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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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at all to do with race, whether it's all about race or whether that is a story that's been ginned up by people for their own purposes. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." sean hannity right now. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the st. louis police department has confirmed that four shots were fired at the apartment complex where michael brown was shot and killed. police tell us the shots were random and there are no reported at this time. we'll have updates throughout the hour. one day after not being indicted by a grand jury, ferguson police officer darren wilson sat down with abc for his first television interview. take a look at what officer wilson describes what really happened on that fateful august afternoon. >> i seen him coming around with that left hand. it is in a shape like this and comes through the window and a punch to my face.
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>> you're still figuring out how do i get out of this? >> how do i survive? >> how do i survive? >> yes, i didn't know if i could sustain another hit like that. >> where was your gun. >> i point it at him. get back or him going to shoot you. his response, he grab the top of my gun. and he said, you're too much of a [ bleep ] to shoot me. i can feel him trying to get over my trigger guard and shoot me with my own gun. that's when i shoot him in the hand. i start chasing after michael brown. >> why not stay in the car? he's running away. >> because he's not -- my job isn't to just sit and wait. you know, i have to see where this guy goes. >> you felt it was your duty to give chase? >> yes, it was. i mean, that's what we were trained to do. >> and he runs out of the car, gets about 30, 40 feet, you can now get out of the car, you start to follow him.
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and then he stops? >> he does stop. >> why? >> when he stops, he turned and faced me. as he does that, his right hand immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is a fist at his side and he starts charging me. >> some of the witnesses said when he turned around, he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. incorrect. >> no way? >> no way. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> and you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white, this would have gone down in exactly the same way. >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> it was reaction to this interview and much more as brown family attorney darrell parks, good to see you again. thank you for being with us. >> yes, good evening. >> i know you're unhappy with the decision. i spent a larger part of today reading through all of the evidence that was presented to
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the grand jury, and let's start with the video of the robbery, then we have the police officer saying, you know, he asked both him and damian johnson to get off the middle of the road and the answer was f what you say. then he struggles for the gun, closing the police car door on officer wilson. you have numerous eyewitnesses, black eyewitnesses that corroborate the officer of the story, tells him many times to stop, then, quote, he looked like a football player with his head down charging at officer wilson. now i understand everybody's upset. i know you're working with the brown family attorney. who acts like that? who acts like that in life? >> sean, hold on a second. >> hold on what? >> we don't put the dead man on trial here. he's not here to defend himself. >> no, but the eyewitness, but the black eyewitness has corroborated the officer's story. he said f the police officers,
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you're too much of a p-word to shoot me. tried to steal his gun, charged at him, quote, and i'm reading, like a football player with his head down charging. who acts like ta to a police officer? >> wait a minute. first of all -- >> wait a minute? >> along with what you're doing right now, taking the witness statements totally out of context. >> no, i've given you verbatim and context, and texture. >> that's not what dorian johnson says, he's one of the main witnesses. >> dorian johnson said that he had his hands up and shot him point blank range. he just robbed a store with this guy. >> he didn't say at point blank range, but he was a witness who didn't corroborate. >> everyone in the studio is laughing because that's so absurd. let me ask you this. the question here legally is whether or not this is justifiable use of force. when you have witness after witness after witness that says that michael brown was in a struggle for the officer's gun,
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that michael brown charged at the police officer even after being repeatedly told to stop. by definition, legally, that is justifiable use of force. when you read those comments about michael, why are you outraged at his behavior? >> well, first of all, if you -- you can't look at this whole situation that globally. you have to stop and take it piece by piece. one, you have what happened at the car. two -- >> all right, piece by piece. first thing he said to the officer was, f what you say -- let's go back to the beginning. >> back up, though. >> how can you treat a store clerk the way michael brown treated that store clerk? >> he did not strike the store clerk. he pushed the store chelerk awa >> he robbed him and stood right up in his face and pushed him right into the potato chip rack. >> you said it almost as if he cold cocked him. he didn't cold cock the store
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clerk. >> he did rob the store. >> but he didn't strike the clerk. >> i didn't say that. >> he didn't give him a beat down. >> so the cop says, the cop says get out of the middle of the street. he says, f what you say. then he slams the door shut. and then struggles for a police officer's gun. let's focus on that. >> well, you know what? it would be nice if that's all that happened. we now know that there are comments from the officer that cast that particular community in the negative light. >> what's that? what words did the officer use that cast the community in a bad light that has to do with the struggle for the gun? >> no. before he -- he makes a statement that this is not one of the well liked communities. the problem with the whole grand jury situation, sean, is that it was done in private, done in secrecy. >> you're not answering my question. go piece by piece here. >> yes. >> michael brown struggled for
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the gun. >> yes. >> that wo tell me if he got that gun, he'd kill that officer. doesn't that put that officer's life in danger? >> yes, but also once michael brown abandons that situation and runs from the car, that changes the situation completely. >> that's the next piece. he runs away. the police officer has a job to the community and he's trained to pursue somebody who is a danger to the community, correct some. >> you left one thing out, though. as he gets out of the car he continues to fire at michael brown. >> no. >> that's an assault. >> michael brown ran away, then michael brown stopped. multiple eyewitnesses, black eyewitnesses all said that he charged the officer. >> but sean, before michael brown turned around, though, the officer had already commenced shooting at him. let's not leave out that very crucial fact. that's why it became very important that this officer should have been indicted. >> i don't remember reading that, i don't remember seeing that part. my question to you is when you look at it in total, when
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somebody struggles for a cop's gun after a robbery and charges the police officer like a football player with his head down, that you're surpriseded that the officer had to defend himself. i'm not surprised and i'm not surprised at the decision of the grand jury either. >> well, let me say that one of the things the officer said. the officer said that before michael was upon him, he realized that some of the shots had hit michael. >> in the hand. >> he knew that michael was already wounded. >> in the hand. >> i don't know which one it was. he doesn't know which one it was. all he said was his body flinched. that was his testimony. >> then he stopped shooting and michael kept charging. >> here's what i'll say to you. all i know is that the failed bullet that michael brown received was at the apex of his head and went from the top front. so certainly the officer was over him when that shot was fired and he didn't have to shoot him like he did. >> well, there were no entrance wounds in the back.
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so that story's been debunked by the forensics in the case and certainly by the autopsy in the case. i'll go back and ask you one more time, when you look at the behavior of michael brown, you represent his family -- my thoughts go out to his family. it's a tragedy any time a young man dies. we have to send a message, you're not allowed to rob stores, fight with police officers, fight for their guns, charge at them like a football player, isn't there a lesson to be learned by his behavior, too? >> let me tell you something. >> that's not answering, darrell. >> let me give you the complete answer. you're interrupting me. certainly no one should behave in that manner, okay? we agree on that fact. however, we don't believe that the circumstances that were met here required this officer to take michael brown's life. it did not require that. >> last question. the attorney general says he's moving forward with civil rights violations. to do that, the officer would have legally have to intentionally tried to violate his civil rights. number two, there would have to
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be some type of racial component to this case that has to be proven. can you give me one example of anything racial or any incident that proves that he intentionally try to violate his civil rights? >> well, i think that once the feds do their investigation, they'll look at some of the words and adjectives that are used by the officer -- >> right now you can't. as of tonight you cannot give us one example. >> no, when i tell you about how the words he described to describe that community, the words that he used to describe michael brown. >> what words? >> he used demonic, demon. >> demonic? that's racial? >> well, you know what? i don't think you have to use the actual word for it to be racial. so we'll see. >> does that intentionally violate michael brown's civil rights to say demonic? >> what it does is that it casts michael brown in a negative light and certainly whoever sits and judges this case will have to make that determination.
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i won't judge that for them. but there's certain words that can be judged that can cast within the light for a civil rights violation. >> what does it mean to you that you had so many eyewitnesses from ferguson that were black that all corroborated the story that the officer gave? does that not impress you? i think it took great courage, commitment to truth and honesty that so many came forward and told the truth. does that not tell you that just was really served here? >> no, here's what it says. it certainly says, i agree to some degree just was served in this regard. there were several witnesses, some may have seen what the officers stated, some witnesses saw something different. but in this case here, that was enough to indict. what we don't see here is a public trial where all the evidence is put on where this officer has to face cross-examination where the prosecution put forth this case, the defendant puts forth his
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case. what we have is the officer telling his own version, an interpretation of a very flawed process. that's why we've gotten the result that we've gotten. >> the prosecutor didn't have to bring this to a grand jury. he could have made that decision independently. 70 hours of testimony. 25 days, 60 witnesses they heard from. many corroborated the police officer's story and it seems to me that this was a slam dunk. all they needed in this particular case, they didn't need beyond a reasonable doubt. they only needed probable cause. it couldn't even meet that standard to a grand jury. this never would have have been proven in a court of law. you know that as an attorney, don't you? that if you have six black eyewitnesses corroborating the story, you would never get any guilty conviction. >> listen here, this is the problem. he could have proven preponderance of the evidence with five witnesses. they chose to put on another additional 50 witnesses that probably had nothing to add to that case. certainly this poor grand jury is sitting there seeing this
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great mother lode of witnesses that was totalry irrelevant, they could have put on a basic case and gotten an indictment. >> ij they put on the whole case and it was incontrovertible and overwhelming. i've got to go. as always, we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> one of the things we're going to deal with tonight are the irresponsible reckless comments of people like al sharpton, eric holder, the president and much more. also we'll go live when we come back to our reporters that are on the ground in ferguson, missouri, and we'll hear the inflammatory remarks of michael brown's stepfather that he made just before the protests turned into riots. [coughing]
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a fox news alert. missouri governor jay nixon has tripled the number of national guard troops on the ground to more than 2,000 tonight. 61 were arrested in last night's uncontrollable slibs in which dozens of businesses were burned to the ground. many of them minority businesses. after michael brown's stepfather was caught on tape inciting the crowd.
7:17 pm
today the brown family attorney benjamin crump, he reacted to that video. take a look. >> not appropriate at all. completely inappropriate. god forbid your child was killed the way they killed and then they get that devastating announcement in the manner it was announced and somebody put a camera on your face, what would be your immediately action. don't contem them for being human. >> joining us is darren wilson supporter, jeff worta. thank you for being here. as i said to darrell in the last segment, after connecting that with the forensics and connecting it to the autopsy. this case was not even close.
7:18 pm
this isn't about probable cause. this was incontrovertible. this was overwhelming. there was no case here against darren wilson. what's your reaction to the way people are responding here? >> sean, first of all, on behalf of the entire law enforcement community, thank you for setting the record straight here. you were spot on in your cross-examination of the brown family attorney, darrell. it's astounding to hear his defense of this case that, because michael brown didn't deliver a beatdown to that shop owner, that that somehow mitigates his behavior. that because the eyewitness accounts cast him in a bad ligh character assassination. that because the prosecutor went to the great lengths to propose -- to present every single piece of evidence both physical and testimonial to the grand jury, that that somehow is
7:19 pm
out of bounds, it's just unthinkable. >> let me ask you this. the prosecutor mcculloch last night sort of dismissed the idea. you had people saying that michael brown was shot in the back. you had people testifying that darren wilson stood over him and popped him again and again and again. now, by any definition to me, that's perjury. that is -- that's willingness to lie and even be willing to put somebody's life away forever. i would argue that they need to be prosecuted, those people that made up those stories like that. your thoughts? >> well, it is a fiction, but i mean it's a fiction fed by moti emotion, rather than punishing the witnesses for getting it wrong, you do what bob mcculloch does and rely on the physical evidence. because the witness statements in a vacuum don't present enough
7:20 pm
of the case to indict. the physical evidence to use your word is incontrovertible and supports darren wilson's account of events and completely rejects all these fantastic accounts of events that we heard over and over again. >> i will tell you, this is the sard part of this from the very beginning, there were people that they didn't care about where the evidence took them. they weighed in on this story, prejudged this story including a top law enforcement officer of our country, the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, and even the president, the president laughably tonight actually went forward and said, i don't comment on cases or prejudge them while they're still being investigated. meanwhile, he did that with the cambridge police, he did that in the trayvon martin case, and he did it in this case. what does that mean when a president or attorney general weighs in like that, the impact they can have in terms of creating a mind-set or predetermined conclusion that they're telegraphing people to
7:21 pm
expect? >> well, i guarantee you, that if eric holder were the st. louis county prosecutor, there would be nobody calling for him to step down or recuse himself from this case and, you know, some of those very same people that were part of a rush to judge machine and didn't want to hear the facts of the case were burning buildings down just a few feet from us last night. >> thank you jeff, for being with us. on the ground, steve harrigan. when i left you late last night, i last saw you, your camera was taken out. tell us what happened. >> we were surrounded by men right at this very spot last night. our cameraman gus wargo had his cam na knocked down. this store was being actively looting. the protesters were happy with having the looting shown on television. they were grabbing liquor
7:22 pm
bottles in their hoodies. this is the national guard we're looking at in camouflaged uniform, helmets and rifles and what was really a mob scene as you look around this street. tonight it is a ghost town tonight. the police have redirected all traffic. there's no foot traffic, no vehicle traffic. so within 24 hours a complete turn around here. the number of national guard has tripled to 2,100. we saw chaos, buildings burning, shops being looted, glass being broken, today an absolute ghost town, no sign of anyone, no protester, eerie quiet here in ferguson. >> you said in a blog that you posted earlier today, steve, you actually said it was worse than what the cameras showed last night. then you went on to say you were being taunted by peep. you sa -- people. you said, i had fear moments in pakistan when i was surrounded because i'm an american and chased out of town, huh a
7:23 pm
similar fear moment in missouri. wow. >> it really struck me as odd. a couple years ago in pakistan they came to get us out of this little village because they heard there were americans there. it is really the first time, as we see some of these vehicles go in, if someone was going to get me just because i was an american. on this street really in this very spot last night, we were surrounded by about ten people when we got here. they're saying you look like darren wilson. and it was like, they were so different from me and so foreign from me and so angry at me just because i was here. they didn't know anything about me. so it was a weird feeling that i've only felt in other countries, felt it right here on the street in missouri last night. >> why didn't the governor send in the guard last night? >> there's a lot of things that really looked obviously wrong last night. this was the scene of tremendous protests, this very street. three months ago, back in august. and to have three months to
7:24 pm
prepare and basically let this whole street get set on fire is unbelievable when you have three months. it's a real underestimation of the opposition and underestimation of the anger. we've seen people, black and white, come out of their houses today and look at gas stations that have been burned down, beauty shops that have been burned down. and they are just as stunned as anybody else saying what does this have to do with justice, what does this have to do with anything? they feel let down by the response here, by the fact that the strip, this suburb was left to burn yesterday. >> steve harrigan, glad your safer tonight. we head over to david webb. he's outside the police station in ferguson. i was making the point for many at the very beginning and those that were training people for what happened last night, it didn't matter if officer wilson was guilty or not. it was irrelevant whether or not that he shot in self-defense.
7:25 pm
predetermined conclusion. no evidence presented. then look at the reaction last night. i didn't see people mourning the death of michael brown. i saw opportunists trying to take over a city and total lawlessness break out. >> think about it, they're spurred on by his father saying let's burn this bitch down. let's say what it is. they're out on the sidewalk, national police are on the site. what used to be a business where we parked the other night, beauty world, is now blown out, the windows are gone, it's been looted from last night. a little while ago we had a smoke bomb go off. and that was actually thrown by someone in the crowd. and you know what? i'll give a little credit. a couple people came over and with a few expletives included said if they throw one more damn smoke bomb and a few other word, then i'm going to shove them over to the cops. but the police walked down
7:26 pm
through the crowd. they're being letting them exercise their right, but they're not going to be tolerant of what we saw with people literally take off and a half mile or so or later were still looting running past us. >> great work down there, david webb. nearly 200 shots fired last night, cars burned, so many minority businesses that people have spent an entire lifetime building burned to the ground. then, of course, you got looting, rocks and bottles fired, thrown at police officers. unbelievable. and know knew the facts. unbelievable. and also they were encouraged by so-called leaders. we'll deal with that coming up next. and this tonight on "hannity" -- >> this will not end in the valley here. we're going to keep on going. >> all right. despite grand jury evidence and finding that no evidence fding to indict darren wilson, reverend al is back to his own
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and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> test >> test >> test >> >> test >> test investigations in specific cases. >> not my job to comment on ongoing investigations in specific cases. oh, that's the same obama that said that, let's see, the cambridge police acted stupidly. let's roll the tape. >> not having been there and not seen all the facts, what role race played in that, but i think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. number two, that the cambridge police acted stupidly. my main message is to the
7:30 pm
parents of trayvon martin. you know, if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon. the world took notice of the small city of ferguson, missouri, where a young man was killed and a community was divided. so yes, we have our own racial and ethnic tensions. >> 0 for 3, a three-time loser, president obama on high-profile race cases. bo dietl is with us, geraldo rivera and deroy murdoch. 0 for 3, three-lime loser on high profile race cases. >> i'm very honored to be here. you dissecticated that whole case. >> dissecticated? >> yes. people should listen to what you say because what you say is the truth and the facts. we've got to reverse this whole thing. you got to see what was in the mind-set of that cop. he's in his own police car.
7:31 pm
this guy's attacking him. two shots are fired. that cop is scared like hell. >> i hate to interrupt you. mike tobin is standing by. smoke wabombs are being fired b some of the protesters. he's on the ground. >> there were smoke bombs kind of like the roadstand fire works stand smokebombs. someone hurled these at the police officers. also a bottle came out of the crowd. what these guys did was come up and form their line, push back into the crowd. you can also see right behind them, a couple of cells of these different officers. usually what we'll see with those cells is they'll go into the crowd and pluck somebody out of the crowd. we look for guys with profanity, provocation working on the police officers. we can see more of the guys back here in the crowd. anybody want to watch live tv because the profanity is really coming at you, sean. >> we'll continue to keep that shot up as we speak here.
7:32 pm
go finish your thought. >> what i was trying to say was you have to put your mind-set into this cop. the guy charged him into the car, two shots were fired, now the guys charging back. he doesn't know what he's dealing with. reminds me of a case back in '91 that i handled when two guys broke into a convent and raped a roman catholic nun. they were on something called angel dust. >> geraldo knows what it was. fer mald da hide. he was telling us during the break. >> that causing a person to get craziness. we're seeing the poor cop who doesn't know how to deal with this guy charging him. and i think i can relate to that. he was scared. >> the cop was -- >> and that's what happened. >> he said, my conscience is clear, and he could not have been -- i was trying to get into this with darrell parks. if a kid robs a store, who intimidates -- if my kid intimidated a clerk like that, geraldo, we were talking about
7:33 pm
that, our kids say that we'd kill them. we'd be all over them, just that part of it. who fights a cop and fights for his gun, who charges at a police officer like a football player, who does that? >> this is why this is so difficult. the racial story that we heard was this was a gentle giant, this man was off to college and this happened while he was walking to the library, then we learned about the robbery at the store, the roughing up of the clerk. we have to think about what we mean by the word "justice county ". that doesn't mean you get the result that you want. you have a due process and a set of procedures in which you can have some faith. and these grand jurors spent 25 different days of hearings, 70 witnesses, hundreds of photographs looking at physical evidence. i've not seen anything that said that these people were corrupted or they were foolish or what have you and just may not be what these people wanted to see as a result but -- >> and ferguson burns because of, in part, a mind-set was created by al sharpton, by eric
7:34 pm
holder and the president to expect a different result because they weighed in without any facts, geraldo. >> you know, i condemn the anarchy and the race hustlers and everything else just as you do, sean, but you cannot deny throughout this country many hearts are broken in black families. there is real fear. there are two issues, one is the dysfunction and poverty and crime in the black neighborhood. because of the poverty, dysfunction and crime in the black neighborhoods, there will be more tragic encounters between black kids and white cops and the white cop will be acquitted. >> be acquitted rightfully. >> what's the solution here? >> i'll tell what you the solution is, don't rob store, don't try to take cops' guns and don't charge at officers after you try to steal his gun? >> in the long-term i agree with you. in the short-term. instead of giving these urban police departments tank, give
7:35 pm
them tasers? >> i don't have a problem with that but bo might. >> no, i like the taser idea. i like that. >> i like the camera on the cop. >> i like that, too. >> the problem is that the camera on the cop is everyone has a cell phone. they take the second half. they don't take the full thing. so i like a camera on the cop. >> they have a gopro. my kids use them in their sports. >> when that guy goes over the cop, when he's calling the cop a -- i want that to be seen. >> i share your concern about the black pov eitherty. >> it will be a generation before ferguson -- >> that's so sad. >> indicted. >> neighborhoods. >> businesses say gee do we go to these black neighborhoods? >> that's a shame. >> we have to take a break. stay there. you saw the looting last night and the businesses burn to the ground. also going to hear from one of the victims now who could do
7:36 pm
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm a non-smoker, that feels amazing. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. this is a fox news alert. we continue to monitor the situation op the ground in ferguson, missouri, tonight. but late last night on this program, this was the scene at my next guest's business. this is a st. louis cordless wireless store on the infamous florissant avenue. he was with us the first time his store was looted and vandalized. sonny, i'm sorry that this happened. we're live on the air last night. that's your store. i thought it was your store. when you got in today, how bad was it? >> it was very bad. the devastation was even harder than it was the first time
7:42 pm
around. just a lot of anger. showcaseses on the floor. things are spread around. it was not much taken because we took the precaution to put most of the stuff up anticipating some action. so not a whole lot of -- >> why didn't you board it up? >> well, initially i didn't want to board up. you know, i felt positive about the community. i felt we were part of the community. we've been around here for 18 years supporting everybody. we love everybody. we had no reason to board up. >> i know you love everybody, but you saw what happened the last time. i think i would have boarded up. sonny, i know you're a good man. >> i know, sean, i'm a fool. >> no, no, no, no. >> i was fooled by that. well, i thought that people would be better. and i know that the nature of people that i know in ferguson are much better than the action we were seeing last night. >> last question. >> but it is terrible that they're ruining the country. >> are you going to be able to get your store back up and running i hope, this is important for you and for the community. >> yes, of course, for my employees and people around us
7:43 pm
and people that support us, vendors in my neighborhood. i have to. i don't know how long it will take. because at this point i can't claim another claim on my insurance. so i'm on my own. i'm very positive. >> sonny, next time i'll pay for the plywood. i'm not joking, but i will help you out. >> thank you. >> i want to say one thing on a positive note. we're talking with our panel, geraldo has a good idea, bo and i both agree, deroy agrees. tell everybody your idea. >> instead of giving these urban police departments tanks where they get a military mind-set, give them tasers, give them a nonlethal way to take down these kids. there will be, because of the dysfunction in the urban family more and more of these incidents going forward. we had one here, a fatal encounter in new york city on saturday, not getting much press because of the big story in ferguson, missouri. these things will happen, black mothers now sometimes fear the cops more than they fear the crooks when their kid goes out
7:44 pm
at night. if you give the police officer a nonlethal way to take them down. >> okay. >> plus you put the body camera on the cop. i think you go a long way toward -- >> i carry a gun and i just ordered four tasers from -- i don't even know the company,, whatever. >> i totally agree with geraldo. i want to get to the heart of this problem. we elected a black president back in 2008. i said wow, what a great thing to bring this country together. we are more divided than we were in 1970 the way we are today. and the al sharptons and the barack obamas and the eric holder is dividing us with our black community and it's horrible. >> bo, you can't put the president of the united states in the same breath as al sharpton. >> why is he responding to the guy -- >> hasn't done too much maybe, barack obama hasn't done enough. >> why are you getting involved in -- >> obama jumped the gun, without knowing any evidence. >> he sends the attorney general. >> i disagree with the attorney
7:45 pm
general going. i think the president should be reaching out to black families. he should be -- >> judge a case like he did. >> when he came in, he had 70% approval, even people who didn't vote for him said we can bury the racial hatchet. >> we have to take a break. could last night's chaos in ferguson been prevented? my next guest says governor nixon and other officials dropped the ball big time. the mayor of foergson when we get back. ha-ha john! john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914.
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comcast business. built for business. >> this is a fox news alert the question many are asking:9u could that violence have been prevented? where was the national guard the governor called out? here with more is that city's former mayor. so where were these guys yesterday? >> they were absent, awol. the lieutenant governor is going out publicly. who i know is a great guy. the former mayor there. you have a situation, they call the guard and doesn't use them? >> we could not understand. the governor should resign as a
7:51 pm
result of inaction last night. >> so there were no national guard there last night? >> not at all. as a matter of fact, at 2:00 i the current mayor was waiting for national guard to come in. >> you couldn't get in touch with the governor last night for crying out loud. >> could not get in touch with him for months >> we have another issue surrounding this debacle in ferguson. this has to do with the media. with the "new york times" releasing the home address of officer darren wilson. there, you have it there from "new york times," we've re redacted. >> if anything happens to him, they should own the "new york times." >> shame on them.
7:52 pm
>> the names, shame on the "new york times" for doing that. they're setting the man'ss famiy in mortal danger. 25 businesses were burned to the ground. same kind of feelings could be applied to him and his family in their home. >> do you remember prior to this announcement, there were two black panthers from that party with a bounty on the officer? >> yes. why is that person arrested? >> they arrested two black panthers for pipe bombs this thing here, was prepared, shame on that mayor for not bringing that national guard in. they knew there was going to be a problem. >> when we come back we're going to have a fight with geraldo over why i believe eric holder, al sharpton and the president created a mind set that led to last night he disagrees you can see this is happening life. they're standing on a police
7:53 pm
car. numerous cars burned last night. some 20-25 businesses. they seem to be dispersing quickly. you can see police officers on the scene. this is one other question. this stuff tonight, why not, people can say whatever they want. they can protest. you can't fire bullets in the air. you can't start looting and breaking windows and burning cars you can't start acting without the way people are acting. now? >> what social purpose is achieved by this kind of -- >> there we go. a turn over. >> disgusting. >> oh, wow. >> look at that. >> wow. >> why doesn't the national
7:54 pm
guard get in there and arrest every person? >> i tell what you they told me. they told me look back at last night you lost 25 businesses nobody died. nobody was injured. >> it's a miracle. >> the point they're making to me -- >> now, they lit it. look. >> it's lit. >> i think, i have to quickly reiterate something i said it's controversial. as much as we simp pathize with the family, that stepfather should be indicted for incitement to riot i think the people who offered this decision to the public in prime time, rather than a more prudent hour like 6:00 a.m or some other time, where
7:55 pm
themselves guilty of severe duty. >> we ought to look at the faces of every person and lock them up we never do that. >> they are wearing masks. >> sean, do you what is angering me? i'm former law enforcement guy. watching this now, letting them do this, i am outraged where are the cops? handcuff them, lock them up. >> how does the governor call up the magsal guard, then, the night they're needed he doesn't send them in? >> give them the night off. at the shots fired last night. it's a miracle nobody died last night. now, this is beginning to unfold here around the country at the same time. you know? what if this blows?
7:56 pm
who is going to be held responsible? are we going to get a face shot of the people looting that cell phone store? liquor store? breaking windows at mcdonalds? why not a class action lawsuit by the shop keepers against those arrested for destruction of property? >> mike tobin is there. mike? where are the police? the national guard? >> well, we have some cops coming up in some of the tactical vehicles on the street. this is largely the crowd that was in front of the ferguson city police department all at once they took off in this direction. and now, we've got theíiim; bur car and another situation melted down. now, you asked about the national guard. where are they now? the national guard is positioned
7:57 pm
in front of the city pd. their role is to stand there as century. the role of coming out is going to belong to the city police, state troopers, someone like that, who was training. so we're coming up on the scene right now. there is a police officer, police car that is a city police car. you can see the inside of it burning now. you can see dogs on the scene. >> were you there when they tipped it over also? prior to putting this on fire? >> no. i'm just getting on the scene right now. >> describe the scene now compared to last night in terms of the people, atmosphere. now there seem to be law enforcement surrounding the car. compare that to tonight. >> right. >> the numbers are much smaller than last night. the energy level is down considerably from last night.
7:58 pm
you get cell popping up and a lot of energy and excitement. close to the police car fvcñnow. i see more media than i see demonstrators demonstrators are further up the street seems they've been shooed out of the area by uthorities. here, on a scene like this, we have more of the city police more arriving on the scene with the sirens going at the moment, sean. >> mike, as we watch this and see what's happening how many people in terms of percentage showed up tonight versus last night? >> i would put it maybe 10% as far as tonight opposed to last night. but they're concentrateed and seemed those people who showed up tonight were interested in getting and engaging in more
7:59 pm
friction they got more aggressive and routy. -- rowdy. >> sad to see. that >> as a former cop, i hate to see things being stolen, everyone standing by. and shame on that governor, for not realizing that there was going to be a reaction no matter how it came out when crowds started to form, he should have called the national guard out and done what he's supposed to do. >> we did get a call from a governor because geraldo got a reprieve and a last minute stay. he and i were about to have a fight over a political issue. >> let's do it over a drink. >> yes. to see this happen and see that we have the national guard not called up and see these minority businesses destroyed and shots fired, cars burned and looting and rocks and bottles at cops is
8:00 pm
just sad thank you both. thank you. thank you for watching as always, "fox and first" first. thanks for joining us. our coverage continues here on the fox news channel. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. [shouting] >> a shocking display. michael brown stepfather screaming for violence after the decision last night tonight, we will analyze all that has happened thus far. >> this was a forgone conclusion. this was a rigged game. >> an outrageous statement impugns the honesty of 12 grand jury members. is it legal will take a look at the facts. >> he i know of people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say. and how we feel and we are not going to it allow it


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