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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 12, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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communication that was stolen. i accept full responsibility for what i wrote. in a separate leaked exchange, a major hollywood producer referred to angelina jolie as, quote, a minimally talented spoiled brat. they cited the movie "the interview" about taking out north korea's leader. here is a trailer for the movie.
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♪ >> oh yeah. i would watch that. okay, jill, this is pretty terrifying. especially for you. you are known to send some colorful e-mails. >> i do not mind offending people here and there. i thought it would be cool if the president came forward and said he is not offended by that. everyone is thinking should they have said this? first of all i feel some chemistry between these two. there is some flirty, jokey e-mails. maybe they cross the line. we can all relax about it. if the president says he is i wd when we e-mailed about my favorite movies, conjecturing it may be "benji,"" marley and me." i was not offended at all. >> ien scwoid "-- i enjoyed" benji" and i thought you had
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excellent taste. >> thank you. >> one of the leaks is about your friend, kevin hart. apparently he made $7 million for two sony move veas -- movies and then dend mad a plug for "think like a man two." they say he was a money whore. do you agree with that? >> yes, but i applaud it. as long as i have known that dude he was smart at getting paid. when the rest of us from the philly crew were doing open mics and i can making nothing he was making real money because he is a smart dude. that's why he took off. not only was he funny, but he knew how to do the business end really well. i love that he has taken money from the studio. great. good for him. >> we should learn from this moment, maybe? >> yeah. >> kt, apparently for the korea says they are not a part of this. however, we know kim-jung-un
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loves the hollywood movies. >> he had a different staring role. i think actually this is a serious thing. we have gotten to the part where nothing is private. the l.a. clippers owner says something to his girlfriend and she leaks it. mitt romney says something at a fundraiser and it is leaked. u.s. diplomats think they are talking in confidence and wikileaks leaks them. we have to now understand that fox is next and msnbc is next, citibank is next. this is the new world we live in. what do you do about it? i don't think you get the genie back in the bottle. i don't think you say we fine you or do this to you. number one, flood the system. understand that if everything is out there then everybody will have a lot of trouble keeping track of four billion people. whatever secrets you have will pale in comparison. >> should we take off our clothes right now? >> you can do that. the ratings would improve.
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for some of us, we are not prepared for that. >> some of us are over 30 on the set. andy is. >> i love how amy pascal said this is not an accurate reflection of who i am. it is literally who you are in your private conversations. if you can't have grotesquely inappropriate jokes with your friends in private i feel bad. >> there is nothing private anymore. we should all get used to it. >> do you think the average joe gets that? >> i think everybody twitters and giggles until the next one. every time there is another one of these it is lesson sayingsal. >> and the meed you yeah just -- the media keeps pouncing on this. if this is the new normal should people not be publishing the leaks or reporting them? >> these were private e-mails never meant to be seen by the president. they were released through an illegal act. we shouldn't be discussing them. but how great are they? i mean come on, give me a break.
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a woman over at buzz feed wrote a piece called "the messy media ethics behind the sony hacks" and she talked about whether media organizations should be covering these leaks and publishing the e-mails and stuff like that. her conclusion, which i am over simplifying, stuff that is newsworthy should be covered. stuff that isn't like people's social security numbers, the media should stay away from that. if you are talking about stuff said by the chairman -- the chair of sony or a powerful guy that basically once the stuff is out there, it is fair game. unless nobody covers it, there is no point in you saying i am not going to cover it because everybody else will. >> the reason everyone is covering it is the public eats it up. this is a big, juicey tabloid mag. >> it is like reading the new york post. >> we know the stories are true. >> you don't know they are true. >> this is a little different than the mitt romney thing. i thought that had a direct -- that was kind of important,
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that leak. that is not like i don't care -- i assume they are awful. didn't you think they were great people? >> we all assume the worst of everyone. >> why don't people? >> in hollywood, absolutely. >> and in washington. >> and anyone who walks down my street. >> even anne frank's diary had a secret version her dad didn't let us see. >> how do you know that? >> you didn't know about that one? >> you don't know anne frank's dad? >> i there is a real version, a longer version with more sexual stuff about peter, but her dad cut that out. that's the one you read in school. everybody has a thing they don't want out there, do you know what i mean? nobody is above that. i agree with flooding it. >> what it does say is if authority korea can do this, can they hack into the computer codes of the nuclear weapons arsenal? >> i bet you to the. >> why not? >> thisy are so upset. like kim kim jong-il was so
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obsessed jay i would like to think those are more secure. >> i think he is a twerp and his mentality -- >> somebody is interested in our nukes. here is what i would do. call kim on on the phone and say you have the most controlled society in the history of mankind. in fact, you are called the hermit king. your country is the hermit kingdom. if you keep doing this and hacking into our stuff and if you try to steal our information, we are going to take down every fire wall in the hermit kingdom. how will you like it when the starving north koreans realize they don't have to live like this? >> a lot of people are wondering if sony should now not release the interview of the movie. >> how many movies do you think north korea has made of american presidents being killed? they had a whole movie industry based on on america must die. >> a mushroom cloud over
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manhattan and barack obama blowing up if smoke. >> that makes it interesting coming from the chairman of sony ordering film makers to tone down the movie, and then basically having to do it because he owns the company. that's scary. >> there are a lot of e-mails with seth rogen who is one of the directors saying we can't do this anymore otherwise the joke doesn't land. it is a comedy that i didn't even realize until reading into this that it is supposed to be funny. imagine if it wasn't? >> it wasn't funny in north korea. >> know your audience, i i guess. moving on. they snicker whale we bicker. russia often attacked by the u.s. for its human rights records has denounced america over the senate report on cia interrogation methods. the government in a statement on the foreign ministry's website called the report, quote, confirmation of gross, systemic human rights violations by the american authorities. they are the experts.
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meanwhile on thursday, the cia director held a rare press conference to defend the report that is tearing our country apart. >> in many respects, the program was uncharted territory for the cia, and we were not prepared. we had little experience housing the detainees and the precious few of our officers were trained interrogators. but the president authorized the effort six days after 9/11 and it was our job to carry it out. whatever your views are on eit's, our nation and in particular this agency did a lot of things right during this difficult time to keep this country strong and secure. >> well, there you have it. russia is dumb. i believe we have video of the type of hardship two detainees had to endure.
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>> so that was just a guy and his dog. sorry about that. anyways, so we are going to go to the expert here, kt. i am just going to let you talk. >> john brennan is in a terrible position. he is a senior official of the cia when the torture happened. i thought he did a pretty good job. torture is bad, but i wasn't part of it. don't worry about it. we are not torturing anymore, president obama, don't worry about that. he did not throw the cia under the bus. he did a pretty good job. as for russia, the sanctimonious russian people, the sanctimonious chinese, as far as we know kim jung-un has weared in.
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for decades thisy were scolding the russians and the chinese and saying you violate people's human rights and this is terrible and you are not good like we are, and now they realize that the americans do stupid stuff too. >> the american writers have been saying that too. >> we don't care about the human rights abuses. >> you -- a lot of conservatives talk about it all the time. >> not as much. >> i don't and that's all who matters. >> russia tortures white people and that crosses the line. >> and the chinese eat dogs. >> you like torture. >> the best quote i heard about it was from dina gould when this came out. you know that question they ask if you know manhattan is going to explode in an hour do you torture the guy -- >> it is called the ticking time bomb. >> obviously we will torture the guy. the point is you don't make it legal. making it legal doesn't stop
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torture. the reason it is illegal is it keeps it to a minimum. jay andy, i see you nodding your head. however, you almost always agree with russia. where do you stand right now? >> that's true. i almost always agree with edward snowden who lives in russia. there's a difference. you have to find better people to dispute this report. both of these men have lied to congress and lied to the american people on more than one occasion. >> how do you know that? >> john brennan told congress that the cia did not go into their computers, hack into their computers. >> he lied about the nsa stuff. they both said things and then went back. >> you are believing a report. the democrats and the senate have written where they haven't talked to anybody from the cia -- >> whether or not i believe the report -- those two guys are not -- i don't think are the people you want up there
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challenging the report. >> i have known mike hayden for years. brennan i think less of. >> what did dick cheney? what is he like? he seems like a guy that will put on a stethoscope to listen to a lobster boy. >> it is a he said-she said. we tortured. we got that. we did or didn't get any information that was available out of the torture. this is your ticking time bomb. if you think there is a nuclear weapon going over manhattan we will both torture that guy to feigned out. put that aside. we will never know. some say we got a lot of information. some say we got nothing. i look at it and look forward and say what will this do to american foreign policy going forward. it is not good, but it is over. by publicly releasing this what happened in the last 48 hours? the head of the fbi, the head of the state department and the defense department, the
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secretary of defense, have told their people we should go on heightened alert. there will be as a result of this release attacks on americans overseas and attacks on americans at home and attacks on american military facilities and attacks on american embassies. that's not good. the second thing is the foreign intelligence agencies look at the united states and say we are not going to trust you with giving you any secrets. we were doing you a big favor by telling you about jihadist groups in yemen and jihadist groups because we can't trust you to cape a secret. and finally what happens is the people who work in the american intelligence community say, you know, the people who did that, and maybe not the handful of sadists, let's call them what they are, but the majority of people in the intelligence community did what they thought was right at the time, and now people don't have their backs. if you are somebody saying what's next? i think i will hunker down and not think outside the box. i think what will happen, three, four, five years down the road is that the very people who are the most
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critical of this will have to defend themselves for the drone attacks. >> do you think this report, the release has done more harm than good? >> i think it is a terrible idea to release it. i don't understand how it helps us in anyway. the idea is we are putting the truth out there before someone else does perhaps. it max me nervous to put our secrets out there and then at the same time the enemies are jumping on it. russ is doing the little thing i would do when my big brother got in trouble. >> he was worse. >> he screwed up and they are jumping on it. >> i don't get it. if you do something wrong and if you think it was wrong. if you don't think it was that's another conversation. if you think it was wrong, saying you shouldn't ray lease the report -- release the report is like saying if you commit a crime, you don't want anyone to publicly know you committed a crime.
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>> there is not a criminal investigation. >> and never will be. >> i would go the other direction. investigate it in private and hold those responsible and do what you should do with them. we are not going to prosecute anybody. i would go after the sadists. on the other happened i would do it privately. by putting it out in public -- >> the first rule should always be first do no harm. this will be harmful. we did it in the late 70s. we eviscerated the american intelligence community. as a result we never saw the development of the islamic jihad in the 1980s and 90s. we never saw the people who drove the hezbollah that put the truck bomb into the american marine bear rocks -- barics and we never saw a bunch of guys in a cape in afghan -- cave in afghanistan plotting to take down the twin towers. >> people who are enemies will be provoked into talking for next to nothing. at least we are being honest. they will attack us for a youtube video or --
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>> or a hollywood movie. >> the movie that came out and somebody is attacking. it doesn't take that much. better to get off our chest and seem -- i don't think russia is as open about what they do. >> so, just to salvage some moral superiority out of it -- >> i mean during world war ii we put japanese in internment camps. >> camp is not always fun. coming up, the sun, a red red-head head orphan girl tells me it comes out tomorrow. but first, bened -- ben edelman is up to his old tricks. that's so ben edelman of him.
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he has been an ass in the past. internet infamous ben edelman created a fuss after they charged him four bucks. a former manager of a sushi joint said he had a similar exchange with edelman. he received a pissed e-mail outlining at length why it was valid for the price fix menu. he threatens, if i don't hear from you or if we can't resolve the matter, i will forward my complaint to the city of boston licensing board. the owner pushed back replying none of your requests will be met under any circumstance and threatening to inform harvard business school about edelman's negotiating tactics. a local tv station caught up with edelman when he was dining in cambridge.
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>> how can you say no to that face? >> that was not edelman. >> you went to the other school in boston for smart people. it was up charles river and we called it up chuck. >> would those professors do something that was awful? >> no, they would have rounded it off to the percentage. i went to mit and it was much more technical there. look, i want to know two things about this guy, what did he tip? >> that's a great question. >> and did he order chinese food for one?
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sushi for one? does he have no friends? chances are this is his idea of social interaction. >> maybe. then we feel bad for him. >> didn't he order four dishes and each one was a dollar too much and that's why it was four bucks? he could just eat a lot. >> he has a big freezer. >> eating for weeks. isn't this great for restaurants though? now annoying customers won't complain and they will be nervous it will be on social media. >> it is okay to quickly say is this what the bill is meant to be instead of the angry e-mails? time is money. this guy was overcharged and he wanted three times that back. that is $12 if my math -- i didn't go to mit so help me out. he spent way more than $12 fuming and sending e-mails and apologizing for it. dude, i should be the harvard business professor. >> it is like one of the annoying it is the principal. it is not the $4.
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he is a smaller version of the by that like argentina owes him their whole country. he is a lower version of that guy. >> i think so. and also too, then you worry that people will just spit in your food all the time. >> oh for sure. >> i could never order out again. >> he has more than $4 of bodily fluids, that's for sure. >> can we just stop e-mailing altogether? it doesn't lead to any good. >> that's what bin laden did. >> i think the lesson is if you are a d-bag you should stop eating out. the first place we knew he did it was a chinese restaurant and the second was asian. he hates asian. let's just say it. he is straight up racist and hates asians. i guess no matter how sincere his apology for the chinese food may have seemed, it clearly wasn't. he has done this before. his apology was only made because this became a big thing on the internet. >> sorry i got caught. >> has that happened where you
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order something and it was more -- you call the place and they say we haven't updated our web menu then. >> okay, i understand you are short staffed. >> that was a cheap meal. if each dish was only $1? it was $1 more than it said on the menu. >> oh. >> i think this could be a lot worse. he could have a gluten intolerance and then be asking so many questions about the menu in addition to complaining about the surprise. on the price. we should look on the bright side of things. >> he is so obnoxious, i am surprised he is not a vegan. >> how many vegan takeout places are there in boston? >> probably a lot more than you think. >> there goes my point. >> every story tonight, thon of these people went to seventh grade. if you say something -- you know, i learned that he
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probably skipped seventh grade. coming up, lawmakers in montana tell women how to dress. no one tells me how to dress except my mom. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is the refried beanbag chair. the only chair that doubles as a bag of your favorite sidedish. lounge in comfort and without moving. if you start to sink refry more beans and fill her back up. it is the refried bean chair.
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could licking the spoon lead to your doom? the department of agriculture is urging americans to stop eating cookie dough. it is the subject of tonight's --. >> the usda recently advised in an e-mail, quote, avoid raw or partially cooked eggs or foods containing raw eggs such as cookie dough. the kill joys say it could give you e-coli or salmonella. a group of nutritionists agrees. they have made a cookie rookie pledge which tells children, quote, steer clear of licking spoons, bowls and beaters. but the risk is debatable.
12:33 am
some experts argue you can't get sick from eggs as long as they are refrigerated. you know who is willing to wait? >> and he maintains eye contact. >> kt, i think there is only one thing we can do is impeach the president. >> i definitely agree with that, but for other reasons. >> i see you have props.
12:34 am
>> i brought props. i thought about this. cookie dover success, what are we going to have? you have to have something. so let me ask you guys, what do you want? would you like some carrots? >> no. >> do you want celery? >> no. >> would you like some cookie dough? some raw cookie dough? >> do you really eat raw cookie dough? >> do you think i would admit it if i did? >> i am not afraid of cookie dough, but that's because i lick turtles. >> jill, are you a fan of salmonella? >> i am terrified of salmonella. i want to tell my daddy happy birthday and i am glad you are having a birthday because he had a run in with some egg salad that hadn't been refrigerated enough. it is very dangerous. happy birthday, dad. i am glad you are alive. i won't eat the cookie dough. >> isn't the eggs cooked and it just spoils.
12:35 am
>> i don't think it is salmonella. >> i don't know the de ills tay. the details i heard were horrible. >> what is next? no brownie batter? >> who knows. first better light bulbs and now cookie dough? >> i used to live with a chef and he told me that there is very few salmonella -- it is like over blown. my mother was a paranoid salmonella person so i had that in me washing my hands if i came near an egg. i don't think there is as much salmonella. it was something that came out in the 50s that was over blown. >> a lot of things from the 50s are over blown. i say we should stay home and sneak cookie dough and the government will never know. but i think they will know. >> there is not a law, right? >> not yet. >> you go to like sierra leone.
12:36 am
>> priorities. >> this is not about cookie dough. it is about eggs. a qiek check of the site food which i have bookmarked because i am jewish. it shows the usda despite what current's roommate told him they estimate 350,000 americans get salmonella poisoning from raw or uncooked eggs every year. and salmonella and egg, the combination was ranked the number one germ and fad pair in the 2009 and 2010 by the cdc and narrowly beating out joe scarborough and wheat thins. >> you know why? it is like how we always use purell. our stomachs are not iron anymore like they used to be back in the 50s. >> did you foe pu -- did you know purell does thought work? does anybody know that purell does not work. you just have to wear a condom. >> oh my gosh. >> anyone who has had food pie
12:37 am
sonning -- poisoning i think spends the rest of their life making sure they don't do the slightest thing that gives them food poisoning. >> it is not food poisoning. it is a 24-hour food. >> i am okay with not eating raw cookie dough. >> it is a hangover. >> speaking of feeling hurt, they are feeling hurt over rules on skiers. female lawmakers are up in arms about showing their legs. they put together a new dress code telling the gals they shouldn't wear leggings and they need to be sensitive to skirt lengths and neck lines. the house minority does not like it. >> my big problem is that women are set aside for an add admonish meant in the document telling us to mind our skirt lines and neck lines and not be 18th century. >> it is directed at men advising them to wear business formal attire like suits and dress boots.
12:38 am
jill, you know a little about fashion. is it a slap at women or an effort to make sure women look professional in the workplace? >> i found it offensive. i hate being told what to do, and it feels like these women are being told that they made a mistake when i highly doubt they are walking around with tons of cleavage and short skirts. it goes as far as to ban open towed sandals. as if people say this little piggy went to the house of representatives. >> that tweet would be great. >> what is montana professional business -- wear bolo ties to every session. >> and dress boots. >> dress cowboy boots. >> and they look very sharp. it is skirt length and neck lines, the one bit is the sticky. if they said everybody dress appropriately, you could figure out what that means. this is a little more church lady. >> i think we know what the real problem s. there was one woman who was coming in and
12:39 am
not dressing appropriately. they had to make a new dress code because of her. why can't we just -- >> who is the woman? >> point out on the one person. >> be like, okay, that's how she dresses. i'm sure we will survive. >> the big issue is the code was drafted by men which makes it very, very problematic. >> that's true. >> i think there are three issues. she is right to point out the code was established by a bunch of dudes and they should got women's input. i think she is wrong to say it targets women. it establishes rules for guys too. no jeans, no open toe sandals which that should be a law. >> how about a dress code for -- >> we need some pointers from kt. she always looks fabulous. anything for the ladies? >> i wonder if this is
12:40 am
constitutional. the implication prohibits women from wearing this and wearing that. you will prohibit them from wearing -- wait a minute. these were duly elected representatives of the people. are you going to say because she doesn't dress the right way she is not able to exercise her constitutional rights? how is that different? >> i am not sure they are saying that. these may be suggestions. >> it says prohibit. >> i'm with you. i don't think you can stop somebody from voting because they were wearing sandals. >> you are coming in with the flip-flops on and somebody says sir you can't enter the chamber. >> i think it would be more of, don't, you know, don't dress like that again, but come on in. i would hope. >> fashion is very serious. it should be taken seriously. >> the code endorsed, blah, blah, blah. >> if it was anything less than open-towed sandals.
12:41 am
>> well, we got no where. coming up, a guy finds out his gal is cheating. first, here is what is coming up tomorrow on "the independents." >> hi, guys. tomorrow night on "the independents" i will square off with bernie sanders about economics and a wise machine named andy levey will be on the show. see you at 9:00 and midnight on fox business network.
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should the cheater be discreeter? a detroit lions game a fan noticed a pregnant woman sitting in front of him was romantically texting with another man. right next to her unoblivious boyfriend. as the couple was leaving, the concerned fan passed the boyfriend a note that reads, quote, hey, bra, i don't know you and you don't know me. when you get home check your girl's phone. she was texting jason saying she wished she was with him all day. happy thanksgiving. the note and photo of the woman are getting a lot of attention on-line with 100% of ople saying he was right to get involved in a stranger's relationship which counts as science on the internet that you can't argue with. jill, if you were being
12:46 am
cheated on, would you want to know? >> yeah, i think it is a good idea. i went back and forth, but then i thought, i had one time where you are dating my ex and he is a horrible liar. i don't know weather to believe you and of course he was a horrible liar and she was right. these probably will never listen to him, but they will figure it out eventually. >> his heart is in the right place, but that's why you don't get involved in that. what happens is they get back together and blame you. you know what i mean? if you read more about it this chick was openly insulting his penis. i mean, you can't help that guy. >> you just don't joke about small things. you don't know what small things she meant. she could be talking about pet swrel rods. >> some people you can't help. that guy you can't help him. i don't think that's our new society.
12:47 am
>> kt, would you have more respect for a man trying to help this guy out? if he didn't then post these photos on social media? >> that wasn't cool. >> what was the real thing he was trying to accomplish here? >> he wanted a life. he doesn't have any life. he is somebody who had to get in the middle of somebody's romance, bromance. >> andy, you are very upset about this story, and i am not sure if it is because the fact the man intervened or he used the word bro. >> there is bro and so many upsetting things. let's point out this could be a hoax. >> you could work for the cia. >> that's right. in general i am a mind your own business kind of guy. i know that is shocking. why exactly was this dude
12:48 am
reading a stranger's techs at the game? >> they are watching the game. >> i understand the lions were playing the bears who suck, but it is thanksgiving day and you are at a football game, and you are reading a stranger's texts in front of you? >> i am there to people watch of the. >> if she was pregnant who is the father? >> i don't believe she was pregnant. >> this is the thing though. i blame this boyfriend. you are bringing a pregnant woman to this game, and it is not like she is a die hard fan. otherwise she would have been watching the field. she president can't drink while she is there and probably has to pee every 10 minutes and hormonal. >> jason wouldn't have brought her to the game? >> he would be rubbing her feet while sitting on the couch giving her bon-bons. >> maybe warning the guy is a good move, but why post-it all over -- if you want to be a
12:49 am
hero, guess what i did, saved someone. that's the lame thing. >> yeah, mind your own business. >> mind your own business. on that note, coming up, flirting with robots. and do you have videos of animals that you can send to us at fox eye. g?góç
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hey what are you doing? g?góç i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here?
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don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. next "red eye" greg is back. guests are will ron sonny johnson and a return visit from our frightened correspondent, yay! >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> they are alert to a flirt. i am talking, of course, of computers. researchers at stanford university, nerds, recently discovered that humans are really bad at picking up signs of seduction unlike a computer program they designed. as the cut, a website, reports they look at the speed dating event and ask participants how flirty they felt their dates were. men and women alike were poor at guessing, but the computer
12:54 am
which was taught to the give aways was pretty good at judging it. computers can pick up on flirting, but are they any good at it? here is one machine being flirty. >> wow. your place or mine? oh kurt, does it comfort you to know that this study is what smart people waste their time on? >> well, i think it is true. if i just add up how much i have sex with my mac book pro, that is smooth. it is like, i have to work, mac book. one second. >> we get it, you have a mac. >> all right. product placement. very good. jill, do you need this program, or are you pretty good at knowing when someone is flirting with you? jay i like to think i am good at picking up on communication because i was a communication major. some people went to mit and
12:55 am
studied, i don't know, math. >> actually nuclear weapons. >> same difference. >> personal communication, yeah, i got an a in that class. i can pick up on when there is a little heat between another person and me. >> another thing that i think helps with detecting and flirting is body language. this program does not take that into account at all. should it? >> and don't you think it does? >> it looks at the words. >> i mean it was the words. >> facial recognition software. i think it is getting weirdly battle star galactic -- galactica. >> does it make you want to date a computer? >> it makes me want greg back saying mean things like that. clearly the answer is they
12:56 am
have to turn this algorithm into an app and you put it on your phone and con constantly runs and vibrates when someone is flirting with you to let you know. i twob -- i would be interested in the not recognize flirting is thinking there is flirting when there is not. not knowing someone is flirting. >> it is a reflection of what you are feeling. so if you want someone to be flirty, you would recognize it more easily. >> this is like a mood ring. >> oh god, we should bring back the mood ring. it is cheap, you are not gonna spend all of this money on technology. >> and it can't get hacked. >> and it is science. >> and it is pretty and can go with many different colored outfits. >> depending on what mood you are in. special thanks to jill dobson, andy levey and kt mcfarland. i am joanne nosuchunsky and i will see you next time.
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i'm afraid this might affect your appetite. hello, i'm eric bolling, along kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckle, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." so today the nation's top spy held a rare press conference to defend his agency's following the democrats release of a report of the cia's enhanced interrogation methods. >> we had little experience housing detainees and precious few of our officers were trained interrogators, but the president authorized the effort six days after 9/11, and it was our job to carry it


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