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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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when writing to the faor. again, thanks for watching us tonight ms. megyn is next. the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, less than 24 hours after a grand jury announcement sparking the most destructive riots we have seen in this country in years, and at last the man at the center of this historic national episode speaks out. for the first time ferguson police officer darren wilson in his own words. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. this is a live look at ferguson, missouri, tonight, much of that city in ruins after riots exploded last night. demonstrators enraged by a grand jury's decision after three months of considering the case do not indict officer wilson in the death of michael brown. now the protests spreading nationwide to half a dozen
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cities. look at this melee here in new york city. police surrounding one man. and when he starts to fight, others jump in. some throwing punches at the cops. look at this. unbelievable. and now tonight for the first time we hear from officer wilson, that he felt he had to shoot michael brown because he believed that michael brown would kill him. watch. >> he threw the first punch? >> yes. he threw the first one and hit me in the left side of my face. >> you know, some of the witnesses have said that they saw you trying to pull him into the car. >> that would be against every training every taught to any law enforcement officer. i just felt the immense power that he had. the way i've described it, it was like a 5-year-old holding on to hulk hogan, that's how big this man was. when i said get back or i'm going to shoot you. then his response immediately, he grabbed the top my gun. he said you're too much of a [ bleep ] to shoot me. while he's doing that, i can feel his hand coming over my hand and get inside the trigger guard and try and shoot me with my own gun.
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and that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> why not stay in the car, he's running away? >> because he's not -- my job isn't to just sit and wait. i have to see where this guy goes. >> so you felt it was your duty to give chase? >> yes, it was. i mean, that's what we're trained to do. when he stopped and turned, he faced me. his right hand immediately goes into his waist band and the left hand at his side and he starts charging me. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> my initial thought was was there a weapon in there? >> even though he didn't pull something out when he was confronting you? >> it was just the unknown. we're taught to let me see your hands. >> some of the eyewitnesses said when he turned around, he put his hands up. >> that would be uncorrect -- incorrect. >> no way? >> no way. >> so you say he starts to run, starts to come towards you. and? >> at that time i gave myself another mental check, can i shoot this guy? legally, can i? and the question i answered
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myself was i have to. if i don't, he will kill me if he gets to me. >> even though he's what, 35, 40 feet away? >> once he's coming in that direction, if he hasn't stopped yet, when is he going to stop? >> and you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white, this would have gone down in exactly the same way? >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> you and your wife -- i don't even know if this word is appropriate any more. what is your dream going forward? >> like i said, we just want to have a normal life. that's it. >> you have a very clean conscience. >> the reason i have a clean conscience is because i know i did my job right. >> joining us now with reaction, former new york city mayor and former republican presidential candidate rudy giuliani. good to see you tonight. >> good to see you, megyn. >> your reaction to what we saw right there? >> very powerful. that would have been testimony in front of a jury that would
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have been hard to convict this man. but here's the amazing thing. i read some of the testimony today. if you look at witness number ten, not identified by name or by race, but i'm pretty sure an african-american from the discussion. he corroborates every single thing that that officer just said including the fact that no one put their hands up. in fact, he came forward because he was angry and offended that people were lying about the fact that he was shot in the back and that brown had put his hands up. >> wow, that's amazing. >> he describes exactly the same thing. the reaching in, the shooting, the fact that the police officer got out of the car. the police officer yelled to brown. brown, instead of stopping, ran toward him. the police officer shot him two or three times. when brown stopped, the police officer stopped shooting. and all of a sudden brown put his head down and came at the
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police officer, he said, something like a bull, with his head down as if to come right into him. and that's when the fatal shots were probably shot into the -- and he came forward because he was so offended by the lies that were being told. you remember, there were four witnesses who said that brown was shot in the back. >> not true. >> which are total lies. if that's -- >> one said that the cop -- officer wilson was standing over him shooting him. >> so again disproven completely by the autopsy and the forensics. i disagree with the prosecutor on only one thing. i would prosecute all those people for perjury. >> wow, really? >> well, to testify falsely in a case in which you can put a man in jail for the rest of his life is an extremely serious -- >> but you know how unreliable eyewitness testimony is. i think his belief is according to him is it's just unreliablun >> it's not unreliable. these are people who were
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friends of his, people who have an ax to grind. it's not unreliable that you think you saw hands go up when in fact his hands were down all the time. >> so will it make any difference? will his on-camera testimonial and the fact that he's backed up not by one but by several african-american witnesses, i want the viewers to know that, because we are told by some that this is all about race. and african-american witnesses came forward to say it is not the way folks are telling you. it is the way the officer, it is the way the white officer is telling you. >> seven witnesses corroborate his testimony, three of them corroborated completely. the others corroborate portions of it. >> but does it make a difference? they're still on the streets. they still burned dozens of places. >> i don't know if they care. the racial arsonists in this country have worked people up so much with propaganda that facts don't matter.
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justice doesn't matter it isn't justice to put an innocent man in jail. also every time mr. brown is described as a young man, people forget he has committed a robbery. in fact, the police officer in his testimony said that brown took some of the sig cigarillos pushed them in the car, saying take these, actually proving that he was the robber that the police officer was looking for. >> one of the things that jumped out at me in this interview was how young darren wilson seems, 21 years old. >> he's a kid. >> but he's not some seasoned cop who's been on the beat for 30 years. he, too, is a young man. >> yes. >> who found himself in a very dangerous situation that was not of his own making. >> this should be described as a police officer who shot a man who had committed a robbery. it shouldn't be described as a police officer who shot some innocent young boy. he shot a man who had just committed a robbery.
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now, it's either justified or not, and the facts suggest that it's e second thing the prosecu had to be absolutely aware of is he couldn't possibly have won this case at trial. >> with all that evidence that supported the police officer, but i want to get this thing because we're short on time. what we've seen in ferguson last night, so far is much more peaceful tonight. they finally sent in the national guard that's been there for a week. why did that happen last night? >> i don't know. when i was watching your broadcast last night, having had to deal with riots and being very proud of the fact that i had none in the time that i was mayor after two in the years that preceded me, they did one of the most -- biggest mistakes you could make. they allowed a cooling off period or a venting period. remember, all that time that rocks were being thrown and cars were being overturned and -- >> police were holding back. >> police were backing off. the rule is, you can protest all you want.
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make all the noise you want. carry all the signs you want. the minute you throw a rock, you get arrested. the minute you break a window, you get arrested. the minute you break into a store, you get arrested. >> you make an example out of the early law breakers. >> the gigante report that was written in 1993 says a cooling-off period becomes a heating-up period and it's supported by academic research by james t. wilson. >> you think this governor nixon is in over his head? >> he looked to me tonight like a very nervous man, not like a man who feels he's in charge of this situation. that can just be my impression from having dealt with lots of emergencies. i didn't hear a lot of clear black line rules about what he expects tonight. what he should have told the people tonight is, you can protest, but if you throw a single rock, the first one that does it is going to jail and the second one and the third one and i have enough jails for all of you. you want to protest, we're not breaking any windows, we're not
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breaking any buildings. >> we're not breaking any laws. >> you're all going to jail. and if i need 50,000 cops here and national guard, they'll be here to do it. >> he's under fire from his own lieutenant governor tonight. he'll be joining us, the lieutenant governor, in a bit. great to see you. >> great coverage last night by the way. >> thank you. i appreciate it. coming up, a closer look at that forensic evidence that convinced the grand jury not to indict officer darren wilson, including no pictures including signs of the struggle that took place inside the patrol car and the story of one witness who says people at the scene started to embellish what happened when brown's family showed up at the crime scene. a kelly file investigation we've been working on today. next. plus, a live look at some of the racially charged statements made by some of the leading voices in the debate. we're watching live pictures in ferguson and we'll play you some of the racially charged statements that have been bandied about. one local lawmaker today going so far as to say, quote, this is
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9:14 pm
hold a press conference to discredit the victim. >> it feels like we've been given license that when a person is intimidated by a black person in this country, you can pull out your gun and shoot them. that's very disconcerting. >> this is st. louis' race war. we didn't have a race war like other cities throughout the country. this is our race war. i know people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say and how we feel and we are not going to allow it any more. >> this is a problem throughout the country where you have law enforcement officers that are afraid and fearful of young black men and they're pulling out their guns and shooting them down and killing them each and every day. >> joining me now, vincent warren, he just returned from ferguson. he's director of the center for constitutional rights and former attorney for the aclu. and a fox news contributor.
9:15 pm
jason, let me start with you to get reaction from that. this is our race war and police officers just have a fear of black men that makes them want to pull out their guns and shoot them. >> yeah, they're selling a false narrative here. we have too many dead black bodies in this country. but cops are not the reason. the black homicide rate is much too high. it is the leading cause of death for young black men. but blacks also commit seven to ten times more violent crime in this country than whites do. and 90% of their victims are other black people. we have so many dead black bodies in this country, megyn, not because cops are shooting them, but because other black people are shooting them. and the left is selling a false narrative pretending that the opposite is true. >> what of these claims juxtaposed what we heard last night from the prosecutor, what we see that was presented to the
9:16 pm
grand jury, african-american witnesses going in there and saying i'm telling you it is exactly as the officer said it was. michael brown charged him. he stopped, he waited. michael brown charged again, he shot again. that's from african-american witnesses. how can this be a race war? >> i'm not calling it a race war. i also disagree with the statement that the primary problem with young dead men are other black people. it's not the race of the witnesses that matter. it's the race of the victim and the race of the perpetrator. and this is a situation here in ferguson where those things are clear. a white man killed a black man. i'm not saying he killed him because he was black, but i am saying that black folks, now that have to deal with all these people killed by a police officer whether or not they have a gun, that is a tremendous problem. that has to be resolved in this country. >> it was a legal matter whether he actually had a gun is almost
9:17 pm
irrelevant. what matters is what the officer had reason to believe. >> as a legal matter, it actually does matter whether the person had a gun or not. >> it's what's in the officer's head. >> that's true. but if the officer said i had an unreasonable fear of black people and feared for my life, people said it does actually matter. the mans was unarmed. >> but the cop didn't know that. let's keep in mind that this confrontation occurred because michael brown took a shot at a cop who was sitting in his cop car and reached for his gun. >> the issue here is black criminality, not the behavior of cops. it's the behavior of the young black men in these communities. whenever a ferguson goes down, we start talking about racial profiling, we start talking about poverty, unemployment. we start talking about tensions between the cops and black people. those are facts. those are not causes. the cause here is black
9:18 pm
criminality. the fact that blacks who are 13% of the population, are responsible for the amount of violent crime in this country. you are going to have racial profiling. >> the question is not black criminality. the question is the criminalization of black people. here's the point. all black people do not commit crimes. therefore, all black people should not be policed in community just because they're black. >> that's very true. there's no arguing that. but where is the responsibility for what michael brown did? where is the responsibility? he committed a crime that night. that's clear. >> here's the question. that's not the question, megyn. the question is where is the responsibility for what officer wilson did? >> no, you're jumping over -- you're treating michael brown like he was a squeaky clean kid minding his own business. he had just committed a robbery, the witness testimony is that he attacked a police officer. >> i'm aware of what the testimony is. here's the question. i'm treating michael brown like
9:19 pm
he's a human being. michael brown was not the subject of that xwrand jury proceeding although you would think he was because we heard more about what michael brown did. >> he attacked a cop and charge after him, it's relevant as to whether that cop had a right to defend himself. >> that information is coming out from the grand jury. we're looking at it all. one of the things i saw when i looked at it was the sergeant went to talk to officer wilson right after michael brown was shot. michael brown is dead on the ground. and the sergeant did not take down, write down or record the statement of the police officer. not only is that bad policing, it also sends the message that, my goodness, how can we be surprised that darren wilson's testimony fits the evidence when they didn't record darren wilson's testimony at the -- >> did that sergeant also speak with all the african-american witnesses who came forward? >> it is not about the overpolicing of black communities and young black men getting picked on by cops. blacks are arrested at the same rate that victims of crime identify blacks as their
9:20 pm
assailant. they're in these communities because that's where the 911 calls originate. they're originally there stopping blacks from harming one another. this is not about the cops. >> if your answer is that people who live in black communities that haven't done anything wrong just have to live with the fact that they'll get shot by police officers -- >> would michael brown had been shot by darren wilson if he hadn't broken the law that day? >> who can answer that question. police shoot people whether they've broken the law or they haven't. >> those are the cases, the clear cases that should be shoved in people's faces front and center on the news and people should be forced to discuss it. why take a case like this, which is so conflicted in which there are so many african-american witnesses supporting the story of the white cop where it's much more difficult for us to come together as a nation and say -- go ahead, quickly. >> the left wants to use racism as an all-purpose explanation for what ails the black community. certain situations fit that narrative, like ferguson,
9:21 pm
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because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. missouri's governor ordering an additional 1500 national guardsmen to the scene in ferguson tonight. but as our cameras show right now, things seem much calmer this evening. the protester, many of whom seemed hell bent on destroying everything in their path last night, have appeared to remain calmer tonight. take a look at this video from last night of people looting the same store michael brown was shown robbing on surveillance video just before his death. and this heartbreaking scene. look at this. the owner standing inside the store surveying the wreckage
9:25 pm
left behind once the protesters left with his goods that he was trying to sell to make a living. and this is the true scope of the destruction. look at this. businesses and cars completely gutted rerks deuced to mere piles of rubble. steve harrigan is live in ferguson again tonight. >> reporter: we're at the exact same spot just 24 hours later. you can see how different things are looking now. police are turning cars away. they've really blocked off this entire area. last night several of these stores were having their windows kicked in, batted in by bats, people looting different stores here. big crowds in the street, buildings on fire. that's all different now. throughout the day we saw the results of last night burnings, 25 different businesses burned down. we're outside one gas station which was still on fire. we talked to someone who watched it burn from his house just across the street all night long. >> to know that it's right off the same street that you enter
9:26 pm
in day in and day out. and you don't think anything of it. but to know that people were dousing gasoline -- you wonder if it's going to be your home. that's the thing that's kind of unnerving. it feels like it's beirut over here. >> beirut over here, but we're in missouri. actually here one of the big reasons for the national guard out, triple the number that was out yesterday. 2100. this market was being looted last night. it's deserted tonight. >> steve harrigan, we'll check in. the forensic evidence that convinced the grand jury not to indict darren wilson including pictures showing the struggle that took place inside the patrol car in the "kelly file" investigation. plus coverage of the scene in ferguson. we'll speak with the state's lieutenant governor who had harsh words tonight for governor nixon and president obama. >> here's my question that the governor must answer. is the reason that the national guard was not in there because the obama administration and the
9:27 pm
holder justice department leaned on you to keep them out?
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9:30 pm
breaking tonight just 24 hours after the ferguson decision we're getting a better picture of the evidence the grand jury considered. trace ghallager reports from our west coast newsroom. >> officer wilson said he told brown to back off, and brown grabbed his gun, and they struggled. wilson testified, quote whshg i grabbed him the only way i can describe it is that i felt like a 5-year-old holding on to hulk hogan. wilson pulled the trigger five times, it fired twice, striking him in the hand the officer said when he got out of his patrol vehicle he was
9:31 pm
trying to contain michael brown, instead, brown turned on him, wilson says i keep telling him to get on the ground he doesn't. at this point it looked likee was bulking up to make him mad i'm shooting at him. a female witness described it this way. quote, the cop was wobbling. the big kid had his arms out with attitude the cop just stood there. dang if that kid doesn't start running at the cops like a football player. he says it was the first time he used a gun in the line of duty. some witnesses sympathetic to brown adjusted their story. witness number 14 told police, quote, brown was to me, i'm just going to say it, he was executed. wilson made up his mind he was going to kill him but later had this exchange with investigators question, each time the officer
9:32 pm
was firing, michael brown was coming toward him. answer, yes. question, but you're able to hear the answer say stop? answer, yes. he was very, very loud. the same witness told investigators people on scene told him to keep his mouth shut and other was nothing better to do than get high all day were embellishing the story, saying the officer ran up behind him and shot him in the back. and the agent responds that is not true? answer, not true. there was a 20 foot trail of blood indicating brown stopped, turned and went towards the officer. >> trace, thank you. my next guest has been demanding to know why the national guard was not sent in to do more. governor nixon announced plans to increase the number of guard troops in the area, tripling from about 700 to 2200 and you can see the difference tonight. peter kinder is the lieutenant governor of missouri a
9:33 pm
republican sh the governor, governor dixon is a democrat. good of you to be here tonight the governor today sounded outraged you had accused him of possibly collaborating with president obama and or eric holder to keep the national guard off the streets of ferguson. why do you think that is a remote possibility? >> i did not level that charge. i asked the question, governor of missouri is accountable to the people who elected him. as we all are in these offices. the governor of missouri owes us answers beyond the flimsy cliches and empty pieties he offered this afternoon when a reporter put my question to him the question was why was the national guard called out?
9:34 pm
was it because as i expect might be the case, officials in washington, d.c. and the obama administration and the holder justice department leaned on the governor very hard not to call in the national guard? >> why won't they want the national guard some >> we have your recorder tell us we have 25 businesses burned you see people their dreams are in ashes. and the governor of missouri has to answer for this. >> why wouldn't president obama and eric holder want the national guard called in to keep the peace in ferguson? >> i don't know, megyn. ju ordered the guard, sent them in, and declared a state of emergency, i issued a statement supporting him, unreservedly a governor prepared to do that proactively on the front end, then, when the critical moment comes and the mayor of ferguson
9:35 pm
is crying out to get a hold of the governor as he watches his ÷ from the back of his house he can't get so much as the person who emtiz waste baskets in the governor's office. so he's making calls to me. . >> i just wanted viewers to know the police chief said the initial hands off tactics were intended to allow protestors to demonstrate peacefully. they realized it was unstable it was basically too late. now, before we move on, i want the awed dwroens hear what governor nixon said today so we've got both sides here. >> that is false and politics and nothing to do what folks here are doing we're doing our duty we have hundreds of people out there putting their lives on the
9:36 pm
line, politics has not one bit to do with the tasks at hand and responsibilities at hand for this mission. >> what do you think now? now that we have seen a calmer ferguson soont we're seeing others call this a race war saying it's not over, protests erupting in other cities, folks saying they don't care what the evidence was, what they care about is a black 18-year-old is dead and a white cop has not been charged. >> megyn did you listen to that nonanswer by the governor? an attempt to deflect the whole thing as political. it is not political when a nonpartisan elected mayor is trying to reach the governor of missouri and he can't get calls returned by anyone in the governor's office, so he calls me in the wee hours of the morning, the speakers of the missouri house, and none of us wield executive power.
9:37 pm
executive power as commander in chief of the missouri national guard resides in the missouri governor. why don't you ask him where he was last night? a command center? where was he? why did they hold the guard back? let's get real answers to the questions. >> this is the same governor demanded there be an indictment the night before the grand jury began it's first session. then, had to walk that back. >> demanded a vigorous prosecution remember? >> yes. which was not his role. that is not his role. he had to walk it back. >> a lot of answers are needed. >> we welcome the governor on this program any time. we'd love to hear his estimation when things calm down, or earlier. president obama calling for calm saying it's not his job to comment onion going investigations and specific cases. the crew is laughing. really? up next, a look back at some of the big investigations the
9:38 pm
president weighed in on and reaction from dr. ben carson. >> it's not my job as president to comment onion going investigations, and specific cases >> we lost a young man, michael brown. and heart breaking, tragic circumstances. it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud.
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9:41 pm
on the particular circumstances of ferguson, which i am careful not to speak to because it's not my job as
9:42 pm
president to comment on ongoing investigations and specific cases. >> president obama weighing in again today on the events in ferguson calling for calm. but also saying it's not his job as president to comment on ongoing investigations in specific cases. perhaps that president obama should speak with this president obama. >> my understanding is that professor gates then shows his i.d. to show that this is his house, and that point he gets arrested for disorderly conduct. i think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. number two, that the cambridge police acted stupidly. my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin. you know, if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon.
9:43 pm
we lost a young man, michael brown, in heartbreaking and tragic circumstances. when something like this happens, the local authorities, including the police, have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death. >> joining me now dr. ben carson, author of "one nation" and former director of pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins. president obama has been very willing in the past to wade into these controversies. even last night he spoke at length about this particular controversy yet today would like us to believe he doesn't weigh in on these controversies. what's going on here? >> first of all, i'd have to say that as a pediatric neurosurgeon, i had many occasions where i had to deal with families who lost a child, and it is tragic. it's perhaps the worst thing that can happen in your life. that said, he has, obviously, weighed in and made these things
9:44 pm
somehow seem racial. and i really don't see this as a race issue with michael brown. the police officer would have been in that situation no matter what color the person had been. and perhaps there are things to be learned. i always say, let's find something good that we can learn from this situation. and there probably are some more techniques that perhaps can be taught to police, not only in ferguson, but all over the country that might help to mitigate some of these circumstances, certainly using cameras, things of that nature are going to be helpful also. but the community needs to understand that it doesn't do you any good to let outside agitators come in, burn your community down, and to, you know, they're probably sitting up in a hotel somewhere drinking champagne and eating steaks. you know, we can't allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated. >> but it's not just outside
9:45 pm
agitators. definitely there were some, but we saw a seething rage from, you know -- and you can understand where it came from -- michael brown's stepfather and his mother with the family, i think the father in particular was calling for peace and calling for this as an opportunity to have all police wear body cams. then the mother and her, i guess husband, michael brown's stepfather were doing this. watch. >> i understand grief, but how can anybody hear the message through that? >> yeah, well, what's going on
9:46 pm
with the family, it's very hard to comment on that because emotions really take you out of a logical frame of mind. but the other people really i think were just taking advantage of the situation. there are people who really have nothing good in mind. and to allow people to be stirred up from that and hurt because the jobless rate was already high in ferguson. and what they need to think about is that only 12% in the last statewide election of people in ferguson voted. use that voting power, use some of the other things that are available to you. dr. martin luther king had to fight with those who wanted to use violence. and fortunately, he won. and was able to get the points across to the nation as a whole and tremendous progress was made. and it can be made again. but we have to be logical and rational in the way we respond to things. >> you say that this isn't for you about race, this isn't about
9:47 pm
race, but that's not what we're hearing from the folks in ferguson who think it is all about race. allen west was on a channel earlier saying that this is getting covered but so many other crimes don't get covered when the race of the shooter and the decedent are reversed. here he was on "greta." watch. >> what i do find very hypocritical is president obama nor eric holder has said anything about the four black gang members who brutally carjacked and took captain kevin quick, a virginia reserve police officer and murdered him. we did not hear him say anything about the 19-year-old new jersey teenager brendan devlin who was gunned down by a black jihadist. we haven't heard anything about the two black teenagers who bludgeoned to death an okinawa
9:48 pm
veteran. so i think that the country has to really get tired of this cherry picking of these instances of their perceived social justice and their own agenda that they're trying to use for their own elevation. and this really is getting quite despicable. so i think that that's what you're seeing, a political opportunity, and there is no doubt that, after what the very meticulous and very well stated summary that was given by the prosecutor mcculloch, that the whole federal government should step out of this and there should be no further probes. >> your thoughts on that, dr. carson? >> well, colonel weston is right on target. and the fact of the matter is today dozens of young men were killed in the inner city as they were yesterday and as they will be tomorrow. why are we not focusing attention on them? are they not important? i think it's an epidemic that is going on. >> but that doesn't help a narrative that some feel the need to advance here, which is a
9:49 pm
belief that white police officers in particular have a racial bias, a prejudice against a black community and will act to that community's peril based on very little evidence. that's their belief. >> well, that's the belief of people who simply refuse to look at the evidence. to look at the statistics. and i don't know why they won't do that. because they need to be concerned about these people that we're losing. those are precious lives. why don't we deal with the real magnitude of what's going on and stop trying to make everything into a political issue? >> dr. carson, good to see you. i want to tell the viewers that there's a developing situation right now in ferguson. st. louis police reporting shots fired at the apartment complex where michael brown was killed. we're live on the scene next. the volkswagen golf was just named
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9:54 pm
tonight. mike? >> you're on. >> reporter: now? all right, megyn, i can show you what's different tonight that we haven't seen in past nights, and that is this cadre of national guardsmen we have. you have the city and county police coming through them right now, but it's important to look at the national guardsmen because that's a new development. they're here to stand sentry and provide security of the physical structures of the police department here. the county and city police are then freed up to come and deal what they have been training specifically to do over the last several months. i'll show you what has been kind of more of the same, as we come through the crowd. lots of cameras here, lots of attention. out on the street, just across the street, you can see the row of demonstrators chanting, shouting, all of the profanity, trying to get a reaction out of the officers, officers backing us up to get out of the street. overall, what is different from last night, the energy level has
9:55 pm
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it is the night before the night before thanksgiving as we look at the seasons greetings sign in ferguson on a much calmer night. in addition to the chaos we've seen there over the past 24 hours, we also have some
9:59 pm
potential weather kay autchaos e are winter storm warnings up and down the east coast. tomorrow could be heck of a travel day. make sure you check out your local forecast and figure out whether you should actually get on the road to grandma's. sorry. in the meantime, go to slash thekelly file. or twitter. lots of ways to reach me. the points being made about whether this case has anything at all to do with race, whether it's all about race or whether that is a story that's been ginned up by people for their own purposes. thanks for watching. i'm live from america's news headquarters, you're looking at a live picture from ferguson, missouri where tenses continue to run high.
10:00 pm
at this time, the town is protected by national guardsmen as well as police. despite the heavy police presence, one unruly crowd managed to tipover accru cruise. it has also touched off a wave of marchs from coast to coast. in oak land california, just moments ago, demonstrators were seen shattering windows. president obama calling for cooler heads to prevail saying there's no excuse for the type of behavior we witnessed monday night. i'm kelly wright. "hannity" starts now. "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the st. louis police department has confirmed that four shots were fired at the apartment complex where michael brown was shot and killed. police tell us the


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