend themselves? >> well, we can't do that, sean. but i think a lot of people might be viewing what police tolerate on a daily basis than a lot of places in america. they're not too shocked by that. they will be professionals. but i think everybody needs to understand it's going to demonstrate more riots that the police are going to go home tonight and tomorrow. and anything that they do, they will not hesitate to elevate that use of force to a higher level. >> you know, david, we talked a lot about this. i wasn't there. i don't know what happened. you weren't there. mark wasn't there. all we know is we were following a story that there were two diametrically opposed versions of what happened that night. one, that michael brown was an innocent bystander and got shot
10:32 pm
in the back. well, that turned out not to be true. my inside sources have confirmed for me beyond any doubt, and i know that the media's portraying this as black versus white, an unarmed black teen, a white officer, that black eyewitnesses have testified before that grand jury saying corroborating that michael brown reached into the cop's car in a struggle for the gun ensued and that that's where the first shot was fired followed by michael brown running away and then running towards the officer in a hostile way. now, that would tell me that the odds are probably pretty good, there's a good chance that this officer's not going to get indicted. how is it that the president of the united states, the attorney general, al sharpton, all these agitators, they didn't have any more information than i had, you had or mark had. how come they all came to a conclusion so fast here? >> reporter: because, sean, they want to throw politics into it. and the politics of division. something key to what you said
10:33 pm
and what mark has talked about, this was in a bad interaction between a police officer and michael brown. this did not start out because one was white, one was black. that dynamic just allowed them to abuse it and turn it into an expected outcome. that's enflamed the community which already had enough problems. and your sources, i have similar indications from sources, that's based on these two diametrically opposed testimonies, but the fact that it comes from black may lend some more credence to it. we don't know everything that went on in there, but by all indications by the initial attack michael brown, the minute he got into the police car, that changed. that changed that interaction and put the officer in a position of doing his job. >> let's see what happens. we don't know which way the grand jury will go. we may know by sunday. thank you for being with us. coming up, ben affleck breaks the silence about his epic
10:34 pm
blowout with bill maher. we'll tell you what he said. plus, tonight. >> in that arm she's carrying something. she's got a grenade. a grenade she's handing to the kid. >> the movie "american sniper" is getting a ton of buzz. but will the left wing in tinsel town step away from giving it the awards it deserves? a panel will weigh in and our a panel will weigh in and our exclusive one-on-one with [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® you pay your auto insurance campbell'premium y request. every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it?
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10:40 pm
like the mafia that will [ bleep ] kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book. >> no, no, the solution -- >> killed more muslims -- >> no, it's not. >> that was a clip of the epic showdown between left wing actor ben affleck, bill maher, affleck didn't say much after the show aired. that is until now. he told the a.p. "ultimately making an argument you don't judge a whole group of people based on the actions of a few. and that's the environment around my dinner table when we talk politics, i would rather say the truth and say what i believe and make people unhappy than sort of pretend to think something else to accommodate them and try to be liked. here with us reporter christina gibson and outnumbered cohost jedediah on
10:41 pm
the show. christina, i'll start with you. >> thank you. >> why do you have a hard time acknowledging that radical islam is real and that it's a threat to the united states and world peace? why won't they admit it? >> i was there when he made the remarks clarifying his beliefs. and what i have to say is he's entitled to his opinion. just because you come on somebody's show doesn't mean you have to agree with him and he's standing by his beliefs. you have to respect him for that. this is america, freedom of speech. >> totally done gives yours. but that's fine. to me, this is a no-brainer. threading the tiniest needle. can't say radical -- the islamic state is not islam. that's the ultimate. >> and you're talking about freedom of speech. that's exactly what bill maher was talking about. he opened by saying these are liberal principles in his mind, freedom of speech, the right to leave a religion if you so decide you don't belong there anymore. the idea that -- the problem
10:42 pm
with what we're facing foreign policy wise and terrorism wise is we're afraid to call things what they are now. we're afraid to say this is terrorism. we're afraid to say this is radical islam. we tiptoe around everything. we walk on eggshells. >> you know how women are treated under sharia law when they can't drive, they can't go to work -- >> homosexuals. >> four male eyewitnesses for rape -- where's benny affleck on that? >> i can't speak for ben affleck. i think he was a bit misguided and maybe some got lost in translation. i think he was saying you can't say sweep things about an entire religion. >> that's not what maher was doing. he wasn't saying all muslims. that's what everyone says. oh, you can't say all muslims. no one that i know is making that argument. they're talking about a segment of that population that is dangerous to everyone. >> well, i think a lot of these people in hollywood, of course they have a lot of people around them that tell them you're
10:43 pm
right, you're right, you're right. i think ben affleck's statement there one of the things it points to me is he says what i believe, what i believe, what i think. and the reality is what he thinks and what he believes may not actually be the reality of what is actually out there. he actually played a part in a movie where they talked about -- the whole thing was about the hostages in iran. that's a great example for what the reality is. government of iran and a chosen few -- >> argo. >> not the whole population. some of the people supported them and took them hostage. >> let me go to this american sniper movie. we got a highlight from it. this is amazing stuff. i can't wait to see this movie. >> i got a woman and a kid 200 yards out moving towards the convoy. they're arms aren't swinging. she's carrying something.
10:44 pm
she's got a grenade. she's got an rpg. see the grenade she's handing to the kid? sdpl will hollywood even consider a movie like that for an oscar? >> i don't think so. i mean, the fact they overlooked "the lone survivor," which was an incredible movie. the reality is here, again, we have to start looking at what is real in the world. this is real. this is a story about a guy who is a hero. it doesn't by the way give away techniques, tactics and procedures. >> not at all. christina, what do you think? >> i think clint eastwood does not need any awards. he's a very talented filmmaker. he has tons of fans, political or not, he makes great films. two osz cars, tons of awards. he doesn't need anymore awards. >> but if it's a great film, the problem is how does a film like that win over the likes of new york and los angeles, and hollywood, which is committed to -- this is defending an iraqi war hero. they can't stand our involvement
10:45 pm
in the iraq war in a large part. >> good to see you all. christina, welcome. coming up tonight next here on "hannity". >> my father said stuff over a year ago. and some of it -- i mean, some of it, you know, the family doesn't agree with. >> find out
10:46 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". duck dynasty's seventh season kicked off this week. now, the most-beloved bearded man is working on a musical. my friend, willy robertson dropped by to explain it all. >> he's like the second in command he runs the business. willy robertson, how are you? >> nice to see you again. >> you got the new show starting. >> yes. we start in scotland trying to find our family roots. >> last time you took a family vacation you were in hawaii and your dad never left his bedroom. >> he got out more in scotland. we toured around and saw things. it was a funny show a great season. we got back to doing some of the older things we did. it was fun.
10:51 pm
>> you're going to start in vegas, a musical. the duck commander family musical. >> next logical step for us, right? going into theater? come on. we've done a christmas album. >> we have hannity radio tv show. and radio show. >> you need to do a christmas album. >> is this something that might go to broadway? >> every know. could. >> going to start in vegas. >> yes. starting in vegas, hopefully on valentine's day. we'll get it going. >> where do you stand in terms of the controversy got so big, so fast. does it come up anymore? >> it came up when the media came out there. you know? we had them look at that and see what it was my father said stuff over a year ago. some of it, i mean, you know the family doesn't agree with.
10:52 pm
so there was a misstatement. we tried to clear that up. i've been here building bridges so people i've met in the theater community were fantastic and they're great people. we sat down and i think that is what theater does. brings different parts of different people together. and so here i am, working on a big musical and it's the strangest thing when you're watching your life play out on the stage. it's incredible. i can't -- >> did they ask you about this? was it a concern? new york is a liberal place it's not west men -- monroe. >> i haven't seen a lot of camouflage there. >> was anyone concerned about that? >> no. what we're trying to do is, it's an incredible story. just wanted to show the story from rags to riches so rich there. some times in our lives how we
10:53 pm
grew up, it could have went terrible, could have went south. there is no tv show. woo we're doing it so cleverly. it's funny but it's a moving thing that moves and inspires. so hopefully, when i see it life, and real, i don't cry the whole time. in rehearsal i just cried the whole time. it's about seeing mom and dad and working through that. that shows cory and i getting married. we're dating. it's just bringing back memories. so i'm proud of what we've done. soy think it's going to be a great show. >> i think it will be a big success. i don't get to go hunting with you because you never invited me. >> you can come down there. >> come to vegas and watch the show. >> maybe i'll go out there for
10:54 pm
the debut. your brother jace was on the show ripping you to shreds because i smoked new basketball. >> he's an idiot. he made inciteful comments. >> i'll play you in one on one. . >> i didn't want to get sweaty that day. super hot. >> what kind of lame excuse is that? a man challenges you and you say you don't want to get sweaty? >> i didn't want to get sweaty. >> looking for a new season? >> coming up, or question of the day. straight ahead. [ music and whistling ]
10:55 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". today's question of the day, how should republicans handle the president's unlawness? i would move forward with the defunding effort and the judicial branch may have a thing or two to say about this, but, what do you think we should do? head over to yeechl i was responding to people that didn't like me having fun, and some of you said hannity must have been drinking
11:00 pm
nyquil. i wasn't, i was talking about the rule of law we'll see you back here tomorrow night. going to go "on the record" coming up next. obamacare under attack, and will it survive? first obamacare architect jonathan gruber calling americans stupid. >> it is a political advantage and call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically, that is critical to get the thing to pass. >> and today, the house republicans filing a lawsuit against the a administration over to the the implementation of obamacare, and aaron schact is going to join us. >> good evening, greta. >> why now? the house leadership has been threatening it for months? >> well, the house, as you know, took a vote this past summer to sue the president for violate ing the law that he passed i


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