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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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outside dulles airport in virginia. really cool stuff. >> can you imagine? >> they pulled this off. >> that may be amazing enough on its own, but the music is spectacular. >> that's a good word for it. thank you for joining us. >> "real story with gretchen carlson" starts now. starting with the fox news alert, happy friday, everybody. the lights, they're still on in the capitol after a government shutdown averted at the 11th hour. hi, know. i'm gretchen carlson. we're here to bring you the real story today. the house approving that $1 trillion spending bill with the clock technicaling down to a midnight dead looirn, but passage was no sure thing. bill passed by just 13 votes. now the democrats may have some catching up to do because many of them are none too happy. nancy pelosi condemning the bill as a sell-out to corporate interests. as that party fights, the budget battle moves on now to the
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senate where a vote could take place any minute now. >> reporter: harry reid is pushing to get it done today. earlier senator reid expressed support for the bipartisan compromise. >> legislation is the art of compromise. any chief executive who has to work with any legislature, as presidents of the united states do, they don't get what they want. legislation is a compromise, and heats what this legislation is. >> reid called it far from perfect but said it is superior to a three-month government extension. >> one explains that these dlarsz 1 trillion bills are rushed through at the end, and a burnl of stuff is added in, and in this case it made some folks really angry, right? >> no question about that. in this particular bill it is
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more than 1,600 pages, and it was unveiled just earlier this week. some critics are questioning whether anybody has actually read what's inside this bill. >> it would be a huge feat to get through 1600 pages in just a few days. that's been available for the public record. we need to get back where it's debated on the floor. >> many some is on the right -- they have their issues with respect to the bill. bottom line, most believe when it comes up for a vote on senate floor, it should have the votes. gretchen. >> thanks much. the party's far left wing led by massachusetts senator elizabeth warren targeting moderate dems and even president obama saying he gave up too easily. avoiding that government shutdown. a senior democrat who backs the spending bill saying i have to assume elizabeth warren is
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running for president. that's what you do when you run for president. elizabeth warren is running for president. i know you coined a new term for her. what is it? >> well, is she now the tea party of the democratic party? it is interesting to see how this is all being framed. remember, with elizabeth warren who led the charge calling for votes against this bill to fund the government. now, remember, when senator ted cruz did the same thing and he was called a suicide bomber of legislation, and an arsonist, you are not hearing that from -- about elizabeth warren. >> ah. >> she wasn't successful. had she been, would this have been characterized a democratic shutdown led by this insurgent elizabeth warren, wron. it's interesting to see the parties develop.
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>> yeah, it is very interesting. hillary clinton is probably paying close attention to elizabeth warren right now. let's talk about the politics that happened last night, though. etd henry has been reporting that at the white house christmas party president obama actually had to leave the picture line because he had to go and make calls to democrats to try to get this thing passed, right? >>-democrats voted against it. it was the active push by president obama, vice president biden that shifted the tide on some of those votes. does the president have the juice to get this across the finish line. it was touch and go for a while, and whether he was the one who pushed the final vote over or not. it seemed like he did move some votes to make this a win for them. zoom there's a lot of anger up
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there. especially in the conservative ranks. he is going to be emboldened with new numbers. deep in this bill, gretchen, there are things that conservatives would like. there are protections for farmers, from the water environmental regulations. there are a number of different items here that several republicans have been fighting for. it's not the normal vehicle, as you mentioned. it's the christmas tree with ornaments, and it's not regular order. it is moving forward. >> think immigration care, obama care funding, the two things they didn't like in this bill. what are we to make of the fact that this is a bipartisan effort? it's been a long time since weave seen that on the hill.
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>> the beginning was a regular order attempt. the senate did not take up those bills, so it became a continuing resolution, a short-term fix. that was why it was called the cromnibus. some people called it the crummy omnibbus. either way it looks like it's getting through. >> we'll be watching you tonight 6:00 p.m. special report. thanks, brett. >> sure.
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>> also under fire for his less than flattering remarks about oscar winning actress angelina joel where i. will carr, live from los angeles. all right, will. got to keep changing this story by the moment, right? >> that's right. this is a huge deal in hollywood. pafkal is one of the top executives in the movie business. both she and ruden went into damage control mode yesterday after the e-mail from 2013 were leaked on-line. they contained racially charged comments about president obama. some asking if he liked the movies django unchanged or seven years a slave. they also made der progresstory at the same times staemts about a number of statements. yesterday pascal apologized calling them incense tiff and inappropriate. ruden, who has produced movies like "money ball" and "the social network" quickly
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apologized as well. it may just be the beginning. the emails that have been leaked are only a small part of the total number of documents that were hacked. now some are questioning what future pascal has with sony. fox news contributor leslie marshall. >> i think that would absolutely have to be up to those who are willing to work with her and sony. stars who are african-american or others that are not african-american and were offended by what she said and by this exchange. >> this comes at the same time as the interview. a comedy starring seth rogen that has been condemned by north korea. a group called the guardians of peace has claimed responsibility for the movie and has demanded that sony not release the movie. the fbi now saying that north korea could be behind the hacking attack. now, last night at a red carpet ethevent seth rogan came out and said he wanted to make sure that he thanked pascal for having the
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courage to press forward with the movie. gretchen, i can tell you, i'm paraphrasing there his exact words were a tad bit raunchier. >> bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. have a great weekend. thanks, will. what are we all to make of this? well, your work emails and files they're more vulnerable than you think. cyber attacks may have the upper hand. >> there i was stuck on the front porch. >> slamming the west coast. thousands of people evacuated as their homes provide no safety from nature's wrath. plus, another brutal attack at the hands of isis. had time against children refusing to renounce their christian faith. >> they chopped all their heads off. how do you respond to that?
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welcome back to the real story. rescue operation desperate in l.a. as the region gets pounded by a powerful storm known as the pineapple express. it sounds nice, but it's not. the l.a. fire department responding to two people clinging to trees in the flood-swollen los angeles river. a swift water rescue team is pulling one man to shore in the video, but his wife now still missing. the frontlines of the storm dropping rain at a rain of one to two inches an hour, and that's what triggered flash floods. avalanches of mud and debris blocking part of the pacific coast highway in ventura county snarling traffic in both directions.
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mud piling up to the roof line of two nearby homes. time for real talk about isis now, which is committing new atrocities by the day. terrorists in iraq have reportedly beheaded four christian children who refused to denounce jesus and convert to islam. a church leader in baghdad describes the savage attack. they said to the children that you say the words. they said say the words. they said, no, we can't. they chopped all their heads off. >> horrible. meantime, there are growing fears that isis will set its sights on the u.s. homeland. look at this brand new fox news poll. huge majority, 81%, say the terror group will soon try to carry out an attack on u.s. soil. this number slightly up from last month. heartbreaking to hear that vicker talk about the four children all under the age of 16
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beheaded because they stood up for their christian faith. >> in the process they ended up killing all four of those boys, cutting their heads off for the their faith. it was a level of brutality we cannot relate to. these are modern day nazis. theeing are ideologues that feed on the blood and violence. we're hearing more and more inside mosul and other places of more violence like this. they're not desperate per se, but the radicalization takes them to a place where violence begets more violence. we'll see if recent attempts in mosul to take this back will happen or not, but these stories remind us of the vicious nature of this enemy and how far they'll go and trying to deliver whatever justice they believe their faith requires. >> we're talking about this happening over in the middle east, but that poll is staggering. 81% of all of us here in the u.s. believe that isis is coming here. >> well, there's no doubt isis has seized the psychology, right? 81% believe they're coming here, and they're right to believe
11:16 am
that isis is focused on america. the question is do they have the capability? they focused on lone wolf attacks through heavy emphasis on social media trying to motivate. you've seen their social media. far advance from what al qaeda ever did. i spoke so to some folks that are concerned about things they've seen on the southern border related to activity by foreign fighters. >> like what sf. >> like nationality of people attempting to cross the border that won't carry the black flag of isis and say i'm from isis, but there's a lot of question. i don't want to overplay the threat. it's much more psychological. it's sort of a lone wolf focus. it's not clear that baghdadi is as shrewd and sophisticated long-term thinking of bin laden was. he is more blood-thirsty. they would like to be here, and they've seized their psychology. >> the senate select committee still looking into the situation
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in benghazi. check out this poll also. new fox news poll, should obama direct everyone at the white house involved in benghazi to testify? 70% of the american public says yes. i thought this story was over in had some circles. >> some people think it is. i know trey gowdy doesn't think it's over, leading that select committee, and somebody like ben rhodes, a political advisor, still hasn't answered the hard questions about why emails he wrote led to the manipulation of talking points. the talking points are still the -- we haven't asked a lot. it's all a big part. the coverup is where there's so much time and so much evidence that they knew early on what it was that the select committee is going to focus in on a lot of that, and they're still there, and there's still people to be asked. >> the fascinating things is they don't just call up fox news. that's the fascinating thing to mention here. they're calling a cross-section of people. 70% who aren't seeing it that much more in other media outlets, but it's amazing.
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tliz still details. >> must see tv. have a great weekend. >> thank you for come. >> investigators following up new leads in the death of that teen that we told you about a couple of days ago. set on fire in mississippi. will her cell phone tell them who did it? >> holiday shopping causing a lot of stress. who do you think gets stressed more? men or women? that brings us to our question of the day. it's a good one. who is more stressed in your house during the holidays? you or your significant other? and who does more of the holiday shopping and planning? you or your significant other? tweet me@gretchen carlson. you can go to my facebook page and let me know what you think.
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students clashing with police. this happened in rome. officers using tear gas to move them out of a building. some of those students also taking part in a march against labor reform. factory, hospital, and transit workers staging protests in 23 other cities all across italy today. former pro bowl safety darren sharper already on the list of current and former nfl players in legal trouble. well, now he is in a lot more trouble. sharper indicted today for multiple rape charges in new orleans stemming from a september 2013 incident, but that's not all. the former saints player has beearizona, and there are even more accusations in las vegas. in the meantime, the family of a woman burned to death in mississippi hoping dna evidence could lead to her killer. they're saying 19-year-old jessica chambers would not go down without a fight leaving marks or other traces on her assailant. trace gallagher is live with more on this. you know, trace, we brought this story to viewers a couple of days ago. what is new now in the case? >> well, gretchen, we know when firefighters found jessica chambers walking down the road on fire that she gave them some information before she died. now, the assistant d.a. who is handling the case says she gave them some clues, but he won't say exactly what. only that she was able to communicate, but that it was very difficult. now, police are still in the process of using jessica's cell phone records to kind of establish a timeline, if you lshgs finding out who she texted
11:24 am
and who she spoke with in the hours before she was killed, but the d.a. says for such a small town they are truly baffled at how little information is coming out. listen. >> all the years we've been doing this it's very rare that we don't have a lot of street talk about who did this to lead us to where we are. >> police are also looking very closely at this surveillance video of a convenience store where jessica got gas. >> she knows the cashier. his name is ali, and he says jessica was a regular that always got $5 worth of gas. this time she got $14 worth. he claims she told him she was going somewhere but did not say where. the cashier says he knew her well enough that if she had a problem with someone, he would have -- she would have told him.
11:25 am
now, the horrifying nature of the crime has left the chambers family devastated. listen now to her mom. >> i mean, my baby -- i need her killer behind bars. >> remember, police believe her killer was in the car with her when the gasoline or lighter fluid was poured down her throat. the question is how did the attacker get out to that very rural road? gretchen. >> hopefully police will make some steps and advances in the case that there's some peace for those parents. thank you so much. senator elizabeth warren leading the liberal defiance in the massive spending bill that passed the house last night. some analysts now saying this could be a pivotal moment for the massachusetts democrats if she decides to run for president.
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and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. fox news alert. the white house dealing with bruised feelings among dems after the house narrowly passed that spending bill. behind the scenes, that's what we really want to know. right? top administration officials work the phones, twisting some arms to get that deal passed.
11:30 am
vote much closer than expected with many democrats opposing the president. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, big rift between nancy pelosi and the white house. right? >> gretchen, you're right. the real story is you have the president on the phone, the vice president on the phone, you have the president's chief of staff dennis mcdonough on capitol hill twisting arms. yet, they just got over 50 house democrats to actually vote for the legislation. the president wanted to keep the government open, and i pressed josh ernest, wasn't this the first big test of the president's juice after the election, and he insisted he got more than 50 house democrats to support him. well, there are over 140, 150 house democrats that voted against it. they didn't listen to the president. the president a few moments ago tried to spin this as, look, i wasn't happy with the bill. it wasn't perfect. >>over all this allows us to
11:31 am
build on the economic progress and the national security progress that is in force. had i been able to draft my own legislation without any republican vote, i suspect it would be different. that is not the circumstances we find ourselves in, and i think what the american people very much are looking for is some practical governance and a willingness to compromise, and if that's what this bill -- >> now, what nancy pelosi and a lot of house democrats were not happy about, some roll-backs on wall street reform. they didn't want it included in there. in the president's side, what he did, he got more funding for the health care law, more funding for immigration reform. conservatives are not going to be happy with speaker boehner about it. >> so it is a little bit of a flip-flop for the white house to accuse the gop doing the same thing last year? >> no, not a little. a big one.
11:32 am
now the president -- the white house just sort of shrugged. >> principal stand rolling back wall street. a year ago the president, jay carney, others said they were hostage takers. >> they shut down the government. >> democrats tried last time. >> what democrats said that they would not be willing to support this compromise proposal because they had concerns about specific provisions. the president disagreed with that. what they would have done and what speaker boehner said he was prepared to to was to put on the floor a three-month continuing resolution. >> what a difference a year makes. last year republicans were hostage takers. this year democrats were voting their conscious. >> so true. by the way, you get the gold star today because at the beginning of your report, you said the real story is. >> i was trying to key up. i lot of the show. >> you know what, that is fantastic. all right. tgif, ed. see you monday. >> good to see you. thanks. let's continue to talk politics, shall we? massachusetts senator elizabeth warren wasting no time
11:33 am
condemning that spending bill that passed in the house last night. some analysts say her stance on the budget battle could signal a big presidential run in 2016, so to win the democratic nomination, she may have to face hillary clinton who many consider to be a shoe-in. there's no shortage of support for senator warren. some past backers of president obama urging her to make a bid. alan combs, mike gallagher, syndicated radio show host, both fox news contributor. would this be your dream day if elizabeth warren, alan, announces she's running for president? >> i think there's a lot more to it than we see on the surface. it would actually be to hillary's benefit to have elizabeth warren. >> why? >> because it will make hillary seem like more of a centrist and appeal to a broader swath of the lakt rat. >> what about in the primary? >> the primary, again -- well, the primary will set up the general election. all the money is going to healthing hillary clinton. burney sanders, elizabeth
11:34 am
warren, they're not going to have as much luck getting them. you need all those millions of dollars to run. >> that's what they said about barack obama too. >> the real story is -- >> oh! >> you are such a suck-up. you are such a suck-up. >> it's the holidays. >> try it out, alan. >> give it a shot. the real story is that hillary is the holy grail for democrats. elizabeth warren is not going to stop her. there is no way that this woman who is everything that a radical liberal democrat looks like. an extremist. she can't tell the truth about her heritage. there's no way that she would derail hillary clinton. i mean, i think democrats are setting their sights on her, and i do have to agree with alan to some degree. she would look like a moderate or a centrist. >> hillary would. >> compared to elizabeth warren. >> they would want to position hillary clinton in the senate. >> i think he is right. it would make hillary look almost like an elder states woman compared to this -- >> seemed like we went -- your words. i feel like we went back in time, bill. we could be having the same discussion and change out
11:35 am
elizabeth warren for barack obama. nobody thought he really had a chance either. >> well, the real story is -- >> oh. oh, right. he did it. >> i guess he'll be back. >> back next week. >> it's that, you know, there's so much mojo going with hillary clinton that i just can't imagine. >> an italian news media quotes him as saying one day we will see our animals again in the eternity of christ.
11:36 am
paradise is open to all of god's creatures. alan, i know you like this story. >> you got to love the pope. >> what did he mean? >> one, that your little fluffy doesn't have a soul, and you will re-enter quite an argument. the pope was calming the troubleded heart of a little boy that his dog had just died. >> it opened up a huge door. now all these articles are being written, and christian authority tarns are coming to the forefront and saying, yeah, he did open the door. >> for years my church has hosted an annual blessing of the animals. >> mine too. >> i have always taken my little puggle, rory. i have always taken her. listen, i happen for believe as a christian that all good things are in heaven, all things that bring us joy and hope, and happiness and peace. that's the real story. >> here we go. >> ultimately i think that's a great message and an inspirational one.
11:37 am
>> it fits into the character of pope francis because he has opened the door on a lot of other topics and been much more inclusive, and now he is adding pets. >> at least it opens up the discussion as well. it's a great conversation to have. if you don't agree with him, at least it opens up that dialogue. >> people are more dogmatic. >> dog -- >> i didn't mean that. >> he did. he meant it. >> i think they're a little leary of pope francis because this guy is opening up some doors that a lot of people don't like to see opened. >> fwood for him. >> i think it's kind of refreshing. we need to hear some of these messages. >> thanks for bringing the real story today, guys. >> it's our pleasure. >> you get along too well. go fight. time to check in with harris falkner in for shep. hi, harris. >> hi, harris. the islamic state apparently has its own guidelines for taking on sex slaves. to answer questions like what if she's a child, what if she's pregnant, can we beat her? we'll talk about this with ambassador dennis roth. he will tell us how he thinks we can actually defeat isis.
11:38 am
coming up from the fox news desk. gretchen, back to you. >> thank you. >> frightening scenario for hollywood. hackers breaking into sony pictures e-mail. why the rest of america should be worried as well? here's a hack from shaq. for all you arm chair chefs out there, what's he cooking and how does he do it?
11:39 am
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i was trying to like, pull it a little further got me to 70 years old i'm going to have to rethink this thing it's hard to imagine how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. so maybe we need to approach things differently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ things back up and running around london after a computer glitch shut down airspace there for five major airports. teams now looking into what may have caused that glitch. similar problem last december. shut down airspace for 12 hours. seemed like they got a bigger problem, right? second suspect in georgia is in custody after a brief manhunt following a home invasion there. two officers, one other suspect shot. the injuries to the officers are not believed to be life-threatening. two officers, though, were killed at the same home two
11:42 am
years ago. you must warn protesters when you give them tear gas after giving them a reasonable heads up. demonstrators claiming officers were smoke bombing crowds with impunity. the officers said it was necessary when demonstrators got out of control. headlines to what america is clicking on today. don't ban your kids from facebook. that invites from the ceo mark zuckerburg during a town hall style q and a from a great question by a mom. she asked about limiting her daughter's use of social media, and he also took questions to adding says a dislike button to facebook. >> the l.a. lakers star calling his teammates soft like charmin. the toilet paper brand getting in on the action saying in terms of toilet paper, saying you're soft as charmin is a good thing. in basketball, not so much. for basketball to baking.
11:43 am
former nba star shaquille o'neil sharing his favorite easy bake oven recipes in an on-line video. well, if you have ever written an e-mail and you need to listen to this segment. the cyber attack that struck sony pictures raising alarms across america. assistant director of the fbi cyber division saying these hackers would have gotten past 90% of private industry and government cyber defenses. ryan fitzgerald, chief strategist of rsa providing security solutions for many of the world's biggest companies. he is my guest today. that is a staggering and startling prediction and figure. these hackers would have got past 90% of the companies that you work at. well, maybe not yours, but maybe mine and so many others. why? >> the challenge today, gretchen, is that computer security hasn't evolved as fast as the hackers have. our networks are highly connected with dependence on each other's networks. we share more and more information on-line. companies do with their pliers, with their customers, and we all
11:44 am
do personally, and the attackers have dive physicianed out these new connections, and they're using them to find new ways to attack, and security defense hasn't really kept up with that. it's a bit of an imbalance today. >> for people sitting at home and for you and me quite frankly, what do we do? do we just stop writing anything in an e-mail that could be misconstrued later on? >> the vast majority of digital communication is safe. cyber monday was a huge success, and most of what happens on the digital world is very safe. of course, we should be careful just like we do in the rest of our lives to be very thatful about what we do put on-line because anything you just put into the digital world, you really should expect it's going to be there forever. >> okay. people say, well, i deleted it. then they say, well, i double deleted it. delete means nothing in the computer world, right? or am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. you're just delete it off your p.c. your e-mail goes to other service before it reechlz the
11:45 am
destination. simply deleting a piece of digital content while it feels good on your device, at the end of the day, you should assume that there are multiple copies of that information floating around. sometimes in places you're not even aware of. >> that is pretty scare where i. you know, we did some research here because we wanted to find out private companies, public companies how long they actually have to keep emails legally and as it turns out, i'm sure you know this, there is no set policy. it's really up to every company, right? >> it's up to companies, and, in fact, some companies in certain regulated industries have laws they do have to keep this things around for multiple years. we should assume that sometimes the organization has to, but many companies don't bother to delete things because storage is simply cheaper than find it all and deleting it. >> what should the private person watching right now do, let's say, for their -- not their work computer per se, but their private computer? >> really for your private computer what you want to do,
11:46 am
and at rsa we mostly deal with corporations, but we give the same advice to individuals. keep all your software up-to-date. your anti-virus software up-to-date. make the patches and changes, those little windows you get that you want to ignore. take the time to make the update, and it's about what you put on-line and don't say anything on-line that you won't say to somebody face-to-face. >> yeah. well, oh, tell all the tweeters that. all right. >> absolutely. >> brian, thanks for all your insight today. thanks so much. the crowds, the packed stores. nothing puts a a damper on holiy cheer like stress, right? who feels it more? women or men? why? tweet me@gretchen carlson. keep them nice, why don't you. it's friday. ♪ you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car?
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take a look. the planning that goes into parties and the relative stays overnight, add it all up, and you for your holiday season? stress. so, who is stressed more during the holidays? men or women? let's bring in our power panel, dave, ceo of likeable local. phillip, an attorney and corporate investigator and, and frankie, a tech and social media expert. gentlemen, i know i can see you have callouses all over your fingers because you have been at home putts up decorations and lights and wrapping so many gifts. right? >> absolutely. no, it's a stressful time of year for men and women, and what my wife would say is, try really hard not to let all the stress and craziness bother you and whether you're a man or woman, just do what you feel comfortable with. >> that sounds like a copout do what you feel comfortable with.
11:51 am
nothing. do you help out? >> i help out a little. i think the thing to concentrate on it nose absolute equality of stress but lowering stress for both parties, and that what we try to do at our house. women sometimes even if they egalitarian in other walks of life, holidays bring back regression to older times when they were little and their mothers did most of the work, and we sometimes try to duplicate the experience as kids and the women find themselves doing work they don't do. >> and loving every moment of it. let's read comments we got on social media. joe says, my wife stresses, control freak, all has to be her way. i hope she is not watching. here's another one. i do decorating help hangs lights around the other, christmas cards, he keeps a spreadsheets of name -- that's the egalitarian one. bob says, my nine-year-old grandson, levi, helps out.
11:52 am
so franky, does the first guy, joe, have a point? do women stress more and do more of the work because, let's face it, we sometimes like to be in control? >> yes. i don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but yes. and i think men should be helping out more, be more considerate, you read on twitter, facebook, married friends are posting need more wipe because i can't stop shopping. >> what does this say about men and putting off all those things until the very end. do you do that? >> i procrastinate, it that mail-female thing? >> i don't know. what do you think? >> procrastination nation. >> this year, unusually it's assault done. all done already. >> woo! you get the gold star. >> even the postman tip and everything done. >> wow. >> i don't know if i'll be able
11:53 am
to pulp it off again next year. >> high five on that. you're ahead of me, pal, and i'm feeling stress. >> my wife does all the other work. >> so the new poll said that women are more stressed than men during the ohio, 11% more. women feel more daily anxiety than men, 16% more. but get this. women are still slightly happier than men? what do you macof that, franky and. >> i think they truly enjoy it. my mother enjoys the holidays and most women i know truly enjoy it. it's a treat for them. >> of what holiday you're celebrating, have a fantastic one. >> and you, too. >> time for my take now. don't get me wrong. i love my husband, but let's be honest. i don't wrap gifts well but he really doesn't know how to wrap, that's why i had a conversation with santa many years ago about not trying to show us up with beautifully wrapped gifts on christmas morning. i asked him to please not wrap anything he brings by and i have to tell you, he is a good listener.
11:54 am
my husband does help with the kids' tree and even though i make the christmas card every year he does sent out his own to his work mates. neither of us are great in the kitchen and he should consider that a blessing because he doesn't have to be subjected to the swedish christmas food that is frankly, awful. one little beef, though. why do men wait to shop untilh? just asking. with only. two more weeksen in krills, janice wrote this: christmas brings us joy, not stress. i like that. and i am going to take that to heart. we have breaking news out of los angeles right now. a rescue underway after two people were stuck in flood waters following a major storm. plus, 'tis the season to eat, drink andmery, "the real story," our party last night. something funky is growing outside buckingham palace. what is and it who found it?
11:55 am
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fox news alert to tell you about. two people rescued in los angeles as the region gets pounded be a powerful storm. they just pulled a second person out of that flood-swollen river there, the l.a. river. we don't in the status of the person but you can see the rescue operation going on right there. the wife of the gentleman who was pulled in first was still missing. the rescue operation is happening there as a stretcher gets ready for the person they have apparently rescued now. we'll bring you more as we get it in to fox news. a tricky discovery at buckingham palace. a psychedelic mushroom found in queen elizabeth reside garden. a gardener found it growing during prepares for a television show. palace officials say there are special hundred species of mushrooms and point out they are never used, never used, in the
11:59 am
royal kitchen. the lonely planet declaring its top u.s. tourist destinations for 2015. number one? queens, new york. praised for its boutique hotels. microbreweries and restaurants saying, quote no where is the image of new york as the global meeting pot truer than queeners, runners up include western, south dakota, new orleans, and louisiana. so last night we had our holiday party for "the real story." yep, that's the crew that was still sticking around to the bitter end, and there's lots of us there. and thanks so much for everyone who came out. we do this secret santa thing where we bring a crazy gift, and then we exchange them. i got a huge chocolate kiss. there's gustavo. who does the audio here for the real store, and in the middle, my wonderful assistant, linda. what else? there's athyria dollar la with his bread stick as a cigar. and alex produces and books the
12:00 pm
great guests, and jen williams, the executive producer of the show, and megan brown to the right, runs all of booking here at fox. and there's deanna and jason. they cut the tape for us here at "the real story." have a texas weekend. >> the horrors of isis have reached a new level of evil. we now have the group's manual for how members can treat their underage sex slaves and it comes amid word the group just beheaded four christian children. also, mudslides in southern california, heavy rain forcing evacuations and water rescues. the worst storm there in years. a potential breakthrough for the millions of americans wanting to lose weight. and ingredients researchers say makes you feel full and they say this could rewrite the book on dieting. first, from the


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