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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 12, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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other. back to the breaking news in a moment. "happening now" will pick it up. >> see you back on monday. well, your government is up and running this morning. a shutdown narrowly averted as they get a 1.1 trillion spending bill through the house barely. >> the massive spending bill passed last night despite loosing a lot of support on both sides of the aisle. they approved it 219-206. >> the battle moves on the to senate where a budget will be discussed. current funding technically ran
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out last night. mike emanual is live on capital hill. >> reporter: good morning. harry reid calls the bill far from perfect but made a time for passing it soon notice there is not a lot of time. >> i don't consider this last session and we need to keep the government open and funded -- i hope. our senators are unhappy with the legislation and they will have a chance to make their objection heard. >> reporter: president obama called house democrats seeking votes. speaker john boehner noticed it was a bipartisan agreement negotiated together. there were conservatives efections from lawmakers who wanted to battle president obama on immigration now and they
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talked about the spending in the 1600 plus page. liberal opponents were led by elizabeth warren and nancy pelosi who protest the ways and means committee. >> to the republican means in the house you say you are against bailouts so why in the world are you spending your time and energy fighting for a provision written by city group/lobbiest. >> reporter: we are already hearing that liberals feel betrayed by the fight in the senate. we have more about it now.
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the state of the massive spending bill is still uncertain. a lot of liberals condemning the bill as a bribe for big donors and banks. bob is here from the hill. let's talk about the house. it set-up unusual alliances and enemies. it is not often i can remember nancy pelosi being outraged and publically so at the white house. >> absolutely. there is so much pent up frustration with the white house from the administration but it is so rare for nancy pelosi to go to the floor and rip a bill the president embraced and that was the showdown last night. pelosi was saying don't vote against the bill.
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the president, vice president and chief of staff meeting with the democrats to get the bill over the top. i think it will pass the senate, it is just a matter of when. >> we have different fractions and interests there that might slow it down or stop it. elizabeth warren has made a name for herself going after corruption on wall street and big bank and supportive of heavy regulation and monitoring by the federal government and she is very unhappy about the provision. so she is going to gum up the works over there. and you have ted cruz and others who say they may pull from the right and slow it down. are we talking about 2016 c contenders trying to make a name for themselves in the midst of this battle? >> there is a lot of talk about
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senator warren and what she wants and where she is going. is she thinking about running for president? she has said no repeatedly but the headlines are intensifying the speculation. ted cruz has been out there as well. so you have the left and right attacking this bill. will either one of them step up and try to delay it? that will be a logistical head ache. harry reid wants to vote on this tonight and get out of the town but will one of the senators gum it up? i don't think it will happen but you never know. >> we get announcements from the administration indicating they will back or veto the bill. there was talk the president supports the bill and meetings
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with the democrats to vote for the bill. how much pressure did it take for the democrats to say we support the bill and you better go vote for it. >> it was a delicate line for the president because he cannot fully embrace the bill and there are parts he doesn't. if he fully embraced this from the beginning republicans would have voted no. he had to make calls to save it. and a liberal from california was telling her colleagues don't be intimidated by the president. i think the white house is less worried about the senate but things can change rapidly and a lot of people have attacked this bill and there is a lot of provisions why members would vote no. >> all eyes on the senate today. we will see what happens there. always good to see you. thank you. a headache in the air over
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london. the london airspace was closed and just reopened. but it has been a travel nightmare in europe. greg is reporting live from london. what happened, greg? >> reporter: imagine if they shutdown all air traffic over the southern part of england. you can imagine what would happen there. we have had chaos in the skies over london. as you note the breaking news in the last five minutes is the airspace is open again but there is delays all over. there was a power outage, a computer glitch, it has been described in a few different ways at the air traffic control center for southern england and that forced heathrow to cancel all incoming and outgoing flights as well as three other airports in the london area. and that caused planes to be
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either stacked up on the runways or circling around and around the area. we saw a larger map of europe and saw the planes wanting to head into europe and that means transatlantic planes could have experienced difficulty as well. the latest word we are getting is the airspace is open again. that implies the air traffic control problem is fixed but we don't have conformation of that. we are told there are delays at airports. probably big delays and it will take several hours to iron it out and that means a lot of delays related to other flights going in and out of the airport. it is a major transport hub for people coming from the united states and going elsewhere and throughout the world. a big head ache for people all over the world and once we find
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out what happened to the air traffic control we will tell you about it. quick reminder there is no discussion of any kind of terror/security issues with this and there have been no problems in the skies or on the ground. so far everything has been fine. but a lot of headaches and delay for a lot of people. >> one of the busiest airports in the world over there. you have a major problem there but it is getting back to normal you said. planning for the worst and hoping for the best. we got closer to the worst right now. >> powerful and deadly storms slamming the west coast bringing flash floods and evacuation orders as crews try to cleanup the debris. and there are growing concerns about mudslides and beach
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erosion. william is live in malibu, california. >> reporter: one of the reasons we are here is they closed the pier because of damage from the high surf. the other reason is mud and rock slides. they closed parts of pch because of a rock slide and that is a major artery. the rain started at 4 a.m. this morning, half an inch to an inch an hour, and we are not built for that. this is where we were last week in california and a huge mudslide there. literally boulders coming through homes and a river of mud there. they have a massive evacuation and other parts in los angeles, sant barbara and ventura. this started in san francisco. a hundred thousand people
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without power there. in sonama county they were using kayaks to get around. homeowners are trying to deal with what mother nature is dealing >> it leaves a lot of sludge and mud. >> even if you sand bag, the water comes up through the floor. >> reporter: this is a massive storm. it is slow moving, staid -- state-wide and a soaker which is just what is ordered after three years of drought. it is kind of cold and they will get snow in lower elevations. we have been 150-200 percent of normal. los angeles is expecting two inches and in the mountains they got a foot. people laugh about rain in california because it isn't too much but we are not built for
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it. the soil isn't meant to handle that much rain that quickly and you get flash flooding and the storm sewage systems are not made for it. hundred accidents between midnight and 5 a.m. today and that is before rush hour. >> it all comes together in an unlucky puzzle. could the judge in the jodi aries case take the death penalty off the case because of pornography on her boyfriend's computer? and two of the most powerful people in the movie industry begging for forgiveness after comments about president obama went public. and do you think taxpayer should be on the hook for the investments made by the big
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banks? click on america's asking on or web website to join the conversation.
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time for a look at a few crime stories we are watching. a detroit jury is looking into the man who hired someone to kill his wife so he could live with his mistress. his lawyers say he was framed. tiffany stevens is accused of hiring a handy man to kill her husband in connecticut. and a police expert testified a computer belonging to jodi aries' boyfriend had pornography on it after they claimed it didn't. they are saying the death penalty should no longer be
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after option now after the false reports. co-chair of sony pictures and top co-chair both apologized for mocking obama in e-mails. they were leaked after their e-mail system was hacked. will car is reporting live. >> reporter: good morning. both executives were quick to come out and apologize as they get out in the in front of the firestorm. a big-time democratic donor exchan exchan exchanged racially charged comments about the president and made negative statements about a number of famous people. he released a statement saying
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they were insensitive and not accurate but don't reflect what who i am. i apologize to everyone who was offended. this may be just the beginning because the documents leaked were only a install -- small number of the total documents taken. this comes at the same time of the movie interview, it is starring seth rogan, and it is being condemned by north korea and they say north korea could be behind the attack but they are still investigating. a major auto maker announcing a recall with the issue of airbags exploding and putting people in danger.
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we will tell you what vehicles are affected. and more fallout as the rolling stones article on an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia continues to unravel. we look at the growing controversy minutes away. controversy minutes away.
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years and the dodge durango and others. for a full list go to our website and now the controversy growing over an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. three people come forward to talk about the allegations according to the woman jacky and her account. why hasn't rolling stones pulled the article? we talk to ellen radner and the bureau chief of fox news radio and a fox news contributer. jackie walks out of the house where she was supposedly raped and told the story to three
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people who were never contacted by rolling stone and they are saying the story doesn't match what they were told. >> the key friend is quoted saying something traumatic happened that night but it isn't clear what happened. the question of why this story hasn't been pulled is one i asked the editor of rolling stones. he hasn't responded to me but has in the past. i think it is because there is legal consideration and legal liability. >> or there is speculation the story is getting a lot of clicks online and they make ad money? >> i tell you if judith miller isn't getting a call return there is not going to be one. by the reporter not including whether they contacted the three people or not -- that is the
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story and it has been slanted. the reporter wanted to do a shocking sensationalistic story about what happens when a young freshman gets attacked and made up large parts of this. >> or believed jacky and didn't adequately check the story. the sad part is the shocking part of the story to me was the university's indifference to what happened to the student. you have 186 suspensions from the school and not one related to sexual violence. and that is unusual and the justice department thought so, too because they are one of the 85 schools that is being investigated. now, what is left when a woman does say she has been raped how
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many people will believe her in the future as a result of a story like this? >> i am sure both of us believe that women get raped a lot and it is a terrible thing. if you look at the piling on going on with big cosby and the press investigating that and the issues -- i believe a lot is true with bill cosby. is hundred percent true? who knows. >> again, if this kind of thing happens, what is the next woman that something like this might happen to, what is she supposed to do? >> part of the bill cosby issue is was it piling on or is there safety in numbers? when these incidents are written about do women feel comfortable speaking about it? >> women should get to hospitals because they have rape kits and
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can look at dna and that is important. >> where were the editors at rolling stones who were supposed to do fact checking? >> that is what i don't understand. they used to have a lot of fact checkers and editors and are known for that. i hope rolling stones does their own rendention of what happened in the case. it would be of service to journalism. >> there are questions about other reporting this journalist has done that don't necessarily stand up to the inspection test. the cia chief taking off the gloves and fighting back after the senate report on the harsh methods and here how the chair, diane feinstein, is responding to him. we have been told cutting back on salt is a good idea for a
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healthy diet but doctors say there is something else in the food that could be more dangerous.
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a quick look at what is still to come on "happening now." searching for a killer. mississippi police are looking at video to find whoever burned 19-year-old jessica chambers alive in her car.
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and people stranded on the run way and that was the beginning of the problem. and the house narrowly passes a bill to keep the senate running but some are calling it a bribe to big banks. diane feinstein is responding to the cia report on the enhanced use of interrogation on terror spusoh spects. catherine harris is live on this. >> reporter: the head of the senate intelligence committee, diane feinstein, is responding to the director's defense of the post-9/11 interrogation system. she said quote the comments were not what i expected and showed that cia leadership is prepare today make sure this doesn't
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happen again which is all important. the director said the controversial program did provide intelligence that led to bin laden and his compound in pakistan. >> there was information obtained that was useful in the bin laden assassination. >> reporter: he offered more information on the enhanced program and the connection of the waterboarding issues and the information that they provided. >> the cause and effect relationship between the use of eit's and useful information provided by the detainee is in by view unknowable. >> not directly criticizing senator feinstein he said the
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report was a departure from previous investigations. when weapons of mass destruct n destructions were not found they found a way to work together but the investigation was lop sided in this case. >> thank you, catherine. for more on this i am joined by jillian turner who was in the white house under bush and obama and a fox news contributor. you say the director is playing a roll in bolstering his troops. >> absolutely. his voice is crucial and the only person standing up and reminding us the american intelligence community is the best and brightest minds the country has to offer and people
8:35 am
that put their lives on the line to defend the homeland and abroad. and he is the only person encouraging the american public not to fall public to scorn and denigrating an agency that is by design intended to keep us safer. >> and they intend to keep things secret as well. >> that is certainly a part of the equation, yes. >> what is moral like at the cia right now in the wake of this senate report? are you hearing anything there? >> well, i think the cia feels a lot of important truths are getting conflicted in the battle over this. there is a bit of a false dichotomy that is leading the american public to believe they have to support the release of the report on the one hand or the intelligence community on the other. the reality is that the american people can chose to support oroppose the release of this
8:36 am
support, they can chose to support their favorite republican or democrat, and at the same time appreciate the role the cia play in keeping us safe as evidence of the fact there hasn't been a single successful attack of a terrorist since 9/11. >> the conclusion the senate reached is the enhanced techniques were not effective at pulling information from the suspects. juan said that is not the case. >> we heard director hayden
8:37 am
speaking about this over the weekend reiterating the same point which is saying the interrogation uses were not effective. they have been proven to be efeb effective. >> you said there is dangers for the american personal and the community? >> a lot of conversation is talking about immediately or short-term violence that is important such as abroad or against diplomats or intelligence officers. but there is real longer term dangers and one of these being the idea the cia analyst and operatives are going to feel tried and convicted on this and as we move forward they will be well-won their rights to do what they feel is inclined to keep us safe against the terrorist.
8:38 am
>> do you think that some of those who put this information out there are sort of forgetting what it felt like in the days immediately after 9/11? diane feinstein has been questioned on this. >> the reporting is they were briefed all the way through and the objection of handling the cia leadership in the aftermath of 9/11. but i think it is easy during a time where we have not had an attack on american soil in 13 years to forget what it takes to maintain that status and what it takes to defend not only americans here as we go about our daily lives and protect our way of life but our interest overseas as well. >> thank you, jillian.
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>> thanks jon. a young woman set on fire and left to die a horrible death. police are scouring video that captured some of jessica chamber's vicious attack. plus or on the spending bill past last night backed by you the taxpayer.
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let's check out what is ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. ladies, what do you have? >> two of the most influential democrats in the white houwsuse split over the bill. >> and you have heard of work health incentives that are helping people get heathier? well what if is isn't a
8:43 am
volunteering thing and also includes your spouse. >> and our lucky guy is going to lay out what mischief you could be held responsible for. "outnumbered" top of the hour don't miss it. >> our "happening now" holiday party takes place today. >> where is my invite? >> as my attorney says, oh, behave. police scouring video footage for clues to a horrible murder. a teenager set on fire and left to burn alive in mississippi. rescuers found jessica chambers on fire still alive. they believe someone poured lighter fluid down her throat and set her on fire. she was seen filling up her car
8:44 am
here, paused to speak to someone and walked into the store. crews cleared the person she was talking to but detectives think the video holds some kind of include. you are being asked to call the tip line if you know anything. we are awaiting a senate vote on the 1.1 trillion spending bill we have been telling you about. it narrowly passed the past but it is supported by the president. the biggest issue is it let's wall street banks off the hook when gambling with taxpayer dollars. they call it a bribe written by the bankers themselves. we have a fox news advisor and contributor here. this allows banks to get
8:45 am
taxpayer backing if the bank fails? >> you could say that. there is a group of banks that gamble in the markets and we saw this during the fall out. that is the backing we think this rule, or the pitch, they can only do the gambling in the off sheets and are not part of the main bank, they will collapse on their own and taxpayers wouldn't be on the hook like the last time. it sort of makes sense but it is probably not how it will go down. >> there are millions of people that are upset that individual taxpayers who lost money in the last financial meltdown didn't get help from the government. but the big banks who made the risky bets did get a government bailout. why is that fair? why is the government standing ready to do it again? >> the banks did pay back with
8:46 am
interest most of their bailout and the people that got bailouts didn't pay interest. republicans don't want to repeat what happened last time where the government has to save everyone. and then they get back and it is all wrong by the taxpayers who are not as wealthy. but the problem is government is going to back who they think needs to be backed and the proof is they backed money market mutual funds. they have no guarantee and say that in your 401k. but if they needed to do that, the government steps in and it jammed up. the government will back what they need to back. whether they are gambling on the off sheets isn't going to make much difference when we see who
8:47 am
is naked when the tide goes out to quote warren buffet. >> you sound like you are in the middle of this being a good idea or not. >> psychologically i think it is a benefit to the bank and it will hit the taxpayer. but i think in affect it will not hit the taxpayer anymore than if nothing was done with this carve out. maybe it means banks will push more stuff down the road. that is what barny frank is worried about. there are legit fears that citi bank could write whatever they want. but i think it is more psychological. the swaps sometimes lower risk, sometimes raise risk, and sometimes you don't know if it will raise the risks until the markets of the world change. i think we want to show we'll not hand out money to wall street. but the banks got larger and took on the failed crash. if they were to happen again
8:48 am
there is probably more liability. >> an investment advisor and fox news contributor, thank you. >> doctors are saying they found something other than a salty diet that could be unhealthy and you probably put it in your coffee. a long flight to australia got even longer after hundreds of passengers forced to wait on the tarmac nearly 200 miles away from their destination. >> it has been horrible. >> we are very frustrated. >> this experience has been very bad.
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leads to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease but doctors are sayinw that sugar could be worse. we have a preventive cardiologist here. thank you for being here. i read a story saying teenagers in the united states and europe might be getting 16 times the recommended amount. >> we came from sugar to fat because we know fat is bad so people are substituting sugar for fat not understanding it turns to fat in the body. this is just as dangerous as
8:53 am
causing high blood pressure, rapid heart pulsing and clogging our arteries. >> how does sugar do this once we take it into the body that it causes problem for the heart? where does the extra pressure on the heart come in? >> we get a high first. we eat the sugar because we feel good and then the pancreas breaks it down and then we get the crash, where the blood sugar drops off, and that is when the heart rate picks up because of the rush and then it makes the heart work harder leading to heart damage and heart failure. it is serious when you are doing
8:54 am
this, avoiding fat because it will clog my arteries so i will switch to sugar but you are causing the same amount of damage. and for women, this is even more deadly because of the sugar being converted to fat is more damaging and dangerous for women leading to a higher rate of heart attacks and strokes in women. >> and it sounds like, when you take a look at it, sugar is tucked into everything. processed foods we eat on the go has it tucked into and we will have to pay more attention. >> when we look at ingredients look at the first three because we have the calories and contents of sugar and if the first three have something with sugar -- fructose or anything
8:55 am
like that -- we should avoid those immediately. and we should look at how many grams preserveing we will eat and limit the servings. that is a very safe place in terms of heart health to stay. >> knowledge is power in these situations so doctor, thank you for filling us in. we will try to do a better job and stay safer. >> some stories we are covering in the next hour of happening now. they are polar opposites politically but senator elizabeth warren and ted cruz both oppose the trillion spending bill that could come up soon for a vote in the senate. >> and the average price at the pump dropping but is this free fall a sign the economy is hitting a road bump?
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>> passenger on a flight from san francisco to sydney, australia are furious after being stuck on the tarmac for eight hours. they were diverted because of debris on the runway in sydney. food and toilet paper were running low. they were allowed outside of the plane but no further and then the flight crew ran out of available hours and had to go off the clock and wait for two pilots to fly in. >> it was hot. >> i am sun burned. >> we were treated like a herd of cows. we were herded into a section. >> these things happen. not much you can do about it. sun was shining and i had a nap
9:00 am
in the sun. >> that plane and passengers made it to sydney eight hours late. >> this is why you need to take the train. >> see you back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. this is "outnumbered" and i am andrea and here today is harris faulkner, elizabeth mcdonald is back and today's #is one lucky guy and former prosecutor and veteran defense attorney. mark. and mark you are outnumbered again. >> that is the story of my life. kids outnumber me at home and at court. this is the best time. weather to join us on the couch.


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