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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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sadly, we're very well from normal. head to twitter. tomorrow night we'll see you back here. run. a manhunt under way right now for a man who went on a violent rampage shooting six people in three pennsylvania suburbs. chris o'connell is joining us right now. chris, what can you tell me? >> reporter: well, greta, the manhunt continues for 35-year-old brad stone in a very tense situation about 40 miles outside of philadelphia. police are telling us, six people are dead, all relatives of bradley stone in a bloody rampage in three different locations that all started early this morning about 4:00 and the manhunt continues tonight. they do not know where brad stone is.
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i'm in pennsburg. it's a tactical operation going on as we speak. we're at the house believed to be the home of brad stone where police have been here, tactical uni units criss-crossing the streets. you can see many, many s.w.a.t. team members in and out around this house. so far, no sign of brad stone. now, police are asking the public to stay indoors as the search for stone has moved to multiple locations. schools here were on lockdown for most of this day as the situation unfolded. people evacuated from their houses here. it is just -- the first report came at 4:00 this morning and then a third reported shooting and then they connected the dots and now we're learning that this man is a former marine. he served eight years with the marines, including six months serving in a tour in iraq.
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that is what we know about him. some of the relatives, we understand, greta, one of his ex-wife, a couple of his in-laws as well. but right now, the search for brad stone continues in a very tense situation here in montgomery county, pennsylvania. >> chris, indeed, it's important to point out, he's armed and dangerous and nobody should approach him but call the police if they spot him. thank you, chris. and breaking news, in sydney, australia, the world watches as a jihadist gunman held 17 people hostage inside a cafe. at this hour, two victims and the hostage taker are dead. who is this guy? >> reporter: well, we actually know that this gunman's name is man monis. he's been under police
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investigation. quite a few years ago he sent distressing letters to family members of soldiers. he's actually facing a number of charges for two serious incidents but today certainly has been a terrifying day and and night. i'm currently standing here where two of the hostages are being treated. a 43-year-old woman has under gone surgery with gunshot wounds to her leg. a second woman is in stable condition. we've just learned only moments ago that she's actually pregnant. now, these two women, two of 17 hostages which were held up for 16 hours in a lindt store cafe. it was a terrifying ordeal. a lot of these people were on their way to work, just getting a cup of coffee or a cake. a terrifying, terrifying ordeal.
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>> thank you. so just how did this deadly siege begin? "on the record" investigates. >> this is coming in from sydney, australia, a gunman has reportedly taken 20 people hostage near the center of the city. >> sky news reports that there are hostages standing with their hands up in every window and that there's a black flag with arabic writing. the u.s. consulate reportedly has been evacuated in sydney, australia. >> we're going to begin a fox news alert. a suspected terrorist with a gun held more than a dozen hostages inside a cafe in sydney, australia. >> the man's name is man haron monis. he's a 49-year-old born in iran and then moved to australia. he is a self-described sheik.
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he's a self-proclaimed muslim. >> hostages forced to stand with their hands up against that store window. you have seen these images. the lone gunman claiming to have several bombs in different parts of the city. >> the fact that we are getting, from looking at the video, is that it is over. >> in the middle of the mayhem, several hostages seen with their arms in the air pressed against the glass. two hostages are seen holding a black flag connected with islamic extremism. so is he a lone wolf terrorist and how can we even know? nice to see you. it's hard to tell, at least right now, whether it's just a crazy killer fixated with an idea to use jihad or whether this is a jihad terrorist part of a group. i mean, it seems to me, they are both equally evil but there's a
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difference to me. >> absolutely. greta, what he had done and tried to do is not unusual. other jihadists have done it in the middle east and tried to make it clear, taking hostages, claiming a flag. >> and not just jihads have done that. >> what is unique to me -- and i've seen many, many cases in 25 years -- is the fact that he had been -- he was an iranian shia. he applied for asylum so he's against the iranian regime and he's anti-american and then shifted to jihadi from the sunni side. so he has been changing camps but the one ideology was always anti-western. >> i'm sure australia tonight regrets giving hem asylum. it's a tough issue when people come from these oppressive regimes and say they are going to be persecuted and what are we to do but look at the generosity
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of australia and now he has murdered. >> i have worked with people for 25 years and i spoke with judges and they were disoriented. people were coming from egypt saying we need political asylum and ended up jihadist. the question is, not what are you afraid of, what do you want to do here? that's the second part that he has not beenwith. what is your ideology? >> what's your impression? is this someone who is just crazed or part of a jihad group? i mean, how do you identify or describe him? >> look, he cannot be linked to the iranian regime. >> but isis, he wanted a flag. >> isis did not endorse him. he was too public of a person. i mean, we've seen him with politicians. he was a lobbyist for the jihadists. >> he's got a lengthy criminal record, including accessory to
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the murder of his ex-wife or something. >> he's a jihadist who wanted to finish with a big message and felt this would be the opportunity. he's a lone wolf but with a lot of connections. >> the thing that it's hard for to us decide how much to report. you don't want to make him some sort of spectacle. on the other hand, you want people to be alert coming into anyplace who might be wanting to commit murder but it's hard for us to decide how to report this. it's judgment but it's a tough call. >> it's not just us. it's the jihadists who are watching him. they saw that he was successful, he drew attention, everyone was looking at this. i'm concerned about a copycat case, not just in australia. >> why australia? we are hearing more about people giving trouble in australia. >> there is a large contingency of jihadists in australia. it's not new. a couple generations have been
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fighting against the australians and attempts a few months ago. >> the threats to people on public streets in australia. thank you. >> thank you. breaking news, a russian military aircraft nearly hitting a commercial passenger jet. congressman adam kissinger is joining us. the russians say the planes weren't even close. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. look, especially when it comes to commercial airliners, flying close to each other is not something that you do. this is obviously the russian's attempt to show power and show that they have the teeth of a bear, to try to bully their neighbors and it's just -- it's ludicrous. i mean, any time you come near -- the russians can basically claim that the u kryo cra they are going to harass these airliners and some day there's going to be something that happens where maybe a russian jet collides with an airliner. i'm not buying that this is no
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big deal. it's a show of force by the russians and we've been seeing this now for the last year. >> so what to do we do? if ultimately it's going to be more catastrophic, it would be nice to have a strategy about how to avoid it. >> number one, we have to call attention to it. the russians are trying to intimidate folks. we need to show the russians that not only are we going to be intimidated, we're going to respond with increased nato presence and flights along the russian border and in the sea. this is going to be important to do. i think when you see jets -- russian jets intercepting airliners, let's shadow with nato jets if we can do that. it's bringing shame to the russians. you're not showing us that you're tough. you're showing us that you're reckless and getting yourself in a position where you may collide, i'm a pilot. one mistake can lead to a collision. it's very dangerous and reckless
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and not a good neighbor. >> congressman, they claim there were 42 miles between the passenger jet. is that close or far away? 42 nils? >> that's far when it comes to a collision threat and a few months ago it was 100 meters or something like that and illegal intercept is to have somebody come within 100 miles of a plane and that's what you do when you take over a plane and in a different territory. so at 40 miles or whatever is not intercepting and getting to a dangerous position with these airliners is bad and turning off your iff, your squawk, your trans responder is also showing a hostile intention and the russians are not being good neighbors. they are trying to show off. it's a shooting war and their
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military would be dispatched quite quickly if in fact it came to that. >> is this linked to the sanctions or starting to take a pinch in russia and this is sort of upping the ante a little bit? sort of trying to bully us back? >> it's possible. but this was happening before the sanctions. it was really happening before ukraine. interestingly, when i was in kurdistan with the military in 2006, i remember the russian jets flying over our base. it was a jet and they've been doing this for a while. maybe in their mind it is but this is not new. the russians under vladimir putin have decided that they want to rebuild the pieces of the soviet union and it's prove indicati provocation and showing that we won't be bullied. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. new information in the case of the mississippi teenager's
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vicious murder. the 19-year-old burned alive. fox reporter sarah blue in batesville, mississippi. are police trying to find this woman's killer? >> reporter: well, the atf, u.s. marshals and fbi are now involved in jessica chambers' investigation providing resources to the mississippi bureau of investigation as well as the county sheriff's office and exactly were not told and last week we're told that those results are not in it yet but we did hear today that the autopsy results are in but they are not being released because law enforcement says it's an ongoing investigation. now, nine days ago, still not
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many answers we're hearing in jessica chambers' death, she was found on fire and barely alive on a rural mississippi road. we're told that she was whispering something but we're not being told what that is, exactly, we're not told how the accelerant was used. law enforcement says it's an ongoing investigation and don't want to jeopardize it. they are keeping kind of quiet on this but what they are not keeping quiet about is the social media response to this case. district attorney champion held a press conference at the pinola sheriff county's office responding to the social media comments not getting specific about which comments but a lot of friends of jessica tell us that there have been racial remarks being made about this case. either way, champion says that these social media responses are, quote, ridiculous. now, there have been dozens of interviews in this case. we hear that there are questions being interviewed going on right now at the sheriff's office but
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still no arrests at this time, greta. >> sarah, thank you. >> and former florida governor jeb bush news. coming up. plus, what do congress, terrorism, and the super bowl all have in common? a new report that the super bowl xlix could be canceled. yes, that's right. canceled. that story you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. dropping hints that he's ready for president, the miami herald thinks that he might be because he recently lost 15
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pounds. that's not all. he's releasing 25 e-mails and gave a commencement speech and doing several media interviews. >> i'm going to take my time but i realize that at some point into this year, early next year, i'll make a decision to really pursue this or to stand down. i have no clue if i would be a good candidate. i hope i would be. i think i could serve well as president, to be honest with you, but i don't know that either. i think you learn these things as you go along. if you run with big ideas and then you're true to those ideas and get a chance to serve and implement them and do it with passion and conviction, you can move the needle. and that's what we need in america. i think about this almost daily. i think mitt romney would have been a spectacular president in this time and he has proven in his beliefs and ideas shortly after the election as well. so winning with purpose, winning with meaning, winning with your integrity is what i'm trying to
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talk about. >> joining me is political correspondent byron and i think it was 250,000 e-mails released, not 25,000. but anyway, apparently "the miami herald" noticed that he has lost weight. >> he's getting ared ready to rr president and says noncandidate things like, i think i'd make a good president but i don't know that, which is kind of amazing for a candidate to say. but there's no doubt that he's doing all this stuff and getting ready at the university of south carolina today where, by the way, his father, mother and brother have all received honorary degrees. it's bush central. there's no doubt that he's getting ready for this. >> well, you know, if you want to run for president and get on the campaign trail, the first thing you've got to do before hit the trail is launch a book tour. >> how about losing weight? >> and losing weight. i think everyone that i speak
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with on both sides of the aisle, the biggest problem is his last name or it could help him in terms of raising money but this is a guy who is fluent in spanish which could help lure in spanish voters. but when you look at the two perhaps issues that i think he would have trouble with in a primary that could help him in general is education as well as immigration and we just had this huge immigration debate. >> and he has expressed a lot of reservations about the republican primary process. the recent event sponsored by "the wall street journal," he basically says you have to be paired to lose in the primary to win and of course you have to win the primary to get the nomination. so he's sort of conceding that a lot of the members of republican base, the kind of turnout big time in primaries may not like him too much and his plan for winning them, which he has to
11:22 pm
do, is unclear right now. >> on the other happened, apparently governor romney didn't make it. >> greta, if you look at just the last couple of weeks, you've seen romney world perhaps talk that mr. romney would run again. you know, what is interesting is that he's real -- bush is really banking on south carolina and this has been a fire fall for the bushes in many cases in bush world. but how would he be able to win early states like iowa and new hampshire or will he bank entirely on that. >> they were thinking about it and saying things that may not help him with the base and whether people like him or not as a candidate. >> and he's doing things that to me are inexplicable. he's gotten, in the last year, involved in private equity and
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you think to yourself, i really want to run for president. what's the thing that i could do and he says i'm going to get involved in private equity. there's a lot of bush loyalty to bank on. i remember in '08 when mccain was about to win the south carolina primary, i talk to influential republicans there and mccain has been in this tough battle with george w. bush in 2000 and they all supported bush back then. i said, do you think you ever made the right decision? absolutely not. i supported reagan and george h.w. bush and this bush. will that loyalty translate another time into jeb? i don't know. >> stick around. a secret war on women exposed and wait until you hear who is waging this war? not who you might expect. but you'll hear me say the word hypocrite. i'm going to talk to you off the record. plus, laura ingraham goes on
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this is a fox news alert. a powerful storm system pounded the west coast, knocking out power, damaging homes and now the west coast is bracing for another violent storm. fox meteorologist kate is joining us. >> good morning, greta. we have a storm in the northern plains and it's very stormy through the next couple of weeks. we have rain clearing chicago and still raining in parts of wisconsin down through iowa. cold enough to change over to snow. it's west of the twin cities and that snow cycles back into parts of nebraska. severe weather was ongoing all weekend. we saw strong thunderstorms and we're still seeing strong thunderstorms on the tail end of this storm in southern and western miss mess. into california, again, we're watch for the renewed threat for
11:42 pm
flooding and mudslides. look at this rain moving on shore getting a bit of a break in the l.a. area. central california is seeing snow and heavy at times in the sierras that will continue through the first part of this week. going into the next couple of weeks, a break from the rain but the next storm system may not be as powerful as last week but still bringing a healthy dose of rain and bringing that concern for the power outages with the wind and flooding and mudslides. that will continue as we go through wednesday and then the storm system gets organized as it moves eastward into the central plains, also bringing snow for some. we'll watch the storm through the rest of the week. it could bring snow for parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. still watching that. the cold air has returned in earnest across the northern plains. they enjoyed mild weather. it was a mild day along the east coast. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. as we watch that storm head
11:43 pm
eastward over the next week and into the weekend right before the holiday. greta? >> caitlin, thank you. and officially giving up its american citizenship, burger king is heading north to canada. fast food chain moving its corporate headquarters to stop paying high corporate tax rates in the united states. burger king jumped ship to canada. how does this hurt you? good evening. >> good evening, greta. good to see you. >> we expected burger king to pay $100 million in corporate tax but they skramcrammed. who pays it now? >> countries all over the world, the a lowered their corporate tax rate. the u.s. has a higher corporate tax rate among western
11:44 pm
industrializ industrialized countries. france has a lower tax rate than the u.s., believe it or not, and so does canada. the u.s. tax rates for corporations is 35% if you add in the average state taxes, it's 39.1%. we simply refuse to be competitive with the rest of the world and we're paying the price right now. >> this is deeply upsetting financially and also a little embarrassing to have corporations leaving the country and saying they don't want to work here. at least they didn't go to ireland where it's only 12%. >> 12.5. >> but here's the thing, these are millions of dollars and they have a responsibility to their shareholders to make as much money as possible but wouldn't you think that these corporations that are scramming would do something to get their lobbyists to go to capitol hill and -- i can't understand why they don't get the taxes down so
11:45 pm
that's where they stay. >> that's absolutely what they have been doing, asking for lower corporate tax rates. let's face it, other countries see the prestige and luring companies to their home place, they see the money and tax revenues. it works on multiple levels and it's time the u.s. got with it and became competitive. >> and we can steal their business. i'd like to stee some of these giant corporations come here. i mean, the argument is that we'll still have the same number of burger kings here in the united states, it's just that the corporate tax will be paid in canada. >> we'll get the tax revenue from the burger flippers but not the company itself and that's a tragedy. other people who love transocean, wheaton, aon, international risk manager when to the uk and said they are saving $100 million a year in taxes. >> i'd go to ireland where it's
11:46 pm
12.5. anyway, gerri, thank you. don't forget to watch our sister network at 8:00 p.m. eastern. logon to and you'll find her. coming up, football fans, is the next super bowl about to be canceled? that's right. canceled. that's up next.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. okay. tweet me using @greta, tell me what you think about this. tonight there's a fight over the ten commandments. an ohio high school principal removed a plaque displaying the ten commandments from the school's hallway. the plaque has been there many, many, many years. in fact, as long as anyone can remember. the school is saying they removed j the plaque to avoid
11:51 pm
legal challenges posed by similar ten commandment displays in other ohio public schools. one student has gone on strike protesting the principal's decision. now there could be a compromise. the school superintendent agreed to discuss alternative locations for the plaque. and santa claus fired. yes. santa claus getting the boot from a massachusetts school. the school banning kriss kringle from its annual holiday concert for the first time because someone complained about santa. the principal at peabody school in cambridge writing a letter to parents informing them the holiday concert this year would be missing a notable fixture, santa. some parents expressing outrage and confusion saying they don't see santa as a religious figure, anyway. what do you think? is this political correctness gone too far or the right thing to do? tweet me your thoughts now. @greta. did you know if congress doesn't do its job, the super bowl could against canceled? that's right. the terrorism risk insurance act was signed into law after 9/11 to establish a risk sharing partnership between the feds and private insurance companies.
11:52 pm
that insurance expires on december 31 st. now, the nfl says it does not expect issues but does the nfl know how slowly congress moves? our political panel is back. chief political correspondent, kevin, you love this story. i'm going to you first. >> with the nfl, we always talk about ray rice or concussions, but this is actually -- it's a really wonky issue, terrorism risk insurance act. they care about it because they have more than 30 stadiums that unfortunately are the target of terrorist attacks. and so they've been working with a broad coalition from the sporting leagues, every major sporting league is in on this. tourist groups. and banking and financial trade groups. all urging congress to pass this. it's been butting heads in congress. >> the senate passed a bill last summer. the house passed a bill that now the senate doesn't like. this is, what, the 15th of
11:53 pm
december. you have optimism, but they like to go on vacation. >> they do. we should be optimistic about this because the house passed the bill 417-7 which means almost every democrat in the house voted for the bill. so are democrats in the senate going to stop this thing? i really don't think so. >> when is the vote going to be? >> sometime before the end of the week. >> why not do it today? >> senator coburn is blocking this because of an unrelated provision. he's retiring. this is his last stand. >> he can't block it until saturday. >> he's messing up a lot of lawmakers' travel plans to get back home for christmas. >> coburn actually believes on principle this is a bad idea, that the free market, the insurance market, could handle this, the threat of terrorism. obviously -- >> why, the nfl insurance, why are they getting -- look, they made -- i mean, it's not like it's a bad business. >> it's a good -- it's a good question. this was passed after september 11th.
11:54 pm
>> created after september 11th pitched as a temporary program. >> apparently not temporary. >> it's never been used, thank god we've never had another major terrorist attack. >> it's such a high-profile thing. there are movies about attacks on the super bowl. >> does it cost any money? >> no, because we never used it. >> only if there were terrorism attack would we have to pay? >> i think it ensures damages above -- >> so are we paying for insurance? the taxpayers? >> no, so you have -- you have small businesses that are having to get terror insurance because of -- if you don't purchase this, the banks aren't going to give out loans if congress doesn't reauthorize this program. >> all right. >> a headache. >> we'll be watching. we'll see. see what happens. byron, kevin, thank you. coming up, wife responding to recent rape allegations. plus you've got to check out the all new greta talk podcast and our latest episode, fox senior producer, the gossip from the hill.
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get ready to speed read your way through the news. it's bill cosby. this time it's coming from his wife, camille cosby, breaking her silence. she compares her husband's media coverage to the "rolling stone's" widely discredited story of the uva rape story. her statement reading in part "there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accuser were published or aired. we followed the story in the article of the "rolling stone" concerning allegations of rape at the university of virginia. the story is heartbreaking but proves to be untrue." and the busiest day of the year for fedex just got busier and worse. wild video of dozens of fedex packages spilled all over a new jersey highway. the truck suddenly veering off the road, crashing into an exit ramp.
12:00 am
the driver not badly hurt. thanks for fwg with us tonight. see you all again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. two to greta wire and @greta on tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" is santa rethinking his approach to how he delivers presents? and will ditching the chime the entrance be more sufficient or lead to death? we caught up with santa. and does the president think the cast of "red eye" be named the sexiest entertainers of the year? >> i can't think of a better choice. the courage, skill, professionalism that they display every single day makes me very proud. >> and finally, the world's largest or raw go me cul p tour or on the world's tiniest human? w


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