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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i may do that coming up but not today. linda thought i might sing christmas care rolls. nope. curtis got it, i ditched the dresses and decided to go with a skirt. thanks for writing. have a fantastic day and thanks for being part of the show. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> iran's president accusing foreigners of treachery because of low oil prices. he said they're trying to hurt his country's economy. the global showdown over oil how it affects every one of us and it could soon help you when it's time to book a flight. also today, she's the youngest ever winner of the nobel prize, 17 years old, the taliban targeted her for promoting education for girls, but even getting shot in the head did not stop malala. her message to the world. and a woman drove her minivan into the ocean with her three children inside. but now prosecutors say they are dropping attempted murder chargesp. the reason? let's get to it.
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now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. first from the deck the state department's point man in america's new war says we're making progress against the islamic state but told a house committee this is a multi-year plan. lawmakers from both parties took shots at the administration for not doing enough to defeat the militants but the official defendeds the white house pointing to more than 1200 air strikes in the past few months in iraq and in syria. he says those strikes have stopped the militants' offensive but he also says the fight is still in its earliest phases. meantime another deadly day in iraq. officials there say more than a dozen people died in a series of attacks around baghdad. so far nobody's claimed responsibility, but the locals say islamic state fighters have been constantly attacking parts of that area. fox's top story and jennifer griffin is on it live at the pentagon. what are we hearing about syria today? >> free syrian army commanders quoted in reports from turkey
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say the u.s. has stopped paying pro-western rebels for arms delivery in the wake of the weapons falling into the hands of the al nusra front. there was a heated exchange about that point on the hill today. >> you can't tell me politically whether we have armed, armed and trained, anybody yet and sent them back to syria to fight isis? you can't give that answer? >> i can answer that question. i think i did. the answer is no. >> none some. >> it was designed to be a long-term program and we hope -- >> i understand. >> no, you wait a minute. i'm asking the questions. you give the answer. >> u.s. central command continues to rely on air strikes like this one from november 29th that the pentagon says struck a, quote, electronic warfare garrison in syria. the u.s. military says the building was used by isis to put out propaganda. >> i don't get that exchange. they told us from the beginning it would take a year to get anybody trained and back to
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fight. what's the surprise? >> well, i think the surprise is that there were reports that the cia had already started providing weapons over a year ago to the rebels and now for them to be cutting off those weapons, that is new. i think that -- but i think that congressman po was simply sort of highlighting how slow this process of dealing with syria is going to be. the state department itself says that this is an iraq first policy. >> what about the arming of the kurds, jenn? >> well, the state department's ambassador bret mckirk who we heard from testified the pentagon is arming the kurds, claims met with skets sism today on capitol hill. >> you mentioned 25 being given to the peshmerga, 250 to the iraqi government. that is one per 26 miles along a 650-mile border that the kurds
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have with isis. i i would like to point out 25 mrats is a joke. honestly. >> separately, shep, we have learned that the body of american hostage luke somers arrived at dover air force base today at 12:15 eastern. somers was killed in the rescue attempt that went awry this weekend in yemen. he was met by his family. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thanks. bring in nicolas burns, former state department undersecretary and professor of practice and diplomacy at international politics at harvard. nice to see you again. >> thanks, shep. >> they all sound really high on given our weapons to people again. maybe they haven't read recent history what happens to our weapons when we give them to people. is this the right course of action in your judgment? >> well, i think there's no question that when isis took over both northern syria and western iraq this past summer, we had to go out and help the iraqis and the peshmerga meet that threat and i do think that president obama has done a good
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job of marshalling air power against isis. the question, shep, is the administration's rhetoric is they want to defeat isis. the policy is actually to contain it right now. we don't have enough fire power to defeat isis on the ground in iraq, we don't have conventional ground forces in iraq. the other problem i see is that i'm not sure it's going to be possible to be successful in iraq if we don't have a vigorous assertive policy in syria because it's the combined battles. isis occupies both countries, parts of both countries. i think you do have to have a syria policy and an assertive one at that to go along with the iraq policy. >> you mentioned in your talking points that we face a similar set of almost impossible circumstances in the bosnian war back under president clinton. expla explain? >> well, in syria there are 22 million people in syria, and over 11 million, over half, are now homeless. they're refugees outside the country or homeless inside the country. that's a catastrophic
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humanitarian crisis and i think that crisis is going to unfortunately mushroom. we'll see many, many more refugees and if that's the case, i think the humanitarian imperative, the moral imperative, for the u.s. may be to create a no flight zone or humanitarian enclaves within syria on the iraqi and jordanen borders might be the way to go to save those people. we did face this similar crisis way back in the clinton administration 20 years ago and we waited a long time before we were able to stop that war and broker a peace and i don't think we should make that mistake now. what i'm saying is, i don't want to see us repeat what we did in iraq in 2003. we can't occupy the entire country. we can't put 150,000 soldiers in. but we have to marshal our air power and our humanitarian access to help save those people in syria as well as contain isis. that means you need to have an agregressive policy in both country, not just one. >> half the population homeless.
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11 million people out of sorts. it's hard to imagine how you can really fix anything, given the governmental structure that is, if you want to call it that, in place there? >> the syrian state is -- syria itself, the nation state, is rapidly eroding, almost disappearing. the country has been divided by the government, that horrific government, and all these terrorist groups. some of them are not much better. the fighting has overtaken the country, brutalizing the people of that country and there is a humanitarian impulse at the heart of american foreign policy. we can't save every situation but if the numbers grow to well more than half the people in the country, then certainly the u.s., the arab world, the europeans will need to think hard about getting humanitarian relief into the country in a way that we've not been able to before. that might require military escort for some of those humanitarian deliveries. >> professor nicolas burns from harvard, nice to talk to you again. thank you. >> thank you, shep.
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palestinian cabinet member died after he and other protesters fought with israeli troops in the west bank. this marks the latest deadly violence between the palestinians and israelis. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas called it a barbaric act and the israeli military reports its proposed a joint investigation with the palestinians. security -- i should say video shows security forces firing tear gas and witnesses say one israeli security officer held that cabinet member by the neck. the official later sat on the ground and leaned on a rock with his chest -- with hand on his chest. israeli officials say medical examiners will conduct an autopsy to determine how he died. ahead, the senate's torture report. from cia torture. senate -- senator mark udall calling for the head of the agency to step down but the white house is defending the cia director. two sides of this story coming up from the fox news deck. we're all keeping an eye on the dow which is in the tank today.
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>> hands up don't shoot. >> that's berkeley last night. witnesses say hundreds of demonstrators marched through the streets. they say some protesters smashed store windows and briefly blocked traffic on a highway. highway patrol officers fired tear gas and bean bags into the crowd while demonstrators chanted "hands up don't shoot" as you heard. they threatened a -- to cancel a city council meeting until berly's mayor canceled it altogether. many of those arrested last night are till still in custody facing bales up to $50,000. the white house defending the head of the cia after a senate democrat unloaded on capitol hill calling for the agency's chief to step down after senate democrats released a report on the cia's interrogation tactics and torture after 9/11. it gives me no pleasure to say this but for director brennan that means resigning, that's a quote. mark udall said some people who, quote, engaged in torture are
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still working in the cia. called for president obama to purge his administration of them. as we reported yesterday the report found that tactics were more brutal than cia officials admitted. waterboarding sleep deprivation in a case where a detainee died of hypothermia after interrogates chained him partially naked to a concrete floor. that's part of the list, haven't seen. john brennan admits the agency, quote, made mistakes but claims the harsh interrogations saved lives. ed henry at the white house. what else is the white house saying, ed? >> shep, what's interesting is that josh earnest repeatedly said under tough questioning about joj brennan and why the president has picked somebody who oversees the policies the president now decries in terms of these harsh interrogation practices, brennan served in the bush administration at the cia before he served in the obama administration, josh earnest said he's a patriot trying to
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protect the country even though that's similar to what vice president dick cheney said, they are patriots and shouldn't be beaten up upon. i pressed josh earnest on the fact that the president has been talking about getting back the moral high ground and how does that square with the president's drone policies. listen. >> we've seen many cases around the world where u.s. drones have killed innocent civilians despite those safeguards how do you have moral authority. >> >> that is a stark difference than the tactics employed by our enemies who seek to use c car bombs to target innocent civilians. >> josh earnest went on to say that john brennan has the full confidence of this president and he's staying on despite now even democrats saying he should step down, shep? >> another former bush administration official pushing back. tell us about that. >> alberto gonzales saying today he's upset this report is coming out now because, obviously, as we've heard from the last couple
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days it could lead to a backlash against american interests around the world, but also, alberto gonzales saying look, everyone from president bush on down were fully briefed on this program, despite what the senate report says, and he believes it was a mistake for senator feinstein to not interview directly some of these cia officials. listen. >> they testified under oath that they were, in fact -- that they were very effective in saving lives and so because of the way the report was created, and because the conclusion differs so starkly from the sworn testimony of these individuals, i've got some serious concerns about the validity of the report. >> reporter: interesting as well because the president's own justice department you will remember has previously said they were not going to press criminal charges against any intelligence officials who had used these tough tactics. we spoke to the justice department today, in light of this report are you going to reopen any criminal investigation. they say they have no plans to do that. they've thoroughly looked at
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this new report and do not believe there will be criminal charges. >> ed, thank you. one of the most famous police buildings on the planet has a new owner. the city of london has sold new scotland yard to an investment company in the united arab emirates for $58 million. officials plan to convert that building to luxury apartments. new scotland yard has been the headquarters of london's metropolitan police since 1967. got the name from a street great scotland yard which housed police headquarters. officials say it's part of a structure to cut costs. they will move the headquarters to the similar building but keep the sign. a man lost at sea for nearly two weeks, running out of food and his boat starting to sink into the ocean. the rescue had been called off nine days earlier. and now they've plucked him from the water. plus, the mother who drove into the ocean with her kids in the minivan, a camera captured it
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all in the bright of day. why prosecutors now say they are dropping the attempted murder charges against her. that's coming up. here's some news you may find surprising.
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we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition.
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we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. an incredible story, never give up. a man has been missing at sea since thanksgiving is finally on his way back home. that's according to the u.s. coast guard. crews say they found him 65 miles south of honolulu today, nearly two weeks after he first called for help. in that original mayday call he said his sail boat was flooding. at the time he was just west of kailua-kona. the coast guard had trouble finding him and nine days ago called off the search. yesterday out of nowhere, some boater sent out another mayday call and a navy destroyer nearby
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found him. rescuers say he was very weak, very hungry and dehydrated but very much alive. the mother who drove a minivan into the ocean with her three children inside will no longer face attempted murder charges because she's agreed to plead not guilty by reason of insanity according to prosecutors. there's the minivan the day it happened. we reported on this back -- from florida back in march. investigators say the woman locked all the windows and the doors, told her kids to go to sleep, and then drove into the ocean off daytona beach. her 10-year-old daughter told police her mother took them all to the beach, quote, so we could die, unquote. rescue crews and bystanders were able to get everybody out of there safely. the 33-year-old woman was pregnant with her fourth child at the time and later gave birth to a baby boy in jail. her attorney says a court-appointed doctor found that the woman had suffered from a psychotic episode when she drove her minivan into the
12:22 pm
water. she faces three counts of aggravated child abuse. criminal attorney dan conway joins us now live. i get it, some people have psychotic episodes but wouldn't you leave this to the discretion of a jury? why not let a jury hear all of the evidence and let a jury decide? >> well, you know, this is definitely with respect to that question, shep, this is a victory for the defense. basically this case was tried in the judge's chambers and in the prosecutor's office, which is often times the tactic used for results, good or bad, for the prosecution and defense. at the same time i agree with you a jury should decide this. this is the kind of issue that makes people upset many times in the public because they feel like, look, you have this expert that has said this, you have facts on both sides, really crazy thing she did during the day, but at the same time, was she -- was there some sort of premeditation here that would lead to an attempted murder
12:23 pm
charge. you've got both sides of an argument. why are prosecutors doing what they're doing, and if this woman harms her children or another person in the future, then it's going to really reflect badly on the prosecutor, not on the defense. >> speaking of premeditation, the daughter said she brought us here to die. that's not something the daughter made up. a 10-year-old doesn't make things like that up when mom drives you into the ocean. i'm wondering if this woman had, by chance, survived and the three children had died, would the results have been the same or would the prosecutor have had to do something different? >> i think if any of the children had been hurt, i think you're absolutelily right on that, if any of the children had been hurt, if all of these amazingly heroic bystanders, surfers and so forth on the beach did not come to rescue those children immediately, i think we would be looking at a different case. >> that's why this doesn't make sense to me as a layman and nonlawyer, because she definitely tried to kill her children and herself, she did not succeed means she is now out
12:24 pm
of jail and has been out of jail for many months and she will not face anything. now if she has a mental illness, then maybe other remedies need to be sought. but your point about what happened if she hurt somebody else is a salient one. i wonder how everybody will react under that circumstance? >> you really got to wonder, and this is -- legally this hangs on a very slim sentence, a small sentence, under florida statute law concernings the insanity defense, where one, if a person knows what they're doing, but does not know that it's wrong, then you can be declared mentally insane under that situation. the defense has to prove that element, did not know what they were doing was wrong, by evidence. it's called an affirmative defense. that's what both sides the prosecution and defense have hung their hat on. if this woman does something downs the road differently it's going to be egg on the
12:25 pm
prosecutor's face and a tragedy. hopefully that doesn't happen. >> hope it's not a strategy, but that's all we have right now. nice to see you. thank you. a man says somebody squirted lighter fluid down his daughter's throat and then set her on fire. emergency responders say they found her walking down a road in flames. but before she died, she may have given them a very important clue about the killer. this has happened in rural panola county, mississippi, and it is an astounding story. imagine your daughter seen walking down the street, burning from head to toe, burned over 98% of her body. everything but the bottom of her feet. she burned to death while walking down the road and they say somebody squirted lighter fluid down her throat to make it happen. this was saturday night and they still don't have whoever did it. we'll get to that from the mid-south in just a moment. plus, the teenager who survived a taliban attack and inspired this whole world. she received the nobel peace
12:26 pm
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more of the headlines. detroit will officially emerge from bankruptcy midnight tonight according to the michigan governor. the emergency manager says his two-year budget erases $7 billion in debt. "time" magazine's person of the year is a group of people this year. the ebola fighters. including dr. kent brantley the first american who flew to the u.s. for treatment in the current outbreak. health officials say more than 6,000 people have died of eeb will this year in west africa but time's editor the rest of the world can sleep at night because of brave doctors and nurses on the front line. one guy cruises through the streets in shanghai in a tiny car, the size of a tricycle. he says he built it himself. top speed 12 miles per hour.
12:29 pm
his car is not street legal so the cops may be after him. news from the future. try skl guy is behind bars. >> people all across america are tired of tossing and turning all night.
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a teenage girl who burned to death in northern mississippi told firefighters the name of her killer before she took her final breath. that's what the girl's father is saying. >> please come forward, man. you know if it was one of your family members or something, you know, you don't even treat a dog like this. >> the facts of this case are horrifying. the father says first responders first showed up on this rural road in panola county, mississippi, and his 19-year-old daughter was walking down the road covered in fire. toe burni she walked. he says the only parts of her body that were not burned were the bottoms of her feet. everything else on fire. the father says his daughter's killer apparently took a container of lighter fluid and squirted it down her throat and nose and then set her on fire.
12:32 pm
cops say the girl's car was nearby, also in flames. this happened on saturday night in the town of courtland, mississippi. i'm from like here, and i had never heard of courtland, rural panola county, a tiny spec of a town, where investigators say surveillance video shows the girl at a locals gas station before somebody so brutally murdered her. trace gallagher is live with more. this story is almost impossible to understand. there's -- i don't -- is there any indication she was anywhere she shouldn't have been or that anybody had contact with her? what happened? >> well, one of the big focuses is on that surveillance video you mentioned because it shows jessica chambers getting gas at a convenience store and there are two different angles and we have the one where she actually walks from the convenience store back to her car, but in a different angle that we don't have, you can see the 19-year-old walked toward the convenience store and then suddenly she stops. it appears that she walks towards someone who is off
12:33 pm
camera. now, it's very unclear if the person she was walking toward has any role in this case at all, but police also found jessica chambers' cell phone. now they're using all of her calls and texts to build a timeline of exactly what she did in the hours before she died. we are told the investigation is getting more structured. her father is certainly hoping for a break. listen? >> it's still hard. waiting to hear something. i know they have good leads, the sheriff's department, but it's hard to -- hard to even talk about it. >> yeah. this is a family that knows tragedy. jessica's older brother was killed in a car crash two years ago. >> man. have we learned anything more about her personal life that might help them in this investigation? >> well, her family says that she did not have a boyfriend at the time that she died, but not too long ago she was apparently involved in an abusive relationship. we're told that man no longer
12:34 pm
lives in mississippi, but the sheriff says the killer was inside her car at the time of the attack. now remember, this happened in a rural area as you say, so the question is, how did the attacker get to the location, one, and more importantly, how did someone get inside her car? so far the closest thing police have to a witness is the person who saw the car on fire and called 911. the sheriff still will not confirm if jessica chambers was actually able to give firefighters the name of her killer. shep. >> we believe from sources that she absolutely did. trace, we'll follow this to the end, no doubt. trace gallagher, thank you. the 17-year-old pakistani that the taliban shot in the head for insisting she get an education has received the nobel peace prize. >> i tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. >> reporter: she told her story today in oslo city hall in front of a captivated crowd of celebrities and norwegian
12:35 pm
royals. >> we could not just stand by and see those injustices, denying our rights, ruthlessly killing people, and misusing the name of islam. we decided to raise our voice. >> reporter: doing so, of course, made malala usaf zi a target, but also turned her into a symbol capturing the attention of president obama and the united nations. >> i'm just as committed and even stubborn person who wants to see every child getting quality education. >> reporter: the nobel committee awarded a prize to an indian man who rescued thousands of kids from child labor. the attention is clearly focused on yousafzai. the first pakistani and youngest person ever to receive the award. >> i'm pretty certain that i'm also the first recipient of the
12:36 pm
nobel peace prize who still fights with her younger brother. >> she jokes they're working toward peace. there was a moment of drama when the committee handed her the medal as her parents looked on, a demonstrator ran on stage and unfurled a mexican flag. see here. security quickly took him away. malala, what an incredible story. all the kids and grandkids and nieces and nephews and everything else who complain day to day about going to school like i did back in the day, think of the plight of so many millions of people like malala. she is an amazing example for all of us. over on wall street, another day of triple digit losses for the dow. it's taken a bath today on wall street, not just the weather, which is also terrible. dow is off 214. down about 265, as low as i thought we were off, a percentage and a half, about like that on the s&p and on the
12:37 pm
nasdaq. this has a lot to do with oil prices. oil hit a five-year low today, down to about $60 off from a high back in june of 107. so that means oil stocks have plummeted. most of them are down 3 or 4% today. 3 last time i looked. in addition to that, that the economy is doing so well, is leading many investors to believes the fed will probably raise interest rates some time next year and they don't like that. the dow is down, probably a buying opportunity. gerri willis from the fox business network. so much of this is interesting because what's good for the market is bad for us, what's bad for the market is good for us. >> it's all upside down. >> cheaper gas prices is a good thing. >> that is right, right. here's what some of the experts are saying. maybe it's the end of opec because of what's gone on in the marketplace. >> don't have a lot of power do they? >> they're trying to control prices. they can't. you saw the iranian president say it's treachery, the prices are so low. crazy talk.
12:38 pm
that whole region destabilized and this makes it worse. >> it's going to be rough for iran, rough for president putin over in russia. >> that's their economy. >> that's all they got. >> opec seems to have lost a lot of that power. a lot i think they've lost to north dakota. >> that's right. my friend it is fracking. the fracking industry that has really made oil prices fall like a stone and it could go lower. that's the big point here. you know, as you look forward to your budget next year, this is good news. unde mybly you will be paying less for the basics. oil is an input into almost everything even plastics. >> should make flying cheaper but hasn't done that. yesterday i got a detailed e-mail from delta how they will have five classes of service, all kinds of craziness, but haven't seen prices come down and the airlines are set for record earnings. >> $25 billion. >> billion. >> next year. >> thank you very much. now the likelihood that's going to follow through to you not very high because we've already seen their prices fall $8
12:39 pm
billion because of declining oil prices just this year since june. so we didn't really see it. did you see it in your holiday travel? i didn't see it in mine. >> no. i haven't seen anything back from these airlines. we're down to one airline now. that's about all we have left is one of them. one gas station. >> lots of consolidation. not competition for your dollar out there. you need more competition. >> good for them. bad for me. >> somebody always wins. >> these class changes at delta are interesting. planning to fly delta next year, the airline announced changes. it will offer customers five different buying classes for seating starting in match. chris has the details. the five tiers, i guess one of them is ride on the wing. i mean, because i don't know what you're going to get. what are do they call it the crap seat? >> well, shep, starting with tier five, basic economy. >> like a step down than what's current economy. tickets are going to be -- >> i didn't know that was possible. >> tickets are going to be the cheapest for the more budget
12:40 pm
conscious passenger. but you're not going to be able to choose your seat. >> when you get there and go to ticketing they'll say you're sitting here. >> exactly. you will not have a choice. no changes to reservations or refunds and also the last to board the aircraft. tier four is the main cabin. you will be able -- >> that's like economy right now. >> exactly. >> you will be able to choose your seat at the time of purchase, have flexibility for flight changes and longer trips have meal service and a sleep kit. >> and you can buy delta food in economy like now. >> exactly. >> tier three delta comfort. >> comfort plus delta. comfort plus. not just comfort but comfort plus. >> you will get these cushy seats and they come with four more inches of leg room, dedicated overhead space as well as sleep kit like the other -- >> on the long haul. >> tier two is your first class. >> this is like first class is now. >> exactly. >> you will get access to power ports on most aircraft. >> yeah. which mostly doing in delta in and stuff.
12:41 pm
here's the new one. delta one. >> the big kahuna, you're going to get full flatbed seats, westin bedding. >> hotel beds. >> hotel beds. >> chef currated menus and wine pairings, amenity kit, noise reduction headphones and access to delta sky clubs. >> delta is catching up to the airlines around the world -- >> yeah. after this american airlines announced they're investing $2 billion to upgrade their fleet. >> they've all made enough money off us. >> yeah. >> $25 billion you better give us something, delta. give us something. anything. like how about get there on time for one. that's too much to ask. thank you, chris. >> sure. >> learning a lot more in the case of a home opener accused of setting a trap to kill a teenager. the suspect claims it was self-defense but a neighbor has testified that the girlfriend told a whole other story. this is brand new today and i'll have it for you coming up. could protect you from cancer?
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12:45 pm
16 minutes before the hour. we're hearing from neighbors today of the man who shot and killed an exchange student inside his garage. this is a fascinating case about stand your ground. they say the homeowner's girlfriend specifically told them that the couple planned to, quote, bait intruders to catch them in the garage. it's anothers case involving stand your ground laws not florida but montana. prosecutors say the couple set a trap for the exchange student deliberately leaving a purse in the garage and keeping the garage door partially open. the neighbors yesterday testified that couple planned to use baby monitors to record any intruders. the boyfriend says he shot the german teen in self-defense and did not know whether the 17-year-old was armed. so montana stand your ground law allows people to use deadly force only if they believe it would save a life or prevent
12:46 pm
serious bodily harm. defense attorneys say the student was part of a teenage burglary ring. tonya miller is a criminal defense attorney, former prosecutors. there's a way you deal with teen burglary rings. you catch them and put them on trial, you do not set a trap and murder them which is what the prosecution says happened, but he says it was self-defense. how do you see it? >> i actually think the prosecution has it right in this case. i was a prosecutor for ten years before i was a defense attorney and look, when you're assessing whether or not a person has appropriately used self-defense, and particularly deadly force, you have to look at all the facts and circumstances. here, this neighbor's testimony that this guy was -- >> bait. >> planning this, that they were baiting, they wanted this kid, they were going to get the next kid that stepped into that garage, they even left the door open. >> that will show them. >> that's going to be a big problem. >> that word -- >> exactly. >> that word bait, that is almost by definition, isn't it?
12:47 pm
>> absolutely. that's exactly what it sounds like. it sounds like we want you to come in, we're fed up, the police aren't doing their job, we're taking matters into our own hands and the next kid that comes into this garage is going to get it. it seems like that's exactly what they planned and that's exactly what happened. >> the defense insists that this man feared for his life. can they make that claim? will he have to testify? >> i think he's probably going to have to testify and here's why. that neighbor has given some pretty damaging testimony about statements made by him and his girlfriend prior to this incident happening. if he doesn't rebut that in some way, if he doesn't take the stand and say listen, not only did i not say that, not only was it not my intent to bait someone to come into my house, i was afraid for my life, i thought that my family or myself were in danger of being killed and that's why i used this deadly force, i took that shotgun and fired it four times into this garage because i feared for my
12:48 pm
life, without that testimony, i think he's going to be in trouble. >> but, you know, part of his problem is, that when he fired that shotgun, one of those four times, bullets went into the house and inside the house was a little baby kid. so you wonder where this guy -- i don't know, where his head was? >> yeah. i mean, it's clear and there's been some sort of reports about his history, perhaps some history of drug use. i think there was some drugs found in his home. i think they tested him. he was not under the influence at the time, but there may be some question of his stability. i mean the fact that someone would view kids breaking in garage hopping as the kids called it, breaking into his garage, as something worthy of using deadly force, shows i think some mental instability. >> tonya miller live from atlanta, welcome to the program. nice to see you, thank you. >> thanks, shepherd. >> a look at how the fends are spending our hard earned tax dollars. it's christmas tree season. you know what that means? in washington they're all going
12:49 pm
to get the last stuff in and they all campaigned on no, no more dirty tricks, no more special -- the new budget has money for the war in afghanistan and the fight against the islamic state but also some major news on campaign finance reform. and wait until you hear how much some rich people will now be able to donate. who's in charge? the money is in charge. mon-o-n-e- m-o-n-e-y. you're driving along,
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. congressional leaders unveiled a massive $1 trillion spending bill last night. it would keep most of the federal government funded through september so no shutdown as had been feared. here are some points about the bill. one of which will make you kind of mad. on america's war there's an additional $64 billion in overseas contingent spending. it would finance the fighting against the islamic state in
12:53 pm
iraq and syria. as for afghanistan, congress is withholding spes figure funding for the afghan government until certain conditions are met. we don't know what those are. but they include implementing the security agreement it reached with the united states. on immigration the bill includes at least $1.2 billion for agencies to deal with the unaccompanied immigrant children who have crossed the u.s.-mexico border. lawmakers are giving 5.4 billion to the fight -- the threat against ebola overseas. and then there's campaign finance. that's in there. the bill has dramatically expanded the amount of money that wealthy donors could give to national parties. depending on how election officials interpret it, it could be in the neighborhood of 300 some thousand dollars for wealthy donors. the reason this happened the parties themselves have been trying to fight off these superpacs which in some cases are trying to take over things. so now wealthy will be able to control more of our voting system which is awesome really for everybody. right now it's a maximum of
12:54 pm
about $97,000, can go up to as high as 370,000. critics say this drastically undercuts 2002's mccain-feingold overhaul which it does. i guess we shouldn't be all that surprised in a citizens united world. >> reporter: shep, those in favor of the bill say this is all part of compromise between the house and senate and republicans and democrats. the campaign finance provision you reference will allow a wealthy donor to give an additional 96200 to their party for putting on political convention. critics call that allowing wealthy donors to give ten times the yearly maximum amount. that will help national parties. it will also help for example the democratic senate campaign committee which ended the 2014 election cycle more than $20 million in debt. house democratic leader nancy pelosi told us a few minutes ago
12:55 pm
she hopes this all gets stripped out. >> our members are very concerned about it. that they had nothing to do with the bill. we would hope they would consider taking them out. >> a key republican defended this effort, saying that they've taken away money from the federal government to fund national conventions, so the funding has to come from somewhere. and they came up with this idea. >> that's hooey and we all know it. the republicans put it through but the democrats let it happen and could have stopped it. so it's bipartisan and it's awful. any concerns about lawmakers passing this bill? >> reporter: we're hearing a lot of unhappiness on both sides. republicans would like to fight more on the immigration executive action. some democrats are concerned about this measure, the campaign funding aspect. house speaker john boehner sounds like he's pretty confident they'll get it done. >> tomorrow we'll pass a responsible bill that keeps the government running. without a threat of a government shutdown, this sets up a direct
12:56 pm
challenge to the president's unilateral actions on immigration when we have new ma overities in both chambers of congress. >> so at this hour we have law miks in the house trying to strip out provisions they don't like. it's not clear if they'll be successful. then it goes to the floor of the house tomorrow and leaders will be counting the votes. >> mike, thanks. how much debate and discussion they had on the floor there about this change in campaign financing? not one single solitary word. they just did it. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad.
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1:00 pm
though kidnappers tried to get the best of old blue eyes 51 years ago. today. the news breaks out. we'll break in. the dow? it's ugly. see you later. you've heard about the millions march planned for this weekend. did you hear anything about the sheriff's march that happened today? not over police under attack. try a border under siege. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. they're ticked off with the president delaying deportation for upwards of 5 million illegals and say it is high time to put legal americans first. sheriff sam page and chuck jenkins helping to lead that effort in washington today. gentlemen, thank you both of you for coming. sheriff page, if i could begin with you, what is the reaction you've gotten so far? >> well, i think we've got a lot


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