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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 12, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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refer a root canal by my dentist. what can i say? he's a great dentist. >> thanks to everyone who responded. happy friday. have fun at the christmas party. see you monday. >> bye. good morning. it is friday, december 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. just before falling off the fiscal cliff at midnight, the house voted to keep the government running despite nancy pelosi's best efforts to shut it down. >> i'm enormously disappointed that the white house feels that the only way they can get a bill is to go along with this. >> and she's not the only democrat turning her back on the president. we are live from washington straight ahead. >> meanwhile in an unprecedented live response to the democrats' torture report, the head of the c.i.a. defies the president and defends his agency. >> it is a lot of exaj --
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exaggeration, misrepresentation of the facts and therefore i think certain agendas are being pursued. i certainly wish this would not be happening. >> hear from an interrogator on exactly what these tactics did uncover. >> plus home for the holidays? >> we had a feeling this might -- might have technical difficulties. >> boo! >> let's welcome sergeant vandenberg home, home rrl for the holidays. >> a soldier surprises his wife and meets his son for the very first time. that family here in the next hour because according to all studies, mornings are better with friends. >> welcome aboard live from studio e in the midtown area of new york city all decked out 12 days from
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christmas. >> about to start bustling and with people coming in for the holidays. >> a gridlock day. >> it sure is. this woman confessed to me a short time ago that she likes it. you love the shopping, you love the lines, you love the bustling. >> if you don't make it a bustle, it doesn't have to be. >> i'm antibustle. >> but i like the fuss over -- >> you like the fuss over the bustle. >> we thank you for bringing your bustle and fusstle with us this morning. thank you for joining us. >> we wrap the week up with an overnight deal. the u.s. house of representatives made an 11th hour vote on the $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government open and now it goes to the u.s. senate. >> doug luzader is in washington, d.c. with the latest. doug, 11:59 it passed. >> there was a lot of bustle. >> hustle and bustle last night on the house floor.
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it looks pretty quiet last night but the vote last night pretty close, 219-206. within those numbers you had some republicans who voted against this but also democrats who were in open defiance against the white house. >> i'm enormously disappointed that the white house feels that the only way they can get a bill is to go along with this. why in the last minute as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for? wall street or the american people? this fight isn't about conservatives or liberals. it's not about democrats or republicans. it's about money and it's about power right here in washington. >> elizabeth warren talking about wall street. here's why. there are a couple of provisions in this democrats are very upset about, one which expands the ability of banks to
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engage in riskier investments. the other has to do with donor limits, expanding those. when you make donations to political parties. this is part of a real battle playing out within the democratic party. >> if you're a republican, you should simply sit back and enjoy this. people have been talking about the great civil war among republicans. i'd argue that's rubbish. the real civil war especially after this election is among democrats, and we're seeing it now. a rebellion by house democrats led by nancy pelosi against the white house. a rebellion by warren leading the left-wing faction of the party against the moderates. and it's a great free-for-all. >> some republicans not too thrilled about this either, saying that they should have taken a firmer stand against the president's executive orders on immigration. we're not done with this. we're looking at a weekend
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deadline saturday going into sunday. the senate has to get this done. otherwise it has the potential for a shutdown. back to you guys. >> i don't think the american people benefit when you sign a bill that's over 1,700 pages long. >> nobody has read it. nobody has any idea what's in it. >> when are we going to stop doing that? >> 1,774 pages right to the last click of the clock. >> everybody is going to have something they don't like in it. you give a little, you get a little. not always my way or the highway. we've been talking this week about the senate report on interrogation techniques used that came out from the democrats. extraordinarily yesterday this administration, the c.i.a. director came out for the first time ever with a live press conference from langley. that's the guy right there, john brennan; said despite id, not only did we get good
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intel, we saved lives and the info did lead to bin laden, believe it or not. and then pinch me, i must have been dreaming, this administration c.i.a. director defended the bush administration. >> the previous administration faced agonizing choices about how to pursue al qaeda and prevent additional terrorist attacks against our country while facing fears of further attacks and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. there were no easy answers. and whatever your views are on e.i.t.'s, our nation and in particular this agency did a lot of things right during this difficult time. there is a lot of exaggeration, misrepresentation of the facts and, therefore, i think certain agendas are being pursued. and so i certainly wish that this would not be happening. >> that agenda had to be senator feinstein which
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clearly, who was a friend of the intel agency for most. a lot of people say this is uncharacteristic of her who was live tweeting or had her staffers live tweeting to rebuff what john brennan was saying. he has to keep in mind, steve, he deserves credit for being somewhat, going across party lines. he was deputy director. >> he's in a tough position right now, got appointed by obama. >> he says i can't believe we did this. >> i listened to the entire thing and i think there were parts in it that struck me as quite strong, when he disagreed with the reporting that the agency's use was inineffective. he said detainees subjected to enhanced interrogation provided by experts found useful. application of it is unknown. for someone to say there is no intelligence value of use that came from those detainees once subjected to it lacks any foundation at all. that i thought was one of
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the strongest statements. additionally he said i wish they would have asked the people involved. these things did work. >> and the reason they didn't was politics. because the senate democrats said there's the department of justice investigation. that ended a long time ago. they could have talked to people. any way, the point is if you didn't see it yesterday, it worked. karl rove was on with sean last night and said just that. listen. >> gave up his brother who was in charge of the effort to attack the west coast of the united states and we swept up 17 members of his cell and they were in training probably to use aircraft to attack places on the west coast. the idea that somehow or another these techniques did not -- we knew about canary wharf, we knew about attacks on heathrow, we knew about attacks on u.s. embassies and military abroad from people subjected to these techniques who began to comply and provide useful
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information. >> what they did with zimbali, they said if something was to happen to you, who would replace you, then they said let's scoop up that guy and they scooped up that guy that led to all others. it was a trail. and it was almost like -- >> a big puzzle. >> we're not talking about vietnam and we're not talking about korea. we're talking about a war that hasn't stopped, over 5,000 terrorist victims this year alone. tony shaffer who has done a lot of this interrogation described how it worked. >> it was a very much, a 24-type scenario. we had to break him within 72 hours because of a number of things ongoing most important of which was in 2003 we were worried about things going on in the homeland. he was completely isolated with an effective technique used to break people. bill, we started at -- we arrived on helicopter at 2 in the morning. we woke him up, we started the interrogation. sleep deprivation and
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changing things to make an individual feel disoriented is very much necessary and clearly coercive. over a three day period after going through, figuring out what his greatest fear was -- and let me be clear on this -- we hammered the heck out of his psychological fears. we coerced him psychological. over a three day period sleep deprivation by his own makes because of fears, isolation to have plenty of time to think, in the end he was so broken the last morning he was sweating, we could tell he hadn't slept at all and everything we needed to know came powg out. >> they're talking about an american citizen caught on the field in afghanistan. they broke him, got the information and went forward. despite what you heard earlier in the week it did work. there were mistakes made but it did work. >> heather nauert, good to see you. >> good morning, guys. i've got this first story that will show you what we were up against when it
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comes to terrorism. this attack was nothing less than savage. sources say isis terrorists beheaded four christian children in iraq. all of them under the age of 15. according to the leader of the anglican church in baghdad, it is because they would not renounce jesus and convert to islam. crews on a fire ship in the caribbean leaving three people dead this morning. the oceana insignia was docked in st. lucia when a fire started in the engine room. there were more than 600 passengers on board at the time. they were forced off that ship. the rest of the cruise was canceled. no word on what sparked that fire. >> it is bad enough to be stuck on a plane but these people were stuck wandering around the tarmac for eight hours. a united airlines plane was supposed to land in sidney, australia but there was debris on the runway and so the planane was forced to land on a small tar make
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nearby. the pares had to wait for -- the passengers had to wait for new pilots to be flown in since the current ones logged too many hours. >> walkout on capitol hill. more than 150 congressional staffers and several lawmakers leading a silent protest over the police killing involving ferguson and eric garner. following a prayer they raised their hands up in that hands up, don't shoot pose, this coming as a brand-new fox poll believes 60% of voters believe race relations have gotten worse since president obama took office. i'll see you back here in about a half-hour. >> coming up, the cover of the new york post, the hollywood left helped get the president elected. now they're turning on him, making fun of him and his race. we will tell you what they said. not good. >> not at all. you paid a massive $404
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the federal government raking in tax revenue closing out the first two months of the fiscal year with more than $404 billion. those same two months the treasury spent $583 billion, running a deficit of $179 billion. oh my! >> with record tax revenue, the government is still putting the american people deeper and deeper into debt. >> this is all news to stuart varney. i'm only kidding. he's the one who gave us these numbers. stuart varney from the fox business network. stuart, we're running out of deficit but no one seems to care. >> it doesn't make news headlines, does it, even when you bring in a record $404 billion in two months and you overspend by $179 billion -- >> in two months. >> still not a headline in the establishment media. here we are heading further and further into this debt crisis, deeper and deeper every month. $404 billion coming in two
3:18 am
months, we never paid so much money in tax. ever. that is a flatout record. where did that money come from? half of it came from individual income taxes. it's you and i, the income taxpayers of this planet who paid $192 billion towards that record tax inflow. but what happened? we spent it all and then some. so we kept racking up this massive debt which is dproag and growing and growing and growing. by the time president obama leaves office in january 2017, we will owe collectively $20 trillion. >> for that statistic, $402 billion in two months, and what is it? 47% of people in the united states don't pay federal taxes. that goes to show what a crushing burden it is on the -- >> mitt romney just confirmed it is 47%. >> president obama wants taxes to go up. he wants to raise more tax revenue and he wants to
3:19 am
spend more money. >> how about this? as you know better than most, it's nondiscretionary spending. there's only a very small percentage of the budget that we can decide what to do with. the rest is automatic withdrawals. we have to go in and restructure. >> what we have to do is to reform medicare and social security. you've got to save social security and medicare. that's what you've got to do. don't talk in terms of cutting it. talk in terms of saving it. that's the gorilla in the patch. if you don't reform those two programs your deck is out of control. >> look at how washington works. last night they passed that trillion dollar-plus budget through september. how much waste is in there? >> a lot. >> both sides got together and said okay, let's pack it. >> for tactical strategic reasons they pass it. >> do you want to thank stuart and give him his plug? >> i would love to. we love when you're here. you do not want to miss varney on fox business network. if you're not sure where to
3:20 am
find him in your area log on to find er. >> thank you. >> stared right into those lens. >> she did it so well, brian. >> meanwhile, get ready to say goodbye to the graduation tradition of boys in blue and girls in white. why? because clearly it's discrimination, they say. >> let's go camouflage. a driver stuck in a sinking car until a good samaritan acts fast. that hero joins us live. ♪
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here's what's making headlines right now. new information about the woman accused of mowing down five people in new york city's historic herald square. the driver is 13-year-old stella mednick, an immigration lawyer. cops say she was drunk and had two crack pipes in her car and her license suspended. check out this picture. that is a garbage truck in the gulf of mexico. the driver had some kind of medical emergency. he hit a beach cabana and two fishermen before driving into the water near tampa. two good samaritans pulled him out. he's going to be okay. talk about somebody else who going to be okay. >> a driver trapped inside a sinking lincoln town car. thanks to our next guest the 92-year-old florida man is alive today.
3:25 am
alton brisky dove into action yesterday, pulling him out just in time and he did not drown. alton joins us live right now from miami, florida. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> it was on wednesday you were having a nice lunch nearby. you hear some commotion over there. you went running and what happened? >> you know, i stood up and i see the break in the bushes and i could only assume that someone had driven through the bushes and into the lake. sure enough after i ran over there to go check it out and see if there was anything i could do, i see the car floating about 20 feet out in the water. that's when i, without thinking, took my shirt off, took my shoes off and dove in the water and swam to the car to see if i could help the passenger. >> the problem was you couldn't open the door. the story was if somebody opened the window, then the
3:26 am
water would rush in and he would drown. >> exactly. >> you yelled to the side and said does anybody have a hammer at this lake in boca, and somebody did. >> yeah. somebody, thank god, one of the bystanders heard me shouting i need a hammer, something to break the window to get him out because the car was sinking. i swam back to shore, retrieved the hammer, went back to the car and started banging on the window, put my hand under his shoulder and pulled him to shore. >> you pulled him to shore. his condition is now? >> i believe he is stable but he is still in the hospital. >> the reason i asked you about his condition, even though you are currently in college is you would like to one day be an emergency room physician to take care of people who wind up in your emergency room after accidents like this. was there ever, alton, any
3:27 am
hesitation? i've been down to that part of florida a million times. one thing about those lakes, in addition to the fact that you can drown, if you go swimming in this is there are a lot of gators in there. >> yeah, that's true. there was no hesitation. my dad is a police officer and he wouldn't even think twice about something like that, and i know most firefighters, they wouldn't think twice about something like that either. it is instinct to jump in the water and see if i could help this man. >> that's right. have you talked to the fellow that you pulled out of the car, mr. mancuso? >> i have not, not yet. >> i've got a feeling when he's well enough he's probably going to say thanks to you. i know the local media calling you a hero. do you consider yourself a hero for doing what you did? >> no. like i said before. i was just in the right place at the right time. the real heroes are our soldiers and our police and fire fighters who do this
3:28 am
stuff every day. >> that's very nice of you to say. alton brieske who was in the right place at the right time and a couple of years from now will be a doctor down there. alton, thank you very much for helping that guy out. >> thank you. >> great story. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the hollywood left helped get the president elected. now they're making fun of the president. is it race related? we're going to tell you what was said. it's not good. it's illegal in most of the country. we're talking about selling weed. wait until you hear who just got the green light to sell the stuff thanks to the department of justice. first happy birthday to legend bob barker. he is 91 years old today fl >> is that right? yes! all three, bang, bang, bang! you did it! >> oh yes!
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this is pretty amazing. california's d.m.v. is going to start issuing drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. and after about two hours at the d.m.v. they all asked to be deported. >> welcome to america. >> a little dig there, right. we're going to turn now, after that laugh, to our smiling heather over here. you have some of the latest headlines for us this morning? >> good morning. great to see you guys. al sharpton is now involving himself in yet another controversy, this time after a new round of leaked e-mails showed two liberal hollywood heavyweights making racist jokes about the president. in one exchange the producer scott rudin and sony pictures cochair amy pascal suggesting that president obama might like the movie "django unchained" a movie about slavery.
3:33 am
rudin apologized saying the e-mails were -- quote -- "thoughtless, insensitive and not funny at all." pascal echoed that sentiment saying i accept full responsibility for what i wrote and then she reached out to al sharpton after he said her apology wasn't enough and compared her to disgraced clippers owner donald sterling. the department of justice giving the green light to indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana on their land but only if they follow the guidelines laid out in four states that have already legalize marijuana. that means the tribes can't sell pot to minors or transport it to parts of the country where it is still illegal. caps and gowns are under fire because of gender equality? franklin high school, southwest of boston, its tradition is for boys and girls to wear blue and white but members of the school's gay student alliance are calling for one color so transgender students aren't
3:34 am
discriminated against. we'll keep you posted. all dogs really do go to heaven says pope francis. the pontiff says the pearly gates are open to all of your furry friends. this came after a recent public appearance at st. peters square where he consoled a little boy who had lost his dog. they go over that rainbow bridge to heaven. good to know the pope thinks so too. >> just like that disney film "all dogs go to heaven." according to the pope, they do. >> this has not been the case before. how many people are happy about that? >> all right. meanwhile we've got extreme weather to talk to you about. a house in washington state no match pore the powerful pine apple -- no match for the powerful pineapple express storm. look at this. beautiful view until yesterday. it crumbled right into the waves.
3:35 am
the latest victim of shoreline erosion. >> the storm also flooding roads, turning drivers but not these guys using kayaks to get around. daredevils are taking advantage of seven foot high waves by surfing. >> that's lake tahoe? that's a lake? unbelievable. >> she knows all about the source of that story, maria. she's been tracking this and can tell us more of what we can expect today. >> she got a wet suit under that jacket? >> good morning. we're tracking a powerful storm system impacting parts of the west coast. this is one of the strongest storms this area has seen in many years. it is bringing in areas of heavy rain at this hour from areas of san francisco down to just outside of los angeles. that rain will be impacting l.a. and other parts of southern california throughout the day today. you mentioned lake tahoe. some of the higher elevations are going to be picking up snowfall. we do need this moisture whether it comes in the form of snow or rainfall because we continue to see
3:36 am
extreme tor exceptional drought conditions impacting most of the state. as we head into next week another storm system will bring another round of rainfall. that's welcome news but flash flooding is always a concern and much like landslides we continue to see winter storm warnings in effect out there with feet of snow for the higher elevations of the sierras. quick look at temperatures. great lakes highs in the 30's but warm and mild across portions of the plains. let's head back inside. >> very exciting time, maria. time for our associates, katie is going to call it quits today. your time has run out. back to n.y.u. full time. you've done an incredible job for us and you've chosen to exit with a sportscast. >> i have. i love sports. grew up watching the kansas city chiefs, kansas city royals. >> hope you don't mind sharing with a carolina
3:37 am
quarterback. >> carolina quarterback cam newton breaking his silence two days after a car accident left him with a fractured back. >> me being a religious person, god is good, man. looking at the situation at hand, i'm lucky to be standing in front of you guys now. >> newton says the last thing on his mind is when he'll return to the game. >> would you vote for this bulldog to win the award? >> yeah. >> you would? >> i don't like him. >> you don't like him but you'd vote any way? >> i don't like any of them. i like the -- >> this is a duck. >> these pint sized analysts asked to give their picks for the best player in college football but instead of talking about the athletes, all they could do was focus on mascots. >> that, ladies and gentlemen, is a look at sports. the cardinals did win last night in the big game against the rams. how did it feel? >> felt great.
3:38 am
it was fun. >> you're a woman majoring in politics. you could do the sports. >> i could do the sports. >> she knows how to deal with kids, dogs, as well as injured quarterbacks. i understand one of my colleagues -- have you ever talked to elisabeth? >> never talked to elisabeth. say here's elisabeth with gifts. >> great job. are you stumped with what to give the woman in your life? we have great gift ideas for that gal. officially crunch time. what do we start with if you haven't bought for her yet? >> i love these embellished knits from ann taylor. they are so cute. makes you look forward to the next snow day. >> comfort with a little bling. >> overhere we have jewelry. these brace lts are by ann taylor. they give half the proceeds to breast cancer research. >> price wise what is the range? $35 to over $100?
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>> the bracelets are 75 and this is obviously more than that. moving on, a bottle of wine. different flavors, infused wine. you can have wine and dessert at the same time. >> you could pair it maybe. >> this is great for somebody who loves to entertain. this is a searing pot and slow cooker. it is literally all in one. you can seer in the pot and stick it in the slow cooker. >> it is a one-pot deal. when you have to seer in something else there is cleaning. how much is this? >> $79.99. >> what do we have here? >> cozy sleep wear from ari. >> you know i sleep in a ronald reagan t-shirt? >> you do? >> yes, i do.
3:40 am
>> really cozy, soft and warm. >> price? >> $29.99 from american eagle. >> look at that. all sizes are available there as well. a little crock pot, a little cozy, a little bling. >> so much. we appreciate the time. happy holidays. coming up, one of seen a lot of surprise reunions but this one right here got us. >> we had a feeling this -- we might have technical difficulties. >> boo! >> let's welcome him home early for the holidays. >> a soldier not only surprises his wife but meets his baby son for the very first time ever. that family, they're going to be here live in just a bit. i can't wait. then apples, watermelons and as asparagus good for the
3:41 am
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3:45 am
get another dozen absolutely free. thanks, krispy kreme. brian, over to you. >> they can't hear you, steve. it's the kind of sugar high you do not want. new research shows consuming anything with a certain type of sugar -- fructose, i should say -- may increase your desire to eat making you hungrier and getting you fat. dr. segal knows about this. part of our medical a team. he's here to explain. >> you don't have to worry. you are svelte. >> fructose sugar, break this down? >> two thirds of americans are obese or overweight leading to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. it is a serious problem. one of the main reasons is something called fructose. there is two kinds of sugars, glucose and fructose. fructose is the sweeter
3:46 am
one. tastes great. it doesn't shut off hunger in your brain. you eat a lot of it, insulin doesn't work as well, hunger is not shut off. we know where some of the bad guys are. we know it's in soda. we know it's in juices. >> i am surprised about gatorade. >> it is in gatorade. it has something called high fructose corn syrup which is the worst. more fructose than anything else. corn flakes has it. i'm going to tell america a secret. you are a fan of captain crunch. you grew up with captain crunch. that has a ton -- >> i thought cereal is good. that's wrong. >> it's better than eating cardboard but it has this bad stuff, high fructose corn syrup. i'm going to tell america another secret. i hated as asparagus as a kid and snow peas. now i find out they're loaded with fructose.
3:47 am
>> you were ahead of your time. >> the good guys are things like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers. >> you think i'm eating fruit, it's great, no. high in fructose. >> blueberries, strawberries, low in fructose. broccoli, low in fructose. >> we'll tell you what is good. >> cauliflower, mushrooms. tomatoes. broccoli, carrots, squash. this is what you should have had around your thanksgiving dinner table. these are much healthier vegetables than your asparagus and peas because it doesn't have the fructose. >> we add the fruit and that is the good type of vegetables. not all the fruit is good for you in terms of fructose and not all the vegetables. >> bananas, blueberries, strawberries, those berries, that's what you want to have.
3:48 am
and exercise every morning and have the good fruit, the good vegetables and lose weight. >> dr. segal, full of advice as usual. thanks so much. >> watch out for that fructose and do not have that captain crunch. >> straight ahead, she deserves a degree in chutzpah. did i say that right? >> no. chutzpah. >> the girl who is suing her parents for tuition -- >> brian, you're fired. >> plus we've seen a lot of surprise reunions but this one really got us. >> you know what? we had a feeling this might -- we might have technical difficulties. >> boo! >> welcome sergeant vandenberg home early for the holidays. >> a soldier not only surprises his wife but meets his son for the first
3:49 am
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hey. have fun, make some friends. alright. did i mention his neck pillow? (sniffs pillow) watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. this is one awesome soldier surprise to say the least. patricia thinks she's at the ducks game to skype with her husband who has been deployed for six months. she thinks he's overseas until this happens. >> we apologize, it looks like we're having trouble with the feed, we won't be able to message him right now. you know what? we had a feeling this might have technical difficultyies.
3:53 am
he's home a little early for the holidays. >> that will knock you out with happiness. the emotional homecoming was the first time he had met his son in person. sergeant robert, his wife, and their two sons, robert and travis, join us now. thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> good morning. >> it's so fun to see the boys and really just heartwarm to go see you all together. that video, i said it earlier, it knocked us out with emotion. patricia, as you're watching the screen and you see that connection cut out as you think, can you walk us through the emotion leading up to your reunion? >> well, we were so excited to be there, just any opportunity to skype with him when he's away is amazing. to have it at the honda center with the ducks is great. so when we're watching and it cuts out, i just thought oh,
3:54 am
here we go again, because it happens often that the internet cuts out. so it was a little disappointing, but i expected it to happen. >> i was so impressed in that moment. i see your smile and as a family, we owe awe debt of gratitude for your service to this nation. you were so patient and understanding in a moment where you had a glimpse of your favorite guy. sergeant, i'm going to go to you because talk about patience, we're seeing now the embrace fort first time with your baby boy right after you gave your 17-month-old a hug, and the first one in a long time. what was that like for you? >> it's incredible. i've been waiting to meet this guy for the last 2 1/2 months. it's hard not being there for his birth. the hospital was really kind about letting me face time in. so i got to see some of the birth right as he first came out. it's just been very heartwarming
3:55 am
experience being home finally and get to spend time with these guys. >> sure a lot of quality time with your best girl next to you and two handsome little boys. i see you can't take your eyes off of him. you want to memorize him all over again. >> yes, yes. i have only been here about 24, 36 hours. it's been really fun and time for the bonding experience to begin. >> you were deployed in afghanistan, returning home. your past deployments were in iraq. was this the most challenging, knowing you had missed that birth in person? >> yes, yes. my first two deployments, my wife and i were really planning ahead and working on her masters degree and working on getting everything set up for the future. and recently we started our family and had our first son and
3:56 am
then two weeks before i deployed, we got the surprise that we were pregnant with our second son. that made it just a little bit more difficult, but it's worth it. >> absolutely. we certainly cannot thank you enough. patricia, i know as mom, there is nothing better than having everybody together. we thank you for your service to this great nation. we're so grateful you're back together again and so appreciate all that you do. those boys are precious. we'll let you go back to looking at them. sergeant, thank you. >> thank you. >> wow. incredible. this coming up, more fallout over the c.i.a. interrogation report. the first navy seal ever elected to the house of representatives says its release is putting our troops at risk. he joins us next. an estate could be marking a milestone, beating new york in population. here is a hint.
3:57 am
think beaches. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it is friday, december 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. just hours before we were all set to fall off the fiscal cliff, the senate votes to keep the government running. this despite nancy pelosi's best effort to shut it down. >> i'm enormously disappointed that the white house feels the only way they can get ato go al. >> and she's not the only democrat turning her back on the president. >> like she doesn't remember she lost the majority in a matter of weeks? hey, the head of the c.i.a. defies the president to defend his agency. >> is a lot of exaggeration, misrepresentation of the facts, and therefore, i think certain agendas are being pursued and so
4:01 am
i certainly wish that this would not be happening. >> so what are the facts? you'll hear from someone who did the interrogations. >> that is going to be great. we told you how esquire magazine is demanding kevin mccarthy throw his ugly christmas suit that he premiered on this program in the garbage because it's a fashion offense. will he do it? today kevin mccarthy is here live to respond. >> with his quilt? >> it looks like pajamas. we all love it. tgif. thank goodness it's fox. >> i'm ollie north and you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> we are all reporting for duty live from studio e today. >> that is right. thanks for being with us. this new overnight, a big deal in the 11th hour, vote on $1.1 trillion spending bill to
4:02 am
avoid a government shutdown and now it's in the senate's hands. >> is this good news, bad news or a big question mark? doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we know what the final vote was last night. how did they get there? it really involved these two guys kind of marshalling their forces here. house speaker john boehner trying to get republicans on board, but perhaps more significantly, president obama working the telephone with lawmakers, something he generally doesn't seem to like to do. but he was trying to convince them to hold their noses and vote for this. apparently -- based on what we heard on the house floor, had limited effectiveness. >> i'm enormously disappointed that the white house feels that the only way they can get a bill is to go along with this. why in the last minute as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding?
4:03 am
who do you work for? wall street or the american people? this fight isn't about conservatives or liberals. it's not about democrats or republicans. it's about money and it's about power right here in washington. >> many democrats on the left upset about a couple of provisions in this spending package. one would allow banks to make riskier investments. the other would lift donor limits to political parties. some republicans, on the other hand, not thrilled on signing off on anything that involves spending more than a trillion dollars. >> while some members may object to this issue, nobody did this unilaterally. we've done this in a bipartisan fashion and frankly, it's good bill. >> reporter: and some republicans think they should have taken a harder line against the president's executive actions on immigration. looks like that's going to happen, but probably not until early next year. meantime, the senate still has to sign off on this exact package. that may happen as early as
4:04 am
today. in fact, i guess you could probably say that's likely, but their ultimate deadline is saturday night, sunday morning, at midnight. they've got to get it done by then. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. so that's breaking news this morning. they got a deal done in the house and it moves to the senate. the big news this whole week has been the c.i.a. report that was released by senate democrats. we had heard before it was released it was not going to be accurate and we heard yesterday from the guy who runs it that it wasn't. we also heard it was going to inflame the bad guys. now there is word that apparently isis has taken a look at the report and they're going to use it as a textbook. they're planning on using the methods that were released by the democrats in the senate report on some westerners and they're going to tape it and show it to awful us. >> right. -- all of us. taliban doing something similar, and china, going great detail. talk being what hypocrites america is.
4:05 am
and john brennan did something extraordinary. he had a live press conference and took questions with about 30 agents in the front row to look at him. he had met with the president earlier in the day and gave the president a personal daily briefing, at which time in my opinion, he seemed to hop among noise his remarks from early outrage yesterday, i thought he was going on both sides. >> this is what he had to say. >> the previous administration faced agonizing choices about how to pursue al-qaeda and prevent additional terrorist attacks against our country. while facing fears of further attacks and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. there were no easy answers. and whatever your views are on e.i.t.'s, our nation and in particular this agency, did a lot of things right during this difficult time. there is a lot of exaggeration,
4:06 am
misrepresentation of the facts, and therefore, i think certain agendas are being pursued. so i certainly wish that this would not be happening. >> right. he did say that some c.i.a. officials provided imprecise information to congress. but he said that the c.i.a. did not methodically lie to congress. also we got to point out, he was very clear, mistakes were made. but despite what the democrats said in their $40 million report, this thing worked. he said also keep in mind, back then america thought al-qaeda was about to hit us again. but the underlying point that is the most important foundational point is it worked. karl rove outlined some of that last night. listen. >> gave up his brother who was in charge of the effort to attack the west coast of the united states and we swept up 17 members of his cell and they were in training probably to use aircraft to attack places on the west coast.
4:07 am
the idea that somehow or another these techniques -- we knew about canary wharf and heathrow and on military bases abroad from people who were subjected to these techniques and provided useful information. >> you know, brennan doubled down on that. he said for someone to say there was no intelligence value that came from those detainees once subjected to those enhanced interrogation techniques lacks any foundation at all. he said again that he wishes they just asked someone who was actually there at the time in the c.i.a. practicing these interrogation techniques, someone who knows that quite well is tony schaefer. he describes exactly that. >> it was a very much a 24 type scenario. we had to peak him within 72 hours because of a number of things ongoing. most important of which in 2003, we were still worried about terror plots against the homeland. we took him to a remote fire base. he was isolated, completely isolated. that's an effective technique used to break people. and bill, we started, we arrived
4:08 am
at helicopter at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, woke him up and started interrogating him. sleep deprivation is very much necessary and clearly coercive. and over a three-day period after going through figuring out what his greatest fear was and let me be very clear on this, we hammered the heck out of his psychological fears. we coerced him psychologically over a three-day period, sleep deprivation, most of the time because of his fear, isolation, letting him have time to think. in the end he was so broken, the last morning, he was sweating. we could tell he hadn't slept at all. and everything we needed to know came pouring out. >> and the big question is if we get zawahiri tomorrow what, do we do? we don't know where we're going to put him. for anybody to think we're looking back at these wars like they're in our rumor, you're not pay -- rearview mirror, you're not paying attention.
4:09 am
>> he was focused on the mission, he said the agency is focused on the mission ahead. not if we are in the situation again -- >> we're still in it. >> given the fact that one of the most important missing components of the senate report is the fact that at the time, they don't have historical context. back after 9-11, nobody was saying to the c.i.a. why aren't it -- what are you doing? they were saying, why ain't you doing more? >> exactly. >> why aren't you pulling out all the stops? well, they were. now we know the stops weren't pretty. but as we learn from the top spy, effective. >> historic that we actually got to see that live. >> first live press conference from langly in history. >> unknown and unknowable. those were the two buzz terms i heard from john brennan yesterday. what's up, heather? >> are you following the storm out west? >> take a look. washington state, it is no match
4:10 am
for mother nature. wow. that house crumbling right into the waves thanks to that massive storm that is being called a pineapple express because all the winds are coming in from the west. maria molina told me about that. it's coming from the hawaii area. just a few weeks ago, the house stood blocks from the beach. the homeowner says when it was built back in the 1970s, you could barely hear the water. now it's been overtaken by it. a fox news alert. this is a horrific story. it is nothing less than savage. sources say that terrorists have beheaded four christian children in iraq, all of them apparently under the age of 15. this being done by isis. according to the leader of the anglican church in baghdad, it's because the children would not renounce jesus and convert to
4:11 am
islam. it's bad enough being stuck on a plane, but these people were stuck wandering around the tarmac for eight hours. united airlines flight was supposed to land in sydney, australia, but there was debris, so the pilot was forced to land at a smaller airport. it's smaller. the passengers had to wait for new pilots to be flown in since the current one had logged too many hours to fly again thanks to that delay. and this gal, she deserved a degree in hutspa. we are talking about the girl who is suing her parents for tuition despite not talking to them for two years now. she now wants her mom and dad held in contempt of court. 21-year-old kaitlyn richie sued her parents, who are divorced, for $16,000 a year in college tuition. a judge ruled in her favor, but her parents won't pay up until she actually starts speaking to
4:12 am
them. richie is taking them back to court. she wants them fined $100 a day until they pay up. boy. those are your headline. >> the parents are not going to give her any money until she starts talking to them. >> of course. >> it seems fair. >> we come from the parental perspective. this coming up, top democrat says the c.i.a. should issue an apology to our enemies for its enhanced interrogation techniques. the first navy seal ever elected to the u.s. house of representatives is up next to react. excellent. then this class wasn't offered when we were in college. professors paid to teach students about white privilege. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
he is the first navy seal to ever be elected to the u.s. house of representatives. he's about to begin his term with some tough talk for democrats. i'm talking about montana congressman-elect ryan. >> inke. he's saying putting our troops at risk and undermining our relationships with our allies by publishing this famed c.i.a.
4:17 am
enhanced interrogation report. joining us now is that very congressman. your thoughts first about the c.i.a.'s pushback yesterday and the release to begin with on tuesday. >> i think you're correct. it was very partisan. there was no recommendations on it. i agree with bob kerry, former seal team one medal of honor winner, highly critical of the report. it does put our allies and the citizens abroad at greater risk. for what purpose? certainly we're in an area now where they're pushing miranda rights on the battlefield and it does affect our ability to gain information quickly and protect our troops that are in harm's way. >> it's very important to know that everyone at gitmo has got a lawyer now and some of those lawyers had their points of view put in this report. but there was no c.i.a. people there. amazing. i want you to hear this from msnbc, this is from a democratic congresswoman who saw this and wants an apology.
4:18 am
>> every single page has something in the summary that shocked me. whether it was the rehydration anally or the holding people, keeping them sleep deprived for 180 hours with their hands over their heads and shackled. i mean, that is not what this couny is about. we've got to shut this down. >> should the agency issue an apology? >> absolutely. >> so we're going to apologize. that sound good to you? >> i think the democrats should apologize in this one because what they did again, they're putting our citizens that are abroad at risk. they're again putting pressure on our allies that are helping us. there is no context of 9-11, what happened. do we remember what happened on 9-11? these people are evil. when you're beheading children and driving commercial aircraft into buildings and killing our
4:19 am
citizens, innocent citizens, you got to put it in context. these people are evil. >> right. this isn't in past tense. this is a threat we're still under and our enemies are fueled. for example, iran. today the u.s. government is a symbol of tyranny against humanity. even the american people are faced with cruelty. russia, we urge the human rights community to bring perpetrators to justice. the u.n. is thinking about bringing up charges on us. what are we doing? >> we're in full retreat overseas. our allies don't trust us. our enemies don't fear us. america is strong and we're going to get through this. but i think we're going to have to stand up and congress is going to have to exercise its constitutional authority. certainly we have a duty when our kids and i'll say our kids because my daughter is a former navy diver. my son-in-law is an active duty seal. it is our children that are at war. a lot of cases, and we owe to make sure we give them the right training, the right expertise,
4:20 am
the right rules of engagement to win decisively. >> my feeling is if you don't like what the c.i.a. did, find out what worked, keep it internal. there is no need to do this externally. by the way, in a survey, will isis try to launch an attack on the u.s. soon in 81% think yes. if we have someone in our midst that could give us that answer when and how it's coming what, are we going to do to get the answer out of them? >> you have agents overseas that are putting their lives at risk every day to keep this country safe. you have troops, magnificent troops committed doing the same every day. you can't lose sight of that, how important it is to make sure they know that we have their back. we need less lawyers and more warriors on the battlefield. >> did you that already and helping us in washington. good luck in january. have a great christmas.
4:21 am
thank you so much. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> straight ahead, do you ever feel like this around christmas? ♪ deck the halls with beaus of holly
4:22 am
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4:24 am
7:24. time for news by the numbers. first, 19.6 million. that's florida's population today. but it's creeping up on new york. new census data shows the sunshine state could soon take over the empire state's slot as the third most populous. next, 1795. that's the year on a time capsule just removed from massachusetts state house. the box put there by samuel adams and paul revere. it will be cracked open next
4:25 am
week. that will be great. 70 grand. that's the price tag for a pub date with timothy cardinal dolan here in new york city. he recently auctioned up for a personal tour of old pubs around manhattan's east village. it's well-known the cardinal likes beer. elisabeth? >> so do i. do you ever feel like this around christmas? >> 'tis the season to be jolly despite nothing going your way. >> i'm allowed. i just can't do it all. >> you're a mom. you were made for this. >> no need to dread these crazy christmas moments anymore. we have the ultimate survival guide just for you. she's the author of "scary mommies guide to surviving the holidays," the scary mommy herself, jill. good morning and welcome. so you have over a million followers on twitter and facebook. 30 million page views a month
4:26 am
there. we have a lot of ears listening. a lot of moms are panicking this time of year. break down the survival guide. >> the overall rule is you have a sense of humor because nothing is going to go as planned. >> but it doesn't feel funny sometimes, right? >> you have to have that perspective. you can either laugh about it or cry about it in the closet by yourself. so it's lighten up. >> let's start with the first thing that everyone tries to crank out. that's the holiday card, the christmas card, and the perfect picture. you say? >> there is no perfect picture. with kids, it's impossible. the pictures where somebody is crying, they're funny and refreshing when you're look for these glossy, smiley faces. so lighten up. >> you have three kids? >> i do. >> so we've been there with the kids? , you don't even try at all. >> so there is a sense of humor for you. what about when people say, can i help you? but you really want to do it yourself? >> no. accept the help. whatever the help is. just accept it. somebody wants to bake something, take it. cook something, clean something, delegate.
4:27 am
have other people do things. why not? >> okay. all right. i'm going to work on that 'cause i'm not great at delegating. >> neither am i. but i've started and it's so much better. >> i'll give a try. you say so. you say don't stress the small stuff. i'm having a hard time finding small stuff. >> it's all small in perspective. a kid walks in and you're eating the santa cookie or an ornament falls, it's small. that's not what matters. what matters is creating memories for our kids. that's the important stuff. everything else is pretty small. >> we made some adjustments this year that have been difference makers. you say take short cuts. is that giving up? >> no, it's not at all. but i don't bake. i'm a terrible baker. so i'll get a cake from a grocery store and frost it. and it takes a quarter of the time u about it's just so much easier. >> do you pretend like you made it? >> i might. nothing wrong with that. >> i poured open a bag of cookies and put them.
4:28 am
a little flour, looks believable. >> with everything going on, and i think moms aim to please, how do you keep it all in perspective during this time of year when there is a lot of extra pressure? >> my kids force me to. it's not something that comes naturally to me. i want everything to be perfect, but my kids don't believe that. nothing is perfect with them. they remind me again and again and again that it's life and the funny things are the little things i'll remember. >> great tips today. awful your followers will write us. let us know your tips if you have any and what you thought of jill's. the scary mommy. not so scary at all. great tips this time of year, which can be scary. >> absolutely. >> thank you. steve, are you going to cut some corners and fake like you baked a cake? >> you thought i didn't make the cake? >> well, just saying. it was extra good. maybe kathy made it. >> kathy is a great cook. >> she is. >> my wife. thanks. if a traffic cop pulls me over, i can be sure i haven't been
4:29 am
singled out because of my race. that question on an assignment stirring up controversy. professors paid to teach students about the white privilege problem. we're going to tell but that straight ahead. then bet you've never seen the grand canyon like this. what left it covered in clouds and what a picture. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:32 am
♪ >> shot of the morning. you've all seen the ugly christmas sweater. if you love these today, is your day. it's the national ugly christmas sweater day. i thought we celebrated this earlier. >> no, we actually saw the person from the ugly sweater web
4:33 am
site. of course, you've seen our own kevin mccarthy sporting the ugly christmas suit. he's coming up to defend it shortly. but in the meantime, we want to see yours. >> that's right. we can't wait. e-mail us, tweet us, or head over to facebook and show us your ugliest christmas sweaters or suits or skirts. >> does it cheat to go to a store, put it on, take a picture and send it in? >> a lot of people have them in their closets right now. maybe it's from a couple years ago. so it's really gotten ugly. or we met the woman who has been selling them for a couple of years. you can actually buy them. >> i have a scenario, bought someone a beautiful sweater, you loved it. and they're going to be on our show with the ugly christmas sweater you had no idea they turned it ugly. >> oh, no. because you thought it was nice? >> yes. >> there goes the friendship. >> we are national. >> i want to tell you about what's going on on a couple of college campuses down at lone
4:34 am
star college. female professor given what's happened with michael brown and eric garner and their deaths, she is requiring students to complete a white privilege quiz to figure out how privileged you are. so there is a handout. there is a quiz, a checklist. one of the students called one of the local stations down in houston and said that he felt singled out and uncomfortable, didn't feel right answering the questions. here is the thing about this particular white privilege quiz, it's for a math assignment. a math class. >> if you want an idea of some of the sample questions. we have three of them here. here is one, i can arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time. there is one. another is. >> i can go shopping most of the lone, pretty sure i will not be followed. >> here is another one. if a traffic cop pulls me over or if the irs audits my tax return, i can be sure i haven't
4:35 am
been singled out because of my race. so that's going on down in -- >> just my party. >> there you go. let's go to the university of notre dame and they're offering a seminar coming up in the spring on white privilege as well. >> i think it's interesting here. if you're a parent and you have your student at a school just to be able to really hear this is going on t should be about bringing people together, shouldn't it? >> yeah. >> singling out because of race? >> particularly a school like notre dame, which is a school of privilege. you're talking about that. the fellow who is the president of the notre dame college republicans, mark, was on with bill o'reilly last night talking about just this. >> it's a sociology course, although none of the teachers are professors at all, nor do they have any background in sociology or africana studies.
4:36 am
they will pay for students who have to be approved to gain access to the course. they will then receive funding from the university to travel to louisville, kentucky, for a white privilege conference, which is a whole nother issue. >> by the way that, young man went on to say, this isn't education, it's indoctrination. the course says students will experience a personal transformation and become more aware of injustices and become better equipped with tools to disrupt institutional and world wide systems of oppression. >> maybe they're going to offer a minor in white guilt. we'll have to see if that transfers. would you write a $55,000 check -- probably 55,000 to get courses like that? >> we're standing by with those and we'll read them. we're going to turn to heather with more. >> good morning. related to that story is this one coming out of washington. there was a walkout on capitol hill and it was not because of a budget battle. more than 150 black congressional staffers and
4:37 am
lawmakers leading a silent protest against the michael garner grand jury decisions following a prayer they held. they marched down the capitol steps in that hands up don't shoot pose. the protest comes as a new fox poll shows that 62% of voters believe that race relations have gotten worse since president obama took office. new york's democratic governor, andrew cuomo, ordering insurance companies cover the cost of gender reassignment surgery and use obamacare. the rule is making new york the ninth state to mandate that coverage. this is simply disgusting. taxpayers paying their salary, but that hasn't stopped two public defenders from appearing in an anti-cop rap video. it's called hands up and it encourages african-americans to kill police officers. but real new york city public
4:38 am
defenders are seen act not guilty this video. the attorneys claim they didn't know the final project would show police with guns to their heads. they've asked the rappers to take it down, hoping that the rappers will oblige. if you've been to the grand canyon, you've probably seen it like this. but some lucky visitors got a chance to see this weather phenomenon. the grand canyon blanketed with clouds. look at that. it is called a total cloud inversion and it happens when clouds are forced down by warm air and simply can't go up. weather experts say it only happens once every few years and it won't last long. it's expected to clear out within the next few days. how neat is that? hopefully you're there long enough to see this. >> we came to see the grand canyon. you saw a great big cloud bank instead. >> incredible. you know who would love if, maria molina. she would. >> she brings sunshine. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to all of you. we have some extreme weather coming out of california.
4:39 am
we've been telling you about an extreme storm system impacting that area. one of the strongest that's been reported in several years. unfortunately now out of the ventura county area, we do have reports of a mud slide. take a look at these images coming out of that area. there are also reports that people are trapped in their cars and in their homes. we'll continue to update you with this breaking news situation. again, this is at california. the ventura county area. just outside of los angeles. taking a look at the radar image, you can see that rain is still coming down across parts of california and it's forecast to continue to do so throughout the day today. some of the higher elevations as well across the central and southern sierras looking at significant snowfall rates of up to two inches per hour with several feet expected. this moisture is very welcome news across california. we have extreme to exceptional drought conditions. we need that moisture. but unfortunately, it's a little bit too much too quick complete that's why we're looking at that mud slide and rock slide risk across parts of california,
4:40 am
especially in recently burned areas. let's head back inside. >> all right. maria molina on the streets where she's got some boisterous fans. >> she held steady. >> and the people behind her are ready to deal with the chilly cold. >> hi, mom. >> that's right. this coming up, forget about the nsa, congress sneak not guilty a last minute change to a bill that will invade the privacy of every american. peter johnson, jr. breaking down the newest power grab in washington for you next. then we told you how esquire magazine is demanding our own kevin mccarthy throw his ugly christmas suit in the garbage because it's a fashion offense. will he do it? this morning he's here live to respond. >> oh, wrong suit. >> first, the question of the day. born on this date in 1975, this big bang theory actress is best known for her role on that hit
4:41 am
1990s show, "blossom." who is she? you know who she is. e-mail us. you'll be today's friday winner. ♪ ♪
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4:44 am
department of justice giving the green light to indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana on their lands. but only if they follow the same federal guidelines laid out in the four states that have legalized it. this means tribes cannot sell pot to minors or transport it to states where it's illegal.
4:45 am
here is something to stop your munchies. researchers develop ago new chemical that creates natural gas inside your gut. yes. steve, don't question these stories. so you don't feel as hungry. in the study, those who sprinkled the chemical on their food were less likely to gain weight. i think it's called beano. >> they've invented something to give you gas. thank you for that update. forget about reining in the nsa. americans have a whole new problem with privacy and listen to this, congress sneaking in a last-minute amendment to an intel bill authorizing the, quote, acquisition, retention, and dissemination of all communications data gathered from u.s. citizens. that's all of us, meaning your private communications, not private anymore. so now that congress has the authority to scoop up all your data, all your cell phone and text what, are they going to do with it? peter johnson, jr.? >> good morning. let's look at what congress didç
4:46 am
and this really christmas surprise. it was pointed out by one congressman, congressman who led the call on congress started ringing the bell and said, we've got to stop this. but congress didn't and they voted it in and it's going to the president. shear what he wrote. the senate inserted the provision into the intelligence reauthorization bill late last night. that is no way for congress to address the sensitive, private information of our constituents, especially when we are asked to expand our government's surveillance powers. so under executive order, 1, 2, 3, 33, that was issued in 1981 by president reagan, that allows foreign surveillance of american communications. that is not subject to subpoena, to court oversight, to anything whatsoever. >> the key there, though, peter, was foreign. it said foreign. >> but if it is incidental, if
4:47 am
they incidentally, if they coincidentally, if they just happen to scoop up your e-mail, your cell phone conversation, your telephone conversation, then the federal government, through the powers of executive order going back to the 1980s, they can keep it. and so congress instead of saying, hey, let's trim this executive power of the president of the united states, they ratified it. look what the congress did. first in the senate voice vote then in 300 vote majority in the house of representatives. private communications of americans obtained without a court order may be given to law enforcement. currently such surveillance under executive authority only. now when the senate inserted that provision, they will send this to the president on a voice vote from the senate and they will give the president the right to hold those documents, those recordings, that telephone
4:48 am
meta data for five years. instead of saying, you can hold it for one day, mr. president, congress says five years. >> what's troubling about that is it says there that they can give it to local law enforcement. so they might have scooped up your information by accident. now by statute they can hang on to it and can say, hey look here, they're dealing drugs or using drugs or admitting they're cheating on their taxes. people get in trouble. >> this is one of the most astounding stories of the year. congress went into the dumper, absolutely on this. they need to call this back. they need to say to this president, we've gotten this wrong. we got it wrong in the senate and in the house. in the house they weren't even gog have a vote. they were gog have -- going to have a voice vote. >> troubling news. >> it's not good news. >> have a good weekend. kevin mccarthy up next. he's got ratings for this week's biggest movies. of course he's going to respond to the call to ditch his ugly
4:49 am
christmas suit. first on this date in 1787, pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the u.s. constitution. 1953, chuck yeager reached the mach of 2.43 in the x 1. and in 1982, "man eater" by hall and oates, number one song in america.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question of the day. the answer is myam bihalak.
4:53 am
>> i loved her. >> she's 39 today. congratulations to our winner from adele, georgia. you're going to get a copy of brian's book "george washington's secret six." >> in paperbecome -- paperback. kevin mccarthy joined us a couple weeks ago and we told but the christmas suit. he decided to wear it. esquire magazine says you have to throw it away. it is a tragedy. >> they're wrong. i threw in my real suit as we did in the tease earlier. today i changed it up. doing the chucks today. they're the most important part to the suit, in my opinion. >> they keep you grounded. >> they pulled it together. i'm happy with the way it looks. thank you for letting me wear it on national television. >> did you buy it off the rack? >> we bought it. >> by the way, i did my interviews last week in this suit and every actor loved it. i walked into the room and jamie fox took about 30 selfies on his cell phone. i'm like jamie, i need to sit
4:54 am
down and do my interview. i'm a serious journalist. >> jamie fox is the guy. he is the guy from fox who reviews movies. let's talk about "exodus." big, big, big, movie. >> sir ridley scott, one of the greatest of our time, this is a huge epic film. christian bail plays moses. it's very strong first half. christian bale really carries the movie. the problem with the film is it's extremely overlong. i will say this, i know this sounds crazy, i grew up in a house where my grandfather would show us the ten commandments every single year. when moses parts the red sea in that movie, one of the greatest special effects ever. the way they did that was they had thousands of gallons of water in a tank and reversed the shot n. this movie, it's all computer graphics and it doesn't look as good as 1956. personally. it didn't have the epic feeling. so for me, the movie itself is
4:55 am
three out of five. i think bale is solid overall. but i left the theater feeling underwhelmed. skip the 3d. i will say if you're a fan of the story, obviously, check it out. >> let's go over top five. >> chris rock. rock script. allen directing a that's what this is. wildly entertaining, hilarious. it's about a comedian who basically wants to be taken seriously and he wrote the film and directed the movie. i gave it four out of five. it's very funny. we all know he's been very controversial recently. i asked him about that line and crossing that line as a comedian how does he feel about that, does he gauge how people will feel. >> i'm still just trying to make people laugh. and i'm also just trying to not be boring. you know what i mean? sometimes people can make you laugh and be boring. i never want to be one of those guys that you're laughing, but you don't remember anything when
4:56 am
it's over. my goal is always to be remembered. that's what -- i'm looking for those type of jokes and those jokes will always walk the line. >> that's chris walk. four out of five. very raunchy. don't see it if you don't like raunchy movies. >> don't bring little children. >> yeah. there were scenes i was laughing 'til i cried. but very adult humor. >> that and "exodus," very different. >> very different. >> thanks. wonderful to see you. >> merry christmas to you. i love you guys so much. >> coming up straight ahead, kevin will be gone, the suit will be away. somehow we'll forge ahead. we still have a big show straight ahead. the name is geraldo rivera. need i say more? he says the c.i.a. report was released because staffers didn't want it to go to waste. he explains what he calls self-inflicted wounds. >> as he comes in. we're going to bring you this. trace adkins is live and what he
4:57 am
just did for our veterans will remind you of the real reason of christmas. thank you for those kisses. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. it is friday, december 12. a fox news alert. torrential rain cause ago major mud slide. people trapped in cars and homes falling right into the water. the very latest just in to "fox & friends" for you. >> there goes that house. in an unprecedented live response to the democrats' senate torture report as they refer to it, the head of the c.i.a. defies the president and defends the c.i.a. >> our nation and in particular this agency, did a lot of things right during this difficult time to keep this country strong and secure. >> this morning a lot of fallout over the senate democrat report. plus, lebron james making
5:01 am
this bold statement on the court. i can't breathe. but geraldo says that shirt really should read, be a better father. he's here to explain or else i wouldn't have read that lead. mornings are better with friends. >> this is trace adkins. you're watching "fox & friends". ♪ ♪ >> trace adkins, friend of this program, will be with us this hour. interesting, you're looking at a hotel in nashville where he pulled a -- he acted as the undercover boss, then he got to be the boss and he had a big surprise for the troops and a big surprise for the people who, as you can see, checked it out. wait a minute. you're trace adkins! >> he's the undercover boss, 6' 6 with a cowboy hat. that's subtle. >> i have news for you, you
5:02 am
can't beat undercover boss either. >> you look like that guy. >> the guys at the c.i.a. are undercover and so it's extraordinary that the top guy at the c.i.a. came out yesterday, william brennan, first time they ever had a live press conference and what he said, among other things, is that despite what the senate democrat report says on interrogation techniques, they did work. we did get good stuff and it did lead to bin laden. here he is defending the bush administration. listen. >> the previous administration faced agonizing choices about how to pursue al-qaeda and prevent additional terrorist attacks against our country. while facing fears of further attacks and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. there were no easy answers. whatever your views are on e.i.t.'s, our nation and in particular this agency, did a lot of things right during this
5:03 am
difficult time to keep this country strong and secure. >> your reaction? >> well, i totally agree with him. i could have -- they released an executive summary. i could have given you more concise summary. mine would have said we were angry. we were afraid. we did some bad things. we don't do those bad things anymore and we're sorry and move on. that would have been the end of it. why do we inflict this wound on ourselves? why do we give aid and comfort to the enemy, give them propaganda to use against us? i just don't understand why in the world -- what purpose does it serve? >> you've heard it and i have, we want to show that we correct things, that we grow from situations like it and we make a mistake, we are so great that we tell everybody about it. >> our world and global reputation really is what was trying to be reclaimed, right? >> i just saw "zero dark thirty," it's all in the movie. >> it is. >> what are they telling me that i haven't already seen over and
5:04 am
over again? why is it that only our country has to be self-glad lating. we were at war with a terrible, diabolical enemy. the tomb, the mass grave of 3,000 of our friends and neighbors and family members was smoldering downtown new york. come on of the give me a break. they worked and diane feinstein, got bless her, terrific senator, said over and over again, my staff worked 5 1/2 years on this. we worked 5 1/2 years on this. it was almost as if now that she's the outgoing chairman of the senate intelligence committee, she didn't want to waste her staff's work. so you had to publish it before the republicans -- >> they were live tweeting throughout the whole press conference. that wasn't her. >> the report is a waste. geraldo, we heard before it was released that it was going to be one sided. we knew that. political, dumping it before the republicans take over. but john kerry said hey, diane
5:05 am
feinstein, do you mind timing not good because this could be bad. now we're learning that apparently isis is using the report as a textbook. what they plan on doing is taking some of the things they learned about in the report that is being made public and they're going to do it to a westerner and they're going to tape it and they're going to put it out there. >> that's horrifying, but it's not to me as significant as hearing from china calling the united states of america hypocritical or russia or iran. hearing from -- >> those countries aren't going to kill anybody. >> why are we more intent on looking at ourselves and our own departments as the enemy when we're facing a real one, and the men and women in the c.i.a. as said by director brennan, they've been working to keep us safe for 13 years from another attack. >> all i can say and i hate to even ponder the thought, if we weren't a divided government, if we weren't a divided country f it wasn't democrats against republicans, this never would have happened because this was not in the best interest of the united states of america. >> this is the thing that people
5:06 am
should understand. this is not vietnam or korea or world war ii. we're still in the middle of this. they're more lethal and formidable now than ten years ago, 15 years ago when they started. number two, if we get zawahiri tomorrow and the c.i.a. says we look at everything we did and the thing that was most effective might be something that is not that palatable to the american people. but we know an attack is coming. do the american people want the attack to happen because we are so high and mighty with our values that we're not going to put him if a stress position, we're not going to keep him up at night, we're not going to put the temperature high? >> i think you have to be careful what we embrace at this point. now we have done this. we have admitted it. we have moved on from it. when you listen to senator john mccain, the only member of the congress of the united states who has actually been tortured and hear him talk about it, i absolutely reject the notion that we have to do these tactic tactics. i understand, i've been in plenty of police precincts. i understand how confessions are
5:07 am
sometimes wrought. more often than not they are true, but my goodness, what happens if they are not? i don't want to go there. i think a we're doing a great job with our signal intelligence, with our paid informants. the drones have really evened the strategic battlefield in the sense that i totally embrace the drones. that has rendered al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan, for instance, absolutely impotent and in crennel as well because they can't keep their head out without fear that the sky will erupt -- >> you've got the president of the united states says what they did during the bush administration was torture and it's unamerican. but it's okay for me to go ahead and have a drone kill off a family right there. >> i'm not sure -- >> no innocent victims were killed during the interrogation process. >> we have vetted the drone strike targets mar pain-stakingly than any military force in the history -- >> there is collateral damage. >> there is almost inevitably
5:08 am
collateral damage, but it's not as if we're shooting artillery and wiping out a neighborhood to get one guy. we're far more specific than that. >> i agree with you. i'm just saying one is questioning khalid shaikh mohammed. the other is a bomb blowing off. >> what about lebron. we're going to shift topics to another heated debate. lebron, do you say come on, lebron, with the shirt that says, i can't breathe, or do you say right on, lebron? >> let me answer that this way: there is no doubt that too many young black men are being killed unnecessarily in encounters with police. there is similarly no doubt as i debated o'reilley last week that, too many black moms are more fearful of the cops when their kids go out at night than they are the crooks. that's the reality. >> that's how they feel? >> i believe that is certifiably
5:09 am
true. i believe, therefore, that police should be equipped with nonlethal weapons. i've been advocating the return to the taser, taser, taser. demille tearize the police. tasers, not tanks. now let's get to lebron and i can't breathe. if every single unfortunate, tragic death of a young black man at the hands of a cop was eliminated today, would there be fewer black, brown and other minority families in crisis today? i submit to you that the families in crisis are in crisis not because of the interface between cops and young black men, but because of family dysfunction, fathers being irresponsible. that is a much more difficult, complex situation than wanting to advocate against police violence toward young black men. so where is the -- i understand,
5:10 am
lebron embraces this issue. it's an easy issue where the victims, it fits right into the civil rights mentality of the naacp, yet again we're the victim. let's fix this problem. but what about the much more difficult problem of we're the problem. we're the problem when it comes to the disfunction. we're the problem when it comes to fathers not being responsible. >> so that's the t-shirt you should wear? >> that's the t-shirt he should wear. that's fine. i can't breathe this week. next week, if you're going to be a walking billboard, next week, be a better father to your son. let's be men and women and god bless them, the millenials who are protesting now. if they really want to improve the world, okay, this week, this is a very important issue. no more police violence toward young black men. next week, let's deal with the bigger issue, instead of going with the low hang fruit, the bigger issue, okay, how do we keep more dads at home? how do we have a father's name on every single birth certificate? geraldo's law. cops have tasers, but let's have
5:11 am
dads stay at home, go to a little league game g to a pta meeting, the hard job, the heavy lifting of being a good parent. that's what i'd love to see these role models embrace. >> exactly. >> could be a powerful message there. >> the greatest basketball player of our age and he can use that platform if he wants to for some great good. not that they can't breathe isn't. >> michael jordan called and he said he is. i'm going to get back to him later. >> have a great weekend. >> brian's equip, michael jordan called you? >> no, i'm just saying michael jordan is better than lebron. that's all i'm saying. >> geraldo, thank you very much. time for headlines with heather. >> good morning. great to see you. let's start with this storm along the west coast. it is a fox news alert. overnight, heavy rain blamed for mud slides in california. rocks and debris surrounding homes in ventura county just north of los angeles and some people had to be rescued so far. we are also learning at this
5:12 am
hour that part of the pacific coast highway is blocked and has been shut down. there are reports, early reports that drivers may be trapped in their cars. this is just the latest damage that's caused by that pineapple express storm. a home in washington state, no match for that surf. look. that house crumbling right into the waves, a victim of shore line eroding. we will watch this story throughout the morning. a fire on a cruise ship in the caribbean leaving three people dead. it was docked in saint lucia when the fire started inside the engine room. a crew member, two contractors were killed. there were more than 600 passengers on board. they were forced off the ship and the rest of the cruise had to be canceled. no word on what sparked that fire. and this thing was a layover from hell. passengers stranded on a tarmac
5:13 am
for hours in a 30-hour travel nightmare. a united airlines plane was supposed to land in sydney, australia. but there was debris on the runway. the pilot was then forced to land at a small nearby airport. passengers were stranded on the tarmac for eight hours. you could see all the pictures right here. it was a domestic airport. so that airport was unable to process them through customs and immigration. to make matters worse, they had to wait hours for new pilots to be flown in since the current ones had logged too many hours thanks to that day. those ar headlines. by the way, this weekend, army-navy game. >> all right. thanks, heather. this coming up, hacked e-mails show the hollywood elite making fun of the president of the united states, saying he probably only likes movies with african-americans in them. but the mainstream media, they barely are covering it. is it because they're democrats? we report and you decide. then they took on one of the country's biggest banks and are now a million dollars richer. but you can learn from their
5:14 am
story straight ahead. ♪ ♪
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
more fallout this morning from the sony hacking scandal. apologies now from some hot shot hollywood liberals behind movies
5:18 am
like "money ball" and "captain phillips." according to hacked e-mails, sony executive, mocked the president, saying he only liked movie with black comedians. where is the outrage there? what if the two were not liberal hollywood heavyweights, but conservatives? fox news contributor joins me now to discuss. good morningo you, richard. >> good morning. i had to get up in the early morning darkness because of -- if these two knew, i would never work in this town again. >> discuss this with me because if this were in fact a conservative singular producer, never mind two are exchanging these e-mails what, would the case be? would the liberal elite media grab and stick their claws into this a little bit more? >> for words, paula deen, donald
5:19 am
sterling. these two are getting a bye. rudin is a very powerful producer in hollywood. amy pascals the co-chair of sony pictures entertainment. now, both of them are infamous for their tempers and for really just being very cunning and biting. so these leaked e-mails are no surprise. everyone knows that they have very big egos and say what they want to say and get away with it. after all, it's sony pictures and they rule this town. >> but their purse and wallet have done talking and will that grant them some immunity moving forward? when you look at ruden's political donations, $12,000 since 1992 to democratic causes. and pascal's political donations, $5,000 to president obama's reelection campaign, and over $30,000 to the democratic national committee. is this the new indulgence?
5:20 am
>> both of these two, scott and amy, were in their leaked e-mails where they were making fun of the president and really being racist, both of these two were talking about an event that they were going to which was a fund-raiser for president obama. he was coming to l.a. as he always does, to rake in the cash and these two are his big supporters. so the big supporters were caught making fun. new, amy has scrambled and immediately called jesse jackson and al sharpton and so she is trying to come to the self-appointed ones to try to get them to forgive her and we'll see if the hollywood allows it. the hollywood media are very threatened by these two and they will be out the second that they start really going after her. so it remains to be seen if the media will be brave enough. >> well said. richard, we thank you for being here. this is one hot story that only some are brave enough to cover. thank you for that.
5:21 am
>> thanks. this now, country superstar trace adkins about to do something incredible for our vets. he's here to reveal what that is coming up next. you're not going to want to miss it.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
he's a country music superstar, to say the least. why is trace adkins working behind the desk of this country inn and suites? because he's undercover for a very special reason. >> that reason he was there to surprise vets and present this $50,000 check from the carlson family foundation to the wounded warrior project. >> he then performed an impromptu show for the vets. ♪ i'm offering a this simple
5:25 am
phrase to kids from one to 92 ♪ ♪ . >> trace adkins joins us live right now. trace, what a wonderful series of events. you must be a nice guy. >> not really. i sounded terrible, too, didn't i? >> no, you sounded great. what i understand, and this is all a surprise, you're doing undercover boss thing. i'm read not guilty one of the local papers that yesterday when you were working the front desk, you got in trouble with the manager because you were charging people too much money. >> yeah, i was. >> why? >> i was getting my cut, man. >> they had to do something -- >> in my defense, they didn't tell me how much i was supposed to be charging. soy just ballpark -- so i just ballparked. i think i went too high. >> just to be clear, you hopped behind the desk and you were pretending as if you were the guy running the hotel? >> sort of.
5:26 am
i mean -- yeah, they got rid of me fairly quickly, though. >> i don't know. because you had such an act of kindness following that. when we hear $50,000 gift that you were able to present from the carlson family to the wounded warriors project, that had to feel incredible to be part of that. tell us. >> yeah. country inn and suites and the carlson family foundation teamed up with us on our christmas tour. so every stop they provide a big tree and we have a big tree on stage and we've been leaving the tree in every city at someplace. we've left them in women's shelters and homeless shelters and rescue missions, just children's hospitals, different places. it's been such a great thing. i really appreciate country inn and suites and carlson family foundation for chip not guilty this year and doing that. it's been a lot of fun. >> absolutely. i understand you have a show tonight. where is it? >> here at the theater of
5:27 am
performing arts in nashville. >> of all the music, and we're big fans of yours. you've been on our summer concert series. >> you guys like him. >> you've been performing for years for us. what is different about singing christmas music than just a regular trace adkins stuff? >> it's not nasty. >> it's hard to sneak in, i'm drinking beer or something in that. >> you're on your best behavior. >> yeah. it's not a whole lot of that in there. none of that. >> do you have a favorite, trace? >> you know, a couple of my favorites are everybody else's favorites. "the christmas song" and" white christmas." those are a couple of my absolute favorites.. >> it's probably too windy for to you sing some of that. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ >> i love that song. >> we all love it. trace, real quick, what was it like growing up? what was the one gift that stood out for you at christmas? what was it like at the adkins home when santa came?
5:28 am
>> bedlam, like every other home. i had two brothers. yeah. we woke up early christmas morning and immediately began to tear the house apart. but i remember when i was ten years old and i got my first real guitar, that was a big deal. i'll never forget that. >> and at ten, he was 6' 2. >> you've been making it memorable for everybody. >> yeah, 75 pounds. >> christmas changed his life. thanks for sharing that story with us. and really, all the goodness that you brought to so many. thanks. >> thank you for joining us and merry christmas and have a great show tonight in tennessee. >> thank you. good to see y'all. >> that was trace adkins. smell him. >> by the way -- i'll miss trace adkins. i'm sure he'll dedicate the show to us. up next, just before falling off the fiscal cliff at midnight, the house voted to keep the government running. but big democrats like nancy
5:29 am
pelosi and elizabeth warren are turning their backs on the president. what does this mean? chris wallace live straight ahead. get ready to say good-bye to the graduation tradition of boys in blue and girls in white. why? because they say that picture is discrimination. so long, trace. merry christmas.
5:30 am
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5:32 am
i'm enormously disappointed that the white house feels that the only way they can get a bill is to go along with this. why in the last minute as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for?
5:33 am
wall street or the american people? this fight isn't about conservatives or liberals. it's not about democrats or republicans. it's about money and it's about power right here in washington. >> that was nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren sharing outrage over the house voting to keep the government running, passing a spending bill very late last night. >> chris wallace joins us live from washington, d.c we know liberal democrats didn't like it, but a bunch of tea party people didn't like it either. but at the last minute in the 1th hour, it passed. >> you know, i think the real key to the most interesting development in that last clip really showed it was this -- we may look back on this and say, this is the moment when elizabeth warren became a presidential candidate. i have no reason to think she's going to do it, but i can just tell you that what she was saying there, it's not about liberals, democrats, conservatives, whatever. this is about money, that is music to the ears of the liberal
5:34 am
activist, democratic base of the party. that's what they love about elizabeth warren. it's why they have grave questions about hillary clinton and boy, i think the pressure is only going to increase on her to run for president to the left of hillary clinton in 2016. >> creating a divide there. >> say again? >> seemingly creating a divide in the party. didn't that seem like anything was lining up. >> no. there is a divide in the party. i think that's one of the points that we've seen increasingly for all the talk and media certainly does talk about. we've talked about it, this split inside the democrat party, between the establishment and the right wing of the party, the tea party wing. this there is a big split inside the democratic party between the establishment represented by hillary clinton and the left wing represented by people like nancy pelosi and especially and most interestingly, elizabeth warren. there are a lot of people who feel both on foreign policy, where they see her as too hawkish or on issues of wall street and being too cozy to wall street, that hillary
5:35 am
clinton is not their person and they like elizabeth warren. >> right. so chris, we have this great vhs library. it was a year ago, that didn't pass, the government shuts down perhaps. so yesterday that's what she's saying, don't pass this bill. had a different tune in 2013. listen to her then. >> we can avoid a government shutdown, but the republicans have refused to do even that. these threats may continue, but they are not working and they will never work because this is democracy and in a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can't win their fights through elections, for this right wing minority, hostage taking is all they have left. a last gasp of those who cannot cope with the realities of our democracy. the time has come for those
5:36 am
legislators who cannot cope with the reality of our democracy to get out of the way. >> so there she is about a year and a couple of months ago complaining about the republicans who are about to shut down the government, with the government shutdown. yet yesterday there she was talk being a government shutdown. if she does run for president, chris wallace, won't that come back to haunt her? >> no. i don't think so. it's funny to watch because you see how -- what's hostage taking when you oppose it is standing up for principle when you agree with it. obviously then the republicans were trying to shut down the government because they wanted to stop obamacare. now she wants not to shut down the government, but to prevent the bill from being passed because it gives -- it weakens the regulation of big wall street investment banks. but look, the people who are going to be upset about that are people who weren't going to vote for her in any case and i think that -- i think what she did yesterday was very interesting
5:37 am
and i know she says i'm not running and hillary the person. but for her to stand up and take that stand, yes, i think one, she genuinely believes it. but two, she's really putting herself front and center and to the degree there is already a draft movement for elizabeth warren, i think that's only going to increase. can i say, who is that guy on the right side of the curvy couch, 'cause i have not seen him in months. >> we've been on opposite schedules. >> who is that guy? >> we've been on opposite schedules for a few weeks. but i've been watching every sunday, boosting your ratings, which are going up. >> let's hope so. we're going to -- speaking of sunday, we're going to be talking a lot about first the potential government shutdown and i think this elizabeth warren country will be right. and we'll also have jose rod guess, the former -- rodriguez, former head of the c.i.a. during all the enhanced interrogation. he'll be part of a debate we'll have. one was it torture or not? two, did it help in fighting the
5:38 am
war on terrorism or not? the senate intelligence report says no. and three, did the c.i.a. mislead people in the white house and also people on oversight committees like the senate intelligence committee? jose rodriguez will be part of the discussion of all of those. >> author of "company men." >> we're going to watch your show on sunday and brian and chris, glad you had a happy reunion. >> yes, we did. it was great to see you again. >> can i just say to all three of you, don't you wish and including you in this, elizabeth, don't you wish you had a voice like trace adkins? >> yes. >> yes. >> we sure do. >> i do. >> and also to be honest, a pony tail and i wish i was 6' 7. it doesn't just stop at the voice. >> you can wish at christmas time. we'll see you sunday, chris. >> i've missed you, brian. >> i almost believe that. thanks. it's time for some news now. >> i'm glad we're leaving that from the shoulders up about
5:39 am
trace adkins and what you want. >> yes, thank you. >> keeping it clean this morning. good morning. hope you're off to a good day. i've got a story from capitol hill to bring you right now. there was a walkout on capitol hill, but it wasn't because of that budget battle. more than 150 black congressional staffers and lawmakers leading a silent protest against the michael brown and eric garner grand jury decision. following the prayer, they marched down the capitol steps in that hands up, don't shoot pose. this coming as a brand-new fox poll shows 62% of voters believe that race relations have gotten worse since president obama took office. there is a chance that you won't get those persistent harassing phone calls from debt collectors anymore. a federal judge has just ordered bank of america to pay this florida family $1 million after they got 700 robo calls in four years. bank of america claims it was just trying to help the people avoid foreclosure. the lawsuit could set a precedent for future robo call harassment cases or slow those
5:40 am
calls all together. caps and gowns are under fire because of gender equality? franklin high school, southwest of boston, has a tradition for boys and girls to wear blue and white gowns. but members of the school's gay student alliance are now calling for just one color so that transgender students aren't discriminated against. school officials will let the student government decide on this. those are your headlines. back to you. >> all right. thank you, fan of trace adkins. coming up on this friday, should police be forced to wear body cameras in the wake of ferguson, missouri? many departments now turning toward that. brand-new polls show us what you think. >> plus, it's angels we have heard on high, like you've never experienced. you've seen this group's version now going viral. and this morning you get to hear it live because this is "fox & friends" and we flew them in. ♪ singing o'er the plains ♪ and the mountains in reply
5:41 am
♪ echoing their joyous strain gloria
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5:44 am
we are back with a fox news alert. mandate evacuation orders are being issued this morning in ventura county, california, after mud and debris surrounded several homes. officials say an imminent threat exists for people inside those homes. rescuers checked more than 100 homes. 20 of them have been red flagged so far. >> this is all because of all the rain that has been out along the california coast, part of this system that's moving through that has been referred to as the pineapple express. >> it's also been so dry for so long. houston cops planning to buy hundreds of body cameras for their force in wake of the events in ferguson. kriv reporter john donnelly is live in houston with more with reaction and what it should do.
5:45 am
hey, john. >> reporter: we don't have a lot in the way of details now. we don't know when the officer also get them or how many will be issued. we'll find out more later on of the harris county district attorney's office is going to announce that it's buying these cameras for our officers and we'll have a news conference later this afternoon. this is all part of this larger nationwide push to equip police officers with these body cameras. the president wants to set aside some money to help local departments buy them. there hasn't been a lot of political opposition to them here in houston. the problem is money. they're saying it's going to be between 7 and $8 million to equip just the police department. that doesn't include the sheriff's department. however, the police chief says he's actually in favor of these. >> this is unfiltered through the eyes of the officer. this is independent objective piece of evidence. >> reporter: now, the houston police officers union, they're in favor of these things, too.
5:46 am
they say everybody behaves better when they know they're on camera. steve, brian. >> all right. john donnelly on camera from houston. thank you very much. it's interesting, brand-new poll from fox news actually shows that -- this is bringing people together, requiring all police to wear body cameras is something that seemingly all people are agreeing on. 85% approve of this idea. when you look at the difference between the white individual who was asked and the black individual who was asked, they're pretty much in agreement. this is seemingly a good idea. 84% of whites approve of the idea of the body camera on law enforcement. 90% of blacks approve of that idea. >> i guess there is no audio? do we know that? there will be some audio? >> i believe so. so you can hear what's said. >> right. between the dashboard cameras on the road, maybe we'll have a completed case. >> i wonder how many law enforcement agree with this being a good idea or not? that would be an interesting thing to look at. >> i'm sure out in ferguson, missouri that police officer would love to have had a video
5:47 am
so that he could have proven his side of the story. >> those numbers may then -- >> body cameras, coming to houston. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. their version of "angels we have heard on high" will take your breath away. ♪ gloria ♪ >> wow. that video obviously going viral. this morning country acappella group home free joins us live to perform it next. in fact, i believe they're here. >> first we're going to check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> hey, guys. 'tis the season. >> thanks so much for inviting me to your party. >> what party? >> i'm not sure. they had a big party with trivia and everything. >> sounds great. >> brian, thank you. i'm disappointed in the other two. >> we weren't invited! >> you got 12 more months to make up for it, guys. >> you get an invite?
5:48 am
>> let's have a party. we're not telling you when. >> okay. >> just kidding. >> democrats not bending to the white house and republicans ticked off in a trillion dollars deal. what did america get for its vote? race in america. has the president made it better or worse? what our fox polling tells us today. breaking news, the west coast getting hammered right now. enjoy your ride over the weekend because gas is cheaper than ever and it's got everything to do with america. we'll explain when martha and i see you at the top of the hour on the friday edition of "america's newsroom"
5:49 am
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♪ >> the acappella group, home free, delivering a breath taking music video for "angels we have heard on high." it's gone viral. over 3 million views on youtube. they have just released a new album of christmas classics "home free." joins us live. austin, tim, rob, chris and adam. nice to have you. >> thank you for having us. >> what a beautiful church there in mankato, minnesota. why mankato? >> that's where the group started. adam and i started the group 14 years ago down there. >> you started when you were in college. it's funny, usually brothers in college try to be as far apart from each other as possible. but you guys started this. you've done so well. why is it you like to do christmas songs, particularly this time of year? >> we always loved christmas music. it really lends itself well to acappella. >> this is a group that does not need a piano guy or somebody on the drums or a guitar. you just do it with your voices. >> yeah. we can't afford the other guys.
5:53 am
>> i can't believe that we can afford you either. they've been here before. it's great to have them. you ready to do that song that so many people downloaded? ladies and gentlemen, hit record on your vcr. here they are, home free. ♪ angels we have heard on high ♪ sweetly singing o'er the plains ♪ ♪ angels we have heard on high ♪ angels we have heard on high ♪ sweetly singing o'er the plains ♪ ♪ and the mountains in reply ♪ echoing their joyous strains ♪ gloria in excelsius deo
5:54 am
♪ gloria in gloria ♪ in excelsius deo ♪ joy to the world ♪ the lord of god is born ♪ come to bethlehem and see ♪ him whose birth the angels sing ♪
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are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. before we go, here is one for the road. we want you to tell us who wore it better, looks like laura spencer stole kevin mccarthy's christmas suit right here. >> kevin did it first. he's our favorite. what's happening this weekend? clayton joins us. >> on "fox & friends," we start at 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning. i've got the best gadgets for teens and kids this year. i'm going to -- we'll have fun with some toys. >> last year second best. >> second best last year. last minute shopping tips for you. and we've got a woman who stole some groceries. the officer bought them for her.
6:00 am
he's going to be here live on the show. it's a touching story. >> sounds kind of sketchy. >> meanwhile, in the after the show show, home free does "white christmas." have a great weekend. good deal? a civil war brewing in washington as congress narrowly avoids a government shutdown i a proving a trillion dollar spending deal with only hours to spare. good morning, a lot to go through today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning after the big party. we're ready to go on a friday morning. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. interesting activity, bill passed by 13 votes. 57 democrats sided with majority of republicans in the house, viewing a bit of a rift inside of the democratic party. watch this. >> shows we can govern. that we will not have a government shutdown. we will not have g


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