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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 9, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> a lot still to talk about. see you in an how were. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert now. we're looking live at the senate floor. chair of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein is speaking after the release of a controversial report on the c.i.a.'s enhanced interrogation program. this as there are concerns against violent retaliation against americans around the globe. this is "outnumbered." here today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, o'reilly factor jessie waters is outnumbered. >> good to see you. >> hot waters and emac on the
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same couch. >> and i'm just wondering, where is the tea and cigarettes? >> do we love being in watters world? now you're in our world. >> i'm nervous. now i'm nervous. >> let's cover the world. shall we? the u.s. is already beefing up security abroad ahead of the release of that senate report i'm talking about. it gives a detailed account of what the critics call the torture of suspected al qaeda detainees in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks. here to break down the report for us, chief intelligence correspondent who is live with news today in washington. >> thank you, harris. this report reviewed more than six million documents over a five-year period. it is 6700 pages long and it costs in excess of $40 million and it's the product of democrats who lose control of the senate intelligence committee in january. this morning the democratic chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee who has been warned consistently the report could lead to violence
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overseas defended her decision. >> there really is no good time and i think the greatness of this country is that we can examine each state and remedy them and that's the hallmark of a great and justice society. >> aides said this morning they have uncovered new and raw detail about the c.i.a. interrogation of al qaeda detainees including this man, an operations chief who was captured in 2002 and one of three detainees to be water boarded, including one incident where he lost consciousness. those who were part of the c.i.a. program believe this review, which did not interview principal c.i.a. witnesses never took into account the pressure on the agency to present another large scale attack. >> concept is so critical two months after 9/11. everyone, the american people, the congress were unanimous and saying to the c.i.a. and other
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agencies, do whatever you have to do to prevent the next attack. >> based on the report, the c.i.a. and senate investigators disagree over who provided the initial lead to the courier who ultimately led to osama bin laden's hideout in pakistan. it's believed it's the nephew of the man on the right. the senate said it was a different detainee who was interviewed by a foreign government, not the yat. c.i.a. director said while we made mistakes, the agency's systematically did not mislead each of the audiences. that's a reference to the congress, administration and public on the effectiveness of this program. but the executive summary at more than 500 pages will take a significant period of time to get through, harris.
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>> katherine, thank you very much and of course, part of this is the thinking, will this expose us in terms of our national security? so a lot of controversy. critics are calling it unconscionable. >> why would the president insist on the release of this knowing that it could harm, lead to the death of americans serving under him as commander in chief and americans held hostage and america's impositions where they are vulnerable. what exactly is the gain here? do we not know about this already? does it have to be done in detail and released now? >> so you've got that one argument but look at this. fox news senior judicial analyst last night defended the decision to release the report. >> i'm sorry that the report is written and i'm sorry what's in it but in a democracy, the american public has the right to know what has been done in their name, especially when they've
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been misled about it. the american public is also en titled to know the laws that govern the rest of us also govern the government. >> as we wrestle with weather the report should have been released. maybe the overarching issue here is do the american people have a right to know? your thoughts. >> i don't want to know about it. i think people do nasty things in the dark, especially after a terrorist attack. i find it ironic they're dropping this report on the same day that gruber is testify to go knock that out of the front pages. senate democrats are trying to get a last shot in at bush before they get into the minority and they didn't even interview any of the c.i.a. interrogators to do the report. it's like how rolling stones does their investigationing, they only do one side. to say this is transparency, the democrats didn't care about transparency when they were destroying hard drives at the i.r.s. so i'm not buying it. >> kennedy, what about the thought of informing the american public? the thing is 6,000 pages long. there are 480 that are being
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released. who chose? how was it chosen? >> it's revly ll lly -- heavil redacted. we're the united states of america. we don't have to torture people and we are strong enough to have the transparency. we can't imagine what they do in places like north korea and china and russia. those are places that live in the dark. we live in the light. because we are awesome and therefore, we can withstand this sort of self reflection and to say that somehow this is going to lead to death and destruction imminently is really irresponsible and they're just trying to shift that narrative which i fully agree w. i agree with the judge. >> i go to andrea. i've heard of some of your thinking on this. >> well, some light at the c.i.a., i'm sorry, that's one place i don't need sunlight. i don't think they need to give me transparency at the c.i.a. thousands of americans were killed after 9/11. bush administration did what the
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american public wanted and that's do whatever it takes to keep us safe. these terror tactics have been stopped. as a country, we decided we are better than this. so we stopped them. that's my point that why are we putting out this memo? we've had this discussion. we've had the debate and it's not about democracy now. no, no. it's about politics. it's about democrats being so fundamentally lost as a party, harris, they have to return to an old play book. the plays that they ran right when obama got into office trying to prosecute c.i.a. officials and that same play book they feel got them the house of representatives back even under tom delay's electoral map. they were screaming about this. they don't want to talk about gruber or health care or the i.r.s. or anything else. >> so as we open this hour, i was talking about senator diann. >> e-mac. >> elizabeth mcdonald for those who don't know what we're
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talking about. we did bring some of it live last hour but you have here and just kind of the timing of all of this, she took exception to the white house wanting the redactions and the report. she wanted her own arguments on the record. she's exiting so it might be a legacy matter for her. >> i think you're right and to confuse people even more, what you don't have is whether or not was it effective? the c.i.a. on one hand says we didn't intentionally mislead or systematically mislead. what we did do was effective in getting information. now the other side is saying, it's ineffective, did not give information to stop future terrorist attacks so the debate will continue. will it basically put it under the deep freeze and stop the debate? no. i think it continues. >> so kenny, you were talking about our exceptionalism being better than other countries. here are some things we're going to learn from this report and some are very ugly, that we had black site prisons in other
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countries, more than 100 detainees went through the program, about a third were subjective to techniques we heard about from senator feinstein last hour, including water boarding and other types of deprivation. in your thinking, as we find these things out, they're not necessarily breaking news items. do you think it would even help the public? >> i think it will. i think the idea there's a secret, horrific list -- >> you don't think people probably figured that out already? >> they have so why can't we just put it to bed and move on? >> we have talked about it. >> i agree with you that there is a level of mrpolicitalizatio. when they're saying, why now, why not now? >> dianne feinstein wants to get this off her desk and i agree with you. the united states of america is awesome. we are awesome.
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but we've had this discussion. we've closed the book on it. the reason they want the discussion is not so show how awesome we are. it's to show us how we're not awesome. they apologized for something. they don't like this country. they want us to look bad and all this does is have our enemies laughing at us that we are having -- >> our enemies are beheading and raping people. >> i agree. >> so we had you mie -- we hee mul yated a few terrorists. who cares? >> it should be about the horrific abuse of children and women in the middle east and what north korea is doing to the citizens and what russia continues to -- how it continues to abuse its citizens to this day. i wish there was more reporting on that. i wish there was more media attention on that. >> i do agree you're not go to go inspire them to kill. they're already fired up, angry enough. however, this administration is doing this because they're the
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same administration that goes on these apology tours because they believe naively that if we can just shame ourselves and convince the world how horrible we are and puttous a moral equivalency with all these other countries, maybe they will stop beheading americans and put our heads on sticks. they're fools. >> jonathan gruber is also on the hill today. there's a lot going on with that. c.i.a. report on torture coming up but also have a bit of torture going on in terms of politically, politically, not to make light of that, with a man at the center of helping create the largest piece of legislation coming out of this administration. it's been a grouber grilling as they say from the right and from the left. watch. >> i'm seemingly frustrated with dr. gruber's statement that we're irresponsible, incredibly disrespectful and did not reflect reality and they were
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indeed insulting. >> you can see the sign on the right. obamacare architect, jonathan gruber who said the law got passed thanks to the stupidity of americans and now he's having to explain his remarks on capitol hill plus millions of dollars that he made. is there fallback on that? why some people think his testimony could be a key to dismantling the health care law. also are we about to see a big menu change for the first lady's controversial school lunch rules? how close we could be to kids not throwing away their food. >> i can't see it. >> what is that? >> catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime. i feel like a super hero. and go to that overtime tab and click on it. tweet us your questions, your comments. there's a live chat there. get on board. chime in while you tune in. stay close.
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house oversight chairman isa accusing gruber of being part of a pattern to intentionally mislead the public and cook the books to get obamacare passed. >> let me be very clear. i do not think that the affordable care act was passed in a non transparent fashion. issues i raised in my comments such as redistribution of risks or insurance market reform and the structure of the cadillac tax were roundly debated before the law was passed. reasonable people can disagree about the merits of these policies but it's completely clear that these issues were debated thoroughly during the drafting and passage. >> also worrisome for the white house are gruber's comments about how a possible flaw in the law could be itsz undoing and that ties to the central question in a case before the supreme court right now, at issue is whether residents in states that rely on the federal health exchanges can qualify for a subsidy. gruber himself said over the summer the law has a quote, typo
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but his past remarks on this video implied the wording was, in fact, intentional. >> i have a different question for him now after that. >> what was your question? >> originally what i wanted to ask him is, well, were you lying then or are you lying now, right? >> can't have it both ways. >> you can't. >> now i want to ask him, are we looking at somebody who will say anything for money? because what he said back then, he was being paid to say at all these events, including some universities. now that there's no money on the line, he's saying something different today. >> right. i think every democrat that pushed this bill is a gruber. all democrats are grubers. they all took taxpayer money in their salaries and they went out and deceived americans. the president himself deceived americans. if you like your health care plan, keep it. he said it wasn't a tax. he said it wasn't deficit neutral. gruber is just the fall guy in all of this. nancy pelosi didn't even read the bill.
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she had you had to pass it to read it. it's all a big show here. >> all democrats thought we were stupid and we wouldn't read the bill and a lot of them did take the money harris is talking about. they tried to buy companies off. >> what is frustrating is even today, gruber continues to mislead the american people. he must think we're still stupid so not see through what he's saying in testimony. you know, what the case is with the supreme court coming up, which could unravel, unravel entirely health reform is that the tax credits were meant only for state exchanges. not the federal government. he even said that. gruber said it. he said it and repeatedly that if you, states, don't set up your exchange, your citizens won't get the tax credits so, you know, he is basically saying today, i didn't mean to say that. he's dialling back on it. he's essentially saying in his testimony today, an alternative universe, what i was thinking about is maybe the federal government won't set up exchanges so you have to get
9:20 am
your tax credits. it's completely misleading what he was saying today. >> if you compare what he said with the mechanisms in place in the bill, they all match completely. he's not just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what's going to stick. he knew completely that, you know, you can get the individual mandate if you -- if states don't set up their own exchanges because that means people aren't going to get subsidized and he knew how the law was written there. it's not a typo. it's intentional. >> it is totally intentional. here is the thing and you made this point at the break. he charges money for that model he made up. let us audit your model. use your model. did the people use your model to score the bill? are insurance premiums going up? are costs going up because of your model? if you're so tran parent as you say, release your model >> why are premiums going up? no one can satisfactorily answer me that because if these
9:21 am
economic models were so sound, and if that is how he built his reputation as a researcher who crafted the thing -- >> the first place that bought it was massachusetts. we know there's history with this model. you know what i'm curious, about, too, the little nuggets of fact in the pregame to all of this today was the fact that the -- hhs representative who is sitting next to him and also taking questions today that they had requested they not be seated together. they wanted to be in separate panels and i had a big question about that. why would you -- i mean, is what he's saying not true? >> that comes from the white house. i don't think the white house wants those two people getting together and you know by his answers today, this guy gruber was coached by someone in the obama communication. those lines don't come out of his mouth. >> they had somebody, a damage control individual grill him. he's a threat. gruber unhinged -- if gruber
9:22 am
goes rogue, heats going to be -- >> he's gone rogue. >> i want to say quickly, emac makes the best points. the only question that matters, it doesn't matter if he thinks the american people are stupid. we knew that. what justice roberts needs to see is the footage of gruber at this hearing and republicans should play it saying that this bill was drafted intentionally, ask him in his name is jonathan gruber, remind him he's under oath and say did you do it that way? >> n front of the supreme court, they say it's a drafting error. if he admits it's intentional and they should ask that question 20 different ways, the supreme court will rule and unravel the entire bill. period and end of story. thank you. that's all i have to say. i'm fired up. kennedy dragged me to a physique class today so i have a lot of energy. hillary clinton may have a new problem. too much or not enough reasons why some voters may not want her
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." potential problem for hillary clinton if she decides to run for president. new survey finds she may be too liberal for most voters even though some on the left say she's not liberal enough. and voters in that survey rated hillary clinton with a score of 3.6 on a scale of one to nine with one being the most liberal and nine being the most conservative. hillary clinton ranked only
9:28 am
slightly less liberal than president obama but two points more liberal than where most voters put themselves. hillary clinton, this is like log rolling for her. many when al gore -- >> that's an address right there. >> remember when al gore tried to reinvent himself in 2000. >> wore earth tones. >> and a barn jacket. >> and alpha male. >> all of that. >> making out with tipper. >> i haven't eaten lunch. >> so how will hillary clinton move ahead with this one? >> i don't think she's a skilled enough politician to hide her radical roots from the american people. just recently what has she said? she said that businesses don't create jobs. she said that we need to emphasize with our enemies. she supports amnesty, sided with obamacare, sided against the cops in ferguson. she's a columnsy politician and now she'll have elizabeth warren in the primary so she'll have to
9:29 am
run even further to the left. it's going to look like lennon in the pant suit when she's done with the primary. >> did you hear the crew? studio crew, whoa. >> kennedy, here is the thing. will she always -- is she really -- is hillary clinton really at risk of losing the liberal base that comes out to vote or the reagan democrat middle class voters? i think the democrats -- >> i don't know that reagan democrats -- >> i think that every elected official is terrified. >> i think the generations have cycled through enough that people have lost touch with what that means. i don't see a lot of conservative democrats out there necessarily supporting hillary clinton. i know john mccain likes her stance on foreign policy and that's the one thing that off as being ut off by is that more hawkish which actually speaks to a schizophrenia. it's a political schizophrenia. i don't think she's authentic enough to actually be a liberal.
9:30 am
if she were comfortable in her own skin, the problem is she's going to try to be a centurist here, be super conservative over there and then ultra left. >> and crews like move who raised better part of a million dollars to put elizabeth warren in the running for all of this. she's not having that fits fren ra. she's very straight. >> but andrea, what is it going to be? what is hillary going to run on? legislative experience, not sure about that. the foreign policy is strong but is she strong enough to say, you know what? vote for me. i will get the job done. if bill clinton did not pass the middle class tax -- >> she's been all over the place. she's the mother hen of progressivism but taken so many different positions, we can't figure out what she did. john lennon in a pant suit, imagine that. >> breaking news happening on the senate floor. we want to take you arizona senator john mccain. the release of the senate intel
9:31 am
report on interrogation. let's watch and listen. >> i have long believed some of these practices amounted to torture as a reasonable person would define it, especially, but not only the practice of water boarding which is a mock execution and an exquisite form of torture. its use is unnecessary and as the committee report makes clear, it produced little useful intelligence to help us track down the perpetrators of 9/11 or prevent new attacks and atrocities. i know from personal experience that the abuse of prisoners will produce more bad than good intelligence. i know that victims of torture will offer intentionally misleading information if they
9:32 am
think their captors will believe it. i know they will say whatever they think their torturers want them to say if they believe it will stop their suffering. most of all, i know the use of torture compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies. our belief that all people, even captured enemies, possess basic human rights which are protected by international conventions, the united states not only joined but for the most part, author. i know, too, that bad things happen in war. i know in war, good people can feel obliged for good reasons to do things they would normally object to and recoil from. i understand the reasons that govern the decision to resort to these interrogation methods and i know that those who approve them and those who use them were
9:33 am
dedicated to securing justice for the victims of terrorist attacks and to protect americans from further harm. i know their responsibilities were grave and urgent and the strain of their duty was onus. i appreciate your dilemma but i dispute wholeheartedly it was right for them to use these methods which this report makes clear were neither in the best interest of justice nor our security nor the ideals we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure to defend. the knowledge of torture's dubious efficacy and my moral objection to the abuse of prisoners motivated my sponsorship of the detainee treatment act of 2005 which prohibits, quote, cruel, inhumor
9:34 am
degrading treatment of captured combatan combatants, whether they wear a nation's uniform or not and passed the senate by a vote of 90-9. definitely i successfully authored amendments to the commission's act of 2006 which among other things prevented the attempt to weaken common article three of the geneva conventions and broadened definitions in the war crimes act to make the future use of water boarding and other, quote, enhanced interrogation techniques punishable as war crimes. it was considerable misinformation disseminated then about what was and wasn't achieved using these methods in an effort to discourage support for the legislation. it was a good amount of misinformation used in 2011 to credit the use of these methods with the death of osama bin laden and there is, i fear, misinformation being used today to prevent the release of this report disputing its findings
9:35 am
and warning about the security consequences of their public disclosure. with the report's release -- will the report's release lead to outrage in some parts of the muslim world? yes. i suppose that's possible. perhaps likely. sadly, violence needs little incentive in some corridors of the world today but that doesn't mean we will be telling the world something it will be shocked to learn. the entire world already knows that we water boarded prisoners. it knows we subjected prisoners to various other types of degrading treatment. it knows we use black sites, secret prisons. those practices haven't been a secret for a decade. terrorist might use the report's reidentification of practices as an excuse to attack americans
9:36 am
but they hardly need an excuse for that. that has been their life's calling for a while now. what might come as a surprise, not just to our enemies but to many americans, is how little these practices did to aid our efforts to bring 9/11 culprits to justice and to find and prevent terrorist attacks today and tomorrow. that could be a real surprise since it contradicts the many assurances provided by intelligence officials on the record and in private and enhanced interrogation techniques were indispense i believe in the war against terrorism and i suspect the objection of those same officials to the release of this report is really focused on that disclosure. torture's ineffectiveness because we gave up much in the expectation that torture would make us safer. too much. obvious we will need
9:37 am
intelligence to defute or energies but torture leads to more misleading information than actionable intelligence. and what the advocates of harsh and cruel interrogation methods have never established is that we couldn't get more reliable intelligence from using hugh maybe methods. most importantly we got in the search for osama bin laden came from using conventional interrogation methods. i think it's an insult to the many intelligence officers who have acquired good intelligence without hurting or degrading prisoners to assert we can't win the war without such methods. we can and we will. but in the end, torture has failed to serve its intended purpose. isn't the main reason to oppose its use. i've often said and will always maintain that this question isn't about our enemies.
9:38 am
it's about us. it's about who we were, who we are and who we aspire to be. it's about how we represent ourselves to the worlds. we have made our way in this often dangerous and cruel world not by just strictly pursuing our geo political interests by ex emplifying our rules. when we fight to defend our security, we fight also for an idea. not for a tribe or a twisted interpretation of an ancient religion or for a king but for an idea that all men are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. how much safer the world would be if all nations believed the same. how much more dangerous it can become when we forget it ourselves even momentarily.
9:39 am
our enemies act without conscience. we must not. this executive summary of the committee's report makes clear that acting without conscience isn't necessary. it isn't even helpful in winning this strange and long war we're fighting. we should be grateful to have that truth affirmed. now let us reassert the contrary proposition that is essential to our success in this war that we ask those who fight it for us to remember at all times that they are defending a sacred ideal of how nations should be governed and conduct their relations with others, even our enemies. those of us who give them this duty are obliged by history, by our nation's highest ideals and the many terrible sacrifices
9:40 am
made to protect them, by our respect for human dignity to make clear we need not risk our national honor to prevail in this or any war. we need only remember in the worst of times that through the chaos and terror of war, when facing cruelty, suffering and loss that we are always americans. and different, stronger and better than those who would destroy us. madam president, i yield the floor. >> 480 or so pages of the senate intel report on torture and interrogation techniques used a decade ago garnering bipartisan response today and we have just heard from arizona senator john mccain, someone who, as he described, knows personally what it is like to be held and to be mistreated and tortured. he went on to say that as a
9:41 am
nation acting without conscience is not necessary. he gave his reasons for why he supports the release of this information, although he said much is not new but it's just a wakeup, a reminder of where we've been. he went on to say it's not about our enemies. it's about who we want the world to see us as, who we want them to see. so john mccain joining the list of senators responding. we heard from senator feinstein of california who had pushed for this to get out there. a lot of questions about whether or not what we learned after 9/11 through some techniques used really did help us in the war on terror and really did help us go after our enemies. some were saying no, some were saying yes. god people will debate that. we'll cover the news as it happens. we're going to move on now, though. a food fight is happening on capitol hill. a political one. the possible changes to the first lady's lunch rules that would give schools a break when it comes to preparing meals for
9:42 am
kids and they're not actually eating them. could this be the beginning of the end for the first lady's program? stay with us.
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.... . ... .... ....
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>> congress is preparing to scale back the first lady's school lunch manned aids. it requires more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and limit sodium and fat. making lunches healthier is expensive and some nutrition directors are lobbying for a break. the g.o.p. is pushing for a one-year waiver for schools to opt out. if they lost money on the meal program over a six-month per, they have that option. what do you think about this? a lot of kids as well are starving so they're spending all this money and the intentions are good. >> it is wasteful, sad, it's
9:47 am
food as punishment. you're giving children a generation of eating disorders and its prisoners were served the stuff they're given in schools, i've got two girls in public school and i'll tell you it's not very attractive. prisoners would sue for violation of their basic civil rights and they would win. they would not have to eat this -- my favorite trend is kids posting pictures of their school lunches. i mean, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and nothing feels more like healthy than being hungry so it is well intenged. i think the first lady wants kids to move and not be obese and get fit but isn't it the parents' job? i remember when i was in school, we had pizza day and no one really got that fat. >> we have glized -- glazed donuts for lunch. i think the first lady intengs are spot on. of course it's an issue but the fixes are so interesting here in
9:48 am
order to get children to eat their vegetables, the throwing away. watch this. have teachers sit with children in the school lunchroom. have the vegetables cut up in small pieces, right? it just goes endless, all and all, the fixes for it, too. >> harris, kennedy mentioned creating a generation of young girls with eating disorders. there have been a number of articles because we're too food focused with kids. >> i think it's telling kids if you say no enough, you don't have to do it. i see the flip side, rolling the programs out completely and maybe retraining some food prep operators to know how to sneak vegetables. we sneak all the time. >> avocados with brownie mix. >> tell the 5-year-old there's stuff in there they walk on in the yard every day. it's a training program. >> i don't think michelle obama
9:49 am
is lying down here. she's going to be angry. >> we didn't hear about that. that was one thing. unfortunately for the kids, it's really sending -- >> bring back delicious. >> maybe they should ask jessie. >> they can do both is my point. >> college professor making over the pledge of allegiance. that story is incredible. into something that many people call anti-american and making his students recite it for decades. listen to this. you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here.
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find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. >> in denver, one professor has students recite the pledge of allegiance but it's the one we were grown up with. others say it's his attempt to propagandize adults. i wrap myself in the flag of the united states against anything un-american and to the republicans for which it stands, two nations, under jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, communists, welfare queens, tree huggers, naess, children of illegal immigrants and you if you don't watch your step. okay.
9:54 am
that's a lot. do i have that right? >> sounds like he hasn't left the college campus since 1962. it also sounds like maybe a wauters world. maybe you should show up at his door. >> i'm coming for you. >> if he's doing this so kids challenge leadership, if i was the student, i would say i'm going to challenge leadership. i'm not going to do it. are you going to fail me? >> a lot of people in the classroom are saying this guy is an easy grader but some of the republicans say he's tougher on the republicans than he is some of the democrats. >> i had people like this in college. he thinks he's so clever with his uber leftism and i had to completely check myself before i wrecked myself. they brought out marks in a math class. >> and you didn't meet a couple of marks. >> he said he did it as an ice breaker. i'm wondering how boring is this man's class that he feels like
9:55 am
he needs to do this to get people excited to do that? >> you have to get their attention. >> you're so wrong. >> our tuition backed, you know, state tax backed tuition network, right? i have to understand. he said curtail the liberties of tree huggers, how are tree huggers' liberties curtailed? >> they always try to bring them down. i have no idea. >> is abortion not legal? >> i don't know what he's talking about. >> what time warp is he living in? >> that's right. what can people do here? this guy is a totally animal, totally out of control. his salary is getting paid for by the taxpayers of colorado. do you predict anything happening here? >> no. >> are they going to protest? he's tenured. >> there's a lot of professors like him at our colleges. just don't send your kids to these colleges or don't sign up for his class if you go to that school. >> give him a bad rating on the professor website. >> e-mac, it's great to have you first time on the couch.
9:56 am
>> thank you for letting me join you go. >> you're awesome. >> and nice to have you in our world. >> thank you. thank you. >> stormy watters. >> that's my stage name. >> i agree with andrea. you should visit this professor. >> he knows i'm coming now. i'm sure he's a big outnumbered fan. >> you're going to stay right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. fox and click the overtime tab. we hope that you'll join us for that. we have a live chat. we would love to talk with you about whatever is on your mind. it's the tv version of us at noon eastern tomorrow but for right now, right after the commercial break, happening now. u fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks!
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try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. a fox news alert and a scatting news alert. >> the critical report from the democratics on the intelligence committee is out now. embassy and facilities are on high alert. >> obama care johnathon gruber on the hot seat in capitol hill apologizing for the comments. >> my excusable arrogance is not a flaw in the


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