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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's it for today, have a great week, and we'll see you next fox news sunday. first from fox tonight, congress sending a $1.1 trillion spending bill to the president's desk and finally passing a long-term funding measure without shutting down part of the government. good evening, i'm heather childressz for harris faulkner. in a late-night vote, the senate approved the measure 56 to 40. it follows the budget cap set by last september's budget deal and will fund nearly the entire government through september, the end of the current budget year, the one exception, the department of homeland security is only funded through february 27 and republicans could use that to force the president to roll back his executive immigration actions. all that said, there was plenty
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of drama on the floor last night. at one point, democrats even wheeled in a piano to sing carols like "i'll be home for christmas" which might be a little bit optimistic for him. >> reporter: the threat of a government shut down the off the table now, the vote was 56-40 in the senate. texas senator ted cruz challenged the constitutionality of the measure because it does provide some money for homeland security which could be used to help implement president obama's executive action. the senate's top democrat rick cruz. >> the junior senator from texas is wrong, wrong, wrong, on several counts. the most important for us, this evening, is an attack on this bill. because it's not an appropriate preys to debate the constitutionity of any executive branch action. >> there was a vote aram ma
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where -- there is pressure to get it done before congress leaves because republicans take control of the senate next year and it will be harder to confirm the president's pick. some are criticizing senator cruz and fellow conservative senator mike lee of utah for fighting the government funding package. >> i don't think they accomplished anything except perhaps harry reid was able to get nominations and appointments through the senate that he otherwise probably wouldn't have, but i respect their right to exercise their responsibilities and their rights as senators. >> but the texas senator says reid would have done it sooner or later. >> look, one thing to keep in móau eefs going to force these nominations through either today other, because that has been his tenure in power has been an abuse of power and it was wrong. >> reporter: so you won't hear the phrase government shutdown
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until at least late nebraska, that's when the funding is going to run out and is likely to challenge the president's immigration executive action. >> we'll have more on this during the hour when our fox experts weigh in. there's now reaction over the release of the controversial senate report targeting the cia's interrogation program3dm after the 9/11 attack. brutal than what the misled officials in the george w. bush administration and members of congress. but the former cia official who oversaw the program says that he personally briefed congress. he also achieve his report of throwing the cia under the bus, i saying that it will cause presidentialsv)v administration distrust the agency and harm our relationship with our allies. today former vice president dick cheney said that it saved lives.
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>> it worked, it worked now, for 13 years, we have avoided another mass casualty attack in the united states. we did capture bin laden, we did capture a lot of the senior members of al qaeda who were responsible for 9/11, i would do it again in a minute. >> reporter: john mccain defended the report's release, he said the detailed accounts of the interrogation tactics justify making it public. jennifer griffin is live for us in washington. jennifer, what impact are these revelations having on our allies who might have cooperated with this program? >> we parliamentary panel wants access to the entire report to find out how the uk participated in the interrogation and rendition of terror suspects. the chairman of the british parliament's intelligence committee told the bbc he is demanding a copy to better understand the uk's role, one of the principal democrats on the committee says the key
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conclusion of the report is that the message didn't work. >> if you look at the information we had on the courier that took us to osama bin laden, he had four sources on that and those four sources all provided all the information that the cia needed to know to track this guy before they were exposed to enhance interrogation techniques or never having been exposed to those techniques. >> many say this public airing of the agency's business will be similar to the church committee hearings of the 1970s. the agency had become too risk averse as a result of those hearings. heal health healtherer? . >> i think it is best presented by the architect of the cia's enhanced for gacey program. the biggest interrogation --
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those who were briefed the earliest about the methodsing with used. >> i remember very clearly a briefing of nancy pelosi in 2002, she never objected to the techniques at all. the only one that ever objected to any of this and it was more of a caution was jane harmon in 2003 when she said, be careful because the perception will be in the future that we did this to hide something. >> the senate committee was, members of the senate were briefbrief ed 35 times and members of the house briefed 30 times. it was the so-called gang of 8 and they were briefed and these were on the record as having at the time encouraged the cia to take every step possible. >> some in congress including general jay rockefeller who launched the cia probe said they were all doing all they could to prevent another attack, pushing
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them to do more. we are now just hours away from the next big test for obama care and this-time, this is more about howell well the program works, not just how well the website works, midnight pacific time is the deadline for new enrollees to pick a health plan for coverage starting january 1. for current customers this is your last chance to make changes that could affect premium increases expected to take effect next year. open enrollment officially ends february 15. last year's inaugural enrollment period was marred with confusion, you'll remember that, the glitches in the system, this year the focus is on how well the program will work for millions of consumers, the website reportedly expecting heavy traffic. well, crude oil prices at their lowest point in five years and the troubled oil market took another hit today, the head of the organization of petroleum
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exporting companies or opec has announced that it has not set a target price for oil. lake a look at this, crude oil costs about $98 per barrel at the etched of 2013. now about $47 a barrel. year. the dramatic drop has a big impact on energy markets and oil producing countries around the globe, but will we see that drop in the price at the pump? bret butler is a senior correspondent as a host of bulls and bears. how are you doing this evening? >> i'm great, thanks. >> big news foumers when these prices hit the pump? we have a perfect storm for the falling oil prices. we learned last week that demand is going to fall worldwide, and supply is gushing, here in the united states, we have fracking which is really providing much
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minister supply and also we had this supplies from opec, because normally if the prices drop this low, they would cut production to make them rise, they are not doing that. so it looks like oil could fall further and we are seeing gas prices down to texas place, it's think that will continue. so that begs the question, why not cut production at this point and why not set a target price for oil. >> it was a big surprise, in part, in stead of trying to get the prices up and many opec members cheat anyway, they're trying to defend their market share, the united states fracking as made us the second biggest oil producer in the world. and so there's -- they want to defend their market shares, very important to opec companies. >> defend their market share and hurt the u.s.? >> that may be part of it. again, we have become the second largest oil producer and we are eclipsing opec in many ways.
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>> yeah, all right, very interesting news, but good news for people when they hit the gas pumps. and we do have some breaking news that we're following for you at this moment. we do need to tell you about. this is coming in from sidney, australia, a gunman has reportedly taken at least 20 people hostage near the center of the city. this is happening at a chocolate shop. right now the bbc reporting several people held their hands up against a window and there's a black flag with arabic writing and we are working to get some more information on this story for you. we will bring it to you as soon as it comes in. but first, the hunt is on for the last of three escaped inmates, where the first two were captured and why police want to bring the third one down as soon as possible. plus, new leads in the search for the person who set a mississippi teenager on fire and left her to die. the clues investigators are hoping will lead them to jessica chamber's killer. that's up next. ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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philips norelco. auburn football player ja jake -- also in alabama, two escaped inmates are back behind bars but a4;y third -- these me escaped from the choctaw county jail. pictured on the left was captured 100 miles away outside a movie theater in tuscaloosa, jahmahl colbert in the middle there, he was reportedly captured at a family member's
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house and a third, demarcus woodard remains at large and is considered very dangerous. he and colbert are both accused of murder and gourd was originally jailed on armed robbery and burglary charges. it has been one week since a mississippi teenager was brutally killed. investigators say someone poured lighter fluid down her throat, set her on fire and left her for dead. years old. so far no arrests have been made. her jail was jessica chambers. it happened in the small curl town of -- family and friends said their final farewells.7yov a reported 400 mourners packed
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the funeral. brian, where does the investigation stand rights now? >> right now i can tell you we spoke to the da, district attorney john champion who's telling me they're still working their leads in this horrific murder case but there are no known suspects at this time. jessica was found justice of her car in that small town of court/ land, mississippi, she died at a hospital but not before telling firefighters, something, investigators aren't disclosing what she said, but jessica's father ben chambers said she uttered the name of her killer before passing away. now mr. chambers also said that his daughter had stayed at a battered women's shelter a month ago and had been in bad relationships. investigators now say they're analyzing their cell phone and constructing a timeline of events. surveillance footage shows jessica entering a gas station
4:17 pm
she frequented an hour and a half before she was found where she died a mile away. the video captures a man filling up a gas canister next to her but investigators have cleared him. investigators say she pumped more gas than usual, he said that when he asked her why, jessica said she was going somewhere. he also said that she was wearing pajama pants and her home said she was expected right home. an excruciating time for the chamberings family. jessica was buried yesterday nec to her 28-year-old brother who died in a car accident two years ago. hundreds of family and friends filled a church in baitsville, except for the solid white casket, offering people a chance
4:18 pm
to sign goodbye messages, using red and green sharpies. school where she played softball and was a cheerleader. >> he was reading the casket of jessica and many people, because she's a clear leader and she was the one that was thrown up into the air and just a high flyer, they said fly high jessica. well, today, we can fly with her as love lifts us today. >> an $11,000 reward is available for anyone with information. >> let's hope they find who did this and finding them quickly. thank you, brian, live in our newsroom. coming up, violent winds, heavy rain and a tornado making a mess in an unlikely spot, ahead the cleanup after the twister touches down. plus the tables turned on james bond, what was stolen from the
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report. gunmen holding 20 people hostage in downtown side any. a police operation is under way in martin police, people are advised to avoid the area. sky news reports that there are hostaging standing with their hands up in every window and there's a black flag with arabic writing.
4:23 pm
so you probably heard of the zero tolerance school policies, under those guidelines, teachers and administrators found they were forced to give out the same harsh punishment for minor infractions as serious ones, so now some districts are looking for a new approach when it comes to student discipline. ann housely has more from our west coast newsroom. >> zero tolerance in this country has lost its way, a sentiment echoed by school districts across the country as many announced the first major changes to their discipline policies in decades. >> we are about now initially criminalizing youth who make mistakes, but rehabilitation so you do not make that mistake again. >> los angeles and san diego both made sweeping policy changes this year, reducing the number of infractions that result in suspension or expulsion and focusing on restorive justice. >> there used to be 15 items on
4:24 pm
the zero tolerance list, we have cut that down to 5. >> it can actually do more harm than good for kids who are already at risk. >> when they have been expelled or suspended, it's often they fall further behind in their studies, they are tracked the to sometimes not graduate or for dropout. >> you write a citation and move on and we're not really addressing the problem. now we're keeping kids in school. >> other schools like chicago, philadelphia and denver have also changed their policies in recent years. >> i think it's a good approach to changing our culture which is right now a crime and punishment culture. we're moving more towards a restorative justice. >> well that was fox news' adam housely reporting from our west coast newsroom. a tornado touching down in the middle of a city block and
4:25 pm
scattereding debris in every direction, we have that story as we go across america. california, cleanup underway after a rare tornado tore through los angeles county, ripping apart trees and buildings. meteorologists say the tornado had winds between 65 and 85-mile-per-hour, making it the smallest kind of twister. no one was hurt. in illinois, investigators still working to find out what caused a hotel fire at the elton hotel in quincy e rescuers used a ladder to rescue people from the hotel roof. the hotel dates back to 1924. michigan, a 17 story skyscraper came crumbling down. the north park plaza being demolishedg
4:26 pm
and in new york, oregon quarterback marcus mariota accepting the heisman trophy. >> you should take this as motivation and dream big. >> the junior quarterback became choked up while thanking the many people who helped him along the way. that's the fox watch across america. >> and congrats to him. a block biser new leak on the cyber attacker on sony pictures. the company says that they worry that the hacker will try to publish it and warn they will take all necessary steps to protect the copy writed material. weigh in on all button stories of the bill, including the late-night
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showdown on the senate bill in california. and ted cruz's last minute effort to force a vote on the president's executive action, it's all coming up on the fox report tonight. here at fidelity, we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments,
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4:31 pm
the government open through september, one exception, the only funded through february and that is when republicans could once again challenge the president's executive actions on immigration.?&xr and the fox news political insiders are here, ed rollins the former chief presidential it? and pat goodell and doug shown, former pollster for president bill clinton and a fox news krabt for as well. thank you all for joining us as well. there is a lot to talk about here. the antics of what happened last night is where we start. what does this mean? i mean there were conservative republicans, liberal democrats. >> the overarching premise for republicans is not to shut the government down, it was an impending disasted5h so that
4:32 pm
swallowed a lot of things they wouldn't have swallowed under normal circumstances. it's a good lesson for them, they better make sure the proerp appropriations bills are passed early next time. >> in the 50 years i have been around politics, i have never seen the coalitions that were put together in this bill. >> pat? >> i think first of all, i think we're looking at a new policy here, which is what you're seeing, everyone in america from occupy wall street to the tea party, violently against this bank, where the banks are writing legislation and giving banks the ability to now spend $1.5 million=íz$o per person or million per couple. this is not what the republicans elected -- the thing i would
4:33 pm
like to have explained to me is why didn't theytmç5y pass a three-month scr or extension? >> you talk about republicans. >> instead of giving in to give obama all the spending for nine months. >> that's why the spending bill has been endorsed by president obama, but also more than 70 house democrats supported it. >> here's why it was done. the republicans did not want to seem partisan. they wanted to seem bipartisan. and they didn't want to have the image of just going month to month, week to week. so they swallowed a lot that rj @r(t&háhp &hc% democrats did the same. it's not a good bill, but the result going out until next september is probably beneficial to the country. >> that's very important to realize. >> this is 1.1 trillion, what's going to be a $4 trillion budget. there's so much of the budget that's main dated and that's where you've really got to bring things under control, you've got to get those entitlements, you need the tax cut, you need a
4:34 pm
variety of things. >> and they havedñ$[ more week to do all that. >> they have the fight, republican are saying that ted cruz and mike lee what they did has allowed the democrats to push through more nominations under harry reid's let's blow up the senate traditions. >> what is the thinking behind that that cruz allowed that to happen? >> they could have done this on monday and passed a bill. but behind a lot of this is pure corruption, the 59 democrats that vote fod for the bill. they got ts+n as much money from the financial sector which wrote the bill back in may, as did the democrats who voted against it. same with the republicans. >> did cruz and other banks literally writing it word for word and the only thing that changed is they made it past tense or something like that. >> i think an important by
4:35 pm
product of this, we all saw elizabeth warren on the democratic side galvanize opposition because of thek"u(áu of the bill that effectively gave the banks the ability to trade risky derivatives and then get bailed out if it doesn't work. this could be the beginning of her presidential campaign. >> it gave her a forum to start out. >> it's given her a reason or a way, certainly her supporters have to get into the mix and i think it was 300 obama supporters on friday said they wanted her to run. >> but there another 2016 potential candidates as well. >> few people -- ted cruz clearly is now the leader of the tea party, that's never had a significant leader. and whatever that is, he's an outlier. elizabeth warren is an outlier, u but she's going to be the leader soft progressive part of
4:36 pm
the democratic party and they're going to be big, powerful voices. the 2016 democratic contenders who voted no. >> yes. >> but let me tell you what none of them do, elizabeth warren late down and rolled over in the end. because she's not going to stand the democratic establishment. just as ted cruz will not stand up and really attack the republican establishment. what you have here are the donor class and the lobbiest class in control of a government, voters hate that, they didn't want it and now the republicans, i call them the d.c. republicans. they are no better than basically have thrown their own voters under the bus and their landslide under the bus, all in the service of the chamber of commerce and people who give them big money. >> let's talk about what ted cruz did. breaking with many of his republican colleagues to force a
4:37 pm
vote on the president's executive action on immigration. did he did the democratic party a service by doing that. >> if the government had shut down or moved in that dwrek sir because of what he has doneqikq would have been a disservice. if he's launched on the fact that we have a bill, it's going to go through september. we have ted cruz on the right, we have a political process that from the pugh polld last week, everybody is so angry they are looking on both sides of the aisle for fresh faces. >> we're going to talk a little bit more about the fox news poll. but i wanted to ask you, ed, in terms of the republican party, does what ted cruz did, does it mean anything. >> ted cruz does not care about the republican party, ted cruz is all about himself, he's a very bright guy, he always thinks he's the brightest guy in the room.
4:38 pm
he does not care if anybody likes him or not. >> what is his end game? >> his end game is to be the leader of the republican party. he started with the big influence of the republican party. >> is it to be president of the united states? isn't that his end game? >> i don't think that is his end game. >> it is absolutely. >> he's appealing to that base. >> but he angered so many people in his own party, the establishment, everyone becau. i go back to elizabeth warren, she showed enormous power in the house and across the senate. she didn't filibuster, she did not force a vote on her amendment to take out the bank thing. the one thing people are about taking care of themselves first. p warren who likes to say she e's -- i
4:39 pm
remember somebody on television saying -- >> i'm thinking she's -- there's a really good chance. >> i don't think she does unless hillary stumbles. i think hillary really has that nomination. >> has she stumbled yet. >> she is not going to be the strongest candidate. she would not be a strong candidate if she was not a viable woman candidate. >> do you think that hillary will run if she thinks of that as a possibility that anyone would beat her for the nomination? >> i want to tell you, i was involved in the insurgencies and the democratic party with mcgovern, with -- i want to tell you something, elizabeth warren has a part of the party, hillary clinton is sitting there waiting to be had by democrats who are frustrated. >> and ted cruz has the we have
4:40 pm
to move on, more about the cia's -- a former counter terrorism official says that top democrats knew about the program including democratic leader nancy pelosi. we will break it all down with the fox news political insiders up next. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. when electricity is generated here's awith natural gasu: instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%?
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advances that could help you move on from hep c. now is the time to rethink hep c and talk to your doctor. visit to find out about treatment options. and register for a personalized guide to help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor. strong words from the former cia official who oversaw the interrogation program. on fox news sunday, he said that the senate's report throws the agency under the bus. and that he personally briefed congress, including nancy pelosi on the program. >> so she knew back in september of 2002 every one or our enhanced interrogation techniques. >> let me ask you specifically, did you tell her about waterboarding, did u you tell her about sleep depravation? >> yes, yes i did.
4:44 pm
>> did you tell her about slapping or pushing into walls and all of the techniques? >> i briefed her on all of the techniques. >> jose rodriguez headed the cia's counter terrorism sectioá and it's clandestine service. the fox news political insiders are back, ed rollins, pat goodell and doug schoene. i'm going to start with you, doug. these people personally debriefed people like nancy pelosi. and they're obviously denying that. >> this is almost unprecedented in american#vñt politics, havin cia senior official saying he did something that an entire group of political leaders saying it didn't happen. this is to me a huge issue. the larger issue of the procedures of what the cia did, how they did it, what they said, look, i think for myself others bd disagree, there is a role,
4:45 pm
and perhaps a limited role for torture, but what there is no role for is a program that was clearly out of control with briefings that were clearly not explicit, at least if you listen to the democrats, and most of all, why do we have a partisan report rather than a bipartisan report? >> and this was very much a partisan report, correct? >> absolutely. first of all, he was one of the great operatives in the guestses on today's show, but he's also got to burn all the tapes, he burned all the tapes of all the interrogations, he basically was an operative and is the epitome of the clandestine service. i am opposed to torture, we have signed declarations and treaties that we don't do torture even in times of great -- it's a very, very important in our future battles.
4:46 pm
we need to have oversight, we need to have congress step in and have very clear boundaries. >> there was oversight and these techniques were stopped. why we learelease it now? >> that's my point. i think it would have been a bipartisan -- couple of things. first of all, something about scorned women. dianne feinstein's got a thing with the cia, they were actually spying on the committee staff and their computers. she and the cia have really had it. she had a real bias, i have never seen anything quite like her tweeting against the cia. this is bob kerry, the former democratic senator said, this report from the beginning had a predetermined set of conclusions and they then found the evidence for it. they took lots of stuff in these memos out of context, they also did, you know, wouldn't interview anyone, we have all been through that, i have never seen when we don't interview
4:47 pm
people. i have watched senator widen get up and lie today and say the justice department was investigating. the justice departmentñ2÷ stopp investigating in 2012, no one's going to be prosecuted. what you have here, though, is that committee was#h89 the most nonpartisan american committee in congress. we have shown how the partisanship is gone when you have the democratic senators and their staff putting a report together that should have been bipartisan, like the end of the wmd commission, their report which was 13 and up. >> you have president obama coming out and taking credit for finding osama bin laden and these techniques led to finding him. >> everything's up to debate. i don't think this report has in any way enhanced our knowledge, in fact if anything, it has made the united states as a nation have betrayed our values, we don't know what happened, we don't know what techniques
4:48 pm
worked, sadly heather, we have taken a step backward, not forward. >> when you56rmñ talk about tor weren't the real people that were tortured when we talk about osama bin laden, all those innocent lives in the towers. >> no question about that, if something like that happened again, we would probably violate the constitution again, and that doesn't make it right. if you really want to torture these guys, make them listen to four days of filibuster in congress. but at the end of the day, there's lots of ways to interrogate people. >> have a debate about the morality of the president picking with his cards who ask to be cleared from a high distance, relatives, collateral damage, they go after things that were just profiles, not even specific. they kill people, one of the things around the world people are angry about is the killing of women and children by our
4:49 pm
drone program. a pilotless aircraft sending a hell fire missile to kill people. let's have a discussion about the mortality of that, if we're going to have one, let's have both. >> and on that note, we're going to take a break, but we're not done yet, thanks to our fox news political insiders and we will have more on the breaking news in australia. that's up next. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. in sidney, australia, at least one gunman holding 13 peoplevsalr hostage. sky news reports that there are hostages standing with their hands up in every window and there's a black flag with arabic writing. we're efforting a reporter who
4:53 pm
is at the scene who will bring developing situation, we'll continue to work on that, stay with us. but meantime, jeb bush saying that he will soon make up his mind about weather to run for president in 2016. >> i have thought about if i'm capable of running and serving, campaigns as senator and as governor. in spite of what currently is the case in this current environment in washington, you can do big things if you set the stage in a campaign and move forward. >> that from an interview from miami's wplg tv. he says part of that process he will release about 200,000d$eéu e-mails from his time as governor as well as his book. >> i don't have any inside information. i definitely think he's going to run. i think he would be a very
4:54 pm
credible candidate. he was a very fine governor and he's probably the most capable of all the bushes. and a lot of people want him to run. but it's not a cake walk that he's going to run. >> i asked if you had any insider information. >> i don't have any insider information. he's talking to money people. he's telling his own operatives not to sign up with anybody else. which tells me he's getting ready to run. >> i like jeb bush personally, he's a big issue guy, he's got some issues in the party because he supports common core, which is not only republican conservatives, but also waffling on immigration, tax increases. >> he's got a lot of tax increases. i want to say what his other problem is, first of all, something i don't understand and doug and i have talked about this before, if all of these polls constantly show him weaker, even in florida, you would expect from reflex from repg
4:55 pm
what you would think a predestined candidate which normally republican#tyzu have. and secondly, he is going to be the candidate in the very establishment i talked about at the top of this program in washington. the lobbyist and -- if he's going to be that candidate, rather than be an anti-establish candidate, he's going to have a rough road. >> can hillary clinton be what you have adjust described as well, though. >> hillary has clear vulnerabilities as pat and i have pointed out. jeb bush, his numbers are weak, there's a but. he will have huge financial support and arguably a decisive advantage from bunglers, the establishment and people who want to see him9qah+z elected. because what he is the quintessential political >> there is a very significant difference in this cycle.
4:56 pm
the evangelical community which 40%, 25% of the country's base wants their own candidate, they're tired of establishment candidates, they want something like a mike huckabee. >> do you think mike's going to run? >> i do think mike's going to run. >> viewers should know that ed ran his last campaign. >> i see all thesigns, i see all the movement around and what have you. and tom cruise,cruise, evangeli want an establishment candidate that obviously christie and others would fight. >> hillary and bush. hillary clinton and bush, the country's going to go, oh, my god, you want to talk about vacuum, because both of them are establishment money candidates. >> bush is the third bush, clinton is the first one. >> but they'll still see clinton bush. it will be interesting to see at joining us once again, political insiders
4:57 pm
and you can continue co-the conversation with them on twitter, on fn insiders, i'm heather chilled dress in for harris faulkner, see you back at 5:00 a.m.
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hacked sony e-mails cracked jokes about race about the president. plus law students at ivy leagual schools say they're too upset from protesting to study, so they want their final exams delayed. all that and more tonight on huckabee. and welcome to huckabee. al about the only thing worse than when a loser acts like a winner is when a winner


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