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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 15, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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around kensington palace all the teem. >> that's it for us, special report is coming up next. a lone wolf terrorist homeland security hostages for most of a day in downtown sidney. this is special report. good evening, i'm doug mcelway in for bret baier who is on assignment. we begin tonight's coverage with an act of terror. three people including the gunman are dead after a 16-hour long hostage siege in sidney, australia. four others were injured. >> reporter: 16 hours into the hostage situation, and armed officers move in.
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the loud bangs of stun grenades shook the city as gunfire signaled a bloody end to the siege. the police stormed the building moments after this dramatic escape in the early hours of the morning. earlier in the day, these cafe staff also rush for freedom. the terror is etched on their faces. it was clear at the time the authorities would do whatever needed to be done. >> we are being tested today in sidney. but whatever the test, we will face it head on. >> throughout the day, the spector of the gunman wearing a bandanna with arabic writing drifted menacingly in front of the cafe window. he was charged in 2009 with sending abusive letters to the
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families of australian soldiers killed in afghanistan. later a flag with arabic writing but pressed to the glass. it was thought to be the emblem of the islamic state. but it is actually an islamic declaration of faith. all day the hostages were used as human shields, standing in front of the window armed races for two hours at a time. >> i could see her crying and wiping away tears and it's just really hard. >> reporter: some of the hostages were able to use mobile phones to contact friends and family. they described what it was like inside. >> my heart just dropped and i sent back a text message and i said, are you okay? and he messaged back, i'm okay. >> reporter: the islamic state has threatened australia in the
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past. the radical group has lost urged so-called lone wolf attacks abroad. either way, terror has come to australia's largest city. alex rossi sky news. . >> the hostage situation appears to be another -- chief intelligence correspondent. >> reporter: within hours of the siege, the suspect's online presence included a reportedly plan for isis was suspended. well known to australian authorities, a self styled muslim cleric has been accused of being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. a fixture on the streets of sidney earlier this year, the iranian born suspect was charged with the 2002 sexual assault of a woman, stemming from allegations of multiple incidents at his so-called spiritual clinic. authorities say there is little doubt that the siege is an act of terrorism.
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but the question is did he initiate the plot or was directed by a foreign terrorist group. >> this group appeals by people not directly affiliated request the organization. this makes isis more dangerous than al qaeda was. >> reporter: four hours into the siege, the president was briefed by the -- secretary jeh johnson, fib director james comby, and the head of the national terrorism center were fully engaged in offering help. since the spring when isis gained momentum across iraq, at least 20 permanent rez dipts have tried to help the terror group and at least a dozen more are fighting in iraq and syria. within days another so-called lone wolf shot a -- just days
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later a self radicalized gunman stalked and then attacked new york city rookie cops with a hatchet. a law enforcement bulletin says that thompson was obsessed with radical islam. when it comes to tracking terror suspects, a former ranking member of the house intelligence committee says the u.s. is handicapped by the wikileaks -- >> the tools what are essential to us, they now know what they are and what they do is they create work arounds so they don't provide access to the kind of information that we need. >> and today in a series of arrests, authorities arrested ten people. b and now, to a chief white house correspondent ed henry with a look at how president obama is working on the end game in america's longest war. >> visiting troops who just
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returned home for the holidays, president obama today made clear again that combat operations are ending in afghanistan in a couple of weeks. even as he hinted sat an acknowledgement that combat is not really over for 10,000 u.s. troops that will stay behind. >> next month, the war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. that doesn't mean everything's great in afghanistan. afghanistan is still a very dangerous place. >> reporter: in fact in a visit to afghanistan earlier this month, outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel visit -- >> this will mean a delayed withdrawal of up to 1,000 u.s. troops. so that up to 10,800 troops could remain in afghanistan through the end of this year. >> reporter: two u.s. soldiers were killed on friday after
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being struck by an improvised explosive device. as the new afghan president emotionally vowed his nation will not surrender to terrorists. >> translator: enough, no more, this is unacceptable. this is unislamic, it is inhuman. >> reporter: as the u.s. role in afghanistan ramps down, there e's new pressure on the president to step up the fight against isis in iraq and syria. and secretary of state john kerry pushed last week to authorize a new -- bob corker said he wants to approve the measure, but the president waited far too long to seek it. >> the reason we're here is a total failure of the president to lead on this issue and to send something up here. so we find ourselves divided when in essence, we all want the same thing. >> a new fox poll found the public is restless about the president's handling of itsis,
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35% approve as 56% disapprove. >> this campaign in iraq will take time. but make no mistake, our coalition isn't just going to degrade this terrorist organization, we're going to destroy it. >> reporter: though it was four years ago the president used an oval office address to declare the combat mission in iraq was coming to an end. >> operation iraqi freedom is over and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> reporter: that was the summer of 2010, at the end of 2011, the president pulled out all troops declaring he was leaving behind a, quote, stable iraqi. a man hunt is under way at this hour for a suspect in the deadly string of shootings in pennsylvania. senior correspondent rick lebenthal is live with the very latest now. hi, rick. >> reporter: and we have just confirmed the suspect is a former marine reconserve it and
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iraq war vet previously being treated for ptsd, identified as 35-year-old bradley william stone still on the loose, considered armed and dangerous. he's wh5'10", he's known to use cane or walker, wearing green military fatigues, he's suspected of killing six people and seriously wounding six people throughout of philadelphia this morning. the first victim reportedly his ex-wife, who he had been battling in a custody dispute. neighbors reported hearing gunshots just before 4:00 a.m. and then the woman's two young daughters yelling mommy, no. they say stone took the 5 and p 7-year-old girls as they screamed leave me alone. police say stone went on to shoot and kill five others, reportedly including his ex-wife's 75-year-old grandmother. and they're warning people in the pennsberg area to stay home
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and keep their homes lock until the situation is resolved. coming up next, my colleague bret baier gets a first hand look at the immigration situation in texas. first here's a look at what some of our fox affiliates from across the country are covering tonight. the story of the player's union suing the nfl over adrian peterson. they're skl to dismiss a ruling of the nfl. fox 13 memphis notes that today is the u.s. postal service's busiest mailing gay of the year. nearly 240 million cards, letters and packages are expected to be processed. here's a live look at miami, from wsnv, the big story tonight, a 10-year-old girl celebrates her birthday party by giving away all of her presents to children in need. that's embracing the spirit of the season. that's a look at what's going on outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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immigration and border security are important topics in washington, of course, but they are absolutely crucial in texas. my colleague bret baier went to the lone star state for a firsthand look. >> it really hit the high mark, 35,000. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry attended a briefing this morning about recent apprehensions in the rio grand valley region. >> we know these cameras are effective. but obviously the drones, 24/7, looking down on all kinds of weather day and night, and then you have fast response teams, that is the type of messaging that gets into cartels, anyone else that's engaged in illegal activity. >> the last 24 hours, we had three narcotics seizures right here. >> flying in a chopper with governor perry along the border, he spots two men swimming from
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the mexican side to the middle of the river. >> they're crossing the river right here. see right there? >> yeah. >> now they're turning around and going back to -- >> so this helicopter was turning. >> more than 55% of all apprehensions along the southern border happen here in the rio grande valley region. homeland security secretary jeh johnson is in south texas as well, opening a new detention facility. the president and his team have constantly touted increased security along the border. >> today we have more agents and technology deployed to secure our southern border than at any time in our history. and over the past six years, illegal border crossings have been cut by more than half. >> so when you hear to the president saying the border is secure --? >> i have no idea what he's talking about. he must have a totally different understanding of what a secure
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border is than i do. the numbers that we look at, i'm not satisfied that 1,700 apprehensions a week is security. and that's -- and that's down from 10,000 plus a week. we have made great progress, but the border is not secure yet. >> reporter: a fox news poll says it's verilikely that the president's executive action on immigration will increase immigration to the u.s. and 68% are very or somewhat concerned that the use of executive action alters the u.s. system of checks and balances, governor perry, while showing us the rio grande by boat, said he tried to explain the situation to president obama when he came to texas. >> when i was telling him that the border patrol actually isn't on the border, he looked over at jarrett and said is that right, valerie? i said mr. president, that's
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right, i promise you. and he did not know that his border patrol was 40 to 50 miles back away from the border in an apprehension type of a mode rather than up on the border. i told him. that's why you need to come and see this mr. president so you can understand the challenges this country has. >> reporter: and you were disappointed that he didn't? >> i was really disappointed that he didn't come. i think it would have sent the american people a message that he actually cares about this issue. when he says i'm going to austin but i don't have enough time to go to the border and look at the problem says something about where his priorities are. >> reporter: they point to another poll like this one from fox that 63% of illegal immigrants already in the u.s. should have a path to citizenship, up three points from july. >> i think that the american public doesn't really accept the idea that mass deportation is
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really the answer, that making all these people go home is really not going to happen. this is not amnesty, and this is far more punitive. these are poor families that have to pais big fines and have to go through significant background checks. we should be proud of what our country has been able to do on the border, but let's acknowledge that progress as been made and what wore we can do. >> you're right in the middle of the most active smuggling region in north america, obviously, jeff. the activities here are kind of across the gamut, from drugs to sex slaves, to, you know, individuals who are just trying to cross the border to find a better way of life. that's why we knew that when we put the national guard on the
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river, that it would have a good effect on those that would illegally come into whatever their activity might have been. and that's exactly what we have seen. >> governor perry says he ee's convinced that after talking to republican lawmakers that a republican house could move forward a border security bill early in january and then it could get, he thinks, through a republican controlled senate, even though the senate has already passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill. for perry and others, the real question is whether president obama would veto the border security only bill because it doesn't have the other elements the administration wants. that's a question on a lot of people's minds. doug, back to you. >> thank you, bret. truly a birth's eye u view of the immigration policy from mcallen, texas. coming up, growing signs that jeb bush may be getting into the presidential race.
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you may have missed it over the weekend. a compromise deal went through to keep the government open and perhaps unsurprisingly, everybody isn't happy. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at how it all played out. >> reporter: after a rare weekend session that led to the passage of the $1 trillion plus -- majority leader harry reid hichbted the senate's work may be done soon. >> we can complete everything if we wanted to today. >> reporter: the senate was scheduled to have the weekend off until conservatives mike lee and ted cruz objected on friday night. so reid let a vote-aorama on
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starred to convince -- >> the motion to concur is passed. zbrr then late saturday night, the senate voted 56 to 40 to approve the government funding package. cruz challenged the constitutionality of the measure because it does provide some money for homeland security which could be used to help implement president obama's immigration executive action. cruz's effort was rejected 24-72. >> it would have been political malpractice for him to adjourn for the year without getting these things through. >> meanwhile the left has praised massachusetts senator elizabeth warren for her vocal opposition for a weakening of dodd-frank banking regulations in the 1,600 paige banking bill. >> a financial institution has become so big and so powerful that it can hold the entire
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country hostage, that alone is reason enough to break them up. today republican senator john boras sew says that the president -- >> just two years out of his residency, he founded a group called doctors for obama. the purpose? to elect a president. >> reporter: the president's allies dismiss that criticism. >> it is true that he is engaged in political activity as any american citizen is entitled to, i hope that you would not disqualify him. >> and dr. murphy was just confirmed to be the next surgeon general with a 61-43 vote. with some of these moves controversial, and a republican majority in congress, there's no wait until next year, so it's likely to be a pretty busy week in the senate. stocks were down today, the dow fell 100, the s&p off 13,
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nasdaq finished 48 behind. midnight pacific time is the deadline for obama care customers to take advantage of a plan by february 1. telephone hold times have already shot up. open enrollment last until february 13. and a reminder that new technology is not an excuse to forget common sense. coming up, santa and an elf are a bit too controversial. we'll tell you why in the political grapevine coming up next.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a canadian professor says if our people are accepting of government surveillance and intrusion is into our lives, there's just one person to blame, the elf on the shelf. who keeps an eye on children and reports back to santa. university of ontario professor, larry are pinto argues that telling kids it's okay to spy for someone -- it's cool for the nsa to watch me. and report back to the government. and so tells the toronto star. she warns that pushing the elf story line sets up children for a dangerous and critical power struggle. parents say people need to
3:31 pm
lighten up on an elf who gets the family in the christmas spirit. santa has been uninvited from the school christmas brahm in massachusetts. we have told you in the past about jesus in the biblical christmas story disappearing from public life. but this year it's the jolley guy in red which has nothing to do with the biblical christmas story that's now on the chopping bock. last year the "boston globe" announcement that scan that would be absent from the holiday program this year. parents say they understand the decision given the culturally diverse makeup of the school. a close call for a new see land couple who -- a newspaper reports they got locked in their brand-new mazda 3 with their -- they honked the horn, nobody heard, they tried to break the window is a carjack, didn't
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work. the next morning, the wife was unconscious, and the couple was shocked to learn they were never trapped at all, it never occurred to them to unlock the door the old-fashioned way. florida governor jeb bush is clearing the way for a possible 2016 run as other candidates jockey or not for a position. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> jeb bush delivered today's commencement address at the university of south carolina after sending strong signals in a florida tv interview that he's likely to run, plans of e-books and -- >> sometime early next year, i'll release the 250,000 e-mails. i was digital before digital was cool. >> reporter: it also immediately creates contrast with potential
3:33 pm
rivals including new jersey governor chris christie and wisconsin governor cot walker who became targets of investigations in their states. >> prior to serving or running, part of it is to be totally transparent. >> reporter: he's transparent about his support for common core education standards and a path to legal status for illegal imgrants. >> i would try to persuade people, i'm not going to change what i believe, and my beliefs are good, solid, main stream conservative thoughts. winning with purpose, winning with meaning, winning with your integrity is what i'm trying to talk about. >> bush getting in could squeeze out senator marco rubio, both who are from florida share political views. bush's move could also mute efforts to draft mitt romney into the race again. bush rejects the notion that his private equity and business interests will become the kind
3:34 pm
of 4r50ibliability they were fo romney. the ready for warren movement now has million dollar donors and more than 300 former obama campaign staffers on board. still the ready for hillary superpack is already a $1 billion operation. >> warren has to wait for hillary to make a mistake, i don't think she can just jump in. the rationale isn't there yet. >> once the declarations come down, congress is only going to have about six to nine months to get anything done before all the oxygen is sucked out of the 2016 political race. the families of nine of the 26 people killed and a teacher wounded two years ago at sandy hook elementary school filed a lawsuit against the maker it of the rifle used in that shooting. the negligence and wrongful death claim maintains that the ar-15 rifle should not have been made publicly available, they say it was designed for mills
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avoid if you take clopidogrel. nexium 40 mg is only available by prescription. talk to your doctor. for free home delivery, enroll in nexium direct today. what we saw today was the changing face of terrorism and a new threat from terrorism that does not necessarily have to come from an official member of isis or any of the other al qaeda type organizations, it can be a sympathizer, it can be a fanatic, it can be someone on the edge. >> we're hearing an increased chorus from terrorism experts that lone wolf may be the terrorism of the future. we have heard a lot about hassan
3:39 pm
in college station, texas and many others besides those. but today, the gunman in sudden any australia, he's a guy that police and authorities in australia certainly should have been aware of, they were to some extent, he came to australia from iran in 1996 as a refugee, he first came to the attention of the police when he sent hate mail to the families of dead australian soldiers from 2007 to 2009. later arrested for sexual assault of a woman at his healing clinic and 40 other assault charges in october after more victims came forward. let's bring in a panel, singd indicated columnist george will, juan willwill--you got to wondey this guy was not under 24-hour surveillance given his track record? >> the problem is enough people
3:40 pm
who are marginally sane, that you can't keep track of them all, civil liberties issues and law enforcement and all kinds of issues involved. but if lone wolf threat are the worst threat we face, then we're in better shape than i think we probably are. because a lone wolf can cause terrible damage and cause individual tragedy, but he's not apt to cause mass casualties which is what we're particularly worried about. we have lone wolves here before, the ft. hood guy was a lone wolf. the boston massacres, they were two or three of them, but they were loan wolves in that they were not operating in conjunction with a large organization and it's not stretching this too much to say that the gunman in the aurora cinema in colorado and two years ago yesterday, the gunman in that school in connecticut were crazed in their own way. they're not crazed by religion, but they're crazed by something else. but they are lone wolf terrorists. >> and george will raises a very
3:41 pm
interesting question, the similarity of lone wolves and -- >> these are violent people. and the question is in this era, with the kind of propaganda that's put out by the jihadists online, there are certain people who are vulnerable, i think more vulnerable than others to this kind of appeal. the question then becomes what do you categorize as terror, versus what do you categorize as sad, tragic, criminal behavior. it's a very thin line and the result is that we have to figure out a way to respond. you can't use police resources, intelligence resources on every one of these cases, but you can try to harden the structure, but these folks in australia were simply going out to get a cup of coffee. >> i'm curious what the role of political correctness plays in all of this. we heard prime minister abbott say while the siege was still
3:42 pm
ongoing, that we don't know the motivation for the cafe siege, that why would hostages were holding up that black flag with islamic writing on it. >> i think where it gets in the way, distinguishing between the two kinds of lone wolves, there are lone wolves who are the terrorists, who are perfectly rational. nadal hassan was able to function as a doctor for years and years, he was not intellectually organized, he went out and shot people hollering hollering allah akbar. this was the type of psychological marginal deranged, as representative king said on the edge guy for whom isis is not giving instructions, but it's giving a script. these are people who at best are
3:43 pm
mo marginalized and alienated and are at worst psychotic, it gives their lives a context and their deaths a context a purpose and a kind of heroism. and that, i think is what we saw, we have seen in these cases, the ones you mentioned in canada, the guy who beheaded a woman in oklahoma, all these cases, the ax attack in new york city, people -- and the world is oozing with people with this kind of psychopathology, and what isis or jihad is in general is doing is trying to organize them, give them a way to act out that has a purpose. these people otherwise either do nothing, spend lives in and out of mental hospitals, in and out of homelessness, or attack in a wild way like the shooter in
3:44 pm
newtown and other places. here it directs them into a certain kind of activity. this guy was a religious fanatic, he was a shiia, he's obviously a psychopath, he's charged with accessory to the murder of his wife, stabbed 18 times and then burned. has all other -- a lot of other, including a lot of sexual assaults. so this is a guy on the edge of criminality, paranoid, he's got all the elements you would want to receive the script from isis. >> there's another component to the lone wolf attacker and we see the ease with which so many of these people are able to come and go from syria and iraq, through turkey and other places. homeland security agent mike mechanicm mccall said there are -- the
3:45 pm
list is useful only if turkey is screening against hit. extremists are quickly finding even more vulnerable trance constituent points, they have reportedly begun to use cruise ships to come into the united states. this is a startlingly easy way for fighters to exit. >> and that's just one country. we have democratized air travel, in order to fly hundreds of millions of people a day all over the world, you're going to have to have a kind of efficiency and smoothness of the transit that makes this kind of thing inevitable. if you really wanted to stop and set aside all the privacy concerns and all the rers, and try and stop this flow and slow it down enough to give scrutiny to everyone coming through, international air travel would stop, that's not going to. >> you know, it's -- even in today's case, you know, the reality is i think that there are like 60 australians who have gone over to fight isil.
3:46 pm
if you stop to think about that, we had examples from muslim kids, their parents didn't even know it, but they had taken a plane to go over to syria and fight with iisil. there's no way without shutting down our civil liberties to say absolutely no. for me the question is, how can government respond, and i don't think we necessarily have a complete way to eradicate the idea of a lone wolf terrorist. just not possible. >> i think that's right and our posture is entirely defensive. in the end, this thing only ends when itsis is either in decline or defeated. the prestige, the strong horse prestige of a radical islamic movement, is attracting, giving people that they accept, they worship and in whose name they die. once it's sksis is being defeat
3:47 pm
think it will lose a lot of that allure, it doesn't say there's going to be a ground war tomorrow, b. coming up next, a tale of two senators, elizabeth warren and ted cruz rallying their base to make sure that the government stays home. we'll be right back. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ female announcer ] you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hepatitis c is a serious disease.
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hey what are you doing? i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. the american people are disgusted by wall street bailouts. we're watching as congress passes yet another provision that was written by a lobbyist for the biggest recipient of bailout money in the history of this country. >> tonight, both democrats and
3:51 pm
republicans will have the opportunity to show america whether they stand with the president who is defying the will of the voters or with the millions of americans who want a safe and legal immigration system. >> the reason why we were in the debacle we're in is because we refused to pass any of the appropriations bills. >> through attempts to derail the spending bill passed by congress this weekend failed one from the left by elizabeth warren, the other from the right ted cruz. so we've got a bipartisan bill that managed to pass and bipartisanship is not all that pretty, is it? >> no. i, for one, think that elizabeth warren is right when she says, all right, if you want to have a discussion about dodd/frank, let's have a discussion but why is this all of a sudden crammed into this spending bill, a trillion dollars? the answer is, as you point out, bipartisanship. we need a compromise and a
3:52 pm
budget. let's get it done. the only way for everybody so get it done is for everybody to bite their tongue and say, this is the excuse for it. i separated out in my mind from what ted cruz did and i think more people are angry with what ted cruz did than democrats. >> you made mention of the fact that this is another bill we have to pass in order to see what is in it. >> and no one will find out even then. if it's already passed, why bother to read it. we have two exceedingly rare careers under way here. elizabeth warren, who has one in massachusetts, says that she's really worried about risk. and she's focused on some minor matter about derivatives and banks. yet, a few days ago, fannie and freddie announced they are going to have mortgages for low-income people with 3% down. this is walking right down the same path that the housing crisis that fannie and freddie
3:53 pm
gave us that catalyzed the recession. and indifferent to the fact that it's a team sport, democrats are more bemused by him. if ted cruz seeks the republican nomination and doesn't get it? then what? he has to come back here? that's awkward. >> "her hard left economics, what the press exactly refers to as economic populism propels today's liberal argument. it's the default position of nearly every grassroots constituency on the left.
3:54 pm
the center of the democrats' agenda." >> she's going to run against wall street populous. it's called, what exactly is she going to do if she brings it down? if you want to break up the banks? a lot of conservatives will support that. but what is more interesting -- and incidentally, i think she ought to run. i'd love to see her run. it would be a festival if you're a conservative or a republican. we put up anybody on the other side it would be a good night on election night. but cruz is a very interesting guy. you heard in that clip, he said, you have to decide if you want to stand with the -- i don't know, with the administration or with the american people. his idea of conservativism is standing with making a statement rather than i think the conventional idea is doing something. now, there was no way in which the objection he raised over the weekend was going to do
3:55 pm
anything, anything at all to stop the president's order. a 12-year-old with a chalk board could have drawn a graph of how it's impossible. but what it did do is use procedural tricks that today have given us the surgeon general who believes that gun control is a health issue. so that's his achievement thus far. we're going to have a couple other of those as harry reid gets new appointees who otherwise would not have been nominated or approved into office as a result of the cruz maneuver. >> elizabeth warren is a very peculiar kind of populous. foe of capitalism and friend of bow's bank. an interesting combination. >> that's it for the panel. what happens when democrats and republicans compromise?
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about the compromise to avert a government shutdown. one late-night show looked at some of the other deals they worked out. >> the democrats wanted more funding for school lunches. the republicans wanted more immigrants deported to mexico. the compromise now, immigrants being deported will receive school lunch on the way out. the republicans wanted to expand gun rights. the democrats wanted to expand animal rights so their compromise is to give guns to bears. finally, the democrats wanted to protect all the national parks. the republicans wanted to protect the right for senior citizens so they compromised and now larry king has to be forced to live in the forest. >> but it is bipartisanship. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report." good night from washington. greta goes "on the record" right now.
4:00 pm
this is a fox news alert. a killer on the run. a manhunt under way right now for a man who went on a violent rampage shooting six people in three pennsylvania suburbs. chris o'connell is joining us right now. chris, what can you tell me? >> reporter: well, greta, the manhunt continues for 35-year-old brad stone in a very tense situation about 40 miles outside of philadelphia. police are telling us, six people are dead, all relatives of bradley stone in a bloody rampage in three different locations that all started early this morning about 4:00 and the manhunt continues tonight. they do not know where brad stone


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