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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 11, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> take a look. they've got a vinyl record. remember that? >> they're going to join us on the after the show show. we'll see you all tomorrow. >> have a great day. >> what do you want to say? >> martha and bill start right now. bill: good morning. fox news alert. a rare moment for the first time since its release. the cia director responds publicly on the senate report on interrogation and he will take questions. welcome to a thursday edition of "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. the bush administration officials including former vice president dick cheney refusing to apologize. bill: director brennan will face reporters on techniques he supports and supported during
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the bush administration. martha: the cia director is set to defend something the president strongly criticized. how is this going to play out? >> reporter: that's a good question. it's highly unusual. he's having a press conference and that is rare indeed. the release of the senate committee report on enhances interrogation has led to people calling for war crimes convictions. brennan said it saved american lives. the administration condemned and ended the practice of enhanced interrogation in 2009 but has retained two of its directors. >> reporter: you don't see a
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conflict ... >> the president has complete confidence in the professio in e professionalism of these individuals and that they are following the law and doing everything necessary to protect the mayor cash people. the president is bleeds their service. >> reporter: he's expected to say right after 9/11 when people were clamoring for revenge after the 9/11 attacks. the cia looked the competency when it came to al qaeda detainees. bill: back to the interview with dick cheney, the former vice president maker nothing apologies for tactics taken by him and the bush administration. he says the cia program was
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successful and the people and its agency should be praised for it. >> we asked the agency to put in place that were designerred to catch the balances tards who killed 3,000 people on 9/11. that's exactly what they did, and they deserve credit, not the condemnation they received from the senate democrats. bill: we'll also talk with the cheney's daughter. martha: the obama administration is accused of hypocrisy for condemning the cia interrogation tactics while supporting droning. >> reporter: there are cases around the world where u.s. drones have killed civilians. >> that's stark difference
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between the tactics used by our enemies who seek to use car bombs to target civilians. bill: james mitchell wsht psychologist kretd credit ited with designs the tactics said this. >> it seems commit innocencible that slapping ksm is bad. but snldsing a hell-fire missile into a family's picnic and killing children and killing everyone is okay for a lot of reasons. one of the reasons is what about that collateral loss of life. and if you kill them you can't question them. bill: we bring in jonah. where do you come down on the issue of drones versus interrogation. >> morally this always
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no-brainer. i don't know anybody to wouldn't preferred to be waterboarded versus being killed along with your entire family. josh earnest is doing an interesting pivot. when it's the interrogation techniques the standard is american values. when it comes to droning all of a sudden the and dwairsd our enemy does. why isn't the standard what our enemy does when it comes to the interrogation techniques. john turner isn't able to provide them. he wants to say look how terrible the terrorists are, they blow up innocent civilians. but when it comes to interrogation he says it's against our core values. bill: 30,000 dead americans on 9/11. michael hayden said remember the context. there is a lot of heat on this
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in washington. where is your sense of where the public is? >> i think the public isn't nearly as conflict as people in washington are. there are a lot of people saying we shouldn't be torturing these guys as punishment. but this was never done as punishment. this was done to illicit information. it was never getting anyone to sign false confessions like they tried to do with john mccain. it was about trying to further thwart terrorist attacks. from the polls and the national debate. the average american cannot muster outrage about slapping around or being mean to gaze who we believe have pertinent information about another 9/11. the democrats are getting way out on a limb because if there is another domestic attack they are going to say, look, the democrats as a matter of high
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moral principle want to hamstring the united states of america in fighting the war on terror and that's a dangerous place to be politically. bill: jonah, thank you. jonah goldberg in washington. on that last the question you can weigh in from home or office or on your mobile device. are you enraged with this or okay with this. check out our facebook page for america's newsroom. martha: there is a massive storm system causing major problems along the west coast. they are calling this storm pineapple express. here is what the pineapple express looks like. rising waters turning roads into rivers. people's homes literally getting washed away. >> it's sad. so many people had a lot of hopes and dreams down here. >> it was just heart wrenching
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to see the house with a garden and deck and we had dinner on the deck the night before and the house just went. it's devastating. martha: look at these pictures. you can see how devastated they are. the flood watches and warnings are in effect across the western half of the state. people are filling up sandbags and stocking up on supplies. forecasters are calling for 8 inches of rain. over on the east coast, a nor'easter nearly a foot snow in northern work. this storm bringing traffic to a halt in syracuse and it started a couple fires up there. >> there was a power surge. we had a downed line and when it came back on we had structure fires due to power surges within homes. >> we are going to have more on
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this with maria molina. it's like a bad weather sandwich. bill: it's down right ugly here in new york. but we don't have it half as bad at northern california and upstate new york. 9 minutes past the hour. the house has a deadline of midnight tonight to fund the government or run out of money. the house will vote later today, expected to. but some conservatives are not happy. martha: we go there and state department emails reveal new details about benghazi as a select house committee prepares for a second hearing. what we know now about the hours leading in the up to the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate. bill: the former vice president dick cheney speaking to bret
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baier. more from his comments and the insightful interview next. >> part of what bugs me as i watch this process you be fold is the men and women at the cia did exactly what we wanted to have them do in terms of take on this program. we said we have to use enhanced techniques and we are going to find out. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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martha: the labor department reported initial claims for jobs falling to 24,000. 2 -- 24,000. but the percentage of people in the labor force is historically low. bill: the democratic report on cia interrogations. former vice president dick cheney calling that report many things, including deeply flawed. >> he is in our possession. we know he's the architect. are we supposed to kiss him on both cheeks and say please, please, tell us what you know. we did what we had to do to get those guilty of 9/11 and.
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>> reporter: the report says it was not successful. >> the report is full of crap. bill: did your father know this report would read the way it does. >> he didn't see the report before it came out. but for' years it's been clear none of the people involved in the program were being called to testify or interview for this report. the republicans on the committee have been very concerned for the years of this investigation -- so-called investigation was going on that it was an attempt to trash the agency and the bush administration. so i don't think it was a spry when you had that kind of a very unprofessional partisan i would say shameful process that you ended up with a product that matched that process. bill: we heard president bush talk about this once on camera.
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i'm assuming your father will not stop his own defense. >> no. he feels very strongly we did the right thing and the men and women at the cia conducted this program in a way that was lawful. the techniques were approved by the justice department, they were not torture. they gained intelligence that saved lives and prevented attacks. here in wash it's a town where you often have politicians who conveniently support things when public opinion is full of adulation for it and they head for the hills when things get tough. you won't see that happen with my dad on this issue or any issue. you won't see him join the chorus of nor feinstein and nancy pelosi throwing them under the bus. bill: the cia director will talk about this and take questions.
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what do you think about john brennan and the polite that's rather -- and the public that's rather public. >> they are trying to rewrite history and we need to make sure that doesn't happen. this report that chairman feinstein stood on the floor of the senate and unveiled is doing lasting damage. it's doing damage to cia officers and officials who will need to do things the future and wonder if they will be prosecuted they do. it's doing damage to our relationships overseas and helping our enemies. director brennan is clearly concerned about that. we have to make sure we dooring possible, and the officials at the agency are able to focus on the war on terror when we have
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enemies trying to fight us. nor feinstein's legacy will be forever marred given her name is on this report and she released it. bill: if you saw john brennan's statement. it was long and lengthy, and he argued much like mike hayden did yesterday that they are still gaining information from the interrogation that took place 10 years ago. the other point hayden talked about, you alluded to it how the agency has kept us safe and that, too, does not satisfy washington. listen and react. >> now that we made everyone feel more comfortable. they stopped complaining we are not doing enough to keep them safe, now since we made them people safe again, they start complaining we did too much. bill: do you see that as the direction for this debate? >> i think general hayden is absolutely right. you have a situation where as i
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said there are people that just blow with the political winds. we have to have people with the courage of their convictions, people with steel in the spine, people who will lead us and do the right thing even if it may cause them to be criticized publicly. you have got the white house right now. if the president wanted to do the right thing he wouldn't be embracing this report. he would be stand up defending the feeks folks at the agency. he would not be calling this torture. every day that he doesn't stand and say those things is a day he's adding to the damage at the cia and the intelligence agencies. bill: if you hear that interview it seemed like he wanted to have it both ways. >> it seemed that way. he's got his own cia director who is more in agreement with dick cheney than barack obama.
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yet the obama administration wants to say we pea ban donned our values after 9/11. he went to cairo in that famous speech and said just that and he's saying it now day after day. it's disgraceful to perpetrate such lies about the people who kept us safe and it's damaging going forward. it affects how we can defend the country in the future from those same enemies who wants to attack and destroy us. bill: there is new fallout over that controversial rolling stone article about an alleged rape at the university of virginia. several friends of the accuser are now speaking out saying they doubted her story from the very beginning. bill: a countdown to the shutdown. congress trying get a spending bill through. what's in that bill. tax breaks for racehorses.
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to discuss with your doctor. fit2me also inspires you through games and team challenges. so what kind of plan will i stick with? my plan! get your plan. go to and enter the on-screen code word to get started. martha: we may have a cliff hanger on our hands. midnight tonight is the deadline for congress to pass a continuing resolution on the budget which would avoid shutting down the government. the house unveiled it yesterday. they are getting ready to vote on it. both sides have big problems with it. it's a 1.1 trillio trillion speg bill. some republicans think it's the wrong thing to do. south carolina congressman nick
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mulmurks lvani. i'm told by our producer on the hill that most beautifuls have 30-40 republicans who are not on board. the thinking is there are 50-60 republicans not on board with this bill. is that what you are seeing? the numbers are larger than what we have seen in the past. a lot of folks are concerned about what's in the bill. a lot of folks are warrived about what's in the bill we don't know about. there is a lot of discontent about the bill. martha: there is a lot of attention on the sternldsed tax breaks. horse owners, nascar owners. film production, $424 million in
6:26 am
tax breaks. we always are in this situation where you are rushing down to the last minute and this gets carried over from bill to bill to bill and nobody picks it apart and says this is stupid. why would this be in here. >> there is another part to that. on the extended bill is the subsidy for wind energy which a lot of conservatives objected to and wanted to take out of the bill and we wouldn't given the opportunity to do that. all we are given is the chance to vote up or down on a bill. we are often put in a difficult situation of not being able to make bills better with amendments and that frustrates everybody. >> a fallback position is the short-term funding bill, get us something that gets us beyond january 5. there is a lot of good, new
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senators coming in in early january. we have been asking the question without a reasonable answer. why are we dealing with harry reid when we could be dealing with mitch mcconnell and tom cotton in a matter of weeks? a shutdown is not at reality. what we are trying to doyles move the date when we are dealing with democrats in the senate. martha: there are democrats unhappy with the campaign finance language in this bill. police a chance they may not go along with it? >> i think it exposes the weaknesses of trying to cut deals with democrats. when the leadership of the house comes to the conservatives to try to pick up votes we are usually pretty reliable. we learned with the farm bill when our leadership go to the democrats, the democrats are not nearly as reliable. on the political finance things
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which you mentioned that allows folks to give up to 3/4 of a million dollars to mitt cal a party is causing problems with the republican wings as well. martha: we'll be watching closely. good to see you. bill: we thought there would be no drama after that. deep concern revealed in a just released fox news poll of what americans think of the threat posed by isis and how vulnerable we are at home and whether we are still that war. martha: those hacked emails from sony revealing some embarrassing commentary on big stars like angelina jolie when executives said the a-list actress was just a spoiled brat. that's pretty messy. we'll show you that when we come back.
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bill: a powerful storm system slamming the west coast. the same storm has brought devastating flooding to washington state, and northern california bracing for 8 inches of rain in 24 hours' time. they just got some rain a week ago. maria how does it look today? >> good to see you. the store system is forecast to be one of the worst the west coast has seen in several years and it is producing heavy areas of rain across northern california and oregon. we feed the rain, especially across california. we are looking at most of the state under some form of drought with a big cheung under some of the worst categories. but we need that not whether it comes in the form of rainfall or
6:33 am
snowfall. but the concern is we'll get too much rain in a short amount of time. eight inches in coastal areas. flood watches are in effect. mudslide. landslide are a concern. this store system also is packing a punch with wind. a widespread area from oregon down to california, nevada looking at the possibility of seeing strong wind gusts. some of them could exceed 80 miles per hour. blizzard warning posted for some of the higher elevations of the sierras. 2-3 feet snow in combining with strong wind and you will be looking at whiteout conditions. so dangerous for anybody doing driving today and tomorrow. bill: good to be in tahoe if you can get there and stay there. but a challenge everywhere else. martha: just a few hours from
6:34 am
now the cia director john brennan will publicly address claims made in the controversial interrogation technique report. an overwhelming number of of americans believe another terror attack could happen on up s. soil soon. look at this number. 81% believe it's likely that isis will launch an attack on u.s. soil. 1% think that that's -- 16% think that's unlikely. that's a huge number. doug schoen and monica crowley, both are fox news contributors. doug, what do you think about that number? >> that's pretty decisive. 8 in 10. isis said they want to attack the united states. we have seen examples of terrorist groups both self-generated and overseas groups attacking america. i think it points out candidly
6:35 am
how out of touch the obama administration is with american opinion. martha: these two other polls show exactly what doug is saying. if an isis terrorist were captured on the battlefield, where should they go? 59 per se guantanamo bay. what should happen to terrorists imprisoned there, 56% say keep it opened. i think this is a direct result of what people have witnessed isis is capable of and they are the current-day incarnation of al qaeda as we now on 9/11. >> i think it beheading of mayor and citizens sea broad refreshed america's memory of what their intentions and capabilities are. this poll reflects common sense.
6:36 am
we have eyes and we can see the growing threat of isis and the president's strategy of dealing with isis isn't exactly working. the american people have a good sense of history. most of us lived through 9/11. we saw what they were capable of. keeping this prison sat guantanamo bay open is common sense. these are high-value targets. if they were somehow matriculated into the federal prison system or released to saudi arabia or yemen. the recidivism rate is one-third of the terrorists go back to the fight. martha: i'm struck when you look at the discussion of interrogation techniques. michael hayden said this yesterday in his discussion with bill. god bid. this is the reaction. 81% when things are happening
6:37 am
overseas to americans. do you think we would still be talking about what happened 10 years ago? >> i remember as monica suggested the time after 9/11. what he all pulled together, we all understood we had a common enemy and i don't think there was much discussion and nor should there have been about how we were going to fight the war, it was whether we were going to succeed. there are some legitimate questions about the coverup of government information, how the report was difficult accept night. where and when. awful that. i think those are fair questions. but as to the use of a technique that almost certainly got us information and saved lives, i have no doubt. martha: when you look at what's going none the streets carried out by isis, rapes, crucifixions of innocent people. then i hear about what was done
6:38 am
to people who were suspected terrorists. the people in the streets are suspected of having a different faith. >> the american government at any points in time has the responsibility to protect and defend the constitution, and two, to protect and defend the american people. we have had enormous success since 9/11. we tend to forget the pervasive fears that happened after 9/11. i understand this is in the range of moral context and there are a series of issues to talk about. but when you are talking about an enemy that operates according to no rules and beheads american citizens as matter of course, you do whatever it takes within the legal parameters, but you do it to keep americans safe. >> i wish we declared war on isis over it wasn't just counter-terrorism but the president stood up and said every bit of resources that i
6:39 am
can bring to bear will go to destroy these furthers wherever we finds them. martha: it's almost an acknowledgment that -- are we still in this war today? do you believe that? do you believe that and does the president of the united states believe that? >> i certainly believe it and it's plain and obvious. monica said it best. use your own eyes and ears. it becomes clear. bill: 21 minutes before the hour. experts save it can destroy targets with pin points accuracy and it costs less than a cup of coffee. the new navy weapon that could revolutionize warfare. martha: hillar hillary clinton'e department is under fire. new information about the lack of security at our u.s. embalancesies including the one in been gas ghazi and the procedures that may have left to the death of u.s. am balances
6:40 am
doer chris fear stevens. >> when you deviate from the standards there face waiver process. was the waiver process followed? >> i don't believe so, no.
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martha: fire fourth of the future is being unstrield defend our shaif navy ships overseas. the laser beam was able to destroy a speed boat and drone flawlessly. it was tested in the persian gulf back in september. bill: the price is right, too. 68 cents a shot. you think about the revolutionary age we are living in. we'll introduce you to a story the company spacex is doing. they can blast a rocket off and
6:44 am
let it land on a platform in the ocean and reuse the thing. if you can do that then you save 100 times the price. more on that in america's newsroom. new details on the benghazi attack of 2012. state department emails revealing disarray at the u.s. consulate in the days and hours before the attacks which left four americans dead including our ambassador. the security agency protecting our embassies did not have a valid license. >> a number of them allowed them to work without vetting. >> i don't understand how two years after four americans were killed in benghazi ...
6:45 am
>> reporter: the benghazi whistle blower. the author of "13 hours." >> sorry i couldn't get a visual today. bill: a bit after difficulty on the satellite signal. what did you make of the revelation about hours before the attack when there were big concerns about security and a lack thereof. >> i don't know if it's a revelation. we were telling them in tripoli six months prior to the attack. i think it's just now become because it was televised during this election people are starting to take in the of it. bill: bring americans into the scene there. what was the state of security that day knowing it was september 11. >> it was business as usual. on the state department compound it was very poor.
6:46 am
blue mountain group didn't carry weapons and the mortar brigade, the quick reaction force for the state department compound, there was four of them and we didn't know if they could be trusted. the compound was indefensible with the number of people they had on it. there could be 2 security officers to 4. as far as the cia annex, we were reading and standing by for whatever, that's why we responded the way we did. bill: blue montana is out of the u.k., right? >> they were subed by libyan eclipse. they were libyan. they were libyan nationals. bill come to the question of why, chris? >> the worst outsourcing of the state state department ever. i don't know. was it on purpose? was it due to contracts needing to be with certain people or due to incompetence?
6:47 am
i don't know. but it was a big mistake and it showed that night what happened because of that mistake. bill: back to the conversation of 9/11. was there a forward posture to say we need to be careful, especially on this day? >> no, not -- the on place that was going on was with the global response guys. that's why we had our weapons and our radios and things next to our bed ready to go. but other than that, no, not that i saw. bill: you are half a world away. what did you try to do about it. >> we were friend with the state department and security officers. and we did tell them if they needed us we would come to their aid. we did medical training that we brought hem over to do situations a week prior. but all we could do is just advise.
6:48 am
being contractors. our view aren't looked at highly because of the contract. we did what we could. we told people what needed to be done and we said if you need us we'll help you. that's all we could do. bill: come back to this hearing. why is it possible two years after benghazi that guard are not fully vetted in our institutions overseas. >> i don't have an answer to that question. there need to be more oversight done. but the damage is already done. if oversight isn't done this is going to happen again. you can't trust the local government to protect your facilities for you. we are seeing that quite a bit. >> especially during that time of history. in libya. was anyone vetted in benghazi? >> not that i know of. that's the reason we did not have 17 february martyr brigade
6:49 am
protect our compound because we could not trust them. >> thank you for your type. my apology, we can't see you out of home, nebraska. but we'll get you back again. appreciate it. martha: a luxury suv crashes through the roof. look at that. what happened there? bill: neighbors are here, let them in. she is one the biggest stars in the world but not everyone is a fan apparently. hacked emails to show how some hollywood executive truly feel about angelina jolie and other big stars. introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000
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with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco.
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bill: a southern california couple asleep in their home when
6:53 am
this bmw suv went airborne crashing into the roof of their garage in san diego. >> my wife thought it was an quake. she was really freaked out. i didn't even notice. i think i probably had just fallen asleep again at the moment it happened. i didn't hear the big noise that she did. martha: typical husband. bill: police say the driver took off running and now they are trying to find him. martha: more fallout after that massive hack attack. gawker publishing emails bashing angelina jolie in no uncertain terms. what does this mean for the business, for the relationship they have, for the studio?
6:54 am
>> it's not good. tom cruise, dicaprio, it is a back-biting world of big he goes and up mature overpaid stars and that's the opinion of people who work there. it contains salacious tidbits about celebrities. but it has trade secrets and social security numbers. but hollywood is about relationships. and now damaged after emails like this one. i'm not destroy mike career over a minimally talented spoiled brat, producer says about andly no that jolie.
6:55 am
in one pascal and ru -- in joke about what movies president obama may like, all of them star african-americans. martha: an example why people shouldn't put their true feelings into emails. martha: the news about the assassination plot against the north korean leader. what up with that. >> reporter: it's about the assassination of the leader of north korea. they called it an act of war and asked the fed to block the release. the fbi believes north korea may be behind the cyber attack. sony was warned of repercussions if it made this movie. perhaps in retro expect they probably wish they hadn't. seth rogen made $2 hi more than
6:56 am
costar james franco. bill: that's what they really want to know in hollywood. i heard the movie is great, "unbroken." martha: i think they were referring to another project they wanted to do. that movie is supposed to be pretty good. but there are rumors they had to redo it and reedit it after she did it. bill: waiting to hear from the director of the cia. john brennan pushing back against a senate report calling the cia interrogation techniques brutal and ineffective. martha: the house set to vote on a budget deal but with republican and democratic support falling away, how is this going to go? do they have enough votes to pass it? we'll be back.
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>> the head of the cia is now pushing back against the controversial report on terrorist interrogations. they have already defended the program in which they worked on in both administrations bid today he will hold a press conference and answer questions on it, which could be quite interesting given there is a bit of divide on some of these issues between the boss who works for now and the boss in the last administration. so we welcome you now to "america's newsroom." bill: projecting these claims interrogations failed to provide useful intelligence. blasting the study defending the agency telling bret baier the attacks were entirely unjustified. >> is a terrible piece of work.
7:01 am
keep people involved in the program, i think that is kind of a classic example you see too often a group of politicians get together and throw the professionals under the bus. bill: catherin kathryn has more. good morning. what do we expect from john brennan? >> good morning. this is the first time we will hear from john brennan. rare if not unprecedented to hold a news conference in virginia and take reporter questions. the director is in an unusual position defending the agency and interrogation program he says he was against during his 2013 confirmation hearing told lawmakers he raise objections to put former senior director says they don't remembe member those reservations. and the question of interrogation videotapes
7:02 am
released by the agency, if there was nothing wrong, why were these few tapes destroyed in the first place because it was a bad event, the destruction of the videotapes that really brought us to where we are today. bill: what is the fallout? >> some lawmakers weigh in on this issue in a more nuanced way. speaking of a member of the house foreign affairs committee said interrogation is simply not a one size it's all approach. >> i don't think enhanced interrogation we need to rely on a lot at all. we have very effective interrogation techniques other ways we do it, there may be a case we need it quickly to protect the homeland in an attack. >> the website says the said report has ignited a call for retaliation against the united states. some terrorist groups calling
7:03 am
the beheading of hostages. more humane anticipating this response on tuesday report was released, senator feinstein simply said they did not need an excuse to launch attacks against us. >> thank you from washington. martha: good morning, good to have you with us. as we just heard kathryn say, very unusual for a director to make a statement and open up questions from the cia headquarters. why are they doing this, do you think? >> i don't think there has been a press conference. there are reporters that go to get background information, but i don't remember a press conference with cia director at the cia headquarters. two, they are under fire from
7:04 am
the left. the outgoing senator from colorado called for the nation or firing for the administration in part because the cia did spy on the senate in this investigation according to those senators. that they said crossed the line and frankly may have been part of the reason why dianne feinstein was so adamant about getting this report released. >> is a great point, perhaps the underbelly of this story or the beginning of it i wanted to lash out against the cia. i guess that remains to be seen in the end. it is also interesting to me he claims he objected to this program at some point but today he's going to go out there and defend it? >> he has walked the line on this program, it is interesting
7:05 am
that he is a part of this administration, the part of the bush administration and he is going to defend the program despite all of these details in this report. i think it is going to take a sound much like you heard from vice president dick cheney. to defend it, but i think he is going to stand up for the people at the cia for those who feel that have been thrown under the bus in this report. >> what needed to be done was done. i would do it again in a minute. the question is, what are you prepared to do for future attacks in the united states? >> the may have wanted to talk t this and the program very much on the record and what they see
7:06 am
as an ongoing war, right? >> it is unapologetic, unrelenting. talking about the specifics. cheney led the charge to enable and provide legal cover of the cia to do this because they felt they had to get information quickly to prevent the next attack. this report suggests obviously they didn't believe this came from and the good information came from these tactics, these methods. he says the report is full of. martha: thank you, we will see you tonight. bill: president obama getting low grades on the management of the threat and foreign policy. fox news holding polls.
7:07 am
voters disapprove the job he is doing. likewise on foreign-policy, 37% approve, 37% disapprove. martha: tensions are boiling over in a new round of classes, here is some video of what is going on in the streets at the israeli forces following the funeral of a palestinian cabinet industry. israelis responded with tear gas, witnesses say officials died yesterday during a protest but the exact circumstances of the death are in dispute. another point of contention between the two sides that's tht tensions are heating up. bill: the house effect is to vote they spending bill to keep the government from locking the doors tonight. this all far from a done deal. mike emanuel might have a very long weekend. where do things stand, mike?
7:08 am
>> good morning. a well-placed sources believe in the end they will have the ability to pass this extension. negotiated by republicans and democrats in the house and the senate and so they all have skin in the game. all eyes on the floor. now on immigration, key house republican made the case for doing that in early 2015 republicans also lead the senate. >> i do believe there are processes we can go to that will make us successful and processes we can go through that we will fail and much more in favor of success then failing. when i see a way to move forward successfully, i want to use that process.
7:09 am
>> expecting g.o.p. defections in the house, the question is how many, bill. bill: what he wants to watch of side? >> the white house supports this deal is with something doesn't like for some 60 days extension. i say take a look at the democratic whip. his job to get votes in the house from democrats for a package on floor. this deal negotiated by democratic senator from maryland. we talked to another top maryland democrat explained why he is opposed to the deal. >> understand an attempt at political fortune when they see one. i'm actually confident they would think it is outrageous that people will say they're going to shut down the state's government unless we find a way to help these big banks and put
7:10 am
taxpayers on the hook if they make mistakes. >> always talk my government shutdown. it would look for short-term government extension bill. bill: something to watch. 10 minutes past the hour. martha: the state department visited hanover documents, stonewalling to protect the former secretary of state. marthabill: and why a college president is forced to apologize to say all lives matter. martha: and what is worse, torturing people or killing them with drones. the debate has played out in the press briefing room over harsh interrogation techniques. >> . lane how the president believes it is un-american to use these techniques, but it was okay to
7:11 am
ramp up the drone policy and basically thousands of people around the world, innocent civilians killed which mark what is the moral equivalency there? >
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
bill: a devastating fire at a historic landmark in chicago. wilwell-known chicago firehouse restaurant former fire station built in 190533 restaurant in the late 1990s. it started with repairs being
7:15 am
made and quickly spread. the roof collapsed, the owner vows to rebuild. martha: ed henry asking white house press secretary josh earnest to explain the difference between the bush era interrogation techniques and the obama administration drone strikes program. >> . lane how the president believes it is un-american to use these techniques, but it was okay to ramp up the drone policies and basically thousands of innocent civilians killed, what is the moral equivalency there? >> there is an event caretaking, instead of get checks and balances in the system to ensure any counterterrorism action taken does not that risk innocent lives. >> in the end lives in many cases around the world where u.s. drones have killed innocent civilians despite those safeguards, so how do you have
7:16 am
moral authority? >> the stark difference from the enemies who use car bombs to target civilians. >> moral authority. >> is a very clear difference between the texas like terrorism and those employed by notices of america quick great lengths to protect the lives of innocent civilians. martha: there is that.
7:17 am
drone that has collateral damage sometimes, it does happen, just explain to us why do you think you're so much more honorable than the people who did the hard work of interrogations? >> there's a secondary argument to all of that which it destroys our ability to gather intelligence from those blown away and takes a lot of credit for decimating al qaeda, but thehave decimated a lot of intelligence as well, correct? >> , intelligence is your best weapon. for example, there has been a question of whether or not. again in the bush and administration led to the carrier who led to the usama bin laden raid. the way to describe this is the cia has gathered a takeback. gave them the gps coordinates
7:18 am
for where the needle was and they can't get fat by blowing people to smithereens. the agency has a right to feel betrayed by the democrats. imagine if republicans, anonymous public and staffers spend millions, ridiculed by people actually involved in the program and creating a crisis of moral competence at the cia, the lack of confidence a as the agey is to make sure you have the full backing of the government you will not be hauled into court later on. very shameful the way the media has played this, but the cia is going to defend it today by their leader. i really believe they may say yes, of course mistakes are
7:19 am
made, but on balance the cia people who work here are noble people who don't want to go on tv. they gave up their entire careers to taking care of us we can do whatever we want to do p at bill: you make a great point. they're doing the work of us wants to be in the position to do. they report on this earth to carry out the mission they are doing. it raises so many questions. i keep wondering what with this administration do if they were to apprehend them. bin laden it was obviously wanted to kill him on site. lot of reasons, we can talk for hours of why that might be. what might they do now if they got him in custody and a way to question him? >> they have a card out, the
7:20 am
president said it will not do this. reserve the right to do something defensive powers i have. but the other thing is the player administration was granted all the human intel. people are upset with gitmo. we are dealing with different type of war. after 9/11 the cia was called to the hill by republicans and democrats and said they were told do whatever it takes to make sure this never happens again. years later after the cia has been successful, now they turn around and say we did not say to do that. there's going to be long-term damage to the democrats to come protecting the american people. the cia will get up everyday and make make sure they're doing the work and needs to be done to make sure that doesn't happen.
7:21 am
bill: the feds are raking in record amounts of dough, he said. wait until you hear why he is still in the red bid >> plus a heart stopping video of a ski run that you will never forget.
7:22 am
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ martha: this incredible video of a ski stunt that will make your stomach drop. skiing nearly straight down prey 5-foot wide crevice.
7:25 am
part of a new film that chronicles the lives of modern-day superstars. look at that. his fellow with the safest to get on this run. it is the scariest thing he has ever done. i don't know how he made it out. bill: you don't eat lunch on a run like that. the federal government rakes in more dough than ever but still in the red by a mile. text and clayton $404 billion in the first two months of the fiscal year despite all the all-time high in tax receipts the government still spending more money than it takes in. why is that? stuart varney, hello, sir. i showed the $440 billion figure, this is the amount of deficit over that same time.
7:26 am
>> october, november, a mere two months the government pulls in the record amount of tax revenue. $404 billion. problem is they spent $582 billion in those same two months did that is how you get overspending to the tune of 178, and her $79 billion. you have to borrow all that money, already at $18 trillion climbing. this is reality of big tax and even bigger spending. bill: is more built into the system? is the economy doing a little better, what is it? >> estimated taxes come rolling in, and the level of tax coming in from individual taxation, federal income taxes at an all-time high. $196 billion came in from
7:27 am
individual income taxes. only 12 billion came in from corporate taxes to individuals paid 196 billion, corporation cn paid only 12 billion in two months. you can bet your life president obama will go after the corporations, you pay more tax because you want tax revenue to go up up to he will concentre on corporate taxes. bill: treasur treasury spent $50 for every home in the first two months in the current fiscal year. that just as on top of the 18 clean. >> by the time president obama leaves office, january 2017, our total debt will be over $20 trillion, by that time we will be spending approximately $10 billion every week on interested lot of them i will go to china, japan, uk, europe, overseas.
7:28 am
bill: people are now dismissing this but it will come back in a fury. bill: see you there, stuart varney. >> reporters on a roll at the state department for specific documents. to this discussion of the video begin with hillary clinton? bill: what must go up comes down. it really matters as of today. why the next phase of the spot thespacex row graham could realy matter. stuart varney.
7:29 am
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bill: 10 clement 31 in new york. accused of stonewalling for documents of hillary clinton putting documents related to benghazi. several outstanding from of information act requests of clinton's tenure even one that was submitted for years ago. editor of "the daily caller," good morning. make your case. >> well, i think the case the justice, rather the associated press filed a number of requests asking for information of the tenure at secretary of state. these are not requests for her personal diaries, these are things like who flew on the plane. what was her schedule, what did she spend her time doing. in some cases the state department ignore these requests for up to four years.
7:33 am
to put this in context, the cia reluctant to release it to the public is able to complete a request seven times faster than the state department when asked for hillary clinton document. no question this is stonewalling. three times faster, there is no other conclusion a reasonable person can reach other than the political reasons reluctant to release information. bill: can they hold out forever, or is it just a question of time? >> a violation of the law and freedom of information act giving access to information about what its employees in government were doing. again, it was not designed extract personal information for personal tax returns. not subject to foia requests but information the public pays for. who was on the plane.
7:34 am
yoit's not construe a situation where we don't have the right to that information. so yes, this information was surfaced, information always does, but will it surface in time for voters to form late and opinion of secretary clinton as she considers a run for president, will they have time to process information before that begins? bill: it makes it suspicious the associated press of all places, you wonder what is the holdup and what were you hiding. >> for good reason. there are many things about the story despite report they came out that we still don't understand. among them, where is this basic talking point about the internet video, where did it come from. we now know hillary clinton was a first person to use it in public. that should come up with it by herself, some reason for saying
7:35 am
what was demonstrably untrue? we have a right to know. bill: she made that remark on september 13. and she makes a statement about the videos, 13, right? national skewed advisor came out with a statement following that, so now is the question as to where the story started? >> the earliest we know surfaced in public is from the lips of hillary clinton. there is much about the tragedy that is disputed to this day. what is not disputed is that explanation was untrue. no one disputes that, that was a falsehood and frequent his first one to utter those words in public. it seems to me the public has a right to know. what is the justification for keeping that from us i would like to know. bill: on it goes from
7:36 am
washington. martha: the people fighting the deadly ebola epidemic with over 6000 confirmed deaths. what is the status now of hagel? live in the new york city newsroom. obviously this is still a disease ridde gripping parts of western africa. >> number of cases in the early on to increase. number of patients in liberia down significantly. this is thanks to the court mae a work of local and international aid workers, that's its military health organizations. >> we see kids suffering from ebola. they want to be touched, they want to be hugged. reporter: she recently returned from sierra leone.
7:37 am
>> because there is the risk a child could knock off your goggles o were tears for your protective equipment, you're unable to care for them. reporter: one of thousands of workers. one of the biggest challenges is that ebola is a moving target. >> they are in form. >> doctors without borders admitted false the patient and shipped 1200-ton of equipment to ship overseas but it is the coordination of services that is crucial. >> it is essential to be able to provide the education, awareness, safety. reporter: virus hunter on the front lines for months get he says while turning the corner on the epidemic is still many months away, there have been significant changes in awareness. >> we went from half the population leaving us with some
7:38 am
kind of a hoax now everybody more or less acknowledging this disease is real and learning how it is transmitted. >> he says the biggest outbreak in human history has taught us the virus is not more contagious than we originally thought but more of a stomach bug. martha: mark, thank you very much. bill: so, the award season has begun, and here they are. >> best motion picture drama. fox catcher, the imitation game, and the theory of everything. >> best motion picture comedy or musical. bird man. the grand budapest hotel. into the woods, pride.
7:39 am
bill: that led the pack with seven nominations for nominee for best drama are. voting for downtown aby. >> homeland's have a great season this year, but it is the last season the people were not as crazy about i guess. a lot of catching up to do at the movies over christmas vacation. all right, so she sent a message of solidarity and now the college president is apologizing for her expression of hope and healing. all because some students were
7:40 am
angry about she said all lives matter. that is coming up. bill: a great-grandmother standing her ground against would be brazen criminals. >> this only thing i have gotten i don't have the money to buy another one, so they were not going to take it from me.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> a grandmother challenge is not one to be messed with. she refused to give in to the carjackers. despite being pistol whipped when she did not hand over the keys to her van. she did not back down even as she stared down the barrel of the gun. >> he is telling me give me the keys to the van. i said you are not getting the van. i slapped it to the side.
7:44 am
bill: a group ran off after: the cries for help. martha: a college president apologizing everything a campuswide e-mail expressing solidarity with protesters in ferguson and misery goo. they wrote all lives matter. but that angered many students responded saying no, the praise we're using is black lives matter. a syndicated radio host. a former political advisor to democratic senator and a fox news contributor. just a very at home understands this, the phrase used by
7:45 am
protesters as solidarity among them is black lives matter, which they do. the president said all lives matter, and they didn't like that, i didn't sit well with them. the college president came out and apologize, i'm so sorry if my words were misconstrued, what is this all about? >> if you read the actual test of her e-mail she could not have been more empathetic with people protesting the death. this woman was 100% on the same page of the people criticizing her now. in the context of her e-mail she said all lives matter, which of course they do. this is something you can only do when you are 18 or 19, time underhand to protest something so not worth protesting. they owe her an apology.
7:46 am
>> they bullied her into submission. and a couple of her comments here, they would not take this lying down. it felt she was invalidating the experience of black lives. it minimizes the anti-blackness of this current situation. god helps anybody who does not told the line in this discussion on this college campus it appears. >> i am glad we agree on this because i think if anything, the only thing cap and did wrong was apologize for her comments. there was nothing to apologize for. in fact i think those have been taken a protest all over america, they owe society an apology first justin we should single out a group and say black lives matter. it is a bigoted thing to say. what i find kind of ironic about
7:47 am
this is the president of college is being punished. there was a time in america where if a person of color said the wrong things by white person, they would be punished, sometimes abused for saying the wrong words and the wrong circumstances. now we have the flip of that where this woman, a white woman president of a college, being punished for saying the wrong words that do not show the proper respect for a certain racial group, it is ridiculous. martha: after the vigil she held in repentance just to prove she was really on board with these students, one of the student said she acknowledged her mistake, and i would posit that maybe she missed an opportunity, she could have said students, all lives matter. the lives of policemen, the lies of law-enforcement batter in this country, their families who
7:48 am
watch them go to work every day wondering whether or not this will be the day they get attacked were shot on the job, all lives matter it is time you understood that also be at missed opportunity? >> no, the missed opportunity was the underlying thesis was that she was agreeing with the protesters about the fact eric garner, mike brown and other people of color she feels and i agree with her do have a rougher time dealing with law enforcement than white people. that is just a statistical fact. the problem is these people gang up on her because she did not get the internet because she is not on printer 24/7 and has a real job that requires communicating in more than 140 characters. maybe she thought sticking up for the cause they were protesting meant essentially that all lives do matter and maybe that was some sort of a flip at tha did signify what she
7:49 am
meant, i don't know. >> i think what happened here is reaching that constantly all institutions in america should be inclusive. this woman makes a statement that is inherently inclusive, all lives matter. just now forced to apologize for it, which i don't think she should have done because she was too inclusive and she should have used the same bigoted statement. >> fish make sure there is an open dialogue and all sides of this debate are being heard in this country because it is very important that that happened and it appears that is not what is happening at all. thank you very much, both of you for being here. good to have you here. bill: jon scott is coming up shortly. >> report story remains on full boil. we are awaiting comments on what it might be doing to national
7:50 am
security as well as the political implications. we will also have the comments live, plus a massive storm continues to hit california. can stocks rebound after a terrible week thus far? the new science on the dangers of too much sugar in your diet and the spending bill keeping the lights on in washington, is it in trouble? bill: see you then. a space rock about to land, what is so special about that? you are about to find out. a remote that lives on your phone.
7:51 am
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more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. bill: so there is a rock getting ready to land i a place as never landed before. at the international space station bringing supplies, that may be the easy part.
7:54 am
instead of splashing down at sea, the rocket will attempt something entirely new. it will try and land on a floating platform in the middle of the atlantic ocean. will it work and why is this so significant. with discover magazine. this is a very, very cool deal. tell the viewers why it is such a big deal. >> the goal is to make spaceflight a lot cheaper. make it cheaper, you can do things for education, science, human exploration. he thinks he can make spaceflight 100 times cheaper than it is right now. the basic reason is right now set up a rocket and throw it away. think how much an airline flight would cost if they threw away the airplane every time he got to your destination.
7:55 am
bill: will try to pinpoint a spot in the middle of the ocean and land it. >> there is the capsule going up to space station, karen supplies and experiments, the rocket itself has little legs, it will come down, it will reignite the rockets i can reuse the biggest part of your rocket and he can ultimately the goal is fly over and over like you do an airline. bill: why is elon musk more advanced than anyone else? >> if you look at who has been doing this up until now has been big nasa contractors, they have a certain way they have been doing things for years and years and a lot of parts on the
7:56 am
shelves we already have those things, it is easy to keep it going the same way. even the new rocket is a lot of old parts. starting base we from ground up. bill: he says this has a 50/50 chance of working. bill: each step he is trying to do something he has not done before. if it doesn't, you learn a lot. bill: thank you, we will see when it goes. bill: we will know if the rocket came down you will hear about it. martha: can they get a budget of them before tonight an a governt shutdown? we will be right back.
7:57 am
. .
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7:59 am
martha: today is the big day. bill: what's that?
8:00 am
martha: today we have the little christmas party for "america's newsroom." our awesome "america's newsroom" crew. i for one am looking forward to it. bill: "america's newsroom" exclusive tiff yaw. see you on "outnumbered" in about an hour jon: the director of the cia, john brennan, set to speak out on that scathing report by senate democrats blasting cia interrogation program in wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. welcome on this thursday, i'm jon scott. shannon: and i'm shannon bream. brennan's remarks come as many current and former cia officers are voicing concerns that they could face investigations or even prosecutions for their involvement in the program. brennan also faces the daunting challenge of rebuilding public trust in our intelligence agencies. jon: let's check in with


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